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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fourth of july celebrations get under way. >> two separate shootings send three people to the hospital in northern virginia. now police are wondering if the crime was gang related. the father of the fordst muang is gone. lee iacocca one of the most famous faces of the auto industry has died. >> announcer: news 4 begins wit orm team 4 weather alert. you remember the heavy rain that poured down in the d.c. a region aftether hot, muggy afternoon yesterday. the storm ripped the siding off this home. news 4 is weather alert for another hot day with looming thunderstorms. >> this could turn out to be a preview of what could be hitting us all week, ev tomorrow for your fourth of july holiday. >> it's 6:00 a.m., good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're in weather alert for what is going to be another hot and muggy day and that means storm ryam 4 meteorologist meteorologist lauricketts is tracking your chances for more severe weather. >> melissa mollet is also keeping an eye on the commut with.
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let's start with lauryn and a look at the forecast. at least a nice sunrise. >> it's beautiful right sun coming up 12 minutes ago at 5:48. this us out there early morning. the sky is on fire right now. but we are weather alert for this atures you walk outside it's already thick. that humidity is like a wall out there. 75 degrees is our temperature right now. we'll continue to see that humidity throughout the day today. so hitting thead early this morning, we've got temperatures in the low to mid 70s. you may encounter a little bit of fog. by noon we're at 90 degrees. 9:00 a.m. we're in the low 80s. we stay in the low 90s through 6:00. that heatinx right around 100 degrees. 60% chance of storms out there today. best chance arrives after 3:00 p.m. we'll keep chances of rain into the lat evening. we have nats game, fireworks after the nats game and have the rolng stones concert. we'll talk about that comi but first we'll talk about
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traveling with melissa. good morning. >> good morning. inneloop, outeroop we don't have any issues on the beltway. we had earlier problems that have cleared. third street tunnel southbound at new york avenue do have one lane blocked because of a steel plate tt has shifted. sterling southbound 128 at old ox fuel spill. fairfax old lee highway near rebel run road closed because of downed wires.on constitutind independence fencing for the independence festivities down in the middle blocked adway and lane there. eun? >> thank you, melissa. the country is getting ready to celebrate tomorrow could be the busiest independence day in d.c. in a long time. it will include the annual capitol fourth concert, drs rehearsals begin in a few hours. our megan mcgrath will have a preview in just a few minutes. the biggest headline will come with the president's salute to america event particularly the display of this country's military power. look at new cell phone video
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shows miliry tanks moving rough the streets of d.c. late last night in the southwest. check this out, this video shows those tanks inat place the lincoln memorial. tomorrow's program will include 24 different aircraft representing each brach of the military. president trump will make a 0-minute speech at the lincoln memorial. all of the events will be open to the public and there is a ticketed section for reserve for vips. there will also be protests tomorrow. news 4 learned that the national park servce approved a permit for that baby trump balloon. the balloon can be near the washington monument from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. as the president's event wraps up tomorrow night, the 39thn aal capitol fourth concert kicks off and the dress rehearsal for that big show is scheduled for tonight. >> megan mcgrath on live the national mall with what you need to know going into the next couple days. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, this is something thatp hans every year here. i'm going to step out of the way and you can see that everything
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is tin place, stage has been set up here on the west side of the u.s. capitol. you can also get a feeling for some of the security that you're going to encounter. they're kind of limiting where people can walk. they're going to be security access points to attend this event and other events of course as we go into the fourth of july. now this year the concert, john stamos is going to be hosting again. grammy winner carol king is among the performers. here is some video that was taken from one of the pevious concerts. the show is at 8:00 on the fourth of july, but if you don't feel like dealing with all the logistics, all the crowds that will be here on the fourth, there's actually a dressh rersal that's taking place tonight. it is free and it is open to the public. no the dress rehearsal is going to be at 8:00. gates, though, open at 3:00 so that you can have some time to get a rough security and good seat here on the grounds of the capitol. now, some of the prohibited items that you might not actually be thinking about include glass bottles, bikes and
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motorized scooters, no big umbrellas. so anything over 36 inches you can't bring. under 36 inches you're okay. no duffel bags or suitcases are permitted. now, there are two entry points that you can choose from in terms of passing through security. the north side of the capitol square at third and pennsylvania avenue. on the south side of the square at third and maryland avenue. and just pack light. that's the bestdvice here. now performances include gone west, vanessa williams, the ojs, yolanda adams. lots more that i can't list off here, but a terrific show as always. and again, if you want to catch that dress rehearsal, you can do that 3:00 is when you can come ofd claim your patch rass here on the u.s. capitol, but the rehearsal gets under way at 8. >> than, megan. millions of people will be io the go for the long holiday weekend in additn to crowded roads youfl hit a snag i your
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plans includent flying or out of reagan national airprt tomorrow. lights will be delayed for hours because of fourth of julyn fireworks d flyovers. there will be no flight operations at reagan from 6:15u ntil 7:45 tomorrow night and again between 9 and 9:45. that's when the events will be taking place on t national mall. this is the first time fireworks have stopped flights at reagan national. check thegt nbc washinon app and search fourth of july for more details. 6:06 right now. the battle to get president trump's tax returns is heating up. the house ways and means committee is now suing the and the irs.rtment that lawsuit alleges the administration defied a congressional subpoena to hand over six years of trump financial records. in may, treasury secretary steve mnuchin told the committeehe request lacks legitimate legislative purpose. the president maintains het cannoelease his documents because he is under an irs audit. tens ofs thousandf people protesaned outside of migr
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detention centers across the country, calling for their closure. >> sut it wn! >> this comes as newly-released pictures from the inspector general show the extent of ercrowding. senior managers at several facilities have raised security concerns. one manager described the situation as, quote, a ticking time bomb. the border patrol says it is facing an unprecedented surge of migrants being apprehended. heere were 144,000 in may. that is t highest monthly total in 13 years. those undocumented immigrants are the people white house wantedo identify in the u.s. census. but the trump administration will move forward with printing the2020 census form without the controversialitizenship question. the supreme court ruled last week that the census cannot ask about a person's citizensp. the president considered delaying carrying outnsthe ce in an attempt to includ that question. the constitueson mandat the government conduct the census every ten years.
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we areyo working for u to find out why vice president mike pence's trip to new hampshire was cancelled. pence was supposed to travele there yerday to talk about the opioid crisis. his plane, though, never took off and heh returned to the wite house to meet with president trump. the white house says the vice president needed to be in d.c., adding that there was no cause for alarm. 6:08 is yr time, another setback for the world's largest aerospace company. boeing 737 max jets will be grounded for longer than expected because of a new safety concern. the problem was discovered last week. southwest airlines hopebrto g flights back october 1st, but now says cancellatins will continue past that date. american and united have grounded max 8 jets through at lea early r.septembe 6:08 right now and this morning a neighborhood is on edge after three men were shot t in two separe locations in fairfax county. officers found a man shot in a parking lot on telegraph road yesterday afternoon. minutes later, they received a call for another shooting on james drive just a couple m
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away. two other men were found shot at that second scene, all of the victims are expected to survive. right now police are trying to figure out whether theahootings re gang related. meanwhile, we ae lea deadly shooting inside a pentagon city mall parking garage was an act of self defense. arlington county police now say the man who was shot and killed was trying to rob another man. police say the suspect pulled out a gun and tried to steal the victim's cell phone inside a garage on army navy drive on monday. the victim fought back and during the struggle the gun went off hit the suspect. police say he died at the hospital. ame has not been released. d. community is calling for change after prince georges county police chased dozens of dirt bikes and atvs from maryland into the district. you can see prince georges county police officers weaving throh traffic tryingo catch the people driving these atvs illegally on public roads. one officer crashed into a fence. the riders were able to get a awy. this happened on saturday in southeast d.c. along southern
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avenue. some d.c. community leaders are upset. >> when you have another police department coming into our neighborhood doing something that we would not expect from npd to do, it's a problem. county rince georges police released a statement saying, quote, it n is pgpd policy to meet reckless behavior with reckless behavior. the department says the chase was a violation of department policy but didn't say whether anyone will be disciplined. anhe icon of t automobile industry and one of the nt couy's highest profile executives has died. lee iacocca passed away yesterday at his california home. he was 94 years old. as a ford marketing executive in the '60s he helped launch the mustane then in th'80s as the ceo of chrysler, he rescued the company from near bankruptcy. his funeral will be held on july 10th in michigan. iacocca died from natural causes. d.c. councilman jack evans faced hours of tough questions from the d.c. council. he was trying to convince them not to remove him as chairman of
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the finance committee. evans is accused of using his public position for personal gain. yesterday he addressed his colleagues regarding a metro ethics investigation. he refused to answer several questions unrelated to that investigation. and when council members asked about possible conflicts of interest being investigated by federal prosecutors,wa evans s less than forthcoming. >> the best approach to that is to let the investigations, ich are looking at all of that, play out rather than me try to answer that question today. >> i have just lots of questions that are clearly not going to get answered today. >> appreciate your pontificating but you're mischa lot and interrupting me and i don't appreciate that. >> throughout the meeting evans asked his colleagues to keep an open mind. a vote is planned for next week on whether to remove him as chairman. 6:11 your time right busins that rely on the metrcrowds are feeling the pinch of the metro summer shutdown. how they'ng get by while major work continues.
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and your grill could be more dangerous than t fireworks if you're not se helpful safety tips before you fire up that grill fo fourth of july. that's straight ahead on "news 4 today." auren?out our weather, >> well, our weather not looking too bad out there. it's another hot day right now, but we're expecting another chance of storms. 60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms not only today but also tomorrow. let's time thet outor you today and tomorrow coming up on the her side of the break.ot
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>> announcer: you're tching "news 4 today." welcome back it's 6:14. during the summer months parents are always looking for fun things to do for the kids that are maybe educational so they're not just frying their brains on tv and electronic devices, t? righ >> you have to have three months
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of that fun stuff, right? >> exactly. >> we are working for you in the community this morning with a new stem exhibit that's opening in a bit of an unlikely place. you don't necessarily look forh orical venues for a lot of these science technology math related type -- >> that's one of the best thingv about lg in our area, there are so many different venues that can house all sorts of events for kids and parents, too. >> and we're going to try to get back to that for you in just a second. molette green has a really fun story that she'lly to tell us about today. we'll get back to her. we're having trouble with her signal. >> okay. imagineo wait for a table at a restaurant or no trouble getting a 's summer shutdown has made that a reality in alexandria. >> not all good for business owners, though. news 4 drewilder dropped in on well known hot spots that have gone cold.
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>> reporter: inside one of old town's staple same delicious food that's brought people in for years but this summer they're not coming in. >> we've seen a stagnant dropoff, a sharp dropoff. >> reporter: it dropped off when metro shut dohe king station to do much-needed work on the station's platform. for businesses on king street, it cutli their life. >> we always joke about how it's right across the bridge but when it comes down to the metro not being there, that bridge feels like it might as well be miles away. >> reporter: alexandria chamber of commerce and tourism arm conducted a survey of local businesses three weeks after the station shut down. >> why would wtake the pulse hree weeks in, right? we didn't want to know about it after the fact, in the moment, so there were still adjustments to make. >> reporte they'll consider adjustments now because the suresey finds 4 and 10 buss are losing money. the closer you get to the metro station the worses it gets. >>u can see, there is a buffet and i don't have a singl guessitting in the building. >> reporter: he says his restaurant has taken a 30 to 4 hit. he and the others will havto endure because this shutdown just started. blue and yellow line service
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won't flow through king street again until september 9th at the earliest. >> until then, we should be able to survive, hopefully. hopefully. hope i>>the word. eporter: reporting in old town alexandria, drew wilder, news 4. 6:17 now if you love maryland blue crabs this story will make you happy. in a new report shows the bluec ab population in the chesapeake bay is booming. the annual blue crab advisory report shows it's up 60% from ast year. resource managers attribute part of the increase to the waters noteing overfished. other facto include responsible harvesting of female blue crabs for the past ten consecutive years and cleaner water. algood news. the report helps scientists set blue crab fishingregulation. 6:17 and now we're ready to tell you about this new stem exhibit opening in an unlikely place. >> news 4 molette green is live at the dunbarten house museum in georgetown. hi,molette. >> reporter: hi, guys. one of the oldest houses in the
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city, this museum house tells quite a story, the first 30 years of washington, d.c. and look behind me, you see this blue swatch of wallpaper from the 1820s and that sample created and recreated through stem technology. as you can see, this is the new sample and the girl scouts are here to kind of demonstrate by pointing that this is what they can learn about. they do a lot of work here with the girl scouts and other school groups to kind of share about stem technology and preserving and conservation. scott shoolls the curator wca talk about the details why this is so important to incorporate these young people with this old house that has been prserved through time. >> yes. no, it's wonderful because so many people think of a historic e museum as a place of history. all science technology is
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involved and gives kids the opportunity to learn what they can do as they grow up. >> reporter: yeah, very important. because this stem technology rlso keeps this house looking good as well f the wall paper to the paint to ceramic figureins to the paintings, >> exactly. we wouldn't live without stem technology. house meums would not be the success they are. most common type of museum in america. coming up late the ware month,ll talk about the archaeology day that will happen here but these girl scouts are excited about learning about stem and getting new badges, right? don't we want new baes? yeah. live this morning in georgetown at the dunbarten ho e, back into you. >> molette, thanks it's now 6:19. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts on this weather alert day. >> yes. we have a weather alert day today and likely tomorrow as well. and if you're headed away for tomorrow's festivities, leave this morning if you can because we've got scattered showers and
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thunderstorms later on throughout the afternoon and, in fact, we've got chances of rain at least through sunday, possibly even into monday. especially south of the district. now, w tre not going see rain all day, everyday. but we will have those chances of those storms mainly in the afternoon sd evening, have backup plans ready to go if you're barbecuing, if you're out at the pool, ife you'roing to go down on the national mall, make sure you have a backup plan if they evacuate the mall to get inside. not underneatta the me tents, not underneath a tree, but to have somewhere where you can go inside and you can get there prty quickly. current temperatures right now in the 60s and 70s if you're headed out to the pool today, it's going to bea warm one. that heat index potentially up to 102 by this afternoon, but we will have scattered storms movingn after 2 or 3:00 p.m. to keep an eye to the sky. now, headed to nats game tonight, we're playing the manins later o this evening. 6:05 game and there's fireworks after that. i do think there could be a delay or a postponement because
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the chance of storms will linger into the late evening as well. no rain out there right now, but we dohave that rain moving our way as we head into the afternoon. again, after 2 or 3:00 p.m. any of these storms could bring some heavy downpours with localized flooding and some damaging winds. storms out there as we continue through the afternoon. tomorrow we wake up it's dry, but thosetu temperaes are going to be in the 80s throughout the morning and 90s by the afternoon. so 1:00 we starte to seose storms developing. so if you have early barbecues, you're going to want to keep an eye to t sky, an of these storms could be strong to severe, again damaging winds off of heavy rain. planner, ourth of july the fireworks could be in jeopardby the later evening. we will have a 60% chance of rain tomorrow downingt to 50, 60/50 shot by 9:00. the sun goes down at 8:37 tomorrow night. weontinue with rain chances all the way into monday. monday mainly south and then dropping humidity and finally drng out next week. let's take a look at those
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roads, good morning, melissa. >> good morning. right now inner loop, outer l of the beltway don't have any problem. hopefully it stays that way. if you're headed out to the beach early this morning, that is a thing to do, very busy towards the bay bridge. southbound third street tunnel new york avenue lane blocked there. rhode island avenue a crash as well. zoom in eastbound southwest freeway the ramp from seventht streeve that blocked because of flooding this morning. zooming out a little, 66/95 no major issues. southbound 28 near old ox road we still have a fuel spill there and old lee highway rebel run shut down for those wires across the roadway. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:22. don't let the rain threat stop you, there is plenty to do to celebrate the fourth of july tomorrow. next up, some of the fun events happening around the region. tune this afternoon for ellen at 3 and keep it here for news 4 at 4. that's all this afternoon on nbc 4.
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>> announcer: you're wating "news 4 today." 6:25 dmou. news 4 is launching a new segment, "the scene" all abouti n life, fashion, dining and all the fun things to do around e region. there is so much to do. tom mmy mcfly will do it each weekt s week include visiting george washington's ferry farm.
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>> reporter: why not celebrate america's birthday at george washington's boyhood home. i'm tommy mcfly with "the scene 10 to 4 at the berry farm, celebrate where george washington grew up.he tre will be tours of george's home. you can watch patriotic flag retirement ceremonies and interact with colonial reenactors. educational aspect if the who e family plus crafts, games, hands on activities you are going to love it. all the info on the nbc washington app jusnsearch sce i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> the ferry farm event wraps up at 4, but there are plenty of reasons to stay in the fed ricksburg, including fireworks. find the fireworks finder on the nbc washington app. search "the scene" for more infoation. so many options this holiday season. stay right here. nexon news 4, working for you withle whe or a afridf f cefiviropeworks. >> > plus, cell phone insurance
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claims spike on the fourth of july. think about it, you can spill your beer on your phone, maybe your kid drops it in the pool. we have someprips and uct ideas to keep your phone safe. lauryn? >> if your traveling out there today, looking good through new york, boston and charlotte except the chance of storms fo charlotte sunday. chance of storms here almost each d everyday. an
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. we're following some breaking news a out of run dell county right now. two people are dead after a jet ski crash in edge water. >> right now chopper 4 flying over the scene on old south river roeld on the solomon island road bridge. u can see from here, our news partners at wtop report an adult man and woman were pulled from the south river overnight when officials arrived on the scene, they found the bodies submerged in water. >> we're working to learn more detas about this accident when we do, we will post the latest in the nbc washington app. 6:30 is your time right now i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. our melissa mollet is keeping an eye o any issues with the roads
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and the rails in your first 4 traffic. >> let's start with meteorologist lauryn ricketr in fouck on a weather alert day. what's going on? >> we have a weatheray alert d because very similar to yesterday weere going to s these storms flourish heading into the afternoon. any time after 3.' so if y traveling, you can leave this morning, do it because we are going to have those storms around. the mid-atlantic, beautif sunshine out there right now. cleared out a lot of the fog, but still some fog wn in culpepper county. 75 degrees is your temperature out there. it is muggy. it damp. and we're going to continue to see that humidity on the rise. in fact, by this afternoon, it will feel like102 degreest times. now, after 3:00 p.m., we'll have those storms pushing in from the west and we're going to keep a f chance otorms pretty much throughout the evening. your beach forecast, small chances of storms for your thursday. slightly better on friday. even more likely on saturday. temperatures in the low to mid 80s for the maryland and delaware aches, but let's talk about the fireworks display for
6:32 am
us. are we going to see any storms around? wcohave the timing ng up, but let's talk about the time you need to get to work. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. if you're headed to work using the beltway, looking good this morning. if you're headed out to the 3w50e67 that looks good right now as well. tou don't want to leave, though, after noon ay. it is just going to be jammed trying to head out to the eastern shore. it will be a really busy day today. washington southbound third street tunnel new york avenue have a lane blocked there.r de island avenue at florida avenue have a crash. zooming in just a little here, eastbound, southwest freeway,p the rfrom seventh street ramp there is blocked by some flooding and in virginia, a couple of problems still hanging around, sterling southbound 28 at old ox road a fuel spill and old lee highway near rebel road shut down because of wires that are down. 270 northbound and southbound looks good so do the main roadsh throurince georges county. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:32. happening today many of you preparing for the long fourth of july weekend. there are several events happening in our region. >> a capitol fourth concert is
6:33 am
happening we'll have a preview of that in about 15 minutes. but first, more than a million of you will travel for independence day. news 4 justin finch is live e oads for us. justin, tell us where you are and what you're seeing. >> reporter: hey there, eun. we're approaching 270 southbound heading back into the d.c. area. weare seeing the roads look pretty good but keep in mind that roads like this, main roads, are going to be pretty busy over the long holiday weekend. and pretty much everywhere you go for the next few days is going to be impacted by some kind of traffic. so know this as well more than 1 million people are expected to be on the road for the holay weekend. that number is up from last year which means a lot more people will be out there as well. gas also about 20 cents cheaper is also said to be why more people will be out on t roads again. expect congestion on our main hi hiways here, beltway, 270 as
6:34 am
well as route 50 with your busiest traveday likely t be aaa says happening between sunday 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. starng as soon as 9:00 a.m. a: parts of 95. something different this year for holiday travelers, we're going to see flight traffic at reagan national stopped two times on the fourth of july between 6:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. and 9:00 and 9:45 p.m. that will be for that scheduled military jet flyover also fireworks as well. and as we come bck out live, if you can ahead of time leave early if you can, also try leaving later but also have youo work ads ready just in case because your plans will have to change as the traffic does as well. back inside to. y >> justin finch, live for us this morning on the roads. justin, thank you. 6:34 right now. this morning, the baseball world is continuing to mourn the sudden death of l.a. angel's pitcher tyler aggs. he was found dead in a hotel
6:35 am
room in texas on mday. the cause of death remains undetermined. officials say there is no evidence to suggest foul play or suicide. last night the angels held a moment of silence before tir game to remember their late teammate. it's the first time the team hac played sie skaggs died.ea the t's manager says it was important to get back on the field. >> the game itself can be a refugefor players where they can turn their minds off and just focus on baseball. and i don't know that sitting in a hoeit will room would do them any good. >> now, skaggs leaves behind a wife who married just seven months ago. tyler skaggs was 27 years old. this just in, fairfax county police fou a car believed to be involv in two shootings that injured three men. police believe the shootings are connected. police found a man shot in the 6400 block of telraphroad
6:36 am
just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. minutes later they received incident in for an the 2700 block of james two men we shot at that location. all three men are expected be okay. it is 6:36 now and here is a look at some of the other top stories. people are expected to at congressional offices across the country today calling for the closure of migrant detention centers coming as newly-released heotos from the inspector general show t extent of rsercrowding. senior manageats several facilities have raised security concerns. arlington county police say a deadly shooting inside of a pentagon city mall parking garage on monday was an act of self defense. police say the man who was shot and kill was trying to steal another man's cell phone inside gea gan army navy drive. they say the victim fought back and during the struggle the gun went off and hitct the suspe. he died at the hospital. embattled d.c. council member jack evans faced hours of tough queions from the
6:37 am
uncil. he's fighting to keep his position as chairman of the finance committee. yesterday he addressed his colleagues regarding aetro ethics investigation but refused to answer several questions unrelated to that investigation. will eek the counc decide his fate. the legal battle to get president trump's tax returns is heating up. means se ways and committee is now suing the treasury department and the irs. the lawsuit alleges the administration defied a bpoena to hand over six years of trump's financial records. the president man tans he cannot release his documents because he is under an irs audit. 6:37 now. check this out the burgundy and gold decked out for some rock and roll. chopper 4 found the stadium set r tonight's rolling stones concert. the concert had to be rescheduled from its original dat in may because mick jagger's heart surgery. we checked ticket master overnight, there are still some tickets available. some for $70. probably goes up from there.
6:38 am
at some point i remember there as video of mick jagger dancing and getting ready. he's ready to go. he's been performing for a long time. >> listean, take it y, buddy. just had heart surgery. don't do too much moves like jagger. still ahead, the fourth of july can be frighting ning and dangerous for your four legged friends. we're working for you to keep your pets safe. pluts irts the fou of july and our molest grette greeg workinfor you in the community. tell us more, molette. >> ceramic figure renoand i's 3d printed model all part of the stem exhibit at the dunbarten house. we have much more coming up
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back kst 6:40. we're working for you this morning to make sure your pets are safe this july 4th. veterinarians say animal visits skyrocket every year on the holiy. a big par of the reason, loud
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noises. the spca says loud noisesrean stss out animals or damage their ears and keep the hot dogs and barbecue for yourself and your friends, not for the dogs. any change diet, even one meal can cause digestive problems for your pets. t dorrow is alsogerous time for your smart phone. with that in mind, we have some tips for you to keep your phone and your kid's phone safe. phones that are dropped iner pos orhaps at the beach are most comn complaint. invest in a good case that can protect your phone. you can also save a wet phone by immediately turning it off. also make sure your phone is in the shade and outf direct sunlight. one last bit of advice the sun can drain your battery, so you can lower the screen light and ut it on airplane mode so the battery lastslonger. now here is your cnbc business report. good morning i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. wano gets the green light to carry passengers in california. data officials gave google self
6:42 am
driving car permit a to take part in the pilot program. an operator must be behind the wheel just in case of an emergency. it is now the fourth self driving car program to take part ld lead program that c to offering a taxi service very similar to the one that operates in the phoenix area. with your cnbc morning siness report, i'm frank holland. the sun is up right now. we've got some sunouhine there, a little bit of fog. definitely feels thick when you walk outside with that humidity in place. by noon already 90 degrees and then after 3:00 p.m., 60% chance of seeing some scattered storms. some of stich could be ng. and the fireworks may be in jeopardy, so let's talk about that. we have a lot of things going on tonight as well. rolling stonesconcert, forecast and all your planners for that hour by hou coming up.r
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." 6:45 right now. a this morning americans across the country are looking ahead to tomorrow, the day we celebrate our nation's independence. >> where better to spend theof fourth uly than right here in d.c. but there is still a lot of work to be done. and some controve these are pictures ofilitary videos and tanks sitting on the tional mall. the show of american might is the centerpiece of president trump's fourth of july event on the national mall. he is calling it salute to america. not everyone is happy about this military display. d.c. delegate eleanor ho es norton says those tanks could cause a lot of problems. >> we're concerned that the tanks couldhe furt set us back on work we have painfully done
6:46 am
on the mall. >> now, there will be much more to d.c.'s independence day celebrations than tanks and military flyovers. there are fireworks, music, preparations are well ufoder wa r that portion of the day as well. another portionf the big party is the 39th annual a capitol fourth concert. the dress rhearsal is tonight. >>ws ne 4 megan mcgrath is live on the national mall with what you need tonow if you pla to see the concert. hey, megan. >> reporter: yeah. something people need to think about is the weather. it'starting to heat up out here. i lost my jacket. it's going to be warm today. also we might have some rain, but a terrific event, an annual event here the concert on the west side of the u.s. capitol. you can see the stage is ince pland ready to go. john stamos is hosting again cis year. grammy winnerarol king is among the performers. here is some video from a previous year. now the show is actually on the urth of july at 8:00, but if you don't want to deal with the
6:47 am
crowds, there is a dress rehearsal that takes place tonight. it is free and open to the public. so you can see t showoday without a lot of the hassles. now tonight's rehearsal gets under way at 8:00. the gates open here 3:00. you're going to have to pass through security, so keep that n mind. prohibited items include glass bottles, bikes and motorized scooters. no big umbrellas. they have to be under 36 inches. no duffel bags or suitcases. take a look at the maps here. these are the entrance points. the northide of the capitol square at third and penn and also anotherone at third and maryland avenue. pack light and take public transportation if you can. back to you, guys. >> thank you, megan. we're working for you with an all encompassing guide to the fourth of july. du can see road closures, event times and findfferent locations for fireworks wherever you are. hington apphe nbc w and search fourth of j>y. t's 6:47. happening today a retiredk new
6:48 am
yoty police detective who gained national attention for his emotional testimony on capitol hill will be laid to rest. >> you made me come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo. >> luis alvarez testified before congress just last he ught to replenish the fund fo9/11 victims before dying of cancer, which was brought on by his time at ground zero. the bill would extend benefits to 9/ first responders for the rest of their live a navy s.e.a.l. accused of gy crimes was fodun nuiot ecial operations chief edward accused of s stabbing and killing an injured isis fighter in iraq. saefrl testified that in 2017 hb std that teen prisoner just after he and other medics treated the boy, but in testimony that may have turned the case a medic said that he was the one who killed the boy when he plugged the boy's breathing tube with his thumb.
6:49 am
gallagher found guilty on a charge related to taking a picture with the corpse, though. he'll be sentenced on that count today. we are weather alert out there today. it is warho already as t temperatures are in the 60s and 70s right now. and you walk outside that humidity hi you like ton of bricks. it actually feels like we're in the upper 70s now headed into the low to mid 90s today that heat index, feel-like factor in the triple digits. lower triple digits. we have fog out there this i morning and's a little on the damp side from the storms that xe got last night. now we're ecting some storms after about 2 or 3:00 p.m. a 60% chance you're going to see them and we'll keep that chance through about 9:00 p.m. pretty high. and then we'll dropaf a little t r 9:00 p.m. into the late evening. listen, the scene, rolling stones are coming to fedex field tonight. if you are headed to that game, know whathe evacuation plan is
6:50 am
because i think there will be a lot of lightning with these storls. we'll have that chance of storms at 6:00 p.m.n i k they go on at 7:30 or a little afterwards. 40% chance in landover at 9:00 p.m. and 30% chance at 11. i think most will be done by 11:00. e i'll keep a small chanc there. west virginia may get a few rain drops if you're headed up that i-81.n otherwise we will continue to see chances of storms increase again after 2 or 3. so we're dry until then, which is reallyhot. but any of these storms that do develop once again damaging winds, also small hailib poss, lots of lightning and heavy downpours. now we get into your thursday morning, we're dry. we're muggy with fog once again. after lunchtime tomorrow, if you've got festivities early in backup ernoon, get it plan. we'll have showers and thunderstorms. look at this, this is 9:30. so we'll keep that chance tomorrow afternoon. sun goes down a8:37. a lot of the fireworks go off at 9. i think they could be in
6:51 am
jeopardy tomorrow night. fourth of july planner again a 60% chance of rain between 5 and 9 and lers to about a 50/50 shot. we'll show you that ten-day forecast coming up but let's show you the roads with ismel. >> good morning. important spot for folks this morning the bay bridge. looking pretty good through the toll lanes here this morning. hopper 4 showing you what's going on right now. nice, light volume. remember if y're going to travel for the holiday weekend, you want to leeave as rly as possible and then come home as late as possible to try to avoid all of the traffic we'll see especially thiafternoon for that get away day. in rockville, twin brook investigation under way. we called police. they can't tell us too much at this point. we'll try to get a lookn at it i the next couple minutes. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway looking pretty typical at this point. and in the district, southbound thirdrktreet tunnel at new avenue have a lane blocked there. eastbound southwest freeway the ramp from 7th street that ramp is still blocked by flooding. virginia, sterling southbound 28 at old ox road fuel spill.
6:52 am
probably won't be cleaned up until noon. fairfax old lee highway road closed wires down. 66 inbound 95 northbound no problems ur travel time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. guys? >> thank you, mollet. >> 6:52 right now, call it mixing the old with the new, a brand new stem exhibit is opening in an unlikely place. >> news 4 molette green is live at the dun barten house museum in georgetown with tades. molette, good morning. >> good morning to you. yes, we're looking at the stem exhibit throughout the who house. inside this case is a 1770s ceramic figureine and behind sit its 3d printed model designed to help the visually impaired. i have the curator with me. >> it's great because it allows everybody to experience the
6:53 am
museum. doesn't matter if you're impaired.or hearing it gives you another way. >> we have the girl scouts and other fans of the museum. inside the case is a brick, old brick from the 1760s and you have a 3d model of that same brick right in your hand. >> exactly. this is a wonderful brick comes fr just down the street made by enslaved people at dun ston hall. you can see the fingerprints here and experience it yourself with the 3d model. >> we'll ss that around, let the girl scouts hold that, touch, that feel that. wonderful exhibit. this runs through december. so this is a great way for people to seeol the new, preservation and the c conservati conservatiote >> defini. we're about preserving and conservingryhe histo of our communities. >> archaeology day is ming up july 20th and that's a great way for people to come out and excavate with their families. it's tree. op to the public.
6:54 am
we want you guys to check it out. did you have fun? did you learn a lot? >> yeah, i did. it was very cool. >> reagan says it was very cool. girl of approval from the scouts, right? all right. thanks for coming out. back into you guys. >> molette, thanks so cool, very cool. >> yeah. it's 6:54 right now, four things to know, new video this morning shows one of the tanks president trump's salute to america fourth of july celebrations tomorrow, t the fouof july festivities also include the 39th annual capitol fourth concert. the dress rehearsal for that is tonight at 8:00 p.m. right in front of the u.s. capitol. it is free and open to the public. more than a million people are excted to travel by air d on the roads for the long fourth of july weekend tomorrow. reagan national will suspend flights for the military flyovers and fireworth. busiest travel day is expected to b sunday when everyone is trying to get home. open the nbc washington app and search fourth of july for everything you need to know. the rld of baseball is continuing to mourn the sudden
6:55 am
death of l.a. angel's pitcher tyler skaggs. the 27-year-old was found dead in a hotel room in texas on ay mond the cause of his death remains undetermined. officials sayou f play is not in play here. authorities say two people are dead after jet ski crash in anrundell county. we learned an adult man and womenere pulled from the south river in edge water early this morning. we're looking to learn more and will post the latest in the nbc washington app. we are weather alert out there today. by this afternoon, feeling about 102 degrees. now, we are dry out there this morning. we have some sunshine, b as we head into after 2 or 3:00 p.m., scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. heavy rain and lots of lightning. we know we have the rolling stones tonight, a nats games against the marlins. looks like we could have another rain delay today. make sure you have a backup plan not only today but also
6:56 am
tomorrow. fireworks in jeopardy. we have scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afterunon. after ltime tomorrow and continues into the late evening i think there will be storms around 9:00 p.m. once the fire wor get going. chances of rain, friday, saturday and sunday staying hot and humid until then. >> taking a lookat your ads, everybody is worried about thege bay brere this morning and will be for the next cple days. right now it looks good if you want to leave early or late if you're headed out of town some time soon, don't leave in the f middle oay it will be yucky especially today in the afternoon. west and eabound toll road have a brand new crash there and we still have this one twinbrook parkway at veirs mill road pedestrian accident. trying to get more investigation on that. we'll have that in the next hecouple minutes around 7:30. melissa, thank you. >> you'll be busy for the next few days. >> oh, ah. >> thank you, melissa. >> you're off. >> actually i'm off.'l >> she be really busy.
6:57 am
>> exactly. >> that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. est"today show" is next. l n' your weather, traffic and any local news. until then,enjoy your day. >> make it a great we understand, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. not guilty. the decorated navy s.e.a.l. acquitted of murder charges, speaking o for the first time since the verdict. >> i'm happy and thankful. i thank god, and i leave with my wife. >> how his future is uncertain this morning in the face of another charge against him. ticking time bomb. that's how government officials are describing dangerous conditions at the southern border in a new report. it shows detention centers overflowing with migrants. now, growingot prests to close the centersle comply. >> this is a horrific situation. no child should be


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