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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, downpours and damage. severe storms soak our region. and this is just the first round we'll see this we>>. thankfully, they're done for tonight. but a carbon copy tomorrow. we're talking hot and humid and,
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yes, more storms. i'll show you what that means for the fourth as well. and new tonight, a quiet neighborhood shaken by gunfire. ashriple ooting in a ark v parking lot putting people who liv nearby on edge for the second time this year. hi, everybody. i'm jim handily. right back to that soaker of a night. a noisy one too. first came the heat, then on cue those heavy down tonight's round of summer storms moved in quick, but folks, they were powerful. they stalled traffic, took out , power lin even sent a tree through the side of this home here in olney. now the question is what should we expect tomorrow? we have team coverage for you tonight. news 4's darcy spencer will give us a look at the cleanupis that still under way. but first doug cammerer in the storm center. are we going to need those umbrellas again tomorrow? >> you'll need them but today if you went outside even the big umbrellas a day like today really doesn't help a whole lot because that rain is coming down
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so hard,uch big drops now that we're in the summer months, and i think we're going to see a morbon copy ow. take a look back. this was six hours ago. watch how these storms o rumble through. numerous rounds of storms in some areas. i saw a couple of locations in montgomery county get hit one, two, three times. same deal in parts o fairfax county, around manassas. numerous storms coming on through. this line made its way through the area with numerous -- thousands without power ding the day. wider view showing even more showers and storms still out there. we're going to. stay tomorrow a carbon copy of what we saw out there today. waking up to rather nice weather at 73 degrees. it will be warm. it will be humid. so no problems early in the morning. if you're heading out on the roadways i think you'll be a-ok for that morning commute hotd humid again tomorrow. another round of storms expected tomorrow afternoon. i'll take you hour by hour for that. and tracking the storm chances for the 4th. yeah, what time of day is the worst as far as storms are concerned? we'll talk about it in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. doug, ank you.
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our team coverage on this severe weather tonight continues with news 4's darcy spencer. she's live for uso in nhwest d.c. near a.u. park. darcy, some in our area were a little caught off guard by these storms tonight. >> reporter: they certainly were, jim. if you were one of those people who was caught off guard you utow that an umbrella just wasn't going to c it, like doug said. these storms were very powerful. over here on 45th street like you said by turtle park you can see a large tree branch is down. these storms packed a powerful punch. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: there was hail poundingack yard decks in clarksburg. and an absolute downpour in parts of d.c. in adams morgan the rain didn't stop people from walking their dogs and riding their bikes. people caught in he storm had to make the best of it. in olney in montgomery county a tree fell on a house on shotly
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bridge place. it went through the roof. fortunately, everyone got out safely over by the white house people ddled on a church porch trying to stay dry. some had baby strollers. some just had the clothes on their back, completely soaked. >> i mean, i have an umbrella. i got it last minute on the way out. but it's kind of gone. it's flipped inside out twice. >> repter: some were at lafayette at a protest against camps for immigrant children. they had to run for cover enditg demonstration. >> it was frustrating that meant it had to end early. because it's a v important issue right now, closing the camps. but yeah. i mean, i was frustrated. >> i was pretty surprised. it reallyeent z to 60 in like a second. like giant dro and kind of raining sideways.
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>> reporter: there'ofquite a bit amage here in the d.c. metro area and some power outages. so if you plan to go out tonight or early tomorrow y morning, want to keep that in mind and give yourself some extra time. i just checked the nbc washington app. it says 71 degrees. quite a cooldown from earlier today. back to you. >> boy, is it. darcy, thank you. dwell,g told us weather may be a concern for 4th of jule brations on thursday. but even if we avoid the rain, travelers will face some trouble coming to and leaving hi wasngton. today we learned flights coming into and out of reagan national airport could beelayed for hours. the reason? fireworks and flyovers. there will be no flight operations at dca from 6:15 night.7:45 thursday and again between 9:00 and 9:45. that's when the events will be taking place on our national mall. this is the first time firewor have stopped flights into reagan national. president trump has been
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promising a huge celebration, as you know, right here in d.c. tonight we're seeing new video of the mility tanks that he l be on display for salute to america event thursday. a viewer spotted them moving along main avenue in southwest d.c. tonight. and check thisout. this video just came in few minutes ago. thse tanks are now in place along the lincoln memorial. pealso exed, 24 different aircraft representing each branch of the militall. they'e part of the flyover that accompanies president trump's 20-minute speech at the lincoln memorial. all those events will be open to the public, though there is a ticketed section served for vips. and amid all the red, white and blue will be some signs of protest. today we are we learned the ational park servicepproved a permit for that baby trump balloon to fly on the mall.lo the bon will not have helium in it. so it won't be floating. it'll be along the washington
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monument groundsntil 9:00 inon the eveninthe 4th. now to the protest that had onns of thousands rallying outside immigratetention centers today. darcy spoke to a few protesters hee in d.c. that was one of nearly 200 different demonstrations that took place all over the country today. protesters are demanding better conditions for migrants. chants of "close the camps" could be heard at several protests today.tu pics released by the governmenshow migrants crammed into rooms, some piled on top of each some lawrs allowed inside described what they called horrific conditions at the detention camps. tdse unumented immigrants are the people the white house doesn't want countedn the u.s. census. and today we learned the trump administration will begin printing 2020 forms withou a controversial citizenship question. that's in compliance with last
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week's supreme court ruling. president trump had said as recently as yesterday he would try to delay carrying out the census in an attempt to include the question. the constitetion man the government conduct a census every ten years. now to a developing story tonight.rt putting a norn virginia neighborhood on edge this ng eveni. three men were shot in two separate locations in fairfax clnty. take a k. the shooting scenes just a five-minute drive apart. news 4's jackie bensen takes a closer look at how it all unfolded. er: this is a quiet residential area, and that is why the fact that there has been a second shooting here in the last six months has neig concerned. people coming to pick up their pets from the reserved barking dog daycare in the 6400 block of blegraph road were m the alarming scght of crime sene tape and police officers. >> this is interesting. i've been coming here for three i've never really seen anything like this. >> scary.
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you don't think of that in this area. >> reporter: fairfax county police were k5u8d t the parking lot, which is also used by the meta east recording studio just after 4:00 p.m. and found a man who had been shot. investigators believe two cars pulled into the lot and shots were fired, then both fled the scene. police are looking for th blac mitsubishi captured on security cameras as it drove minuteer a second 911 call a laway. came in aboutther shooting scene. >> officers from the mount vernon police district responded to the 2700 block of james street, which is about two miles from here, for the report of another shooting. >> reporter: two additional shocting vis were found in or near this car at a second scene. the injuries of all three victims are described as non-life-threatening. just last february police were called to the parkin lot of the recording studio after shots were fired outside. no one was hit. mes gibson, 18, and cartier westly, 19, were arrested for that crime in may. police say they do have some video from cameras and are ve viewireviewi
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see if it will be of any help in their investigation. jackie bensen, news 4. >> police are asking for the public's help in locating that black mitsub when we get more information about that car, we'll be sure to bring it to you. well, as you know, we've been talking about a spike in violence in the district sin te last year. so now that we're halfway through 2019 we wanted to take a closer look at where things stand w. according to d.c. numbers from police, it comes to homicide cases that were slightly higher than we were at this point last year. leon harris is in the newsroom with a closer look at those stats. leon? >> as you know, that kind of violence has gotten the attention of the mayor and other leaders in the district, and we took a look at all of the homicide cases between january 1st and june 30th. and at the halfway point of 2019 here is where we stand. 79 homicide cases across d.c. and when we break down those numbers byan quadrt we can see that more than half,42 of those cases, east of the an-costia in
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southeast. we note the police chief and the mayor have said illegal guns are eme source of the probl and the numbers bear them out. more than 3/4 of the cases in our city were people killed by gunfire. he average age of all t victims, 33 years. but there's a bige range becaus the oldest is 64, the youngest just 3 months old. last month featured the deadliest stretch, june 12th through the 16th included a ry homicide eveingle day. on the flip side february and may each had a nine-day period without any homicide cases. jim, back to you. >> all right. but overall some sobering numbers. leon, thank you. tonight we've learned aad shooting inside the pentagon city mall parking garage was an act of self-defense. arlington police tell us a man who was shot and killed was trying to rob anher man. police say that suspect showed a gun, tried to steal the victim's cell phone. victim fought ba during the struggle the gun went off, hitting the suspect.
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he later died. police have not released his name. now to an act f hate,and it's caught on camera. a man walking up to a home here in southeast d.c., ripping a eride flag off a wall and slamming it to thground, all while yelling anti-gay slurs. now, this happened this morning along independencenue in the capitol hill neighborhood. the woman who put up the flag says she was shocked to see the survance video. y> you know, d.c. is normally a place that is ver inclusive. to hear him just be so disgusted and have such violent ve reaction to a flag was really discouraging. >> rhoades says while she's upset by the man's actions she won't let him stop her or her husband from showing their support for the lgbt community. new tonight, the man creditedit w saving chrysler from bankruptcy back in the
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1980s has died. lee iacocca was a titan in the automotive industry. he made a name for himself at ford, ere he led the team that created the very first mustang. he became a householdame in the u.s., starring in numerous commercials for chrchler as the rman of the company. his family says he died of natural causes. lee iacocca was 94 years old. when we cometo back night, honoring an angel. tributes to a major league star a day aft his death. how he was remembered by his team and the nationato ght. plus, a blue crab boom. some good news you'll want to ear ahead of your 4th of july feast. and finals bound. did you see it? team usa scores another win for women's soccer. we'll recap the big vtory and fi
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special operations chief edward gallagher was accused of stabbing and killing an injured isis fighter in iraq. several s.e.a.l.s testified that in 2017 he stabbed the teen prisoner just after he and other medics treated the boy. but in testimony that may have turned this case a medic testified that he was the one who killed the boy when he plugged the boy's breathng tube with his thumb.i this even gallagher expressed his relief about the rdict. >> i'm happy. i'm thankful. thank god. >> gallagher waso accused of attempted murder for shooting
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two civilians. ng was found guilty of a charge related to tak a picture with the corpse. he'll be sentenced for that charge tomorrow. new at 1 tonight, an emotional tribute to l.a. angels pitcher tyler caggs. the angels held a moment of silence tonight before their game to remember their late teammate. it's the first time the team has played since skaggs was discovered dead in his hotel room. and tonight this is just one of so many tributes. as we learn more about his mysterious death. leon harris back in the newsroom with more on this story. leon? >> this has got so many people asking why, tyler sk's death is having a big blow for fans and players all across major league baseballon amg them nationals picture patrick corbin, who lost a very close friend. check this out. tonight corbin honoring skaggs by switching his jersey number, wearing number 45, as you see there. that was skaggs's number. he also wrote it in the
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pitcher's mound, as you see there. the two of them played baller togeor years. right now the coroner's office is still working to find out what caused this seemingly healthy 27-year-old's sudden death. thereday authorities said was no evidence to f suggestul play or suicide. the angels canceled their game last nig t after getting that tragic news. but the team's manager saysot wasimportant for them to get tonight.the field >> the game itself is going to be a refuge for players where they can turn their minds off and justocus on baseball. and i don't know that sitting in a hotel room would do them any good. >> tyler skaggs leaves behind his wife carly, whom hma ied just seven months ago. authorities say it could take up to 90 days to get back the full auto results. so jim, questions will linger until then. back to you. >> all right. such a tragedy. leon, thank you. just in time for the 4th of
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july a new report outay tod shows the blue crab population in the chesapeake is booming. in fact, the annual blue crab advisory report shows it's up 60% from last year. resource managers attribute part of the increase to the waters not being overfished. the other factorsesnclude rnsible harvesting of female blue crabs for the past ten years andleanerater too. that always helps. the report helps scientists set blue cr fishing regulations. and it was nearly two years ago when millions of us heren the u.s. witnessed a solar e. eclips south oday millions in america were able to see the rare celestial event. >> so cool. >> check it out. this was one of the best views from hechile, where t lack of humidity and city lights create some of the world's clearest skies. that's impressive. the total t eclipsek place a little after 4:30 this afternoon and lasted about 2 1/2 minutes.
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astronomers say the region had not seen an eclipse since the year 1592. that one was something. even bigger, right?at >> th was amazing. >> he with all remember being outthere on the lawn las year. how long did it last? >> about the same. i think about two minutes 30 on se. i was down there at clemson. i was down there for that. that s an incredible experience. one of the most incredible experiences of my life. and some people down there this chile sayinghe exact same thing. we have our next full solar eclipse coming up in 2024. >> we've got? time to get ready. >> it's going to go from texas all the way up to indiana. and then you know whereoi'm it try to see it? >> where are ou going? >> around quebec in canada. >> that's cool. >> especially in the summer. >> unfortunately it's in april, a cloudier time .around quebec >> you get to go to canada. >> talking about a really cool thing haening in chile. talking about our area, the third warmest day so far this
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year in the d.c. area. i 95s leesburg as well as dulles. look at winchester at 95. that's theur hottest temperat they've seen all year. now as we mov r toward thet of the evening hours, right now 76 degrees, winds out of the north, three miles an hour. we're not going see much more in the way of rain. we've seen the rain move off in toward the eastern shore. some showers back to the west but most of us dry. now, the rain because of th warmer temperatures too you might see some fog overnight into early tomorrow morning. so know that stepping out the front door. especially in some of the suburbs. but notice there are more showers and thunderstorms backt to west. that kind of shows you what we're in for during the day tomorrow. rather unsettled. 8:00 a.mai once a no problem stepping out the front door on your wednesday. but here's 4:00 in the afternoon. here they come againto scattered sms rumbling on through the area. some of them could be strong, possibly severe. that's why once again tomorrow we're going for a weather alert beuse of the heat, humidity and the chance of storms. and guess what, here's 9:00 for some of the fireworks displays. a few of them around. so heads up for that. be ready to head indoors if you
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do see them.e samal on thursday. it will be a weather alert on thursday too most likely because watch what happens. numerous thunderstorms on sd thur. some of this could be very heavy at times during the day. here's 9:00, though. the latest computer model.s this iand new. not showing any rain around the district at that time. that would be great to get in the fireworks. 94 migrees, hot and partly sunny. 60% chance of storms tomorrow. any storms that develop could be strong. 92 for your 4th of july. 89 on friday because of more clouds. friday.lier rain on saturday high temperature of 92 with a storm chance there. i want to show you what we're expecting for the 4th of july as we make our way down the national mall. looking pretty good i think earlier but again w out we could see storms anytime in the oofrn. good chance of stormho by 9:00 srs, storm are hopefully leaving the area and we get the fireworks without a
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hitch. early next week lower humidity nicer emperatures, temperatures in the 80s before we go right back into the 90s as we make our way toward the middle and end of next >>eek. e need to make next tuesday this thursday. tough to do, though. >> i'll see if i can do
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nationals just wrapped up against that sad backdrop for baseball. >> yes. with the death of tyler skaggs, who was a very good friend of patrick corbin, tonight's nats starter. that's a big part story. signed in the off-season by the nationals from the diamondbacks, we know all about patrick corbin's strong arm but tonight corbin with a heavy heart to go with that strong arm. he was close friend with tyler skaggs. the 27-year-old angels pitcher died monday. the cause of his death has not eren determined.
11:26 pm
corbin just detmined to take the ball in skaggs' memory to the mound. the nationals holding a moment of silen for skaggs. corbin wearing his late friend's number 45 instead of his usual 46. then tracing 45 into the dirt in the pitcher's mound. thankfully his teammates helped lift him up. bottom of the first soto skies this one. into the seats at right center. that's gone. 15th homer of the season. nats a 2-1 lead. looking skyward. after an hour and 15-minute weather delay corbin still pushing through, pushing through the memory ofndhis frie corbin had it going after the ed delay, finish the game with seven strikeouts, allowing just one run in seven innings pitched. just a tremendous and no doubt emotion-fueled effort by corbi irey turner just walked the nationals off wth an rbi. they win it 3-2. a dramatic way to finish a dramatic day and for oer reasons. nats win it. the orioles. look at this security guard. he's pulling off moves like we used to do.
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remember that? >> oh, my >> i think i need ice and a heat pack just watching that. don't try it at home. o's down 1-0. this one to opposite field. into the seats in left. the orioles tie this game and won. butthe sixth rays back on top 2-1. garcia up with two on. left. going t and that's going to score both e runrs. rays go on to beat the birds 6-3. ou know, with the ten-game world cup winning streak the united states women's soccer c team expets to win every time it steps on the field. but as the u.s. has advanced at this yearrl women's wo cup, the competition has stiffened. one-goal wins over spain and france seemed to add steel to the team's style. and that combinati was needed in today's semifinal against england. alex morgan getting t captain's arm band. her 30th birthday. and she led the way for the united states. minute tied at playing in a nice ball. and morgan, yeah, comes away with the header.
11:28 pm
her sixth goal of the tournament. and then enjoying shall we say a not too hot but a little hot tea and that's gone all over social media. usa up 2-1. goalkeeper set up for a penalty and there guesses right on england's captain the penn state alum comes up with the bgest save of her life. the united states wins it 2-1. advance to sunday's final. they'll play the winner sweden and netherlands. megan rapinoe did not play in that game because of a hamstring. one says she will play sunday. >> they did it without her today. incredibleame. >> th gis
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>> yeah.a tht's a big thing because i think we're going to see a really good chance of showers and thunderstorms. it's just about where they set up. we sathem today. you had them in d.c. you did not have them in fredericksburg. let's hope it's reversed for the fireworks displays on thursday. but high temperature into the 90s again tom
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