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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, a lot of sun, a lot of heat, a lot of storms, and now a lot of hail as the heat ilex fts with 100 degrees. the d.c. area is dealing with a severe thunderstorm tch, which prompts us to go into "storm team 4" weather alert mode. the weather may have played a tragic role on an accident yesterday. a toddler critically injured in t wreck has since died. coming up on "news4," we'll oalk to an undocumented immigrant and se who came out to show solidarity.
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all right. we're being sent more videos of hail they saw today, these coming in from alexandria. this is a tight shot, giving you a good idea of what folks were dealing with. good afternoon. e i'mika gonzalez. storms have interrupted the sunny skiesor many of us. the severe watches and warnings putting us in severeweather amoat this evening. get a load of that. a viewer said a hailstorm was pounding their area today and we're hearing very similar stories from other cities as well. so let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist somara theodore. >> we do have the threat of severe weather as we head through the evening.en we're se seeing some storms it there right now, but for now we should see improvements. ngt's see what's goi on out there.
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thatmaig ssive storm impacting anne arundel county has crossed over the bay. we haven a areao flod warning. that warning you had has expired but this storm is packing with it lots of rain and lightning as well headed toward spotsylvania. moving through to maryland, still, se story, lots of heavy rain and a good amount of heavy rain. this is gett rngdy to push through loudoun and westmont gonery county. hnotice how t severe thunderstorm weather threat we've been seeing is starting t. die dow but we still have this watch for everyone in pink until 7:00 p.m. i'll have more on tonight's forecast and sunday coming up. erika? >> thank you. that heavy rain we had last night may have played a role in the crash that k toddler.
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we learn today the2- year-old of oxenhill died. her father hit a car in front of him. medics took the little girl's molher and 5-year-d sister to the hospital with injuries. the car the father hit slammed into another car. this was like a chain eaction here. and then that vehicle hit a third vehicle. people in those two cars were not hurt. all right. w we go to the growing immigration battle and the local outkai against recent deportation effort by the trump administratio aimee cho is out where hundreds were out for a rally against i.c.e. aimee? >> reporter: hi, erika. that's right. there is a huge number of peoplt in scorch heat to take a stance against i.c.e. this is after reports came out that i.c.e. detained people. there were reports that i.c.e. had been interrogating people.
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so that whyl these folks wanted to be here today, to show ilidarity. thwas put on by sanctuary dmv. it's a group of volunteers tat helps immigrants. they spread the word they run emergency hotlines 24/7 so ople can call for help if they getarrested. we spoke to a woman who'san undocumented immigrant from bolivia. she's been here for 19 years. she wants people to know she's a loving mother and good person but every day she lives in constant ar. >> it's very scary for me and also when i'm driving or working, i'm scared i.c.e. is coming behind me. >> i'm a dacarecipient, and so it feels so good to have people backing up people like myself seeing that there is a community hat's deciding to stand against hate. >> reporter: and the protesters here today sey th don't think
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d.c. does enough to enforce its nctuary city status, so they want to see stronger laws put in place to do so. erika? >> aimee cho live in columbus heights for us tonight. thank you. a federal judge has blocked president trump from using billions in mary cash to build his border wall in california, arizona, and new mexico. the california judge last night ruled that the president's use of the money is unlawful. the administration is expected to appeal this. mr. trump declared a national y, emergenco you remember this, back in february to divert military money to building the wall. construction could have started as early a monday. all right. we've got two big developments that have emerged today from the g20 summit in japo. ne of them includes bo u.s. and china holding off on more triffs. mr.rump and chinese president xi jinping have decided on a trade truce. they had the financial markets on edge.
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both sides have agreed to keep talking. at nd i promised that f least the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs on china, though, china's going to art -- they're going to be consulting wh us and they're going to start spending money even through negotiations to our farmers. >> the second big thing is the president has also turned his attention to north korea where yesterday he offered to shame hands at the dmz with north korean president kim jong-un. the president said today he hopes it will happen. >> there's been no nuclear tests. there's been no long-range ballistic tests. .hey gave us back our hostages, which is gre and a lot of good things are happening over this. >> south korea' president agrees that mr. ump and kim meeting at the de mirimilitariz zone would be a, quote, good thing. county frederick community is saying good-bye to a career firefighter today.
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drone video shows the solemn procession for larry powers this morning, full escort, taking his body from the liberty town firehouse to his final resting place where there was a ceremony. firefighter and than 50 yea rs planned to retire this year. maryland governor larry hogan ordering flags lowered o wednesday to honor his service. powers died earlier this week. he suffered a heart attack while responding to a fatal crash in unionville. he joined comedian jon stewart on capitol hill and became one of the faces of the stght for 9/11 fir responder benefits. today the former nypd detectived who helpe save people from ther bble of the twin towers has died. aga a y couple says they were a target forced to leave a mall playground in georgia. what they di andd
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a resteered new york police detective who helped lead the relief for 9/11asictims h died. he helped after the terrorist attack. he worked at ground zero for three months and later developed cancer. earlier this month he worked
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with jon stewart to perm flint xtend the 9/11 compensation fund. the senate has promised a vote meis alvarez was ju 53 years old. a georgia coup said they were targeted at a mall playground area because they re gay, but the owner has a different explanation. a woman was there with her girlfriend and 5-year-old nephew. she says she placed her arm around her girlfriend a a chaperone asked her to stop. there was some sort of argument and eventually the couple wound up leaving. the owner says he has no issue with the couple's sexual orientation. he said the playground has a strict no public display of affection policy on the sign. >> it's hard especially to explain to my nephew and what a ad happ how you're not accepted everywhere you go. it's hard exaining that to a 5-year-old. >> the couple has since a hired attorney. the first evernnolis
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p.r.i.d.e. parade was a big success. thousands showed up for the parade and festival. organizers say it exceeded expectations. annapolis mayor gave inbuckley served as the grand thmarshall. ere were floats and people participating. organizers say they're looking forward to planning next year's event as well. good day for em. a severe thunderstorm watchs remai in effect for the d.c. area. somara is coming up with a "storm team 4" weather alert. >> practice makes perfect, espe aally when it could be
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the heat and humidity did not stop water rescue training on the potomac river today. the montgomery county swiftwater rescue team brushing on their skills near great falls. the leader of this group has a u'warning if never been on the river. >> reporter: it's the kind of day that people can take to the water, and there are few places more picturesque than the potomac around great >>falls. it's a busy season for us for rescues and service needs. >> reporter: yes, we're all
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miliar with the potomac river. it's synonymous with washington. but here it's a whole difrent level, different water, didaerent ngers. the swiftwater reue crews is trainedo keep sharp. they've got it down to an average of ten minutl getting a cd it hing the water. honing their skills helps them stay ready when flooding happens. sometimes they go overboard with their efforts. literally that's part of the practice. that includes people in boatsan emergency vehicles. >> it also includes people in the air. >> reporter: the best safety tip of all so you don't need to arshal all of these resources is to know your own capabilities and limits and know the river. >> this is definitely not novice water, so if you wer never in it before, get in an organized
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clair and make sure you're preparedhysically and mentally before you get in the water and get yourself in teat uble. >> good advice there. a show of support by the washington mystics forhe american legion bridgeit comm megan jones and her fiancee kelly heath were taihe. ythey weorre sitting courtside. kelly used to play with and against some of the players. kelly proposedto megan several weeks ago and megan took the opportunity to express support for the american legion bridge community when she announced on the air she was enged and we at "ns4" could not be happier for them. megan and kelly. >> reporter: we're in weatheral rt mode. you know, it's those in a second it's sunny and in a second there's a downpour and now we're even hearing from so many of you. thanks for sending your pictures and videos. be careful out the reports of hail in a lot of places. i'm done with this.
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i just got my car back from the shop. i was one of the folksho veral weeks ago got hammered by the hailstorm we had then. i'm over this. >> younow what? the weather's not over yet. we're still seeing showers and storms out th i will say this severe threat the dwindling. we're not in the clear yet. why don't we take look at some of this hail that erica's talking about. look at this. th is in the area of alexandria, right, guys? alexandria, virginia. this is not just in lex ya but southern maryland. te were receiving reports in montgomery coun this is one of the primary re issues we' looking at when we say severe. the hail, kit be dangerous. not only that, gusting winds can be dangerous. no severe thunderstorm warnings in ou area. that's in the yellow shade out in the del mar peninsula. for us, right now, south of the very ct, tracking so heavy rain. these thunderstorms to the north of fredericksburg continuing
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their way toward quantico and waldorf. this cell here, heavy showers. a little bit of lightning with iit movingo montgomery county. that's kind of what's left over. look that. so they did expire the severe thunderstorm watch earlier. i said it was dwindling. it wasn't e supposed toxpire until 7:00 p.m. but we've seen it expire for our area. that is good news. ernight we're noting to rule out the threat for a few lingering heavy showers especially with the second line to the north of u. as far as th numbers go, headed out tonight, the good news is, i think a lot of o us will be on the dryer side. rethe temperatu will take their time falling into the 70s, so it's going to be a warm night as well. not d headed out. overnight, here's what i was talking about. notice 9:00 p.m.,ld we cou see a cell or two pop and then things quiet down and dry out b tomorrow morning. a beautiful sunrise. we're quiet to start sunday.
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here's futurecast really keeping us dry through the entirety of your sunday. i will say i won'utrule o a few showers maybe into southern marylan but i think most of us just stay dry tomorrow. temperatures -- that's another talk -- wemade it in the mid- to upper 90s. ft. ade, 77 that will rebound before sunset. 86 in the district. 93 at dulles. it has been a hot day. tomorrow is going to be pretty in the ell with highs low 90s. good news about your sunday. humidity drcrs, so it's not going to feel ads sticky, making it a good pool day. your "storm team 4" ton-day hetlook fors great. temperatures in t90s. plenty of sunshine. we also have this holiday coming up, fourth of july on thursday. that's when your storm chances
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stret to incase. not a washout on thursday, but we'll see something similar to today. >> okay. interesting. hot, hot, hot tomorrow. thank you so very much. busy saturday. if you're a d.c. sports fan, we're going to update you, the mystics' battlefor first ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new c. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance,ou so y only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the nationals areer hott forecast. ow's >> well played. >> thank you. >> last night one of their stars was 42-year-old fernando rodney who justth joined e ninth team. when rodney recorded hisst fir big league save, his teammate juan soto was 4 years old. just trying to make us o feelld. nats starters, third inning, you thought he had some run support from victor robles. h jonesad other thoughts, way over the wall.
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robles is like, okay, i have to give credit where credit is due. that was a darn good catch. next inning, though, anthony rendon, yeah, you're not going to rob that one, even with go go gadget ars. go-go gadget? ride now, 1-0. mystics outscored their opposing team. they lost to the team twice this season. they averjed those previous r losses inecord-breaking fashion. they left no doubt in this one. mystics run early. dill a don trailing, three-ball open. bottoms. up, 5-0 later in the day.
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later in the first. time winding down. top ofthe key. miss stims up at the half. six mystics finish in double figures including aerial powers who has one of the best names of all time. mystic went 102-59. largest margin of victim. caps news, they tradedandr andre. now, the 24-ar-old bur c ski had an inconsistent career in washington but was a key figure during a 2018 championship run. he scored two goals in theea tern conference final. today the team addressed moving their pick from 2013. >> andre has had good years and we've seen good things from him in the past, but i think in we'veof his overall game,
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seen somete inconsy, and that's been a little bit of the bug in the ointment with him has been that consistency level night in and night out, being ableo play in those top line roles and beingto aroduce. >> he sees himself wanting an opportunity to play in a top six organization and wanted to have an increased role and play in more. >> guys, i love this time of year, the insanity of nba free agency. how is this for an early start. espn report kevin durant and kawhi leonard discuss playr.g togethe that's four nba finals between the two. if true, the knicks or clippers could be a possibleio dest for the two superstars, something to keep an eye guys, remember this dude?
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agent zero? how about gilbert arenas. the former wizard make hideo bu the big three. his teamhe won and team's name is the enemi if that matters to you. he had 12 points in the comebacy v >> if you had a te, what would you name it? >> the frenemies. >> frenems. much. thanks so very that does it for us. you've got "nightly news" coming up next. up next. at comes with $1 soft drink from mcdonald' ( ♪ ) $1 any size soft drink. joy included. ( ♪ )
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tonight unprecedented invitation, president trump in asia saying from hours from now he isilling to meet kim jong-un at the dmz. >> we'll call it a handshake. >> will president trump step inside one of the most secretive thcountrie on ear? disturbing new details about the man arrested for a missing utah student. >> i can't believe he'd do that to her. >> the growing tributes to tt young woman and the suspect's appart plans to build a secret room. a warning topa nts about petting zoos and the suspected connection to a bacterial infection that killed a toddler. breaking tonight, found alive, an


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