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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 1, 2019 4:00am-4:25am EDT

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crime scene tape blocks a church parking lot. what we are learning about a double shooting that left one person dead. >> start of a new month brings a bea new law from maryland to the the sun is coming t from now. virginia to the sdickdistrict. we will explain the changes. shenandoah valley youight need a light jacket with temperatures the e holiday take you pool or the beach, don't put only around 60. in 72 in the greater washington urardown. we ar reminding you about area. we will slip a little bit as we tend to do around 7:00 a.m. and warning safety. move that temperature back up. m it's 4:00 a.. on monday. the good news out there today as you wake up and walk outside i'm aaron gilchri. >> i'm molette green. you'll feel that crispness in the air. we are talking about low >> we appreciate you all the way humidity out there continuing through the day today but around. >> good to haveou back. another heat wave in the work and rather hot as we go through we getouaught with ur on mdayit? the next coupled. humidity coming our oy al with daily rain chance. let's talk fourth of july not only here but at the beaches coming up in 15 nute. ow let's talk about the
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roadways with melissa. >> rockville southbound 270 near montrow road a warning there. no big problem on the inner loop or outer loop. as gets you there in 11 minute. re's 4:02. d.c. police looking for two men in connection with a deadly shooting in the district. >> two people were shot. one die >> police say that shooting happened around finels la5:30 l in an alley 15th and v streets. kelly cantwell was inside his apartment when he heard the shots. >> we heard a pop. i don't know what it was.
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i don't think we have processed it yet p yeah, it's scary but, yeah, probably take some time to set in. >> d.c. police are looking for two suspects spotted in a marn two-dooacar. anot is shnd killed along woodland court. police are trying to figu out what led up to thy deadl shooting. today, new law are in effect across the d.c. area. in the distri, minimumage is up from$3.25 to $14 and it goes up at large business and 12$12. at smaller businesses. maryla food businesses and schools have one year to imply with the ban on foam containers and check o the big change
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search new laws on the nbc llshington app. trains wi travel all the way to and fromhe nmglent station. eturning ever silver car and returning it t the district. upported to ere help on the change to help out rider. president back is washington after making history in north korea. here he is landing last night. he is the first sitting in k id a s it iskorea. >>om ay
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back to the talksth and i k this handshake doethat. mp mm. both country new tariffars with son, teas, --eis ayeerday llrni. t had just taken fore it crashed. the national transportation safety board is looking into the plane's maintenance hi for probable cause. >> the aircraft how it wasin mained and operated and hits -- its history and including
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the weather at the time before the accident. >> the names of those who were killed are not bng released. annapolis fire department responded to this areao to tw kayakers who i recawere pulled the water. a woman who was with thun was fo hours later and her name was not been released. a fantly coinues to grieve after a toddler was killed in a beltway rash. we are learning she died on s friday and wa riding in a car on the outer loop and a car crashed into their car from behind and caused a chain reaction crash. we are working l forrn what started this fire at a home in fairfax county on friday. choppe 4 captured the flames shooting through the roof of
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this home. two peopleerinside. they escaped. one firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. workers at the washington convention center cod go on strike as early as next week. workers were at the conventiont cen and already are demonstrating. they are demanding a fairn coact with aramark that took convention service about seu and health insurance. nt wetct. ce iny and to replace robots and we have no work and we have families to take care of and trying to get a fair contract98% of voters v i new s
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bruce ar iv beat out more than 140 competitor in orlando.he 21-year-old attend career academy in northwest d in torldgo him. hene world. kevin durant is leaving the corriors for the nets. prince george's dehe announcemen deamillion. he achilles.turnsa irving also on be high i
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broklyn. they there. sh him the best recovering from that torn achilles. next on "news4 today," could ouur body shape set y up for problem. >> a study on women that may surprise you. with soaring temperatures, will you and your kid ready to e spend morime swimming? we are ready with safety concern before you diveinabout washing t d but a nice start on thbt the heat wav your fourth o
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. hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets of new york city to celebrate world pride day. the march commemorates 50 years since theite at the stonewall inn in lower manhattan. 50 years ago, if this many people would have gathered, we would have all been arrested. today, the city of new york is rolling out the red carpet. >> the grand marshals were member of the gay liberation front and that group formed right after the riots. inannapolis, maryland, the city celebrated hits first pde festival parade and they will already looking forward to planning next year's pride event nain lis. splendidly over the month.
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we are working for your health. ne study says awoman's body type can raise the risk of certain health problems. it foundomen who store more fat in their middle called asle ped are at a higher risk of heart and blood vessel problems, even if they are at a normal weight and vice versa. the study says more women with more fat in their legs, called the pear shape, that would be me, are the alo r risk of cardiovascular disease. a rminder to be careful around alcol this fourth of july somehow someone else drinking can hurt . shows drinking family at riskspndim at the bad
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while you're there experts say of unintentional deaths in the u.s. y whether're at the pool or thevif swimfuard onpes recommenking a lifeguard about rip currentsea. this is a great place to live if you're a b t of restaurant scene ramiesssociatif why the night is
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lieve that one time a om t industry and ody comes out celebratearof all thediner acro following. >> i love virginia. sweetie. >> big congratulations to all of them. better yet, i didn't get invited. >> i'm getting hungry even though it is only 4:15 in the morning. re sitting at 72 degree. >> very yesterday w omrtable. we had low umty come >> of courhere today. morning. that sun coming up
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5:45. heading will be comfortable with plenty of sunshine. stray s moving omorow is a good day to geto the nice and hman cohe on dnday because we will ha nihe tmeen temperatures out the especiall tse temperatures are in the low six andpper 50s right now.n here i the low 70s in d.c. and on the water, annapolis at 76 but this is what l it feelke outside. doesn't feel any warmer than that because we have low humidity out there. plenty of sunshine out there today. blue sky. we are starting off on the nice sideout there this morning with temperature from the upper 50s tow 70s. but only head into the mid to upper 80s today which is
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seasonable for this time of the year expect sunshine delays as we continue into the afternoon. notn ng happening oe radar right now. high pressure sitting over top of us and kicking out the cloud and any rainchances as well. for today, 87 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful day there. humidity will be on the low side. it will start to creep back in overnight and then we arein gettready for another heat wave coming our way starting tomorrow and leading right into the weekend and tat mean your fourth of july hot and humid. temperatures in the mi ato low 90s feeling like 100 degrees. the humidity thick out there tomorrow. looking od for any fireworks perhaps some portion of our area. temperatures are going to in the low 90s but as i said, it will feel close to a hundred degrees. beach forecast thursday friday and saturday, if you're heading upo maryland or delaware beaches plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low to
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mid-80s and just a few s chances of rain on thursday and friday. look at that ocean temperature. 73 degrees. we do have chances of rain wednesd, thursday, friday, saturday. taking it out for sunday right now kept it in for monday.h wit this heat building we will have daily chance. ck withh temperatures st us into the beginning of next week. let's look at theoadways with melissa mollet. good morning. taking a look now at these road. as we zoom in northbound 295 only one lane getting by sudland
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parkway. northbound5 before 123, we have two right lanes getting by that work zone. a aron? >> thank you. next on "news4 today," the push for locally sourced food lead toul new r for gardens and farmers market. >> peopled in one neighborhoo are not happy about these changes and it's stirring up a little bit of garden war. this afternoon "ellen." at 30 and then the new on news4 at 4:00.
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the historic carousel at glen echo park took its last ride. it is nearly 100 years old and need at of work.
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willthe coming months they work on it and the cost wi carousel willreopen next you can now gr in your bit of a garden war. >> over there. >>etreporter: neil has somng of a pharmacy in his front yard whether it's her for medicine or food for lunch, his garden keeps on giving. >> this is lettucethat i'm about to eat in my sandwich and it's actually pretty delicious. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend ashley have been building the garden for a year. technical before it was allowed, they wanted to help the environment. >> lining the body of these beds is that tree.
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>> reporter: fairfax giving people the ability to grow garden in theirut front yard where some see beauty, others see something else. >> i think he has failed with th this vegetable garden. >> reporter: she wishes they would take care of it. >> grapevines on the edges. r: >> reporte he knows his plants have been a prickly topic with o his neigh but has no plan to back down. >> i've also met more of my neighbors the la year since i put tis up since the ten years i've re.sided her it's been fantastic. >> reporter: in annandale aimee cho, news4. >> i hope they can work that out. >> just more talking. you may have spe the weekend at the pool but d.c. spent that time getting ready for the fourth of july. >> we will show you what was done in anticipatio of what is being billed as the largest fireworks display in washington history. plus, tragedy strikes a
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virginia church. the ceiling caved in leaving the building unusable. we will tell you why this all could have been much worse. we are talking about pool time out there. july 1st. yeah, that is today. today looking comfortable. not feeling like july but the heat and humidity coming back. we have daily stormhances after today. let's time out that rain and talk about your fourth of july coming up. ♪ let's get down to the bu of getting it done. the business of road trips.
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welcome back to news4 on m this mondaorning as we take a live outside now. >> nice. >> feels pretty good and we approach 4:30 now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. i'm in for eun yang this morning. it's still monday, though. >> it's true. got toshake thatoff. >> we have to start things off forecast ck of your
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and the commute. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our first 4 traffic. lauryn ricketts is in fod chuck belly with a look at our forecast. > temperatures is 72 but the shenandoah valley, the temperatures are in the 50s right now.l coart to your first of july. we do have clear skies out there. we head through theing the temperatures will slip a little bit. we will end up in the pper six by the time we head to 7:00 a.m. but nothing to worry out there today if you're heading out early on than monday orning. no fog. dry condition and it's just a nice morning out there. as we get to about 9:00 a.m.,os th temperatures are in the mid-70s. yesterday, we topped out in the low 90s. i don't think we will get to 90t ay. if you're traveling you can see we are dry throughout the mid-atlantic. high pressure in charge kicking out all of the cloud and the rain but that is not the case as we he we oue talking abrn chance and
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humidity are coming


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