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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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confidence. >> and we come on the air this morning. >> tanks and might arrived in southwest d.c. they are expected to be part of the celebration on the mall. we're working for you on team holiday cosmith has the latest on the plans for the president's salute to america and the chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking storm chances that could affect your plane but w tart with transportation reporter and adam, you're learned that celebrations will affect air travel at reagan national. tell us about it. >> yeah. that's really right. this is an unprecedented move for the fourth of july. basically between 6:15 and7: and between 9:00 and 9:00 pm for the fourth of july.
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and because the flights can't be that close they have to be delayed. >> the flyovers and fireworks shutting down the flights at reagan national airport. between 6:15 and 745 p.m. and between now and 45 p.m. on the fourth of july there will be no flight operations at dca at all. the faa making that announcement on social media today. hopefully they will divert them to dulles or something which is not enjoyable. >> joseph bishop henchman. the flight was atan log national and 9:21 on the fourth. >> onhe other hand, why is this all being done at the last
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minute. >> air traffic has been stopped in the past for the flyovers. it has never been stopped before because of theireworks. the reason the fireworks are affecting the flight this year is because theti loca where they are being launched has changed to west potomac park and that's now closer to the flight path. >> and the airport authority couldn't tell us exactly how many flights will be affectedse becof this change but dozens of flights do usually come in and go out during a time frame like that. lwe should t you that no flights at bwi, marshal or dulles international will be affected. ck over to you. >> that's going to inconvenience a whole lot of people. >> news 4's cory. corey smith has a look at the massive tanks thn are i the
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area. tell us about that scene. >> reporter: ask and you shall receive. thta president wanted his ks and he's got four of them plus another military vehicle. earlieroday we'll show these tanks, two abram and two bradleys on the flatbed rail car. ss, and they will be in place for the president's salute to america. they weigh tons, lots of them. 60 tons per vehicle. and that has many local leaders concerned about the damage that could be done to city streets. moreover, they believe that the president is politicizing the fourth of july. this is what congresswoman eleanor holmes norton hady to sa earlier t'today. >> the one holiday where everybody comes together and doesn'tlo even at how you
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define what your political party, is so he's already by the way in hi he has taken hold of this event made it into a political event. >> reporter: now we are told that the tanks will be somewhere in the vicinif the lincoln memorial. >> hear what the w think,ther or not the president has gone too far or if he is striking the right tone by bringing in these military vehicles as part of his salute to america. back to you. >> going to be quite a show. >> thanks, cory. >> now to the weather. >> all this pomp and pageantry planned on thursday and, doug, you're looking at an iffyas for that night and also out there right now. tell us what you're seeing. >> the storms coming through parts ont loudoun c and frederick county and no severe thunderstormarning. not expecting anything really, but i wouldn't be surprised if one of these did in fact become on the stronger side. excuse me. show you what we're dealing
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with. those showers are making their way in over the last two hours or so. you can see a little bit of a line. frederick county down towards loudoun county. more back to the west. i'll zoom into this area right here through loudoun county. one just along the porter between loudoun and frederick county. you see all the heavy rain with this one. this will pulse up and pulse down. will they briefly become severe? yes. that's why we we are watching them very closely. leesburg getting hit pretty hard by these storms. all the s arms to the northnd down to the south. i think we are going to see a much better chance of storms overnight tonight and then again during the day on your wednesday. wednesofy is a good chance storms and, yes, we're talking about a chance then as well. a few showers and storms this evening. a better chance of storms tomorrow and then tracking the storm chances for the 4th as >> doug, should people start thinking about possibly cancelling or changing plans because of the weather? >> i definitely wouldt cancel
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any plans just yet. this is not every getting them, but if you want to think about having a plan "b" and you want the poncho ready, maybe get back to yourif car there is thunder or lightning coming back in. i'll have much more on this including the timing of these including coming up in a few minutes. >> now is the time to make sure that youave the nbc washington app. we've posted a full schedule of the events on "e scene." >> immigration advocates are demanding change after reports r of deplable conditions at detention centers on the b u.s./mexicoder. >> what do we want? >> justice w >> when do want it? >> now. >> these are advocates rallying outside customs and border protection here in d.c. wendy rieger is standing by at the live desk and a look at the
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changes they are calling for. >> we've been reporting on the troubling conditions at the cvp. they say a migrant was told to drink out of the toilet if they were thirsty.ay advocates snough is enough. they marched outside of the offices today calling for a safe sanitary housing. care for all immigrants at the border, especially children. >> what we're seen concern ofno toothbrush orousoap, ding the number of migrants in a facility into one. >> we just hope that the government will listen to us any finallchange their policy so that they are more just towards latin america. >> the trump administration has repeatedly downplayed the conditions at the border, with youer yesty nbc news learned a watchdog within homeland
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security warned the administration about the deteriorating conditions as early as may and jay gray will haom new reaction f today's real. that's ahead at 4:30. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. >> now, new details on what led a shooting inside aarking garage at pentagon citymall a masksd suspect approached tianother man sitng inside of his car. at suspect showed a gun and then tried to stealhe victim's cell phone. that victim fought back and during that struggle the gun went off. police tried to revive him, but he died at the hospital scl we're learning new information about a deadly crash on the bw parkway. 20-year-old brittany rks was killed last week when a car slammed into her. she was a howard university o student studying t a dentist. u.s. park police say 24-year-old darnel bassett hit and killed her. he was try to lose police in a
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chase. darnell bassett has been charged with a felony for an incident on june 26, the same day as the bw parkway crash. prosecutors have not said ifth at charge is for burks' death. bassett has been in the hospital in police custody since the crash. >> well, we just wrapped up pride month celebrating the lbgtq community here and abroad. today a district couple shareds diturbing video showing a man vandalizing their pride flag. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has their story. >> this is a very qet residential commuerty. >> repo the last five years bet ed rhodes and her husband have considered independent avenue in southeast home and feel comfortable and purchased this security camera to be safe and this morning they captured this, a man walking on to her yard, tearing down her pride flag andt slamming up against her gate while hurling
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homophobic slurs. >> we just ripped it completely off. >> reporter: rhodes showed us the broken pole that she found lying on theround when she returned home this morning. >> to hear him just be so disgusted and have such violent verbal reaction to a flag was really discouraging. >> reporter: she sa she and her husband were flying the flag to show support for pride month in a community that has been the target a ofs of violence here in d.c. and across the country. >> just for anybody walking by to know that this is a house ere you're safe and supported and we're trying to fight for you and for everybody else to -- to be equal. >> reporter: while rhodes is upset by the man's criminal actions she ys she won't let him stop them from showing their support. absolutely we'll fly it again. two teens are recovering after a shooting at a playground in fairfax county. police sa the teens were shot
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just after 11:00 last night. hey believe attack may have been gang-related. we're told one teen has since r been eleased from the hospital. th have non-life-threatening injuries. >> a contentious meeting today at the d.c. council as embattled council member jack evans faced hours of tough questions from hiscleempingts evareation. evans is trying to convince them of not stripping him of his chairmanship of the powerful finance comndttee a as mark segraves reports evans refused questions.many of the >> reporter: last week when uncil member jack evasked for a chance to be heard before he council votes to take his committee chairmanship away evans said he would be happy to answer all their questions but today evans was only willing to answeruestions regarding the metro ethics investigation which he called flawed. when council mrs asked about possible conflicts of interest being investigated by federal prosecutors evans was less forthcoming >> the best approach to that is to let the investigations which are looking at all of that pay
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t rather than me try to answer that question today. >> i have just lot of questions that are clearly not going to red today. >> i appreciate your pontification and you're mischaracterizing a lot and interrupting me. >> you put news this position to egin you. >> i don't like to either. >> after two hours of back and forth evans left th meeting without talking to reporters. most of the council members voted in favor of taking the chairmanship away when the council votes next week. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> remembering a titan. we are just getting started "news 4 at 4:00." >> in a new minutes a look at the man who inspired the character in the movie "remember the titans." >> and we're counting down oo thenly solar eclipse happening this yea 'll bring it to you live.
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call, click or visit a store today. >> back now with a look at how hot it feels here this afternoon. the heat index is close to 1 in many spots. doug is back with chances for storms tomorrow and for the 4th and he'll take us through the impact hour by hour. >> news 4 is working for you and the community and a loat the
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tall ship prtidence docked a its new home in alexandria. the ship is a replica of the merchant ship from the 1700 built for the centenn celebration and also played in two parts of twohe "pirates of caribbean" disney movies, and now there's now plans for its life in alexandria. d> we will daily tours. we will do weekly cruises such as every friday night, family friendly pirate cruises on saturday morning, and we'll do once a month adult pirate cruises, wine cruises and sunset sails. >> now the foundation promises that no one walks the plank bearing the pirate cruises so you're safe if you want to check it out. it won't open up to the public te they are summer. >> all righty. you don't have to wait until thursday to celebrate the fourth july. tonight bowie is hosting its
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early independence celebration with free concert and fireworks show at prince george's stadium. mu 7c begins at30 and fireworks start around 9:15. well, you know you can trust tommy forecast fly to know of the fun things to do across the dmv. >> night life, fashion, you name, it tmy is up on the scene and that's why we're launching a new segment on air called "the scene." >> every week tommy will tip you off on all the hottest events, lots of fun things to do. this weeknd he fou some ofthhe coolest ings to do for the fourth including george washington's berry farm. ♪ >> reporter: why nota celebrte america's birthday and george washington's boyhood home. i'm tommy mcfly with the seen. berry farmer from fredericksburg. from 10:00 to 4:00 celebrate where gorge washington grew up, tours of his home.he watch t patriotic flag retirement ceremonies and enact
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with colonial re-enactors. educational aspect for the whole family plus crafts, games, hands-on activities,and can you going to love it. all the info on the nbc washington app. just search scene. i'm tommy mcfly. news 4. >> all the events wrap up at 4:00, but there's fleetcenter of reason to stay in fredericksburg including fireworks. right now on the nbc washington app you can find our fireworks finder just searche scene for more information. find the fireworks. >> find the fireworks. >> find them. >> and maybe your tap dancing shoes if you have to dance between e raindrops the next couple of days. >> io think the fireworks are going to be effective especially tomorrow night. a lot of areas doing fireworks d some fireworks will get off it without a h and others will have a problemf becausehe rain and it's a matter of how many storms we have o there. any time there's this kind of heat we'll have storms and take
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stlook at ju that. the heat.ow around old alexandria. yeah, yeah, yoube wanted to in the shade. braved the sun and the heat. any time you're walking btween the building, close to the brick and asphalt, makes things that much hotter. starting to see some storms th those clouds as well. you can see area-wide we've got some showers and thunderstorms out there. the heaviest of whichow right n in parts of loudoun county an on the border of frederick county, too. let's zoom right into this area. northn fauquier county and a little bit of a line moving down across the region. moving here between the potomac and frederic and loudoun county. around leesburg, a very heavy storm around leesburg. not severe and we have had some lightning out of this. we'll show you a street level
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view. traveling aalong route 7. this storm makes its way south and east and should go just to the north of the airport. may clip part of the airport and moving down towards the herndon area, too. the wider view showing severe utather. some of the comper models bringing this down here over the overnight. tore back to the west, too. temperatures righ now. yeah, up to 94 degrees. what a difference a day makes. 94 and windsle at 10 miper hour. that puts the heat index close to 100. 101 in quantico and 101 in baltimore and 100 in gaithersburg. a very hot and humid afternoon. a lot more where that came from, anec again, bse of the heat, we've got the storms out there. look around virgofia. some the strongest storms wound rappahannock and fauquier county, princeliam county, further south than predicted.
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er 11:00 they are out of here and storms ovight try to move n.shouldn't amount to much and what this means for wednesday. we'll see a good chance of storms develop. here's 4:00, right. not a whole lot and watch what happens by around 6:00. numerous storms and showers and thunderstorms, and they oe going te here throughout the afternoon, so you mentioned -- i know there'sin some go on in montgomery county. something we'll watching you very closely, and we'll talk more about this at 4:45. next couple of days, hot and humid for s fre. 92 onourth of july with with a 60% chance of storms during the urevening ho thanks, doug. >> all right. new video you'll only see right here on news 4. un prince george's co police cruiser takes out a fence trying to chase down a group of atv riders, and then a little later tracey wilkins explains how that may get commuters in trouble. >> and why these young women from our area are spending
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. the next big thing from msung is expected to be unveiled next month. companies will announce new products august 7th from the barclays center in brooklyn. theno galaxy e so is expected
4:24 pm
to be unveiled. rumors are this phone will havec a newmera embed right in the middle of the display screen. it's also possible that the company will try to relaunch the galaxy fold, a phone that was pushed to market too soon accordinto samsung's ceo. >> 30 years ago this week, jerry george, elaine and cramer first graced our tv sets right here on abc. >> i think i can chum up the show for you with one word. nothing. >> yadda, yadda, yadda. >> nothing for you. >> i think this is same one i gave him. >> the regifter, the low talker, the puppy shirt, so much of those catch phrases still being used to this very day."s einfeld" was a ground breaking show for using scripts that didn't allow on punchlines and the characters never seemed to look at mistakes. "tv guide" ranks ithe greatest tv show ofl time.
4:25 pm
>> i have seen every single one of > them. >lso "remember the titans," remembering a certain special titan. legendary7119 state championship team. now, he was a fullback whose championship team was t trned in film. "remember the titans" and as news 4's jackie bensen explains it was that team that helped break down racial barriers here. >> >> youuys love each other but don e respecth shower. >> this video was addresed by alexandria public ci schools when he retired as a security officer om 2018. the man immortalized in the move "remember the titans" spent the last three decades of his life as the heart and soul of his school retiring this month bere his death from cancer. the movie was denzel washington
4:26 pm
portraying coach herman boon was the story of the school's improbable heroic 1971 state football championship just months after three reluctant city high schools have h been fused into one racially tegrated school. >> he truly will be missed. >> former alexandria mayor who sees thead gruates says the teen's struggle, bonding and eventualriumph leave their mark on the city to this day and always petey jones was there. >> petey would always greet me in the mayor and say some day i want to like and i would say, no, some day i want to be here. >> the actor who played jones in "remember the titans" says they still come up and talk about how the movie pacted their lives. when the scholarship fund was retired, alexandria found a way to honor him and the 1971 titans with a scholarship. as of yesterday it had raised
4:27 pm
only $2 of a $3,000 goal to help a d.c. student get to college. jackie benzen, news 4. nevberg. gacy. >>n stllick he' around for "news 4 at 5:00. "we'll be parating fact from fiction. do you real veryto wait an hour after swimming, and is dry drowning a real thing? doreen gentzler answer your summer swim questions. >> and secret facebook group exposed border control agents allegedly joke begun migranta des on social media. new reaction coming up next and how the feds are taking action. >> this fence was plowed over, and can you still see at tire tracks after a police chase. prince george's police going after illegal riders in d.c.
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if you're just joining us at 430, let's get you caught up with four things to know. there will be four tanks on the mall for the fourth of july. the president asked to have thed includs part of his salute to america. the tanks arrived by rail and critics are concerned they will be do damage to the d.c. street because of the weight. here in the district home surveillance capnred a ma vandalizing a pride flag at a home on independence avenue
4:31 pm
southeast and in that video we canar that man shouting homophobic slufrmts thems victi say she and her husband put the flag up to show the support for the lbgtq community. >> embattled d.ou cncil member jack evans trying to save his job despite the growing ethics investigation. he addressed the council todaya ut the probe and recent fbi raid on his house. he still refused to answer many of hisio colleagues' que. a vote is scheduled next week on whether to strip evans of the chairmanship of the powerful finance committee. advocates marched outside of custs and border protection offices this morning wanting them to address concerns unsafe conditions at border. some called for i.c.e. to be abolished. pat and leon, more on what these advocates were calling for today in that march.
4:32 pm
>> that's right, ndy. >> that's right. the protests here in d.c., the one here was just one of many today.the country >> they come after reports of deplorable conditions at border facilities and new reports today over qutionable comments fr border agents on facebook. jay gray has new reaction on both fronts today. >> down, down with deportation. >> reporter: voices and tensions rising. >> anyone deserves to. cross it >> reporter: thousands expect to gather more than 180 protests across this country demanding changes along the border. >> stand up for the voices, stand up for the children and the families. >> reporter: representative joaquin castro reporting thi video from several detention facilities monday in texas where says women told him they re an'weedt medications. >> one of women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet.
4:33 pm
>> border officials saying the accusations are comply untrue, insisting there are ample supplies. there's so growing frustration now over an investigation by the nonprofit organization pro publicali detai a private facebook government with posts mocking migrant deages. >> the ats on facebook who express the such contemptuous and racist attitudes ought not to be there. they ought to be fired. >> reporter: nbc news has not independently verified the facebook group or seen the posts. in a written statement customs eld border protection call the posts complet inappropriate adding any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable. >> close the camps now. >> reporter: accountability at the core of the ongoing battle at bodder. jay gray,nb news. >> a new family homeless shelter is coming to e district.
4:34 pm
today d.c. mayor bowser was there to help break ground. the family shelter will be ilt on the site of the rita bright family youth center featuring a total of 50 units, 306 them apartment-style units after closure of the former d.c. general shelter.r the othe will be permanent housing set aside for senior residents. the family shelter will also include an outdoor play area, a computer room a office space for social services. >> now to president trump's ever-evolving plans here in the fourth of washington has started in a change with the fireworks location and a speech on the mall at at lincoln memorial and the president add military flyovers. now he's added tanks. critics are concerned mr. trumpg is bil taxpayers to put a partisan spin thonme most acan of holidays. craig bosworth report. >> reporter: fourth of july firnorks over the lincol memorial, making room this year for president trump.
4:35 pm
>> it's a salute to america, and i'm going to be here and i'm going say a few words. >> reporter:pa prerations for the president's speech under way. critics accuse him of doing something predecessor wouldn't have done. the people there, having any politician co-on the the nation's birthday. the 243th birthday push will include tanks, a yover by the president's tanks, air force one and the navy blue angels. the military hardware, something the presidt has wanted since he attended a bastille day military parade in france aco uple of years ago >> i think it's cool to see.he t pentagon and our great l militaryders are thrilled to be doing this. believe me, theyer would rath have a beer and enjoy the rest of t country and local authorities facing challenge as
4:36 pm
hundreds converge on the field. >> now the secret service involved in planning for the event itself at the lincoln memorial. >> president trump is offering up his own fireworks for this independence day. the white hou i says itn't a political event but is under fire for handing out tickets to the republican party. craig boswell, nbc news. >> news 4 asked mayor bowser h what she tought about the addition of the tanks to this year's celebration. we'll have her reaction ahead on "news 4 at 5:00." >> come with us to local computer science camp ltorning cope. how they say a community program is inspiring them this summer. ur and check this out. here's a pi a live picture of the only total and right now yoth america i'll be takingu en ed states going to see another total solar ec
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
>> smoking is getting harder in a major southern city. atlantis's city council approved a far-reaching city and ey think ban for most public areas. they include barks restaurants or places and atlanta's hartfield jackson airport. the ban covers cigarettes, is i gas and e-cigarettes. atlanta's airport was one of the few left in the country where people could still light up in designated lungs. the mayor still has to sign the
4:40 pm
bill. if it's signed it goes to effect january 2nd. >> research reveals how many americans are using pot to treat their pain, according to the research at the university of miami. use legalized marijuana for their pain found it extremely helpful. as aleeping aid,84% of paces who e cannabis who help them sleep say the drug is effective. >> it's a rare lestial ent and it's happening right now over south america. >> we want to go you right now. it's the live feed of the only total solar eclipse that we'll be able to see anywhere on the entire planet. news 4. this is cool, amelia. is is amazing, we were sayingha tt this just brings back thet excit of the total solar
4:41 pm
eclipse back in august ofi 2013. happening in chile. we'll see it happen only for a few more minutes, a total solar eclipse is -- you can hear people out there getting so excited. that's how cool this . this is, of course, a live feedo from right, a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the earth and the sun blocking out the sun's rays, and it is absolutely fne for you to look at this ige without the protective. glasses another vantage point. how cool is that imagery up there in the corner of that. the next tolal eclipse happening here in our area is going to be in april of 2024, april 8, 224. sight.atch this that solar eclipse here in the united states will start off around texas and head out towards the northeast. now talking about the frequency wof these, see a total solar eclipse on average about once every 18 months, so we get two solar eclipses every three years
4:42 pm
out there. this is the only one happening this year. can you see what's happening right now. we're starting to see the end of e total solar eclipse. the moon is no longer able to block out therays, again,re we' having the only total solar lipse down there live in south america. not happening here in the united htatedin 2024 an what a great sight to catc this happening right now, and can you hear the excitement of the folks out there. >> this is almost as exciting as it was in august of 2017 when you could see it across the country. if you think back to everybody running out to get the special lenses to view the eclipse. >> yeah. >> if you'vsaved yours and t's not damaged, it's ther again in 2024. n a total solar eclipse and
4:43 pm
here's another vantage point. >> wherever that first seed coming in north america and areaide it will be ending right here as well in about just under a minute soith that i'll send it back to you. >> you said good before the break before it got to you. you said it was going to be a short duration. >> seen totality. >> folks, we are going to keep the vision of that eclipse as it lays out across the sun and keep that at the bottom of thecreen during the commercial break and we have to see what's happening down heren o earth. a warning has been issued for fairfax county and doug is back here to join amelia for the timing and tracking of today's storms. >> only prince george's countyb eau chief tracey wilkin
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
>> just issued for montgo and fairfax county. doug and amelia will be backre hein less than two minutes. keep it right here. now to video that you'll see only on news 4. prince george's county police officers weaving through traffic to catch illel atv riders. >> that's right. this chase went from prince george's county into d.c. prince george's county's bureau chief tracey wilkins has more on the chase and the demands for change from community members. >> this fence was plowed over a and you can still see the tire tracks after a police chase going after local atv riders and what you'll see only on news 4. dozens of atv riders are being followed by prince george's county police into southeast uthern avenue. the riders were first spoed in maryland a and on this cell
4:47 pm
video you see police attempting to wrangle the writers. these are illegal on public roads. one has u-turns in the middle of the street with no lines. crashing into achain link fence of a business narrowly missing one parked car andanother vehicle. all the atv drivers got away. >> and you havede police partment getting into our s neighborhoodething that we would not expect. it's a problem. >> anthony lorenzo green is a commissioner in d.c.'s ward seven and another neighborhood that borders prince george's county. this has been a major concern for my neighbors because there's been a lot ofg cars dama and a lot of front yard fences destroyed, and there's a concern about their children who a working down surf road. >> police released a statement that reads in part it's not policy to meet reckless behavior
4:48 pm
witheckless behavior. they say this was a violation of their procedure and they arei nvestigating to figure out what the next step w be. in southeast, i'm tracey wilkins, news 4. >> prince george's county police department policy only allows car pursuits in the most serious cases where the suspects are believed to have committed violent crimes. >> all right. let's get right to the weather. we've got some serious storms popping up here in the region. >> montgomery county and fairfax county under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5 sack and this is a storm in loint and then quickly developed in towards montgomeryounty and show you what we're looking at right now. these storms as we've talked about, we'll get these pop-up storms and you can tell a couple of storms making their way across the area.o close t front royal and here it is right here with this storm that's moving on through here
4:49 pm
and going to zoom it on in across our region. this storm coming down. viny strong storm through the gaithersburg area. can you see it's moving a little bit more -- little bit more to the east rather than south and east, so if you live in gaithersburg and the rockville area. you really want to watch out here. viis is where storm is going. should be in thele area ound 5:00. zoom on in one more time and show you where this storm is, making its way rights on down towards rockville. around bethesda, coming towards the montgomery wall the next 15 to 20 minutes. very strong winds andt a lightning associated with this systewe more severeher and the next two hours and you can see area wide we've got storms coming the sext couple of days. that's the key a we make our way towards fourth of july.
4:50 pm
amelia and i were talking about this wednesday and thursday, a lot of different fireworks displace going on. we don't think they will all be washouts, but right now we pick out exactly which ones might be effective. when you talk about scattered. ripping up a piece of paper and letting that fall on the map. all of those pieces of paper represent storms. can we say where they are going to fall. theyre going to fall on to the map. that's what we mean when we say scattered. if you're leaving town tomorrowi we're go to be tracking thunderstorms between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. so travel could be an impact. also if you're flying out of town later in the day. we might see some airport delays and heading to the rolling stones concert tomorrow i would bring that poncho and taking a look at what you're allowed to bring in. heading to the nats game
4:51 pm
tomorrow night, you do need to be weather ready. it's a mild and muggy start on the fourth of july. 72 degrees by lunchtime and' we still dry and plenty of clouds and 88. a high on the 4th of 97 with the humidity and more scattered showers and thunderstorms for the fourth of july during the afternoon and evening hours. storms during the time period of 3:00 and 00 p.m. once the sun goes down we really lose the fuel of the sun and the storms for the most part fizzle out. headed out of town. it's better to leave early in the morning. stay weather ready with the outdoor plans. >> there you'll have radar in the palm of your hands so you can take a look at a storm like this. here it is gaithersburg. look at rockville as i time this storm out for you.
4:52 pm
had 4:59 right around rockville and north bethesda around 5:03. most of montgomery county. dos say fairfax county but i'm not worried about that. 93 in manassas and 92 over towads college park. a very warm afternoon and say stay on the warm side. 92 thursday and that, of course, the fourth of july. 89 on friday because more clouds and a good chance of some thunderstorms early next week. ally looking good after this latest heat wave. heat wave. a little cool.'s there a thing going there. for july. >> 88 is going to feel like freezing. >> yesterday was gorgeous. >> real cool wave. >> hey, here's something that's not cool at all. >> oh, no. >> socialsedia i raging after this viral video surfaced.
4:53 pm
she just licked the top of that ice cream container. a young woman lickin the top of a carton of blue buell ice crea. ah statement says police are investigating. >> some people took to social media for a lack of sealing on its ice cream. i don't think that would have stopped her. the freezing process which involves fillinghe t cartons up side down creates a natural seal. you saw that it was hard to pull off. >> i'm thinking this is 1:30 in the morning. >> i want to know who the chucklehead is whos recording it. >> it's not just her. >> somebody has been out having fun. >> i love blue bell ice cream. >> now you have your signature
4:54 pm
flavor there. >> tongue. >> yeah. that.mething like >> now we can't eat dinner or dessert. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> wow. >> what is coming up? >> ice cream. >> you kno we are about a month into the summer shutdown of five metro stations in alexandria. 're now finding out it's not just an inconvenience for the rider. >> ahead at 5:0ar we'll he from business owners who tell us the massive repair project is hurting thtoir botm lines. >> when it comes to swimming and safety, this is hard to believe that there's conflicting information onne. who would have thought? well, we would have thought so we checked itut. to help you figure out what to believe. >> yeah, we set out to separate fact from fix. doreen gentzler debunks some of the swimming myths. >> so you don't have to wait 30 minutes, that's right. >> might be able to settle some >> might be able to settle some bets with
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
z3d2uz z16fz
4:57 pm
y3d2uy y16fy a severe thunderstorm warping for fairfax and montgomery counties. doug is back to track the storms next at 5:00. >> learning how to you do something special in the classroom during summer
4:58 pm
vacmeion. >> aie cho takes us to to geor's campus and introduces us to a computs cience camp. >> reporter: ask any of these girls and they will tell you. >> which sun conditions do this. >> the first key to success is simply knowing how to pres forward. >> it's not going to run because i did not initialize "." >> reporter: when sabrina was learning computer coding, she says the boys iner class told her she would never make. it not only is she a successful software developer. >> take a couple of minutes to talk with a partner. e>> reporter: she's hert the summer camp teaching other young women how to write computer codes. >> i've actually never seen so many girls all coding in one on space at e. >> reporter: the girls who code summer camp is put on by a nonprofit called >> they have wanted to encourage girls to go into computer science. >> just lik believe in yourself. don't care about like if anye males ar dominating that field.
4:59 pm
>> every day for seven weeks the girls wl spend their summer break hitting the books. e> the activities that we fun.o >> even though it's like school i enjoy it. >> i wanted to keep practice over the summer and maybe advance even >> the gois for them to program their own projects, building websites and a sisterhood of computer keientists. >> just real li heartening to see womenearning how to code together and having that po sup. >> in the district, aimee cho. news 4. >> "news 4 at 5:00" starts now. >> yes, right now at 5:00, storm team 4 tracking our chance of thunderstorms in thes area thi afternoon. >> yeah, it's starting to rock out there right now, folks. there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county. >> and those storms are n the move. let's get the latest from doug for the storm center. >> yeah, i've been acking these storms coming through parts of area. you see numerous little storms
5:00 pm
around here. the biggest storm and most ht intense rigver montgomery county. this is in through the gaithersburg area. really encompasses most of 270w no and, of course, 2770 always a mess this time of the night. going to be a problem as youon move through the hour. this warning goes until 5 sack and includes areas like bethesda rockville.hrough does include northern fairfax county so if you live around tyson's or mcclain's you got that update on your nbc washington app but i really think that's the heaviest of which will be in through montgomery county. right through the montgomery county mall. this is where it's heavier in through the rockville area, too. this is something we're trackinr for you ov the next hour or two as that one moves on through. more storms to the north into west virginia and parts of pennsylvania. that's going to come through later on this evening, too. tracking all of this for the day tomorrow. tomorrow we expect more stms and, of course, on your fourth of july. i'll time it out for you and see you


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