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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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america, a absolute to and i'm going to be here. >> right now on news 4 at 11:00, a july 4th like no other. it's what the president i promising for your holiday. we've gde new tails tonight
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ebout the differences in washington's celtion this year. and tracking those celebrations could be a little bit of a wash out. eawe're talking about the returning. heat, humidity, and the chance ofim storms just in tfor the fourth. plus ninja warrior. you saw the athletes compete this evening. now we put our guy to the test. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening tonight. the big plans from the president that could impact the way you celebrate independence day. set ups already under way in downtown d.c. today ahead of thursday's big event. >> that's right. the president explained more of what you'll be seeing and we heard from other local leaders who are not thrilled about the plans. derk joins us more with that. >>eporter: good evening, we're finally getting some of the finer details of how we're going to be obsving the fourth here in washington, abo the president's fireworks, and of
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course the other that usually happen. what we do know about the salute to america, it's going to be a lot of milita hardware and a lot of words from the president. take a look. in past years, this has been enough. the glare of the rockets, the sound of the boston pops and the peop gathered to set aside the rank rouse politics that so often characterize washington. well, this year isn't like other years. >> i'm going to be here and say a few words and wre going to have planes going over, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too. we're going to have tanks stationed outside. >> reporter: aside from the usual fireworks display, theid prest's salute to america will feature its own half hour fireworks displayed with expanded viewingon locati >> the president visiting on july 4th adds dynamic to our special event planning. however, we work side by side with our partnrs in the city and region so that actual event.
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>> i feel they have shared with us everything that they haveor our preparation. >> reporter: d.c.'s delegate to congress worries about the cost, the strain on the local streets the tanks could cost, and who foots the bill. >> i'm blin disturbed that the president owes the nation's capitol over $7 million for the inauguration. nny down asn't put a on that. >> whatever the local costs, will it be worth it to celebrate the nation's birthday? >> i think it's totally worth it. >> we have a deficit that's out of control. and we've got a lot of issues here, homelessness. >> reporter: another new feature, vipti ets. they offer prime viewing spots toe president's speech and the fireworks. >> it's a salute to america. >> reporter: and a little more
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on those vip tickets. the last t detaiat was still hanging out there, we understand they were distributed by the n republica national committee. some of them will include seating. but they were free of charge. and if you haven't gotten one, you probably won't because we are told they've already been distributed out. on the mall, derek, news 4. >> derek thanks, and bring the bug spray with you too. ou can hear more from d.c. delegate eleanor onlmes nort tomorrow on the "today" show. no matter where you plan to supporthe fourth, we're working for you. the nbc app has information for you. we're going to fill you in on the biggest fireworks shows acro the dmv. of course we're looking ahead to the holiday at the end of the week, but it's the hot weather making a return much ne soo >> our luck ran out on umm doug ca is here with the
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warnings for tomorrow. >> we told you last week that today wou be the one day saw a break from the heat wave. we saw it six days prior. yesterday 92, saturday 96, now another heat wave beginning during the day tomorrow. when you step out the front dor, still beautiful conditions at 7:00 a.m. many areas will be in the 60s stepping out the front door in the suburbs. but in the city, 70 degrees. 8:00 a.m. looking good, 9:00 a.m. up to 79. we're already starting to warm here. heat returns tomorrow. yes, we're going to be back into the 90s. humidity won't be that bad. we will talk about that. tracking more storms isek and some could be for the fourth. we're watching out for the foi'rth of july. going to time it out for you, show you which ds have the best chance for rain. s >>ee you in a bit. meantime tonight, justin as fairfax h left his job at a law fir two women stepped forward sayine
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sexually assaulted them more than a decade ago. fairfax denies those claims. according to "the washington post," he took a leave of absence when the allegations surfaced. fairfax says he waited to leave the firm until they finished the investigation. the firm says they found noce eviden of wrong doing. he plans to focus his t aengs t people of virginia. developing tonight, a death estigation is under way now after the sudden death of aea majorue baseball tributes a pouring in for los angeles starting pitcher tyler skaggs. a special banner was unvailed today. he was found dead inside his hotel room this morning in south lake, texas. the team was in town for a three-game series against the wngers. tonight's gameas cancelled. the cause of death with remains unknown, but police don't suspect foul play. the washington nationals aren't
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playing tonight but they did weet out their condolences to the skaggs' family and the angels organization. one person is seriously injured after beg shot in the parking lot af northern virginia small. shoppers heards ma as four shots around 1:40 this afternoon. a hand gun was verecored near the third level near the entrance of macys. police tell us they believe the people involved got inton argument before one of them pulled t a gun. there were no threats to the public tonight. tonight a call to speak up about the violence that continues to plague the district. over the weekend, there were two deadly shootings and a triple shooting in southeast d.c. a drive by shooting at the bus stop left two young children hurt. they're just three and six years old t. mayor measure y'all bowser wants people to step forward and speak up about crimes like this.
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>> the whole community needs to be outraged at what transpired. everyo se who knowsething needs to come forward. a 20-year-old man was also injured. all three victims are expected to recover. police are looking for the driver a dark colored sedan. the state of maryland is taking on metro. state leaders will hold back some $55 million in funding because metro has not fully operated with a financial audit. pete ron wrote a letter to metro about that today. the state is concerned about the way metro is spending money and equed it to delivering a briefcase full of money with no questions ask. maryland will not pay anymore they say until they get answers. metro looks forward to sitting down with the state to figure out the issue. tomorrow jack evans will speak with d.c. council members with hopes of keeping his position. last month the fbi raided his home over accusatio of him using his public position for
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personal gain. the council wi vote next week whether or not to remove evans f chairman of the finance committee. news 4 mark sea grace is going to be at that hearing tomorrow and he'll update you midday. a local couple hopes justice is served after a maned plead guilty today to killing their three young children in a crash last year. today, thomas hawks admitted fault in the dui crash last december. you may recall it. he killedin 5-year-old tws alexander and rosa lee and their brother isaac. hawk's vehicled slammed intok he b the family's vehicle as they were stopped at a red light. the children's parents recovered from their injuries. their mother described the pain they are feeling. >> we were coming from church. they didn't deerve to leave. we had so manyla pns with them.
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>> hawks fas 36 years in prison when a jud sentences him ine sember. prosecutors ina alexandri will not retry the man who killed popular store manager. he killed brad jackson at a business last july because th ought the victim was a wheare wolf. it eded with a hung jury. it ended withot guilty by reason of insanity. he will have regular mental evaluations. new tonight, remembering a titan. pettyjones, a member of t.c. royal high school legendary 1971 ste champions has now died. he was albck whose championship team turned into the film "remember the titans." >> it taught us how to respect
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each other. like coach would always say, you ain't got to love each other, re but you' going to respect each other. >>is video was posted by alexandria public schools when petey jones retired from his job in 2018. the man immortalized in the movie "remember the titans" spent the last three decades of his life as the heart and soul of the school retiring just months before his death of cancer. the movie was the story of the state football championship just months after three reluctant becity high schools had fused into one racially integrated ruschool. >> will be missed. >> former alexandria mayor bill miller, himself a t.c. graduate, said the triumph leaves the mark on the city to is day and
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always petey was there. >> petey would say i want to be like you and i say no, i want to be like you. >> the actor who played jones in "remember the titans" says people come up to him and say how he impacted their lives. the scholarship began to honor him d the 1971 titans with a scholarship. as of yesterday it had raised only $225 of its $3,000oal to help a t.c. williams student get to college. in alexandria, jackie benson, news 4. >> jones' children released a statement saying hise lcy will continue with the help of that amazing and inspiring movie. >> he used to like to remind people that he never fumbled the way his character in the movi that's right. he did. charter did.
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>> he'll be remembered. >> well, it is a new month, folks, and tonight new laws are on the books. >> that's right. still bread. we'll eak down a few of the new one that is aim tomake your kids safer in school. and we'll let you know how news 4 heed those efforts. plus we're talking kibl concerns tonight. a wrning for dog owners tonight. we've got an update about the brands you may nowant to buy for your pets. >> you see that guy? we all know he's a weather warrior. but can doug keep up with the warriors? we'll
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did you know new laws took effect all around the dmz and a few of them are on the book bause nbc washington is working for you. >> two inarticular will help improve safety with had your kids head back to school this fall. otone changes the wayized partitions are used in schools. no students will be allowed to be in rooms where those walls are being open or closed. a news i 4 consumernvestigation act, wesley was a third grader who died while helping a teacher operate ait pan. in maryland all public schools are required to beef up background checks for teachers. districts must check with every prior employer, not just the most recent one. this new law is because of of a 018 news 4 report that shows a history of misconduct slipping through the system. we iave morenformation about those laws and others that took effectoday in the nbc
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washington app. the fda is releasing a lists of food bran that you should not feed your pet. we told you last week that the government says they can cause an enlarged heart. some of the brands new blue buffalo, taste of the wild, and california the foods to stay away from are the ones marketed as "grain free." now, the fda is currently investigating more than 500 reports linking dog foods to the heart condition. most of the report were associated with dry dog food formulas. >> well, you know he has his finger on everythingin popp in the dmv. >> tommy is always up on the scene. > that's why today we are launching a new segment. >> that's right. and we call this new segment the scene. tommy will tip you off to the ottest events and things to do
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around town. and he starts with a rundown on july 4th fireworks. >> reporter: of course the big national celebration right behind us on the national mall, irt there are feworks all around the region. in fairfax at fairfax high re school, theaving their celebration, starts around 7:00 with balloon artists and face a painter, the things for the kids. in montgomery county they're doing the independence celebration and. sh this is at matty steppanek park. drones are not allowed which i thinkmakes sense. prince george's county, university of maryland is going to h bve a celebration in parking lot one. show up for the fun, fireworks, and music and reign in independence day. there are many, many, may, many, many, many more fireworks around the regio we've got the fireworks finder on the nbc washington app.
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just search fireworks. i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> the scene is the go to source for the latest event. just search the scene and check everything out there. >>check this out. you saw american ninja warrior in baltimore, athletes dealing with slightly insane. >> slightly insane. so our meteorologist doug kammerer there. doug kammerer, y gave it your all out there. >> yeah, i got to go up there and you bet. if i could get n the coursei was going to do it and i definitely gave it a try. >> let's take a look how doug did. it's the first obstacle course y on any ci qualifying course. with se. with ease. >> looking good there. >> you made this look easy. >> well, until here. >> a little more difficult here. >> second obstacle. where am i going? here i go. ot this does take a l of upper body. >> you look like you're hanging in there but you ain't moving
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too much. >> i should have been moving more. i should have gone on -- right here i'm just more hanging rather than pushing forward. >> but you got a second wind there. >> i did. and then i tried the wall. i really want to get thisthing. they told me what to do to get this. i was so excited to try this. i did -- is this the good one? >> here we go. > there we go. that's not the good one, ladies and gentlemen. >> we saved that one for last u were exhausted by that point. >> i was. that s it, doug. >> here you go. you've got a hand on it. no that's not it. >> i don't think we're going to get to this. >> a lot of people don't know that doug isat 5'2" so th makes it even more -- you were able to limb halfway up to get to momentum going in the swing. >> those athletes are the real deal. >> they are. >> it's incredible what they do out it w cold night when we did that. >> was it?oi >> it is not gng to be cold out there tomorrow. >> the exact opposite.
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>> you like that transition everyone? let's take a look, high temperatures to 94 degrees after high of 88. 88 in the city. 88 in quantico. temperatures today helpre to bk the heat wave that we saw. six days in a row in the 90s. 80s today, but back to 90s. winds from southeast five-miles-per-hour. in the suburbs mid 60s. you're not going t need a jacket or anything, but your morning forecast, a nice start. take the sunglasses. you'll need those. ot much in the way of cloud cover early. warming quickly. figure that out too. if you've got lunch plans you're tryinem to make, remr it's going to warm fairly quickly. not a lot of humidity, so i think lunch is an okay thing to dode outsn some shade. tomorrow as far as rain is concerned, no rain on the radar. i don't think we'll see a good chance of rain tomorrow. we're tracking a couple of systems, a little unsettled to the south. that's where the heat has been. we saw the heat around our area.
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it's pushed to the south. 90 in raleigh, 93 in atlanta, 98 in savannah. 90 up close to chicago. so, that warmer air will make its way our way. hour by hour, 9:00 a.m., plenty of sun when you get out there. looking nice early in the day. 87 by 1:00. sunny and warm 4:00. high of 94. even at 7:00, still on the hot side with a high of 94 degrees tomorrow and wednesday. wednesday much better ance for showers and thunderstorms onwe esday afternoon. humidity is a big factorn wednesday and thursday. fourth of jrey 94 degrees he better chance of storms. here's the factor, i think they're going to be during the ybening and in towards the late portion, ma 7, 8, 9:00. that's why i've got showers through the 9:00 hour. muggy side through 11:00. t
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we're goibe honing in on this forecast very, very carefully. chuck bell will have i early tomorrow morning. make sure you wake up h with and we're going to be fine tuning that forecast to see when we're going to see the rain. another chance of rain on friday. 90s stick around for most of the next 10 days. no super heat. we did see96 saturday, i don't think we get there with this heat wave. >> i can handle that. >> that's pretty good. thank you, doug. the wizards not
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> well, the nba season starts in october. it's a good thing. it'll take us that long to figure out who is whereand why 38 players signed with new teams today and the wizards involved in the free agentree for all with sidelined.
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the wizards secured not one but two point guards. smith from the pistons and isai thomas. according to reports, he signs a $1.2 million deal with the by wizards. he's best known as a celtic where 27 average over 28 points a game and 27 points per game in the playoffs ainst the wizards. the washingtonls nationaost tuesday. it's bobble head night. with major leaguefeature on the badeball app. i on't know what i just said, but who needs augmented reality anyway. the navs have won fve of six and they have the real mike sherzer. she was deserving.
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this week, ready for this, 2-0, struck out 24 in 16 innings, 1.13 earned run average thanks to the 14 strike effort yesterday, he has double digit strike out games. it's now july. in june, sherzer had 1.00 e.r.a., allowed justheive runs tntire month. we're just going to keep telling him it's june. ththink that'll work. saturday against royals. theal rays, btimore luau in tampa. skip ahead to the six. man tak it to the gap into the left. come on home! here comes the throw. getsaw ay, rbi single. 3-2 lead. ttom of the 6th, kevin, a
11:28 pm
staring contest with the dug out. i guess it worked.t' is gone. braves take the lead. they beat the orioles 6-3. ah, you know it was opening day in wimbledon, a wild one. moment of the day, that's easy. 15-year-old cory goff, the youngest tennis player to win a match at wimbledon since 1991. that was terrific. but watch ois. pabl tries to track this down. then goes behind the back for the winner. what a shot! 5 sets. that's one of jim hailee's shots. >> that's between the
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