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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 2, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> i'm eun yang. breaking news from arlington. one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries following this overnight house fire on south hayes street and we are told the fire started in a detached garage with an apartment. >> there are road closures in that area. let'shk in with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> because of this we have road closures here. a lot of apparatus still out there on the scell and a lanes are blocked and a live report coming up in a little bit. rest of the beltway is looking uretty good right now. 270 sobound, frederick to the spur, 70 miles per hour gets you
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there in 25 minute. >>good morning. not bad as you step out the door and heading to the car getting into work possibly or making starting a vacation ale coupd early. 71 degrees is our temperature right now. you can see the southwest wi. that is the humidity creeping back in.we are pulling in everything from the south and west and pulling it right into the mid-atlantic so that humidity, thatng mugginess increasi throughout the day today. a lot of place are in the six but look at this. by the time we head into middle part of the morning, good deal of us will be in the 80s. it's going to be a hot day out there. part of your tuesday outlook i concerned, nothing to worry about. the morning commute. for the evening commute,d e coulve isolated shower or thunderstorm. same deal if you're heading to the pool. less than 30% you'll see mainly west of the d.c. area. you can exercise all day yesterday because it was so nice. today, do it early this morning or later on tonight because of
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umidity increasing. let's talk about the fourth of july forecast. a lot of rain on that ten-day forecast so we will show you that coming up. fourth.ting readyor the preparation are under way right now in the district. president trump will hold a campaign style event that is being called a salute to america. it will be held on the steps of the lincoln memorial. military tanks will be on the national mall and there will ber a fight jet flyover.s preent trump says this fourth will be one of the biggest gatherings in the stdirict's history. this morning, not everyone is happy with the president's plan, though. >> district leaders, includinge d.c. gant eleanor holmes norton, are worried about the the tanks may put on d.c. rain streets. >> i'm incredibly disturbed that hee president owes the nation's capital, t district of columbia, over $7 million for
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the inauguration and hasn't put a penny down o that. >> the d.c. council said tanksu b no tanks. open the news4 washington app for more on the concerns for the celebration. push for d.c. statehood, norton is hosting a forum in the northwest. people will be ableo ask questions what it means for them. we have fallout of two sexual assault leveled against justin fairfax of virginia. after thea accusations c out n february he took a leave of absence. the firm said it investigated and found no evidence of wrongdoing. fairfla says he to focus
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his attention on the peopl of virginia. former skins super bowl mvp quarterback mark ripen has been arrested for domestic violence. that is according to the nbc affiliate for spokane, washington, which rep he was arrested for hitting his wife in the stomach over the weekend. during a court appearance on monday, rypen said he was not guilty. since retirement he has been open about his struggles with depression. an investigation is under way follong the sudden death of los anges player tyler skaggs. he was found dead inside his hotel room in texas. the team was in town for a three-game series against the ranger. the cause of death remain unknown but police say they did not suspect foul play. meanwhile, a local man whose high school footbal career elped inspire the film
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"remember thetitans" has died. >> pety jones went to t.c. william high school and was a member of the scol's legendary state champions. the movie starring denzel washington followed the storied win after they had been infused into one racial integrated school. he had prostate cancer and he retired from his job as a security officer at t.c. williams. >> he would always greet me in the hallway and say, mr. mayor, i want to be someday like you. i said, no, pety, i want to be like you. >> his children said his father inspired dd impactey through t.c. williams high school and adding his legacy will continue. >> indeed. if. here on the othe top stories we are following for you this morning. thomas hawks has admitted fall in the dui crash on indian high
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highway last year that left three young children dead. they were killed when hawks' vehicle slamme into the back of the family's car which was stopped at a red light. the children and parents were both hurt but recovered from their injuries. prosecutors in alexandria will not retry bashen, the man accused of killing brad jackson last july. police say bashen killed jacksoc bause he thought jackson was a werewolf. tead of a retrial, prosecutors agreed to a not guilty by reason of insanity finding.ll bashen wi be committed to a mental staal hospit one person is shot near the pentagon city mall. officers say there is no threat to the public. today embattled d.c. councilman jack evans will speak with d.c. councilmembers in the
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hopes of keeping his positionn o a powerful committee. last month, fbi raided his home over accusations he used his public position for personal gains. the council will vote next week whether to remove him asan chaif the finance committee. still ahead this morning, lse time of year when nearly everyone trave. >> we are showing you how to keep your personal information safe from hackers while on the road. we are taking a look the new law in effect in our area and coming up how two of those laws will make schools safer. news4 wilbe right back. >> today at 5:00, summer means one thing for kid. >> fun times, swimming in the pool. >> before your little ones head for the pool on a hot day we will brush up on swim nowledge we all need to be aware of at all times. >> we will held you dispe
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welcome back. at 4:40,ew a n survey suggested grandparents should do more to c keep presription away from their grandkids. the surv asked more than 2,000 adults whether they change their habits when grandren visit. more than 80% say theyo not. barely anyone said they lock the drugs up. t cdc say kid younger than 5 go to e. every year for taking medicati medication. r>> most people who take pot pain say it is working. 80% found it extremely helpful. most say they reduced or stopped taking other pain medications, including opioid. >> if you're examined pected to this fourth july, beriminals may try to target you throughout
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your vacation. avoid connecting to public wi-fi at the airport or trai station. one click could give hackers easy access to everything on your phone, including your unprotected apps. >> it is very difficult to know that public wi-fi is legit and a criminal can set up and make public wi-fith wi a device like this very easily. >> avoid public charging station. hackers have targeted them with virus to steal your phone and public i've plugged in my phone at the airport before. now i know. let's checkur in with ln ricketts with what is ahead in our forecast. >> we have got the heat and humidity ahead in our forecast, along with rain chances. 71 degrees right now starting off on a warmer note but the humidity is seeping in. a let's talkut the rain chance. o have that future cast and we will time them ut for the p.urth of july coming police, an internal memo now
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made public. this morning, we are getting a look at what a government watchdog group says is
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if you've driven around the district you've may have noticed changes. >> those changes are p inlace to keep pedestrians saven safefer. adam tuss tells us how.
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>> do you worry about the cars? >> yeah. >> reporter: they don't see you? >> no.e thnot looking whog. is comin it's busy, you? know >> reporter: as she point out speeding and turning don't mix and d.c. is using more and more of these yellow pylon andtr yelw sp device. a lot more than wem. >>e have 85 location across the skedistrict and already put 35 of them and t over next year, put in more of them. >> reporter: they are designed to protect pedestrian. the whole idea is force pedestrians to go out into the intersection like that truck there and stay away from the more of a 90-degree turn and that cuts down on the risk of an accident. as far as ieta, she got across theti intersec safely and plan to keep doing so. in the district, adam tuss,
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news4. dangerously overcrowded and unclean. this morning, we are hearingsh cking detail about the conditions at a u.s. border facility used to house migrants. >> a now public report written by a public ogwatchd group and turned over to homeland security back in may say thing had become so bad that a guardsrmed themselves over fears that detainees would riot. thises comes on the heels of a visit to the border conditions. >> tracie potts joins u.s. live onapitol hill. how is the white house respondg to this and handle this? >> washington is acpteding 4. billion dollars to the border theyay id these very detailed reports of deplorable condition that homeland security inspector general report that you referred to said there were four showers for 800 people. we saw some of the same things for lawmakers who visited a couple of the facilities.
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here the president signed off on money to try to relieve the eituation. an investigativ group says a facebook group of border agents and former board agents mocking immigrants death. a lot of thing are happening at the border and washington is sending money butt's not clear if that is enough. >> tracie potts for us on the hill this morning, thank you. california senator kamala harris is enjoying a post-debate bump in the polls. it shows joe biden s all the top but down five points from where he was in a previous poll. harris doubled her support. she now tied for third with elizabeth warren. harris campaign is also touting a financial boost reporting it raked in $2 million after the debate. the campaign forbu pete igieg
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received more than three times his first quarter hall. two law are designed to keep your childrensafer. one of them changes the way motorized partitions are used in virginia schools. no student will be allowed to be tin room ashey are open or closed. it is a result of the wesley charles act. he was a third grader who died while helping a teacher operate that partition. >> in maryland all public schools are now required to beef up their background check for teachers. districts must check with every prior employer because of a 201s ne4 i-team report showing a story with misconduct slipping through the cracks.o for a l at the new law taking effect, head to the nbc washington app and search new laws. maryland is taking on metro. late yesterday, state leader announced they would be holding back some 55 million dollars in
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funding because metro is not fully koorptcooperated with a financial audit. aryland says until questions have been answered it won't be giving out any more money. change is under way in virginia or at leaoff the coast. governor ralph northham stonort was there f the ground breaking. they will be about the 'of the washington monument but not t visible fromhe beach. the governor said a step to renewable energy, while creatg new job. >> that is interesting. >> we are about the same we wit wereis time yesterday. >> it's cold in here! ha ha.t
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>> w we do every morning. >> all i knee to do is walk out two second and'll warm back up. a touch warmer than this time yesterday. yesterd morning low to mid-60s in some place so it was a little cool out there not morning houra but now we a little warm and we will continue to see the warmth increase as we head through the day. humidity moving back in today.da we have ly chances of rain. almost each and every day, starting today and going through the weekend. a good chance you'll need the umbrella at some point. current temperatures across the board. temperatures in the six and low seventh. yesterday, we were 88 degree. look like those temperatures are going to be at least in the low to mid today. you tack on the humidity and mi feel like to upper 90s depending on where you are.
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good deal of sunshine out there today. high pressure off the eastern seaboard and we get soutndest wito bump up that humidity but plenty of sunshine out there. you're definitely going to feel that humidity. there could be a chance of an isolated storm. so far your a.m. commute, dry. p.m. commute could have a few shower or a tunderstorm out there. if you're heading to the pool late afternoon or evening, you need toeep a look at the sky. exercise early because it's hot and humid later. 4:30, nothing is going on. ermiddle part of the afton in the dead of heat we are looking at those showers and thunderstorms popping up across the region i'd say abt 30% chance you'll see them where you are. tomorrow morning, some suggest
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we could have a few showers lingering overnight but i believe it will be wet and fog tomorrow morning and showers possible tomorrow afternoon and in to tomorrow evening. your fourth of july, n looking too bad in the morning but it's looking hot throughout the day with another chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. look at t heat index over the next several days. oh, yeah, starting wednesday the heat index around the century mark. fourth of july is no exception. chance of rain through monday morning. let's get a look at the road out there with melissa. i know a few closures out there. talk do have a closure and about that in a second and this in onarlingt. lane shut down because of the fire responsend same situation 23rd at south ives because of this structure fire.
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a live report onhatoming up in a minute. another closure downed tree on washington oublevard. beltway inner loop and outer loop looking good. some frightening moments at a facebook mail facility in california. ain scredevice spotted a piece of suspicious mail and that led to the evacuation of several buildings. >> the package was believed to contain sarin. ane agethis morning the people came in contact did not show any symptoms. tests will be needed before an official ring is made. right now, no word on whoha may sent that mail. it may still be two days before the fourth of july but break out the red, white and od blue t.
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in a matter of hours, team usa takes on team england in the eme semifinals of the world cup. the winner of that came will move on. record has 10 win and 4 losses and two enes against gland. is a huge huge game. go team usa! >> soccer, right? >> yes, soccer! >> what? there are other sports u that world cup. >> but what is playing in france right now is the women's world cup. yes. >> i never watched a soccer game. what? it's not my sport. that's fine. wimbledon is going on. a little tennis action. >> you watch wimbdon? >> a little bit. we know that venus williams has been eliminated from the first round of wimbledon im che. >> check out the young woman who
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beat her who is only 15. gauff says ven o was of her idols. when she was born venus had already won four of her major titles. i think 2004 is oneof the year that venus won a major and that was the year that cocoa was born. 2004! she's a baby. >> she is pretty darn good, apparently. >> you remember that name coco gauff. a pair of newlyweds in ohio. they met at their assistin livg facility and yr ago they started dating! their relationship blossomed the past several months andli ph decided it was best to tie the
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knot. >> she decided? >> we fell in love wth each other. i know you think maybe a little bit far-fetched for somebody our age, but we want each other. >> i love that. good for per. so far moving in together, they decided to keep their separate apartments! when it ain't broke, don't fix it. phyllis said you can stay right across the hall. >> i can tell she is a catch and a fire cracker. up next on news4, another hot day. padoctors are warning nts about a parasite that is lurking in swimming pool. we will tell you how ep your children from becoming sec. a father handcuffed in front of his frightened family. how he became a victim of what is calleswatting.
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rs> a fire in arlington. >> we know one was rushed to a burn center in serious molette green just arrived on the scene. we will a live report from her
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coming up. good morning, everybody. i'm ron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's get you ready to get out the door before we get to the breaking news. >> lauryn ricketts has a return of summer heat wave. >> we are going to have things heating up around our area right now. it's a beautiful day out there. beautiful start so far. a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. the sun coming up 5:47. you can see it there, that beautiful hue that we have. we are going to have plenty of sshine out the today. it's just going to be hotter with increasing humidity. no rain out there right now. you makeour way out the door, you're fine. an isolated chance of shower anh nderstorms popping up later on. temperature out there right now in the six and low 70s. this is pretty will stay the next several hour. then by middle part of the morning, the temperature takes a huge chop. already in the low 80s by the dd


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