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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 1, 2019 4:30am-4:53am EDT

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by the time we head to 7:00 a.m. but nothing to worry out there today if you're heading out early on than monday orning. no fog. dry condition and it's just a nice morning out there. as we get to about 9:00 a.m.,os th temperatures are in the mid-70s. yesterday, we topped out in the low 90s. i don't think we will get to 90t ay. if you're traveling you can see we are dry throughout the mid-atlantic. high pressure in charge kicking out all of the cloud and the rain but that is not the case as we he we oue talking abrn chance and humidity are coming back.he hi n up. first, a look atraic with. o left 56 in and out of lookingcleared.
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brand new problemind39 what the are calling incident. >> during the a violent weeke district. >> late saturday night, three people, including two young children, were woundedng dur a drive by shooting and happened s. southeast on dark a 3-year-old boyear-old girl weresvive. we talked to a man who gunfire. >>bullets come into the building from time to time. a stray t is point, police do
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have any s ri this morning fairfaxgln broo the flames appeared to have been in to be couty community said good-bye to a career firefighter. this drone video shows the procession for larry powers on saturday morning. a full how to his finalhe there was a cerean0 years nlannedo maryland govers to honor powers died after suffering to o a deadlyn unionville. ma> two people are under arrest this morning in land accused
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of trying tosmuggle painkillers in two differens. prison custody saturday at facility a attorney at a state prison of hiding narcotics inbinder. > will end national andcharleston, south carolina. isr scheduled october 26th. the low cost carrier startcen 2 here is aat other tomorning. hangar ed a role o he pl arie george's county.
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no cisseouse fire in at the time. thewerab one firefighter suffered a minor injury andwaington convention center couldke early drinks dem inin raisto aramark april. this morning, we a duty body camera was speaking to during a traffic stop took off dragging him with
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argument and thedriver made a b officer's gun before hade took the deputy fell off after 20 feet. both men are expected to be okay. the driver was arreed several last week. police say a car tiey to approachin lot took off and a a few police cruisers. this happened on tuesda is morning, police say the three men inside th car were about to sell 22 pound of hurt and all three in on will beea ng up after the
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ceiling fell in. happened may have saved peopleh >> this space would be folk or so just a a different situation. >>iling and the billed areegion >> you feel the folks,ed to be l >> they will fourth ofjuly. >> cr up the launch points forhefirew. who make lks say
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thi d.c. history. this new launch site is bigger meaning ite can fit m fireworks. the show will be three minutes longer than before. ar of worknd s months and i for 20 minu that what? >> the ceremony. not the actual marr yromig still ahead on news4, the university of maryland is facing financial troubles. >> why the school's >> switchi n is at alaid.
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kevin durant maketo back. your time is 4:37 good monday morning, everybody. coming up today at 4:00, you can see our very own weather warrior doug like never before. >> he give his all on the ninja warrior obstacle course. join us this afternoon to watch doug swing and fly and tryto
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a weekend protest over the rises cost of insulin ended in
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canada. many people who took part in that protest lostamily members who couldn't afford the cost of medication. if you are planning to fly sut for the fourth of july holiday, here i a warning. you might want to get to the airport super early. >> because the tsa is bracing for a record number of passengers who will be flying. in fact, 12 million people are expect to pass through security checkpoints between wednesday and sunday. the tsati anpates screening about 3 million travers and crew member. speaking of the ourth. the federal aviation administration has some s reminderto pass along too. fireworks are not allowed on any plane and if youlan on taking drone footage of fireworks, think again about that. the faa has strict rules on drone usage for recreational purposes so you cannot fly one in or near fireworks. >> don't do it. it feels really good outside, lauryn ricketts. >> it does. the low humidity and blue skies
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once the sun comes and that is coming up 13 minute before 6:00 a.m. 72 in d.c. shenandoah valley upper 50s. full sunshine out there todayot but the case all week. i'll talk about your fourth of july coming up in a little bit. history made in north korea. president trump become the first u.s. president to step foot in that country, but doesthis mean a deal to denuclearize north korea is coming? stay with us.
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stepping in to hi. over the weekend, president trump became the first president to enter north korea. he walked into that country standing bed kim jong-un during prtrip to the demilitarized joan. ident is back in washington this morning but many are looking forward what happens next. >> a lot of people are high hopisric meeting will be the first step toward a nuclear agreement with weapons? a long step to try tha team toget t try to restart these nuclear talks with special envoy steven began on our side
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dealing with as opposed to the high-powered presidential summit we saw that deadn't really ld to a solid agreement n withorth korea. but these pictures are a bit of a step forward for president trump as he tri open the doors with north there are critics wonderinge er or not it's actually going to lead to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons which iswhat the u.s. wants, or tthe u.s. giving up economic sanctis, which is whatk north orea on wants. >> a lot remain to be seen. tracie potton the hill for us, thank you. while the preident was overseas, his done d ald trump jr. caused some controversy. heshared a tweet which questioned about senar kamala harris is a black american. the origin tweetme ca from an altright activist and reediads, part, quote.
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donald jr. later deleted that tweet. harris was born in california to an indian immigrant mother and black immigrant american father. senator bernie sanders caused the president a racist and other compared the smear to the birther attack against former president barack obama who was pushed by donald trump in the years before he for president. today the congressional hispanic caucus willhead south to texas. they want to check out conditions at border facilities where immigrants are being held. for months, be there have been concern over the conditions at these centers. immigration and the treatment of migrants were on the mind of protests in the district over the weekend. hundreds tk part in the events. it was planned after reports that ice detained two people in
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northwest washington last month. protests spreadhe word about a new emergency hot line that eople can use for help if they get arrested. news4 spoke to one undocumented immigrant who has been in the u.s. nearly two decade. she say she wants people to ow she isvi a lo mother and a good person, but every day she live in fear. >> he is very scared for me and 'malso when i driving or when i'm working, you know? i'm scared, too, ice coming behind me oto my job, you know? >> the protesters say they want to see stronger laws put in place to protect immigrants. they don't think d.c. does enough to enforce its sanctuary city status. of universit maryland may be at risk inal losing financi aid for students. on friday the accrediting commission placed the school on warning. it's related to the death of jordan mcnair, a football player who collapsed during a 2018 team
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workout and he later died of heat stroke. mcnair's death led to several major change but the commission says umd must provide a clearly structure. the school has until next march to imply. nea dly twozen people are hit and injured by transit buses every year in the d.c. region. withmmhe suer months upon us and tourists heading to see the sites, many local are trying to figure out a way to make things safer for pedestrian. as news4 scott macfarlane reports now, engineer at one local university think ey may have ati soluon. >> a pedestrian saved me and stopped the bus. >> reporter: tina knows how dangerous bus collisions westbound. she was pinned underneath a buse and serely injuring her it seem like the bus didn't even see you? >> i don't think he did.
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>> reporter: they are working to eliminate these bus blind spots. >>annequin is ready. >> reporter: the i-team traveled to virginia tech where andrew is testing these sensors that can detectedestrian in blinpots and engage the brakes automatically. a review of federal transit records show 20 people are hitb transit buses each year in our area and a survey showed the are equipping buses with new technology including extra lights to get the attention of distracted pedestrian and more camera for drimrs. coing up tonight as part of our full news4 i-team report we take you on the bus to show you what drivers are going to see if these warning system are put into effect. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. the sun may have been shining in d.c. over the weekend but a differenttory in the midwest. severe weather struck minnesota, leading to widespread flooding. look at that! across the state, drivers had to abandon their car when the water
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on the road just became too deep. basements and properties flooded. in one part of the state, 30 heads of cattle were washed away as a pasture turned into a river in matter of second. >> let's head over to europe now. it wasn't rain there b the heat made headlines. in france, the temperatures so precaution. exts an t cle changh not typically n paris the other day, the kickoff s at 9:00 p.m. and it was 87.on stillt at point.thee. we will see heat coming back our
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july! there. >> very pretty >> sun coming up an hour from now. 5:47 is the official sunrise in d.c. clear sies out there. a beautiful day out there.lis g. you may neat jacket es0s. anotheea we in theidda could havetoday. current te t 59 andbo the wapot we have cool there on the 1st of blue skies d the wind are going to be light terd. a liit
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there today. us the sunshine. as r as y sunshine del for the commute.o erwise if you're walking, biking, a-ok. outdoor lunch? perfect condition! humidity will bee ry nice oute seersaid, high pressure over nt. you can d-atntic. as far as the daytime high fort yesterday in theea believe it of index fh of at thechances.
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temperature i if you're aded to delaware and marylandmpature in the low . lok at . >> good lv springhis crash there. that is on the ride of the roadway for this enaccid 66 inbound out bound no problems and65 looking good. prince george's county looking nice and clear here.
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one of the weekend's biggest sports stories, of course, involved prince george's county native kevin durant. he is heading to the big apple. k.d. signing with the brooklyn nets. it's a four-year contract worth $164 million. if youe can blieve it, that isa tually below durant's asking price. he is taking less money along ir with kyrieng who is also heading to brooklyn so that the nets could also get deandre jordan. they are still all very rich. >> right. >> bottom line! >> 164 million is enough! >> i'll take it. now to baseball. ts year' scherzer's seventh all-stargame. what a year he has had. he lead the majors with 170 ndon, his first i hope they have a greathe eye.
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a state is giving the blind a chance to playseall. it's thees and it lets you they transformed a field for the tacoma the team first game weekend against the woreblindfold. people sitting aroch because they don't feel there >> what makes the fieldis extra don't have to wor there is also an extra fence to protect the players from being hit by a ball whehey wait to bat. >> very ni>>retty i hope that abbing say they will tpce time u
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moments after fiery plane crash. ten people died when that plane slammed into a hangar. this moefe the 56. this is "news4 today."
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cre scene tapel. what we are learning about a person dead. >> start aftermaryland to vi the district. we will explain the changes that could impact your day day. >> if this holiday weel or we willbe safety. \ a.m. now.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. >>m molette green. i'm in for eun yang this morning. welcomeback. >> thank you. >> mthissa mollet is here wi the first 4 traffic and lauryn ricketts is here in for chuck bell and look at the dawn of the day. >> it doesn't feel like july 1st ut there. low humidity out there right now. brilliant colors and


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