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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 4, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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side of the mall and military strength on the other. >> we are learning more about two people found dead at a maryland lake. more than a year after a d.c. police officer shot a man near a rec center, a judge lets him go with no charges. ♪ bert and ernie leading the charge there. we are hour away from the fourth of july celebration on the national mall. huge crowd expected for the concert, the fireworks. this is part of the reuarsal yoe watching here from pbs capital 4 thatappened last night. >> families packed the lawn by capital to see john stamos and the "sesame street" gan on the other side of the mall the president's salute to america. huge military tanks are on
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display as part of a program that include flyovers and a speech by the president. >> the protesters are going a be nearbywell. good morning, everybody. it is 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thank you for joining us this morning. there is something that could ruin the plan for everyone this evening. >> rain chances make this a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> what can we expect? >> storms for sure.or those stms are the strong to severe side. right now, we don't have to worry about that. temperatures this morning starting off in the upper 70s. a calm, quiet warm start to your thursday. as we head through the morning, the temperatures will quickly rise to the low 80s and setting the storms we expect this afternoon and providing the energy. sunshine this morning but there is patchy a.m. fog that could be a little bit of a hazard so be
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careful on the day. the b storms will rolling through and could be impacting that fireworks forecast. if you want an hour-by-hour fecast, stick around. make sure you have th umbrella in the car today. >> rain could threaten tonight'h fourtf july celebrations. >> president trump's salute to america and a concert is still happening but you may want to come up with a backup rain plan. as a reminder, you cannot take large umbrellas with you to the fourth events on the national mall. the national park service says buildings on or near nae onal mall, including the museum of natural history, will be called in to service if the weather becomes too dangerous. news4 spoke with a couple visiting from north carolina about their rain backup plan. >> rain plan is i did research on the internet and i said you only go around once. let's splurge a little bit on
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the hotel so i fou a embassy row hotel area not party but a package and they have a wonderful rooftop terrace! >> see some smart planning. >> hooray to the internet. >> park service strongly encourages anyone attending the events today on the national mall to sign up for their national text alert system. take a lookt a your screen. text the number on your screen for weather and also emergencies and lost childre. a 65-year-old woman has died in the state's first hot at weather- denial of the year. the exact cause ofth death and e victim's name have not been released. hength official say dthe celebrations, take every precaution to avoid overheating andake sure you stay hydrated. >> happening now. a l of road closures
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around the national mall for the fourth of july events. here is a map showing the impacted area. if you plan going to today's event, your best bet is to take metro. rush hour service starting0 at 2:and continue after president trump's festivity at the national mall. there wille no flight operations for that military flyover. air traffic will stop again between 9:00 and 9:45 for the fireworks show. the fireworks are being launched from west potomac park, that is closer to reagan's flight path than in the past. bwi airport will not be impacted. n get a free ride home tonight from silver ride. free reid to prevent drunk driving. you will need to get the promo
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code and enter it on the lyft app. the free rides start at 7:00 p.m. and run until 2:00 a.m. this morning. up to 15$15 of that ride will b free. sign up for the nbc washington app. rtarch fouh of july. new deta on a deadly jet ski accident. we know the victims were a married couple from reston, virginia. authorities say the couple was riding toget jer aet ski when they suddenly crashed into marker on the south river early yesterday morning. fire official later recoveredo the b of elizabeth howell andre jeffy session in the south river and edge water. we are told neither were wearing a life jacket. this happened not far where a secret service agent died while kayaking nearan polis. a judge in montgomery county ordered a new psychological evaluation for a mother charged
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with killing her two children. katherine has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since her children were missing five years ago and charged with murder even though the body of sarah and jacob have never been found. she is deemed to be incompetent to stand trial but prosecutors think she is faking her mental illness. today a judge ruled they can have their own psychiatrist east her. three men are recovering after two separate shootings on tuesday afternoon. this morning fairfax county t police say shootings appear to be gang-related. here is video from the first . shooting scene this was outside of music studio on telegraph road in the alexanda section of the county. shortly after the first shooting, poli respond to do another shooting on james drive. all three victims a expe to be okay. we have leaed an off-duty d.c. police oicer who shot and
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killed a man last year will not be charged. the office of the united states district attorney say the unnamed offer will not face charges in the death of 24-year-old dekwan young. the investigation found young pulled a gun on the officer and did not follow comnd to put it down. virginia's general assembly will holdci a s session next week to discuss new gun safety measure and new poll shows theru is proud ort for this kind of change that lawmakers will condition. 54% say it's more important to control gun ownership than protect gun rights.82 of democrats strongly favor gun control and 54% of republicans favor begun rights but the bipartisanship narrow when asked about policy.
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>> virginia governor ralph northam called response to the recent massacre in virginia beach. a city employee killed, a do people inside a municipal building in late mayas and w later killed by police. yesterday, governor northam released a list of bills that h plans to introduce next week and they included mandatory background checks, assault style weapo ban ena so-called red flag law that would let law enforcement temporarily remove a person's f if they exhibit dangerous behavior. a pla in virginia is replacing slave owner thomasever. the city council voteemove april 13th is founding father's birthday a paid holiday but instead march 3rd celebrate. ever's hometown was
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ed rlottesville and he he start the university of virginia. thsc news4 t macfarlane was first to report a new probe into the decision to cancel the move in theua fbi headqers out of d.c. an internal justice watchdog will interview why thevo fbi d and decided to keep the j. edgar hoover building downtown. president trump may have opposed the move because he didn'tnt developers to take over the property and compete directly with the trump hotel and feel the fbi how are you is aging an too small. we are learning new details about another shoppers set to close in our area. in a statement to news4, shoppers says the store near falls church will have a liquidation sale on monday and last through august 3rd. the location will be turnednto a giant food store this fall.
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last month, employees protested outside the store saying the company has kept them in the w dark aboutch stores are closing. things could start disappeari off the membership -- menu at taco bell. setting off fireworks can be more fun than any show but you'll want hear important safety tips before getting your party started. take a look what we are expecdng from the storms . heavy rain and strong wind and possibly hail .
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this morn agn alabama woman charged in the sot death
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of her unborn chi will not be prosecuted for ghmanslar. jones was 5 months pregnant when she was shot in an altercation last year. a grand jury concluded she intentionally caused the death of her fetus by having a fight. he judge agreed with the district attorney that her charge should be drped. dramatic video shows one man trying to take justice into his own hands inside of an indiana courtroom. he had just been sentenced for death of h 11-year-old son a uncle was thrown a punch. the uncle was taken into custody charges.acing the father will spend 20 years in prison. california is the first state to protect against natural hair discrimination in work places and school. california governor gavin
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newsome signed thebill into law. hair twists are considered trade of a protected class. a big fire at a jim beam plan massive you who fire desoyed barrels of jim beam in kentucky. 45,000 barrel of whiskey lost in this blaze! >> what a waste! >> there is concern that runoff frdm the fire coul end up in the kentucky river. drunk fish is what you end up with. no. i shouldn't joke. it could impact the environment there so they are concerned about it. fire safety is top concern today and people across the country get ready to celebrate
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the fourth of july with firework. >> everybody agrees the fireworks sho is a lot of fun but that fun can take a dangerous turn. nbc has more on how to stay safe. >> reporter: at fireworks stands across the country, business is, well, booming. >> i plan on having a big show. >> reporter: the focus in south carolina's area 51 is g ontting the biggest bang for your buck, it's also on safety. >> you have to have safety and you have to have somebody thpre to h you and don't drink! that is the whole key. >> reporter: more than 9,000 people werein hurt fireworks-reted accidents last year. dr. j.r. young sees injuries, including cut, burns, and permanent disfiguration. >> children have injury to the eye with fireworks, 30% of those lead to blindness, permanent blindness. >> reporter: pets are at risk.r orks can injure or spoof them so they say people
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update micro chip and put them in an escape-roof room and barbecuing keep away from fire and skewer. for many cooking out, fda has this to prevent food-born chiokren. >> coeat to the proper temperature and chill leftovers within anhour. >> bacteria like to grow faster for higher temperature. >> reporter: firing up the grill to fireworks. simple tips for a safe fourth o. july sarah ndollop,c news. >> there are places in ourn regiohere fireworks with illegal. to check that out head to the nbc washington app and check fireworks. this is the time of year where officers are out looking for
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people who are illegally using fireworks. >> how many burgers can you eat in. >> molly won yesterday in the competition. she devoured 32 burgers in ten minutes! >> look how sma she is! >> they demolishing the previous record o 28. nothing new for this fast food champion. nkyler has won this competition five years i a row and she is tiny. she took home the grand price of $1,500. today at coney island in new york, a confident joey chestnut hopes to win his 12th hot dog eating contest. estnut put down 64 hot dogs
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last year and sudo ate 37, the female ampion. if they repeat as winners today, they each take home $10,000. every eating competition, they have made this a career! they make real money. >> they have video on how to practice. you m have trouble eating your favorite burrito or chalupa we are talking about here. i don't know about burrito. the company in th midst of a tortilla shortage and affecting 7,000 location. may not be able to order taco bell specialties. the chain says ipl super issue is causing this shortage. do you remember theittle chihuahua over the year? >> that's rough for them. what else do you have? >> i had tacos last night. >> it'st. not righ >> we need our taco! >> we also need good weather for
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today, don't we? >> wouldn't that be nice?is >> what he reality? >> that is my evil laugh! so about that. we have a chance for showers and storm out there, unfortunately. guess when it's going to hit? during prime time! >> of course. >> let's start with the temperature. this is going to help fuel those storms. the heat we get today along with the disturbance mong in. temperature right now in the upper 70s. it's 4:00 in the morning and we are ne 80 at 4:00 a.m., we know it's going to be a pretty hot day out there and humid. i'm jumping right to the rain because i know that is what you want to know. 3:00 p.m., we have shower and pi storm p up right there in the d.c. metro area. that is 3:00. that meant's fair game after lunch. we move to 5:00 p.m. start the shift eastward of i-95 a stuff along the i-81 corridor there. through about sunset, that threat still lingers in the metro area bef drying out around 9:00 p.m. so the later fireworks will probably be great but as we move
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through the evening, definitely going to see storm. your fourth of july planner by the numbers. starting in the seventh. cloud roll and bring a tarp if you're going out there and download the nbc washington app. if thunder roars, head indoors. you want to scope that out before you station yourself. heat returns saturdays and unday with more shower and storm chances. fine food and a foodie massage. a nice combo.
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ga lore gaylord national resort and can't happen with bees. they won't let the bees examine near you while you get a massage, right? find out how they are helping the store and the environment. >> tune in for "ln
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welcome back. our changing climate has led to growing concerns for the honeybee population around the o d. >> you might be surprised to learn that hotels are getting into the business of bees to ehelp th environment. news4 erika gonzalez show us how it's impacting what you eat and how you relax at the spa. >> reporter: it's a windy day at the gaylord national a resort convention center. but if you listen closely, you ca hear the but of bees coming from the resorry's rooftop at national harbor and if you look closely, y'll find hundred of thousand of bees, little guys right in here. >> these are one of the things you assume are just around. >> reporter: david kramer is the executive chef at gaylord national where they are g supportin honey bee sustainability. >> we started out with four hives in 2017 and built additional four highs approximately 350,000 bees.
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>> reporter: the bee's first arvest brought in 400 pound of honey to be used starting with the kitchen. >> we take our cheese and give a great drizzle over the top of that. >> so. >>reporter: >> a grate glaze on the salmon. >> reporter: creating a more sustainable food and beverage program is a goal but use for the honey. they use it in the spa. >> want this to glide over the skin and n too sticky use the honey is used in pedestriaiand. >> it can let the skin glow. >> reporter: the esort is having a hand in that by adding flowers, ants, herbs. >> without that, we can't lower
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our crashon footprint. >> reporter: it's about doing good for our ecosystem and in the hotel industry, what is being done up here is buzz worthy. erika gonzalez, news4. 4:26me is our ti right now. next up, outdoor hacks. your family will likely be outside the next feud w soe are helping you get ahead of any potential problem. >> just in time for july fourth, a wounded virginia veteran and his family receive an immense gift. we are there to learn about their new mortgage-free home. wow! a look at that july four forecast, not bad this morning but barbecue later? t might have to move inside. i'll have theming on the storms coming up in a moment.
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. e > weather could cause trou for tonight's fourth of july fireworks celebration. >> ware working for you to helping you get started on the right foot. it is 4:30 right now. ood morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun handependence day. we are working for you this morning to get ready for a busy holiday. somara theodore is inr fo chuck dell for this day. o you think fireworks could be delayed by storm tonight? >> i think a few of us will definitely see delays. if yn' do you'll luck out because the storms will be everywhere but where they hit, they will be packing a punch. anperature is 79 degrees and awfully warm start to our thursday. we are headed to the low 90s anr tempures around 92 degrees this afternoon, heating up very quickly and add fuel to these storms we are expecting.


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