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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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july. i've been tracking rain in parts of the area for noon today and not just showers, heavy rain and impressive lightning and thunder out there right now. we he one severe thunderstorm warning but first down at the national mall where so many people are. this is down by the lincoln memorial, wher you can see it is raining there. it was raining there earlier today. very, very heav rain as folks started gathering down there. let's head to radar right nowh with w's happening there currently, rain showers are moving back into the area, and i can't rule out the potential for more moderate rainvi to be mong into the lincoln memorial area over the next hour or so. of course, we'll head to the president speaking live at 6:30 ton where it could still be raining down there and only about five miles away tracking very, very heavy rain fall. the box here in orange where there's a severe thunderstorm
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warning until 5:15, for another 14 miutes, princegeorge's and parts of charles and fairfax counties as well. this storm was producing prolific amounts of lightning. starting to see some of that lightning fall out of thunderstorm which is a good sign. it means that the thunderstorm is starting t calm down a little bit and fizzle out somewhere, but, still some very heavy rainfall and that will ber the main tt out there tonight, hervey rain. i'll have the fireworks forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. thanks, amelia. >> people havehe been gatng down on the mall well before this rain hit. >> and even after is started our crews have seen many folks headed down to get a good look. >> crowds continue torow as we check in with w corey smith the live near the lincoln memorial where the president is the set to speak. >> reporter: yeah,gu , the crowds do continue to fill in. but this rain is kind of forcing people to make that executive decision, are we going to stay or go? we see more people filing in
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thane see leaving. we're here in prime real estate. the stage with performers a few seconds ago and people are camped out, listened to amelia and i know there's a vip section and this is where u want to be. a perfect spot to see the flyover and and with the big screens set up they will be able to see president trump. a lot of people out here wearing their patriotic stripes and they are hoping that the president strikes a unifying tone, hoping for a hopeful message and one that drives home how proud everyone is to be an take a listen. >> for us all to get together here. ou can tell we're all one nation and just like the constitution, one nation under god. we're here -- i don't think anybody how much we spend because the government wastes ngmoney as it is, so d this to get everybody together is going
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to not be a waste of time. >> i want to here the president come down a little bit and celebrate the nation together instead of worrying about i like this politician and -- and nots tho views. just putting those down for a eb day and celrating our nation. >> reporter: we heard from a lot of people who said let's put politian aside all wear the red, white and blue and celebrate some togetherness. the show is supposed to start at 6:30 and we'll see it close tot e nbc washington app. we'll continue to look up to the president's salute to america. back to you. >> thanks so much, cory. pat? >> reporter: one of the sights on the mall gting a lot of attention is this, the baby trump blimp. news 4's mark segraves has been tracking this form of protest all afternoon.
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we saw it up earlier. where is it now? >> reporter: back in the bag because the storm has taken its first victim and according to the permits if a storm rolled ad in, they ho take it down and they complied with that so they took it down about an hour ago. take a look what's going here on the monument grounds here as all the thousands of people are walking towards the lincoln memorial to go to the trump president trump speech. they have to pass through this gauntlet of anti-trumpst protes who are chanting at them, holding signs. there's been a few verbal confrontations and it got started this morning with people picking up their baby trump balloons. they started lining up at 10:00, not toet on the mal but to get their baby trump man bought ten. >> i wish this was more about the people and not about the
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person in the white house. >> reporter: selling the smaller bombs was the son of tom sherwin and supporters of president trump called the balloons obnoxious. on the mall the actual blimp was tethered to the ground and drew lots of attention, including from these teens who spent time talking to people who oppose th. presid >> with people speaking out at a trump rally, that's what makes you american is you speaking out against something you don't like. and they are fighting back with ords, not violence, and i'm perfectly fine with that. >> hey, guys w did yout a free whistle for the holiday. >> reporter: volunteers from code pink were handing out whistles encouraging people to interrupt the president's speech. the rain continues to come. town the crowd files in and the protesters continue to chant. yot, back to you.
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>> mark, thank >> well, floats andse tho big balloons made their way down thf streets d.c. earlier today, n and caou not forget the marching bands. ♪ thousands of people lined the route of the national independent parade. stars and stripes hovered above the crowd. there were beautiful displays of the different culture that make this city and our country so special. we even spotted nods to past presidents including abraham lincoln. >> and another d.c.t tran on this fourth of july. the palisades parade. the annual event has taken place rain orin shine s 1966. mayor bowser was there and congresswoman eleanor holmes norton and other city officials were al on hand to march down macarthur boulevard, and joining them here guest a world war ii veteran sidney walton who
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was celebrating his 100th birthday. >> this is my country. i'll always ve this country. >> walton is spending his centennial year visiting all 50 states. his biggest regret in life is not being able to meet a civil war vet and now he wants to make se that everyone gets to meet a world war ii veteran. in great falls, virginia, another july 4th celebration thcls. event ined a 5k run, a parade and, of course, lotsch fun activities for the whole family. games, slides, cotton candy, you name it. it was all there this was at the great fallsor fir station and check out even more independence fun in maryland. this is an event in frederick. you can see carnival rides, even a petting zoo and the celebrations also included a picnic at morgan's grove park. from planes to trains and
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o cars, getting around the area, as you can imagine today is a challenge. transportation reporter adam tuss has who you need to know. it's live right here at t foggy bottom metro station. hey, adam. >> hey, susan, yeah, if you're planning on coming down here to the mall, time is starting to run out, i can tell you that so far everything looks pretty good according to metro. people coming and going off the foggy bottom station. this is just a couple of blocks from the lincoln memorial and people are huddled under there as the rain starts to come and go but we're getting closer to showtime and the crowds a little bit thinnerhis year is what i'm noticing. >> reporter: the beat of the drum greeting metro riders as they ge h ready toad to the mall and most have one thing in mind. >> i'm hoping to see fireworks. >> reporter: metro has been the best option to even baby trump balloons, yes, catching a ride.
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scores of military vehicles blocked downtown streets. >> reporter: claudia walker in town fplm utah come with fancy trump footwear. she andr her fnd have had enough walking and now they are opting for a ride. >> we're getting the scoot sneeor catching an uber or lyft can only get ou so far. some are heading out of the downtown area and going to arlington to watch the show from a distance. and a remder, because of the flyovers and the fireworks, there will be no planes in orut oof reagan national airport from 6:15 to 7:45 and from 9:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. >> yeahe we'll hav to see how all of that shakes out with the shutdown at reagan national. metro is open until 1 is:30 b1: there's a lot going on around here. >> thanks, adam. >> if yu are in need of a ride home tonight you can get a free ride from sober ride.
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lyft is teaming up with a program t offer free rides to prevent drunk driving. you'll need to get the promo code from and enter that code on the app. free rides start at 7:00 this evening a run until 2:00 tomorrow morning and up to $15 of the ride will be free. and you'll want to stick around with us. 'll take you to the mall to see president trump's speech live coming up at 6 pock. >> now to some disturbing break news. a violent police confrontation in montgomery county. >> t's go to scott macfarlane at the live desk with the video. >> police are showing the s officermming the head of a man who appears to have his hands behind his back. we'll have video and we've blurred and bleep out some of the video that some viewers may find disturbing. [ bleep ]. >> get up, boy. >> crazy, hu?
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[ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> reporter: what you're looking happen the happened outside the pmcdonald's in as hills and posted to twitter yesterday. you can see a police officer is seen driving his knee into the man's head. the man's head slams into the ground. as of right now we're still working to find what happened before the video and why police were detaining the nme. montgomery county police are look w for anynesses to come forward. this comes amid other confrontations involving the same police department. there was an officer that used the "n" wo and another man says he was raclly profiled. continue to look for updates here on news 4. >> all right. thanks so much, scott. well,three years ago this week a fairfax county teen lost partf his leg in a mysteriousxp sion in new york's central park. ahead the new clues that
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detectives have unsolved. >> shattered glass and rattled nerves. the growing concern in a virginia neighborhood about a series of shootings linked to possible gang activity. >> and we continue to track the conditions out there ahead of tonight's fireworks displays around the area. amelia is back with the amelia is back with the ho-by-hour looat your ur
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and right now a severe thunderstorm warning in parts of prince william county and il manassas unt:00 doesn't. right now though there's a live look down at the national mall. here's the severe thunderstorm warning takes effect and look at the lightning, parts of southera prince will county. not only have i seen a lot of louds with lightning but very heavy rainfall where weould ee flood system. if you're heading out to fireworks tonight, it's going to
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dicy. still tracking thunderstorms i'm gh 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., keeping the rain in. at:00 p.m., this reflects thunderstorms does diminish as s the sunets and rain chances in there at 11:00.m. with the temperature down around0 degrees. right now we're at 77. here's the fireworks plan if you're heading out tonight. you want to bring a tarp or a chair because the ound is going to be wet. download the nbcng wasn app and as thunder roars head indoors. >> thanks, amelia. >> three shootings in fairfax county this week and police tell us they could be connected and gang-related. >> we talked to neighbors at fordson court and police responded t something not related to the shooting. the violence prompted one woman to move her holiday cookout. >> police officers responded to
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a fight in this neighborhoodn irfax count de. two people were taken into custody in the middle of the . afternoon it's the third time this week epolice have been. two shoot having lefttt shaered glass, bullet holes and rattled nerves. >> neighbor darnelia hunter has packed up her grill and isng mohe fourth of july cookout to a safer space. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. we don't, we don't. we jeopardize our who family and have large family. >> and friends as well. >> just before midnight monday, t two teens were shot hais playground. they are expected to be okay. t at the sameme wednesday night shots fired again. a man suffered a graze wound. bullets hit two cars and police say the shootings may be connected and gang-related. >> how concerned are you that there's this gang activity going on? >> very. >> because it's been over here, and we don't understand
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how it's come to this area. > reporter: police are still investigating a shooting just a few miles away. the gunfire left three men woundedoutside a recording studio and also involved gang activity. police are telling me they are increasing patrols here in this neighborhood. they say they understand that residents are scared. county, darcy spencer, news 4. breaking news, the mayor of a california town says fire e fighters ar working at least five fires. as a strong quake ratles that area. ll back to scott macflane who has been foing developments from the live desk. scott, what are the damage reports from this? >> reporter: right there's scattered reports of damage from the 6.4 magnitude quake.i was from l vegas.
5:18 pm
the strongest quake was near the mojave desert and theay m told cnn utility workers were assessing broken gas lines and turning off the gags where ne'ssary. sheworking to see if there's any ideas right now. video coming into the newsroom shows a damage inside the storm like this one. bottled items fell from the shelves and people have described and intense shaking and rolling that lasted about s. ten second >> this is an isolated enough location that that's going to have greatly reduc the damage. >> reporter: three aftershockse havppened and experts say there will be more those this coming ho, days and weeks. at the live desk, scott max flynn. >> here's amelia with a check of our weather for us.
5:19 pm
maybe. alert e in wet wither mode. here's the latest. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. for parts of manassasand southern prince william county this. includes the brentzville area outnd to arthe wood bridge area. very, very heavy rainfall there poteninally leading to floodg concerns. a lot of cll.ds around as wel here's a look at washington and areas just to the south. this is a severe thunderstorm by theg allowed to expire national weather service and still moderate rainfall around the clinton, maryland area. many parts of thet distric eaeing light rain and more moderate showersing east, and there you see the heaviest rainfall around manassas dnd thn through the woodbridge area. here's a look at the bigger picture where i'm tracking scattered showers and ms thunderstor thunderstorms now are mainly south of 66 and 50.
5:20 pm
fireworks time, still areas of lot of there, but thunderstorm activity will start to wind down as we lose that daytime heat, but, i mean, this story really tellst all. just look at how settled the mid-atlantic is right now. we knew thathis was going to be the case yesterday, and we are seeing that situation play out right now.e' so hers some weather questions. some fireworks displace are going to be impacted tonight. the main concern i'm seeing would be some heavy rainfall so you definitely want to be prepared if you're still thinking of heading out there. more storms in the forecast tomorrow, saturday and the bigger potential for very heavy rainfall that's really impacting your pns is right now and we do keep it hot and humid right on through sunday as well. here's a look at your storm team ur-day forecast. as we look at tomorrow, 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms, maybe an isolated shower out there tomorrow t morning anden scattered showers and thunderstorms around for the afternoon and evening
5:21 pm
hours. as high of 89 the degrees and on saturday any storms will be confined to the afternoon and eke hours and the threat on sunday at about 50%. a high of 92. 91 on sunday, and we'll have scattered showers and thunderstorms around again later in the dnf. utunately, not an ideal forecast when so many of us are trying to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. on monday i'm finally keeping it dry, but plenty of cloudinouss there. tuesday we get a break from the humidity with plenty of sunshine and then next week quite a change from this week. the only chance for thunderstorms is on thursday. nkusan? >> thas so much. well, coming up, amazon looks to expand its footpnt in the area. the potential deal that could mean is a hundred new jobs in prince george's county.
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michigan congressman justin amash says go's leaving the in a july 4th op-ed amash says he's declaring his independence after becoming, quote, frightened by the division of party politics. amash went on to warn that the u.s. is becoming trapped in what he calls a partisan death spiral, but he says there is an
5:25 pm
escape. >> i've been involved in party politics for a while and i believe very strngly that it's hurting our country at this point, and -- and i think people need to stand up for what's right, stand up for whatbe they lieve in, and be independent of these party loyalties that reallyus divide >> reporter: now ahash was the only republican in congress to support impeachment of president trump. in a t tet today president called amash a quote, total loser and says his departure from the gop was great news for the republican party. >> security concerns in the district tonight ahead of saturday's planned alt-right demonstration at fedom plaza. known white supreme strists groups could be attending the rally and counterprotesters are also expected. the d.c. police chief says the biggest w ry is a possible clash with the two sides. >> we have staffed up. we've worked collaboratively with our federal partners so we can do everything that we can to make sure that this is a safe event and when it comes to these
5:26 pm
types of y events when have people with opposing views. washington, d.c., as everybody i know the place where that is going to happen. people are going to come here and exercise their first amendment rights. have to do is safely and respectively. >> the chief says law enforcement says many important lessons from the deadly charlottesville protest and he says his officer's number one goal is to keep opposing groups away from one another. well, chles county raised the reward and theearch of who is behind throwing bricks at cars. the reward is now $5,000. at least three cars had significant damage last month on st. charys parkwa near october place during the early morning hours. the sheriff's office said someone threw bricks and chunks of concrete at the car and one driver separated scratches from the breaking glass. if you have any information c contact therles county sheriff's office. >> still ahead this evening. the early arriving. the local parenos whe third
5:27 pm
child made quite an entrance into the world. ge >> prince ge's county wanted amazon hq 2 and didn't get it and now it looks like they may get a piece of the retail giant. i'm tracey wilkins and hy people who live along this roadway are concerned. and continuing coverage of the celebrations for the fourth of july. howome o those who marked the
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and this just in. getting word that u.s. capitol police e ordering an evacuation on the west part of the capitol lawn, the concert area for tonight's event. i circled it here i r rain continues to fall there and more moderate rain and a vere thunderstorm warning only about 20 miles a way into parts of northern virginia for manassas and parts of princeilliam county. around the woodbridge area an traveling along 95. folks dealing with reduced visibility and likely hydropla ong concerns based the intensity of the rainfall. here's more on this severe thunderstorm warning. it's going to be in effect for 6:00 p.m. tonight and seeing a lot of lightning and very heavy rainfall through the storm system that's barely moving. by can the p.m. most of the thunderstormse over but still heavy rains potentially out there. susan, much more on this coming up in 15 minu s. >>amelia, thank you so much.
5:31 pm
>> what a shame for all those folks down therehat waited for something to be rained out. >> towns all over our region held their own fourth of july parades. >> news 4's aimee cho takes us to the city of fairfax for its big show new at 5:30. >> that's lik the first fire truck invented. >> reporter: these pint-sized he parade wa might still be in the school. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: but they already know a thing or two about history. >> i like fourth of july toat celebrthomas jefferson and how he lke did the declaration of independence. >> reporter: today's fourth of july parade in fairfax, a tribute to everything america. >> it's a tradition me and my dad have had for years. we go to the parade every morning, and that's kind of how he start off the fourth of july. >> reporter: a big part of today's celebrati, honoring those who served in uniform to keep us safe and free every single day. >> it's good. it's good, yere. >> porter: air force veteran
5:32 pm
ray taking in the fairfax parade today. he stopped here first before heading downtown to d.c. >> i think wre scheduled to tour the white house, too, so that will be a first for me. >> reporter: but others say they are steering clear of the downtown parade.♪ ♪ >> preferring this one instead. >> it's depressing and sad that we've made -- >> reporter: fairfax wasn't the ly city celebratingto y. each celebration full of festive outfits and marching bands playing festive music and enough spit to fill the squawks. >> a lot of diversity and inclusion, what makes america. >> and l of it leaving an impressioon the little ones. >> look over there, a floaty. >> and this fourth of july parade has been a tradition in fairfax for over 50 years.
5:33 pm
pat? >> and on this 4th, dozens of local residents finally got to hear the words they have waited years if not decades for. >> on behalf of the american people,elcome to the american family. >> vice president mike pence on hand this morni to welcome 44 new american citizens. all of them from the d.c. area. the naturonization cerem took operation at the national archives with the declaration of independence encased in glass right next to the stage. ♪ >> reporter: and at thomas jefferson's monticello another naturalization ceremony. welcoming 76 new citizens onhe nation's birthday. that's home of thomas jefferson in charlottesville. jefferson wrece the dration of independence.
5:34 pm
>> the neweadquarters for amazon is going up in critical e city but s new prince george's county is worried about sing new amazon merchan facility is going to hurt them. tracey wilkins has more on their concerns. >> reporter: this area in prince george's county was sold as a full-service housing development with entertainment, shopping and a grocery store. nearly ten years later there are a lot of homes, and that's about it. >> when we moved here, one of tin perks was that he would get the shopping center, we would get the restaurants. we could get grocery stores and we said, hey, what better place move than to a neighborhood where you don't have to go out. >> reporter: now amazon o mayen a merchandise supply center here according to sources with direct knowledge of the talks. county officials aren't confirming that, but they have been petitioning for amazon to give the county something after losing hq 2 to alexandria. >> as we competedhq fo it wound up on the other side of
5:35 pm
the river but we've always beliyed as a count we have the gbest place investin and the best region. >> reporter: they submitted a proposal to change zoning which t reported by the "washington business journal" and if approved the operation could provide 1,500 jobs. people who live here have mixed reaction. >> is a hundred jobs, yeah, i mean, employment for people, yeah, that's a good thing, but how we manage it is the critical thing. >> does the counto need commercial development? absolutely. i just don't want it here. >> to find out that it may be a waree coming in, that's -- that just doesn't play well with us. >> reporter: people who live along this road are very concerned about th possibility of amazon being approved to come here because it would be located somewhere in this area, according to site plans. the zoning commission will look at another hearing on this in two weeks. tracey wilkins, news 4. when we come back, the scene
5:36 pm
from coney island as joey chestnut chomps his way to victory in the annual hot dog eating contest. ew. d>> and the accidental display of fireworks an flames. wha firefighters stay s
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
tt macfarlane back at the live desk. breaking news, a scuffle or dustup of some sort outside the u're looking at lafayette square at the north side of the white house. we have reports from down there. there's been a dustup between r twal protest groups outside the white house. you're seeing u.s. secret service and u.s. park police respondg to this. news 4's jackie bensen is on scene and should have an update for us live in just a few minutes. first an update from corey smith on the mall who says there's a delay now in tonight's program.m the prograame over the loudspeaker which was supposed to begin with the presidential address at 6:30 p.m. has been delayed. weather is the reason. a lot o breakingws. we'll stay at the live desk. i'm scott macfarlane. >> thanks so much, scott. a teenager has been arrested for throwing fireworks at a patrol car early this morning in prince george's county. police say the o teen came from a wooded area in capital heights and hurled the lit firework. it exploded beneath the cruiser's front bumper and the officer chased down the teen and
5:40 pm
arrested the incident for ckless assault ad fireworks charges. thankfully no one was hurt. on saturday police sa nother prince george's county patrol car was targeted. you can see the person toss the firecracker, run off, nd explodes in this video recorded by an -- police are still looking for who did ythis, the said thisid inct happened aium of days ago, but it did notpe related to the one today. >> coming up next, a mysterious >> coming up next, a mysterious explosione in colleg park this is fred.
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plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced nwork security. click, call or visit a store today. we are following breaking
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news right now. the threat of storms causing delays to celebrations on both ends of the national mall. people have been cleared from the west front lawn of the capitol, and the program at the lincoln memorial has also been delayed. amelia draper is back with update on the forecast in just a couple of minutes, but first we take you to jackie bensen following breaking news outside of the white house right now. jackie. >> hi, pat, we want to show you what it looks like here. the you can see the uniformed secret service officers out here. they moved up into this area of lafayette park. these bicycle barricades were very quickly put up after this incident a short time ago which is described as the aftermath of a confrontation between two groups of protesters on one side. people who had resist on thnt frnd the other side is described at people wearing hats
5:44 pm
that are identified as members of proud boys. those were -- we understand at some point a betsy ross type, old original his tore point-- the flag was set on fire and the local economaki whoo terrell the front of the -- we've not been madef any arrests. at this time lafayette park is closed and the photographer right now shooting what looks like down there. that's actually where this incident happened. no including the plim. they are takingte being picture right now.
5:45 pm
>> jackie, thanks so much. >> well, it looks like a pretty good show, but it was totally unexpected. somehow the fireworks exploded inside a container sitting between two fireworks stores in south carolina. that container held dozens of bochs of fireworks w led to this massive displayed. now when the -- there was a massive fifth, this was a difficult fire to put out and no word on the cause yet. three weeks ago this week a myry explosion in new york city's central park blew off the lower leg of a college studento fr fairfax. >> since then conor golden has retitled back, one, but the record behind that blast is still on the sglord a will be at
5:46 pm
the bag that contained the explosives. >> reporter: union city's bakery has cold these crackers for years. to look at them, ere's nothing special about these crackers, but there is something special about this bakery are being. >> last week it we leased the ige of the back what is it launched the explosives that blew off conor jess's leg. he was just fittishing and inside was the volatile homemade explosive that changed connor's life forever. he now works with a pros mreatic. >> conor hased on more than we have. he's forgiven.
5:47 pm
i don't know how people have done so but we haven't. >> the big clue in this case the i-team visited unio city where the bakery has served customers for only two decade. we found the current owner jason lee who said the last time a bag like this may have beenc culating was a decade ago when lee owned it. now he says his comes in clear bags >> the i-te was able to e contact th previous -- we were told both the current and former owners have been operative helping to track down the bag's manufacturer and printer. so far though nothingas led to the answers. >> if anybody saw a box of these bags or had a friend or actants that they don't feel right about
5:48 pm
what, this should they do? >> call crime stoppers and let us know. >> we would improperty people in new york to really cast back and give some thought to their connections to that bakery. >> it's not like this is a bag coming from target or walmart. >> there is now a $40,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. conor golden has never talked publicly about the explosion. the fairfax native is heened into hisior year at thve unity of miami. ris glovrioso, news 4. >> read about more of our previous question by searching cekral par explosion. >> un trtunately,is weather is will go having an impact -- waiting for the festivities to begin, unfortunately. >> what are there chances that there will be longer delays and the shows will clear up and and
5:49 pm
intense lightning well death and west, into prince william county where we're seeing lightning and out towards the winchester area as well. i've circled them in red so can you see it more clearly. at the capitol and lincoln memorial, it's completely dry out there. just to show you how highly variable the weather can be in such a close distance. lking about aclose distance, about 20 miles away from the district to these really, really heavy poets of rain impacting parts of 95 up into the city of manassas. this storm systemas really not moved over the last hour, so this could also lead to some flooding concerns out there tonight and speaking of ha flooding, tt's the biggest concern that i'm talkin so than heavy damaging winds ori any hl out there. flooding tonight on the fourth
5:50 pm
of july is going to be the biggest concern, and we could see this become an issue out into frederick county, virginia and winchester. this is on an hour lbe where his storm system has been really heavy. >> back through luray and north and western maryland where the d.c. a metroea, not a lot of intense rainfall with future weather. a good trend but maybe at least some light showers out there so kind of damp and soggy. let's head back to future weather. i want to put this into motion. 8:00 p.m. notice howre we' still seeing showers in parts of the metro area with the heaviest rain back .round i- 9:00 p.m., fireworks are getting under way. a lot of area might be okay and maybe very light showers out th re, and we have to worry about low cloud decks and again theeather might not have to be
5:51 pm
ideal but might not have to cancel fireworks displace butg alon i-959 is that's where they are delayed or postponed until tomorrow night. still heading out there, bring a tarp or chair. have our app downloaded so you can get weatherlerts toour phone and make sure you know where to go. if thunder roars, head indoors and head to your car and go to -- 89 degrees tomorrow. can't rule out a shower tomorrow morning and hit-and-miss thundershowers around tomorrow fternoon and evening. not assy weather-wise tomorrow as it is right now but still be prepared for rain. plenty of clouds though day tomorrow. a mix of clouds and sunshine on saturday and sunday and highs in the low 90s. we have about a 50% chanceor thunderstorms later in the day on saturday and sunday, but the morning and midday hours arelo ing dry over the weekend, so if you're heading to the pool this weekend, the earlier the
5:52 pm
better. on monday, i'm finally keeping it dry and the humidity finally breaks monday into tuesday. pat? >> thanks, amelia. >> the fourth july is starting to become synonymous with fireworks parades and joey chestnut winning the nathans hot dog eating contest. winning his 12th contest ♪ it's the fourth of july >> they sat under the ho sun to see the nathan's hot dog eating contest, long before the gates opened, hundreds of people lined up to get a front row seat to this. ♪ >> it's like disgustingly good, fantastic. >> reporter: guinea has -- ginns made this a tradition and gets in line early to get a good
5:53 pm
spot. >> i have my beach chair and goldwater and sandwiches, fried chicken, everything. ♪ ♪ hot dogs out on the grill >> the reigning champions and his challengers have weighed in and chestnut ate a record 74 hot dogs last yea and has won this contest 11 times in the past 12 years. >>'t be beat. >> reporter: the competitive eater and rapper known as bad lands will be on stage again for the big contest. these two badland fans tolds why they had to see this event in person. >> this work is like fine art. must beppreciated in real life. he is essentially a wild animal who cannot be tamed. so i thought i would me see that in action. >> i appreciate their talent. >> the guyith the beard an ought of the crumbs, that's just disgusting. >> a little tough to watch.
5:54 pm
>> the lady that likes to eat the fried chicken. >> chestnutme in three wieners short of his record of 74 dogs last year. >> and, yes, he says he's hungry to beat that mark an devour at least 75. now to a surprise delivery on a maryland highway. an aspen hill mom giving birth to her third child right on the side of icc. dad tried to rush them to the hospital, but as you desee, the babe game before they could even ke it there. he calledle pulled over and called 9 is 1. first responders came and got mom and the newborn. the baby girl was born near exit 3 just before 5:00 yesterdayin morng. the healthy baby, she weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces. >> the ccbaby. >> that is true. >> that's what we're going call her. still to come this evening, the rise in the number of peoplr arted for driving drunk on one of the most danger
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a increasing number of people are trying drunk on one of the region's most dangerous roads. as scott macfarlane reports, impaired drivers plaroe maryland'e 210. >> reporter: a religious encht news 4nv i-team itigation revealed dozens of drunk driving crashes on route 2 so indian gh
5:58 pm
head hiy since january 2016. many other drivers were stopped before they crashed. newly obtained police reports from prince george's county police showed the rate of drunk drivingrrests is actually increasing on the roads this year. 29 people caught between january and the end of may 2019. that's to% higher than the same time frame in 2018 and this area included one tui crash where three children were kill. the families of tho involved in drunk driving crashes saying they are avoid the streets and driversnentless will making disdly dters. >> this is just a disaster in wait being for anyone who drives here. >> reporter: there are other dwrunk driving hot spots locally. maryland state police say they stopped 9 people for driving in charles county last friday on route is over the course of a little more than two hours. in the newsroom. scott macfarlane.
5:59 pm
now back to you. >> following several breaking stories as we come on the air at 6:00 this evening. m leon harris. >> and i'm susan hogan. president trump's speech at tbalingon memorial is now on time. storms creating problems on the national mall delayed some of the show and forced evacuations near the capitol, but president trump now expected to speak as scheduled at 6:30. >> smeanwhile, tensi running high with a froconfrontation in lafayette park outside the white house. >d video of police detaining a man in montgomery county. they are investigating whether it was excessive fonde. >> a an independence n earthquake in souther california. the big nest two decades. >> what knew could be a problem tonight, the storms rolling through this independence day. >> we've got a team of reporters ready to bring you live coverage from the national mall and
6:00 pm
beyond. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper and the latest on the storms. amelia, we knew this would pp ha, and indeed the situation is playing out right now, susan, with very heavy rain and lots of lightning in parts of the area.o of russ getting a break and some of us are seeing some light showers. those light showers right now falling down at the national mall. i want to take you first to the national mall where i circled it in red and you can see some light rain moving through. only green coloring here showing up on s orm team 4 radar. we did see very heavy rainfall there earlier including the lincoln memorial that. no longer the case.e now let's h out to the bigger picture here on the radar where i'm seeing some very heavy rain continue down into parts of prince william county, especially around the woodbridge area and into manassas and then back around i-8 is. look at this rain of heavy rain and thunderstorms that has s


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