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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 3, 2019 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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the crime was gang related. and the father of the ford mustang is gone.e leiacocca one of the most famous faces of the auto industry has died. >> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather >ert. >>eavy rain poured down on the d.c. region after another hot, muggy afternoon yesterday. the storm ripped the siding off of this home. w. wow. >> we have another hot day with thunderstorms. >> what rolled through tuesday could be a preview of what could be hitting us all week, even tomorrow for the fourth of july. >> it is 5:00 a.m. now. go morning, verybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're in weather alert mode for what is going to he another and muggy day. >> that means lauryn ricketts is tracking your chances for more severe weather. >> melissa mollet is keeping an e on your commute. let's check in with lauren and more storms coming today. >> more storms and higher chance than yesterday. these storms are really taking advantage of this atmosphere, this juicy, moisat sphere we're seeing out there in this
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first week ofjuly. and it's dry out there right now. beautiful sunrise the sun coming up at 5:48t jus in 47 minutes we'll see that sunome up over the horizon. 4 degrees is yourmperature right now. winds out of thet. southwes so as long as you're staying out of the south, we continue with the influx of humidity. the heat index will be right around 100 degrees by this afternoos temperaturese into the low to mid 90s. 9:00 a.m. those temperatures will be in the low 80s. it will be a very warm, hot day once again. seei a few sprinkles up in western maryland. for the most part we're dry this morning. ntm watching this piece of energy moving i west virginia. you can see how it's weakening moving overst the ate line. more rain tftis noon. let's talk traffic with melissa. tod morning, melissa. >> good morning you. taking a look right now one closure this morning. we're talking about capital heights, aon road near ronald road, all traffic stopped
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both directions because of that accident. fairfax old lee highway near rebel run, downed trees and power lines. 66 into town and out of town and 95 northbound and southbound you can see we don't have any problems. inner loop, outer lo of the beltway, earlier road work has cleared so nothing in your way there. northbound 270 after f hurley boulevard we have the center of the roadblocked by a work zone, milling and paving project. the work zone is goneut we still have pretty uneven rough pavement for you. just a warning if you're headed northbound out of town today, eun? >> thank you, melissa. the country is getting ready to celebrate tomorrow will likely be the busiest independence day in d.c. that any of us can remember. it will include pbs annual capital fourth, dress rehearsal will begin in a couple of hours and megan mcgrath will give us a preview in a few minutes. the biggest headline will come with the president's
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salute. new cell phone video showing military tanks that will be on display. check out this video,ho this sws those tanks in place at the lincoln memorial. tomorrow's program will include 24 different aircraft representing each branch of the military. president trump will make a 20 minute speech at the lincoln memo tal. all of events will be open to the public and there is a ticketed section reserved fort vipshe memorial. there will also be protests tomorrow. news 4 learned that the national park service approved a permit for a baby trump balloon. that balloon can be near the washington monumentro f 4:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. well, we live in one of the best places to spend the ourth ofjuly, the festivities will include the 39th annual cital fourth concert. as we mentioned the dress rehearsal for that big show is scheduled for tonight. ne 4egan mcgrath is live on the national mall with what you need to know before you head down there. megan, fingers crossed the weather will hold out.
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>> reporter: e'ah. w hopeful, but there is rain in the forecast. so that's one of the things that people will have to be prepared for. the other thing is all of the security. in fact f you look behind me here, you can already see the evidence of it. a temporary fence if you pan over, you can see the stage that's been set up here on the grounds of the u.s. capitol, this of course, i an annual tradition here in washington. the july 4th concert. john stamos is hosting again this year. grammy winner col king is among the performers. take a look at some video here from one of the concertsrom a previous year. this show is going g to under way tomorrow at 8:00. so 8:00 on the fourth of july, but if you don't want to deal with all the crowds, all of the logistics tomorrow, you do have an opportunity to check out the show today. there's a dress rehearsal happening tonight. it's free and it is open to the public. now, it gets under way at 8:00. gates open at 3:00, so you can come early to gab your spot. keep in mind, you're going to
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have toh pass througcurity even for the dress rehearsal. now prohibited items, some of the ones you might not be thinking about include glass bottles, bikes and motorized scooters you're not going to be able to bring them intohe secure zone. no big umbrellas. so umbrellas over 36 inches. however, if you've got one that's smaller t nthat, under 36 inches, that's okay. you can bring it. lso n duffel bags or suitcases allowed in theperimeter. now, there are entrances on the north side of the capitol square that's at third and penn. on the south side there's going to be an entrance, security check point at third and maryland venue. now, lots of different performances, all kinds of genres and different kinds of music. something for everyone. we'll have a little bit more coming in the show. but, yeah, you mentioned the weather, aaron, coming in here. yeah, we have our fiers crossed, but there is the chance of rain. of course if we have bad weather, they will clear the area if there's lightning. we're just hoping that doesn't happen.
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back to you. >> megan, thanks. 5:05 now. a more than million people from our region are expected to uly, and r fourth of that means crowded roads. news 4 justin finch picks up our team coverage now live along route 50. justin, good morning. how's it going? >> reporter: hey there, eun, aaron, good morning. that's holiday wkend means a lot of travel and also busy roads as well. we're looking right now at eastbound route 50, which i five miles from the beach and the bridge. and looking right now, as you can see, just us and a few trucks out that's whhappens when you're able to leave early. so if you can, i would advise you do that because as the days wear on, we get closer to the fourth and the weekend. you'll see some backups. let's have a habreakdown of w we know so far. as you mentioned, more than a million people are expected to travel from the d.c. area this fourth of july weekend, that's up 4% from last year. and most, as always, are going to drive perhaps due in part
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because gas prices on avere e lose to 20 cents cheaper from last year. your busiest day here might surprise you, going to be sunday morning between 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. you could start seeing backups as early as 9:00 a.m. sunday on wnrthbound 95 with speeds dropping do to 28 miles per hour. then again on southbound 95 starting at 10:00 a.m. with speeds dropping to 39 miles per hour on average here. your trouble spots here no surprise going to be the beltway. 270 and route 50. as we come back out here live, we are seeing the police out here as well stopping people, but also again, pretty clear and open roads, but notice, too, if you're flying into or out of agan national onhe fourth of july, keep this in mind, the faa will have a ground stoppage of air traffic betw 6:15 and 7:45 p.m. and 9:00 and 9:45 p.m. for that military jet flyover as well as fireworks.
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big change this yr ar foe fourth of july for air travel, too, as well. we're live reporting on route 50 i'm justin finch, news 4. back inside to you. >> justin, thank you. eight minutes after the hour now and the battle to get president trump's tax returns is heating up. the house waysndeans committee is now suing the treasury department and the irs. the lawsuit alleges the administration defied a congressional subpoena to hand over six years of trump financial records. in may, treasury sec stair steve the in told the committe request lacks legitimate legislative purpose. he president maintains he cannot releasehis documents because he's under an irs audit. tens of thousands of people protested tside of migran detention centers across the country, calling for their cl sure. this comes as newly released pictures from the inspector general show the extent of senior managers at several facilities have raised security concerns. one manager described the situation as a, ,quo ticking time bomb. the border patrol says it is
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facing an unprecedented surge of migrants being apprehended. there were 144,000 in may. thats the highest monthly total in 13 years. those undocumented immigrants are the people these white hou .s. ed to identify in the lensus but the trump administration move forward with printing the 20 census forms without theal controversi citizenship question. the suprem court ruled last abouthe census cannot a ship.son's citiz the president considered delaying carrying out the census in an attempt to include that equestion. thonstitution mandates the governor conduct the census every ten years. we are working for you to find out why vice president mike pence's trip to new hampshire was ccelled. pence was supposed to travel there yesterday to talk about the opioid crisis. t his plane nk off and he returned to the white house to meet with president trump. the white house says the vice president needed to be in d.c., adding there is no cause for alarm. another setback for the world's largest aerospace company, boeing 737 max jet will
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be grounded for longer than expected because of a new safety concern. the problem was discovered last week. southwest airlines hoped to bring flights back october 1st, but now says cancellations willp continuet that date. american and united havegr unded max 8 jets through at emast early septber. this morning a neighborhood son edgen after three m were shot in two separate locations in fairfax count police officers found a man shot in a parkin lot on telegraph road yesterday afternoon. minutes lat a they rece call for another shooting on james drive just a coue miles away. two other men were found shot at the second scene. all theteictims are expecd to survive. right now police are trying to figure out whether these shootngs are gang related meanwhile, we learned a deadlyshooting inside a pentagon city parking garageas an act of self defense. arlington county polic now say the man who was shot and killed was trying to rob another ma olice say the suspect pulled out a gun and tried to steal the
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victim cell phoneinside a garage on army navy drive on monday. the victim fought back and during the struggle the gun went off and hit the suspect. police say he died at the hospital. his name has not been elreased. a community is callingfor change after prince georges county police cosed dzens of people on dirt bikes and atv from maryland into the district. if you look at some of the video here, you can seerince georges county police officers weaving through traffic, trying to catch these people who are driving atvs illegally on public roadways. one officer crashed into a chain link fence. the riders we able to get away. it happened on saturday in southeast d.c. along southern avenue. d.c. community leaders are upset. >> we have another police department coming into our neighborhood doing something that we would not expect from mpd to do, it's a problem. >> prince georges county police released a statement saying, quote, it is not pgpd policy to meet reckless behavior with
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eckless behavior. the department says the chase was a violation ofdepartment policy and did not say whether the officers would be disciplinedn an icoof the automobile industry and one of the country's highest profile executives has died. lee iacocca passed away yesterday at his california home as a ford marketing executive in the '60s, he helped launch the mustang. then in the '80s, as a ceo of chrysler, he rescued the company from near bankruptcy.ed iacocca di from natural buses. his funeral will held on july 10th in michigan. 5:12 our time right now. still ahead, businesses that rely on metro crowds are feeling the pinch during the summer shutdown. how they're getting by while the major work continues. >> and your grill could be more dangerous than the fireworks if you're not careful. some helpful safety tips before you fire up that grill for the fourth of july. that's next onews 4 today. lauren? well, we're heating up once again and once aain we're going to have that chance of storms. average temperature 88 degrees.
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but look at this, those temperatures above normal plus wetyave the humidi going to feel closer to 100 degrees. listen, let's time out those ms stor. we have them today. a lot of things going on
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>> announcer: you're watchingew "ns 4 today." welcome back. some packaged vegetables are being recalled wination because of possible listerial contamination including butternut squash, cauliflower and zucchini. most of the affecteds product have a best if used by date of july 26 to the the 29th. if you have any of these packaged vege obles get rid them immediately or return them to the store for a refund. if you love maryland blue crabs, this story will make you
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happy. a new report shows the blue crab population in the chesapeake bay is booming. the annual blue crab advisory report shows it's up 60% from last year. source managers attribute part of that increase the waters not being overfished. other factors include responsible harvesting of female blue crabs for the past ten ti consecu years and cleaner water. the report helps scientists set bluecrab fishing regulations. summer is not summer if you haven't had blue crab. >> load up this summer, right? >> i can't wait. you don't understand. two, three more weeks. imagine no wait for a table atau rent or no trouble getting a reservation. metro's summer shutdown of the rail system in virginia has made that a rlity in alexandria. >> some business owners aren't happy about it. news 4 drew wilder dropped in some well known hot spots that have gone cold.
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>> repter: inside one of old town's staple restaurants the same delicious food that's brought people in for years but this summer they're not coming in. e've seen a stagnant dropoff, a sharp dropoff. >> reporter: it dropped off when ontro shut downhe kinig at to king street,s on it cut their lifeline. >> we always joke about how it's right across the bridge but when it comes down to the metro not being there, that bridge feels like it might as well be miles away. >> reporter: they conducted a survey of local businesses three weeks after the station shutdown. >> why would we take the pulse three weeks in, righ we didn't want to know about it after the fact, in the so there were still adjustments to make. on>> reporter: they'll csider adjustments now because the survey finds 4 and 10 businesses are losing money. the closer you get to the metro station, the worse it gets. >> as you can see, there is a on buffet and i d't have a single guest sitting in the building. >> reporter: he says his restaurant has taken a 30 to 40% hit. he and the others will have to dure because this shutdown just started. blue and yellow line service
5:18 am
swon't flow through kineet again until september 9th at the earliest. ef until then, we should be able to survive, hopully. hopefully. hope is the word. >> reporter: reporting in old town alexandria, drew wilder, news 4. >> that would be a shame if they couldn't come back because of ctro's issues. >> hope they bounce back quickly once the shutdown is over. a lot of folks will be grilling for the fourth of july. his morning we're working f you with some food safety warnings you need to know about before you fire up the grill. le >> four simp rules from the sda, clean,separate, cook and chill. wash your hands frequently while coolyng especial if you're ndling raw meat and keep that meat away from cooked foo whe it comes to cooking, make sure it's done properly, especially with these hot temperatures. bacteria grows more quickly with warmer temperatures. generally see a spark in the number of food-borne illnesses like salmonella or e. coli during the summer mons. we want our burgers to be cooked to 160 degrees internally and we
5:19 am
want you to use a food thermometer. >> finally, the usda says any leftovers should be refrigerated within an hour. i love fourth of july. >> i do too. >> can't wait. >> hot dogs, hamburgers, all o that. >> all of that stuff inside this year. >> exactly. one because it will be so hot. when it's frth of july and not muggy?d also we have storms out there. i mean, yesterday we had those storms. today 60% chance. tomorr 60% chance unfortunately. look at that sunrise, 30 minutes before the official sunrise in d.c. official sunrise is at 5:48. you'll walk out to s ame fog dampness definitely because of that rain that we had overnight. temperatures out there right now in the 60s and s. yeah, we're weather alert out there. you're seeing that because of the chance for some scattered showers and thderstorms later on this afternoon. it's going to be hot. by the early morning, 9, 10:00,
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thngse temperatures pushi into the 80s. we'll top out low to mid 90s th that heat index around 90 degrees. if you're headed to the beach, just know today not too bad. it's going to be muggy there as well. temperatures in the 80s for your thursday, friday, saturday, maryland and delaware behes each hold a small chance of rain, better chances of rain as you head into the weekend with some stormyns conditio but fourth of july may be all right at the beaches later on. again, as far as we're looking at radar, few sprinkles up through western maryland. i'm watching this little disturbance coming into west virginia right now. it's weakening as it's moving over. there could be a shower in the shenandoah valley, for the mos art a lot of that will dissipate as it moves to the east. now 2:00 p.m., we're stillry but after 2:00 p.m., yeah, here we go, start to see some of those storms develop and they'll continue to push down to the south and east, damaging winds, heavyou downp all being primary threats. now, fourth of july planner, you're going to start off very
5:21 am
similar to this morning with s temperature the 70s. and it's going to be mild and muggy, damp once again. some fog othere. but as we go through the afternoon, better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms after 2 or 3 again and we'll keep that chance as we continue into the late evening. so fireworks, sun goes down 8:37, fireworks generally at 9. could be on the dicey de. rain chances through monday. humidity drops on monday and time we get to tuesday and wednesday we dryt. ou let's take a look at the roads. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. call into police, capita heights addison road between walker mill and will burn drive crash investigation under way. we have the road shut down therw asre trying to get more information on that one for you. adelphi outer loop right lane blocked before a tractor trailer. that will be a mess if that doesn'tet out of the way quickly. fairfax old lee, 6 and 95 look
5:22 am
okay. aaron? >> melissa, thank you.>> > don't let the rain threat stop you. there's plenty to do to celebrate the fourth of july tomorrow. next up, some of the fun ents happening around the region. and tune in this afternoon for ellen starting at 3:00 p.m. and then keep it reeg here for news 4 at 4 that's all this afternoon on nbc 4. take-off.
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and this a loving reminder from his wife. this is will finally depositing that expense check. oh, and this is will pay zg his brother-in law ble for their annual camping trip. and this is will finally relaxing for the long flight. this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo.
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welcome back. today 14 people will compete in a burger eating contest here in d.c. at starts noon at the z burger teniallytown location. w spectatorsll receive a free burger after the competition until 2:00 p.m. one of today competitors is molly skiel ler, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world. she ate 28 burgers in 10 minutes back in 2016 at z burger. >> that's impressive. force to be reckoned with. news 4 is launching a new segment about all the fun things to do around the region. >> eacht week my mcfly will run down the hottest events and things to do. this week, some oolthe coest things to do for the fourth includes visiting georgt washinon ferry farm. >> reporter: why not celebrate ameoica's birthday at grge washington's boyhood home.
5:26 am
i'm tommy mcfly with "the scene." 10 to 4 at the berry farm, celebrate where george washington grew up. there will be tours of george's home. you can watch patriotic flag retirement ceremonies and th interact wi colonial reenactors. it's an educational aect for the whole family, plus afts, games, hands and activities you are going to love it. all the info on the nbc washington app just search scene. i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> ferry farm eve wraps up at 4 and there's plenty of reasons to stay in fredericksburg including fireworks there. check out the nbc washington app for our fireworks finder. search the scene for more information. whole lot to do all around the region. >> the name i a little misleading. >> ferry farm. >> we'll just leave it at that. 5:26ext on "news 4 today," advice for people with pets t are afraid of fireworks. think about cell phone. we have some tips and product
5:27 am
ideas to keep your phone safe. lauren? >and i'll have tips on travel because if you're traveling i got the forecast for you up and down the eastern sea board, but we are daling with some storms if you're traveling out of the district today. cool, muggy afternoon storms ant exercise get idone early. we've got those storms once again 60%
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>> announcer: news 4 begi a storm team 4 meteorologist weather alert. >> we are in weather alert mode n this wednesday because more storms heading our way. yesterday's storms caught many people off guard. don't let it happ to you today. >> right now live look outside shows last night's storms have moved on. pretty sunrise just a few minutes away. calm morning in the nation's capital. >> not for long. >> right now it's good. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilcm ist. >> i'n yang. we're working for you ahead of tomorrow's july 4th holiday. melissa mollet has your first 4 traffic. we'll begin with meteorologist lauren rickets in for chuck bell. it's a weather alert day, lauren. what do you expect? >> i expect some storms later on this afternoon any time after 2, 3:00 p.m. storms develop around the region. same deal as yesterday.
5:31 am
you'll see those damaging winds, pretty heavy downpours as well. live city camera, it's calm out there right now. we have a little fog in some spots creating some low visibility, but we also have some dampness from last night's storm. again, beautiful sunrise coming up at 5:48. now current temperatures out there right now, it's warm. those temperatures are in the upper 60s to mid 70s. that is our range. we'll stay in the 70s through 7, 8:00 a.m. by 9:00 l we're in the 80s. it will be sticky out there as we continue through the day. now, if you're traveling, airport traveli today and then coming back on sunday, new york toks beautiful even fore fireworks they look gorgeous. coming back no issues. the only issue that you're really going to have is charlottecoming back fromhere on sunday, good chance of storms about 60% chance. so let's talk abouttohe srms around here. we'll time them o for you coming up but let's time out your commute coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. we have the slowitdown in cap heights. addison road shut down by walker
5:32 am
mill and will burndrive. trying to get more information on that one for you in the next couple s.minute adelphi right lane block bd i that abandoned tractor trailer. not seeing quite a problem there at the top othe beltway yet, but that could change, of course. bethesda, connecticut avenue at adley lane, dark traffic lights. careful through that area. fairfax, old lee highway still shut down by rebel run bec dse ofwned trees and power lines. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:32 right now. this morning americans across the country are looking ahead to tomorrow the day we celebrate our nation's ndependence. and where better to spend the fourth of july than here in the nation's capital. there are still a lot of tengs to done and of course some controversy. new video shows more military vehicles and tanks rngolli overnight. the show of america might is the centerpiece of the president's fourth of jly event on the mall. he is calling it salute to neerica.
5:33 am
but not everyos happy about this military display. d.c. delegate el nor holmes norton says those tanks could cause a lot of problems. >> we're concerned that the tanks could further set us back on work we have ainfully done on the mall. >> now, there will be much more to do on d.c.'s independence day celebrations than tanks and military flyovers. there will be fireworks. there will be music. preparations are under way for that portion of the party now. t another portion of big party is the 39th annual capitol fourth concert the dresssa rehearis tonight. >> news 4 megan mcgrath is live on the national mall with what you need to know if you plan to check thatut. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, this is an annual event here on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. now t t the sun has comeup, we can get a better look here at the stage that's been set up igere. it's r on the west side of the capitol. you can also get an idea of some of the security that you canex ct to encounter if you are
5:34 am
going to be attending the festivities. we have a number of gates and re perimeters hehat are set up and people are going to have to go through security at certain morts here along the mall. now, john sta is hosting the concert again this year. grammy winner carol king is among the performers. take a look at some video from u previoyear. the show is at 8:00 on the fourth ofjuly. f you don't feel like dealing with all of the crowds and the logistics, there is a dress rehearsal that' taking place tonight. it's free and open to the public. now, that rehearsal gets under w at 8:00 but gates open at 3:00. su're going to have to pass through securi keep that in mind. some of the prohibited items you might not be thinking about includes glass bottles, bikes and motorized scooters, you can't bring them in. also no bigre umbas. so umbrellas over 36 inches. now if it's under 36 inches, that's okay you can use it. no duel bags or suitcases. now, if you'reoing to be
5:35 am
attending the rehearsals, there are two entrances that you can use, one is at third and pennsylvania the other is third and maryland venue. now lots of different performances, gone west, va necessary la williams, the ojs, yolanda ams just tome a few. lots going on. you can get youre spot hre for the rehearsal at 3:00 p.m. >> men mcgrath at the mall. t'rnks. weworking for you with an all-encompassing guide to the fourth of july. log on to the nbc washington app, search fourth of july. 5:35 now a look at our other top stories this people expected to protest that congressal offices across the country today calling for the closure of migrant detenton centers coming as newly released pictures from the inspector general show the extent of overcrowding. senior managers a facilities have raised security concerns. arlington county police say a deadly shooting inside of a pentagon city mall parking
5:36 am
garage on monday was a act of self defense. police say the man who was shotl and ki was trying to stealth anoer man's cell phone inside a gara on army navy drive. theyh say t victim fought back and during the struggle the gun went off and hit the suspect. he died at the hospital. embattled d.c. council ours ofjack evans faced tough questions from the council. htos fighting keep his position as chairman of the finance committee. yesterday he addressed his colleagues regarding a metro ethics investigation, but he refused to answer sestral quns unrelated to that investigation. ext week, the council will decide hisfate. >> legal battle to get president trump's tax returns is heating up. se house ways and means committee is nowng the treasury department and the irs. the lawsuit alleges the administration defied a congressional subpoena to hand over six years of trump's fina the president maintains he cannot release his documents because he isnder an irs audit. this morning the baseball rld is continuing to mourn the
5:37 am
sudden death of l.a. angels pitcher tyler skaggs.u he was fo dead in a hotel room in a texas on monday. the cause of the death is undetermined. there's no evidence to suggest foul play or suicide. last night the angels held a moment of silence before their game to remembertheir teammate. this is the first time they played sinceskaggs died. the team's manager said it was importa t to get back the field. >> the game itself is -- can be a refuge for players where they caturn their minds off and just focus on baseball. and i don't know that sitting in a hotel roo would do hem any good. >> tyler skaggs leaves behind a wife whom heus married j seven months ago. it could take 90 days to receive the full autopsy results. skaggs was 27. fairfax county police are
5:38 am
investigating injured three men. they believe tthey wwoereat int y cos nnected. re called just after 4 yesterday afternoon. there they found onean shot. minutes later police received another call for a shooting in the 2700 block of james drive. there they found two men sht. all three men are expected toe burgndy and gold decked out for some rock and roll. chopper 4 flew over fedex field yesterday and found t stadium set up for tonight's rolling stones concert. it had to be rescheduled because of mcjagger's heart surgery. there are still seats available there.70 and up from mick jagger. >> not a bad place to start, 70 bucks, right? >> he's still performing. that's what's azing. >> might be in a chair but he'll be there. it is 5:38. i'm going to get in trouble for that. next onnews 4 today," more cell phones are broken or lost on the fourth of july than any
5:39 am
other holiday. we have some advice for making sure your phone makes it through in one piece. yo plus, while re thinking about tomorrow'splans, don't forget about your four-legged nd fries. the fourth of july can be frightening and dangerous for them, too. we're working for you helping you keep your pet sa. it'sfe 5
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." we are working for you this morning to ake sureyour pets are safe thisjuly 4th. veterinarians say animal visits skyrocketisvery year on th holiday. big part of the reason loud noises. the spca is asking you to keep your pets awa from fireworks, which can stress them out or even damage their ears. they can also g sick from eating scraps from the grill. any change in diet, even one meal c cause digestive problems. tomorrow is also a dangerous time for your smart phone. with that in mind, we have some tips for keeping your phone and your kid's phone safe.
5:42 am
so a lot of pnes get lostn the pool and at the beach and that is probably the most common complaint insurance companies say you should invest in a good cover that can protect your phone and save a phone by immediately turning it off. another problem is that your phone can overheatatin a mr of minutes. >> do not throw it in the cooler. do not throw it in the fridge. do not throw it in the freezer. that sudden drop of tperature will actually be hurtful for your phone. >> the best y thing do is make sure your phone is in the shade and outof direct sunlight and one more piece of advice, the sun can drain your battery, you can lower the screen light or i put it airplane so it canst la longer. people forget about the heat and ldw that can affect your phone, just like the co can, too. 5:42 is your time right now. we're back with a look at your weather and traffic here in just a few minutes.
5:43 am
at havertys different tastes.eryone has and this independence day we're making it easy to find your style at havertys 4th of july sale. when you spend more, you save more up to $ on furnitu that's already marked down! with more styles and custom fabricsom to choose fr celebrate your independence with fi furniture that ts you. havertys life looks good
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>> announcer: yor watching "news 4 today." 15 before the hour right now. take a look at one of the president's latest he sent th message as the census bureau started printing the 2020 questionnaire for the census. president trump wanted the form to include a question about citizenship, but he is backing off. tracie potts joins us live from capit hill this morning to explain where we go from here. tracie, good mponing. >> reer: good morning, aaron and eun. e they're ike wh going from here is printing the without the citizenship question, that's what the justice department announced and the commerce department or thes juce department said in a memo and the commerce department confied that it'soing out without that queson after
5:46 am
protests from states, cities and immigration rights groups across the country and after 5-4 decision from the u.s. supreme court saying that while government had the right to ask that question, they did not have afo justification doing so, that the justices thought was fair. in other ords, they didn't think that thest jufication passed constitutional muster. so the question is, out -- the census is going out any way. and the president is tweeting that he'ser directed the commce and justice departments that arl invod in thisus cens to continue pursuing this to a successful conclusion. now, the supreme court has already spoken, so a little ominous what he means. there could be more of a challen or more legislation to come. >> tracie, thank you. 5:46, happening today a retired new york city police detective who gained nationalat tention for his emotional y testimon capitol hill will
5:47 am
be laid to rest. >> you made m come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo. >> luis alvarez testified before congress justnth. he fought to replenish the fund for 9/11 victims before dying of cancer which was brought on by his time at ground zero. the bill would extend benefits to the 9/11 first responders for the rest of their lives. a navy seal accused of war crimes was found not guilty of murdering an isis prisoner. he was accused of sabbing and killing an injured isis fighter in iraq. he stabbed that teen prisoner just after he and other medics treated the boy. in testimony, though, that may have turned the case a medic testified that he was the one killed the boy when he plugged the boy's breathing tube with his thumb. gallagher found guilty of a
5:48 am
charge of related to taking a picture with the corpse. he'll be sentenced for that today. a d.c. woman says an act of vandalism ty. the wall and >> n the fl >t she fod lying on returned home disgusted and have such violent
5:49 am
verbal reaction to a flag was ally discouraging. >> she says she and her were flying the flag to show support for pride month and aty commuhat has been the target of acts of violence here in d.c. and across the country. while rods is upset by the man's criminal actions, she says she won't let him stop them fromo shng their support. >> absolutely we'll fly it again. >> meagan fitzgerald, news 4. 5:49 now happening today, more than a million people in our region wie travel for th fourth of july. >> that means you can see heavy traffic on the roads starting today. news 4 justin fince is liv on i-95 now in our traffic cam with what you need to know before you go. justin, good morning. >> reporter: ey there,eun, aaron, gwe're on 95making our ways the h wou andts is a e trav ngy find someaffic backup we can tell you
5:50 am
people are holiday weekend. going to be a 4% higher number than last year, but that's a small jump, but it means a lot more people. so here is what you need to know that most of those travelers are going to drive. if you are, too, be aware. your busiest tra day will be that sunday which will be a return day for a lot of us between 10: a.m. and noon. in that mix, you have your cationers as well as church goers and others. it will go for a slow mix once h gets together. your miles perr can drop down to just under 30 on parts of 95. aaa says with your slow spots very likely to be along 270, route 50 and the beltway. coming out back flive, even i you're traveling by plane, an alert for you,6: and 7:45 and 9 and 9:45 that eengs on the fourth of july, they're going to stair traffic at reagan
5:51 am
national airport. that will be for that scheduled military jet flyover as well as fireworks. wll imp rorel yol thndg to plans. ac inside toni a is the key. especially with everyone on the roads and airports and rails. justin finch, thank you so much. lauryn ricketts with us now trying to get people in the right mindset forty pretot so great couple of days here. >> yeah. >> it happens sometimes on a holiday. >> it does. unfortunately we're in this pattern and the storms blew ups yerday and flourished and same deal today. that's why we're weather alert. 60% chance of scattered showers andh tderstorms this afternoon. same deal tomorrow unfortunately. it's warm. temperatures are in the 60s, low to mid 70s along i-95. little on the muggy side and little on the damp side out there. you're going be dealing with some fog as you head out the door early this morning.
5:52 am
again, temperatures even by 9:00 are in the low 80s feeling like the mid to upper 80 wz that humidity around. so as far as your pool forecast, it's we'll have chances into evening. listen, thisnollingtonight. and a l asking me about this, fedex field, there is going to be a 60% chance of storms at 6:00 p.m. tie to see someug about 9:00 st so ithlightning, which i ese sio he ng them incert. as riht now, sprinryland. rht h breing down into
5:53 am
so not expecting much out that. but as far as timing for today, for any of these thunderstorms, ly any time after 2 or 3:00 p.m. and we'll continue into the late evening, we have low latees as we head into the evening and half of the overnight. so again your future weather showing amsew stor here and there. after 2:00 p.m., they really start to blow up again with chances o some stronger rain ndor lat emsstas eomning. trow those temperatures are going tow be in the l 90s. it's another hot day out there tomorrow with 60% chance of storms. listen, coming back on the her side, i want to time out those storms for tomorrow. stay with us. that will be after 6:00 p.m. but we continue to have 50 chance on friday, saturday we keep those chances high on sunday. looks like we'll have storms monday morning, mainlyt south bu it will clear as we head into early next week. et's take a look at those roads. good morning, melissa mollet. >> good morning, lauryn ricketts. right now chopper 4 headed outt o the capitol heights area loking at a crash investigation
5:54 am
we have been following may have cleared out of the way. we heard that it may have jst en gotten out of the way. so that's addison road between walker mill and willburn road. beltway, no problems inner loop and outer loop loing quite good. fuel spill causing delays. fairfax, old lee highway near rebel run road s of wires down there. in the district southbound 14th street between constitution and independence fencing down for the fourth of july festivities down in the roadway causing some slow downs and delavs. t times in maryland 270 looks good top of the beltway outer loop 42 miles per hour. 66 inbound and 95 northbound both 62 miles per hour looking pretty good as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when youhop inyour car today. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:54 right now. call it mixing the old with the w. a brand new stem exhibit is opening in a pretty unlikely place. >> news 4 molette green is live at the dun barten house museum
5:55 am
in georgetown with details. molette, good morning. >> good morning. i'm standing inside 4,000 square feet of history really. this part of the house tells the first 30 years of washington, d.c. so,yes, that stem exhibit is in full effect we go inside some of the rooms here, you can get a better picture of the stemch tenology. it's all about preservin the 18th, 19th century from the architecture to the furnishings. and we'reo talking abut preserving the paint, the wallpaper, all right, everything, from ceramic figurines as well. so they bring in the girl scouts to really teach them all about this stem technology and make it a fun experience h dre at th barten house. now, we're going to talk to the curator in the 6:00 hour of "news 4 today" to see how they incorporate all this stem technolog in the midst of the this history. right?
5:56 am
we're going to have fun. all right. talk about it all coming up in just a few. good morning i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters.ay w gets the green light to carrying passengers in california. they gave google a permit to take part in a pilot program. they cannot charge riders and an operator must be behind the wheel just in case of an mergency. they are now the fourth self driving car company to take part in this program that could eventually lead toffering taxi service very similar to the one that operates in the phoenix area. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> frank, thank you. it's 5:56, still ahead at 6, reports on the terrible conditions for migrants held a the border spark protests across the country. including in our area, but as the protesters shout down immigration officials, the crisis worsens at the border. >> and he becamethe face of chryslve when he sad the company. now more than years later, lee
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ the tanks are in town, but the street-damaging vehicles aren't the only things you need to watch for when this year's fourth of july celebrations get
6:00 am
under way. >> two separate shootings send three people to the hospital in northern virginia. now police are wondering if the crime was gang related. the father of the fordst muang is gone. lee iacocca one of the most famous faces of the auto industry has died. >> announcer: news 4 begins wit orm team 4 weather alert. you remember the heavy rain that poured down in the d.c. a region aftether hot, muggy afternoon yesterday. the storm ripped the siding off this home. news 4 is weather alert for another hot day with looming thunderstorms. >> this could turn out to be a preview of what could be hitting us all week, ev tomorrow for your fourth of july holiday. >> it's 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're in weather alert for what is going to be another hot and muggy day and that means storm ryam 4 meteorologist meteorologist lauricketts is tracking your chances for more severe weather. >> melissa mollet is also keeping an eye on the commutus with


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