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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 4, 2019 4:00pm-4:57pm EDT

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>> oh, my god. >> ellen: i want to thank rob lowe, tig notan sudekis, old rmth hwillee you tom p s alert for your fourth of july fireworks. >> breaking now. >> watch out for the earthquake. >> witness accounts after an earthquake rattles residents na >> n >> tommunity justdded i m & ms.
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>>ere starts right now. >>ws 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> and good afternoon.f happy fourthuly to you. thanks for spending part of your holiday with us, and if you have plans for the rest of the holiday ight, strong storms could affect those plans. >> that's right. and that's why we're starting things off at this hour hereth storm center with amelia draper. we've seen some sprinkles with rain out there on the mall right now.lo what are you king at in. >> i'm tracking very heavy rain down at the mall right now, and you're hearing the dinging going off. a new severe thunderstorm warning out there. we talked about the high likelihood for storms and heavy rain yesterday, leon. >> right. >> and here it is. first, let's take you to some video at the lincoln memorial where the president is set to give his speech at 6:30 tonight, and check it out. just an absolute downpour down there. our camert checking the right now. no severe thunderstorm warnings
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t there, but very heavy aspl speech at 30eng rig ed thenc memorial h stormad i 're starting some into parts of virginia. here's a wider look of storm team 4 radar where itoarts o m top o beay district. dy brg out pcture onem u, and can understorms down to our m to the north from fredericksburg. so we're track areas of storm and rain. fireworks forecast coming 4 sack. if you're heading outto aight, u'
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right on your phone, i you'r out tonigh et epd things t macfarlane at the . live desk with the lateaott, a licarnia, amelia. in let's show you exa itasth cst, about roque time about, our time ridge gofheound. from stores in the ea, came from swimming pools, as you can see. we also fave video i l a cresesnd broken gaswiesses dest >> was it rolling? 10or a
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15 se retaed shaking. >> sounded like the car had batteries in it. were also 4.0 ring up forkeer seen.ewsroom,g aln a couple of hours, and can you see folks gathered there on the mall. on the other end of the mall, people gathering for the big capital fourth concert and huge fireworks display. we have a team of reporters downtown looking at best ways to get around ifou do plan to head that way and how they plan to manage the dueli nal mall.wn there cory? .
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i'll tell you. what the rain has steadily been coming down but spirits are high on this fourth of july, an as you can see behind me, the stage is set forpresident trump's salute to america. the anticipation is building, and all these folks you see right here are i primeposition to see him speak, to see the military flyover and to see all the fireworks. the crowd started filling in around 1:00, 2:00, really hot and humid but they came prepared, and most important i thonk they listened t amelia and brought their umbrellas, so as we count down to 6:30 to the salute to america, no matter what you came out here for, there's something for everyone to enjoy. >> we have iends from all over the world, and i feel like in the parade, you can see that represented, you c n see minorities, majorities, and we love to see that. we're very proud that have. >> i just love this place. reporter: what is it about this place? >> i come to see trump speak out
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here today. that's what i come to see. >> reporter:ay ok you came for the spectacle? >> you think it's going to be a spectacle. >> the tanks, the military i do not like fireworks. >> reporter: you don't like fireworks? >> i don't like the sound. >> reporter: you know, i'm going to agree with jerry, a little loud for me,ut this is going to be a great show. hopefully the weather does hold off and the fireworks can take place and the fireworksan take place. it appears that the sky is starting to open up a little bit. going to see a little peek of sun. leon, i'll be out here for ther of the day talking to the jokes and enjoying my first of july in the nation's capital. back for you. >> want toalk to you afterwards, mr. newcomer, get your impressions of this one. see what d.c. is really like. >> where the barbecue? where's theb arbecue? >> it ain't there on the mall. got to the talk a walk for that, brother. > all right. now, there was a sight on the mall getting a lot of attention is this orange guy here, the
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baby trump blimp. news 4's mark segraves has been tracking the form of protest all afternoon and joins us live from the national mall to give us his perspective. >> what are you seeing and hearing out there? >> i've seen a lot o rain, leon, and the weather has taken this first casualty that the baby trump blimp had to betaken wn because of the incoming bad weather, that was part of their permit with the national park service. that baby bimp is now down. we've seen lightning here. ake a look at people huddling underneath the tents trying to get some shelter here. they are still streaming in. this is a setup for code pink where thby had the trump blimp. you can see there's still a lot of protesters here and o a lot trump they are kind of beingfu peacel and edngaging with one another and as the rain continues to come down, people continueo file in heading late w shot a this ng pennsylvania
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avenue just blocks from the white house where they were giving away the smaller hand-held baby trump balloons, about 340 of ose were handed out this morning. they were also handing those out here on the mall. you can take a look athat the baby blimp looked like before it was taken down, but, again, carouse still coming down here a the national m hoping that this rain passes quickly. right now it's a bit of a nuisance. leon, back to you guys in the studio. >> yeah, but those folks behindm you don't seo mind. we'll see what happens later on. thanks, mark. we know a day like this ways presents transportation challenges no matter where you are. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is live now at the foggy bottom metro station, so adam, how are things looking there, and what is metro expecting tonight? >> well, metro is prepared for a big crowd, but i've got to tell you, the crowds are a little bit thinner than we've seen in years past, at least up to this point, and what i've been noticing,
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guys. take a look. we've been seeing the rain continue to come down here, and when people get off the metro, this is one of the busier metro stations, they are getting stuck underneath that canopy there, and now they are trying to wait it out. if you are coming down, bring . your umbrella ♪ the beat of the drum greeting metroiders as they get ready to head to the mall and most have one thing i mind. >> i'm looking torwardo just seeing fireworks. >> reporter: metro has been the best option today. even baby trump balloons, yes, catching a ride, scores of mitary vehicles block downtown sfreets. >> it's tough getting around. it makes it real tough. >> reporter: claudia walker in town from utah complete with fancy truma footwe she and her friend have had enough walking so we're opting for a ride. scooters.can ride the >> reporter: you're getting the scooters? >> getting the scoot sneers catching an uber or lyft, that can only get you so far. some are headed to the downtown to and going to arlington
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watch the show from a distance. and back here live at foggy bottom station, this is just a few blocks from the lincoln memorial, so a lot of people use this station to get down here to the mall. again, also a reminder about reagan national airport tonight, guys. in just a couple of hours we'll see no air traffic in or out from 6 sack to 7:45 and from 9:00 to 9:45. that's for the flyovers and for so fireworks, of course keep that in mind if you're headed to the airport. as for me, i need a big umbrella clearly. i'm not prepared for this, and i'm going to go find one and half of my shirt is soaked on live television. it is what it is. >> amelia said grab a poncho. you wre supposed to get a poncho. >> reporr: a poncho, yes, i know. just isn't cutting it. this thing here. >> next time. >> there you go. well marching bands, floats and the big balloons made their way down the streets of.c. earlier today. thousands ofople lined the parade route for the national
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independence day show. balloons covered in the stars and striped hovered above the crowds. there were beautiful dilays of the different cultures that make this city and our country so special. we even spotted nods to past presidents, including abraham lincoln. >> another fourth of july celebration played out on the streets of tacoma park today. we have more from our sister station television 44 from the parade route about what makes this holiday special tohem. ♪ >> reporter: today in tacoma a patriotic celebration. d america. yi to keep cool in th temperatures. even puppies relief. what makes it times with loved ith my family families have
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been friends since they were born an now eyre 4 and 2 >> reporter: for many independence day cebration of independence, andu, and explaing to live in a free was just only a little afternoon here on news 4 we'll be showing you celebrations all thro area.the now back a to the work and sta ahead of any traffic or weather number w888-777ich will push out emergency alerts to your phone. you'll getweaer or safety situation. the alert can help you find folks in your group in caseou
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get separated. >> if you're celebrating this holiday with a little bit of drinkg and you get too much in you, you can get a free ride home. you can get the promo code from use that and enter on the lyft e pp. the fredes start at 7:00 p.m. and go until it can in the morning. up to $15 of that ride will be free, and usual safe, we hope. our july 4th coverage just geing started. we'll bring you the president's salute to america live at 6:30 tonight, and amelia, you're tracking that rain. >> i am, including down at the ational harborhere we're seeing rai falling. there's the capital off in the distance. coming up, i'll break down what you expect tore fireworks and hour by hour to show you the rain an future weather andro of the break. >> we've g tips coming up preparing
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how to keep
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lde are back wa lead to tonight?n for
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amelia is b that out. >lythere's reli t of a 2-year-o apped in se, and he's ba home. virginia state police say raequon ashby was wren county, alert belving he was inre police say someone dropped himo police say kidnapped the little bohis name ism. he faces a number kidnappi assaulting a family member you now, lots of folks in our area are excited that amazon chose crystal city for their nea heuarters, but a group of prince george's county residents are worried about how it's going ce impact their neighborhood. a giant supply er for amazon could be going up near their homes. bureau chief tracey wilkins on more about their concerns ahead of amazon's arrival.
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>> reporter: what's happening here of pennsylvania avenue was sold as shopping, entertainment and a grocery store. nearly ten years late they are are a lot of homes and that's about if. >> when we moved here, one of the main perks was that he would t the shopping center. we could get the restaurants. we could get grocery stores, and we said, hey, what better place dan to move than to a neighborhood where't have to go out. >> reporter: now amazon may open a merchandise supply center here according s toources with direct knowledge of the talks. county officials aren't confirming at but a prince george's county official submitted a proposal to change zoning in a large section which way first reported by "thesh gton business journal." if approved theperation could provide some 1,500 new jobs. people who live here have mixed reaction. >> 1,500 jobs, yeah, i mean, employment for people, yeah,'s that good thing, but how we manage it is the critical thing. >> i did not make this purchase to be next to a distribution center. i was actually attracted, you know, to the fact to work and
4:18 pm
play whe you live. >> and to find out that that it may be a warehouse coming in, that just doesn't play well with us. >> reporter: folks who live along this roadway are very concerned about the possibility of amazon being approved because according to site plans the building would most likely g in this area. we're talking more than 700,ua0 sq feet, the largest warehouse in prince george's county, and two weeks there will be anothernearing o this proposal. in westfulia, i'm tracey wilkins, news 4. >> and storm team 4 meteorologist elia draper is standing by. >> we're looking at maybe getting soggy fireworks in. >> absolutely, and the annoying thing is i know there's going to be rain out there during the time of the fibuworks saying exactly what communities will be dealing with rain and won't be dealing with rain is nearly impossible, but i'm goi to give you an idea and good news
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as well. so right now we're down to a rain-cooled 79 degrees at reagan national. when the rain moves out, we'll see our temperatures move up a littl bit at we move towards 7:00 p.m. into the mid-80s. scattered showers and thunderstorms in there until about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. once we get to fireworks time about 9:00 p.m., i think the threat for thunderstorms c diminished ass the area, but the rain chance is still there. here's the thing thgh. a lot of time fireworks go off. it's raining and the thunderstorms are in the area that might obviously be a different case. 81 degreesat 9:00 p.m., it's mild and muggy. 11:00 p.m. and still keeping a rain chance in the forecast with a temperature of 80. here's future weather and one computer model and notice the chance of rain still persisting arede at 6:00 p.m. and stopping future weather at 8:00 p.m. we're starting to see shower potential in the d.c.metro area. heavy rain back around i-81. you can see washington around
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and inside the beltway mainly dry. i think most fireworks displays will be okay, but know it's going to be damp most likelyou wheree headed so bring a chair or maybe a plastic tarp, and we have some wonderful live piures down at thational mall right now as folks are getting ready for this big isplay out there tonight. check it out. you can kind of see hazy sunshine out there. look at that picture. it just looks muggy and steamy. this is washington in the summer. there you can see the band practicingown at the lincoln memorial ahead of the president's speech which we'll have live here at 6:30. y so if're heading out for fireworks. bring a chair or a tarp down with the nbc washington app. get right o the phoneand have a place to go. know what your weather plan is. as you always say, if thunder roarshead ndoors, and that does not mean to seek shelter under a tree obviously. a look at storm team 4 radar where theeaviest rain is falling right now and it's in southern maryland, prince george's county, out towards
4:21 pm
clinton, marylan tothe waldorf area towards 301. out towards the calvert beach llea and south of diehl tracking pockets of rea heavy rain out there, but look at wider picture. you can see the heavy rain mainly south of 50,ut north of 50 we see light showers in a lot of places, including the top of the beltway. up through baltimore and out throughorthe baltim metro area. light rain as well. we'll continue to track the threat of thunderstorms until 9:00 p.m. and after 9:00 i'm still seeing a chance for rain in the forecast. with heavy rain in the forecast, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the areas here in green through 8:00 p.m. tonight so the biggest threat tonight is going to heavy rain and maybe some gusty winds. tomorrow maybe a morning shower out there, but guns again scattered showers and thunderstorms around during the afternoon and evening hours, and i think the threat for rain tomorrow is lower than today and i'm not seeing a huge potential for severe weather out there tomorrow on your friday with
4:22 pm
thu high temperat of 89. as we look to saturday. a high of 92. sunday a high of 91. more showers hd thunderstorms in the forecast later in the day on monday we have a high of 87 and it'sry finallypat. >> all right. things are looking up a bit. thanks, amelia. >> a spectacular display of firework just set off a little too early. >> oh, gosh. >> what firefighters in south carolina think went wrong here. >> aren't they supposed to be in the sky. >> they are supposed to be. >> okay. >> okay. >> plus thecdc sounded the
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plus, add xfi vantage for enhanced network security. if it's connected, click, call or visit a store today. hey. that's a pretty good fireworks show, wouldn't you say? probngem is it's the wro place at the wrong time. somehow these fireworks exploded inside a container that was sitting between two fireworks stores in south carolina. that container held dozens ever boxes of firecrackers, and that's what led to that massive explosion and display there. t when smoke cleared, you can see there was a massive fire there. firefighters say it was especially challenging to put
4:26 pm
at fire out. good thing is no one was hurt, but bad thing is that's huge financial blow to the businesses there. no word on the cause. pat? >> today can be a scary time for your pets with a lot of the loud noises that they are not used to and they don't like. news 4's chuck bkel spo with pare ts about how to p your pet for the fireworks tonight. >> reporter: lisa is here from the rescue alliance on how to keep your cat or dogco calm, ol and collected through the fourth. what's the big dos and don't? >> keep your anie ls inside. thunds are scary and they don't know what's going on. keep them inside in a room that maybe hng a fan goi or a radio or white noise to kind of drown out the sound of the fireworks. give them something to do to keep them busy. frozen kong, a bully stick, an antler, something to occupy their time to take their mind off ofhat is going on outside. > reporter: is there a way to desensitizeem to aom kabo?
4:27 pm
>> keep treats throughout your house. treat hear a boom, pop a into their room. it predicts somethingiumy is coming so the booms aren't so scary aepmore. >> rter: thanks for the tips, and you can find more information about our clear the ers event coming up on our nbc washington app. >> thank you, chuck. there's a popular dog treat that could not only make yoursi pet but you as well. the cdc says soumela reak liked to pig ear dog treats have made 45 people sick. dozens of those folks had to be hospitalized. now if your dog starts vomiting after chewing on the pig ear ys, experts warn wash your hands immediately after you handle pet food or trts. they also say keep them away from human food. we areth working afternoon to keep you weather ready for the fth of july. >> storm team 4 is monitoring some chancesrmfor strong s throughout theoo region. ng as well may be an
4:28 pm
issue. amelia is back with who can seet the worst thave? >> plus from hot dog eating contests to candidates on the campaign trail, how the country is celebrating america's birthday. and we'll take you to this morning's parade in fairfax county where the kids need seem county where the kids need seem have a one-tck miran
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now at 4:30, we're under a wet irer alert for a chance of flooding and strong storms. >> we've been watching the storm team 4adar lighting up big time. amelia draper standing by in the torm center. what are you seeing now? i'm hearing there's maybing is out there? >> this just. in a new severe thunderstorm warning coming in right now. i was just talking about this s hrm righte. it's producing a lot of clouds around, lightning and very heavy rainfall. i'm circling it here in red.s this storm i barely moving, so not only are we talking about the potential for wind gusts at about 60 to maybe 70 miles an hour, maybe some small hail as well, but this could lead to some flooding issues. folks out driving might be dealing with a little bit of hydroplaning issues and tracking very heavy rain around fredericksburg up into parts of stafford county, and heavy rain continuing on into parts of calvert county as well. so weather questions for tonight. we have fireworks displays going
4:32 pm
off in manyca ons around the area right around 9:00 p.m. some of the displace are going to be.impacted we said it yesterday. going to say it again tonight. you need to be weather ready if you're heading out tonight. the good news is that the thunderstorm activity winds down by 9:00 p.m., but, yes, there's the still the potential for heavy rain out there for fireworks displays. we have a chance each and every day friday, saturday and sunday, and the heat and humidity ntinue as well. right now i'm going to wrap up with a live picture, and we're going to have live pictures througut the show of what we're seeing around the d.c. area, this one down at the national mall. you can see people getting ready for president trump's speech, practicing the flip there with the guns there at 6:30, and, agan, we'll have that live. another vantage point of the national mall. i don't know about you, pat and leon, but that looks pretty h steamy out te, especially when our studio is typically at about, what, 62 degrees, pat?
4:33 pm
>> yeah. >> i sure es. >> how about flipping a rifle in the rain like that. if it t slips,at could be kind of tricky there, huh? those guys know what they are doing. >> the show must g> on. >e show must go on. >> across the country, americans are celebrating independence day. >> that's right. from parades to the street, thee fun in tun and in new york feeding some very large appetites. >> nbc's dan sheneman has a look at the sights and sounds of the 4♪th >> reporter: from marching bands to beachside sand. >> today is a time to spend with the family together, enjoy ourselves. >> reporter: across america family and friends gathering this fourth of july. maryland had its bikes. >> it's not commercialized. it's just kids having fun with their parents. >> two, one, >> reporter: and coney island it's fights. >> it's a dirty dozen for chestnut. number 12.
4:34 pm
> reporter: speed the key in atlanta as well as the 50th running of the peach tree road race. >> how are you? >> and for some in the running for the democratic nomination hitting the street themselves in battleground states. >> at thomas jefferson's monticello america welcomed 76 new citizens. >> that i will supportn ad defend. >> that i will support and defend -- >> reporter: and in the capital as well. >> and on behalf of the american people, welcome to the americanl famy. >> reporter: millions in the american family celebrating this independence day. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> all of them celebrating in their own way. >> including 64 hot dogs. k> that was painful. that didn't loo patriotic. that looked painful's >> theren art to that. >> go jo chestnut.
4:35 pm
>> the palisades neighborhood came together to celebrate the holiday, and the looks of things they had a whole lot of fun. ♪ >> families and d.c. politicians showedp for the annual parade il including couembers and the mayor and democraticle degates eleanor holmes norton whatparades like to one is the fourth is all about. >> that's what the fourth of july is for, small time parades and the hot dogs we get at the end of this e.parad >> more hot dogs. >> this is the 53rd year for e annual neighborhood parade there. >> and wns all over our region held the fourth of july parade. news 4's amy khoe takes us now to the city of fairfax for their show. >> reporter: when yoput on a parade. you can have the best music.
4:36 pm
♪ >> reporter: the coolest floats. >> look at that right over there. >> reporter:stand the cut costume. >> happy fourth of july.bu >> reporter you'll still need more than that to impress some pint-sized parade wchers. >> i wanted m & ms. >> reporter: that's christian. he's about to start en kindergartand right now there's only one thing onis mind. >> i need m & ms. >> reporter: he's not the only candy connoisseur at this parade. 9-year-old nora is, too. >> somebody said there's candy persons. >> reporter: there are plenty of persons here, performers showing off their best moves and cake even though it's not the kind you can eat, enough to impressta lo of kid critics. >> i love the outfits. >> oh, my gosh,hat' like the to
4:37 pm
to ber all. >>candy. >> it's irch news theiri m& re out more things to woulding street. our scat -- macfarlane finds 20 l buses hit pedestrians this year. we'll have a report on what to do to prevent that. >> this was the scene about an hour ago. amelia is back to tell us who could see some flooding tonight and where the strong storms could hit. keep it right here.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
a man is caught o camera loing a lit firecracker at a prince george's county. check that out there, but the police officer who may have been inside that car was okay but police right now is looking for whoever it was that threw that. news 4's drew wilder has now more on this situation and also win just buyg fireworks could get you in s.trouble. >> reporter: prince george's
4:41 pm
county police have a person of interest. watch the western who crossed the street and tossed the lit fihecracker at t police cruiser now no one was injured but prince george's chief of police said the department will nott toleracks on its officers. obviously throwing fireworks at anyone is in prince george's county no l.rework of any kind is le throughout the area feworks ws vari slightly but this is e true for anyatching this right now. any firecracker that explodes, cherry bombs, roman candles, shells, et cetera, are illeg tohave, to sell or to light off. but now let's move around the area for more specifics .montgomery county, all fireworks, evensparklers are illegal. your own legal option in montgomery county, the snap and pop noise-makers, snakes or party poppers n.frederick county, you can use gold label sparklers and ground-based sparklers. now down to the commonwealth, here in arlington here's what
4:42 pm
you cannot light off. any fishingwork that's a projectile, explodes or makes sparks greater than 12 feet n.fairfax county it's pretty much the same as arlington. now the city of alexandria does not a flow anyreworks at all n.loudoun you can use sparklers in fountains or con that are stationary on the ground, and in prince william county similar to s and fountains are okay, but anything that explodes is not. the bottom line here, your best bet is toab a launch chair and check out the fireworks p display on by the professional. drew wilder, news 4. >> good advice indeed. >> no argument here. >> still her for us. early arrival. parents welcomed their baby girs on theide of the share their s we us this afternoon. >> plus, star spangled and loving it. kids and kids in maryland show us their favorite part of this morning's july 4th braid there. amelia? >> and leeon, i have a severeth
4:43 pm
derstorm warning in effect for parts of charles, prince george's and prince george's county until 5:15. we could see some floodndg issues a absolutely producing horrific lightning. look theater onstorm team 4 radar. elsewhere, dealing with more showers and thunderstorms across the area. 'm tracking out what you can expect tonight and what when means for the r e
4:44 pm
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amelia will be back wh the weather in a few minutes to show us the impact the area storms could have on our fireworks. >> more people are walking local streets with residents and touring the cross-wauks. now government officials anan trsportation researchers are
4:46 pm
trying to make the cotrosswalksi safer star with the biggest vehicles on the road. scott macfarlane looks at what is under way to make your roads safer. some may find the images in this piece disturbing. >> to move faster than tina glene who us to beat the traffic on foot in arlington until one night in march 2016. >> i didn't usually go that way home. >> reporter: when she crossed 15th street with the right of way in crystal city. >> i was 22 feet into the crosswalk. >> reporter: and was struck by a metro bus, stopped thundern >> i didn't even screen. i didn't have time to scream. the bus dragged her nearly 50 feet. >> a pedestrian saved me and stopped . >> reporter: another pedestrian intervened to stop bus. >> he ran up to the bus and banged on the door and told him
4:47 pm
to stop. >> reporter: she was rescued by firefighters and suffered traumatic injuries to your leg and she sued the transit agency and settled for a confidential amount. >> you don't think the bus driver saw you? >> i don't think he did. >> reporter: last year a tour bus struck and killed a mother d.c. aughter in downtown and the nation's capital is saturated with tour buses and there's 1,000 local trapsit buses so the idea of 15 years of federal records and found nearly 20 records that hit nearly transit buses every year. it's a problem that plagued ties and suburbs alike. >> it's really being here in the d.c.region. >> reporter: evan glass worries the risk for ped grow for historically suburban counties and the increasing foot traffic and public reliance on public transportation. >> people are choosing to walk and choosing to take bys calls and other forms of transportation, and so we need to modernize and upda our
4:48 pm
rules and regulations. >> reporter: making the roads safer is jusart of solution. transportation researcher andrew croom is working on bus safety e technologto help alert the driver. >> may be looking left when somebody jumps up from the right. >> reporter: up to 20% of pedestrians dofot look up be they cross traffic. >> the problem is so significant they are testing possible solutions here inblksburg at virginia tech, trying to find a way to make the streets safer for the pedestrians and the drivers and passengs of the buses and cars. using a dummy in place of a pedestrian, croom's team shows us why so many people on foot are at risk. >> the mannequin is ready. >> reporter: croom says these bu often take turns at a speed of 5 miles per hour, the same speed fast walkers or joggers move creating a safe blind spot. >> at some point the bus may be matching the sed of the pedestrians. >> reporter: they are testing new technology to alert bus drivers to a perso who just outside the deal.
4:49 pm
>> the system automatically triggers the brakes when it gets too close to a pedestrian. >> it would give anib aud tone and a red light would go off. >> the technology is still under development, but local transit agencies tell us thlr are ady trying to eliminate these types of accidents through training and other tools. metro bus has added the strobe lights and omni riders in prince william county said they are adding more mirrors to increase safety andt mmery county transit directors say warning devices are being installed on all buses to warn pedestrian. >> there will be ana ouncement, caution, the bus is turning. >> you just have to find a new happy and a new goal, and that w kind ofas like -- you focus on things i never focus on before. >> reporter: a goal she's determined to achieve one step time. scott macfarlane, news 4's
4:50 pm
i-team. >> much more on this storyn our nbc washington app including how bus drivers are being trained to better position their bodies to avoid crashing into pedestrians. there you can also send the i-eam any tips that they should be looking into. >> right now you're looking into the forecast. let's get back to that with amelia. >> you're tracking a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of the area. >> for parts of prince george's, charles and fairfax county in effect until 5 sack, and i have to say i don't like what i'm seeing right now on storm team 4 radar. i'm thinking about all the folks down there at the national mall right now. i want to take you around the radar. we are going to talk about this impressive severe thunderstorm right now that is advancing towards the north, towards the nation mall in a moment, but i also want to show you this really impressive thunderstorm that continues to develop and evolve just north of the sb frederickg area, heading
4:51 pm
south to north hand now heading back to the west as well. storms today are producing outflow boundaries, and basically what that means is they are producing something in the atmosphere that other storms can form off of and they are sending them out in all direction, so when these storms are the epitome of hit-and-miss showers and thunderstorms. they are popping up everywhere. they come down and then they see thunderstorms develop in other areas. here's the severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15. for parts of fairfax, prince george's and charles county, this is producing insane amounts of lightning and very,ery heavy rainfall, and this is starting to move up from the south to the north and on into alexandria and towards the national mall here. i drew on how far intense rainfall is from the radar and it's only four to five miles away and this he have rain is heading towards that area so if u're thinking of going down there, somebody you know is down there, please text them and tell
4:52 pm
them to be safe. make sure they have a plac to go to seek shelter. if this severe thunderstorm moves into that area it will bs a mesout thereto with the amount of people down there. not only worried about severe thunderstorms, but really heavy rainfall that could lead to some flooding concerns. we have a flash flood watch until 8:00 p.m. tonight for the metro area and then for the mosa part around the shenandoah valley and the i-81 corridor. i want to take you down now to the national mall, to thenc lin memorial where people t are oude to show you what it's looking like. people are celebrating and have their ponchos and are taking their selfies and enjoying their time out there. i hope the folks came prepared and have a weather p nin place because as it looks like on storm team 4 radar very heavy rain is headed their way. not the best wet here for the fourthf july there. you see the local memorial, people taking a break before the
4:53 pm
show really gets under way:3t about as we continue into the rest of the holiday weekend. we have more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. tomorrow i can't rule out a swer and most of the activity is in the afternoon. the best chance for heavy rain and severe weather out of todaya through sun is tonight, it's right now. we keep the heat and humidity around. temperatures around 90 are going to feelmore like mid to upper 90s through sunday. on monday temperatures back down into the 80s. we keep it dry after, that not bad, but, again, the timing could not be worse with thunderstorms out there tonight. >> we'll get back to you, amelia, and hope all goes well. >> celebrities filing well before the program. >> and now to a special delivery on one of our area's busiest highways, a baby girl coming into the world a week early
4:54 pm
while her parents rushed to the mspital. >> was cool, calm and collected, and dad a little panicked from his perch in the driver's seat. the couple made it as far as the inner count connector when the baby girl said that's it, i'm coming, i'm done. she was born there. >> not waiting. >> our news partners at wtop recorded this video. after the couple pulled over ti the s of the road and called an ambulance. >> zylah jackson is her name born before 5:00. 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and we're happy to report to you that mom, dad and baby are all doing just fine. >> she's going to hear that story for the rest of her life. baby. icc >> there you go. up?susan, what's coming >> i'm just amazed that she's calm. that's crazy. still ahead at 5:00, anpdate into a dangerous road in our area and the number of drivers being busted for dui. plus, a conoumer alert ab a hidden hazard that could cause a
4:55 pm
fire in your home, and three years after a mysterious explosion in central park, badly injured a teen from our area, the case is still unresolved, but now there's new hope for his parents. the clue uncovered by police that could finally lead to a break in th case. we'll, of course, see you soon with those stories and much more, pat. >> you've got it, susan. we'll see you here in just a bit. >> we' be right back. take-off. and this a loving reminder from his wife. this is will finally depositing that expense check.
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>> weatherm alert frostorm team 4. amelia is tracking a severe thunderstorm into parts of o ea right now. she will be back with the fire alert impact in just a bit. one maryland community nothing says fourth of july better than a bike parade. news 4'smc megan ath shows us the kensington tradition >> reporter: a good old-fashioned neighborhood parade. it's as american as apple pie, and re in kensington, it's been happening for 24 years. >> it's not. commercializ it's just kids having fun with their parents. we give a prizes thate $2 each. the kids love it, and families come all the time. i mean, for 24 years, the same families come. >> reporter: people of all ages coming together to celebrate the fourth of july. no floats or fancy vintage carsb justicycles and a few strollers. most of them festooned ila f
4:59 pm
and rib bonds. >> i just added this but i really like the colors. >> why do you like being a part of thisall? >> it's fun and i like decorating my bikes and scooter. >> reporter: d'edwars family has been riding in the parade for the past several years, a part of their independence day tradition. >> it gives us a chance to connect with them. if we haven't seen or talked with them in a month or two, and we've run into other families that we see only here at parade. how are you doing? it's been a long time. >> reporter: and thearade has been growing in popularity over the years. the organizers thinks that there might be ,000 people or more rticipating this year. in kensington,egan mcgrath, news 4. >> team coverage right now at 5:00.g we're helpin to get you ready for the fireworks shows l
5:00 pm
across the region. >> separating you from what is happening on the national mall and the neighborhood and the rain that could pot a thr to all those shows. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. happy 4th. i'm susan hogan. >> i'm pat lawson muse. jim and wendy have the night off. >> right now the stage is set for president trump's salute to america. the stepped-upelebration of the 4th will feature military flyovers and lots of fireworks. >> and, of course, there are also a lot of politics on this day as opponents and supporters stake out their positions on the mall. >> and moving over it all, the forecast and whether the rain a will put damper on the fireworks displays tonight. let's take you to the storm center. what's the latest in the. >> the weather certainly less than ideal for the fourth of july. i've been tracking rain in parts of the area for noon today and not just showers, heavy rain and impressive lightning and thunder out there right now.
5:01 pm
we he one severe thunderstorm warning but first down at the national mall where so many people are. this is down by the lincoln memorial, wher you can see it is raining there. it was raining there earlier today. very, very heav rain as folks started gathering down there. let's head to radar right nowh with w's happening there currently, rain showers are moving back into the area, and i can't rule out the potential for more moderate rainvi to be mong into the lincoln memorial area over the next hour or so. of course, we'll head to the president speaking live at 6:30 ton where it could still be raining down there and only about five miles away tracking very, very heavy rain fall. the box here in orange where there's a


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