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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 2, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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throwing sweetheart every now and again and you got to have ted at the same time. ted and duke. you know? these are the coe itions that haven created by the trump administration >> harrowing stories from the heart of the border crisis democrats get a firsthand look at migrant detention facilities amid new uproar over a secret border patrol facebook page filled with crude jokes. >> ay final plaom the american hero, 9/11 first responder luis alvarez's message to congress in the wake of his death. >> don let hackers ruin your holiday e ek the threings you need to know this 4th of july. >> jayson tatum puts a lid on thbottle his jaw-dropping take on the viral trend. "early today" starts right now well, good morning to you.
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i've richard lui in for frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. a stark new look at the human cost of the border crisis. democratic lawmake painting a grim portrait of the dire conditions at two detention centers in texas a congressional delegation who d ured the facilities he firsthand from migrants stories about overcrowding and gradation. nbc's tracie potts joining us now from d.c. with the very latest tracie, good morning we're hearing there is somefe reli on the way. >> reporter: yes, there is help on the way, fep. $4.6 billion the congress has approved and the president has signed off on. this is humanitarian aid at the border it's what is a's happening insi that'sght the attention of lawmakers including those from the hispanic caucus tour two of those facilities in texas. >> when we went into the citl, was clear that the water was not running. there was a toilet, but there was no running water for people
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torink in fact, one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. >> reporter: take a look at this tweet fromom congresswan alexandra ocasio-cortez who visited one of the facilities, saying it's not just the kids.on it's every people drinking out of toilets officers laughing in front of members of congress. i brought it up to theirri supes. they said officers are under stress and act outes somet no accountability, she says. and that seems to fall in line with the propublica report of a secret facebook page of hundreds of current and former border patrol agents who seem to be mocking migrant deaths and some facilities with sexist comments on thipage we are getting reaction from border patro saying that this is unacceptable, these comments,
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and that those responsible will be held accountable. meantime, president trump is promising that there will be more deportations after the holiday, after the 4th of july phillip? >> all right, tracie potts starting us off. tracie, thank you. >> investigators itexas are working to make sense of a small plane crash there near that killed all ten people obo d. we are now learning more about some of the victims, including a family with two teenagers who have been identified so far. for the latest wie go to nbc's jay gray >> reporter: imas tell the horror of the crash. >> everybody stand by. we had an accident on the field, so expect not to go out any time soon >> reporter: witnesses sayhe tw engine beach craft was struggling to leave the runway, veering left and ripping through a hangar >> the plane just crashed into the building here at addison >> reporter: the two pilots and alghl eipassengers on board died in an email to students and faculty, john paul ii high school identt ied four i those on board
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alice from the class of 2022 her brothen,r dyla their mother arnella and stepfather brian and jones lang lassalle, a commercial real estate brokerage confirmed steve felan and his wife gina died in the crash as well ntsb investigators are pouring through the wreckage now >> the team was able to identify that the landing gear was down the time of the impact.un rtunately, due to the extensive post-impact fire and damage incurrehed during t impact sequence, other systems are virtually destroyed. >> reporter: agenthave covered the cockpit voice recorder and airport surveillance cameras captured have i h video of the crash key evidence as the investigation continues. a preliminary report on the tragedy is expected in the next two weeks. jay gray, nbc news, dallas >> a major scare at facebook evacuated in menlo park after a suspicious package may have
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exposed employees to a deadly nerve agent. during a routine check, one of the company's il processing machines detected the presence of sarin on a package. the menlo park fire department took no chances. first responders and the fbi arrived on the massive campus quarantining the mail ro where e suspicious package arrived police say two employees who potentially exposed have not showed any symptoms.s authoritiee doing further testing to confirm if it was indeed sarin >> now some bad news for baseball fans and teammates mourning the death of 27-year-old l.a. atcels pir tyler skaggs he was found dead in his hotel room on monday hours before his team was scheduled to play the texas rangers. fans placed flowers, hats and momentos for the pitcher at angels stadi of anaheim.h his deatcomes 12 days before his 28th birthday. steve patterson has moreav >> reporter: shock w and sadness rippling through major league baseball. the los angeles angels announcing pitcher tyler skagg
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was found dead in a hotel room in texas at just 27 years old. southlake texas police said skaggs was found with no signs of fowl play the team scheduled for an away game with the texas rangers, the game canceled. the angels saying in a statement, tyler has and always will be an important part of thf angelsily. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife carley and his entire family during this devastating time skaggs was a california native drafted by the angels in 2009, called up to the big leagues in 2012 the pitcher just two weeks away from his 28th birthday, an angel taken too soon as fans, family and investigators ask why. steve patterson, nbc news. >> outbursts, chaos and destruction in hong kong after a half a million protesters flooded the streets.
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it was supposed to be a peaceful day celebrating the anniversary of the city's return to chinese rule iturned violent. police fired tear gas at demonstrators swarming the legislative council. nbc's bill neely is in hong kong with the latest. >> reporter: mayhem in hong kong riot police firing tear gas, scattering thousands of they had stormed the main government blding, demanding the end of the law tightening china's grip on the city this isn't just a hong kong this is the biggest popular challenge to china's president xi since he came to power seven years ago. before the violence, hundreds of thousands marched peacefully the foth mass protest against china's hand picked leader here. they want her fired. >> it is very sad to see >> reporter: and china is shaken, blaming foreign
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agitators for ble trou already challenged from the outside on trade by the u.s., and now from within by its own people >> all right that was bill neely reporting. >> a 15-year-old sends shock waves in wimbledon cori coco gauff devered an upset against venus williams winning the first round in straight sets. [ cheers and applause >> there she is, ladies and gentlemen. coco, the youngest playemein the tour throwing her hands up as her win sunk in nbc's blayne a txander has more ons amazing story. >> reporter: at just 15 years old -- [ cheers and applause >> standing ovation. >> reporter:s oco gauff ha played her way into wimbledon history. winning her very first wimbled match against the player who's won the championship five times,
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venus williams coco's parents over the moon >> this is the first time i ever tried a match. i'm literally lividr my m right now. >> reporter: since first idolized the williams sisters.s in fact, she kps a poster of serena on her bedroom wall >> having this is kind of a reminder of where i want to go >> reporter: a match up truly one for the ages at 39, venus is the oldest player to take the court at wimbledon th year, 24 years coco's senior. she was competing for her first wimbledon the same year coco was >> i'm really happy to see her playing great. >> after the match i told her, thank you for everything she did. for her.'t be here if it wasn't reporter: passing some love from one tennis great to the next blayne alexander, nbc news, london >> in guadalajara, mexico, the temperatures were in the 80s b justore the city got buried hail e than 3 feet of
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during a freak summer storm. cars were buried, buildings damaged. fortunately no injuries were reported incredible pictures ther l >>k at that. >> hail floats, so if a lot of hail falls andt rains, it all goes usually it can't go down the storm cdrains itgs it. it piles up. sounds like everywhere got 3 feet, but that was the collection area. >> like a perfect storm. >> like marbles gathering. >> glad we have this all figured out. legalities' g let's get into the travel forecast we're going to have scattered storms the forecast the next couple days, very summer like, afternoon storms here and there. driving could see the possibility of i-70, i-80, by the time we get to 4th of july, storms in atlanta and charlotte. there is a lot of green on this map. that means you have a chance of storms it's like a 20, 30% chance for a lot of people. we're not going to see anyone with really rained out days fo sure that's a look at the big weather
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story of the day now here's a closer look at your day ahead. so we have a few showers and storms out there this morning that are trying to roll through areas ofou nebraska,ern minnesota, iowa. weaker than the storms we had this time yesterday morning. but this afternoon they'll be hit and miss they'll pop up and be gone by the time the suns set most cases. it's that time of year you can say warm and humid with a chance of showers. >> we like the warm, i don't know about the humid and chance of showers take what we can get let's fast forward into tuesday. in france u.s. women's national team will take on england in the mi finals of the women's world the americans coming a couple tight 2-1 games against both spain and france. this year's only total solar eclipse will darken skies over as the moon crosses in front of the sun, it is said to be one of the best places to observe in chile. >> the annual 4th of julfey trp nts in d.c., preside umha as announced inddition there is also going toe some,
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ngress is ramping up its investigation into personal email use by top aides in the white house. president trump's daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner are among those facing renewed scrutiny for conducting government business through unauthorized messaging house oversight and reform committee chairman elijah cummings said the panel ll review why they use nonofficial email accounts and encrypted applations the allegation echoing hillary clinton's scandal during the 2016 campaign. >> leading the news, a final plea made by luis alvarez, he died this week only before testifying before congress he wanted responders like himself and families, nb ac obtained note written to senator mitch mcconnell. stephanie gosk has a closer look >> reporter: when luis alvarez o appearedn capitol hill in june, the effort it took to get there could be seen on his face. >> you made me come down here --
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>> reporter: days later, the n.y.p.d. veteran was put in hospice. the cancer he developed from months working at ground zero was no longer treatable. but alvarez didn't stop fighting a handwritten note obtained by nbc news shows he made a personal plea to senate majorith leader mit mcconnell senator mcconnell, i don't know if you remember me my name is detective louis g. alvarez, he writes i want you to know my time to leave this world is fa approaching. my goal and legacy in this world the bill would extend benefits to victims of 9/11 related illnesses for 70 years >> we can't wait another -- >> reporter: early saturday alvarez died the funeral is on wednesday. his commitment to the cause, something he hoped his children would remember >> i taught them, you start a job, you finish rit >>eporter: the note to mcconnell delivered by 9/11
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first responders came with a gift alvarez's n.y.p.d. shield. as a reminder, he writes to mcconnell, of my legacy and yours. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york >> up next, staying golden, the warriors fitting farewell to kevin durant sosheshis up with his challenge.e bottle cap you'reching "early today." i'm jimmy dean and uh, i wish i could tell ya how i feel about a mornin'd ike this. that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin'hoo kinda warm the wle body up
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you're a very difficult person to contact, spiderman >> everyone stay there webb snger is back the new spiderman movie "far from home" hits theaters today, getting a jump on the july holiday weekend. jake gyllenhaal makes his debut. the movie has raked in $111 million overseas it is expected to bring in $125 millioncay. >> there are so many of these spiderman movies the cartoon one, " i'm a big spiderman fan. are you going to check this one out? >> i'm there to see t. >> the newest viral internet sensation, the bottle cap challenge. it starts with a loosely twisted cap on a bougttle the challenge, untwist the cap with a spin kick without moving the bottle itself. as you can see here, the fast and furious actor posted this slow-mo video. he perfectly executes a spin
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kick he sends the bottle cap rolling off seamlessly ludacris chimed in saying challenge the winner would we try to do this in front of the screen? the answer is that you're going to do it, phillip. >> i have one critique when it comes to this. i think somebody is holding it i feel liknge someone is holdi it they need to show the entire bottle or i don't believe it's real, you know >> all right >> we'll do that nt half hour. >> we'll try that out. is 3 seasons you think to be enough to get your nba number retivid? if you're kedurant, yes. even though he dumped golden state for brooklyn, they will be retiring his number 35 in the three years in the bay area he was successful winning two nba championships as well as two final mvpsin the lastg image will be k.d. and ilat as tear which came in game 5 of this year's >> i think they should any time you win a championship,
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for your team, and you are finals mvp -- >> let the spin room in, too, there will be debate in the bay area >> they're always hating on something, especially that guy >> up ne, w xthoto prote yourself from airport hackers if you're flying this week.
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the gate allowing it to escape apparently the flightless bird isn't fond of the deer or going home it took 12 ht rs to geat emu back to where they say it belonged to me if it wants out, it might belong in the wild >> bill karins, i could watch this along with you, phillip, quite some time. >> chasing around the tree >> having fun like cats and gs sometimes. ring around the rosy in the back >> let's get into this heat wave forecast it's n like exceptionally hot, warming trend. we'll get a couple advisories in the next couple days charleston, 104 will be combined temperature and humidity friday charlotte 79, very hot. by the time we get into the weekend, some of the heat spreadsing up to baltimore, even areas of new england, warm but not exceptionally hot. >> we'll be right back jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. p, he's gone noseblind
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good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. next on news4, a victim of a trend called swatting. we could be at the start of another heat wave. >> things will heat up today and you'll walk outside and feel the humidity but could you feel anyy raindrops t we will have a full forecast and we will have a full forecast and at's talk
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z3d2uz z16fz y3d2uy y16fy in arlington a large fire on hayes street. arlington county fire tweeted out these pictures.
4:00 am
>> that fire started in a detached garage with an apartment. one person has been taken to the burn center in serious condition and fire official are asking people toravoid that a until the fire is completely out. good morning, eevbody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with the closures associated with this in your traffic. >> we have closure in the area because of this fire. here is what we know. here 23rd and hayes street at 23rd street. we have crews on the scene and falls church at inner loop near i-5


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