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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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as well as frederick county, virginia. this line is making its way down once again, as it gets to the east of the blue ridge we could see it fire up more. once again we're weather alert, woe not expecting a ton tonight. but we are expecting it tomorrow. look how widespread the storms are around the mid-atlant. storms tracking some storms tonight, a few of them tonight. more widespread on the 4th and we think they'll not only be more widespread, it will happen during a longer period of day. severe stormsop with heavy rain. it could be a problem for you heading out to the we'll be in a couple of minutes. >> see you then, doug, thank you. make sure you have the nbc washington app. it's free to download and set your home page to weather to get the forecast at your fingertip. to a nearly 40-year fourth of july tradition on the west front of the u.s. capitol. toght is the full dress
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rehearsal for the capitol 4th concert. our camerasere here earlier today as the performers held their individual run-throughs. carole king, the rehearsal begins tonight if you're planning on going down there.'t doring any large umbrellas, glass bottles or large bags. for everyone heading out of town for the holidays, first 4 traffic's melissa melay has more on the road troes yurs all over town. >> lots of independence day celebrations going to be happening and road clores all over the place. starting downtown, 2019 fourth of july celebration roads shut down 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. talking about sections of constitution avenue, arlington memorial bridge and part of pck creekrkway as well. as far as the tunnels, tunnels shut down 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ninth street and 12th street and we want to expect heavy traffic and ddoays town in general throughout the area because of
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so many different events if you're heading into town to see fireworks, downtown, you want to take the 95 express lanes if you want to do that. they'll stay open northbound until 7:00 p.m. they'll reopen in the southbouni direc to try to get everybody home around 9:00 p.m. that will be helpful. another good thought metro might be your best bet to avoid allof these traffic troubles. and president trump says prepare for the show of a lifestyle. of course that showcomes with a pricetag. the "washington post" reporting the president's fourth of july extravaganza has the government diverting millions of dollars to help cover the cost. we'll see tanks, fireworks, will we see protests? news4's cory smith is live downtown with details. >> part of those diverted costs will go towards paying for the additional security that'sne ed to protect everyone and around the capital for the
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salute to america. it will be up to local and federal lawforcement authorities to keep the peace. >> get the tanks off our streets. >> in the shadows of the shrine to america's6th president, people with opposing views to he nation's 45th commander-in-chie >> tanks, but no tanks, we don't want tanks on the streets of d.c. i don't think that is just because -- >> with their baby trump blimps, in they delivered a to -fourth of july messag trump. >> can you see the divisiveness already. that president trump has brought to this. because he is coming heretith no only -- this ont to see more of the 4th. a dozen groups have obtained permits to protest the president and his salute to america. the group vote vets is in distributg these "uss john mccain" t-shirts, a nod to the late senator, who has become t
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president's posthumous nemesis. s>> they want totand up and say let's honor a real american hero. >> the president's critics feel he has politicized and militarized independce day. >> if people are not out protesting this, the people in the world, our countrynd around the world will say, i guess this is how the american people feel. >> we're here to celebrate america. and freedom andverything that it stands for and opportunity. >> now the president is also trawing heat for cost of his salute to america. which today is still unknow don't know how much money is being spent on security to get the stage ready. the "washington post" reporting yesterday that the national parr sce is paying some $2.5 million. even though that department has a $12 billion backlog. so a lot of unhappy people. tomorrow expected, but there are a bunch of people who are coming to the mall to celebrate the
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fourth of july. to celebrate president trump. so again it is goingo be up to law enforcement to make sure those opposing views stay separated. and we don't see any altercations, back to you. >> if you want to get out of t dodge, headthe beach right now. look at the bay bridge. it is just clean as it can be. nice. >> ke a look athis on the flip side, i-95 still recovering from a crash in baltimore this afternoon. look. both directions, of the interstate were closed near kaiton avenue because of a fiery crash involving a truck and several vehicles. no reports of injuries. some lanes have since d.reopene but maryland state poli do recommend using i-695 as alternate if you're going through that region. and of course people like to imbib on the fourth, but you don't want to get behind the wheel. statistics show that drunk drivers will ol invd in more than one-third of the crashes that will kill people just
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tomorrow. so the washington regional alcohol program wants to you know you can get a free ride from its soberide program that uses lyft. the free offer runs from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. on friday and you have to be 21, there's a $15 limit. we put more details on the nbc washington app. check out our fireworks finder for the best shows in your area. ? a lus and wife are dead after crashingir the jet ski. elizabeth howl and jeffreyse ions went for a ride about 1:30 a.m. the couple's bodies were recovered from the river a few hours later. weren't wearing life police beliehey hit a channel marker. there have been about six deaths on the rivers around anne arundel county in less than a police have issued warnings aboutoaighttime bting. coming up on news4, amy cho will
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join us with ways to make sure you're safer on the waters.> to prince george's county where the police department says new chase video shown first on news4 yesterday will be part of the department's investigation.c sat'sse on southern avenue crossed from maryland into d.c. our bureau chief tracee wilkins obtained the video showing a cruiser narrowly missing two vehicles as he chased atv riders. the officer was allegedly under investigation after cell video emerged on socialme a showing a different angle of .e chase the department was not aware that the officer ran into a fence during the pursuit. the department allows for chases only if the suspect is wanted for violent crimes. such as murder or armed carjacking. also the county police are investigating one of their officers for domestic violence. the officer is accused of assaulting another officer he's
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in a relationship with. news4's tracee wilkins w the department is going to do about this. >> a prince george's police officer is under invest for allegedly assaulting another prince george's police officer who he's in a relationship with. and share as childwith. this all happened here on monday. and the chick-fil-a parking lot in la tgo at boulevard. according to sources, direct knowledge of this investigation, the male officer shoved the female officer. and then placed his hand on his service weapon in a threatening manner. not allowing her to leave she called prince geoe's county lice for help. and the police department has released a statement it says in part, we have opened an investigation baseon a 911 call from prince george's county police officer regarding a dispute with a second officer. preliminarily this a pears to be a domestic dispute. it did not involve any members of the public.he tfemale officer has taken out a protective order against the male officer who again is now on
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suspenson and has no access to his service weapon as prince george's county police investigate exactly what happened in this parking lot. now we are not releasing the names of either one of the officers involved in this, because no one has beeno icially charged. in largo, tracee wilkins, news4. and news4 is working to stop domestic violence. we have page on our nbc washington app dediced to the is e. search safe at home to learn more about the resources that are available to you in our area. police tell us a shootin that lefthree people wounded in fairfax county appears to be gang-related. they tell us this appeared to be shooting between people in two vehicles justoutside of music store here onro telegraph . officers found one of the victims at the scene in the rose hill area. the other two were discovered a couple of miles away in huntington. police say they' lookingnto the possibility of this incident may be connected to a separates
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oting monday night. >> a father in maryland is still fighting for justice, five years after his two yong children vanished. their mother is charged with their murder, but she's been declared incompetent to stand trial. today a judge ordered katherine hog toll undergo a new mental health evaluation. prosecutor this, saying that hoggle is faking the extent of her mental illness. news4's mark seagraves has reaction to this development. >> jacob and sarah hengly last sen september of 2014. today would have been jacob's seventh birthday. >> in some ways this is kind of a birthday giftor him. a step towards justice for my son and daughter. it doesn't make it easier. >> troy turner has been coming to the montgomery county courthouse for nearly five years. ever since his2-year-old son, jacob and 3-year-old daughter, sarah, were reported missing and their mother arrested. typically, he leaves the courthouse disappointed. for the past fouryeand a half
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ars the court has continually found katherine hoggle incompetent to staoalri g t for morning and come here and spend my son's seventh birthday here. looking, looking at the woman who murdered my children. >> search teams were never able to find the two young children. hoggle haseen in a psychiatric hospital since 2014. prosecutors say they think she's fakinthe extent of her mental illness and they want a second opinion. >> this case is so serious, i think we as a counity deserve additional input. >> today montgomery county circuit judge ruled that prosecutors can have their own psychiatrist evaluate hoggle. judge greenberg saying in court after five y it may be time for another set of eyes. hoggle's attorney tells news4, that hoggle has a long history ofental illness. >> those mental health issues and those diagnos have
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prevented her from being able to oassist in her defense we expect the same thing will happen here. >> as for turner, he'll continsh to up in the courthouse until he finds justice for his children. >> it's definitely hard coming in here, but it's good walking t with what was said in the courtroom. >> in montgomery county, ma segraves.>> charges could be dismissed in two years if the court continues to find her incompetent to stand trial. we're just getting arted on news4 at 5:00. following breaking news. o at least person is dead after a collision between two drivers. our derek ward just arrived on the scene. we're going to have theatest in a live report. and a warning from health officials, after a boy contracts a flesh-eatin bacteria while he was swimmi nearcean city. doctors plain the risk to the public. andwe're continuing to track those storms around our region tonight. doug and ameli are back with more on that and what we can
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sto team 4 tracking a few scattered showers out there this evening. stuff coming en our way, so what's in store for the fourth of july and those fireworks? doug has all of those answers coming up in two minutes. now to some breaking new in the poolesville area this evening near the breton woods dpof course. police tells two vehicles crashed on river road. right at the intersection of old river road and at leastne person has nowdied. news4 derek ward is live on the scene with details for us., derekat are you hearing? >> well we're here at the intersection of refer road and seneca, as you can see the scene behind me involving the truck. and there's a minivan and another vehicle beyond it that you cannot see. with me is captain tom jord within montgomery county police. what can you tell us about this crash? >> well certainly after 3:20 we got a call f a collision at this intersection, we responded
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and unfortunately we found theres with a clicks and we had a deceased individual in one of the vehicles. andultmale was found deceased within the vehicle related to the crash. we're currently investigating trying to figure it out. >> as you can see we're showing you some video from overhead this is at the intersection. all of the circumstancesyhave to be mapped out. investigators are here, we can see some of the investigatima ks on there. documenting this scene. way too early to assign fault or anything like that. you will have to do a work-around if you are traveling this section of river road or seneca. police on either end will direct you around. but leavyourself extratime. a fatal accident that happened here at the intersection of seneca and river road in montgomery county. we'll he more as it becomes available. live derek ward, news4. thank you, all rig doug, how are our fireworks looking tomorrow night? >> where? >> >> because wherever you are, you want your fireworks to go.
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>> and that's the problem that we have tomorrow, some areas ka might be o e, ers are not going to ha not going to have problems, there are going to be some areas that have a lot of heavy rainfall and heavy rain is the maor threat we could have some torrential downpours tomorrow. we saw some last night. we've got showers and storms out there now, i don't think we're going to see the widespread showers we saw last night o tomorrow. so a little different story this evening. if you've got fireworks festivities tonight, you ght get those off okay and quite a bit around our area on the 3rd. we're tracking a storm, you can see the r hn coming downe and you can see the shower activity. and you see the top here. the blow-off, the anvil from the storm. the top of the storm that's developed to the south and west ofe airport. south and east of the airport. 90 degrees the current temperature, winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour. the rest of the area on the hot side. a scattering of storms right now. most of them well up to the north and west of the are as expected. these will eventually make their way through.
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that's when they could become stronger around 00, 7:00 tonight. this is the one ways showing you from our tower cam to the south .d east of the airport making its way very close to the clinton area around andrews air force use. aro oxon hill along indian head highway. seeing shower activity there as well. heavy downpour there, no lightning with this just yet. don't be surprised to hear a little thunder. we have more scattered showers, scattered thunderstormth nog too strong right now. guys. this may be the case as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. that theseec do not be severe. we could see heavier downpours as these move across the mountains in the next couple of hours this is part of the scene tonight is the rolling stones concert at fedex is where we expect to see some stormy conditions come thrwgh. could push it back to 7:00, 8:00. we think by the :00 it'sug m as stones are hopefully taking the stage under dry conditions. by 11:00, maybe a little fog.
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butll in all not a bad overnight period. now tomorrow morning, a little bit of a different story. we may have fog early and thent wawhat happens. we see the showers and storms. here's noon. mostly dry through the noon hour. then a lot ofer show and storms developing earlier in the day than they are during the day today. atch what happens tomorrow evening. big-time showers and thunderstorms, some of these strong to severe. once again the biggest threat will be torrential downpours. look around 9:00, if this model was perfect today and again new york city model was perfect thho 24 rs out. d.c. would be fine but if you've got fireworks and more around redericksburg you could run into big problems around culpepper. if this shifts farther east you see what we're talking about. the problems there, even by 11:00 tomorrow night seeing some storms. so your fourth of july fireworks forecast, temperatures on the warm side. 87 degrees at 6:00. 85 by the :00. good chance of showers, by 11:00 they should be done and temperaturewise we stay in the upper 0s to low 90s.
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the heat index into the mid 90s. good chance of storms just about each and every day. it's july in washington. thank you. a deadly week on our local waterways, six people have died in water-related inciden. ahead at 5:00, the warnings we've got for anybody thinking about going out on the ter. and you may be grilling your burgers all wrong and it could make you sick or worse. we're going to explain. >>
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. you may belanning a picnic, but are you planning to get food poisoning. 40 million americans get it every year. i thatone out of every six of us. and if you're grilling, there are more things to watch out for. nbc's sarah doloff is working for your health with some tips. >> it's a summer staple -- millions of americans love cooking out. especially around the fourth of july. when we'll buy an estimated $400 million of beefccord together usda. butas the temperatures climb, so does the risk of food-borne illness. >> we generally see a spike in the number of food-borne lnesses such as salmonella or e. coli. >> dr. mindy bresher says that's because bacteria grows more
5:24 pm
quickly as warmer temperatures. the usda recommends you keep four things in mind when you fire up the grill. >> clean, separate, cook and >> wash your hands frequently while cooking. keep raw meat away fr cooked food. when it does comeki to coo make sure it's done properly. >> we want our burgers to be cooked to 160 degrees internally and we want yo to use a food thermometer. >> sausage should also be cooked to 160 degrees. steak to 145. and turkey and chicken to 165. finally, leftovers should be refrigerated within an hour that means making sure your cooler is stocked with ice if you're not near home. simple steps that can help keep you, your family and friends safe. this grilling season. sarah doloff, nbc news. fnchts you're marinating meat, keep it in the refrigerator. the usda says never leave it on the counter. the hotdogs, hamburgers
5:25 pm
were easy to swallow. an eating competition this time of year in d.c. the 10th app yule burger eating contest at z burger in tenley town. contestants have ten minutes. molly schuylerme took h top prize for the fifth year, averaged more than three burgers a minute. putting away 32. schuyler says the secret to her success is being tired and hungry. >> and a lot of water to wash it down. >> i'm tired and hungry and can't eat 33 burgers. he said earlier today she had 10 sausage mcmuffins for breakfast to prep. >> to stretch her stomach. >> i think hery digestic sstem has 911d on spdial. >> and she's trim. look at that. ahead, you might say if it wasn't their cup of tea, soccer player alex morgan cause as stir
5:26 pm
hile celebratinger game-winning goal in yesterday's world cup match. ead> w>>hat teammate megan rapinoe has to say to critics. >> alexandria's mari
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hello, we're in weather lert mode. not just because today, but for tomorrow as well.
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we've got scattered showers and thunderstorms out there. nothing too strong at all right now. but we are tracking numerous showers making their way down from the north and we have a shower in towards prince grge's county this one developed close to the airport and making its way from clinton to fort washington. shower ace long indianead highway continue to move down the highway here. no lightning associated with this. but brief heavy downpours with that one. more storms to the west. tyu can see them in towards frederick coun around west virginia, front royal and along 66. numerous more showers this evenin a much better chance area-wide big-time thunderstorms just in time for your fourth of july. we'll time it out for you and add more what you can expect for the fourth of july holiday. and we're back now at 5:30 with some of our top stories. final security preps under way you'll see the presidentpe sing at one end, the capitol 4th conrt at the other. large groups of protesters expected in the already-huge
5:30 pm
crowd that comes every year for the fireworks displays, despite the government reportedly shelling out millions more for this year's big celebration. the president says the cost is little compared to whatit worth. one person is dead tonight after a crash here oniver road in poolesville. a truck carrying sod collided with a car between esworthy road and seneca road. river road is closed in this area. judge in montgomery county ordering a new psychic evaluation for katherine hoggle who has been in a mental hospital cnce her twoldren disappeared five years ago. she is charged with their murder. deemed tincompetent tod trial. prosecutors say she's faking the extent of her mental illness. but today a judge said prosecutorsan have their own psychiatrist evaluate her. a couple was discovered dead this morning after going on a jet ski ride. >> the husband and wife's bodies were found on the partially submerged jet ski. in anne arundel county on the south river near edgewater.
5:31 pm
>> this makes six deaths on anne arundel county waters in less than a week and ourho amy c joins us with ways to stay safe while out there on the water. amy? >> hi, jim and wendy. the most important thing first responders want to you know as youre headed out on water is to use common sense. never try to mix alcohol and boating. e ver go out on the water al and always have a way to call for help if you need it. >> if you're in trouble out on the water, these are some of the people who will come to your rescue. >> once we get into the channel, wel transition to our helm id ins >> patrick evans is a captain with the alexandria marine rescue team. says from the timethey get a call they can be out op the water in just two hiinutes. >> we're hear that, we look for debris. >> they would rather their services not be needed.
5:32 pm
some tips for safety. make sure you have a working radio in y case need to call for help. you want to be wearing a life vest any time you are near the e but firefighters say you should also make sure you're wearing light, airy clothin so it doesn't weigh you down in case you fall in. >> early this morning a husband and wife killed in dgewater, maryland. fire officials say the two were jet skiing at night and wern't wearing life jackets. if you find yourself in water without a life jacket you have another option -- >> ke a shirt li this. if had you everything tied up. you can duck doing and blow up and that actually blow your, blow your shirt up. >> the rescue team says right now is their busy season. they train year-round to stay ady and they want you to stay calm if anything does happen. >> a lot of people tend to drown because they're panicking and going up. if you stay calm, take a breath, that breath will make you stay up. and it is very important to
5:33 pm
stay hydrated when you are on the water. first responders say a lot ofle peoporget to drink water, they think i'm surrounded by it, i don't need to but the truth is, that hot sun can make you hydrated very quickly. jim and wendy? >> amy cho on the scene thank you. well we're learning new details about the living conditions for migrant who is are held by federal authorities at the southern .border these new drawings, a child's view of the crisis, given to nbc news by the incoming president of the american academy of pediatrics who said they were drawn by children recently released from custody. we're also seei new photos from inside the detention centers. the pictures were released as part of the dhs inspector general report. which detailed severe overcrowding. a situation they called a quote ticking time bomb. >> you a shouldn't holdbody there for any length of time. let alone children. >> new in the last hour, president trump responding to
5:34 pm
the outrage, over these reports. the president tweeting quote -- if illegal immigrants run happy with the conditions in the detention centes, just tell them not to come. department s with of homeland security is dealing with the fallout from a bombshell pro publica report detailing a secret border patrol facebook group. the group reportedly sexually explicit photos, posts, demeaning members of congress and others mocking immigrants who have died. today dhs acting secretary kevin mccallum, promised a swift investigationweeting quote any employ found to have compromised the public's trust in our law ep forcement mission will be he accountable. you're young, a professional athlete. at the top of your game and ten you're diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. cancer. the one player on d.c. united turned his devastating diagnosis
5:35 pm
into a ferocious fight. and as he shares with dave johnson the biggest win of his career.e >> thhard work had paid off for chris. from mihellville to bethesda soccer club to the university of maryland and then d.c. united. in r hisokie season he showed why united selected him in the first round. as the 201 season started, as everything seemed infe, u fine.achim knew he wasn't >> i would feel very fatigued, my legs, my muscles, i had a bad itch all over my body. that. like and it was hard for me to fall asleep. i would wake up sometimes and have night sweats andff like that. so it was a wide range of different symptoms, i knew something was totally off. it's hard to get the information that get the information you've got cancer. i was 23. i'm a professional soccer player.
5:36 pm
you never expect anything like that. at the same time i knew i would get better, i knew i wod go through the treatments and come out the other side better. >> and he did come outn oe other side from diagnosis in october to determination and cancer-free in dms, and by may his first major league soccerea appnce in 14 months. >> my first touch that game, a big roundi have a plaus and eventually when i subbed off, i got a big standing ovation. which was really meant the world to me. i can tell now nothing more d.nfident in everything-day on and off the i think it comes from going through a tough time. and setting my goals to beat cancer and mke it bac on the field. i was able to accomplish that. you know i'm 24 years old now. and i went through one of the toughest things, if not the toughest thing that i'll probably go through in life. soanything else doesn't really faze me. i can kd of look at anything. i know if i can set my mind to it, i can reach that goal.
5:37 pm
d odoi atsem is thankful for the support of. united and his home team, his family, his brother steven, who went with him for treatments, as he told me, you need help to beat cancer. he's impressive. he's curre grizz is currently recovering from a hip injury as they play dallas. >> who knew sipping tea could cause such a stir. al morgan and the u.s. soccer team receiving backlash from a lot of brits for this ceheebratory move when made her goal against england yesterday. teammate megan rapinoe having none of it. responding quote wah, wah, wah. i mean it's like we're at the world cup what do you want us to do? she went on to say, we work hard, we like to play hd and we like to have fun and enjoy ourselves, these are the biggest
5:38 pm
moments to do that. >> i agree with her. that is just -- opverly sensitive. >> everyone is -- >> we're justff oended all the time by erything. every little tiny thing.> >> coming up he fought until his final days for the extension of health benefits for september 11th responders. head at 5:00, the final farewell for a man who fellow police officers call a hero. closer to a cure, the nd groubreakingstudy that
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one lone shower approaching oakton in the city of fairfax. noightning in this shower, but moderate rainfall, here's a look at the bigger picture. most of the rainfall is north of 66 and 50 and isolated in nature. for tomorrow the fourth ojuly, widespread rain and storms are in the forecast. some of those storms likely strong and severe. much more on the timndg impact coming up in about five minutes. >> thank you,am lia. spanking children is now against the law in france. the country just joined 54 others around the world to bancorp ral punishment of children. the bill makes spanking a child a civil fense. marnts would not face criminal charges, but lawmakers and advocates believe it is an important mbolic ange. previous studies on spanking show it can lead to aggressive and defiant behavior in
5:42 pm
children. opponents are calling the new law, however, i anerference in family lif the world could be closer to seeing a cure for aids, for the first time researchers have successlly eliminated the virus in mice. they used a combination of gene editing technology along with a laser treatment. the researchers are from temple university and the university of hebraska medical center. more t a million americans are living with hiv. researchers say this could change the way people are treated. the work isis publhed in the journal nature communications. they play a huge role in the food chain. and there is growing concern about the bee population across the grobe. the local hotels getting into the apriary business. and an american teenager contracts a flesh-eating
5:43 pm
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beyond fast.
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more thing to worry about before the fourth of july. a boy recently contracted a form of flesh-eating bacteria. near ocean city. so if you're a parent, you'reba py a little bit concerned about this. news4's darcy spencer spoke to health experts about what you can do to keepour family safe this holiday and every day. >> a mom took to facebook with a frightening pbit with distur images about her son. she says he contracted vibrio, a form of e flesh-eating bacteria after swimming in the bay just outside ocean city. as many prepare to go to beaches and waterways for the holiday, there concern -- is it fe? the mayor ocean city said yes. he spoke to wbal radio. >> it's a warning out there if you have open cuts o nything, when you go into the water. be careful wherever you are.
5:46 pm
whether you're in the bay or the ocean. but the waters are so go in. so that's, it's not a red flag in that area. >> researchers s cases of the deadly inftion are on the rise. because of our changing climate. the bacteria thrives in warm waters. we spoke to the head the worcester county environmental programs via face-time he said it's still safe to swim and recreate on the water. but you need to take precautions if you have he open cuts. >> ifo you d notice something within the day or two days, go see medical attention ly immediate don't let things fester. that's when people seem to have a problem. >> the official name for the bacteria is necrotizing fascitis. the cdc says up to one in three people with necrotizing fascitis die even with treatment. >> some of the earliest symptoms would be an area ofredness or swelling that is spreading rapidly. an area that's severely inful and/or if it's associated with
5:47 pm
fever. >> last month a woman in floridd fter contracting a deadly form of the bacteria. the family believes she was walking on the beach when she fell and exposed a cut.y famil wants people to know what to look out for so it can be caught andr tted in time. and that couldave a life. darcy spencer, news4. let's get the word on that beach forecast. a lot of people heading there baand to the too. guys, how are we looking out that way? >> that's an interesting thing, jim. we were tking with this earlier and we think inland from chesapeake bayback towards the blue ridge we're going to see a the although of storms tomorrow. for people heading to the beach. probably tbetter. >>re's a 20 to 30% chance of rain at the beach thursday and friday, the chances go up on saturday. su>> saturday and day, too. let's show you what's happening outside right now. take a look to the south. we're looking past the aport here this right here was an older storm that really has kind of fizzled out now across the otea. so not a l of rain going on in
5:48 pm
most of the rhett yo area with the exception of one or two spots. 91 degrees, dropping to 81 by 11:00. right now, we areot seeing anything out there that's strong new york city severe storms and if you look at the radar, just t scaing of lighter showers, we have some heavier downpowers, but a scattering of smaller storms everywhere. i want to show awe couple. this is the one i was talking about that's dying off around the clinton area, back towards fairfax. we saw new one pop up around the city of fairfax. a quick thdownpour but 's about it. this will most likely peter out as it drifts slowly down towards the fairfa area so heads there. heaviest rain right there along the virginia, west virginia border between clark county and jrson county. another storm right around winchester just off to the east and another one around front royal. oncehis boundary here, you can see it's been coming down from the north. once this boundary comes across the mountains, we may see more of some enhanced thunderstorms
5:49 pm
develop. we're not expecting a whole lot tonight. what we are expecting, however, is a lot tomorrow. we've been seeing all week long, unfortunately the fourth of july does ok like potentially the worst day of the week and amelia. this is what we're thinking as we move through the day tomorrow. >> we're declaring it as a storm am 4 weather i lert day. starting off during the morning hours, it's going to be mug d mild out there with temperatures in the low to mid 70s as we move to the midday ve temperatures in the upper 80s. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, that 92 isoing to foal closer to 100 when you factor in the humidity and we do have a highs chance for rain tomorrow at 80%. so maybe you're trying to get the grass cut tomorrow. the earlier the better if you're getting out in the garden, it's ogoing to be a h one out there early and storms later. the experts at maryfield gardens center tells can you add instant color to your deck, patio or entrance for this fourth of july. put in annual ntpla tropical
5:50 pm
plants. thrive in containers, bloom all summer. you have to check them daily for water. as we take a look at your fourth of july outlook, morning exercise getting the run inay m before you head to the barbeque. it's going to be muggy and dry, 70s to low 80s by the afternoon hours, firing up the grill will be hot and humid and be able to move indoors as storms start to fire. they could fire a little earlier tomorrow than 3:00 p.m. we can see them firing potentially closer towards noon. the annoying thing abast the fortomorrow is we know there's going to be rain, but exactly where it falls is the tricky part out there. right now we're thinking maybe northern virginia. but area-wide has the chance. i'll just leave with you this look at the heat index through sunday. >> no thanks, no thanks at all i don't like that hot and humid. next couple of days, it's that hot and humid. ur days, into the 90s through tomorrow. maybe a little cooler. i say cooler it won't feel cooler.
5:51 pm
89 on friday morks cloud cover and a good chance of storms then. more of an isolated chance on saturday. but as far as severe weather goes, we think tomorrow and then saturday have the best chance for severe weather. sunday, a high of 91, with a storm chance there, too, and much less humidity late sunday into the daymonday, tuesday and wednesday, right now early next week looking good before we do this all over again >> we know the drill, we're getting to know it again. doug, thank you. rn> our changing climate has led to growing conce for the honey bepopulation all over the world but you might be surprised to learn hotels are getting into the business of bees to help the environment. news4's erica gonzales shows you how it's impacting what you eat and how you relax at the sp >> it's a windy day at gaylord national resort and convention center. if you listen closely, can youhe es.r t buzz of coming from the resort's rooftop at national harbor. and if you look closely, you'll
5:52 pm
find hundreds of thousands of bees, these little guys right in here. >> these are one of tse things you assume are just >> david cre certificate the executive chef here where they are committed to supporting honey bee sustainability. >> we started out with four hives on the roof we haveur long hives, we got them started in 2017. we built an additional four hives, 350,000 bees right now. >> the bees' first harvest brought in 400 pounds of honey.l aleing used in some way for your next visit starting with the kitchen. >> honey cider and dijon vinaigrette. >> we put a great drizzle over that. our local honey. a great >> really tasty. >> i'm eating like three of these. >> creating a more sustainable food and beverage program the goal but it's not the honey's only use, there's also the t' resspa. >> do we just like uptown the amounts that continues to glide over the skin. doesn't beco too skiky.
5:53 pm
>> it's used inc fals, mani pedis and massages. >> it will be smoothing and moisthizing, it will leave wit you a polished glow. >> it can vary in color and taste. the resort has even had a hand in that. by adding flowers, plants and herbs for the rooftop as well. >> the key essential fact tore take pollination and make sure the area blooms. >> for the che a the gaylord national resort and convention center, it's about doing good for our ecosystem and in the hotel industr what's being done up here is buzz-worthy. erica gonzales, news4. all that honey. for a closer look at the impact of climate change we invite you to open our nbc washington app and search changing clite to see how it can affect your family, your health and your commute. his emotional testimony on capitol hill gai national attention. now justft weeks making that plea for help for 9/11
5:54 pm
responders, luis alvarez is ing laid to rest. ahead at 5:00, the final farewell for the former detective today. and then coming up at 6:00, a new investigation into why the trump administration pulled the plug onds
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
thousanf people turned out today to pay their final
5:57 pm
respects to a september 11th hero. >> nypd detective luis alvarez garnered national headlines after his appearance on the hill earlier this year. >> diedhis past weekend from colon cancer. but never gave up his fight to get 9/11 firstrs responde the health coverage they so desperately need. john chandler from nbc news, new york reports. >> present arms! >> from police to passers-by, hundreds stood in salute. showed upto pay their respects to luis alvarez. because luis alvarez showed up to fight for them. he went, his last days, he knew he was si. he still went to washington and he always thought of others. bides himself. >> mike verado say that when he and luis were in the same police precinct. he had to be here, jon stewart had to be there as hen was i washington, d.c. weeks ago when a dying lou alvarez, frail but
5:58 pm
fierce as ever pushed congress to support a compensation fund for 9/11 first responders. >> it's one thing to inspire people when things are going good, when things were going as bad as they were for luis alvarez, that's the test of a great hero. >> inside a nearly full church, the police commissioner praised alvarez for his service on 9/11 and after. >> these heroes responded to calls for help. they did not hesitate. that's who they were and still are. they are the very best among us. >> then lou's son shared his message before his father took his final breath. >> in his last moments before tathng his last brea i told him i loved him. before he became an american hero, he was mine. hero, my ins the one above all i wanted to make proud. >> the police commissioner urgee cong to reenact the victim's compensation fund and congressman peter king says it has to ppen. lling me he was supposed to see lou on sunday in hospice,
5:59 pm
but the detecte passed away on saturday. astoria, queens, john chandler, nbc news. now at 6:00, a storm team 4 weather alert. more storms threatening not just tonight, but your fourth of july. >> politcs versuspa iotism. the stage now set. the tanks inplace. for president trump's holiday lalute. protesters are a ready. trolling the president with giant balloons and t-shirts >> weather,ur secy and cost adding to concerns for oneof d.c.'s biggest events of the year. the message that we'reng sendi everyone is to plan ahead and be safe. >> news4 at 6:00. starts now. welcome to news4at 6:00, with what could be the biggest impact on your holiday plans, weather. good evening, i'm wendy rieger.
6:00 pm
>> i'm jim hanley, we're watching storms thatac could p a punch tonight and affect >>avel and fires for a lot of us tomorrow. et's get to it with doug and amelia and what's to come. >> we're tracking the showers and thunderstorms coming through the area now. nothing too strong, nothing severe right now. we think we could have a few more pop up as we move through the night.e' but we in weather alert really for tomorrow. the fourth of july holiday, we're actually a little worried about the potentialor strong storms and heavy rain. >> we're talking about during the afternoon and evening hours so barbeques could be impted. we think some fireworks displays could be w impacted are talking about downpours and damaging winds. >> as we move through the storm team 4 radar, you notice not a lot going on. you see the showers making their way from the north. a couple of showers gog on around the d.c. metro area. you can see one here. rig around the city of fairfax, we had another around clinton, maryland, oxon


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