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tv   Today  NBC  July 2, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. disturbing allegations. decratic members of congress lashing out after touring migrant detention centers in texas. >> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of th toilet. >> now a new report revealing a secret facebook group where border patrol agents were allegedlyaking disturbing comments. how border officials are responding this morning. gone too leon? los an angels pitcher tyler stack found dead at just 2 years old, sending shockwaves through the world of sports. his team and family w, the investigation. what happened? n tanks but tanks.
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>> we'll have planes going over. the best fighter jets, tanks stationed outside. >> president trump being criticized for his unprecedented fourth of july spectacle. >> people regret having any politician co-optna the tion's birthday. >> some accusing him of putting partisanship over patriotism. >> plus, spy games? team usa accused of spying on th brits. >> wi-fi worries. how cybercriminals can target your cell phone, putting all your information at risk. >> and the wimbledoner wond the youngest player to win amb wiledon match in nearly two decades defts her idol, venus williams. today, july 2nd,19. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today," and thank you foroining us on this tuesday morning. craig melvin alongside kristen we aer. savannah hoda enjoying the holiday week. we may have seen the birth of a new tennis star. >> unbelievable. 15 years old, facing off against one of her biggest idols, and she won. what does that feel like. >> we'll talk more about coco, what her friends call her. >> amazing. >> let's get right to the escalating crisis along the southern border where migrants are still living in what some say areerrible conditions at border stations. now authorities have launched an investigation to a private border patrol facebook group that reportedly mocks migrantat and contains crude jokes about members of congress. gabe gutierrez is in clint tes, at the border patrol station visited by members of congress on monday. one of the dozens of facilitiesu
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along the swest border. gabe, good morning to you. >> craig, good morning. this is the border stationha th drawn international attention. when we visited last week, border patrol agents pushed back hard on the idea any migrants are being mistreated, but mow some members of congress are seizing on it as we learn about new disturbing comments on a private facebook page. this morning, the battle at the rder is heating up. anti-immigrant protesters outside the troubled migrant center in mocrats touring several migrant centers, tweetingut this picture even though they were told to not bring in conditions. alexanda ocasio-cortez telling them the conditions were deplorable. >> this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in rooms with no running water and
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these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> border officials laterin push back, calling the accusations completely untrue, adding there are ample supplies. the latest flash point in the migration debate, a bombshell report by propublica, detailing a group making crude jokes about throwing burritos at members of congress and a mean sex act s h asg not independently verified the facebook group. >> that was a vulgar, disgusting, and vile page. >> they call the post completely inappropriate, adding any employees found have violated our standards ofon cct will be held accountable. >> i don't know what they're saying wh theembers of congress. i know they're not happy with the democrats in congress. >> cbp b hasn under fire fors allegation of overcrowding and
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unsanitary conditions which it has disputed. >> unsubstantiatedeg allions created a sensation. >> an internal watchdog report obtained by nbc revealed conditions at one station were so bad, border agents were arming themselves for possible rye tsz. we visited this shelter in juarez, mexico, and met this man from el salvador, who said he's already spent two mons here waiting for asylum. a crisis with no end insight. >> eye-opening report there. any protests, you hear about any tiotests planned against the alleged condis in these facilities? >> well, certainly, craig, as i mentioned, this is a fight with no end in sight. this is a fierce debate. protests are planned nationwide later today calling for the closure of detention centers like these.
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>> gabe gutierrez along the border in int,texas, thank you. also this morning, ntsb investigators are on the scene of the deadly plane crash near dallas, trying to determine why the small private aircraft went down in a fireball ments after takeoff. gadi schwartz is here with the latest on the investigation. >> good morning, kristen. good morning, craig. investigators are sifting through what's left of the turbo prop plane, but they're faced with a huge obstacle, much of the evidence was incinerated impact. >> this morning, sb investigators are combing through charred wckage for clues that could show what caused a small plane to burst into flame after takeoff. ten peoe were killed when a plane hit a hangar sunday morning in dallas.s investigatorescribe the final scenes of the plane saying after it became airborne, it veeredtho left of the runway and started rolre over be
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slamming into the hangar. cameras captured it all, but the ntsb says it's all still a myste myst >> it seemed to be normal. they were cleared for takeoff, they acknowledged takeoff, and we're not aware of any further communications betwehe crew and air traffic control. >> witness david snell, a pilot himself, said he knew immediately something wasn't right. >> it appeared as thoh it was flying too slow and not making enough power, and the friend that was with me, we are both pilots and have been for years. we looked at each other like something is wrong. >> officia are releasing the names of those who perished. and a family of four, restaurant owner brian wilard, his fe, and their two oenagers. and of the pilots, matthew palmer. the ntsb is now analyzing the .ockpit voice record investigators hope it might reveal anyve conations between the pilot and copilot and any w
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communicationh air traffic control. they may have little else from the airplane to examine. >> this airplane was not equipped with a flight data recorder. >> the plane nearly incinerated, making other evidence hard to recover. >> what else are investigators looking at? >> right now, investigators are lookinginto the pilot's training and experience, maintenance records, and interviewing a long line of witness. the ntsb says it hopes to have initial findings from the cockpit voice recorder as early as today. >>hank you. we turn now to devastating news in the world of sports. los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs died monday. he was just 27 years thold. angels were in town to face the texas rangers when skaggs was found unrespsive in a texas hotel room. miguel almaguer has the details. miguel, good morning. >> to his teammates, tyler skaggs was much more than just a talented big league pitcher. he had a big heart and was
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incredibly popular on the team. now an investigation is under way to determine why a beloved player is gone far too soon. this morning, a young baseball player's tragic passing reverberating through the national league. >> he's driving on scene now. >> los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs found dead monday room.texas hotel the 27-year-old found unresponsive at this hilton. authorities say there were no signs of foul play. in town to face the texas rangers, skaggs'ia final soc media post over the weekend included this photo of the player and his teammates dressed up like cowboys. writing, howdy y'all, an and #texasroadtrip. monday's game between the two teams postponed as those who knew skaggs rememberedopar player who lit up the room >> everyone loved being around him. that's what's pulling everyone together at thismoment. the southern california native was drafted by his
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ometown angels in 2009, and after spending his first few seasons with the diand backs, he was traded back to l.a. where he honed an impressive curvebndl. >> swing a a miss. s tookr the weekend, ska the mound at angelsortadium what would be the final time. >> swing and miss at the breaking ball. >> grief-stricken fans payingec their re at a makeshift memorial outside the ballpark. the angels honoringit skaggs a sign near the entrance gates and issuing a statement, winting part, tyler has and always will be an important part of the angels family. he leaves ngbehind a y wife. the two were married last december. overnight, tributes pouring in on social fans, competitors, and teammates remember a beloved pitcher and person. angels superstar mike trout penning a heartfelt tribute on instagram, remembering skaggs as a greatam tete, friend, andho person will forever remain
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in our hearts. this morning, an angel gone t soon. >> the investigation into tyler's death is ongoing. skaggs' most recent off season highlight was his marriage to his longtime girlfriend carly. later onay tod, the angels will hold a press conference where we'll learn more >>details. thank you. now we turn to our nation's capit capita getting ready for its annual fourth o july celebration. this year, president trump is setting off preholiday firework of hisown. taking the lead on planning the evennd putting his own twist on the traditional proceedings. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson joins us now from washington. good morning, hallie. >> hey, kristen, good morning to you. we're learning now new details about what all of this will include. a display of tanks, military flyovers and remarks from president trump. i'm told from a source familiar with the speech it's not intendedo be political, but
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critics worry the president is taking the focus away from patriotism and puttingt on partisanship. it's the holiday salute to american military might. >> it will be like no othe will be special. i hope a lot of people come. >> and the president's promising a spectacle, even in the face or icism. >> we're going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world, and other ganes too. and we'reng to have some tanks stationed outside. have to be careful with the tanks because the roads have atenedancy not to like to carry heavy tanks. >> besides the tanks, the festivities will feature flyovers by the navy blue angels and pilots showing n off aew version of marine one, even probably air force one, according to a source familiar with the planning. the plans now set near the lincoln memorial, where thees prident will deliver his holiday speech, and the last 35s show is set to minutes this year. chris is helping with that. history, iart of that
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think july 4th, i think all of the little nuances of politics, i think it's okay to just let that go and everybody celebrate the fourth of july as americans. >> the president inspired after marveling at the military parade in france two years ago to honor that country's independence day. >> i do want to say that i was your guest at bastille day, and it was one of the greatest parades i have ever seen. >> but critics worry the president is putting a political spin on a holiday that's notpi tylly partisan. d.c.'s city council tweeting tanks but no tanks. with washington's representative to congress frustrated for the taxpayers footing the bill. >> the people resent having any politician co-opt the nation's birthday. >> the wholeevent is free and open to the public, but there d the e a section tow front for vips. the republican national committee is handling some of the tickets for that. protesters have been appved to fly than anti-donald trump baby
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balloon, as it's called, and there's another storm brewing, quite literally. the weather forecast on thursday for washington doesn't look good. in won't be too much of an issue, but lightning is a whole other ball game. we'll see how turns out. >> we'll have to see. thank you for that. >> let'sn to an incredible upset at wimbledon. tennis superstar venus williams, who is 39 years old, falling in the first round to15 -year-old cori gauff. gauff, also thees young woman to win a wimbledon match in 18 years. morgan radford joining us with more on that match and the new player to watch. they call her coco, huh? >> coco is impressive. if you can imagin just lack week, she was taking a high school science test, and on monday, she aced her first major test on the tennis urt, beating her idol, venus williams. the young phenom looking like a seasoned pro as she made a name for herself on the international
7:15 am
>> game, set, stunning. cori gauff, whose nickname is coco, servip a victory inst her fir grand slam match. beating five-time wimbledon champion venuser williams at own game. >> so far, coco has done everything better than venu >> the 15-year-old phenom showing no sign of nerves as she faced her idol, winning over the center court crowdith every single shot. after the match, coco shaking hands with the woman who inspired her to pick up a tennis racquet. >> she told me congratulations and to keep going and good luck. after the match, i told her thank you for everything she did. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. >> the teen tearing up on the sideline. >> i don't know how to feel. this is the first time i ever cried after a match or winning,
7:16 am
obviously. >> her proud parents celebrating in the stands. >> a lot that she sacrificed and i'm just soappy that she's living out herdreams. >> 39-year-old venus admitting she was outplayed. >> she did everything well today. she put the balln i the court, which was much better than i did. >> before coco even stepped out onto the court monday, there have been comparisons tonu one even coming from the tennis vet's sister, serena. >> she's playing against a player who actually reminds meo venus, her body and everything. >> the williams sisters also finding a love of the game at a young age. a 10-year-old venus tellingay "tod her family played a key role iner early success. >> for meo go out there to do my best and to accomplish my goals. >> nus, turning pro at 14, earning her first grand slam singles title at wimbledon at e age of 20.
7:17 am
an iconic player who helped fi rede the sport, now inspiring its future. my dreamterally livin right now, and not many people get to say that. >> living her dream. coco gauff now moved on to the second round where she'll face a 2017 wimbledon semifinalists. it's serena's turn on the court later today. the seven-time wimbledon champ ids been dealing with a knee injury, but she sahe's ready to play. >> what an incredible story and i think venus is so classy to say keep going and good luck. >> so graceful. >> go coco. that could have been you. you had a high school tennis career. >> i played doubles. i was good, i liked it. i don't think i was going to wimbledon. i spent just as much time talking to my girlfriends on the sidelines, but it was it's a gre sport. >> thanks, morgan. >> time for our first check of the weather. dylan is in for al.
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good morning, dylan. still a heat wave, right? >> still a hea wave, and so many people getting ready to travel. let's break down the travel forecast for you. this looks a lot more threatening tha it is. these are your typical afternoon and ev happen on hot and humid because of that, if you're traveling later today after about 3:00 or so, you could see some of those pop- srms causing isolated delays at the airport. for the roads,ou you c get stuck in torrential downpours. you wa to keep your speeds down. hopefully for the fourth of july, you're already where you want to .be the eastern almost half of the country will see pop-up storms. temperatures around 90 eedegr it will feel warmer, and each afternoon, keep an eye to the sky, especiallys we get closer to fireworks time and watch out for pop-up showers and storms. same story for friday. looking for pop-up showers and storms. hit andmiss. one town gets them, the other
7:19 am
town doesn't. same story at the airports too.f those occur at the airport, you could see brief delays and on the roads, again, keep your speeds down when you get stuck in the downpours. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 sec. welcome back, everyby. current temperatures out there in the 60s and 70s. it's a little warm out there and we'll continue to have warm conditions through t day today. as those temperatures top out in the low to m 90s.
7:20 am
humidity building. it will fee closer to the mid to upper 90s. plenty of sunshine. we have a chance for isolated storms mainly west of the i-95 corridor. continuing into the afternoon and evening. so 94 today. and tomorrow with a 40% canc of storms. that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. upoming controversy off the field. before today's world cup semifinals. team usa accused of being overconfident, even spying on england's team. what the coaches and players are saying about all of that this morning. then a new warning formm suer travellers. how using wi-fi on the road can be a huge danger, and what you can do to protect yourself. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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out of the water. hydro boost with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® upd try our hydrating make. this is a news four "today". news >> 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, july 2nd, 2019. i'm uniyank. >> jack evans will speak with council members. he's hoping to keep his position on the financial committee. the council will vote on evans this week. >>or eleolmes norton will host a forum to push for d.c. statehood. that starts at the ame church in northwest. now let's check on your commute with melissa and your first 4 traffic. good morning.
7:27 am
southbound 270, a crash blocking the left lane. we'r seeing a little built of al delay, especia south of urbana on 270. inner loop before st. barnabas, left lane blocked by a disabled vehicle there. as we lk at eastbound 76, everything getting b on the left side, about a twmile backup. >> thanks. >> we'll check your forecast next..
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good morning. i'm lauryn ricketts. temperatures, at 60s and 70s right now, on our way to the low 90s today. plenty of sunshine, but about a 30% chance of an isolated storm mainly west of d.c. low to mid 90s tomorrow, feeling close to 10 and a 40% chance of storms. we up it to 60% on afternoon and evening on fourth of july.
7:29 am
hail, and even dangerous winds, d we'll keep chances of rain friday, saturday, and thsunday. e heat index will be 90 to 100 degrees. >> another local news update in about 20 minutes. that is a l
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shirt you havein >> kd of puffed up. >> yeah, it's a puffy shirt. >> back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning, july 2nd, 2019, with that classic moment from "seinfeld" tat was shot right here in studio 1a. this morning, 3 celebrating years at "seinfeld" and a look back at all the laughs and an iconic charaer joining us live. >> one of my favorites, yada, yada, yada. >> iconi show, the puffy shirt hanging in the smithsonian. >> amazing. you didn't wear yours today.
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>> tomorrow. >> let's get a check of today's headlines. the border crisis appears to be escalating this morning. members of the congressional congress, all democrats, toured twon immigratio detention facilities in texas on monday. they described the conditions there as indefensible. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said she heard from a detained woman border fagents told her to drinkrom a . >> this is them on their bes behavior, and they put them in rooms with no running water. and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> border officials say the accusations are, quote, completely untrue, adding there are ample supplies. >> a pilotnd his wife walked away unscathed after an emergency landing in the mojave desert. the frightening moments were caught on camera. the pilot t saidhe plane's enjal lost oil pressure and stalled
7:32 am
because there were no landing arips around, he was forced to look for spot on the desert floor. the landing was bumpy, but they were okay. a medical helonopter respd to the scene and flew them to a neighbor airport. >> and video that might he you thinking twice about getting in the water. daytona beach, florida. yes, that is a shar just a few feet away from those unsuspected immers. thankfully, the shark, that one id least, d not seem too interested in the humans. eventually, he or she swam back out to sea. >> thankfully. tensions running hig before the u.s. women's national soccer team takes on england later today in the world comsemifinals in france. this morning, the u.s. team being accused of spying, as well as being too arrogt on the field. nbc's kelly cobiella is in france. good morning to you. >> good morning, craig. yeah, we might be seeing a
7:33 am
develop here. these two teams have only met once before in the women's world cup. the u.s. won that game 3-0. but that was 12 years ago, and these two teams are completely different. already ahead of today's match, ngthings are getti a little testy off the field. against ense 2-1 w host nation france in their last outing, this morning, the u.s. s women's team bracing for battle against another european powerhouse. >> within the group, weave a great ability to just stay together and kind of block out those distractions when the time cos. >> tea usa accused of being arrogant after sending staffers to check out the five-star hotel where the team would stay if they make it to the finals. the only problem, their semifinal opponent, england, is currently staying there. england's coach calling it unbritish a bad etiquette. >> not something we would do,
7:34 am
send somebody around to another team's hotel. it will have no bearings on the game. i actually found it q funny. >> u.s. coach jill ellis, who grew up in englfed, on dee. >> in terms of arrogance, that's got nothing to do with us. that's planning and preparation for our stf. so think that's pretty normal. >> yeah, i don't think our team is arrogant at all. i think our team is confident. we're respectful of our opponents, and i think the way that we respect them is by preparing as if the pponent we're going to play is the best world. >> british tabloids also claiming someone was spying on gland during its practice. turns out it was just a curious local. fans are already flooding into lyon, france, ready to their team. american players are drumming up support at home with another sick note for today's 3:00 art. asking employers to give their staff the day off to watch the match. >> it's america's birthday week.
7:35 am
>> jen, this is >> so it's the right thing to do for the d, white, and blue. >> these young fans from new york and new jersey will be int stands. >> are you nervous for against england? >> yes. >> a little bit. >> because they are ago really team. >> hoping team usa can outscore england for a trip to another world cup final. and it's going to be another hot one. temperatures forecast to be in the mid 80s at kickoff today. and the u.s. team's adding another 30-year-old to their roster today, guys. star striker alex morgan is celebrating her 30t birthday on game day. >> all right, hopefully she celebrates with a win for team usa. kelly, thank you. do you think they would be accusing the men's team of being overconfident? >> that's the question i have. inthink we spe a lot of time talking about whether they're overconfident. here's the bottom line. these are some of the best athletes in the world. any way you slice it, i'm in awe of these women.
7:36 am
>> you can be confident when you' that good. >> let's take a turn, check weather. >> it's hot out there. .it's hot here going to be hot all through the holiday weekend for a good portion of the country, and the heat is combined with the humidity. that's what makes it feel almost oppressive out there for some areas. chicago will feel like97. nashville will feel like 102. montgomery, 103. up into philadelphia, temperatures will feel like the low to mid 90s today. same for washington, d.c. on wednesday. it will feel like 97. wilmington, north carolina, will feel like 106 degrees. tallahassee will feel like 109. stay hidraydrathydrated, think petshi outdoors, about the elderly if they don't have air conditioning especially. this heat is hard to escape if you don't have somewhere cold t go. we're looking for temperatures to moderate a bit, but still mid ng seasonable in the 80s in boston, richmond will hang in the lower 9s. raleigh lower 90s as well. it's going to be seasonably
7:37 am
warm. we have isolated pop-up strong storms expected today through the northern plains later on this afternoon. that's a look at weather across the country. now here'ee a p ought your window. >> those temperatures out there in the 60s and 70s. an uptickn humidity. that's only going to increase through the day. might be good pool day. we of d.c.s where we'll have a chance of a storm. low to mid 90s today but feeling close to 100 degrees. same tomorrow. low to mid 90s, feeling close to 100. today, 30% chance of rain west. morrow, 40% chance of storms. that will be widespread. we take it up to 60% unfortunately if fourth of july. >> that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. >> coming up, willie geist with look back at "seinfeld" 30 years after thatshow's debut. we'll sit down with the actor who played elaine's boss, jay peterman. >> plus, he's the golfer you may
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we' back now, and carson has joined us. good morning to you, carson. as we take an in-depth look at security risks on the road. >> thiss the busiest travel week of the entire summer. while you keep a close eye on your credit cards and cash, security pros say your biggest security risk could actually be that cell phone of yours, as it tries to lock on wi-fi and cell phone signals set up by criminals. nbc's tom costello is at reagan airport this morning with a warning for all of us. hey, tom. >> hey, guys. good morning to you. so last year, half a billion, half a billion with a "b" travelers had their personal information compromised worldwide. we're talking passports and credit cards and hotel and frequent flyer information. while you make sure to lock your luggage and rental car and hotel room, don't forget, keep a close eye on your cell phone. the peak travel week in the peak travel season, and airports, train stations, hotels,wa
7:44 am
are all packed. almost all offering wi-fi, but should you trust it? >>f there's one available for free, i'll go with that one. >> cybercrooks are hoping you can't liveithout wi-fi because it can be the back door to your hackable data. personal information, credit ards, airline hotel loyalty programs. ibm cybersecurity pro charles hendern says it could be a tempting trap. >> it's very difficult to know public wi-fi is legit, and a criminal can set up fake wi-fi with a device just like this very easily. >> it may say airport, hotel, or coffee shop wi-fi, but one click could give hackers eascc aess to everything on your phone, including unprotected apps. to prove how easily we can all be targeted, their cybersecurity chief offered w freei-fi access in new york city using names like get online ande fre public wi-fi. a whopping 2,341 people
7:45 am
connected to the hot spots, and 109 handed over their credit card information when james offered $2 access. >> of course, in this case, we're not actually taking the ney, but 109 users happily handed their credit card details over to a complete stranger. a company that they h no idea about. >> even if you stay offi, wi-f you could still be at risk. hackers have targeted public usb charging stations with that steal your phone and computer data. >> criminals cann eve use this to intercept all your bluetooth communication. >> my watch, my phone, everything. >> everything. l >> theest hacker tool, a hijacks that literally your cell signal. >> this is a device that can mimic a cell phone tower. >> this? >> this. >> stay off networks you don't know. avoid public charging stazs, carry batteries instead, and rip up used airline tickets and luggage tags. your pernal data has never
7:46 am
been more at risk. tom, back to theub pc wi-fi, which if you have kids, you have kids, that's really tempting when you're traveling. how c we tell if the one we're logging on is really the one that's being offered by that coffee shop or by the airport? >> great question. because here in the airport, at reagan airport,ff they free wi-fi, right? so go to a billboard. it's listed here, or go to a brochure they obler and dou check, what is the exact wi-fi address that the airport or the hotel or train station may be offering and make sure you type that one in. if you go to a coffee shop, ask the person working there, what is the eprecise nam of your wi-fi, because it's very easy for a hacker to set up a table in the back with a fake wi-fi and lure you in with a fake wi-fi. and listen, let's also not forget about basic atm safety. experts say use an atm at a bank, obviously, or even in an airport. avoid the ones casually on a street or in a bus station.
7:47 am
they can be easily hacked and try to use credit cards rather than debit cards. you don't want someone to have easy access into your bank account. >> tom costello with useful tips as so many of us hit the road for the holiday. thank you, tom. >> a real wakep call. i can't tl you how many times i used to public wi-fi. >> turn it off, kids. read a book. >> coming up, we'll say happy 40th birthday to one of my favoritedevices, the sony walkman. does it change the way we listen to music forever. can't believe it. that's afterne migrith botox®. what if you had fewer headaches anmigraines a month? botox® prevents headhes and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults wit chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 minutes in your doctor's office and are covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection
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7:52 am
there's a reason. this week marks 40 years since the introduction of something that has all of us feeling nostalgno algic, the wa it revolutionized the way people listened to music. >> early commercials, it touted these things as the first real opportunity to listen to your favorite music privately on the go. and there were some doubters early on. >> yeah. >> despite that, sony's chaman at the time believed teenagers and young adults wasn'ted to listen to that all day. the first model cost about $150. that was a lot of money in 1979. that's a lot of money now. >> an instant smash, and ultimately, 400 millionere soldglobally, and we have them here. yellow. >> i think this was the one i had when i played my "lion king" sound track as i was riding my bike. >> a rock star, dylan. >> justo be able to listen to music like that, incredible.
7:53 am
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♪ ♪
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this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> 7:56 is yourime on t tuesday, july 2nd, 2019. i'll eun yang. preparations are under way for the fourth of july celebtion in the district. president trump's event will include military tanks onhe mall and a fighter jet flyover. >> now let's get rig to your commute with melissa mollet. >> in the district, south dakota slow down because of an accident. triangle, joplint a route 1, an accident causing delays. westbound 50 at the bay bridge had an earliers bridge and i cleared out of the way. e>> we'll tak a break now, check your forecast when we come back. . everyone's got to listen to mom.
7:57 am
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i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts and we're looking atry ice morning out there.
7:59 am
plenty of sunshine, 60s and 70s, on our way to the 90s today. 94 will be our daytimehigh, feeling like the mid to upper 90s. isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm mainly west of d.c. t're back in low to mid 90s tomorrow. even more humidity around for wednesday and a slightly bigger chance of instorms. we're also looking at that heat index tomorrow around 100 degrees. fourth of july, unforunfortunat looks like rain. fourth of july, righte tim wee around time for the fireworks, 9:00 p.m. we keep storms around at least through monday. >> thank you. another local news update for you in 25minutes. for now, back to the "today" show. been in our family duke's mayonnaise has ever since i was small.he i love tay that the duke's mayonnaise d ngtoy,as a onde ytsouthn u don't have to worry about any sugars. it's good, right? oh, yes.
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we cure our meats in-house, we make all of our piles in-house, and we buy duke's mayonnaise. we can't make it any better. can't beat it (laughs). it' it's 8:00 on "today." comingp, border battle. the troubling new accusations about those detention centers after members of congress pay a visit. >> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> this as officials launch an investigation into a border patrol facebook group. so what happens next? we're live with the latest. also,r triumph ove tragedy. he took home the grand prize at the pga tour, and now nate lashley joins us live inside studio we'll t to the pro golfer about his emotional journey to
8:01 am
victory. >> and from nothing to something. we're celebrating 30 years of "seinfeld" with a look back at the iconing show. >> oh, newman. >> i was in the pool.e' >> wll chat with the actor who played elaine's boss about how the sitco forever changed tv. today, tuesday, july 2nd, 2019. >> it's our family vacation from win symptom, salem. >> here with our mom from california >> hoosiers from indiana. >> from houston, texas. >> we love watching the tood sh show. >> celebrating our 35th annirsary. >> and welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
we're so glad you're here with us on this tuesd morning. craig melvin alongside kristen welker. savannah and hoda enjoying the week off. >> happyo be back. we have some exciting segmentsu comi including taking a look back at"seinfeld." >> oh, yes, and look who's in the house, mr. j. terman himself. can't believe it's been over 30 years. >> all the classics. >> it is a busy morning, a lot going on. let's get to urnews at 8:00. new outrage over the southernrd bo crisis after members of congress toured a controversial migrant detention center at the same time officials are investigating a private border patrol facebook group. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us with the latest on all of that. gabe, good morning. >> craig, good morning. this is the border patrol station in clint, texas, that has become the latest center of the immigration debate. anti-immigrant protesters showed
8:03 am
up monday. so did members of the congressional hispanic caucus, all democrats. alexandria ocasio-cortez calling conditions conscionable. saying she heard from a detained woman that border agents told her to drink from a toilet. >> this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in roomsh no running water. and these women were being told by p officers to drink out of the toilet. >> border patrol agents later pushing back, calling the accusations completely untrue. this all comes amid a bombshell report by propublica detailed a private border patrol facebook group making crude jokes and mocking migrants. nbc news has notndependently verified the facebook group and has not seen the posts. in a written statement, customs and border protection called the post completeply inappropriate, finding any ployees having
8:04 am
found to violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable. meanwhile, more protests are planned today at congressional offices across the country calling for the closure of detention centers. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. also, the ntsb is analyzing the cockpit voice recorder from the pri plane that crashed near dallas sunday, killing all ten people onboard. it slammed into an airport hangar and burst into flames shortly after taking off for st. petersburg, florida. communications between the pilots and tower were normal, but once the plane became airborne, iteared to one side. among the victims were a real estate seller, and a pilot and family. >> one group breck away from a peacefulch monday, they smashed doors and windows, covered walls with graffiti. left behind piles of unended
8:05 am
police barriers and debris. police used force clear them out. activists have been protesting efforts to clamp down on ndmocracy. >> the food a drug administration has named 16 brands of dog food that may be for pet higher risk heart failure. it's looking into more than 500 reports. nvolve dry foods that are maeted as grain ee. the fda does not suggest changing your dog's diet. it's urging people to work closely with their veterinarians while the investigation continues. now for your morning boost at 8:05, it is that time ofear where some kids going to camp, others are forced to get a summer job. what better way toewake a f bucks than by starting your own dog wbuking ness? this golden retriever darcy that the right idea.
8:06 am
chewbacca, the burmese mountain dog, seemed to go wherever he wanted, but darcy was persistent, eventually got chewbacca back on the right track. >> darcy's small but persistent. i like that. feisty. >> coming up, kevin cmatner ng big news, talking about a sequel to his classic movie with whitney houston, "the bodyguard." >> and "seinfeld" fans are going to love this. our next guest is the face of the unforgettable character, j. peterman. >> how do you know all this? >> that's my coat. >> who are you? >> i'm j. peterman. >> actor john o'hurley joins us live right after these messages. she's doing it again. (vo) no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery
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[upbeat music ♪] yo u got this. you got this. you got this. you got this.
8:11 am
back now with today's talker, celebrating three decades of "seinfeld" the legendary sitcom debuting here on nbc 30 years ago, forever changing tv, forever changing pop culture as well. willie geist with a look back. >> offhe air for 21 years but it feels like it's still with us. >> because you can watch it every day. >> and dylan posted itarve day. i don't know why. about 30 million america watch "seinfeld every week. quates in the days before dvr and television, it was must-see tv. it was named by tv guide the greatest television show of all time, as the cast of hilarious supporting characters together icon.d an amerin >> we should go out, this is what they're talking about. not one person here is home. we're all out. there are people trying to find us. they don't know where we are. >> from stand-up.
8:12 am
>> the second butten literally makes or breaks the sht. >> to sitcom. >> look at it, t. >> on july 5th, 1989, comedian jerry seinfeld brought his unique brand of observational humor to television. jerry creating a show originally called "the seinfeld chronicles." with friend and fellorrcomedian ladavid. >> it's likeorking witholl society. >> the ground breaking sitcomopening the door for its quirky cast of characters to become some of the most beloved in tv history. jerry, george, elaine, and kramer, helping the show about nothing become something of a pop culture phenomenon >> hello, newman. >> can't top this. this is my life. i can't do anything better than this. >> during its nine-season run, seinfeld mined the mundane for laug y. >> would mind? >> i can't, i don't have a square to spare.
8:13 am
>> its charactersng agonizi over the smallest of life's challenges. >> i was in the pool. >> everybody knows a george. the worst things people go, you're me, living mylife. i go, oh, boy. so sorry. >> seinfeld left a lasting impact on our lexicon, popularizing words and catch phrases still in use today. >> yada, yada, yada. s> nothing for you. >> i think is the same one i gave hi>> also, the regifter. the double dipper. and- >> what's that? >> excuse me. >> the low t >> why are you wearing this mow? >> because the low talker asked me to, that's why.nk >> tha to kramer's low talking girlfriend, jerry inadvertently agreed to wear the now infamous puffy shirt during his appearance on the touchdo"t show to promote a charity event. >> that's a very, very unusual shirt you have on.
8:14 am
they're all kind of puffed up. >> yeah, a puffy shirt. >> m aorable nbc cross over, but not the last time "seinfeld" and "today" would end up inme t eck of the woods. >> i guess your boyfriend is going to have to catch the next train. >> he's not men boyfri >> he's not? interesting. >> i'm a big fan of a program called the "today" show. >> signs of a lasting friendship. well after "seinfeld" apped. >> do you have a favorite episode? >> the marine biologist, when kramer hits the golf ball io the blow hole of the whale. >> when seinfeld signed off in may of 1998, more than 76 million viewers tuned in to watch the series finale. despite ending on top as one of the most successful sitms of all time, "seinfeld" almost never saw the light of y. a now famous nbc research memo
8:15 am
revealing the pilot rated poorly amongst the test audience. >> they don't like anything where people go woo. >> i asked jerry and julia louis-dreyfus about that memo in recent interviews. >> i think the comment was no segment of the audience expressed an interest in seeing the show again. >> right. >> how did you get through that, power over that? >> i figured we were dead at that dpoint. >> you feel it turn at some point along the run and say this is a different show now, and we're growing our audience? >> i guess i felt the turn when they p us on thursday nights because prior to that, we had a pretty crappy time slot. >> kudos, elaine, on a job done. >> stock options? >> i think not. >> all of a sudden, our audiences were growing and growing. >> you have to have that big stuff. nd they're still growing today as the iconing show lives on in syndication and more
8:16 am
recently on streaming services. >> this is so [ ble ] good. >> a new generation of fans is celebrating 30 years of "seinfeld." >> i think i can sum uphe show for you with one word. nothing. and of course, the popularity of seinfeld hasaunched other projects for everybody involved. larry david brought the same brand of humor to curb your enthusiasm. julia louis-dreyfus wrapped up "veep" and jerry mself has "comedians in cars getting coffee." you can check out for guesttars including jerry thomas. >> thank you for taking us down memory lane. joining us now, actor john hurley, who played j. peterman. good to have >>you. nice to be here. and thank you for taking the half look over the shoulder with me. >> we just saw jerry's favorite
8:17 am
episode. what was your favorite >>episod? think my favorite was the frogger episode, when george has the score and finally admits to jerry, jerry, i'm nev going to have kids. this is all i have. that happened to be the wedding cake episode, too, the infamous, where elaine steals my priceless piece of world war ii wedding cake. >> what did you think of your character when you first read the script, and you infused obviously this unforgettable person into it? >> they handed me the j. peterman catalog and said, because they hadn't finished writing the episode when i went over to do the first show.e they said just want him to sound the way the catalog is written. if you looked at the j. peterman catalog, is this long and hemingway adventure story with the size and price and availability on an oxford. i thought it sounded like a '40s radio drama combined with a little bit of a bad charles purault, so he became this
8:18 am
legend in his own mind. >> any idea what happens to a butter basedst frog after six decades? i have a feeling what you're about to go through will be punishment. >> got the lines. >> still got it. >> what was it like for you as an actor at the me, because you came on the show when "seinfeld" was big, it was "seinfeld" at that point. was it intimidating, nerve-racking, or were they welcoming and you fit right in? observations. one, you knew you were in st. peter's cathedral. you had a sense of reverence, this was something special. it was special because it was a different format of comedy. that's my second observation. it wasn't joke funny. i had been used to sitcoms that were like joke, joke, joke, pay off. that's not whats was about. in facts, i called my manager after the first table reading and said this show is not funny. how is this the number one show
8:19 am
in television? what i found out is it's not joke funny. there's not one jthe in e. the scene is funny. you play the scene honestly for the intenon that they wrote, and you stack scenes together, and it's funny. then they a weave together. and that was thes geniu of the writing. >> we were talking about the legs of this show. because of syndication, your youngerchildren, my younger children, now opening their eyes to "seinfeld." >> it's amazing. the comedy is just about the minutia. as i say, they were mining the minutia of life. ythat's reall what it is. they took the normal stuff and just pulled it apart untilhere wasn't anything left. that's the joy of , and it gives it the longevity, too.we 'll be watching this. i said to the experts on the j. peterman set, save the script, make notes, everything, because u'll watch this with your grandchildren. i can't say that about any other thing i have done. >> we're j getting started. you're going to spend time with
8:20 am
us in the hird hour as well. we'll talk more about seinfeld, the show'slegacy, and also a few other cast members as well. we'll also talk about your real life connection to jay peterman. >> an interesting story. >> and larry thoma will come up next hour, third hour of "today." for now, how about another check of the weather. myi already have 2 1/2-year-old son watching seinfeld. let's look at what's going on weather wise. t's a very typical summerti da we have a little system that's going to move through the great lakes, producing some heavier right now rain through wisconsin and michigan, too. later on this afternoon, we'll see more storms fire up across the northern plains as well. getting into the fourth of july, we'll see the chance of some isolated storms pop up each afternoon. going through the entire weekend, but thursday itself, we're going to see hot, humid weather. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. pop-up storms through the northern plains, through the
8:21 am
midwest, up and down the east coast as well. afternoon storms should b by nighttime, by about 9:00, 10:00, but the most unsettled part will be back through the midwest and across the northern plains. h noe's a peek out your window. >> and as for us, i do believe there are going to be a chance for storms even after that sun goes down on thursday. so 9:00, i do think we cou have some storms around the d.c. area. humidity moving back in today. temperatures are heating up. goingo haveaily chances of rain isolated one today, then slightly better as we continue each and every day. you're starting in the 60s and 70s, and an uptick in humidity.r temperat in the low to mid 90s, feeling closer to 100 degrees with isolated storm chances mainly west of i-95. >> don't forget to check out our sirius xm station 108. >> jbh is here. >> just for pop start. >> thank you, jenna. we appreciateit. we'll take all the viewers we
8:22 am
can get. wetart as we teased earlier, kevin costner sharing big news about plans he once had for a body guard sequel in a recent interview for people tv's couch surfing. he took a look back at the box office hit and revealed there were plans for a second bodyguardthovie with none oer than princessdi a. >> liked the idea of doing a bodyguard two. >> with princess diana starring in it. it in the same kind of capacity as whney, and nobody really knew that for ayear. sarah was really important. i always respect sarah because she's the one who set up the conversations between me and diana. >> sarah ferguson. >> yes. >> she was so supportive of the idea. and s she sethat up, and diana and i had this thing. i said look, i'm going to write this part with you in mind. is this something you think you would like to do? d she said yes, i do.
8:23 am
>> wow, how about that encaustner g ng on to say she did have concerns about being in the film, including what an on-screen ks might be like. and finally, new trend sweeping the internet. the hashtag #bottlecapchallenge. it shows him round house kic bng atle in slow motion. he unscrews a bottle. then he challenged john mayer. he takes a stab at it. impressively, he executes it. he calls on jason statham, the actor, to give it. a shot she's going to do it. the thing has gone viral overnight. celebrities have b j in. david spade, whitney cummings, conor mcgregor to name a few. diplo took it so far a to challenge former president ndrack obama. the duke a duchess, no response from those folks, but it could be a t chance showcase
8:24 am
their hidden talents. >> i love when the internets brings u together. >> how many times do you have to practice to get that right. >> you should try during the next weather segment. >> we have not verified the authenticity. >> do you guys play jenga? here's a california family playing game night. mom wanted to show off her expert jenga skills. have look. >> now, if you're a jenga person like me,no you the middle piece, you don't touch that one. if you do, you have to assume the stack is going to co. so laser quick there. >> she also did it with major streak. >> more than 3 million views from fellow jenga fans. >> amazing. a>> we shouldo note, nbc news
8:25 am
did not verify the authenticity of that video. >> noted. >> that's prettyimpressive. >> coming up, my favorite kind of morning, when my lovely wife is here. that's right. we're going to be grilling and chillingut on the plaza. i have some american food and fourth of july paired. you're not going to go anywhere. first, a quick look at urlocal news and w.
8:26 am
good tuesday morning. i'm melissa mollet with a look at your traffic. southbound bw pkway near 197, northbound and southbound are seeing delays because of an earlier crash. at arena drive, a disabled vehicle causing somede ys. and in the district, south dakota avenue and overturned vehicle hanging around there. rest of the road ways not bad looking. pretty typical. we'll be back with weather in
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back, achd. current temperatures out there right now in the 60 and 70s.r for you tuesday outlook, a.m. commute dry. but it's going to be a little warmer. that humidity is increasing throughout the day. low 9o mid0s for a daytime high. isolated chance of a storm mainly west of i-95. exercise, get it done early i becauses going to be warm, and warm today with temperatures in the low to mid 90s. 40 pest chance of rain tomorrow, and we upt to 60 for thursday. chances of rain all the way through monday. >> lauren, thank you. preparations are under way for
8:29 am
the fourth of july celebration here in d.c. president trump's event will include military tanks on the mall and a fighter jet fly over. you can look for the nbc washington app for more details. you can also go throw for the latest news and we
8:30 am
>> we're back now, 8:30, on another sunny tuesday morng here in new york city. july 2nd, 2019. a holiday week. we have a holiday crowd. you're already celebrating here. >> believable. >> how are you doing? yougood? >> they're fired up. >> there's actually someone special in the crowd. craig, iant you to come with me. let's walk all the way down here, and walk fast because we don't want to take too much time. we're wr doing the tv walk here. do you remember kim kirkland? >> yeah. we went to high school toge er. >> right here.
8:31 am
>> how are >>you? you should have told me you were coming. you guys went to high school together. ha columbia high. >> w was craig really like in high school. as nerdy as we expect? >> a great gu very unique. we loved craig. he was. >> i heard your voice, i was at home when i moved back from virginia. i said why do i hear craig's voic i opened my eye, like yes. >> so good to see you. >> you're here with your daughter grace. ah>> ye >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> how old are you? >> 12. >> we'reug old eno to have 12-year-olds. >> i had a 9-year-old, but she couldn't get up. >> so good to see you. >> unique, i like that description. >> that's a synonym for nerdy. >> great. >> so good to see you. be well. thank you for coming out. >> how fun. >> uque then, unique now. >> you know what unique means. >>ou have seen the pictures.
8:32 am
you know what i was like. >> were you kind of a nerd? i have seen that violin picture. >> did you not wear pants? >> they were just kind of high. >> that was a sweet reunion. coming up, the golfer who came out of nowhere to win a pga tournament over the weekend. nate lashley, he's here to share how he overcame tragedy to get his game and his lifeack on track. you don't want to miss it. >> that's a great story. >> also, my wife siri and i are here gting ready for fourth. have a patriotic play list, great music paired with delicious recipes just in time for your backyard barbecue. hotdogs that my mom taught me to soak in beer. how i had my first beer, eltually. i'll you all about that, and a nice bourbon drink, too. >> have you tried hotdogs in bourbon? >> no.oo >> and bourbon yet? >> coming up later on the third hour of "today," we're catchal up with country superstar luke
8:33 am
bryant. he's going to talk about his family and life on the road. >> before all of that, how about another check of the forecast? >> the weather keeps getting better for the fourth of july. for most area, it's typical weather. warm, humid conditions toda temperatures in the 90s. it feels even warmer. we will feel pop-up thunderstos in the afternoon. some could be strong with hail and downpours and gusts. same story for tomorrow. we'll see storms pop up in the afternoon, into the evening, and they fizzle out. for the fourth of july fireworks spectacular, it gets started at 8:00. i think the storms will be gone by then, warm and humid, temperatures in the lower 80s. not too bad. that's a look at weather across the country. now here's ak out your dendow. >> 75 ees out there right now. and that southerly wind bringing in some of thatdi humi. hot and humid today with temperatures, low to mid 90s. isolatedhance of an afternoon storm mainly west of thei-
8:34 am
corridor, but look at this. we heat up this week. oh, yeah, that heat index is going toig be around the century mark. fo fourth of july, hot and humid, sdrrting off y, but we will have incrfsing chances rain. it looks like we could have scattered storms around 9:00 p.m., fireworks time. >> all right. dylan, tnk you. coming up, we're going to sit down with golfer nate lashley, whose surprise win on the pga tour sunday capped a long emotional road back to the sport after personal tragedy. we'll talk to nate right after this. first, this is "today" on nbc. at havertys we know everstne has different ta.
8:35 am
and this independence day we're making it easy to find your style at havertys 4th of july sale. when you spendore, you save more up to $1000. on furniture that's al! with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from. celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you. havertys life looks good
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welcome back. pro golfer nate lashley has been dominated headlines since his first edge pga tour victory on sunday. >> but it didn't come ealy. he endured a heartbreaking tragedy that almost ended his career. we're going to talk to nate in just a fi loo
8:37 am
is jontne,y. moor cheers f nate lashley sunday as he secured the first pga tour trophy of his career. >> just really emotional right now. >> it was a last-minute break that turned to acomeback story for the ages. the rookier pla ranked only 353rd in the world, added to the tournament as an j alternatet a day before it began. >> i was just really thankful to get in the tournament, and i took advantage of the opportunity. >> but 15 years ago, an unthinkable tragedy almost ended his golfing career. >> a search is under way for the parents of nate laaeley. >> n parents and girlfriend were flying home after watching him in a golf tournament, when the single engine plane flown by his father crashed into a snow squall and killed all three board. >> it was tough to stay foced on the golf course. >> lashley walked away from the game, briefly pursuing a career
8:38 am
in real estate, but his love of golf brought him back to the court, more determined than ever. teis sunday, his s and new girlfriend cheered him on from the sidelines. >> i'm not sure if i can tell you exactly what went through my mind. >> lashley overcong life's biggest challenges to come out on top a champion. >> the latest pga tour champion .ate lashley with >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >>. thank you >> i know it's been a whirlwind of a few days for you since the big day on i also know your parents introduced you to the game you loved so much when you were a little boy. what do you think they would say about this first pga tour win? >> i me, they would just be proud. you know, a lot of hard work, a lot d work from then when i was young. they took me around when i was a kid. going around to tournaments and playing aot of golf. i was constantly playing sports. without them, i wouldn't be
8:39 am
sitting here. >> how doou deal with so much loss and keep on going and go on to do what you did this weekend? >> i kept pushi myself. just tried to stay positive at times which is not easy to do a for lot of years, but i felt like i kept getting better and better at go so i knew i could get out here and compete out on the pga tour, so i just kept my head down to the grind and kept at it. >> i mean, golf is such a mental game. i wonder wdt your min set was. you found out the day before the tournament that you were the alternate. how do you get your mind right to all of a sudden go in and play as well as you did? >> getting in as ante alterna was a relief, really. i thought i might end u seeing first alternate and finding out late tuesday and then wednesday of getting the call to guarantee i was in it, that was a big relief getting in. and i was just happy to be in the tourname. i was playing well. going in, i thought i well >> pying wls anld c oula p
8:40 am
yunderstatement. i'm here, let's break down the golf for a second. nate, you were less than ten feet from the hole on 22 out of 28 of your besesirt odi par 4 performance so far on the pga tour this year you were 14 under on the par 4s. your iron play is incredible. this isn't just a great emotional story. this is about a great golfer emerging on tour. you have never been to new york, eeu're here now. you have never b to europe. royal portrush is a site of a major. are you goinginto that, a, i'm happy to be there, b, i want to make thet, cu or, c, i can win h this g? >> well, i mean, really, i'm just going to go into it, i want to.lay well you try not to think about winning. i'm going to take it the way i took it last week and t e one shot at a time. wi a win comes a lot of confidence. hopefull i can ridehat in through the next few weeks and give myself another chance to win.
8:41 am
>> what that moment like when you won? >> surreal, for sure. it'still aittle bit of a blur. so it hasn't quite sunk in yet, but i'm assuming ove the next couple days it will. r> do you celebrate? your siste brooke and your girlfriend ashley, what did you do after the victory? >> we hung out, we were at the mgm casino. had a nice dinner. a few cocktails. >> a little blackjack. >> as onedo es. and won the thing. that hadn't happened in a long time, and the second place guy came in and won the qualifier. >> thank you for sharing your dtory. >> you picke up a lot of fans over the past few days. >> you're an inspiration, that's for sure. just ahead, taylorswift's album sales booming. amidst that feudith music manager scute escooter braun. but first, this is "today" on nbc. y mega-controversy.
8:42 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and we're back now at 8:43 with a battle involving some of pop music's biggest stars. people are taking senes betwe taylor swift and justin bieber's manager, scooter braun, after braun purchased big machine label group which gives him ownership of all of swift' original recordings of her past six albums. joe fryer has the latest on the story. inate you need to calm♪ down >> the taylo swift/scooter braun feud n showso signs of calming down. sales of her old music surging, sending her past albums up the record charts after she blasted the music executive's purchase of her label. it gives him rights to her first six albums meaning a significant portion of their profits will ♪ nowe got bad blood >> according to swift, the bad
8:45 am
blood with the musicve execu goes back years. including her famous feud with kanye west, who at the time was braun's client. swift games she was blindsided by the sale of her former record label, bigin mach to braun, writing all i could think about was the incestant manipulative bullying i received at his hands for years. swift left the small independent label in november. porchetta said swift passed on a ten-year contract he claims would have given her ownership of master recordings, and he was unaware of her feelings toward brn. cher responded in a story on twitter. unfortunately, can relate to having millions stolen a few times. rihanna, miley cyrus, nicki minaj, have all reporteray unfollowed on on braun's side, clits justin bieber andi demvato are defending their friend and manager. lovato says, i have dealt with
8:46 am
bad people in the industry and scooter is not one of them. he's good man. one twitter user is trying to keep track of the divided allegiances with this chart. braun's camp has no comment, although his wife has challenged swift's accusations, saying in an instagram post, who are you to talk about bullying? the world has watched you collect and drop friends like wiltedfl ers. my husband is anything but a bully. as for swift, no sign yet she plans to just shake it off. for" "toda joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> you made a good point, carson. >> the more they talk about this, scooter braun now owns the rights. the sales are through the roof. he's getting richer as this goes on. a couple quick points. this is a story because taylor swif doesn't like scooter braun. she doesn't like the guy. secondly, it's easy for us to think the pop star the rights, but if taylor swift worked on an assembly line in
8:47 am
detroit mak cgs she would have no claim to the car. it's different.>> he argument e that a car and your intellectual property are different. >> it's till the labor. labor, you don't own as a part of .capitalism you reap benefit from the product to which the labor has made. >> one of the most fascinating parts of the sto is howunfollow. >> unfollow. >> it would have bee i nice scott porchetta had gone to her and said this guy has million. it's your music, your recognize. i'm going toive you a chance of last refusal. you should have it. >> not like she coun't come up with the $300 million. >> carson, thank you. joe fryer, thank you as well. >> just ahead, you're going to do double duty. >> my wife is calling me. >> you're going to head outside. siri and carson doing what they
8:48 am
do best. will work, carson will drink. >> just like home. >> this is "today" on nbc. at havertys, we know a mattress is more than something you sleep on. it's something you live on.
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all right, this morning on "today" food, it's another edition of grillingin and chi with us, the dalys. this is where we combine two of our greatest passions. it's not our children. it's cooking for you. it's music for me. our kids are a clo third, however. but that's neither here nor there. fourth of july is here. let's start with the music. we'll get to the food in a minute. i prepared a patriot blg play list. songs.ed ten i'll show you five, if you go to, you can get the whole play list. we're going to go with amecan girl by tom petty. young americans. a bowie song. something newer by kid rock. and then i'm throwing my buddy
8:51 am
blake shelton drink on it in the mix because loveblake. should i start with my cocktail first? >> yes. >> the r, white, and bourbon. ice, a healthy dose of bourbon. >> just a splash. >> a little o.j., just a splash, a little lemon juice. a little lime juice. >> you're doing so goo >> a little simple syrup. we'llix it up. craig melvin is a big bourbon guy, too. , hourre going to mix th it over some ice.'m and then i going to top it with just ait little b of grapefruit soda. >> and a cute starfrt. >> i wouldn't do it. but for tv. >> it's fourth of july. >> there it is. what are we cooking? >> we're going to do hotdogs. we likek to soa our hotdogs in beer. first, i'm going to cut slits diagonally in the hotdogs to let the beer soak in ahe give t hotdogs a nice char when you grill them. so, put them in the beer. >> something my mom did growingp i carried it over ever since.
8:52 am
darker beer is usually better, but any beer will do >>it. carson makes the best hotdogs and i swear it's because of this. next we're going to grill up topics and cook them in foil on the grill so it makes cleanup a breeze. onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, garlic. drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. >> where's my red, white, and bourbon. >> and i'll show you how to grill this. why don't you work on the dogs over there. >> this is a dog shot, too. >> don't do that. don't dothat. >> i mean, the dogs i cook, the beer, that's delicious. >> we're going to take the short sides and fold and then the long sides and fold and make sure you have space so the veggies will vent. pop that on the brill. minutes., about 20 >> this is how people ask why do you cut the hotdogs. out?e juices run you slit it, it creates a char
8:53 am
there, and the beer gives it more of a ballpark plump feel to it. they get juicier.s >> i okay. do you like it? >> a great dog. >> fantastic. why have you been holding back? >> exactly. and i like to add cheese, jalapenos, avocado, whatever you want. it makes it so easy to clean up afterwards. >> the you . >> yeah, fun to put out a bunch of topics. >> we're really into burger bars, hotdog bars. baked potato bars. anything where guests can assemble their own food. this is super fun. we'reoing to grill popcorn. we do a lot of popcorn over the stove at home. >> we have never done >>is. hat is not true. >> we have never grilled popcor we have never grilled popcorn. i love the
8:54 am
>> disposa pie pan, veggie oil, and wrap it in foil again. we're all about foil. >> what's with that? does it go into the popcorn? >> we're going to turn it into s'res popcorn. bl you put it on the grill? >> we have never done it. >> you want to t e these and shake it up, but it pops like it would on the stove. >> i love the salty and sweet. >> to make it s'mores popcorn, break up some gham crackers which is like the easiest thing ev. we have melted butte we should make this for the kids. they would love it. >> a healthy amount of butter, too. you have to have the butter. then the marshmallows. how fun is that? and a littl bit of salt, because salty sweet is my favorite thing. >> and a little beer, just a little bit. pump up the popcorn. >> pop it. >> how does it taste? >> it's delicious. >> what are you doing for the fourth of july, kristen?
8:55 am
>> well, i'm working, but then, watch the fireworks. for sure. now i'm going to try to make this popcorn, why not? >> people are always saying don't overcook the barbecue. hotdogs are great. burgers, simple. a complex cocktail. popcorn. >>yeah. >> all right. happy fourth of july, everybody. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> and if you want these recipes by all means, come over to the house. we live on long island. go to the website, >> all rit, as always, you can find more great stories, but first, yourirocal news. thhour up next.
8:56 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> 56 is your time now on this tuesday, july 2nd. i'm eun yang. let's get to a cher on you commute with melissa and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. eastbound dulles toll road near leesburg pike, we have an accident causing slowdowns.
8:57 am
fairfax, eastbound 6 at 123, right shoulder is blocked. still seeing delays as you're headed bound. in laurel, northbound and southbound bw-parkway seeing slowdowns. the right lanesouthbound ishe only thing getting by that crash. >> thank you. we'll take a break now and check your forast when we come.
8:58 am
8:59 am
well, you know it's going to be a hot day today since re temperatures already approaching the 80 degreemark. s outside the beltway, headingow t the l to mid 90s today but feeling closer 100 degrees. we have an isolated chance of a. storm toda thunderstorms as we get into your fourth of july. about a 60% chance. hot and humid this week with chances of rain almost all the way into monday. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning to you. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle, here with craig and dylan. al is off this morning. our buddy jill martin is hanging out with us. >> hello. i love the article in "people." >> thank you. >> i loved it. >> thank you. thanks. tell your friends. >> i did. i told them. i tweeted. i insta everything. i'm super into these mugs. >> this is why you're on qvc. the way you're holding the mug makes t me w buy it. nails are perfect. >> it's true. >> hold it again. >> you can put water in it, coffeen i. >> hot chocolate. >> very good. >> sell it for


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