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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 5, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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show a police officer slamming a man's head into the pavement. what the county ex promising the people of montgomery county. and new health warning. what the mber of cigarettes you smoke in a day mean for your chance of developing heart disease. good morning, everybody. it is 4:00a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. >> let's start with storm team 4 4. >> we are lingering showers moving from the south to the north across our area and not
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causi any rumbles thunder but we have shower and some fog and a broader view showing that acrosshe eastern saesheaboard, rather delightful. how about 77 degrees in our nation's capital? still in the 70s for anchors town and paxnriver, i the 80s. not as hot as yesterday but close to 90 degrees. we will talk more about the weekend in a moment. for traffic, we go to jack. >> clay, we start on the beltway prince george's county before 202 accident activity has blocked two left lanes. you' find we have activity closing powder mill road.
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damascus a vehicle involved in a crash single vehicle. tow truck on the scene and traffic is alternating.n radolph drive remains closed because of an accident. back in to you. >> jack, thank you. breaking news off the coast of south florida. >> seven americans, including west virginia billionaire, were killed in a helicopter crash in the bahamas. est virginia governor and one on the state supreme court s cole's executives and others were killed in the crash and they crashed off grand kay eyelid early yesterday morning and was traveling to ft.
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lauderdale. >> we are told this fire is under ntrol. hurt. was montgomery county police are investigating a twitter video of an officer kneeing a handcuff man. you're looking at the second before that incident. we will show you the moment in the video as well. we have bluffed some of it and bleeped out some bad gule. some vier may find this clip tough to watch. this incident took place at the mcdonald. news4 is learning what led to this incident. the county executive mark eldridge said, quote. look for updates on this story on news4.
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update on a story breaking new in the mornin a 2-year-old boy is back at home and safe this morning. virginia state police issued an amber alert for the toddler who they say was kidnapped before noon yesterday inn warre county is someone returned him to home unharmed. police are asking for jashar ashby who they believe kidnapped the toddler. late wednesday night in the parking lot at the 512 gas station on garretsonvilleroad. one was killed and another one is in critical condition. police areoking for a dark colored sedan seen speeding from the parking lot. this morning neighbors in a f arfax county communityre living in fear following a sseries ofotings this week. >> police tell us these
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shootings could be connected and could be gang-related. here is a look at the map where this happened. edrcy spencer reports t violence chang how residents celebrated july fourth. >> reporter: a bullet hole. hatteredglass. no kid on the playground on fourth of july. a neighborhood rattled by violence, two shootings in just two dayl >> schoo children out h ae playground has been epty since. > reporter: neighbor danielle hunter has packed up her grill and moving her fireworks celebration to a different place. two teen were shot at this playground and expected to be okay. wednesday ,night at the same time, a man shot and bullets hit two cars leaving glass in the parking lot. police say the shootingsay be connected and may be gang-related. police tell me they are
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increasing patrolsere in this neighborhood. they say theynd residents are scared. in fairfax county, darcy spencer, news4. on thursday, prince george's county reply s a teenager tossed a lit fireworks at a patrol car in capital heights. the explosive went off under the car. one person has been arrested for reckless endangerment. officers are still looking for the people involved in this case. somebody hurled a firework at a passing police car and someone else was filming. no evidence these case are related. either of the officers was hurt. thousands gathered to celebrate the nation's birthday yesterday but there was one big spoiler. >> yeah. people who made the trip to the district to celebrate the fourth of july, some of them saw nothing but smoke.
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>> now the display startedf fine. those sitting to e theast of the washington monunt saw a few nute of dazzle be firorks theas the program continued fireworks became obscured by earlier smoke >> the first two minutes was good. after that a cot ofloud and we couldn'tee anything. >> this is video from where crowd had a pretty great view. why the difference? storm team 4 amelia draper is working for you to explain why the fireworks failed on the d.c. side. >> here is the fireworks. they are not typically an issue. warm airt the surface and air tolder as you go up into the atmosphere, so thaair, that smoke has a place to go. what happened was warmer air was just above the surface with cooler air trapped below it and the smoke had nowhere to go and what we call a temperature
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aversion. why could folk smoke pile up in the district right where the fireworks were happening and virginia you got a little bit of clearing. >> so glad amelia hadan explanation for what happened. you had a good vantage point. i' i was watching from the north. m directly north of the me lincolrial. i could see everything on the east side but on the west you can see it was just smoke. they could see nothing. >> that was the first time the fireworks were launched from west potomac park. president trump's crew forced crews to relocate the fireworks along the reflecting new this year was a string ofim essive military flyovers. aircraft from every military branch fl across the eye.
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president trump honored each military branch in his salute to america speech. >> we celebrate our history, our people and the heroes who proudly defend our flags. the brave men and women of the united stat military. >> despite the rain, the event at the lincoln memorial with the military tanks went as planned. protesrs were out there too demonstrating with baby trump balloon you see it there. many accused the preside of turning the holiday into a political rally. town all over our region held their own fourth of july celeraations. thede. whether you're young or young at heart, the city of fairfax county, they had their parade and a little something for everyone. much of the focus this year was on honoring military member and first responders. marching band and floats, they also hit theet stre in wood acres, leesburg and tacoma tark.
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each sprayed full of outfits and enough spirit to fill the sidewalks. i love the kid cked out in their red, white, and blue. oks like they had a lot of fun in all of those community celebration. it doesn't mean th fireworks are over. in 15 minutes, tommy mcfly will run do the concerts and fireworks happening over this weekend. you also find that in our onc washinpp. search the scene. > emergency room visit spike after the fourth of july. what to watch for this weekend. >> amazon admission. a new letter reveals formation about the company may haveon you. you don't have to be a pack a day smokert to be a dramatically increased risk of heart disease. tay fourth of july m be
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over, but the warm
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men, womenather before me today who just raised their right hand and now join the ranks of the freest and most prosperous nation in the hi of the world. >> vice president mike pence there welcoming 44 new american citizens yesterday. all of them from the d.c. area. that naturalization ceremony was held at the national archives next to the declaration of independence. thomas jefferson another
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naturalization ceremony. more a welcomed 76 citizens in our nation. the founding father wrote the declaration ofnd iendence. we are working for your health this morning. because the fourth of july has passed don't mane the backyard eireworks have been put away. you need to k an eye to the 'all weekend. fireworks injuries spike in the week following the fourth of july. the number of eye injuries caused by fireworks, nearly doubles from 2016 to 2017 when 1,200 people were hurt. over the weekend, 280people a day will be rushed to emergency rooms with fireworks-related injury. most are the sparkler that can hot upo 2,0 degrees and hot t enougho melt through some metals. a medication is keeping a woman from going to a nail salon or hugging friend who wear certain perfumes.
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melissa mandel's sen ofell is off. she says what smell good for you ke a flower may smell awful to her. >> i have no sense that is happening. and sometimes ing that smell great to other people smell which is deep unfortunate. >> like a false information in the nosere and you' getting false information that could be tremendously graigrapy aggravat. >> mandel say it's hard but she has lear to accept it. moremokers are three times likely to die from heart disee. t's not just heavy smokers who are in danger. researchers say five cigarettes a day doubles the risk ofeath from cardiovascular disease. amazon product are marketed to make your life easier.
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>> the company is under fire is morning after admitting it may keep track of what you say to its voice asstant alexa. in a letter to congress, amazon reveals it holds on to record of what you say even if you delete voice .recordin the company says it does not record the audio responses but may hold on to other responses. that means amazon can store data when you orer an uber or food to your home. >> if you're using one of these devices for convenience sake, you're giving up a certain amount of privacy. >> now amazon says storing what you say to alexa trains the artificial intelligence to better serve you in the future. >> kind of scary. >> a little creepy. summer a great time to catch e biggest films of the year. it looks like regal cinema is preparing to lauh its own unlietted movie tick subscription service. reports it will offer three level ng prici all with access to unlimited
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tickets, subscriptions might cost more if you live in a big city like the district. source say regal cinemas plans to reveal the service a little bit later on this month. one person is dead after ghtning struck in south carolina. >> twelve other people were injured there. it happened while the group was outside having a holay barbecue and tree branches in the area where this lightning strike happened were completely charred. >> i think one of the girls, was like her arm and leg and stuff were hurt and -- but a lot of them, i think, got jolted. >> july is typically the deadliest month for lightning strikes. you think about yesterday on the mall when they thought the storms were getting bad. there were some thunder and they cleared the mall becau it's so
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dangerous. >> it travels the ground and once it travels across the ground. it can travel in the water as well. >> much calmer today around here, right? >> we shouldn't have a lot of storm today but rain. we will have a cloudy friday compared to yesterday and previous days where wead more sunshine throughout the afternoon. today, it'sin gog to be cloudy and humid and yomuggy. u say that's all i need, i'll go back to sleep but, no, we have more for you. d 77egree for this time of the morning. that is pretty humid outside right now. the morning rain shower are moving away from the area but the cloud will linger throughout tht noon. temperature wise even across the shenandoah valley temperatures in the upper six to 70. ke-up weather, cloud throughout the day. 9:00 a.m. sticky and mid 81
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degrees. as far as severe weather for today, more heavy rain, depending on where the thunderstorms hit and some wind but hailnd a a tornado not really looking s atvere weath weather. at the beaches not a bad weekend. chances of shower and thunderstorms, of course. temperatures will soar into the 90s once again. it is definitely july for the washington area. with that here are the temperatures across our area. if you like the heat it's coming the middle of the week into the weekend so hazy, hot, humid. keep the shorts handy and make sure you're hydrated when you go out and have eesunscr for the kid and senior as well as yourself when you go out because even with the cloud cover, you can get some serious burn on your skin so make sure you take eprecaution across the
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area. muggy condition so still will be hot and humid. normally our high temperature july in washington is about 87, 88 degrees so we continue to be above average over the ten-day period. hazy, hot and humid is the rule as talkabout that but we will get a break from the rain. for your weekend, 60% and 50% but may be less than that. s maybeshine and a chance if you did not get the barbecue yesterday, you still have the weekend. jack, how are the road this morning? >> we have got a crash in prince george's county on the outer loop is so everything heen moved along the way. it is not causing any kind of a delay. good new on powd mill -- excuse me. a crash still have crew on the scene powder mill row near beltsville drive. damascus, near belleson road
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between new road and 80 accident active with a vehicle on the side and crash has now cleared and authorities are on the area. then here is another one. the calendar may say july 5th but the july fourth celebration are not over. our tommy mcfly runs down some fun, inexpensive things you can do with your family the next feud. if you're home this afternoon, don't miss "ellen." her show airs at 3:00 on news4 and stick arou 4:00.the new at
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♪ fireworks lit up the night's sky in new york city for the fourth at this year's macy's extravaganza. millions ork people in new yo watched the show above the brooklyn bill in person. many watched it from the comfort of their homes here on news4. so if last night's fireworks weren't enough for you, there are more shows this weekend. >> i went to bed before the
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fireworks so i'm looking for that. you can horse around in northern virginia. news4 tommy mcfly explains that and more in the "weekend scene.t >> repor: we found some fireworks that have not been set off yet. i'm tommy mcfly with your "weekend scene." waterfront park tomorrow 6:00 the music and fun starts and then more fireworks into the night's sky. if you want more fireworks, there are still a couple of ppcelebrations still haing this weekend. search firew nks on thebc washington app for our fireworks finder. in loudoun county it's polo in the park. the horse are back for another season. tomorrow night bring your own picnic and blanket and a winery will be slling bottle or glass of wine or you can bring your own if you want to enjoy. the event is over 21nd a please pull over responsibly. at the 9:30 club,story district is still celebrating pride.
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they have their outspoken series which promises heartfelt stories with the lgbtq plus community. it's supposed to be a night of bliss and fire make everyone feel good. >> as we walk back, my mother said are you my son or are you my daughter? i said, i'm your son and tell them to get over it! >> plus, the nats are playing the royals this weekend. i'm tommy mcfly with your "weekend scene" here on news4. >> a lot of optio. there >> so much to do. ahead, a new service may change the way we gas. our cars. >> we are showing you a gas delivery service where it's available and how it allworks. plus, a major hole opens up on a local road swallowing a car. we are detailing the work now under w fix it. clay? >> we have plenty of rain for r fourth of july. the question is how much rain will we have for the 5th and 6th nd 7th? nd 7th? those answers are coming up.
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sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spf 25, iti'm busy philipps, i'move . a fearless to face anything.
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4:30 is your time right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. we want to check on your forecast and the commute. >> jack taylor is in for melissa this morning. we begin with storm team 4 clay anderson who is in for chuck l be >> we take a look at the radar, notice after about midnight, overnight and early this morning, we picked up rain shower across our area. moving from the south from wood bridge and prince william county across areas of montgomery county and baltimore. plenty of cloud to go around across the area. we start out with a cloudy friday but things will change. it's muggy, no doubt about that. temperatures remain close to 80 degrees and it's not even 5:00 a.m. in the morning across the washington metropolitan area.


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