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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 3, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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was gang related. and the father othe ford mustang is gone. lee iacocca has died, one of ste moamous faces of the auto industry. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. heavy rain poured down on the d.c. region after another hot, muggy afternoon. the storm ripped the siding right off of this home. news 4 is weather alert for another hot day looming with thunderstorms. what tuesday could turn out to be just a preview of what could be hitting us all week, even tomorrow for your fourth of july. >> it is 4:00 a.m. now, good n morni everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." we want to check in on your llrecast now before we check in with melissa mo. e> more storms. that's why we'r weather alert because of those storms winre go to see as we continue into the afternoon and ening. now, those stormse ysterday just kind of organized,ook vantage of all the instability
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that we had out there and then just kind of blew up as they moved through the area. i know there's a lot p ofer outages out still 74 degrees is your temperature. the mugginess is out there as well, so it is going to continue to be a hot and humid day. temperatures rising intohe 80s awe go 9, 10:00 a.m. teeratures back tolow to mid 90s. heat index once again right around 100 degrees. othing happening as you walk out the door. there's a little fog this wednesday morning, but for the most part we're just looking at dry conditions. we will connue to watch those chances of rain. let's time them out for you and talkbout tonight and as well as tomorrow that's all coming up, but first let's talk about the roads with mollet. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. falls church, left lane blocked by the work zone inner loop near 66. nothing in your way, nothing to much in about here too this morning. as we take a look elsewhere,
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here you go, clarksburg 270 after father hurley middle of the lane blocked by a work zone. 66 and 95ki l okay. old lee highway near rebel run downed tree and power lines. eun? >> thank you. america is getting ready to celebrate the 243rd birthday of this nation. thousands are expected to celebrate the fourth here in the nation's capital. >> and this year's celebration will include what the president calls a salute to amertha. e will be a display of the country's military power. take a look at new cell phone video showing mil taryks that will be on display tomorrow. then check this out, this video shows those tanks in place at the lincoln memorial. tomorrow's program will include 24 dierent aircraft representing each branch of the military. president trump will make a 20-minute speech at the lincoln memorial. all of these events will be open to the public and there is a ticketed section reserved for vips. now, there will also be protests tomorrow. news 4 learned that the national
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park service approved a permit for a baby trump balloon nearas the whington monument from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. millions of people will be on the go for the long holiday weekend in addition to crowded l roads, yit a snag if your plans include fli into or out of reagan national airport tomorrow. flights will bedelayed for hours because of fourth of july fireworks and flyovers. there will beno operations at at reagan nional from 6:15 to 7:45 tomorrow night and then again between 9 and 9:45 when e theents will be taking place on the mall. this is the first time fireworks have suspended flights at reagan. open our nbc washington app and search fourth of july for more details. the battle to get president trump's tax returns is heating up. the house ways and means committee is now suing the treasury department and the irs. the lawsuit alleges the administration defied a congressional subpoena to hand over six years of trump
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financial records. in may,ecretary of the treasury steve mnuchin told the committee that the request lacks legitimate legistive purpose. the president maintains he cannot release his documents because he's under an irs audit. tens of thousands of people protested outside of migrant detention ceeers across country calling for their re clo this comes as newly released pictures from the inspector general show the extent of overcrowding. senior managers at several facilities raised security concerns. one manager described the situation as, quote, a ticking time bomb. the border patrol says it's facing an unpredented surge of migrants beingre appnded. those undocumentedts immigran are the people the white house wanted to identify in the u.s. census, but the trump oadministration will mve forward with printing the 2020 census forms without thev controsial citizenship question. the suprem court ruled last week the censussk cannot a about
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a person's citizenship. the preside considered delaying rrying out the census in an attempt to include that question. the constitution mandates the overnment conduct every five years. we're working to find out why vice president's mike pence's trip toir new hampsh was cancelled. he was supposed to travel to talk about the opioid crisis. his planeever took out but returned to the white house to talk about president trump. he needed to be in d.c. adding there is no cause for another setback for the world's largest aerospace company, boeing 737 max jet will e grounded for longer than expected because of a new safety concern. the problem was discovered last week. southwest airlines hoped to bring flights back october 1st but now says cancellations will continue past that date. american andnited grounded through at least early september. this morning a neighborhood is on edge after three menwere shot in two separateocations
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in fairfax county.ic pole officers found a man shot in a parking lot on telegraph road yeterday afternoon, minutes later they received a call for another shooting on james drive just a couple miles away. all of the victims are expected to survive and right no police are trying to figure out whether the shootings are gang related. meanwhile, we've learned a deadly shooting inside a pentagon city mall parking garage was an act of self defense. arlington county police now saya the man who s shot and killed was trying to rob another man. police say the spect pulled out a gun and tried to steal the victim's cell phone inside of a garage on army navy drive on . monday the victim fought back and during the struggle the gun went off and hit suspect. police say he died at the hospital. his name has not been released. we've been talking about a in the violence district since late last year nd this morning we take a closer look at the numbers. halfway through 2019, there have been 79 homicide cases acrs d.c., higher than this time las
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year, moran half of those murders are east of the anacostia river. in majority of the cases people were killed by gunfire. the average age of the victims 33 years d. last month featured the deadliesttretch there was a homicide everyday fm june 12th through the 16th. lling for unity is c change after prince georges county police chased dozens of n toople oirt bikes and atvs from maryland in the district. take a look at this video here. you can see prince georges county police officers weaving through traffic trying to catch the people drivingtvs illegally on public roadways. one officer crashed into a chain link fence. the ri were able to get away. this happened saturday. d.c. community leaders say they're upset. >> you have another police department coming into our neighborhood doing something we ctuld not experom npd to do, it's a problem. >> prince georges cnty police released a statement saying it
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is not pgpd policy to meet recklessehavior with reckless behavior. they say the chase was a violation of department policy but didn't say whether the officers would face any discipnary action. 4:08 right now. sad update this morning to house explosion in charlotte, north carolina. a woman was killed and a man was injured there. they were both inside the house when the explosion happened yesterday. this is video of the aftermath. the house was destroyed, as you can see here. shoppers at a nearby grocery store thought a bomb had gone off. no word on what caused that explosion. an icon of the automobile industry and one of the country's highest profile executives has di. lee iacocca passed away at his california home as a ford marketing executive in the '60s, he helpede launch thmustang then in the '80s as the ceo of chrysler he rescued the cmpany from near bankruptcy.
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iacocca died from natural causes. his funeral will be held on jult 1 in michigan. jack evans faced hours of tough questions trying to convince them not to remove him. evans is accused of using his public position for personal gain. yesterday he addressed his colleagues regarding a metro ethics investigatio but he refused to answer several questions unrelated to that investigation. when council members asked about possible conflicts ofnterests being investigated by federal prosecutors, evans was less than forthcoming. >> the best approach to that is to let the investigations, whicg are lookt all of that, play out, rather than me try to answ that question today. >> i have just lots of questions that areclearly notgoing to get answered tooy. >> yre mischaracterizing a lot and interrupting me. i don't appreciate at. >> now, throughout the meeting evans asked his colleagues to keep an open mi . a vote is planned for next week on whether to remove him as
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chairhin. new t morning, we have learned metro settled two sexual harassment lawsuits filed by women working for the transit agency. our news partners at wtop report details of the settlement were not ereleas both lawsuits were from 2016. one woman says she reported a bus division supervisor f sexual harassment. he was reassigned but she lost out on a job assignment. another woman says she was demoted and asgned after reporting harassment by a bus division rvsupeor. georgetown will be getting a little less sweet thismmer. the ben & jerry's shop will be closing next month. we're talking about the shop on wisconsin avenue northwest. it's been there since -- for 25 years but a company spokesperson told the washington business journal that the store will close for good at the end of gust. the contents of the store including the cow shaped bench outside will be going upr auction. well, business owrs who
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e lied on the metro crowds feeling the pinch during the suuter shwn. see how they're getting by while the major work continues.r and your gl could be more dangerous than the fireworks if you're not careful. some helpful tips before you fire up the grill on the fourth of july lauren? >> have a backup plan as you head out for the fourth of july because we are expecting some showers and thunderstorms not only toay but also tomorrow. nothing out there right now. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. it's a little damp when you walk outside this morning. a little foggy as well. definitely sticky and muggy. let timeut those o
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back at 4:13. someackaged vegetables are being recalled nationwide
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because of possible listeria contamination. at includes butternut squash, cauliflower and zucchini sold under the brands, trader joe's, green giant, grower's express. most of the affected products have a best if used by date of june 26th through the 29th. if you have any of these packagedevegetabls, get rid of them immediately or return them to the store for a refund. if you love maryland blue crabs thisory will make you happy. in report shows the blue crab population in the chesapeake bay is booming. annual blue crab advisory report shows it's up 60% from last year. they attribute part of the as incree to waters not being overfished. other factors include responsible harvesting of female blue crabs for the past ten consecutive years and cleaner water. the report helped scientists see rab fishing regulations. there are a lot of people in this industry who work very hard to replenish the blue crab population and it's great news
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for people like me. >> it's booming. it's a good thing. imagine no wait for a table at a restaurant or no trouble getting a reservation? metro's summer shutdn has made that a reality in alexandria. >> drew wilder dropped in on some well-known hot spots that could have gone cold. >> reporter: inside one of old town's staple restaurants the same dcious food that's brought people in for years but this summer they're not coming in. >> we've seen a stagnant dropoff, a sharp dropoff. >> reporter: it dropped off when metro shut down the king station to do much-needed work on the platform. lifeline. r >> we always joke about how it's right across the bridge but when it comes down to the metro not beiat there, th bridge feels like it might as well be miles away. >> reporter: they conducted a survey of local businesses three weeks after the stati shutdown. >> why would we take the pulse three weeks in, right? we didn't want to know about it
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after the fact, i the moment, so there were still adjustments to make. >> reporter: they'll consider adjustments now because the survey finds 4 and 10 businesses are losing money. the closer you get, the worst it gets. >> as you can see, there is a uffet and i don't have a single guest sitting in the building. >> reporter: he says his restaurant has taken a to 40% hit. he and the others will have to endure because this shutdown just started. blue and yellow line service won't flow through king street again until september 9th at the earliest. >> until then, we should be able to survive, hopefully. hopefully. hope is the word >> reporter: reporting in old town alexandria, drew wilder, news 4. a chicago landmark was vandalized with graffiti. a workers cleaning the iconic beam in millennia park there. vandals defaced the statue there and a cancer wall. seven people have been arrested. >> why dou people do d things
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like that? >> they were arrested in this case fortunately. many folks will be grilling for the fourth of jusy, and thi morning we're working for you with fo safety rules. >> clean, separate, cook and ll ch wash your hands frequently whilc ooking, especially if you're handling raw meat and keep it away from cooked food. when it comes to cooking, make sure it's done properly, especially with these hot temperatures. bacteria grows more quickly at warmer temperatures. >> generally see a spike in the number of food born illnesses like salmonella or e. coli during the summer months. >> we want our burgers to be cooked to 160 degrees internally and we want you to use a food thermometer. >> finally, the usda says any leftovers should be refrigerated within an hour. >> that's hard at cookouts. you let it go and don't remember, how long id i naught? especially if it has any kind of
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salad, mayonnaise, you want to put that in right away. >> why aren't inu eat it? there are no leftovers. >> we eat all day. >> that's the thing. >> you eat at lunch and 4 and 7 and snacks and ice cream. >> yes. >> all of that. well, if you're doing all o that tomorrw, we've got some storms. >> uh-oh. >> all of a sudden boom. >> yes. it took advantage of all the moisture we had in the atmosphere. so we just upped the percentagel unfortunatfor today. for tomorrow, even going into friday and through the weekend. it's another hot day out there today. more rounds of stormsxpected. now chances of rain stay on the high side ueortunately. ill continue to see those chances of rin all the way through the weekend. not a lot happening out there right now, but you walk outside, little fog. it's definitely on the damp side from the rain we received last night. current temperatures out there right now, low to mid 70s. upper 60s out in ft. meade.
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temperatures art are in the 70s as you start your morning. you will have sunshine but we will have some fog. it's definitely goingo t be humid by noon. the temperature at 90 at noon. then as we head into the afternoon and evening if you're tg about maybe hitting the road, headed out of town, temperatures are going to be in the low 90s wither scatt storms around. wednesday outlook traveling today p.m. storms keep that mind. also have the afternoon storms. it will be muggy out there. exeoise, muggy already d it this morning. not a lot happening. but we are watching this little thg right here. looks like a lot of the moisture will break up once it heads over the mountains. ou can see it out here on t left side of your screen. so a lot of that moisture stops in west virginia. not to say we won't have a lot of showers in the shenandoah valley. these torms start tobble up around 2:00 p.m. they could be just as strong, damaging winds, heavy downpours possible. t we'll keept chance as we go
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into the late evening hours. i know we have the rolling stones tonight. i know we got a nats game later on withfireworks tonight. so again could dampen the mood a little bit. we will have storm chances through tomorrow aternoon and tomorrow evening as well. just about 50/50 shot you're going to see them at about 9:00 .m. tomorrow night. again, 60% chance today. 60% chance tomorrow. temperatures stay in the low to mid 90s butel feng close to 100 degrees. forgot to move this. we all know fourth of july is on thursday. we wil have chances ofain as we get into your friday and get into your saturday. sunday and monday as well, those temperatures staying right around 90 degrees. looks like rain chances will end as we get into monday and nally we dry out but the humidity is not going anywhere next week. l let'sk at the roads. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, lauren. capital heights addison road nafr ronald road all trc stopped because of a crash that just happened there. we'll keep an eye and see how that clarks burk 270 after father
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hurley middle of the roadblocked by a work zone. it's a paving project. just a warning. fairfax old lee highway near rebel road downed trees and power lines. 66 looking okay. 270 the rest is okay so is 95 in maryland. aaron? >> thank you, melissa. the rain may not let up, but that doesn't mean there won't be lenty to do for the fourth of july tomorrow. we'll show you some of the fun events happening around the region. tune in for ellen startinga 3:00 p.m. and then keep it right here at news 4 at 4. that's here this afternoon on nbc 4. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching t "news 4oday." welcome back 4:24 today. 14 people will compete in a burger eating contest here in d.c. it starts at noon at the z burger location on wisconsin avenue and northwest spectators will receive a free burger after the competition until 2:00 p.m. one of today'ss competitors i molly shooler, the number one-ranked competitive eater in the world. she ate 28 burgers in 10 minutes at z burger in >> i can eat burgers but not 28. >> i think that includes the bun, right? >> yes, you have to eat the whole thing. >> that's a lot. well, tommy shows us a lot of all the fun things to do across our area. >> night life, fashion, dining i
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tommyalways up on the scene and that's why we're launching a new segment here called "the scene". th each week tommy will tip you off to all e things to do around here. this week he found some of the coolest things to do for the fourth of july including george washington berry farm. >> reporter: why not celebrate america's birthday at george washington's boyhood home. i'm tommy mcfly with "the " scene. 10 to 4 at the berry farm, celebrate where george washington grew up. there will tours ofeorge's home. you can watch patriotic flag retirement ceremonies and interact th colonial reenactors. educational aspect if the whole family plus crafts, games, hands on activities you are going to love it. all the info on the nbc washington app just sarch scene. i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. ve>> berry farm ent wraps up a 4:00, but there are plenty of reasons to stay in fredericksburg including
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fireworks. find the fireworks finder on the nbc washington app. search "the scene" for more information. >> 4:26.n next ows 4 working for you with advice for people whose pets are afraid of fireworks. plus, cell phone insurance claims bike on the fourth of july. think abour you can spill you bad. on your phone, that's your kid drops it in the pool, that's worse. we have tips and product ideas to keep your phone safe. lauren? >> well, you have to keep it safe, maybe get a little waterproof case because we have -lot of rain coming our way as we go through >> you have to protect the phone. >> there you go. absolutely. they're like $1,000. y, listen, little damp out there this morning, little wet but rain later onthis
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>> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. we arein weather alert mode on this wednesday because more of this is likely headed our way. yesterday storms caught a lot of people off guard. is that funny? don't let it happen to you today. >> did you see the lady with the
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wspaper over one ear in that's not going to keep you dry, honey. take a look at last night storms have moved on. it's calm morning here in the nation's capital. >> calm for >> pretty skyline. >> yeah. >> for now. 4:30 your time now. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> 'm eun yang. we're working for you ahead of tomorrow's july 4th holiday. our melissa moet is keeping an eye on any issues on the roads and the rails with your first 4 traffic. >>a we'll st with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts in for chuck bell. it's a weather alert day, full umbrel umbrella. >> full umbrella. >> do what you can, protect the hair, earring. >> listen, yesterday those storms took advantise of all the re we had out there, guys. they blew up acrs the region. same deal today. rinse and repeat. today, tomorrow, wre going to continue to see scattered showts and sorms and some will be strong.'t absoluget caught off guard. 60% chance you may see it where you are. noor


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