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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i'm jim hanley, we're watching storms thatac could p a punch tonight and affect >>avel and fires for a lot of us tomorrow. et's get to it with doug and amelia and what's to come. >> we're tracking the showers and thunderstorms coming through the area now. nothing too strong, nothing severe right now. we think we could have a few more pop up as we move through the night.e' but we in weather alert really for tomorrow. the fourth of july holiday, we're actually a little worried about the potentialor strong storms and heavy rain. >> we're talking about during the afternoon and evening hours so barbeques could be impted. we think some fireworks displays could be w impacted are talking about downpours and damaging winds. >> as we move through the storm team 4 radar, you notice not a lot going on. you see the showers making their way from the north. a couple of showers gog on around the d.c. metro area. you can see one here. rig around the city of fairfax, we had another around clinton, maryland, oxon hill
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this one around fairfax county. not moving a lot. around fairfax and oakton. you're not going to see ny thunder or lightning out of that. a few more back to the west. once these move across the mountains we could see enhancement. once again all eyes on the fourth of july. much more on that forecast. see you back in 15 minutes. the tanks that we've been hearing an awful lot about officially rolled into our national mall earlier today. >> and president trump is saying this is going to be quote the greatest fourth of july celebration ever in the nation's capital. >> but he is facing some push-back from some over the reported million-plus dollars that this could cost. it's going to cost a. lot >> news4's cory smith joins us live along the mall with details of this. it is bustling down there. >> jim and wendy as who hot as it is, it feels like the fourth of july. you go to the mall. you see the stage, the tanks. it certainly looks like the
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fourth of jhay. all of t is left for the president and the protesters, is to celebrate. >> as usual there was plentyo see around the national mall this afternoon. albeit from a great distance. the tanks president trump requested for his salute to america rolled into place. dazzling hundreds of onlookers. it left tourists like jeffnd janet stake feeling robbed of an all-american experience, visiting the lincoln memorial. >> we cannot go see the lincoln memorial on july 3. we came all the way from indiana. >> thememorial was closed so the stage could be set to make sure tomorrow's ceremony is spotless. >> tanks, but no tanks. we don't want tanks. on the streets of d.c. >> exct to see m of this on the 4th. a dozen groups have obtained permits to protest the president and his salute to the america. >> if people are not out protesting this, the people of the world, our country and
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around the world will say -- well i guess this is how the american people >> we' here to celebrate america and freedom and everything that it stands for and opportunity. >> president trump's batch is also drawing heat for its still ermined cause. the president responding on twitter sing the cost of our great salute to america tomorroi be little compared to what it is worth. we own the planes, we havethe pilots, the airportis right next door, all we need is the fuel. >> regardless of how you feel about the salute to america the president, i think we can all agree that the men and women of law enforcement and the military sacrificing t time with their families to be out here so we can enjoy independence day, you see them out there on the mall, be sure to thank them, i'm sure they will appreciate it. >> of course, thank you so much, cory. two d.c. leaders have strong reaction to the president's ou remarks ab the cost of all of this. >> he said we own the planes, he didn't mention secuty costs.
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imagine what the costs will be for a president to be on the mall. leaving aside the other security costs with people on the mall. tal e don't know what our local costs will be. >> mayor bowser and congresswoman eleanor holmes norton note hthat the city not been repaid some $7 million for thef cost oe trump inaugural. the inaugural committee did did raise a record-breaking $107 million. but "the new york times" and ee "the wall sjournal" report that federal investigators are looking into wherthe money came from and where it went. >> gym and wendy, we've got breaking news that just came in on what we thought was the settled issue of the citizenship question on the 2020 census. the justice department now says president trump has ordered them to find a way to put that question on the census. officials told a federal judge they thought that there would be a way to add the question
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despite printing deadlines. they're going to ask the supreme court to send the case to a lower court win destructions to fix the situation. just yesterday the justice department and the commerce department said the census forms were being printed as we speak thout the question on it. that angered the president, who tweeted, that he was moving forward with the question despite t supreme court's decision rejecting that move. we'll let you know what the courts and the justice department decide coming next. leon, thank you. and we're continuing to follow breaking news iny montgomer county. where a crash here on river road in poolesville has taken a life. news4's derek wardis on the scene for us live tonight. derek, what have you learned since your rastort at 5:00? >> well we know that this is still being investigated. tion of t the inters river road and seneca. take a look, we're adjacent to the breton woods country club. you can see nowthe vehicles that are involved. that red saturn and that white pickup which was towing a
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trailer loaded with sod. now we understand that the driver of the saturn was killed. we only know it was anult male. we don't have any other information at this point. take a look, we have some aerial footage from chopper 4 that gives you a g oeater sense the scene. it was about 1:30, about 3:15 in the afternoon when the crash happen. and as we said, it happened here at this intersection. we hear more about what's going on at this point from montgomery county police. take a look. >> there's a lot of work that goes into it with calculations. analysis and that's what they're oing right now. we want to figure out what happened here and this is a very tragic day. obviously whenever we lose somebody. and it's also a stark reminder of we're starting the july 4 weekend. >> now we're told that this intersection is somewhat of a trouble spot. if you notice the dotted line here that was put in to tell cars how far they could pull out before they could look up and down seneca toh see whic way
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traffic is going and there's rumble strips down river road. i'm told by a man who lives tnearby that justs past weekend, early morning sunday it was a crash where a car was overturned and right off of the road here in thisarea, so they're looking for more calming devices, some other infrastructure to help slow folks down here.n we don't k if speed was a factor in this crash yet. that's still all being investigated. dereklive in poolesville, ward, news4, back to you. >> thank you, derek. a live look at bait bidge if you're trying to get out of dodge, this is a good place to aim for. aim east. no major delays or back-ups to rept as we look at traffic headed toward the eastern shore. >> a lot of people have already made their getaways. still transportation officials ssy your best chance to make good time acrohe bay is after sundown tonight. but wendy showed you, it looks pretty goodight now. the stock market also looked good. ending on a high note. [ bell ringing ]
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>> theaq dow and nasd both closed at record highs, so did the s&p 500. this was the third day in a row. torre were even firewks there today. economists say there yougo , the market is up due to expectations that the fed is going to lower interest rates and do it soon. the fed raised interest rates four times just last year. now to the ebombsh report about a secret facebook group for current and former border patrol agents. the content included insensitive posts about the deaths of migrants and vulgar misogynis posts about new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. this as a government watchdog ssue as chilling warni tonight, about the crisis at the border. here's nbc dan shenman. >> a child's view of the unfolding humanitarian crisis at the border.en drawings gto nbc news by the incoming president of the american a academy of
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pediatrics, created by children recently released from cbp custody. a sobering glimpse of the ll situation a ticking time bomb in the report from the department of homeland securities office inspector general. a watchdog group touring several facilities, concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediato risk the health and safety of dhs agents and officers and to those detained. in this photo inspectors say t moren 80 men were cram nod a room with a capacity of half that. the report says that these s facilitieildren had limited access to a change of clothes and two facilities, had not provided children access to hot meals. en you shouldn't hold anybody there for any lh of time. let alone children. meanwhile. following the bombshell report by pro publica,il detag a private border patrol facebook group. with posts dem oning membersf congress and mocking migrant deaths, the acting secretary of
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dhs promised a swift investigation, tweeting quote any employee found to have compromised the public's trust in our law enforcement mission will be held accountable. >> a growing scrutiny andsense of urgency felt all along the border. dan shenman, nbc news. we are ls than a week away from a major fight over gun control in virginia. >> tonight t governor is announcing what he wants from the special session in richmonhe but can et it done? a recent poll says he's got a lot of virginians on his side. did a police officer chase atv riders against department policy? how video obtained by news4 is impacting that investigation. and not a lot going on out r thereht now on storm watch. we have some back towards the west. back towards the blue ridge. a shower around e city of fairfax, but nothing song or severe. yet.e not quite done just the bigger factor is tomorrow. the fourth of july. more on that. right now we leave with you a
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shot of the bay bridge and yeah, i need to get out of
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. a father in maryland fighting for justicear five ye after his two little kids disappeared. and their mother charged with their murder. but katherine hoggle is considered incompetent to stand trial. and today a judge ordered her to undergo a new mentalvaluation. prosecutors saying she's faking the extent of her illness. news4's mark segraves has reaction. >> jacob and sarah hoggle were 2014.seen in september of today would have been jacob's
6:14 pm
seventh birthday. >> in some ways this is kind of a birthday gift for him, a stepi towards jus for my son and my daughter. it's it doesn't make it easier. >> troy turner has been coming to the montgomery county courthouse now for nearly five years. ever since his 2-year-old son, jacob and 3-year-old daughter, sarah, were reported missing and their mother, arrested. typically turner leaves the ourthouse disappointed. for the past four and a half years the court has continually found katherine hoggle incompetent to stand trial for murdering her child >> it's hard to get up in the morning to come here and spend my son's seventh birthday here. you know, looking, looking at the woman who murdered my children. >> search teams were never able to find the two young children. hoggle has been in a psychiatric hospital since 2014. prosecutors have said they think she's faking the extent of her mental illness. and that's one reason they want a second opinion. toda a montgomery county
6:15 pm
circuit court judge ruled that prosecutors can have their own psychiatrist evaluate hoggle. hoggle's attorney tells news4 that hoggle has a long history of mental illness. >> they've found that those mental health issues and those diagnoses have prevented her from being able to assist in her own defense. >>per will continue to show up at the courthouse until he finds juisice for h children. >> definitely hard coming in here, but it's good walking out with what was said in the kroom. markg seves, news4. the virginia general assembly meets in a special session to talk about new gunsa ty measures. and a recent poll suggests broad support for the kinds of changes lawmakers will consider. a majority of virginia voters, 54%, say it is more important tn col gun ownership than protect gun rights. but there are partisan gappings on the issue, 82% of democrats strongly favor gun control.
6:16 pm
64% of republicans favor gun rights. buthe t partisan divide grows narrow when voters are asked about specific policies. 84% of virginia voters favor background checks on all gun sales. and 65% support banning au a-style weapons. governor ralph northham called the special session in response to the workplace massacre on virginia beach back on may 31, a city engineer killed 12 people inside that municipal building. today governor northam released a list of bills. including mandatory background checks, assault-style weapons bans and a so-called red flag law that would let law enforcement temporarily remove a person's firearms if they exhibit dangerous behavior. there's a new investigation into that controversial decision that canceled the fbi's move rom downtown d.c. to either fairfax or prince george's
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county. an internal justice department o watchdog is gg to row view the decision to keep thedi bu in downtn d.c. >> the trump administration surprised a lot of people around here in july 2017 when it called off the plans to move the fbi to springfield or to prince george's county. the agency and local communities had spent years planning the move and anticipating a big economic windfall from it. in a new letter to a u.s. house ntl icme investigators say they'll review the decision, why it was made. hse democrats allege the president intentionally opposed the move because it would have allowed commercial developers to take over then property d.c. and compete directly with the trump hotel. the fbi has not commented on the new letter, they have said the current fbi headquarters is ging and too small for the agency's workforce, prince george's county have been competing with fairfax ounty to luree new headquarters, the competition was called off by the administration. before a house house panel in
6:18 pm
april, the fbi director did comment, here's what christopher wray said about the fbi's move c>>cellation. state of the art facility. add the numbers of people in terms of consolating our footprint and the more accessible or romaine accessible to all of our partners and to the public. >> no deadline for when the internal investigation will be e compd. among those who will get a copy is virginia congressman jerry connolly. >> in the news room i'm sco mcfarlane. now back to you. >> well we're in weather alert mode. let's check in with doug, is it calming down a little bit? more going to start firing up? >> we've go a couple of showers and thunderstorms out there nothing strong at all. 're in weather alert for a couple of reasons. a chance of storms today, not expected a lot now. but for your fourwe of july. ant to make sure that you're ready because we think tomorrow is going be a lot of storms out there. the biggest potential, very heavy rainfall.
6:19 pm
>> and we think that the storms will be firing dung the afternoon, evening hours, potentially even overnight. still rain impacting the area. >> let's look at what's happeng across our area. most of us on the dry side. if you're one of those heading to the rolling stones concert, think that right nowi as of rt now that's looking really good. i noticed a couple of things when i look at the radar picture, you see the showers and storms coming down around frederick? these would have blown up and gotten bigger this he have he diminisin this area. also i notice these little boundaries that kick off thunderstorms from time to time. they're not kicking off ma. we've got one shower around the fairfax area, a tiny shower, but this where we are still seeing showers fuxt live in towards rappahannock county or unwarren co, fauquier county you'll get to see these storms coming through this is the strongest storm around theil berriv area, making its way towards clark county and loudndn county a that will come towards middleburg, the marshall
6:20 pm
region. these are downpours, woer not seeing anything severe at this time this is what we get in on tomorrow, though. we've got an area of low is way e that's out that's going to migrate our way slowly. it's going to be sitting here during the day tomorrow. that's why we think tomorrow we're going to have a very good chance. we're going80% chance of storms tomorrow. again this could be pretty much any time after noon and we c uld see a lot in the way of severe weather with heavy rain. >> so when we say rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, it won't w a hout. we're not looking at kind of a rainy day out there it's stg gb to th summer-type weather where we see storms bubble up. you might get in on some more rumbles of thunder,o more rain a little later. here's your fourth of july planner. we're stating dry tomorrow. already at 74 degrees by lunchtime we're near 90. maybe an isolated thunderstorm around the mason-dixon line and around the shenandoah valley. as we head into the afternoon
6:21 pm
a evening hours, we start to see areas of rain and thunderstorms pop out there. , 92 for a high tomorrow. keeping the storm chance in at 9:00 p.m. as firewos across the area are getting under way. 91 degreesy at man fireworks displays, so it will be mild and muggy to finish theday. tomorrow we're seeing widespread and friday, saturdaynd sunday, we still have hit-and-misswe shors and thunderstorms in the forecast. right now monday is looking mainly dry. the humidity doesn't break util tuesday. doug, you have the right idea, escaping to the beach. it's looking dry there tomorrow and thursday, maybe aew thunderstorms out there on saturday and sunday. yes, amelia and your gift for working for me tomorrow is coming in the mail, i ordered it. s out ve got the sto there. i want to show you the future ng weather comiup. 6:00 tomorrow, notice where the storms are, area wide across our
6:22 pm
region, especially in and around d.c. metro are around the blue ridge. the areas around at close to the blue ridge could have the strongest sterms moving through. night.t 9:00 tomorrow if this develops we're going to be seeing big problems out of that. the next couple of days. 92 on your thursday, 89 on friday, 92 saturday and on sunday, another chance for storms. best chance of severe weather tatorrow and sday. you got to do better than saltwater taffy for amelia there. >> hermit crab? >> how about a case of wine. >> if you buy a cage you get a free hermit crab. a heads up for anyoneng hea to the beach this ekd woo. a boy has recently contracted some form of a atfleshg bacteria. this is happening near ocean city. >> coming up, why experts are ying the water is safe for you and for your family.
6:23 pm
a prince george's county police offic is suspendedrom the department after an alleged assault on another prince george's county police officer here in thi parking lot. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
the victim of a hit-and-run in montgomery county this morning is companied to survi e. police say it was around 6:30 hen a small silver sedan hit a man ontwin brook parkway near veers mill road in rockville and arove off. investigators sing for the driver. police say a shooting that left three people wounded in fairfax county appears to be gang-related. believe it was a shooting ttween two people in two
6:26 pm
vehicles onelegraph road. some suspects were found in huntington. police looking into the possibility onis isected to a separate shooting that occurred monday night. police in prince george's county now tll us new video showing first on news4 will now be a part of the department's invesgation into a chase that crossed into d.c. police are investigating whether the chase was a violation of partment policy. the video obtained by prince george's county bureau chief aacee wilkins yesterday shows police cruise tler running over a fence and narrowly striking two vehicles as he pursued an illegal atv rider. this was saturday on southern avenue along the d.c. line. police spokesman says the department was not aware the officer ran into a fence during the pursuit. erthe offic was already under investigati after cell phone video emerged on social media. showing a danferent le of the
6:27 pm
chase. prince george's county police have a p-chaselicy unless a suspect is considered extremely dangerous. or is wanted for a violent crime. it started out as a beautiful day for yoboers and jet skiers on the water. coming up, there was tragedy overnight. fire and rescue teams are warni about the dangers on this holiday weekend on the water. huge fire overnight, this is in kentucky, fuelled by gallons and gallons of .bourbon a jim beam warehouse still smoldering after a long, difficult day for firefighters. and we're staying on top of stoas we go into the night. potentially even more tomorrow that could affect your fireworks stay with us as we ,
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we're in weather alert mode, guys, not whole lot going oro and the area right now. it's really tomorrow the reason we're on weatherat alert, th's fourth of july and we think we're going to get storms tomorrow. in clark county coming through western loudoun county. has been developin a lot of lightning associated with this making its way towards fauquier county, more on the rest of the storms and your fourth of july. rit now lookround the d.c. metro area, the fireworks going off tomorrow. 'll talk more about that going off around that area. there's the mall looking good. as you can ee, plenty of sunshine, no storms.eo pe are kicking off their 4th celebrations on the water. >> lots of fun to be had. but you need to stay safe. overnight a man and a woman were killed in a jet ski crash in anne arundel county.
6:31 pm
their bodies discovered in the south river in edgewater. ve with 's amy cho is l important safety reminders for you out there. >> hi, wendy, jim,yes summer is the time for going out on the water. as beautiful as the potomac river is,t can get up to 60 feet deep in some places and sometimes there are large buoys or pieces of debris in the watth we can't always see. that's why firstt responders to make sure you stay safe. >> talking emergency lights, emergency lights on. >> two minutes, that's how long it takes forirstesponders to get out on the water. when someone calls for help. and in a water rescue, every second counts. >> we run out to the dock. jump on the boat and everyone has a job to do. >> patrick evans with the alexandriapa fire dertment says they train ouyear-rnd. >> they would rather their ervices not be needed so some tips for safety. make sure you have a working
6:32 pm
radio. in case you need to call for help. cell service can be spotty on a boat. obviously you want to be wearing a life vest any time you're near the water. but firefighters say you should makee you're wearing light, airy clothing so it doesn't weigh you down in case you fall in. >> this morning a husband an wife killed in edgewater, maryland. fire officials say the two were jet skiing at nightnd weren't wearing life jackets. if you find yourself in the water without a life jacket you have another option -- >> so a shirt lke this. if had you everything tied up. you can duck down, and blow up and that actuallylow your shirt up. >> when it comes to avoiding accidents, a little common sense can go a long way. first responders say don't take unnecessary risks. >> we don't want to you drink and drive. we don'ta w you to boat and drive. >> they want to you stay calm. >> a lot of people tend to drown because they're panicking, going
6:33 pm
up. if you stay calm take a breath, the breath will make you stay up. ? and first responders say when you're out on water, it's good to keep an eye out for other people who might be in trouble. you can call for help if they can't. live in alexandria,amy cho. news4. aimy. thank you. g>> lyft is offering free rides tomorrow evenino prevent drunk driving. to get the free ride look for the promo code put that code into the promo section on your lyft app. the code will be availle tomorrow starting at 6:00. the free rides start at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, run until 2:00 a.m. on friday. up to $15 will be covered. the tanks are in place, earlier today so were some protesters. as crews did final security preps for the big 4th celebrations. the capitol 4th concert at the
6:34 pm
other. demonstrations expected in the already-huge crowds gathering for the fireworks. one person is dead tonight after a crash here on river road in poolesville. a tck carrying sod collided with a car between esworthy road and seneca road. right now rir road is closed in that area. and a new government watchdog report describing the crisis at the border as -- a ticking time bomb. this is the acting secretary of the department of homeland security orders an investigation into reports of explosive content in a secret facebook group. for border patrol officers. according to propublica, the posts demean members of congress and mock migrant deaths.he t prince george's county police department has suspended one of its officers for domestic violence. >> that officer is a accused of assaulting another officer who he's in a relationship with. news4's tracee wilkins explains what happened and what action en the departm is taking.
6:35 pm
>> a prince george's county police officer is under investigation anduspended for allegedly assaulting another prince george's county police officer who he's in a relationship with and share as child th. this all happened here on monday, and the chick-fil-a parking lot in largo at the boulevard. according to sources, direct stowledge of this ination, the male officer shoved the female officer and then placed his hand on his service weapon in a threatening manner. not allowing her to leave. he called prince george's county police for help and p theice department has rereleased a statement that says in part we've opened an investigation based on a 911 call from one prince george's county police officer regarding a dispute with a second officer. preliminarily this appears to be a domestic dispute. it did not invve any members of the public. the female officer has taken out a protective order against the o maleicer who again is now on suspension and has no access to his service weapon as prince nty police
6:36 pm
investigate what happened in this parking lot. we're not releasing the namesf either one of the officers involved in this. because no one has been officially charged. in largo,ee trac wilkins, news4. the haunting sound of a single bagpipe. a casket draped in the blue, green and white flag of the nypd. hundreds of mourners gathered in queens today for the funeral luis alvarez. the former detective contracting cancer after he spent tee months at ground zero. just after the 9/11 attacks. and he spent hisys final da battling for the first responders who still need help. his sister says that fight followed him into his dreams. >> the nurse asked rehim, whe he had been walking. and with david as my witness, my brother responded -wa i
6:37 pm
walking to find first responders. to make sure they get > help. >is alvarez and comedian jon stewart were on capitol hill just last month. fighting for the first responders and stewart attended the tod when we come back tonight on news4 at 6:00, it won't be all celebration tomorrow on our natial mall. we'll explain why one veteran's group is handing out t-shirts designed to get under president trump's let's take another live look at the chesapeake bay bridge. still looking pretty good. even fabulous. no problems reported there. if you're trying to get out of dodge and headingf east, i you're not on the road yet you'll make your best time after 10:00 tonight. but it looks god right now. doug and amelia tracking storms tonight. potentially even worse conditions tomorrow. conditions tomorrow. there going time oy' ut what comes with $1 soft drink from monald's? ( ♪ )
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another shopper's food store is set to close, the grocere storn the seven corners center will shut its doors september 1. that location will be turned into a giant come ll. shoppers parent company united natural foods is getting out of the retail business and selling off its earlier week. employees protested, saying united natural foods isg keepin them in the dark about which stores are closing. william faulkner once wro civilization begins with distillation. how is this for an uncivilized- scene45,000 gallons of kentucky bourbon going up in flames last night. a lightning strike ignited two s barrel hou at jim beam. nobody injured but the devil took his cut of all that liqu sunshine. workers spent today trying to keep more bourbon from seeping into the nearby kentucky river. a progressive veterans group plans to tweet president trump
6:41 pm
at tomorrow's fourth of july celebration. mlunteers for vote vets will be on the nationall passing out 5,000 free eye-catching t-shirts. honoring the "uss john s. mccain." named after the late senator, his father and his grandfather. the ship's nickname is big bad john. that's also o the shirt. >> well trump is you know politicizing this event into something for his own personal gain. they want to stand up and say hey let's honor a real american hero. >> mr. trump's dislike for the late senator is so well known, white house staff asked the navy to hide the "uss mccain" during the president's statevisit to japan back in may. just yesterday cindy mccain honored her late husband at a change of command ceremony aboard the warship at a naval base in japan. coming up -- a boy comes home from a local beach infected with this -- flesh-eating bacteria.
6:42 pm
>> up next, news4's darcy spencer has a message from the boy's mom and helps us understand how big the threat really is. and here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. a few isolated showe thunderstorms making their way into parts of loudoun and fauquier counties, tomorrow more widespr d rain and storms are in the forecast. the biggest threat going to be downpours and potent lly damaging winds as well. doug and i are ting out the rain chances, plus how they could
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
warning for everyone heading to the beech this holiday cekend. a boytracted a form of flesh eating bacteria near ocean city. >> one more thing for parents to worry about is holiday weekend. news4's darcy spencer spoke to health experts to tell what you
6:45 pm
you need to do to keep your family safe. >> the facebook post shows the disturbing images a mom says her son contracted vibrio, a form of the flesh eating bacteria after swimming in the bay oside ocean city. researchers say these infections are on the rise because of our changing climate. they thrive in warmte wa. >> this is one example of the potential impact that climate change can have. on a current disease. >> as many preto go to beaches and waterways for the holiday, there's concern. is it safe?of the mayor ocean city says yes, he spoke wbal radio. >> that's an isolated case that can happen, if you read about t, tha it's something that's you'll see in the chesapeake bay d other areas where the water is lukewarm. >> the saasague group says you need to cover your cuts. >> infections happen in the water and people ne to be
6:46 pm
aware of that and make sure that they, if they have a cut or a sore -- >> especially have a waterproof bandage on it. >> the official name for the pactia is neck rrotizing fascit >> some of the earliest symptoms of knack of necrotizing fascitis is a red area that spreads rapidly. >> the mom of the boy infected in maryla says her post that his pediatrician is happy with how his wounds are healing. darcy spencer, news4. well right now the rollingo st are getting ready to rock at fedex field. >> that concert is set to begin in just under an hour if we know rock stars it wo't be begin for another two hours. chopper 4 flew over the stadiuma earlier thisfternoon as the crew did one last sound check. you can see a massive stage with multiple reens.
6:47 pm
ok days to put that up. the legendary band is scheduled to perform for more than two hours tonight. >> i saw them perform there about 20 years veago, i'll ne forget it. >> with those same signs up. >> same logo. >> the big question tonight -- will the storms hold off for all the concertgoers? >> let's go back to doug and amelia for the answer. >> four thumbs up for that. we're thinking yesterday, we may see a couple of stor weren't sure where they were going to form. we knew probably northern virginia would be the hot spot. a wveese much ther either. starting to see stow. 0% chance for ra and storms in the forecast tomorrow. tomorrowo ou need t weather geady. we've got clear skies, we saw a couple of showers and a few thunderstorms out there. but no problem at alne thething you might be
6:48 pm
dealing with out there. if they went early to the rolling stones concert is the sunshine. 89 degrees, temperes dropping through the 80s, warm, muggy conditions through 10:00 tonight. nothing around the mro region. we saw a couple of pop-up showers earlier. now we are watching areas to the west and you loudoun county. nothing severe, bluemont, warnings just yet. front royal, around rappahannock county, around the bluemont area. you see this onein mak its way slowly down to the south and east this will dump heavy rai making its way towards rg middlebu along with 50 and down 17 in northern fauquier county. the wider view showing what's oving our way tomorrow. very unsettled back to the west. the warmth will add to the instability and the thunderstorms could, some could be over the area for a long thme. we're thinking biggest
6:49 pm
potential for the torrential rains during tomorrow. >> that could include torrential downpours at your barbeques and displays.reworks right now we're seeing a lot of thunder and lightning moving into parts of loudoun and fauquier count area wide the chances for thunderstorms are not just in one location tomorrow. again most of us have aan bette ch of seeing rain during the afternoon and evening hours than not seeing the rain so here's your planner forew firks tomorrow. 7:00 p.m., getting ready for the fireworks display, at that point iwill be stormy across the region. 89 degrees. hot and humid, 9:00 p.m., fires displays are getting under way. still have the storm chance. it does go down from about 80% at 7:00 pm. to 50%, 40% at 9:00 p.m. still with the humidity and the atmosphere, rain could be very heavy at that point. 81 degrees. 9:00 p.m.
6:50 pm
fireworks displays coming to an end. we'll keep the chance for rain and overnight thursday into friday morning if you arehe ing out to fireworks displays tomorrow. the ground is likely wet. you'll get weather alerts to your fine foennd and you can check out the radar and have a place to go. when thunder roars, head indoors.t can't say thaenough out there tomorrow. the chance for storms remains in the forecast fo the weekend. >> we're going to see the chance right on through. friday, satunday, su. it's over with and we're talking heat and humidity. 89 on your friday, 92 on y. saturda 91 on sunday. >> hudity goes lower and that means cur thunderstormnces go lower as well. >> next thursday, friday and saturday. right now all eyes are on wweather alert, because t we expect for the day rrtow. coming up, a star is born. how much do we love her?
6:51 pm
she's 15 years old. american coco gauff from delray beach, florida.
6:52 pm
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the nats are playing without any problem. >> they're playing without a problem. which is a rarity. >> proesht at,hanks for p, doug. s >> for the first time in his seven-year career, antho rendon was selected to the all-star game. quite the impressive honor. he's thinking about skipping the game to let lingering injuries heal. that's like skipping the center honors to play fortnite. the manager says he's not buying it and he has aunny feeling that rendon will be at the tuesday night's summer classic. the nats and the montreal expos celebrate the team on saturday.
6:55 pm
max scherzer wearing the powder blue euni. you got to get the feel for the euni.e on th mound, steven strasburg looking good. gets harold ramirez. already in score this one in the third inning. hey're going rs, to hate. but as long as the u.s. women's national team keeps winning -- they've earned the right to keep sipping on their tea. with aat d 2-1 victory over england yesterday, the u.s. advanced to world cup final t becominghe first team to reach three strait world cup finals while setting a record for consecutive cup wins with 11. alex morganed a thewomen's soccer team receiving backlash from the brits after this celebration after her goal yesterday. teammate megan rapinoe defended her teammate. saying -- wah, wah, wah, i mean it's like we're at the world
6:56 pm
cup -- what do you want us to do? we like to work hard, we like to play hard and we like to have fun and enjoy these ahe absolute biggest moments to do that. who will the u.s. face in the final? the netherlands or sweden? no scoring in regulation of today's semifinals. we go to extra time. beautiful psing by the dutch and jackie gruenen goes to the corner. the go-ahead goal, that would be difference in just their second world cupappearance, the netherlands makes it all the way to the final. winning 1-0 in extra time. so the americans face t dutch for the world cup titlen on suy in paris. well it's not oftenhe case, except maybe for die-hard tennis fans like hanley. but mixed doubles might be the most exciting event at wimbledon this year. serena williams teaming up with a recently unretired andy murray. so see,an engl we can get along and venus williams pairing wi prince george's county's own ari
6:57 pm
aris tiafa. coco gauff back in action, taking on robarakova. coco serving in the second. check out this backhand she yelled out, come on. to match point we go, barakova hits it into the net and gauff straight set winner. 6-3, 6-3, becoming the youngest woman to reach mlb's third round since191 -- wimbledon. arlington, virginia native taking on novak djokovic. kudla, check this shot out. beautiful drop shot, right? joker in trouble. goes between his blegs. ah kudla gets it in. here's the deal. top seed is a top seed for a reason. sojoker winshis one in straight sets, he goes for back-to-backimbledon titles and his 16th grand slam. for some fourth of july represents day to celebrate
6:58 pm
america's independence. for others it's a day to celebrate independence from sensible nutrion. nathan's hotdog eating contest goes down tomorrow. joey chestnut a huge farite to repeat and a local favorite is a former chemistry professional turned professional eater. chestnut last year ate 74 wieners. we started talking, 74 hotdogs, do you thin y could do just 10? double digits? >> maybe 10 we could do. >> think about the buns, o. you got to eat the buns. >> they soak them in water. >> because they're professionals. i'm getting you're not sensing the -- >> no. >> li whatould you do to a competitive eating thing in. >> a pie. i could eat some pie. oy eat some pie. we'l be back here for news4
6:59 pm
at 11:00. see you then.
7:00 pm
breang news tonight the heartbreaking new images from the borderdrawings from detained migrant chilen depicting themselves in cages as outrage grows over dangerous conditions found inside these facilities by government investigators. doctors now issuing dire warning. >> the psychological ef cts that it will take on these children is -- you can't even explain. and tonight the urgent search for a 2-year-old girl swept away from her mother as they cross the rio grande. the navy seal walking free after the bombshell verdict acquitting him of murder. the sentence handed down from the one count he was convicted on. and president trump tweeting him ng


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