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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are reminding you aboutng swimmi safety. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. as i'm molette green here for eun yang who hthe day off 37 hard to believe it's the 1st of july. >> i's not crazy hot so that is the upside. >> i like that. melissa mollet is standing by th your first 4 traffic. lauryn ricketts is in for chuck to tell us how hot it's not. >> you're right about tha the humidity is not that bad out there at all either. beautiful sunrise. you can see the reectionff the potomac right now. came up at 5:47, the official sunrise this morning. 70 loudoun county and shenandoah valley in the 50s. 56.quier county at maybe grab that jacket as you head out the door. you won't need it all day. temperatures back in the 80s for day time highs today.
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as i said the humidity on the irly comfortable and warm out there but fairly comfortable. the humidity and heat come back. wednesday feeling more like 100 degrees out there and that will lead right into your fourth of july. so let's talk about the recast r that. we have got rain chances so i'll show thaw coming up. good morning. outer loop showing you normal volume there heading around on the outer loop. ladder in the left lane here. not seeinga lay on the maps butve might a slowdown if you're heading out soon. outer loop near little river turnpike the crash is now on the shoulder. a violenteekend in the district left one man dead and
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several people re injured, including two young children. >> "news4 today" justin finch is live this morning at d.c. police headquarters with details on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some relief here. police say the two children who were injured, their injuries are nonlife-threatening as they hunt down the suspects in that case. that fatal case yesterday as well. that happened in the u-street corridor area in alley between 14th and 15th streets by the st st. augue catholic church. shots were fired they say after 5:00 p.m. and two menan hit one man rushed to the hospital and one died on the scene there. neither have been identified. police say they are now on the aook lookout for aon four door car and at least two suspect. in southeast late saturday, another shooting. no one killedis in thinstance but there were three hurt, including children, a 3-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy and 20-year-old man were at a bus
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stop police say on the 800 block of southern avenue at the maryland line in southeas back out live, we can tell you in that case, all three have nonlife-threatening injuries. good news in that instance. police also looking for a car, a rk colored sedan they say withnt dark ti as well. we are live in northwest at d.c. police headquarters. i'm justin finch, news4. back inside to you. laurel police are searching for the person who gunned down man yesterday afternoon along woodland court. police identified the victim asl 57-year-old dphin jackson and they are trying to figure out what led to that shooting. this morning, investigators withed the fal aviation administration will be in addison, texas, searching for answers after that dead plane crash over the weekend. here is a look. ten people on board a private twin-engine jet were killed and
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the plane was taking off for st. petersburg, florida and crashed into unoccupied hangar. ntsb is looking into the plane's maintenance history for the cause. >> the air aft specifically, how it was maintained, how it was operated, its maintenance history, and the environment, specifically looking at the ntather that was active at the time of the accide >> the names of the ten people who were killed have not been released. president trump is back in washington after making history in north korea. he landed at joint bse andrews last night. the president became the first sitting u.s. president to step foot in north korea. this historic handshake came aft after meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. some say it's a showmanship and photo op. others say it's a step to denuclearization in north korea. >> they need, some way, to get bacto talks and this handshake, i think does that. they need to reset the relationship. >> before that, the president
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was in japan for the g-20mm su and during those meetings, the president reached a temporary tde truce with china. both countries agreeing not to announce any new tariffs. new law are in affect today the d.c. area. ere is a look at some of those new laws. minimum wag in montgomery county up today to $13 for large business and $12.50 at smaller business. also in maryla food service business and schools now have one year to imply with a ban on foam containers. in virginia, you need to be 21 years old to purchase any type of tobacco product or e-cigarette. che out the nbc washington apphe for t other big changes. search new laws. starting today, welcome change on metro's red line. trains will travel all the way to and from the glennmont station now.
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since 1986 metro is turning arod every other red line car at silver spring and rerning ito the district. more than 2,500 signatures were collect in support of the change that should cut down on wait times for some people. police are inveting the death of a kayaker near annapolis on saturday. the annapolis fire department helped respond to the area of spaw creak near horn point. two kayakers were pulled from the water. a woman with them was found hours her name has not yet been released. we are learning heavy rain may have played a role in a crash on the beltway that left a toddler dead on fray during rush hour on the outer loop of the beltway near branch area. a 2-ear-old was killed and she was riding in the car with her family when another car slammed leinto their vehic from behind causing a chainon reac crash. her 5-year-old sister was also seriously injured.
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we are working to learn what sparked this fire at a home in fairfax on friday. chopper 4 captured the flames shooting through the roof of that room on clarks ranch road in great falls. two people were inside and able to escape and one firefighter suffered a minor injury and is expected to be okay. workers at tco washington ention center could go on strike as early as next week. the workers who sell food and in at the convention center are already demonstrating and demanding a fair contract with e aramark, tood and beverage contractor that took overra opeons at the convention center on april 1st. the union is concerned about pay and job insecurity and also affordable health insurance. >> we want a fair contract. aramark came in and after six years, try to replace us with robots and automation. and we have no work and we have families to take care of and trying to get a fair contract. >> 98% of union members voted in kefavor of a stri if the contract negotiation. c
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but thetract negotiations failed. big news in the sports world now. kevin durant is leaving the warriors for the nets. the prince george's county native made the announcement yesterday on instagram. he reportedly find a four-year deal with brooklyn worth io64 milln. he is suffering from a torn n wihilles but when he is back on the court, h have help from kyrie irving and deandre jordan who are also on board. the nets made the playoffs last season. now, the expectation in brooklyn will be even higher. they probably have pretty good little collection of players there. bringing up >> be interesting. next on "news4 today," could your body shape s you up for certain health problems? >> the results of a new study for women that may surprisey . plus, with soaring temperatures, are your kid ready to spend more time in the pool?e we a working for you with
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safety concern to coer before you let them dive in. th> it looks like some pool weather out ere over the next several dss as the temperature in the low to mid-90s. t not today. today, we get a little bit of ar ak. more seasonable for today butt he heat is coming. wewill talk about that coming up.
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ds hundr of thousands of people packed the streets to celebrate pride. the march commemorates 50 years since the riots of stonewall in and that marked a turning point in the fight for gay rights. e 50 years ago, if this many
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people would havthered, we would have all been arrested. today, the city of new york is rolling out the red carpet. >> thgrand marshals were members of the gay liberation front and that group formed s,ght after the riots. in annapolihe city celebrated hits first pride parade and festival over the weekend. thousands gathered for block party there. they lined the streets of downtown annapolis. the mayor gavin buckley served ass he grand marshal to thi event. they are already looking forward prto planning next year's e event in annapolis. >> that was great. what a great opportuty to elevate some of the many challenges still ahead in the community. this morning, we are working for your health. a study of post-menopausal women, said a type of c body raise problems for women.
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it found women who store more fat t inir middle are at a higher risk of heart and blood vessel problems, even if they are at a normal weight and vice versa. the study says women with more fat in their legs, are at a lowerof risk cardiovascular disease. a reminder tarbe careful ound alcohol this fourth of july. a new survey shows somehow someone else drinking hurt you. it says 1 in 5 adults are verbally or physically harassed because of alcohol. the survey also shows drinking can lead to financip and family blems. younger adults are most at risk of somebody else's alcohol use. the hotter the weather, the more you and your kids want to d spend time at the backyol or go to the beach. while you're there, we don't want you to let your guard down. experts say drowning ithe leading cause of unintentional deaths in the united states, whether you're at the pool or toe beach. doctors want you ear a life preserver, even if you're a good swimm only swim if there is a lifeguard on duty. >> stae >> statistics have shown if
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you're at a beach, you have 1 in 18 million chance of drowning at death, which are pretty good statistics in my book. >> experts recommend asking a hefeguard about rip currents when you go out each. new this morning. a d.c. native takes a top honor. bruce bozard, iv is named the best in the u.s. at microsoft excel. he defeated out others in orlando, florida, at a convention there.t -year-old attends an academy in northwest d.c. he will travel to new york city at the end of the month to compete in the world championship. if you're a foodlast night the best of d.c. restaurant scene received honors
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at the ramie. think emmy or grammy, but for food service. the head of the area restaurantl association tour tommy mcfly why the night was so special. >> i believe that one time a year, where everybody comes out from the industry and they celebrate and rather than taking care of all the diner across the region, they come here and we . are taking care of them >> among the big honors are the following. >> so nice thave that in town. nobody had food in their hand in that video. >> they were eating. a new video outof new york state showing the aftermath of powerful weekend storms. wind and rain whipped through yesterday evening, leaving many folk without power this morning. >> trees were pulled down on the power line and traffic signals were out too. the stormy weather affected air travel at new york's airports.
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i ish. ish up theissues up there for t over the weekend. >> we had storm to deal with but yesterday ws beautiful and more you'll feel the humidity tomorrow morning when you wake up at this time. listen. it's beautiful out there. that sun came ap justbout 30 minute ago. 5:47 sunrise. beautiful view. blue skies all day today. low humidity. a cool start. a warm end as though temperatures move into the mid to upper 80s.we o have another heat wave in the work. a heat wave is defined a is three days consecutive days at our above 90 degrees. we have had that a couple of days last week and now another one. technical we are out of it today because temperatures will remain in the 80s. but we a bck in the 90s
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tomorrow and pretty much a good portion of the ten-day forecast. hot and humid today with dailyc chan of rain. it won't be raining the whole time but daily chances of rain. shenandoah valley, you may need a jacket this morning. temperature in winchester low to mid-50s. 95 corridor tempatures from the upper 50s in ft. meade to 70 in the district.ol a co start out the door and maybe biking to work or even a walk to work, it is going to be a nice morning for thasu. plenty of hine. temperatures in mid to upper 80s for t daye highs today but nothing to worry about on the road. maybe plan for outdoor lunches. it is going to be nice out there with a lighter wind compared to yesterday. exercise very comfortable out there. high pressure parked over us. that is clearing out everything. we have no rain in the forecast
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for today. barely any cloud. tomorrow, we do have an isolated storm chance that is less than 30%. i think we will see a stray one here or there. humidity and heat is back. low 90s tomorrow and feel like the upper 90s at times. ase head through this week, humidity is going to be thick out there. wednesday your temperature in the low mid-90s but feeling like a hundred. same deal for the fourth of july. same deal onfr day. don't get used to this because that heat is coming. 92 for your fourth of july forecast. we have about 40% chance seeing shower and thunderstorm. if you're heading to thend maryland delaware beaches, only about a 30% chance. plenty of sunshine on thursday, friday, and saturday. low to mid-80s and that ocean. .
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good morning, melissa. >> chop 4 inner loop hearing bout a car fire and we wi show you those pictures when we arrive. beltway delay is outer loop georgia enue. outer loop near little river turnpike earlier accident is cleared out of the way so not bad. southbound 270 has cleared. seeing normal delay heading southbound there on 270. here are the travel times. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today 103.5 fm. the push for localo sced
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food leads to new rules for garden and farmers market. >> but people in one neighborhood are not happy about the changes. stirring up a little bit after garden fight. >> this afternoon "ellen" welcomes jake gyllenhaal and henry winkler and stick around at 4:00 for the news. at havertys we know
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♪ storic carousel at glen echo park took its last ride over the weekend. it need work. it's over a hundred years old. over the months crews will repair and modernize the building and the antique ride itself. the work will cost about $1 million. the carousel will reopen next spring. >> we have been out there with the cankid and the community ant is so cool. you can grow a garden in your front yard in fairfax .ounty now and used to be against the law >> county passed an ordinance passing that. aimee cho take to annandale
6:24 am
where some people are finding themselves in the middle of a garden war. >> reporter: neil has something of a pharmacy in his front yard, whether it's her for medicine or food for lunch, his garden keeps on giving. >> this is lettuce ttot i'm about at in my sandwich and it's actually pretty delicious. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend ashley ayers have been building the garden for year. technically, before it was allowed, the wanted to help the environment. >> so lining the bottom of all these beds is that tree. >> reporter: fairfax county is giving people the ability to grow garden in their front yard but where some see beauty, others see something else. >> i think he has failed with this vegetable garden. r >>eporter: valerie smith lives nearby and likes the idea of the garden but wishes they would take better care of it. >> put it behind the house where nobody can see it. >> grapevines along the edges.
6:25 am
>> reporter: he knows his plans is a prickly topic with his neighbors, but is not backing down. >> i've also met morof my neighbors the last year since i put this up since the ten yeard i've resideere. it's been fantastic. >> reporter: in annandale, aimee cho, news4. 6:25. still ahead youay have spent the weekend at the pool but d. spent that time getting ready for the fourth of july. >> we will show you what is being condone in anticipation fr the largest fireworks display in washington hi ory. plus, tragedy at a virginia church. the ceiling caved in, leaving the building unusable. we will tell you why this could have been much worse. >> lauryn, how is the weather? >> hey girl. listen. we are talking about insect and low humidity. doesn't feel like thest of july. but it is. temperatures mid to upper 80s today but heat and humidity is coming up.
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welcome back. "news4 today" on this monday morning. a live ok outside. nice looking start to the today. temperatures the go as the day goes on? a big question this time of the ye july ree throw for us on 1st. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm mol te green inr eun yang this morning. we want to begin with your forecast and the latestonhe commute. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a flolook at your first 4 traffic but lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell withyour forecast. >> we tend to drop a little bit as we go to the 6:00 and 7:00 hour. temperatures now 70 degrees. that is here in d.c. elsewhere outside the beltway, we have got temperatures in the mid-50s. you may need a jacket early this morning but it's gorgeous out there. you'll need the sunglasses 100%o take a look.
6:30 am
shenandoah valley those temperatures are in the 50s. temperates in the 60s and 70s. still a little bit of a crisp start out there this morning because humidity is on the low temperatures are able to fall last night under clear size. now we take them on back up into the mid to upper 80s. you may be encountering a few sunine delays for the morning commute and also evening commute but a beautiful walk to work if you're doing that or riding the be to work outdoor lunch perfect condition and exercise, great to get out right nowif you n. let's talk about the heat and humidity. it is coming. it will be filling in overnight. h hot will it get? show you that coming up. first, the road with melissa. >> good nmorni inner loop near 50 finding chopper 4 is finding as far as a vehicle fire, fedex truck on th de of the road and perhaps brake issue and they had to pull over but not seeing major problem right now. it's not causi any kind of slowdown so that is very good
6:31 am
news. inner loop and outer loop looking normal 66 looking pretty good in and out of town right now. 95 northbound you're slow spot through woodbridge and typical r this timef o day. today, new laws are in effect across our area and they affect how much some folks will seein their paychecks and affect how old people need to be to buy tobacco products. >> megan mcgrath is joining us in northwest d.c. on how the law could impact your life. >> reporter: good morning. quite a few change you need to know about. it's julyst 11hich means new law are kicking around in the dmv.t e a look at what is happening. no more plastic straws or stir ers unless you're prepared to
6:32 am
payan fine. the book effect earlier this year with warning but starting today, business will be fined anywhere from $100 to $800 to serving drinks with straws. let's go over to maryland. maryland becomes the first state to ban restaurants and schools from using styrofoam food containers. in virginia, you must now be 21 years old to buy e-cigarettes or tobacco product. enand minimum wage. take a look. now these are just a few of the laws that are taking affect today. there are a lot more and we have
6:33 am
a complete list on our nbc washington app. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath, live for us dntown, thanks. two pele are under arrest ndis morning in maryla, accused of trying to smuggle painkillers in two different prisons. a 20-year-old man was taken into custody saturday aa facility a in jessup, on friday, an attorney at a state prison in hagerstown was accusedf hiding narcotics in his binder. jetblue airways will end its nonstop service between reagan national and charlest, south carolina. uhe final flight is schedd for october 26th. the low st carrier started service in 2014. two other airlines will offer nonstop service from d.c. to charleston. here is a look at other top stories. ten people were killed when a plane crashed into a hangar near dallas. it waseading to florida. all of those who were killed were in the plane. no one was in the hangar.
6:34 am
rainman played a role in a crash on the beltway that killed a prince george's county toddler. the 2-year-old was in the car with her family on the outer loop near branch avenue friday when another car crash into them from behind. the girl's mother and 5-year-old sister were taken to the hospital. no cause has been determined for this house fire in fairfax county. chopper 4 over the scene during the battle to put the flames out that happened on friday in great falls. two people who were inside at the time were able to escape. one firefighter suffered a minor injury and is expected to be ok y. workers at the washington convention center could go on strike as early as next week. the workers who sell food and drinks are already demonstrating. the food service workers union raising concerns over pay, job u secty, and health insurance. food and beverage contractor aramark took over the food servce back in april.
6:35 am
a congregation in virginia will spend the week cleaning up. the ceiling fell in and when the collapse happened, the pastor saved may have saved a lot of people from getting hurt. the collapse happened just hours before the church would have been filled with people. other churches in the area have c forward to offer tceeir spa so the congregation can orship together. two dozen people are hit and injuretr by ansit buses each year in this region. with the summer months upon us now and tourists heading to the itsites, many local communies are trying figure out a way to make things safer for pedestrians. >> a pedestrian saved me and e stopped th bus. >> reporter: tina knows how dangerous bus collisis
6:36 am
can be. in march 2016 a transit bus landed in her as she was in a crosswalk and was pinned underneath a bus andn severely injurher legs. it seem like the bus didn't even see you? >> i don't think he did. e reporter: they are working to eliminate theslind ots. >> mannequin is ready. >> reporter: the i-team traveled to viinia tech where andrew groom's tean is testing bus with sensors that an detect pedestrian in blind spots and engage the brakes automatically. a review o records show 20 people are hit by transit buses each year in our area. a survey at a local transit agency howed there are equippin buses with new technology including extra lights to get the attention of distracted pedestrian and modr camera for ivers. coming up tonight as part of our full news4 i-team report, wth take you on bus to show you what drivers are going to see if these warning systems are put into effect. for now in blacksb scott macfarlane, ns4 i-team. >> still ahead on "news4 today," the o university
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maryland is facing financi trouble. > why the school's accreditation is at risk. plus kevin durantakes a big move to brooklyn. "news4 today" will be right back. coming up today at 4:00, you can see our very own weather k warrior dougmerer like never before. al >> he give hion the ninja warrior obstacle course. afternoon to watch doug leap, fly, and swing to try to become a ninja warrior. >> and walk away in o piece. at havertys, we know a mattress is more th. something you sleep it's something you live on. (giggling) and we want it to be perfect.e get st out of your mattress with havertys mattress sale! our experts will help you choo from a wide selection of top brands and we'll match any price.
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a weekend protest over the rising cost of insulin in the u.s. ended in canada. a self-glared caravan of ossedcans from minnesota
6:40 am
the border on saturday to raise awareness what it calls a price kris. insulin costs ten times more in the u.s. than in canada. many people who took part infant protest have lost family members who uldnco't of medication. today, the hispanicaucus heading to clint, texas. the group wants toheck out conditions at border facilities where immigrants are being held. for months, there have been concern over these detention centers. immigration and treatment of migrants were on the mind of protesters here in the district over the weekend. >> hundreds took part in the event organized by sanctuary dmv. this was planned after reports that ice detainedwo people in northwest d.c. last month. protests spread the word about a new emergency hot line that pethple can use for help if get arrested.
6:41 am
news4 spoke to one undocumented immigrant who has been in the u.s. nearly two decades. >> he is very scared for me and also when i'm driving or when i'm working, you know? i'm scared, too, ice coming behind me or to my job, you know? >> the protesters say they wantt see stronger laws put in place to protect immigrants. they don't think d.c. does enough to enforce ittsanctuary cistatus. > >> good morning. i'm frank holland. apple is focused on q quntitas i gts s uali oerv launch its apple tv plus service this fall and may ab shot at netflix model releasing as much as content it can to attract viewers. se cntmoh.y appleelt first series is a morning show oat stars reese witherspon and jennifer aniston. i'm frank holland with your cnbc
6:42 am
morning business report. let's get back to the weather. you had about grabbing a jacket? >> the0s temperatures in the 5 out in the shenandoah valley. so you need to grab a jacket out there this morning. temperatures are ing to be in the 80s for day time highs today and mid to upper 80s which is seasonable this time of the y r. blue skies and low humidity but big changes are on the way so we will talk abo that and daily rain chances starting on wednesday. oh, yeah, that includes the fourth of july. it'sin cup. slowdown on 270 plus your slowdown on 270 plus your
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carl quintanilla poli d.c. police are investigating shootings that happened over the weekend. another incident, two children were shot whenomeone opened fire when people were waiting at bus stop. >> news4 justin finch joins us live outside d.c. police headquarters with the latest. good morning. two concerning case, obviously. both case, police are telling us rhey are looking fo vehicles of interest. let's get you to most recent shooting happening yesterday. crime scene between 14th and 15th street by the st. augustine
6:46 am
catholic church. it was there one m was shot. another shot as wel. one died on the scene there. neier has been identified at anhis time but gunfire beg to ring out sunday after 5:00 p.m. we are told. police now looking for maroon colored four-door sedan and at least two spect. we also spoke with a neighbor who tells ushe hd the gunfire. >> we walked out of our apartment not thinking anything. there was some guy that was shot in the leg on 1440 and then unthey were handling that or whatever. we didn't loiter or anything like that so we went over to the park to hang out a while and came back this way to try to get in and they had we't coul get in. >> reporter: saturday night, shots fired at a bus stop in southeast. three hurt in that case, including two children. a 3-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl and 20-year-old man were hurt. this along the 800 block of
6:47 am
southeast by the maryland line. in that case all three police ay have nonlife-threatening injuries. we can tell you in that case, police are looking for another car, a dark colored sedan that has dark tint as well. >> justin finch, thank you. steppihistory. o er the weekend, president i trump became the first u.s. president to enter north koheea. walked into the country standing bed kim jong-un during a trip to the demilitared zone. this morning, the president is back here in washington but many are already looking toward what happens next. >> nbc richard engel looks at still need totha be answered. >> reporter: president trump wrapped up his asian tour with a dramaticinitiative, meeting kim jong-un inside the heavily fortified dmz and thrown together at the last minute and security legation and
6:48 am
personnel scrambling but where whether it lead? lead to a breakthrough? they are talking about having more meetings or was it just an elaborate photo op? we will have a full report coming up on the "today" show. president was oversea, his done donald tru jr. causing controversy at home. he shared a tweet whicut questioned aenator kamala harris is a black american. the original tweet came from an altright activist and reads, in part, quote. donald jr. later deleted that tweet. harris was born in california to im indian immigrant mother and black jamaican migrant father. several democratic presidential candidates came to her defense. senator bernie sanders caused the president a racist and other agmpared the smear to the birther attack nst former president barack obama which was pushed by donald trump in the years before he ran for president. fairfax investigators are
6:49 am
still trying to figure out what caused a fire inside this home on glenbrook road. the flames appear to have been in the rear of this house . one person was hurt but expected to be okay. >> frederick county community said good-bye to a career firefighter. this drone video shows the profession for larry powers on saturday morning. a full escort took his body from the libert final resting place where there was a ceremony. m powers spentore than 50 years as a volunteer firefighter and planned to retire this year. maryland governor larry hogan ordered flags lowered last week to honor wes service. po died after suffering a heart attack while responding to a deadly crh in unionville.
6:50 am
university of maryland may be at risk in losing financial aid for students. on friday the accrediting placed the school on warning. it's related to the death of jordan mcnair, a football player who collapsed during a 2018 team workout and he later died of heat stroke.ed mcnair's deathto several major change but the commission says umd must provide a clearly articulated and solucture. the has until next march to comply.e on of the biggest sports story iolved our own prince george'scounty nave kevtive kev duraninwho is goto sign with brooklyn nets. his contract is similar to yours, aaron. our-year contract worth $164 million. he will be heading there with yrie irvingndwhare heading to b.
6:51 am
from basketball to baseball. two washington national players have been selected for this year's all-star game. >> this is mavescherzer's h all-star game. what a year he has had. he lead the majors with 170 strikeouts. he'll be joined by third baseman anthony rendon, his first alstar game. should be good for the two of them. fun out there. >> lovely.n laucketts has been telling us about the cool start to the day. >> it's nice. nod bad out there. talking about baseball. we got a lot of baseball to be is week. nats are taking on marlins and then the royals towards the end of this week. also afternoon storm almost each and every day this week. bu not today. blue skies out there. a beauty of a day. currently temperatures, a lite ayol along i-81. m need to grab lightjacket out there this morning. no humidity. crisp out there right now.
6:52 am
we go through the day temperatures will climbut of the 60s and into the 70s by the time we head through the mid-morning and lunch time and maybe eat lunch outside because the winds are light and low humidity. the afternoon mid to upper 80s. looking good. maybe you're gardening. look at is. a greatip from our friend at kiry field gardening. phigh pressure ing out the rain today. same deal tomorrow but the high is offhe coast and winds wrap around and area of high pressure going clockwise -- counterclockwise? yeah. i can't think of that quick on the fly! winds coming out he south
6:53 am
nd west tomorrow so pick up some of that humidity. temperatures in the low 90s out there but feel closer tohe on t mid-90s. that humidity sticking with us all week. in fact, temp to be in the low to mid-90s but the heat index right around the century mark. for your fourth of july forecast, low 90s. muggy. let's talk road now with melissa. seclockwi counterclockwise? you might have trouble with th inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. nothing to worry about too much. beltway overall inr loop, outer loop, clockwise, counterclockwise! southbound slow heading out of frederick. top of the beltway here and everything in and out of top and on top on this side is looking
6:54 am
good. no problems bw parkway. listen to hwtop w you hop in your car today 103.5 fm. ifflyou're planning to for the fourth of july holiday, you might want to get to the airport early. 12 million people to check through the checkpoinw ednesday thugh sunday.
6:55 am
> the federal aviation administration has some reminders to pass along to you. preworks are not allowed on any plane and if youn on taking drone footage of fireworks, think again about that. the faa has strict rules on drone usage for recreational purposes so you cannot fly one in or near fireworks. over the weekend, workers d got a goojump on the week ahead with the fireworks show coming up in d.c. >> folks who make the fireworks happen say this year's event will be the biggest in d.c. history. ch site is bigger than the old one and that means it can fit more fireworks. the show will be about three minutes longer than before. >> you spend so many months planning and preparing and i guess it's like a wedding. right? you have years of work and it's all gone. for us, 20 minutes. >> 35-minute fireworks display is set to start a little after 0 9: p.m. on thursday from west potomac park. president trump is back in washington after making history in north korea. he became thei first sing u.s.
6:56 am
president to setat foot in th country and more on this coming up on "today." d.c. businesses could be slapped today with fines for providing plastic straws and stirrers to customer. the ban is one of more than two dozen new laws thatct take effe today across our area. look for the list of law in our app. workersdho sell f and drinks are demonstrating and could go on the food ser workers union raised concerns over aramark t thatook over operation at the convention centern april. stay with us for the latest. prince george's county native kevin durant signed with the brooklyn nets. the four-year deal worth $164 million. durant will leave the golden state warriors after appearing with he team in the nba finals. check out fo more information on this > deal
6:57 am
>> correct, it's clockwise. that is why we are humid out there. the other left is what saying? >> thank you, lauryn. >> that is the news for today. thank you for joining us. "today" is nt. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with your weather, traffic, and local news. gr >> make it a eat monday, everybody!good morning.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. deadly crash. ten people killeip texas when a small plane goes down just after takeoff. this morning investigators are combing throu wreckage, trying to figure out where things went so wrong. we're live on the scene. >> drama at the dmz. north korea celebrating that historic meeting between president trump and kim jong-un with this just released video. >> and what happened during this confrontation with the new u.s. press secretary caught on ca? was the president's visit more than just aho pto op. here?ere does it go from we have the latest. surviving a shark attack. a florida


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