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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we will working to get you ready for your day. >> lauryn ricketts has a return of summer heat wave. >> heat wave here in d.c. means three consecutive days at or above 90. yesterday we made it to 88 which is about seasonable this time of the year. you tackle on the humidity it feels warmer. today sw to mid- and stay in the 90s for a good portion of that ten-day forecast. i'll show thaw in 15 minute.r look at the beautiful sunrise. it came up 13 minutes ago at 5:47. curryrdy we were in the low to mid-50s. today s60s and low 70s out ther. as you hit the road plenty of sunshine and no rain to worry about and no fog out there. temperatures by noon 89 degrees. this afternoon, low 90s.
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chance for a scattered storms thunderstorms later on this afternoon but not for everybody. we will talk about who could see those coming up. good morning. championship 4 over to check this out westbound 45 hearing it was shut down at washington boulevard because after tree across the roadway. crews are on the scene and it c has notared out of the way so you'll see that on the ride of the roadway. no major lay. green belt is looking better after nasa goddard. that backup has disappeared. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. we have been staying on top of the breaking news. an early moing house fire in
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arlington. >> one person was rushed to the hospital for a burn. this person is in serious condition. frefighters tweeted picture from the scene a hours ago. this happened on hayes street. that is near the crystal city area. the fire destroyed a detached garage and an apartment. it did not spread to the main how. fire official say one firefighter is being treated for dehydration. fire investigators are now looking into what may have caused the large fire to start. we are just days away from the fourth of july and president trump says will be one of the biggeser gathings of history of washington, d.c. >> it's call a salute to america. expect a traditional parade and fireworks. but this year, a military display on the national mall tooin news4 justin is there with what to expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even at this late day, we are hearing a lot could change. the final details, the final logistics are still falling intc
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place iluding the controversial use of tanks for this fourth of july celebration. we can tell you a of right now, all indication are there will be a larger than usual celebration. today, we are seeing tents come in and other lope gist cal elements fall in place for what will feature some familiar elements to the parade, t concert, festivities, and fireworks that will now launch from west potomac park and no onger by the lincoln memorial which is where the president is scheduled to give his speechon the fourth of july. he spoke more about that and some of the new details for this salute to america celebration from the white house yterday. >> we will have planes going overhead. the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too. tanks stationed outside and we have some incredible equipment, military equipment on display, brand new and we are very proud of it.
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>> reporter: military jet flyover as you heard. now we can talk about the tanks. we are hearing associate press were brought in earlier from georgia and locked upder military guard. you heard the president say it does not appear it will go down the streets but instead stationary and on display somewhere for the fourth of july desperation. the details areet to be ebbing and flowing. no word how the tanks will be used. as we learn more, we will bring that to you. live on the mall, justin finch, news4. >> thank you. you can expect, security will be tight for the fourth of ly festivities. police will not only be dealing with huge crowd here for the holiday but the recent outbreak of violence in the district.
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eekend, there were two deadly shootings and a triple shootings. in a drive-by shooting at a bus stop left two young children hurt. they are just 3 and 6 years old. >> the whole community needs to be outraged at what transpired. and everyone who knows something about the case needs to come forward. >> a 20-year-old man was also hurt in that bus stop shooting. all ree victims are expected to recover. police are looking for the driver of a dark colored sedan. this morning, arlington county police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting at the mall at pentagon city. one person is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries now. the shooting happened before 2:00 in the parking garage. shoppers tell us they heard as many as four shots. police believe prgple were ang before that shooting. no arrests have been made and officers say no threat to the public. a btersweet moment for a couple seeking justice for their three young children killed in a car crash. thomas hawks pled guilty yesterday in that deadly dui crash in september.
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he slammed into the back of the family's vehicle on indian head highway in maryland. the 5-year-old twins and their 1-year-old brother were killed. >> we just want this all to end. we just want this to be over with. >>ili know my beautiful chdren are looking down and are saying good job to mommy and daddy for fighting and continue fighting. >> hawks faces nearly 40 years in prison when his sentenced september. this man was found not guilty by reason of insanity. bashen killed brad jackson at an old town alexandria business last ly because he thought the victim was a werewolf. his trial ended in a hung ry. he will be in a mentaltate facility where he will be
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overlooked. jackson's friend did not feel justice has been served. >> no justice. insane or not, no justice. >> bassan's attorney says sevipe bizarre bar injury is a result of the killing. baseball fans are mourning the sudden death of los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs. 27-year-old tyler skaggs was found deadn a hotel room yesterday in southwest texas. the angels were there for a ri three-game se against the texas rangers. last night's game was cancelled. no details have beeneleased how skaggs died.po ce say foul play is not suspected. washington nationals tweeted their condolences saying, quote. a tired new york city police detective who gained national attention for his emotional testimony on capitol hill will be laid to rest
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tomorrow. ruiz al varez died over the weekend. he foughto replenish the funds for 9/11 victims before he died of cancer. he brought that on by his time on ground zero. he wrote, quote. i don't know if you remember me. my goal and legacy in this world was to see the victims compensation bill passed. that would extend benefits to the 9/11 responders the rest of their lives. the handwritten note wa delivered with a gift, alvarez's nypd shield. m thisorning the man who shot and nearly killed an alexandria police officer is expected ba court today. that is according to our news partner wpot. bashir has been indicted on 14 counts of allegedly stalkingo tw mental health professionals and setting fires at the homre.
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you may mber bashir was found not guilty by reason of instant for officer peter laboy. happening today, jack evans will speak with fellow d.c. councilmembers in hopes of keeping his position on a werful committee. evans is accused of using his public position for personal gain. next week, the council will vote whether to remove him as chairman of the finance committee. evans has more than a year left on his council seat. news4 will be tre and update you at 11:00 protests e set to take place around the country in of recent reports at migrant detention facilities at the u.s./mexico border. >> t one o protests is scheduled to happen in front of the white house at 10:00 this morning. the demands of the p ttesters areclose the migrant detention facilities and reunite families. this come after the government
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o- ann internal watchdog learned that conditions were so bad that border agents were worried about possible riot. the caucus led them to the southern border yesterday. >> we had a chance to visit with 15, 20 mothers, some of whom had been at that border patrol for over 50 days. rom had been separated their kids. there was a toilet but no running water for people to drink. in fact, one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. d >> tartment of homeland security did not respond to a request for comment from nbc news concerning the watchdog owport. new video shthe tall ship providence sailing into town just in time for the fourth of july. it's a replica of the 177as continentnavy warship and it iealso appeared in the mov "pirates of the carbean." it was damaged in the storm four years ago and restored in m ine and nows calling alexandria
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home for the summer. >> it's going to be visible reminder of the city maritime heritage and it's going toe something for tourists. be 's going to be something for residents to take pride in. >>anit's here and everyone c e come andoy it and it will be than an educational component to it. pe the ship will be docked on king street and oned to tourists. n ext on "news4 today," before your kids take off on lmets meet safety standard. heir a fake 911 call. hearom the innocent person il who temporar became a murder suspect. >> never be arrested and technical i wasn't arrested then and never had handcuffs on. >> what we are learning how that hoax started. if you're heading to the beach for this holiday, looks like you're going to be dealing with rain. small chances at the maryland
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and delaware beaches on friday and temperatures in the low to mid-80s and better chances friday and saturday. we have our own chance around here if you're sticking around. we will talkyour
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> welcome back. a fake 911 call aed to terrifying situation for a prince george's county award winning national is column for the miami erald was accused of murdering his wife. he was a victim of a trend called swatting. >> megan fitzgerald spoke to the
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family and learned how this was fake. >> reporter: on sunday morning before 5:00 a.m., leonapo pitts temrarily became a murder suspect. pitts was sleeping when his phone rang. it was bowie police calling after a 911 caller contacted them about a crime happened in pitts' home. >> the caller on the line stated that he had murdered his wife and that he was going to shoot the police when they arri. d on sce s reporter: the caller gave pitts' address,police called asking him to come outside. putting him in handcuffs before getting his granddaughter, daughter and wife marilyn out of the house. bowie police chief john nestsky said it took minutes for them to realize it was a prank from the random caller. while the pitts are shaken up they are grateful how police handled what could have been a dangerous situation. megan fitzgerald, news4. >> we are working for you this morning to keep your kids safe while biking. a recent investigation by consumer reports says al
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potentily unsafe helmets are widely available online. some helmets purchaseonline were missing an important and required safety label which means they may not meet safy standards. officials say there should always be a labor on the inside to show the helmet has been test and meets safety stane rd set by thnsumer product safety commission. we are working for your health now with a warning about nasty parasite in the pool that could make your kid sickcr it's called to and is chlorine tolerant. people can get stick after swallowing contaminated pool water. it can caus diarrhea that lasts for weeks. outbreaks ha been on rise over the past ten years. high winds blew a trampoline down the oreet. lok at this video out of north dakota. the trampoline raced down thcr street and ted spark as it moved. nobody was injured. reportsne window was broken.
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the national weather service said there wereind gusts more than 80 miles an hour at the time. our dg camm kammerer explai weather video. >> recently, he tried his hand at becoming a ninja warrior. there he is trying to the course a few wweeks agoile they were filming in .baltimore rst qualifying obstacle is always the five floating sts. made it through that part of the acstacle course. >> the second obst? he is hanging thered an supposed to jump to the next set of bars and couldn't quite make it and u ended in the water. he was real close but he didn't make the cut. he h a job right here on news4. he doesn't have to worry about all of that. >> oh, right there! >> he almost had it too. >> i don't know how they do iit equires so much strength and focus and determination. >> doug is tall.
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i talk about this a lot because i love that show. seem like anybody who is taller has more of a difficult time from gettingrom obstacle to obstacle. if you're shorter you're more compact and lighter. >> doug, lauryn says lose some weight! there you go! >> i got a list of things that he did i wrong thatl send him later. >> his form need to improve and his swing. >> analyzeth video, this is this happen, doug. he take a look at the sunrise. it's beautiful out there. sun high in the sky and plenty of sunshine with the temperatures in the 60ss and and warm in the low to mid-90s today. yesterday in the 80s so warmer out there todaynd plus tick up in the humidity but plenty of sunshine throughout the day. we could have an isolated storm but it looks north and west of d.c. if we see later on in e afternoon, throughout this even,
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i know nats game against the marlins at 7:05, i think that will be okay. hotter and more muggy than yesterday and 30% chance ofse ng a shower and thunderstorm popping up. nothing out there right now. rgh pressure sitting ove top of us yesterday that cleared oud the clou has now moved off the eastern seaboard and that is pumping in that defely humid tomorrow. temperatures still in the low to std-90s tomorrow. s.tomorrbo timing it out for you. nothing this morning. here is the showers just to the west of d.c. later on toy. e could have a few lingering shower overnight. it's north so there may be a few rained espcially early tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon 40% chance of seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms for everybody. thursday, oh, yeah. fourth of july, some of the models are hipting we cou ihinte showers around noon time. even at 9:00, we could have howers and thunderstorms and
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the time the fireworks usually get going. hot today and continuing all the way into the weekend. heat and humidity combined. we are talking about that heat index right around 100 degrees. chances of rain. fourth of july forecast real quick. fireworks time, the temperatures are going to be little on the warm side in the 80s but looks like we will have ace good chan of seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms around for fireworks me. we will talk about the ten-day forecast. first, here is melissa to talk about the road. >> chopper 4 heading to i-95 prince william parkway and crash blocking the left and ride. show you that in a little bit. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking okay. bw parkway accident cleared powder milk and south of that
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nasa .godda brand new delay here. 6:21. we are working for you helping you planour independence day celebration. >> tommy mcfly has a scoop on where to catch the best fireworks in town. fireworks in town. ellen this afternoon
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z3a5wz z16fz
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y3a5wy y16fy you don't have to wait until thursday to celebrate the fourth of july. toght, bowie hosts its early independence day celebration with a free concert and fireworks show at princ george's stadium. music at 7:30 and fireworks at 9:15. nice someommunities have an early celebratioso me people don't want to deal with the crowd. >> you can take if more celebrations. >> extend your celebration. our tommy mcfly keeps track of everything happening around our area.
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>> a new segment called "the scene" he tffps you o with the thing to do and hottest event. >> reporter: of course, the big national celebration right hi bend us on the national mall. but there are fireworks all around our gion. in fairfax, the fairfax high school is having a celebration at 7:00 with balloon artists ann face paters and things for the kiddies. mattie stepanek park will have a live cebration. live music. they do note, drones are not allowed! which i think makes sense. in prince george's county they are having a celebration in parking lot 1 at umd. show up for the fireworks and so much more like the fun and nysic. there are many, mmany, many, more fireworks all around our region., of coursewe have the fireworks finder for you up on the nbc washington app. search fireworks.
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with the scene, i'm tommy mcfly, news4. still ahead, if you have thoughts about the push to make d.c. a state, now you have anc ch to speak your mind. >> we will tell you when. plus stepping down. virginia's lieutenant governor leaves his law firm months after he was accused of sexual assault by two women. what he had to say about it. lauryn ricketts? >> we have humidity coming back in today and starting this morning in the n60s a0s. but middle part of the morning, temperatures in the 80s. a hot day out there day. your forecast is coming up.
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good morning, everybody. approaching 6:30 now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have breaking news from arlington this morning. one person is recovering after being seriously hurt during this overnight house fire. this happened on south hayes street. we are told the fire started in a detached garage with an a aptment. several streets had to be blocked off but we are told right now, the scene is clear.
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>> let's turn to the morning commute and your forecast. melissa mollet has a lo at first 4 traffic and storm team 4 lauryn rickhuts is in for c this morning with a look at the weather. >> we have a nice look at the weather outside. sun coming at 5:47 in the morning. beautiful o sunri there and looking like a beautiful morning. not a lot of cloud cover out there and high pressure in charge. 70 is our temperatureight now. see the winds? direction south and west. yesterday was nortest wind and suppressing the humidity and now the wind out of the southwest is take moisture and humidity from deep south and transporting it here to the mid-atlantic. feeling good and sunshine out there. feeling hot, however. midro up 90s this afternoon and a chance of isolated shower or thunderstorm later on this afternoon but better chances of rain throughout this week. especially for your fourth of july.
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ng will talk about that and talk how hot it's gto get. the temperatures will be fairly warm through the first week of july. that is coming up. first, talk traffic. good morning. chopper 4 head to go5 in virginia prince william parkway northbound. sounds like a left lane blocked. eastbound 66 west moreland byreet crash on the right and only getting on the left side. if this doesn't get out of the way soon or scoot everybody wer, thatl build up quickly. we are getting ready for the fourth of july and preparations are under way right now here in the district. president trump will hold a campaign style event that is being called salute to america.
6:32 am
it will be held on the o stepsf the lincoln memorial. military tanks will be on the national mall and there will be ahter jet flyover. the president says this fourth will be theiggest gathering in the districthi tory. this morning, not everybody is happy with the president's plan. >> district leader, includid. delegate eleanor holmes norton are worried about the cost of the event and the strain the tanks may put on d.c. streets. >> i'm incredibly disturbed that the president owes the nation's capital, the district of columbia, over $7 million for the inauguration and hasn't put a penny down on that. >> d.c. councilmembers are concerned. the council tweeted, quote. news4 justin finch will join us live on the national mall with more details in a few minutes. we also have new details this morning about the faout
6:33 am
from those sexual assault allegations against virginia lieutenant governorustin fairfax. we learned that he has left his job at a law firm. "the washington post" reports that after the accusations came out in february, he took a leave of absence. the firm says it investigated and found no evidence of wrongdoing but fairfaxays he plans to focus his attention on the people of virginia. fmer skins super bowl mvp quarterback mark rypire has been ined for domestic violence. the nbc affiliate spokane, washington, reports rypien was arrested for hitting his wife in the stomach over the weekend. during a court appearance on monday, rypien said the two were having an argument. he has pled not guilty. rypien played for the skins for seven seasons. since retiring, he has been open about his struggles with depression. anwhile, an investigation is under way following the sudden death of major league
6:34 am
baseball player tyler skaggs. he was found dead inside of his xatel room in the seem was in texas for a three sear against the rangers. his cause of death is notknown but the police say it was not foul play. >> t.d. jones went to williamson high school and a member of the school's legendary state championship team. he has died. the movie starring denzel washington followed the storied win after they had been infused into one racial ihotegrated scl. last year jones retired from his job as a security officer at t.c. williams. >> he would always greet me in the hallway and say, mr. mayor, i want to be someday like you. i said, no, pety, someday, i want to be like you. >> his children said his father inspired and impacted many rough his work at t.c. williams high school and adding
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his legacwill continue. c>> thomas hawk pled guilty to rear-ending a ar on the highway last year. his vehicle slammedhe into t back of a family's car and the three children were killed. he will be sentenced in september. this man was found not guilty by reason ofinsanity. bashir killed jackson at a business last july because he thought jackson was a werewolf.s hi trial ended in march with a hung jury. he will be admitted to a mental have al where he will regular mental evaluations. jackson's friends don't feel justice has been served. one person r isecovering after shot near the cintagon ty mall. yesterday ed afternoon. police believe the people involved began arguing and one of them pulled a gun. officer say there is nohreat to the public. today, embattled d.c. councilman jack evans will speak
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with d.c. councilmembers in hopes to keep his position on a powerful co uittee. he isd for using his public position for personal gain. the council will vote next week whether to remove him as chairman of the finance we have new information about a deadly kayaking accident over the weekend in ryland. e victim was a secret service agent. eaecial agent stephanie hancock was a river n annapolis on saturday when her kayak overturned. crews were able to rescue a second kayaker who was with her but it took time to recover her body. h hancock had been witthe secret service since 2007. frightening ments at a facebook mail facility in california. a screening device spotted a iece of suspicious mail th led to the evacuation of several buildings. >> that package apparently believed to contain sarin. that is a chemical ud in war fare.
6:37 am
two people were taken away for testing. this morning the people who came in contact did not shm any symptos. more tests will be needed before an official ruling is made. it's took time of yearne when arly everybody travels. >> we are showing you how to keep your personal information safe from harkers on the road. and how two law will make schools safer. e
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the univerty of miami researchers surveyed 1,000 people usng legalized marijuana and 80% said they found it extremely helpful and most reduced or stop taking other medications including opioids. >> if you're among the record number of americans expected to travel this fourth of july you might want to hear this. >> security experts say cybercriminals may try to target you throughout your vacation. the nldber one thing you shou avoid is connecting to public wi-fi at the airport or train station. one click could give hackers easy access to everything on your phone, including your unprotected apps. >> it is very difficult to know that public wi-fi is legit and a criminal c set up and make public wi-fi with a device like this very easily. >> experts also say avoid all public charging stations. hackers have targeted them with viruses to steal your phone and computer data.
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samng is using its next big product announcing the latest on august 7th in brooklyn. the company is expected to unveil the galaxy note 10, the latest version of its supersize. smartpho rumor say there is a fresh desi feeting a single front facing camera in the display screen and unclear if samsung will give update on the foldable smartphone has thab has been delayed indefinitely. the ceo admits the company pushed the device to the market before it was ready. i'm frank holland wior your cnbc mng business report. temperatures out there low to mid-90s for today. oh, yeah. yesterday we were only 88. isolated storm chances later on thwes afternoon. ill talk timing and how hot it will get thisthree-mile back of prince william parkway. ather big denola
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welcome back. we have been following breaking news this morning from one peon was seriously hurt in an hovernight e fire on hayes street. that is near the crystal city area. the fire sparked inside a detached garage and apartment. it did not spread to the main house. ted firefighter is being tr to dehydrationl and stil no indication what caused the fire. preparations are under way right now in the district for the fourth of july.
6:45 am
president trump says will be one gt the biggest gatherings in the history of wash, d.c. >> it's being called to salute to america. isso there will be a military p. d president says this will be one of the biggest gatherings in the distryt's histornd not everybody is happy with the plan. news4 justin finch is there with what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning. there are some concern about what this is going to look like. the day tick closer to the fourth of july which is thursday, by the way, we are getting a better sense of just what these celebrations are going to look like. it's safe b to say, so far, they are going to look a bit different. look out forre more than firks and flags. it appears we could see the tanks you were talking about. the associated press reportingo th tanks have arrived to the area. at least two they say from georgia. each weigh about 60 tons are now set to be locked up behind gatee in the soutt, awaiting their
6:46 am
use on the fourth of july. we are hearing they will be not moving and stationary and on display. on the mall we are seeing the preps com together. the tents are going up and barricades. we know fireworks this time are set to launch from west potomac park instead of the lincoln memorial which is where the president will make his speech o on the fourth july. these bigger plan, of course call for someanges here and that is what we are hearing from the u.s. park police. take a listen. >> president viting on july fourth, adds a dynamic to our special event planning but we work side-by-side with our partner in the city and this region for that actual event. >> reporter: so as you heard, there are heightened securitys ll. you mentioned, too, a military flyoveduled this year. that couldc inclheuder air fo a one. the the president not expected to be that planen it fly
6:47 am
over. we are hearing up until the last minute and logistics and details are change and we will keep you updated as they come inside to us. >> justin, thank you. congresswoman eleanorlmes norton will push a forum on the d.c. statehood. a chance to a discuss the idea and ask questions about it,fhat it mean or them. thblic forum at the metropolitan ame church in norst. >> a public reporwawritten by a hdog group and turned to the homeland security in may say thing have become so bad, guards arm themselves over fears that detainees uld riot and. mention only fourhowers for
6:48 am
over 800 stayin there. how members went there yesterdad and sai they saw similar conditions. california senator kamala harris is enjoyingbu post-debate in the polls. it shows joe biden still at the top but down five points from where he was in a previous poll. harris doubled her support. she now tied for third witna r elizabeth warren. harris campaign is also touting a financial boost reporting it raised more than $2 million. we are keeping an eye on new law that take effect and impact on your lives. >> two are designed to k children safer and change the way motorized tirkss are used in virginia schools. student are not allowed in rooms when those partitions are opened or closed and a result of an act and news4 consumer investigation. wesley was a fairfax third
6:49 am
grader who died helping a teacher operate apa ition. in maryland all public schools are required to beef up their background check for teachers. districts must check with everye prior employeuse of a 2018 news4 i-team report showing a history with misconduct sli tpig throughhe cracks. for a look at the new laws taking effect, head to the nbc washington app and search new laws. maryland is taking on metro. late yesterday, stders announced they would be holding bas some 55 million dollarin funding because metro is not fully cooperated wita financial audit.n maryland sal questions have beennswered it won't be giving any more money out. metro leaders say they look rd to discussing the matter. >> change underway off the coast of virginia. he governor and members from dominion energy broke ground yesterday on a new wind project.
6:50 am
dominion will construct two massive wind turbines that you see here out in thanopen water d about the size of the washington monument but not visible from t beach. the governor say it is a step toward renewable energy. while creating new jobs also. let's turn to there fost with lauryn ricketts. >> it's not looking too bad out there today. but it is looking hot as the heat and humidity are moving back in. today starts our other heat wave, second heat wave of the year. three days at or above 90 degrees to have a heat wave in d.c. we start it today. keep the umbrella handy because chances of rain accompany that heat. current temperatures out there right now in the 60s. it's not feeling too bad out there. uptick in humidity with each passing hour. by late this afternoon, you're going to feel the humidity and feel like the upper mid-90s and talking about 94. if you're heading to the pool,
6:51 am
could have an isolated storm later on mainly to the north and west of d.c. i think it will stayest of i-95. your commute is dry. sunshine out there. pool, isolated storm between here and back toward shenandoah valley. exercise, i'd do it now becausey the humiditnly increasing by later on tonight. 94 also our daytime high tomorrow with the heat index around 100. today a 20% to 30% chance of storms and tomorrow 40% and across the entire area. heat index you can see. it's going to be hot. tomorrow will feel close to a hundred degree and trle digits feeling like into the weekend so warm conditions out there. dry this morning. then we hd intohe afternoon, we start to see shower and even a few thunderstorms develop. those dissipate. some models are holding on to rain especially in maryland overnight. about a 4% chance of seeing scattered showers and
6:52 am
thunderstorms for everybody tomorrow. then we head into fourth of july. some guidance is pointing out we could see a few showers in the morning. we have little waves passing to the sou of us and in the daytime heating we will see shower and thunderstorms pop on up and any showers or r thundersto we get this week and into the weekend, heavy downpours could lead to flooding and lots of lightning. this is 9:00 on thursday night. that is time for fireworks. sun down 8:37 and looking at possible rain showers and thunderstorms around with lots of lightning. also damaging wind and possibly so hail. your ten-day forecast is first, here is a look at traffic with melissa. 95 at prince william parkway crash is out of the way but three mile backup heading
6:53 am
northboun if you want to take the express lanes, might be a good idea today. route 1 might be a thought but allow extra time for sure. east nund 66r west moreland street on the ride now. buu're getting by in two lane. an improvement still slow. one and a half mile backup there. remember to listen to wpot 103.5 fm in your car today.
6:54 am
in a matter of hours, team usa will take on team enmand in the seinal of the world cup soccer. the win of that game will move on to the final toace netherlands or sweden. usa had a record has 10 win and 4 losses and two ties against england. >> go team usa. >> we know venus williams has been eliminated from wimbledon. >> weck out the young woman beat her. 15-year-old coco gauff. she says venus is one of her idols. gauff was born in 2004 and venus had already won 4 of her 7 majoa titlesthat time. i think she won one of the t s the year gauff was born. gauff is now the young tennis player to win a match at wimbledon since 1991.
6:55 am
she will be a huge star. >> you can't feel great to lose to somebody who wasn't born when you were winning titles. do you remember 1989? george h.w. bush was in the oval office and timothy dalton was playing james bond and einfeld" justremiered on nbc. >> 30 years since jerry, george, and elaine became a household ho name in a s about nothing. coming up on "today" wunel of the one of the stars of the show is stopping by. you'll hear memories from the set coming up next on "today."o stopping by. m you'll hear memories froe set coming up next on "today."t stopping by. you'll hear memories from the set coming up next on "today."s by. you'll hear memories from the set coming up next on "today." it's still on > ble today. >>ing you need to know. fourth of july festivities are under way to prepare. president trump will hold his
6:56 am
salute to america event at the lincoln memorrel. rts on inhumane condition at migrant facilities. what happens to member of congress who went there to visit yesterday. d.c. councilman jack evans will speak with d.c. councilmembers in hop of keeping his position on a powerful committee today. last month the fbi raided his home over act saig cusation he s public position for personal gain. new video shows the tall ship providence sailing into town just in time for the fourth of july. it's a replica of the 1770s continental navy warship and it also appeared in the movie n."pirates of the caribbea >> hot weather coming our way. isolated chance of a shower possible this afternoon and mainly west and scattered showers and thunderstorms wednesday, thursday, friday.
6:57 am
>> look at the road. 95 northbound at prince william parkway chopper 4 showing you the significant delays three mile backup. eastbound 66 near westmoreland street inside the beltway only getting by on the left side. >> thank you. tha is the news for today. thanks for waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. 2 will see you in5 minutes with your local news, weather and traffic. until then, enjoy your
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good morning. disturbing allegations. decratic members of congress lashing out after touring migrant detention centers in texas. >> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of th toilet. >> now a new report revealing a secret facebook group where border patrol agents were allegedlyaking disturbing comments. how border officials are responding this morning. gone too leon? los an angels pitcher tyler stack found dead at just 2 years old, sending shockwaves through the world of sports. his team and family w, the investigation. what happened? n tanks but tanks.


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