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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 1, 2019 3:30am-3:53am EDT

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was a greas has been made and tridship. so i jus want to thans th history now the question ican the adminiration turn show into substance by striking a deal with north korea >> on the runway, a fiery plane terpt.kills ten people at a we'll have the latest from t dg a flwarninafr losing a>>nd the period opensyn pulled off a dea.
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>> and the scientists now ea with a cleanfend setew >> well, good morning to you mena.chard lui in for frances will omy?r in chief t sharin kim jong-s witha glorifi ph latest frompitol hill the rlis watching when he nota stepped over onto north korean soil the first american president ever to do so. these photos that you're seeing of the handshake between president trump and north kore
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leader kimong-un,but the question remains what does this really mean? here's president trump as he explained it >> it's just a step. might be an important step and might not, but what we're doing today is a step, and probab it's a step in the right direction. it is a good feeling, so it could be very good >> reporter: as you noted, there have been two failed summits so far. the u.s. special envoy will lead a third effort the president says with teams from bothsides north korea to give up its nuclear weapons, the u.s. poss that's what north e this s meantime, the p lh orth korean thethos
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understan injuries intwt ed ab. >> all right, tracie potts starting us off this morning tracie, thank you. >> well, the question now is whether the administration can build on this image anstrike a deal with kim jong-un and his kim jong-un's step in nort korea while president trump says he major issues befort show photo op >> it's worrisome this president sets up a meeting without the staff work being done. seems lik e it's all f>> reporter: some w.
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>> reporter: americaintelligenc arsenal, as mr. grble lead to some >> doe lead to nonuclearization but it is an interim deal. >> they needed some way to get e hit isiking on thig forward, but sanctie point during the negotiatio president barack ump toutedis e obama also sought la meeting wa
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however, obama say fl uly a visit or even >> federal investh went up inrport in addison all n people ote sunday morning shorinstigators say thngine plae addisorp destroyed a spokesman for the town of adson says ten people were on board the plane. no one survived. >> we know that ere were two flight crew members and that there werein ewi a i roof and outer wall
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traveling toetsburg, florida, scheduled te urs aftere off. noted that the airplane was damage fo fire my team is starting to noo the investigation transporta will try to determine exactly what h da news. >> a 43-year-oldt migran prection the ma prcallen, texas, where he became ill and collapsed. he lart died at thhospital the man was traveling with his daughter who will remain in the shelter for now. two other adul odfivehisince december >> thes celebrate world pridg 50 yrscehe
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re's jerenkinda vibranparade, the culmination of world pride which is dedicated to the 1969 uprising at the stonewall inn >> 60 years ago, if this many people were to gather, wwould have all been etargrand liratio. >> repte it's clear how much things have changed. front and center of the parade, the cast of the popular tv show shining a light on the transgender
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>> it is excitg so many people are out here looking for us. they're like up liftment, looking for us as eplight. >> rter: more than 3 million people have descended and lined the streets of the pare route which stretches for 2 1/2 miles. san francisco's famous pridepa de also took place, and paris even paid tribute to stonewall through the spirit of thateblion still echos across the globe including the city where it all started. joe fryer, nbc news, new york. >> now to fa stampedelowing a fireworks show in madison, wisconsin saturday night after shots rang out just as the show endeor hundreds ran f their lives some trying to take cover near the stage. one person was shot, but is expected to recover.ic a police off was also hurt duringhi authorities believe th shooter e another, but so far no arrests >> perfect sh r brooklyn n ith signets
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of ane upcoming durante only mae- he will join kyrie irvinand deandre jordan# 41, espn in a se >> if anybody should b is that s fan.e nights throughout the winter and spring will be happening. >> some exciting days for the nets, right? >> it's been a while, since jason kidd >> it's been a decade. >> relevant for the first time in a long time all right, let's get into the week ahead forecast. a lot of people traveling, a lot
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of people on vacation. nice in the northeast, by the way. a decent weekend dodging the thunderstorms. hot and humid in the southeast not too many storms compared tol how many typic we get in the summertime the worst n minnesota. that's where wste could get ng storms let's fast forward into wes the busiest aving. east, apolis, ohioat the patterw we're going to call ite not entire day but they'll ben e afternoon hou. >>you can e the heat in the southeast. it's going to build as we go throughout the week. and the heat indices will top out at 100 to 105. the middle of the week actually it could be up to 110.
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fireworks recastg on our a sneak peek kind of hit and miss storms. right now we don't expect wash here or but we'll get thelay fireworks off, i think >> thank you so much, bill , the yankees and red llkarins sox got the royal treatment this weekend. prince harry a meghan markle attended the first major league baseball game held in europe the roya team at the londontae presented was chosena charite two-gameyae. now they have items for both l nks. get to choose, red sox or yaee hiding at the beach this summer and bringing down the house, the dramatic moment caught on camera in texas i'm jimmy dean and uh,
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>> something about the controlled chaos i think we're p we knowe'rdos mornin trip to thethso on the bd deadly >> beach.n s 77-year-old mother stumbled exposing a three quarter inch cut to a microscopic danger th fascitis or fleschat bacteria soetn died tcor lications from u know, the hey would have told more urgent
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cdc says up to one in three people with necrotizing fascitis die even with treatment. >> some of the e area of red an ared ther say since bacteria mosm a break ins immed. avoid bodies o incles hot tubs and infection, see a docto >> i can't do evyt tt i was able tdoefore. >> reporter: for 12-year-old kylie parker, early detection saved her life when she contracted the same infection. after multiple surgeries to halt its spread, recovery could still ke >>eporei wl ly recognize the problem n me >> that's what we'ree public kn,
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alladin ju passed independence day as the highest-grossing film of m entire career. to have my biggest movie at this point in my career, i just want to say thank you >> it only took will smith3 years and numerous blockbusters to finallytar in a movie bigger than independence day with the 50-year-o smith playing the genie alladin, now passedll $817 min earned by independence day back in 1996. alladin has made more than $874 million globally that's surprising to know as big as a star he is, 23 years. >> that isg. surprisin i would have thought it would not be the headline now, but moving on to popim swift, shewh big machins signed to the labet.
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in the tumblert,wi blasted brauaccusing him of bullying her for years she poed a photo of braun, bieberannd kye west. this is braun bullying me on social media when s i wa milo est point. something to sing about and io write about. >> inspiration the beatles didn't even own their music fowhr quite a e. >> michael jackson >> it's part of the music industry >> two of tv's most famous >> you are literally combingy face, my face skin that is someone who looks like when you signed a treaty at fort suter, honey >> thought you were going to see jim cramer hden. jonathan introduces david letterman to beard oil in the new interview. they have serious moments as well the two get into a deep discussion on gender identity
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and lgbtq rights >>an letterm beard is important. every time i see that it's interesting to watch >> that is a life's work right there. well earned. he likes to grow that beard, beard chapter. one country has beene ablto cover evyo wleernehi lowering drug prices, but what does it cost their taxpayers e'uh-oh, looks like someon
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countrare finalizing their travel plans aaa estimates 41.4 million people will be on the roads over the holiday. places like new york, boston, houston, and seatt are all projected to see delays that are three times worse than normal, with 80% of all travelers expected to be driving, experts say that july 3rd is going to be e busit day out there on the roads. >> let's talk about monday and what it looks like before we get to that day. bill karins is here with that forecast >> hazy hot and humid will be with us. b it is going toe building in the southeast. this week was very hot around kansas city and st. louis. not pleasant today . louis will be 102 heat indices. as we go to areas of the southeast, temperatures will be like 106 in northern florida >> looks about like july >> exactly >> thanks, bill. when wcoe me back, everyone's favorite guilty pleasure is now edible can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes!ut nerogena® ultra sheer.
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>> morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. >> were learning more about crash. >> we are tracking your mondaym ning weather. >> it's on the cool side but heat wave is back in the works.
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crime scene tape blocks a church parking lot. what we are learning about a double shooting that left one person dead. >> start of a new month brings new law from maryland to the virginia to the sdickdistrict.
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we will explain the changes. the e holiday take you pool or the beach, don't put


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