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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 30, 2019 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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news4 "today" starts now. >> at 10:00 on this sunday morning, breaking news from overnight. a historic meeting wheee you were ng. president trump meeting with north korea's leader at the dmz and then crossing the line into north korea, becoming the first sitting president to visit the repressive country. the meeting taking pla after meetings with south korea's president as well. we will have much more on all of this coming up in just a few minutes. first, we want to welco yo news4 "today" on it
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sunday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm tracie potts in for meagan fitzgerald. thanks for joining us this sunday morning. so tve heat wa continues, but we have a little breeze going on out there. >> it did. we were just looking at the flag out front. it was flapping in the wind out there. >> we are seeing gusts up to 25, guys.les per hour, they are coming out of the northwest. once we get those winds out of the south, it helps pick up the humity from the deep south and brings it into the mid-atlantic, but the winds are coming out of the north and west. we get drierer and c air. that's what's happening right now. 83. sit is warm. northwest winds sustained at 20 miles, gusts up to 25, 30 miles per hour. we have got some sunshine. it is a beautiful morning out there. hour by hour we are going to hit 91 in d.c. upper 80s/lower 90s depending where you are. it will be breezy until 9 or10 00 tonight. most of us will be dry all day. it's going to be comfortable
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with low humidity. still warm with temperatur around 90. humidity comes flooding back in as we head through thi wk. let's talk about your fourth of july. not only here, but at the beaches. also talk about how hot it's going to get this week. that's coming up in about 15 manutes. >> thyou, lauryn. breaking news overnight. president trump became the first sitting commander in chief to cross into north korea. >> what a sight. the president invited the north korean dictator to meet him at the demilitarized zone early this week on twitter. take a look. this is that meeting. the concrete secti where the two are standing is the demarcation line separating north and south korea. now, the president accepted kim's invitation to cross over as you see there. the two then walked back across the line for a sitdown where rth korean media was not allowed in. >> and it's just an honor to be with you. it was an honor that you asked me to step over that line. i was proud to step leftover ov. i was ready to do it. and i want to thank you. it's been great. >> now, american press not
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allowed in the ro much longer either. but the two here met over an the president did invite chairman kim to the united states for a visit at the white house but he didn't elaborate any farther. there were no questions from the press about the sitdown with kim and the human rights abuses that ountry has gone through. that was not addressed. president trump also answered a few questions with south korea's president moon afterwards and is set to be back if the district later this evening. ow turning to decision 2020. acklash this morning against resident trump's son after he questioned whether democratic senator kamala harris is american. donald jr. re-tweeting a fringe alt-right activist who said kamala harris is not an american black. she is half indian and half jamaican. i am so sick of people robbing american blacks like myself of our history. donald jr. later deleted that tweet. th attack is false.
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harris was born in california to an indian immigrant mother and a black jamaican father. several democratic presidential candidates are coming to her defense. senator bernie sanders called e president's son a racist. others compared the smeare to th bi forer he aint obama b donaldrump ttbeafo he ran f aorstgain pres and all tse democratic candidates are going to be a big topic on "meet the press" this morning. chuck todd and the panel will look at thes winner and losers from this week's debates, plus all of the news out of north korea. "meet the press" starts at 10:30 right here after news4 "today." all right. this is fun. we are hoping that derrick got that ticket. today is your last chance to ride the historic dentsle carousal. >> that's because come tomorrow it will shut down for repairs. we mentioned our derrick ward is there live in glen echo with more on the story. he. derrick >> reporter: hey, good morning. well, it actually opens in an
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hour. i got the prime spot in line. i will take a ridor to you guys, too. i will be a little dizzy when i get back. hey, that's what summer is all about. it's not the carousal. this is the 1921 carousal. it's the roof of the building. a h those years theye been patching and painting. as you can see there is sol scaffolding there. it's about the roof repair to take place over the summer from today until t springof 2020. what they are going to be doing is repair this roof. this has always been a source of a lc of avity. a lot of fun for folks who live here. the carousel installed in 1920. in the '60s there was a series of protests here over the summe of 1960 over integration. this was a segregated park. some folks did some summer protests, go the it desegregated in 1961. usel is part of the local history. you can play a part in larger history because some of the those folks went on to take part in the freedom rides down south.
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now, in the meantime this carousel attracts about0 50,00 people a year. we are told that some of the people are concerned that the park attendance may a drop off bit. there is plenty to do. there is art exhibits, bconcert, allroom where they do dancing. so there is reasons to come here, but just not the carousal. it's going to be opened after o today. it will be closed until the spthng of 2020. are looking at having this carousel up and running and in tip-top shape for tof centennial the park which happens in 2021. it will be a million doars dollars of renovations to this building. back to you. >> thank you veryuc m looking forward that. meantime, hundreds braved the heat to take a stand against i.c.e. in the district. these protests come after tworts that i.c. detained people in northwest d.c. last weekend. sanctuary dmv isa spreng the word that they run an emergency
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hotline 24/7. people can call for help if they get arrested. yesterday we spoke to undocumented immigrant who has been in the u.s. nearly two decades. she wants people to know she is a loving mother, a good person, but every day she lives in constant fear. >> it's very scary for me and also when i'm driving or when i'm. walking i'm scared to the i.c.e. coming behind me or to my job. and they take me for the port. >> now the protesters say they want to see stronger laws put in place toec prot immigrants. they don't think d.c. does enough to enforce its sanctuary city status. okay. the countdown is on for the fourth of july. are you ready? >> yeah. >> i am. even though we have got four days left, crews are already setting up all the launch points for the big show. the folks who make these fireworks say year's event will be the biggest in d.c. history. this new launch site is bigger than the old one sot can fit more fireworks.
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the show is also three hins longer than before. >> you spend so manyg onths plannd preparing. i guess it's like a wedding. >> right. you have a year's worth of work andhen it is all gone. for us in 20 minutes. >> so even though the show has moved, never fear.iz organs say you will see it from the old spots and they are adding extra places for people to watch like the lincoln memorial. the fireworks are s to go off a little after 9:00 p.m. at west potomac park. montgomery county fire and rescueat swift-wer rescue teams are training near great falls on the potomac river. take a look. rescue teams willll that you the river presents all sorts of different challenges, different levels, differentut currents, they have got to down to ten minutes from the time they get a all to the time they hit the water. yesterday's practice included members of the team going over board and being pulled back into the boat. the leader of this group says if you have never been out on the river you need to take caution. >> this is defitely novice waters.
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if youa hve never done it before get in a class and make sure you are prepared physica and mentally before you make the trek to this section of the water and get yourself in troublf >> part othe training here also includes the use of a helicopter which can help spot n persoin trouble. for the first time ever the city of annapolis hosted a pride parade. ♪ 's thousands packed the streets of maryland capital to celebrate diversity yesterday. organizers say the event exceeded their expectation n 50 floats, re t oups, organizations participating. it was a big festival of dozens of vendors. organizers say they are already looking forward to planning next year's event. an animal rescue group is saving turtles lives but theyso need strange donations to keep their mission going. that story straight ahead on news4 "tay." t all water is created equal.
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welcome back. somets tense momenin portland after a confrontation between anti-fascist and right wing protesters turned violen this was the hectic scenes yerday afternoon. officials say a self-described antiro fascist g was confronted by police for not having a permit. they later encountered a right wing demonstration taking place downtown. several fistfights broke out and policead to close that area after they say protesters began throwing food at officers. at least three people were arrested. down in dallas dozens showed up to watch a building implosion. dust.lapsed in a cloud of take a look at this. officials say a series of controlled explosions caused this 11-story building to come crashing down in seconds am you can see that thic layer of dust covering the surrounding buildings. once iti lfted crews moved in to
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remove the debris. >> the building belongs to a baptist church. no word what the church plans to do with the property. but a prime piece of real estate. >> yeah. very cool. a wildlife rescue group is asking women to donate old bra s to help injured turtles with broken shells. carolina waterfowl rescue is looking for eye closures from the bra fasteners, that's what i'm told. the closures are combined with glue to wire turtle shells back together. the group says the majority of the turtles have beenrun over by cars or boats. right now is the busiest season so any donation helps. so help them out. help them out. >> that's out. di>>not know. > taking a look outside at 10:13, a bit breezy out ere. and lauryn says the humidity't won be around today, but later this weekt's going to go right back into beinghazy,hot, and humid. the full forecast when we come back.
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there.e temperatures out maybe a good day to get out on the boat, know? >> yeah. >> take a spin around the potomac. but what will the fourth of july look like? for the person that has all the answers, we are looking at lauryn ricketts. >> fourth of july. >> yeah, we got a big week. no pressure here.
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>> no pressure whatsoever. i feel like it's the same every fourth of july. hot and humid and a chance of storms. >> yeah. >> tre was that one year, remember the fireworks controversy. that was the one weird year because there wit was like rain >> i wags working thatorning and it wike 68 degrees. it was foggy. >> you couldn't see the fireworks. >> yeah, couldn't see them. >> i don't think we will have au isse this year. but it's going to be hot and humid and we may not be able too see the firerks because a chance of storms. a 40% chance. that's something. >> it wouldn't be the fourth of jury if they didn't cleahem all at once. >> let's talk about what you cat expecthrough the day today. we do have sunshi out there. it's a beautiful looking day. it's breezy out there with these northwest winds gusting up to about 20 miles an hour. far as the pool outlook, perfect. a little breezy. northwest winds, as i said, are pushing theumidity out of
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here. gorgeous. monday beautiful. sunny skies out there. by the time we head into tuesday the heat h andidity return along with isolated storm chances. we can have a stray storm today. for the most part we are going to see the storms really pop up on thwednesday, rsday, and friday. it's going to get hot again. don't get used to the low humidity. it's still hot out there. with the humidity doest feel that bad. tuesday, wednesday,thursday, friday it will feel like 100 degrees. temperatures in the l-to-mid 80s right now. we will top out around 90 degrees today. feeng pretty good out there. we are dry. as i said, maybe a stray shower the a lot of this stuff in west virginia is dying off as itss cro over the mountains. humidity fueling through tallin day. mid ease tomorrow. a lighter wind around for tomorrow. nhe fourth of july, temperatures are going to be i the low-to-mid 90s. as i sai it will feel closer to 100de grees.
10:19 am
10 in the morning it will feel like 89 out we have a m chance at 8:00 p.m. beach forecast low-to-mid 80s. look at that ocean temperature. 73 degrees. about a 30% chance of some storms popping up every day next week for the maryland beaches. so again we have daily rain chances. not going to be rain all day, but some thunderstorms in the afternoon even into next weekend. >> thank you very much. hey, it has been a busy day for politicsi with the prent's meeting in north korea at the demilitarized zone overnight. >> we have breaking news overnight aboutgo politics. to have chuck in the building. >> a busy couple of weeks. you better viewed the president. you had the debates. let's start with this meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un. is this moreni ceremoal? do you see some stuff coming out of this? >> he needs substan o out of thisne. he has had -- this is the third sort of moment he has had w re
10:20 am
i think there have been great pictures, sort of good showmanship, which we know the president loves signature moments, right? first was having the summit in the first place. then the first president to set ot into north korea as a sitting president. so i think he enjoys having those little markers be associated with the trump name. he got nothing out of the first one. he got nothing out of the second one. he has to have something. that first meeting, the highest job approval rating in our polling was right after that meeting with kim jong un. look, who doesn't want talks instead of nukes? we may be polarized. we are not that polarized. so it was a good moment for him. if you can get an agreement, it could be a great moment for him. but there is thisense of is kim jong un playing him a little bit? >> yes. >> and i think that is ter conc >> we don't know where this is going. it's not clear from what we have seen. it's the big shiny object for
10:21 am
now? >> it is. it's moment. it's almost sort of a visual exclamation point on his trip, right? and for him tha's what he likes. a signature photo. >> exactly let's talk about the debates. i said before did not envy you in that situation with wrangling everybody in. you did it back-to-back nights. it was great they broke it up. llbut that was sti a lot to digest in two days. >> it's been a lot for everybody. i think that's something --iohat you caut folks. don't expect an immediate reaction in changing of the poll positis and thisor that. but i do think the next six weeks are going to be filled with a lot more candidates going, hmm, kamala harris found a weak spot there with bide i think everybody is going to start looking, realizing, hey, he is ksh is he, you know, wounded? let's see how wounded he is. he could be facing a six-week
10:22 am
gauntlet where everybody comes up. ckok, these -- the debates on the back-to-ba nights proved they were copycaters. on the first night whensa they w they could insert theiray in and not have us cutff their secondthey overdid it the night. i think the candidates are going to go over the top going a ger biden to their viral moment, especially ify thethink this helped kamala harris. we will find out i think in six weeks if biden can handle incoming, because it's coming. >> several other candidates attracted attention. i covered the first night in miami. julian castro. >> i think he showed why he was seen as a future star eight years ago. remember when he did -- >> yeah. >> and it's hard to stand out. he got an opportunity. >> he did. thanks. far fewer spanish on the second night than the first night. >> yeain i thk that the others thought, tiwell, they are getng -- they looked at how itter mocked some of them. >> i thought that gave the second night the unfair y vantage. theuld see how it went. >> i had a discussion to the
10:23 am
democratic national committee. just see if you take away that advantage. >> good idea. >> all right, thanks, chuck. you can see "meet the press" every sunday at 10:30 right here after news4 "today." just about seven minutes from now and you can see thehole show. we'll be right back after this. we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snaid mail! we were inviteto a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago?lo oh, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends.n today's xfy service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not.
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10:25. here are the 4 things you need to know. a 2-year-old girl has died after a crash. she was riding in the outer loop near branch avenue. heavy rains may have played a role. the university of maryland could lose accreditation unless changes are made. they were put on warning to they have ch to meet certain demands including being more transparent. a few hours ago prident trump gabecame the first sittin president to go into north korea. he also invitedn north korea leader kim jong un to visit theo white use but did not say when that might happen. much much more ones "meet the pr" keep it here all morning. details from the president's meeting with kim jong un and a recap of this week's democratic presidential debates. thatt sts at 10:30 right here on news4. >> no pressure, but there is a big fireworks show this week. >> oh, there is, yeah.
10:27 am
>> and there is a storm? >> no heat, no humidity, no storms. then we got to move up to michigan. right now they are a little morl stab 91 degrees today. lower humidity, breezy out there, maybe a stray shower, more comfortable. we have an isolated cnce on tuesday. heat and humidity return tuesday. stay with us next week. the fourth of july a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. we have to keep an eye to it. y >> h. that's it for news4 "today." "meet the press" is next. >> wake up with usomorrow >> wake up with usomorrow tmo
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this sunday after the debates, two nights, 20 candidate, and moments of confrontation. >> if you did your nhomework o this issue, you would know -- >> and of candor. >> becau i couldn't get it done. >> statements of purpose. >>e need to make structural change inour government, in our economy, and in our country. >> and a shifto the left. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide verage for undocumented immigrants. >> moments that expoed weakness. >> i agree that everybody want -- no, my time is up. >> and those th demonstrated strength. >> and that little girl was me. >> this morning, the shifting power dynamics,


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