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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 4, 2019 6:00am-6:50am EDT

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near a rec center, we are now finding out he won't face any charge. ♪ bert and ernie leading t arge there! we are hours away from the july fourth celebration on the national mall. huge crowd expected for the annual concert and fireworks. this is all part of the rehearsal you're watching for pb capital fourth last night. >> i think sesame street was singing "your land is our land." people were packing the area re the on the other side of the mall is a salute to america and hu tanks are on hand that will include protesters. >> thees protrs will be ready too.
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we will tell you all about that. good morning, everybody. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. for joining us this morning. there is something that could ruin the plan for everyone this evening. >> heavy rainy may roll through the area later on today. >> news4 somara theodo is tracking the rain chances for us. >> if you get hit by one of thesestorms, it's strong to severe and why we are weather y.ert to allow gorgeous is that sunrise in the background there? plenty of sunshine to start you off. it is a warm start. we are heading to the low 80s very quickly. we have a chance for fog this morning so keep that in mind. it is going to be humid and sticky out there as we get our fourth of july under way. highsoday 92 degrees so it's going to be a hot and humid day. storms are in store with these storms. lots of lightning. heavy rain even the potential for damaging and gusty wind out
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there. so you're going to want to have that backup plan ready to go into action once those firew ks start off in case a storm rolls through. stick around. i'll walk you through hour-by-hour when the storms are likely tohit. rain could threaten tonight's fourth of july celebrations. >> president trump salute toam rica and capital fourth concert are still happening but you may want to come up with a rain backup plan of some "ne4 today" justin finch is live along the national mall for us this morning. maod morning to you. >> reporter: yowant to be ready for the rain. a poncho, small umbrella, something to keep you protected. we have been watching final preparation throughout the morning along the national mall. you can see the checkpoints in place there, the tape already up. the barricade up t ready for crowd to arrive this morning. with us is mike weathers from the national park service and lookg around here, thing look
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largely normal but this is fe difrent, obviously. >> there is much on the nationa malat regular attendees will find unchanged. the capital fourth concert, the uprade down constitution avenue, fireworks set t the mall to watch them. biggest difference is down at the lincoln memorial. if you're comng in for salute to america you'll find considerable differences in how that is set up and security. if you just like to come and spread a picnic blanket out in front of the mall you won find any difference. >> salute to america is a different focus to some. gates open at 3:30 in the afternoon. the event starts at 6:30. are there any special things you don't want people to bring to that area from over here? >> there is a more restricted prohibited items list for people attending the salute to america. certainly if you want to check the website before you head out,
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everything you need to know, prohibited items and access points and good information for the day. >> you've been talking about weather. i imagine you don't want people bringing the large urellas and everything else too? >> umbrellas, if you're on the soll, umbrellas are on the permitted list certainly be prepared. probably a little easier to bring a collapsable tote style umbrella but a poncho, if you've got it. we are all nervously keeping an eye on the weath. >> thanks, mike. we want to tell you, too being, you can get text alerts by what is going on. text july 4dc and will link you up to otherf inormation. >> justin finch live for us on the nationalmall.
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thank you. maryland a little bit official say ald65-year-oon has died in the state's first hot weather r tlated death year. the exact cause of the her death and name have not been released. during the celebrations today, health official say take every precaution to avoid getting overheated and stay hydrated. >> a lot of road closures around the national mall for the impact and ta a look. if you plan going to today's event, your best bet is to take metro. rush hour service starti at 2:00 and continue after president trump's event and after the fireworks at the national mall. there will bpeno flight otions for that military flyover. between 6:15 and 7:45 tonight no flight operation for the military flyover for the president's event happening at 6:30. air traffic ll stop again between 9:00 and 9:45 for the fireworks show.
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the fireworks are being launched from s st potomac park, that i closer to reagan's flight path than in the past. dulles and bmi airport will not being imp cted. you get a free ride home tonight from silver ride. you could get free ride to prevent drunk driving. you will need to get the promo code and enter it on the lyft app. the free rides start at 7:00 p.m. and run until 2:00 a.m. this morning. up to $15 of that ride will be free. reminder to download the nbc washington app. check it out. search fourth of july. breaking news. virginia state police have a activated anmber alert for an abducted 2-year-old boy from warren county. take a look at your screen of
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the picure of allen ashby. they say -- we will try to get that picture to you. police say they have recovered the red chrysler minivan connected to this kidnappinge an was abandoned at warren county boat ramp and here is a if you recognize the child or know where raequon may , call the police new deton a deadly jet ski accident. we know the victims were a remarried couple from ston, virginia. authorities say the couple was riding together a jet ski when they suddenly crashed into marker on the south river early sterday morning. fire officials later recovered the body of elizabeth howell and edgewater.sion i we are told neither were wearing a life jacket. this happened not far where a secret service agent died while kayaking near annapolis. six deaths in anne arundel county in the last week.
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a judge in montgomery couoy ered a new psychological evaluation for a mother charged with killing her two children. catherine hoggle has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since her children were missing five years ago and charged with murder even though the bodies of sarah and jacob have never been found. she is deemed to be incompetent tos tand trial but prosecut think she is faking her mental illness. a judge ruled they can have their own psychiatrist evaluate her. p lice say two shootings on tuesday afternoon in fairfax county appear to be gang-related. the first shooting happened e outsid music studio on telegraph road in the alexandria section of the county. one person was injured there. shortly after that, police respond to do another shooting a few miles away on janes drive. two shot there and all three victims are expected to be okay. new this morn we have learned off-duty d.c. fi police ofcer who shot and killed a man last year will not be charged. the office of the u.s. attorneyi
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for the di says the unnamed officer will not face federal or district charges in the death of 24-year-old dekwan young. young was shot near the brentwood recreation center on 15th street in the northeast. estigation found young pulled a gun on the officer and did not follow commands to put it down. virginia's general assembly will hold a special session next week to discuss new gun safety measures and new poll shows ere is proud support for this kind of change that lawmakers are considering. 54% of virginia voters say it's more important to control gun ownership than to protect gun rights. are partisan gaffs on this issue. 82% of democrats strongly favor gun control a 64% of republicans favor gun rights but the bipartisanship narrow when asked about policy. 84% favor background checks on all gun sales. 65% supponi b assault-style weapons. >> virginia governor ralph
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northam called a special session in response to the recent massacre in virginia beach. a zeity employee killed a do people inside a municipal building in late may and was later killed by police. yes, the governor released a list of bills that he plans to introduce next week and they include mandatory background checks, assault style weapons ban and a so-called red flag law that would let law em enforct temporarily remove a orrson's firearm if they exhibit dangerous behavi. charlottesville is replacing a holiday celebrating thomas jeffern who owned slaves with a holiday that celebrates the end of slavery. the city council voted to remove april 13th, the founding er birthday as a paid holiday but instead they will observe freedom and liberation day on may 3rd. jefferson's hometown was charlottesville and he founded the university of virginia. the news4 scott macfarlane
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has learned about a new probe into the decision to cancel the move in the fbi headquarters out f d.c. an internal justiceepartment watchdog will interview why the fbi voted and decided to keep the j. edgar hoover building downtow house democrats may oppose that move because presidentum tr didn't want developers to take over the property and compete directly with the trump hotel and feel the fbi headquarters lare acting and too sma we are learning new details about another shoppers set to close in our area. in a statement to news4, shoppers parent company says the store near falls church will have a liqd dation sale on monday an sale expected to last through august 3rd. the location will be turned ints a giant foodre this fall. last week, many shoppers' employees protested outside several stores. they say the company left them in the dark about which stores
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are closing. things could start disappearing off the menu at taco bell. find out more about the proldems that coutop you from enjoying your favorite meal. setting off fireworks can bo fun than any show but you'll want to hear important safety tips before getting yote party star. it's a dry start to our morning but we are expecting some storms that could prop to be widespread. that is officially putting us in weather-alert mode with your fourth of july with some of the storms strong to severe. coming up have a look at the timi
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our changing climate has led to growing concerns for the honeybee population around the world. >> you might be surprised to learn that hotels are getting into the industry of bees to help the environment. news4 erika gonzalez show us how it's impacting what you eat and how you lax at the spa. >> reporter: it's a windy day at the gaylord national resort and convention center. but if you listen closely, you can hear the buzz of bees coming from the resort's rooftop at national harbor and if you look closely, you'll find hureds of tho right in here.little g >> these are one of the things you assume are just around. >> reporter: david kramer is the executive chef at gaylord national where ty are committed to supporting honeybee sustainability. >> we started out with four hives in 2017 and buil additional four hives now and 50000,000 by the end of
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the summer. >> reporter: the bee's first harvest brought in 400 pound of honey to be used starting with the kitchen. >> honey cider and dijon vinaigrette. >> reporter: i like that. >> we take our cheese ave a great drizzle over the top of that. >> reporter: so good. >> a grate glaze on the almon. >> i could eat three of these. greating a more sustainable food and beverage pro is a goal but not the only use for the honey.they use it in the spa. >> want this to glide over the skin and not become too sticky. >> reporter: the honey is used in message and pedia. >> it can let the skin glow. >> reporter: the honey can vary in color and taste depending ona what the bees feeding on. the resort is having a hand in that by adding flowers, plants, herbs on the rooftop as well. >> we make sure the area blooms.
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without that, we can't lower our carbon footprint. >> reporter: for the resort center, it's out doing good for our ecosystem and in the hotel industry, what is being done up here is buzz worthy. erika gonzalez, news4. >> i think we should do that. but orthy. >> got it. our time is 6:26. next on "news4 toy," outdoor hacks. your family will likely be outside over the next feud. we are helping you get maahead any potential problem. >> a wounded virginia veteran and his family receive an incredible gift. we are there as we learn about home. mortgage-fre a few thing you want to know about your fourth of july. we are weather alert so definitely have a backup plan for the barbecue and fireworks and shower and storms roll hrough this evening on the
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strong to stever desi
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weather alert could spellou trble for tonight's fourth of july fireworks displays. >> you probably have a lot of things plann with the family today. maybe a parade, a picnic. fireworks. we are working f h you tolp you get started on the right foot this morning. it is 6:30 now on this holiday. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. my holiday inclung feeting. happy independence day. no matter how you're celebrating, we are working for you to look busy to v ay busy holiday weekend. somara theodore is in forhuck bell on this fourth of july holiday. could fireworks be delayed by the storms that are coming? >> 100%. see a chanceof delay this evening. but not everyone. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you watching. i'm hoping the storm don't impact your area but this he will hit somebody. 78 degrees right now and a warm start to the day and a hot
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finish. highs peaking in the low 90s this afternoon. factor in thhu idity, the feel like is up there for sure. what we are looking at is the timing on this afterlunch between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. fair game for these othey move in, the storms come in with a gust. daming windpossible. maybe isolated hail but i think the downpours will be the oh, the lightning will be something to watch for. if you're going swimming this afternoon, runindoor as soon as you hear that thunder roar. hour-by-hour down coming up so stick around. today, we celebrate our country's independence. the fourth of july a is very big deal here in the nation's capital. >> the rehearsals are over now. now it's time to enjoy the festivities. ♪ >> the national anthem sung by
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>> that is the sound "the voice" winner who is practicing before tonight's performance. it is an annual event in its 39th year. people come all over the countrs to see thew. the real start tonight, though, the fireworks. they might be in jeopardy due to rain. >> you might want to come up with a backup plan for the rain. "news4 today" justin finch is live along the national mall to talk about what is planned for today. good morning. >> good morning. we can tell you right now all of the planning going on right now is plan a. the events for today, you can see here on 15 street. wide open. the barricade are open and so are the checkpoints and ready to go f the event scheduled for today the crowd. the first event is parade on ve constitution ae. you can see down there they are ready to go as well.
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the barricade is up and police cruisers inplace. if you are coming down the national park service wants you to have this number on the screen. this is their text line. all you have to do is sign up for their text alerts. text the word july4dc to 888-777 and update you on the weather and checkpoints and including ways to connect with lost children. also things they don't want you to bring downre h that includes the following. no weapons, nok, fireworo drones, no laser pointers. we come back out here live. might be smart to bring a poncho or small umbrella that will be okay for today's events. one of the big ones lincoln
6:24 am
memorial. gates open at 3:30 this afternoon d gets started at 6:30. a lot of people are expected to be down for that too. big day in store for the fourth weather permitting. back inside to you. >> thank you, justin minch. y of the road around the mall are closed for today's celebrations. >> melissa mollet is working for you to help you get aound the shutdown streets. >> let's start by a talkingut downtown. here is a list. as far as the tunnels go, here is that list. now if you're heading in to towi to see the works downtown, you want to take the 95 express lanes.
6:25 am
they are staying open northboun: until p.m. lanes reopen in the southbound direction to get everybody home around 9:00 p.m. so th will be helpful. take the metro instead to avoid the traffic troubles. plenty of thing to do today we are working for you with a list of parade, concerts, and fireworks shows all across the d.c. area. open the nbc whington app and search fourth of july. virginia state police have activated amber alert for an abducted 2-year-old boy from warren county. take a look at your screen of the picture of raequon alan ashby. t police sy have recovered the red chrysler minivan connected to this kidnapping.
6:26 am
the van was abandoned at warren county boat rp and here is a picture of the child now. if you re know where raequon may be, call the police immediately. this morning, stafford county sheriff's office is investigating a adly shooting. puties say two people were shot overnight on garrisonville road in stafford and one person died. police believe they found the body of a missing 2-year-old virginia boy. noah tomlin has been missing more than a week. the medical examiner is working fy the remains found yesterday at a steam plant in hampton, virginia. the boy's bother was arrested friday. one man is dead after a crash on river road in montgomery county. chopper 4 fleover the scene on wednesday afternoon near. police say a truck carrying sod. the driver was killed. he has not been identified. the truckdriver was treated for minor injuries. here is a look at our other top stories we are worng for you today. authorities say the victims of a deadly jet ski accident in anne arundel county, were a married couplfrom reston. elizabeth howell and jeffrey
6:27 am
sessions crashed into a marker on the south river in edgewater early yesterday morning. neither were wearing a life vest. it marks six deaths in anne arundek.county in the last wee new video show a man throwing a lit firework at a prince george's county patrol r in forestville and accomplice recorded the whole thing on cell phone on saturday night. the officer was not hu. prince george's county police say they have a person of interest in this case. charlottesville, virginia, is replacing a holida celebrating thomas jefferson's birthday with one to celebrate the end of slavery. april 13th has been removed as a paid holiday. they will observe liberation and freedom day on march 3rd which will celebrate the emancipation of slaved people in charlottesville. it is a perfect fourth of july story. aco marine re veteran and a purple heart recipient will soon call virginia home, thanks to a
6:28 am
special surprise from a national nonprofit. on operation finally home works with constructi companies around the nation to provide mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans. this week, they helped sergeant thomas brennan and his family break ground on their new home in culpeper. >> deep down, on behalf of my whole family, this is incredible and we deeply appreciate it. >> he serve nine years in active duty and he suffered a brain injury during combat. operation finally home have completed hundreds of homes in more than 30 states. >> doing great work for people who are very deserving. it is 6:38. news4 today," we are helping you get ready for your fourth of july celebration. >> from sunburn to dehydration to bug bites. we are working with you for outdoor hacks that can help keep you and y you're outside having fun. ♪
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♪ no, it's not christmas but you can expect to see this house all lit up for the fourth of july. esw about that? some manassas rents will hold their salute to america there. the show runs through sunday evening. the organizers say all proceeds will be donated to thet onor flightwork. >> a beautiful house, especially with all of those patriotic lights and good patriotic ensic. betwimming, cookouts, and fireworks, you'll probably spend a lot of time outside this fourth of july weekend. >> before you head out the door, we have some hacks that will make your life easier. first, don't forget your
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sunscreen. we remind you all the time.s expertsay your best bet is sunscreen with at least 30. you should apply aboes two tablpoons to the entire body before stepping outside and reapply every 90 minutes. an importantndtep. >> seco stay hydrated. drink as much water as you can and remember that alcohol and caffeinated drinks can add to dehydration and if you're outside, take periodic breaks in the shade. ir >> lastly, prevent bug bites. keeping your distance from breeding ground such as ponds. if you're hitting the roads this fourth of july, yight save some money. ayivers are expected to p ten cents less per gallon than last year at this time. experts say the cost of gas likely peakco in may and ntinue to fall in the coming months. good news there. 6:43. somara theodore is in t storm te 4 center today.
6:33 am
>> i am. we are expecting storms on the strong to severe side. a herere a few things to keep in mind if you're heading out to see the fireworks. bring an umbrella or a poncho and have a backup plan. scope out the scene and fnd and an area to we kno
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everyone has different tastes and it's your last chance to find your style at havertys 4th of july sale. when you spend more, you save more up t$1000. on furniture that's already marked down! with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from.
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celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you. havertys life looks good nks, but no tanks. we don't want tanks on the streets of dc. >> the military tanks parked along the mall has come to symbolize the president's take on fourth of july in washington,
6:36 am
d.c. supporters like showcasing the military's mite but critics say it's unnecessary and costlily. tonight's big firethrks show on national mall might be in jeopardy due to rain. >> somara theodore has been mentioning that all morning line so you might want a backup plafo on the way r the rain and justin finch is ollthe ma live. >> reporter: i was talking about rain a few moments ago but if the weather continues the way it s been, we willve a great fourth of july. it's kind of cool but nice out nhere. you caee the preparations are in place. rre checkpoint already here. the baade, people on their morning runs having to run around the mall in a new way as we gear up for the fourth of july. i'm joined here right now with mike of the national park service. we were just talng about weather and how critical will be tonight and every day but especially the fourth of july tonight. >> every day is a weather-alert
6:37 am
day on the mall. but this is the one day out of the year where we are really keeping ouringerscrossed for good weather to get the fireworks and other events in. >> really thinking that this year,ou might have to be ready for some rainfall. >> it's starting to look more and more like that. they start talking bout that ten days out and we have plenty of time for that to be wrong but it's here andll clearly we are a likely to get wet at some point during the day today. >> somebody coming out and given that information, bring a rin jacket, a small umbrella and be ready? >> be prepared for anything that is going to happen today. bring an umbrella with you or a it is hot and humid. cloud cover don't believe fooled by that. bring plenty of water and snacks so you can stay hydrated and have enough to eat so you're not dealing with other issues beyond july the weather. >> i'm sure as well you guys have been really working on this event. to america
6:38 am
what is looking different for you guys preparation wise for that event? >> certainly all of the preparation and all of the ates around the lincoln memorial is different this year. a day where there is so much else going on having the resources available to get ready for that has just been a bit of a challenge and they have got their own weather concerns for today as far as fover and things like that. we will worry about the fireworks and let them worry about the flyovers. >rofireworks launch f a different position this year which mean the view might be different as well? >> we have moved there slightly to the southeast of west potomac mark so we can make the reforcting pool available f spectators. if you come out every year and kind of position on theall you won't notice much, if any
6:39 am
difference. but secplnd fireworks dis that was donate to us, we have actually got a launch site that extend for over mile from inland bridge all the way wrapping around thein lln memorial. >> big show still in the works. or any alerts, use your smartphone and text the number on your screen. updates on this and children get lost around these event too, so that is also ava table onhat text line. a 9/11 first responder who
6:40 am
spent his final days fighting for funding for his colleagues has been laid to rest. hundreds of people gathered to pay their last respecis alvarez in new york city yesterday. york city police detective died on saturday after a long battle with cancer. his illness is connected to his time spent at ground zero. last month,ie he testifd before congress asking lawmakers to continue to fund the september 11th victim compensation fund. this morning, decorated navy s.e.a.l. david gallagher is free. yesterday he was found not guilty of murder but guilty of posing for a photo with a dead body.s. the nava.l. was sentenced to four months confinement but because of time served he was released and take two months of reduced pay. he was accused of killing an wounded iraqi prisoner and shooting at unarmed civilians during his deployment in 2017. maryland health official say a 65-year-old woman has died in the state's first hot weather deatof the year. r exact cause of death and her name has not been released at this point.
6:41 am
many of you will celebrate today on the water and megan mcgrath is herewhat you need to know to stay safe while boating and swimming. o reporter: an absolutely beautiful morningut here on the potomac river. you can see how calm it is. for a lot of people, fourth of july mean getting out on the water and getting out on a boat. a lot of fun, it can be dangerous. so there is safety tips you want to follow. first of all, whenever u're out onboat, wear a life vest. having a working two-way radio b is importacause cell reception isn't always great on the water. also don't drink and boat. and don't boat alonean if you avoid it. having another set of eyes and hand on board, if something goes wrong, could be very useful. in addition to the general boating safeom tips, shing else to be aware of if you boat or swim in the chesapeake bay. a boy wh went swimming in a bay
6:42 am
near ocean city contracted a form of flesh eating bacteria. here are the pictur that show it. they were posted on facebook by the boy's mother. a mom says her son contracted a form of the flesh eating bacteria after swimming in a bay just outside ocean city. researchers say these infections are on the rise. they live in warm water. the bacteria can move incredibly fast. it's important to seektm treat early.> some would redness or area of swelling that is spreading rapidly. an area severely painful and if it's associated with fever. >> reporter: the boy's mother saying he is doing well and respond to go treatment so good
6:43 am
news there. official say this is a rare case. not something that happens every day and say it is still safe to gswimming but be aware of the signs and symptoms and seek treatment immediately if youi thnk there might be a problem. >> megan mcgrath, thank. we are weather alert today. thing are heating up. did you know that heat is the number one weather-related killer in the u.s. every year? so please stay hydrated out there, folk. check on the elderly, on the kid and pets and everybody while youre out and about today. temperatures are going to be in the low 90s and storm really going to be that other talker for your thursday fourth of july. we are weather alert. dry to start. lots of clouds and fog out there. after lunch we will see the stuff pop. it may not look exactly l this but see shower pop throughout the region. more showers and storms and stormsould be strong to severe and heavy rain and gusty winds.
6:44 am
lots of lightning with a few of these storms. by 8:00 p.m. notice we are not in the clear yet. i-81 seeg heavy shower and storms. south of us pulling northward through late tonight. just before midnight. more shower and storms. so the thing about today is it's not going to be necessarily be a wash outut where we see the storms they will hit hard. fourth of july pool forecast. you could go as early as 11:00 or noon. it's going to be feel really muggy nd hot that is probably your safest bet because you don't have to conte with showers or storms. highs in t low 90s. firewor we have a threat in there for showers and storms but not a complete washout. icome prepared wth a tarp, umbrella, i you can, poncho and just be prepared. as soon as you hear that thunder roar, you needto head indoor. you don't want to be outside during these storm. weekend forecast,retty similar to today and tomorrow.
6:45 am
aturday, a lot more cloud. highs in the low 80s and another chance for showerd storms. hot and humid but we should get sunshine at least in the morning. we will see thing stay in the 80s and 90s. have a safe fourth of july out there. here are four things to know. if you plan on spending the fourth of july on the national mall, text julydc to 888-777. you'll be put into the national park service emergency text notification information. victims of a deadly jet ski crash were found in virginia. the two crashed into marker on
6:46 am
the south river in edgewater early yesterday morning. neither were waiving a life jacket at the time. more detail in the nbc washington app. virginia state place have an amber alert for this abducted 2-year-old boy who was deducted by thism . police recovered the red chrysler minivan connected to this abduction and abandoned at a warren county boat ramp. justamashng is leavihe republican party. e made th announcement this morning inthe washington post." he says he is frightened by what he seen politic. heongressman amash is t only republican in congress to call for the impeachment of the president. more on this story is ahead on "today." he that is t news for today. we appreciate you waking up for us. >> "today" show is next. see you in 25 minute with the latest on your wehernd local news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great independence
6:47 am
day, everybo.
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good morning, happy happy fourth. from the heat and humidity to the pomp and circumstance. with president trut to get unde arising controversy over cost and the message behind theli ry display. >> plus, the traffic accident causing a travel nightmare. we have your holiday coved? kids in crisis. new images show the effects detention centers are sking on young migrants. >> the psychological effects it will take on these children is, you can't even explain. >> as the government launches an investigation involving border patrol personnel, we're live with the latest. demoted. the navy s.e.a.l. acquitted of


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