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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 2, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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detached garage with an apartment. one person has been taken to the burn center in serious condition and fire official are asking people toravoid that a until the fire is completely out. good morning, eevbody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin with the closures associated with this in your traffic. >> we have closure in the area because of this fire. here is what we know. here 23rd and hayes street at 23rd street. we have crews on the scene and falls church at inner loop near i-5
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i-5 i-5 i-56. good morning, lauryn. >> good morning, melissa. yeah, a lot going on out there quiet in the weather department and cool when you walk outside but that humidity is increasing with each pasng minute right now. not too bad out there. we do have some clearing sky. maybe a few high cloud. for the most part looking good and sun is coming up at about 15 minutes to 6:00. 71 degree is our temperature right now and mostly clear skies. e 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. hour the temperatures in the low 80s but when we po low 70s and into the now 80s be the tiy the time we 9:00. rain out there right now. we have chance of rain as we continue through the day. better chances wednesdy, thursday, and friday and watch
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come fourth of july. thursday a chance of rain for that. show you that ten-day forecast in a little bit. e are days away from the fourth of july andhat president trump calls one obithe ggest gatherings in the history of washingtonsd.c. >> it' been called a salute to america. expect traditional parades and fireworks but this year also a military display on the national mall. right now, crews are preparing thenc ln memorial where the campaign will speak in a campaign-style rally on thursday. the event is free but for the first time tickets for the vip viewing spoke for the president's speech and the fireworks. >> fighter planes going over. we will have some tanks stationed outside and we have re some incble military equipment on display, brand new and we are very proud of it. >> he is a map of the road closures. basically most of the area
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around the mall will be blocked. metro will beur best way to get to the mall on thursday. open the nbc washinton app to get more .det you can expect security will be tight for the fourth of july festivities. police will not only be dealing with huge crowd here for the holiday but the recent outbreak of violence in the district. over the weekend, there were two deadly sings and a triple shootings. in southeast a drive-by shooting at a bus stop left two young children hurt. they are just 3 and 6 year old. >> the whole community need to be ouraged at what transpired and everyone who knows something about the case needs to come forward. >> a 20-year-old man was ao hurt in that bus stop shooting. all three victims with expected to recover. police are looking for the driver of are dark co sedan. arli ton county police are tying to figure out what led to a shooting at mall in one person is in the hospital
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with life-threatening injuries now. the shooting happened just before 2:00 yesterday afinrnoon the parking garage. shoppers tell us they heard as many ash four s. police believe the people involved were arguing before the shooting. no arrests have been made but officer say there is no threat to the public. a bittersweet moment for a local company seeking justice for their three young children k who wereilled in a car crash. po hawk plett guilty yesterday. he slammed into the back of the family's vehicle. 5-yar-old twins andheir 1-year-old brother were killed. >> we just want this all to he wanted. we just want this to be over wit >> i know my beautiful children are looking down and are saying good job to mommy andr daddy figueing and contin fighting.
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>> hawks face nearly 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in t seber. the man accused of brutally killing is found not guilty by reason of sanity. he killed brad jackson in old alexandria business last july because he thought the victim was a werewolf. his trial ended in a hung jury.s jacon's friend did not feel justice has been served. >> no justice. justice. not, no >> bassan's attorney says severe bizarre bipolar injury is a result of the killing. >> 27-year-old tyler skaggs was und dead in hotel room
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yesterday in southwest texas. the angels were there for a thheee-game series against t texas rangers. last night's gamewas cancelled. no report has been released how died. here is a tweet from national. quote. >> a retired new york city d poliective who gained national attention for his testimony on capitol hill will be laid to rest tomorrow. police alvarez died over the we he thought to reon plenish the funds for 9/11 victims before he cancer. he brought that on by his time on ground zero. he wrote, quote.
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my goal and legacy in this world was to see the victims compensation bill passed. that would extend benefits to the 9/11 responders the rest of their lives. the handwritten note was delivered with a gip., alvarez's . shield. you may remember bashir was found not guilty by reason of fo instant the 2013 shooting of officer peter laboy. i happenng today, jack evans will speak with fellow d.c. councilmembers. evans is accusis of using h public position for personal gain. next week, the council will vote whether to remove him as a chair of the finance committe.
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evans has more than a year left on his council seat. >> prechotests are set to take ace around the country in line of recent reports at migrant dention facilities at the u.s./mexico border. >> the demands of the proresters a to close the migrant detention f cilities andreawe night family. this come after the own government watchdog learned that conditions were so bad that border agents were worried about possible riot. the caucus led them to the border yesterday. >> we had a chance to visit with 15, 20 mothers, some of whom had been at that border patrol for more than 50 days and some had been sprayed by their kid.
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ere was a toilet but no running water for people to drink. in fact, one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. >> the department of homeland security did not respon to a m nbc t for comment f news concerning thewatchdog report. new video shows the tall ship province sailing into town just in time for the fourth ul j it's a replica of the 1970s continental navy warship and it also appeared in the movie "pirate of the carib ean." it wasdamaged in the storm four years ago and restored in maine and now it's calling alexandria home for the summer. >> it's going to be a visible eminder of the city's maritime heritage and it's going to be somethi for tourists. it's going to be thing for residents to take pride in. >> it here and everyone can come and enjoy it and it will be an occasionally component to it. >> the ship will be docked on king stree andpened to
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tourist a cool sight to see. >> it is. >> next on "news4 today," befo you kid take off on their bike, how to tell if their helmets meet safety standard. a fake 911 call. >> technical wasn't arrested there and never had handcuffs on before either. >> what we are learning about how that started. heat has started. today the temperatures back in e 90s but this is our feel like temperature over the next coupled. hopefully you enjoyed the 80s yesterday because the heat is on. let's talk about rain chances to go along with
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a fake 911 call led to a terrifying situation for a prince george's county county. a national columnist for the "miami herald" was accused of urdering his wife. he was a victim of a trend called stting. >> megan fitzgerald spoke to the family. >> reporter: on sunday morning before 5:00 a.m.,leonard pitts temporarily became a murder su spect. pitts was sleeping when his phone rang. it was bowie police calling after a 911 caller contacted them after a crime happened in pitts' home. >> the caller on the line stated that he had murdered his wife that he was diagnostic shoot the police when they arrived on scene. >> reporter: the caller gave pitts' address so police called askito him come outside.
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putting him in handcuffs before getting his granddaughter, daughter and wife marilyn out of the house. bowie lice chief john nests said it took minute for them to realize it was a prank from the random caller. while the pitt are shaken up they are grateful how police handled what could have been a dangerous situation. megan fitzgerald, news4. >> we are working for yointhis morng to keep your kid safe whilebiking. a recent investigation by consumer reports says potentially unsafe helmets are widely available online. some helmets purchased online were missing an iortant and required safety label which means they may not meet safety standard. official say there should always be ahe labor on tnside to show the helmet has been test and meets safety standard set by the consumer product safety commission.
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we are working for your health now with a warning about a nasty polasite in the po that could make your kid sick. it's called crypto and is chlorine tolt. it can cause day real estate that lasts for weeks. outbreak have been on rise over the past ten years. a warning for pregnant women. the food you eat during pregnancy yay increaseur child's risk for autism. researchers ten university of central florida found high levels of a chemical typically found inse procesfood can taeck attack the fetal brain and change the development of a child. researchers from johns hopkins research found people with a vitamin d deficiency were to have high blood pressure.
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high blood pressure in childhood is a risk factor for developing heart disease as an adult. high wind blew a trampoline down the street. look at thish video out of nort dakota. the trampoline raced down the treet and eated spark as it moved. nobody was injured. just one window was broken, apparently. the national weather service said there were wind gusts more than 80 miles an hour at the time. a freak hail storm in adalajara mexico on sunday. people wokep u to find cars buried under three feet of icy slush. three feet in guadalajara! hail blocked drainage systems flooding ed to severe in some parts of that city. that is nut. >> you don't expect it. especially not down there. >> >> he tried his hand at
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becoming a ninja warrior. doug kammerer attempted the ninja warrior sports a few week ago. the show was filming inor baltimat the time. first qlifying obstacle is always the five floating steps. made it through that part of the obstacle course. >> the second obstacle? he fell. >> that debits difficult. >> a little mu. you're supposed to slide down, jump from one to the other. oh, i see. he is going to try. come on, doug, get it! he ended up in the wauter. >> he was so close. that's hard. listen. those ninja warriors make it look easy and doug is in good shape. do you know what i mean? >> 1 1/2! >> that's interesting. in "american ninja warriors" inose people have been tra for it and make those obstacle
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course in their backyard to practice. >> that is nuts. >> i didn't know he did that. >> the fact he would even go out for that, good for you, doug kammerer. he is sleeping. >> he shouldop do a course and not so -- nothing set up for tv. nt >> i don't wao hurt micelf, do you know what i mean? >> i get it. you could hurt yourself on that. for exercise today, you could do it ally yesterday because it was so nice. now, today, early morning or later on tonight, i saw so many people walking around yeerday t 5:00, 6:00. it was so perfe out there. today, the humidity isoming back. we have got more clo cover back as well. clear sky out there right now. it really doesn't feel bad out there right now, but the humidity will increase throughout the morning. the humidity moving back in today and thosees temperatur are moving up as well. today we will start our daily tances of rain, although today
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looks like smallest chance the next several. keep that umbrella handy all week. current temperatures six and s 70s. yesterday started in the 50s so it was cold. in shenandoah valley temperatures in the low o mid-50s yesterday. warmer out there. the humidity is not bad right now bull fet you'll feel is out there. today 92 and increased in humidity will feel closer to 95, 96. isolated storm possible to the west. as far as your monday outlook looks -- no, it's tuesday. don't want to go back a day. on the warmer side but plenty of sunshine and no rain to worry about. could have an isolated storm yesterday. it's heating up so either early or later on t tonight exercise. slipping off thest coa high
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pressure so we are getting that return flow here in the area. and we are seeing those temperature andmi that ty really increasing across our region but not a lot of cloud cover out there right now. as we go throughhis week, we are having chance of rain. isolated chance today. t more chancorrow and then look at your fourth of july planner. 7:00 a.m. on your fourth of july, those temperatures in the mid-70s but we are going to have a heat index into the 80s. noon it will feel like the mid-90s out t we will be dry by noon but look at scattered ers and storms. firework on the mall go off at 9:00 so look like scattered storms outhere and maybe not hitting d.c. directly but i do believe storm will be around so take note of that.
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let's take aook at your roadways. >> good morning. i have closure here because of that structure fire in arlington. here they are. brand-new issue. 450 annapolis road at washington boulevard, all lanes closed because of a downed tree. a crew paerm is apparently on t. in next on news4, we are working for you helpg you plan your independence day celebration. on ommy mcfly has the scoop where to catch the best fireworks in town. it's an early look at an option whole family. "ellen" air at 3:00 here on news4. stick around for news4 at 4:00.
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youon't have to wait until thursday to celebrate the fourth of july. tonight,stowie h its early independence day celebration with a free concert and ho fireworks at prince george's stadium. it starts at 7:30 and fireworks
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start at 9:30. >> i heard some fireworks last nigh night. you know, tommy mcfly lets yo know what is going on around here. >> he start with a run down of more fourth of july fireworks.r: >> reporte of course, the big national celebration right behind us on the national mall. but there are fireworks all around our region. in fairfax, the fairfax high school is having a ce 7bration at00 with balloon artists and face painters and thing for the kidd kiddie. matie step anek park willave a live celebration. they say drone are not allowed which i think make sens in prince george's county they are having a celebration in
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parking lot 1 at umd. show up. there are many, many, many, many, more firewors all around our region.o course, we have the fireworks candar up on you on our nbc washington ap > if you thought about making d.c. a state, now u have a ance to speak your mind. spping down. lieutenant governor leave his law firm months after accused of sexual assault. get ready. the heat wave starts today. t's talk aout howb
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good morning, everybody.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. breaking news from arlington. one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries following this overnight house fire on south hayes street and we are told the fire started in a detached garage with an apartment. >> there are road closures in that area. let'shk in with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> because of this we have road closures here. a lot of apparatus still out there on the scell and a lanes are blocked and a live report coming up in a little bit. rest of the beltway is looking uretty good right now. 270 sobound, frederick


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