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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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powder mill road is closed. traffic rerouted in hearea. w if that is your normal path of travel, you will be rerouted in the area. hoping to have the roadway open by 8:00 or 9:00. east.e look on 50 heading if you're heading to the bay bridge on the eastern shore, volume is light unlike yesterday morning. traffic looking pretty good but still he has so be careful.nd you'll fihe beltway looking good. you ride through maryland and virginia your travel lanes are available. no worries as of yet. if you have to be out, take it's easy out there. now over to clay with your weather forecast. >> we are looking at still some oud across the area. sun is breaking through here and there. we had rain showers after the midnight hour and during the overnight hours. those rain showers have moved to the north in to pennsylvania but have been placed by warm steamy
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muggy air and continues across the region. i-95 north and east rain showers have moved from baltimore to the north. for us, it's not a rainy start to our friday which is good for those of us that are vcationing with us here in the washington area. if you want to make that early joor walk, you will not need the umbrella but you will need probably to wipe your brow because the temperures are close to 80 in annapolis. how warm will we reach today? few minutes. in we are following breaking news off the coast of south lorida:seven americans, including a west virginia billionaire, were killed in a helicopter crash in the bahamas. west virginia governor jim justice says coal executive and philanthropist chr cline was killed in that car. the plane was traveling to ft.
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lauderdale. no word what caused the crash. fire ripped through a house in the district. firefightersay flames shot through the atsc of thi home am on barnhtreet on northwest. four people are searching for place to stay and no one was injured. montgomery county pvelice are instigating a twitter video that has both shocked and disturbed a lot of peopvi. >> the o shows what appears to be excessive force by an officer. news4 justin finch is live inme mont county at police headquarters with the latest on this. >> reporter: montgomery county police are concerned, too, about that video, taking any complaints or evidence of excessive force seriously as that is why they are now investigating what is on that video that some might find hard to watch here. we have learned the face of that
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ill unidentified man you'll see is handcuffedand on the ground too. and at points, one of the officers there knees hill in the head and slams his head on the ground. this happen at the mcdonald's on connecticut avenueas in en hill. this cell phone video first came to light on twitter on wednesday andi it's calling the atte of the county executive here mark eldridge here and he is responding with this uoatement. q. montgomery county police looking into this video d to see if excessive force was used in this case. alsking for all witnesses who were there that day to come forward and share what they saw withtoheir investi we are live in montgomery county police headquarters, i'm justin finch, news4. back in to you. >> thank you. update to a story we brought
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you as breaking news yesterday morning. a 2-year-old boy is back at home and safe this morning. virginia state police issued an amber alert for the toddler who they say was kidnapped before noon yesterday in warren county and someone returned him to his home unharmed. police are searching for jashar ashby who they believe kidnapped the toddler. late wednesday night in the parking lot at the 512 gas station on garretsonville road. 20-year-old troy barnett jr. was killed and 18-year-old laura guadalupe cruz was taken to the hospital and in critical condition. police are looking for a dark colored sedan seen speeding from the area.
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police a shooting along telegraph road could be gang-related. you can see a bullet hole and shattered glass. two teens were shot at a playground before midnight on d they are expected to be okay. on wednesday, shots were fired again. a man suffered a grazed woundul andts hit two cars. neighbors tell us they are concerned. children is out here. school is out. they have the playground but it's been empty since. i talked to my neighbors and they are saying they are scared anethey are staying in th house. >> police are looking into the possibility this is gang-related violence. we are learning about a ond case someone threw fireworks at a police officer. sday, prince george's county police say a teenager tossed a lit fireworks at a patrol car in capitol heights and the explosiveent off under hat car. one person has been arrested for reckless endangerment. a similar situation was caught on camera on saturday. you may remember, we showed you this. officers still looking for the people involved.
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one person hurled a fireworks at a passing police car and someone else was filming. they say these two casat are not rel and none of the officers were hurt. thousands gathered to celebrate the nation's birthday yesterday. but one big spoe er. >> peoplo made the trip to the district and you know that is not easy. but when you come see the n fireworks oe fourth, they saw nothi but smoke. >> the display started off fine. those sitting to the east of the washington monument saw a few minute of dazzling fireworks but as the program continued, the fireworks were obscured by smoke from the earlier explosions j >> honestly,t too much smoke. >> first two minutes was good. after that, a lot of cloud and everything. couldn't even see anything. >> this is video from virginia where crowd had a great view. >> oh, yeah. >> look at that. why the difference? storm team 4 amelia draper is
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working for you, explaining weather science behind the fireworks failed on the d.c. side. >> here is the fireworks. aren't they beautiful? here is why. they are not typically an issue. warm air at the surface and air colder as you go up into the atmosphere, so that air, that smoke has a place to go. what happened was warmer air was just above the surface with cooler air trapped below it and the smoke had nowhere to go and what we call a temperature be inversion. why could folks in virginia seer the forks and not in d.c.? we had a light westerly wind coming across. so we kept seeing the smoke pile up in the district right wherfi the reworks were happening and, virginia, you got a little bit of clearing. >> a nice explanation from amelia. >> i was north of the lincoln memorial so i was able to see one side of it really well and the other site you could was filled with smoke. ifeel bad who couldn't see it. >> i do too.
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that was theirst time the fireworks were launched from west potomac park. >> the president's speech forced tithem to change the locaon of where the firework are normally launched from. new this year was a string of impressive military flyovers. aircraft from every military branch flew across the sky. the crowdoo'd and ah'd. president trump honored each military branch in his salute to america speech. >> we celebrate our history, our people and the heroes who proudly defend our flag. the brave men and women of the inited states military. >> despite the elay, the event at the lincoln memorial ilitary tanks went as planned. protesters were out there too demonstrating with baby trump balloon. many accused the president of turning the holiday into a political rally. >> together we are part of one of r e greatest stories eve told.
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the story ofmerica. >> new this morning. president trump and the white st house wa no time releasing highlights from the event at the lincoln memorial. you can see member of the military, those tanks we mentioned, and the flyovers as well. this vdeo came out late last night and featured audiof ohe president's speech. >> towns across t area held their own july fourth celebration and parades. whether you're young at heart, the fairfax parade had a focus on everyone. they focused on military and first responder, honoring them. then parade. marching band and floats, they also hit the streets in wood acresta leesburg and tacoma .
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in 15 minutes, tommy mcfly will run down the concerts and fireworks hap and you can find the information in nbc washington app. search the scene. emergency room visits spiked after the fourth of july. what to watch out for this weekend. amazon's admission. a new letter reveal details about the information the company may have on users like >> a warning about heart disease. you don't have to be at a pack a day smoker to be at a dramatically increased risk. >> yesterday was the fourth and plenty of fireworks to go around. mothers the 5th and will nature bring fireworks of her own? we will let you know
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men, women gather before me today who just raised their right hand and now join the ranks of the freest and most prosperous nation in the wistory of theld. >> vice president mike pence there welcoming 44 new american citizens yesterday. all of them from the d.c. area. that naturalization ceremony wna held at the tional archives next to the declaration of independence. at thomas jefferson monticello, another naturalization ceremony. america welcomed 76 mor inew citizensn our nation. that is jefferson's home in charlottesville. the founding father wrote the declaration of independence. we are worng for your health this morning. just because the fourth is over, it doesn't mean the backyard fireworks ave been put y. you need to keep an eye to the kid and all of you over the
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weekend. the number of eye injuries from fireworks doubled from 2016 to 2017 because of fireworks. le a the weekend, 280 pe day will be rushed to emergency rooms with fireworks-related injury. most are the sparklers that ca heat up to 2,000 degrees and that is hot enough tolt me through some metal. look at that. dangerous. more evidence of how bad smoking is for you, folks. a new studyfr om australia finds smokers are in danger of lung disease. it's not just heavy smokers who are in danger. researchers say five cigarettes a day doubles the risk of death rdiovascular disease. amazon products are marketed to make your life easier. >> that is the idea. but this morning, the company ie
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under fire admitting it may keep track of what you say to its voice assistant alexa. in a letter to congress, amazon eveals it holds on to a reco of what you say even if you delete voice recordings. the company says it does not store the audio responses, but may hold on to other customers's interactions with alex. like if you order an uber or food to your house. >> if you're using one of these devices for convenience sake, you're giving up a certain amount of privacy. >> amazon says storing what you ask alex to do tralns the artifintelligence to better serve you in the future. summer a great time to catch up on the big yfilms of theear. ac.get into the it looks like regal cinema is tieparing to launch its own unlimited movie et subscription service. reports it will offer three levs of pricing all with access to unlimited tickets. subs iiptions might cost more
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you live in a bigger city. source say regal cinemas plans to reveal the service a little later on this month. one person is dead after lightningtruck in south carolina. >> twelve other people were injurd . it happenewhile the group was outside having a holiday barbecue. tree branches were struck and this was a completely charred area. >> i think one of the girls, was like her arm and leg and stuff were hurt and -- but a lot of them, i think, got jolted. ically the ty deadliest month for lightning strikes. you see video like that and it looks amazing but still dangerous stuff. you have to take cover. >> it's simple. if you're on a hill, lightning will get the apex of where you are. still lightning can hit the ground and spread out and why we tell kids not o tect inhe pool because water is a conductor. just safety tips.
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for us, safety goes with the heat and the humidity as we continue in july in the washington capitol region. many folk are visiting us all across the world and may not be used to a very hot and humid environment. if you're sticking around for the weekend, get used to it because the heat handidity is going to stick around as well. sun is breaking through to cloud which is great fo us for our friday. if you still enjoy an extended ioliday, temperatures have not budgede early this morning for us. but they are only going up from here. 77 degrees is what you're waking up to with ante easrly wind. rain showers have moved to the north and east away from the capital region. if you're traveling to the west or i-95 north and south, no rain owers. temperatures include 73 degrees for huntington and warm steamy bay. 80 degrees is the current temperature in annapolis. i guarantee you when you step
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outside the humid air gets you instantly. eratures to the west in the high country still 70 degrees. warm temperatures are in place. the reason for th? future weather. cloud that blanket that canopy is keeping the warm air in across the area b still thunderstorms, rain showers can pop up throughout the afternoon. notice the increase in the green and yellow which meansshowers. then occasional rumble of thunder in the afternoon. everyone ill not see thunderstorms today but we may still see the heat across the region. with that, we want to talk about the pool forecast. if you get a chance, if you're young or old, if you have the opportunity to get away from the rumble of thunder and have joy at the pool, temperatures in the upper 80s near 90. impacts today no severe threat reallyinoday but heavy ra if you are under a thunderstorm and a possibility of strong wind. hail and tornado damage should not be a fact.
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here en are at with the extd forecast. 90s return wednesday thursday, friday, into the weekend. more 90-degree temperatures to go around but it looks like make sure you'rehy ated and drink plenty of water when you go oute it looks li a warm week coming our way. >> it's summertime in washington. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you, clay. next on4 "newsday," we are working for your weekend. >> calendar may say jul 5th but the fourth of july celebrations are not over. our tommy mcfly run down some fun, inexpensive thin you can do with the family the next feud.
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good morning. welcome back to news4. i'm jack taylor in theff tra center. unfortunately breaking news.
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calverton 212 closed at powder mill drive. you will see traffic rerouted in the area. megan mcgrath is on her way to the scene. light volume on this holiday f beltway through maryland and virginia very quiet this morning. no issues down around the woodrow wilson bridge.ff tra light. back in to you. >jack, thank you. fireworks lit up the night's sky in new york city for the fourth at this year's macy's extravagaa. music and pyrotechnics were there. millions of people in new york watched the show above the brooklyn brge in person. many of you watched it from the here on our home
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new news4. so if last night's fireworks weren't enough for you, there are more shows this weekend. news4 tommy mcfly explains that and more in the "weekend scene." >> reporter: we found some fireworks that ve not been set off yet. i'm tommy mcfly with your "weekend scene." bladensburg, we are looking to you. waterfront park tomorrow 6:00 the music and fun starts and then more fireworks into the night's sky. if you want more fireworks, thee are still a couple of ce brations still happening this weekend. f searchireworks on the nbc washington app for our fireworks finder. in loudoun county, it's polo in the park. the horses are back for another season. tomorrow night, bring your own picnic and blanket and a winery will be selling bottofs or glass wine or you can bring your own ifyou want to enjoy. the event is over 21 and please toll over responsi at the 9:30 clu district is still celebrating pride.
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they have got their outspoken and heartfelt stories with the series whi and heartfelt stories with the lgbtq plus community. it's supposed to be a night of bliss and fire make everyone feel good. >> as we walk back, my mother said are you my son or are you e my daugh i said, i'm your son and tell them to get over it! ke plus, the nats are playing the royals this wd. i'm tommy mcfly with your ce "weekend sne" here on news4. >> i love we have so many going on. >> almost too h.muc how can you do it all? >> you can't. ahead, a new service may change the way we gas up our cars. >> we are showing you a gas delivery service where it's available and how it all works. plus, a major hole opens up on a local road swallowing a car. we are telling you how the work is under way now to fix it. clay?ne >> everyoad a fantastic day on the mall yesterday. we are waking up to cloud across
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our area. what will the rest of the day bring? a peek at your forecast is coming up. stay with us.
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breaking news out of priny. george's c first responder on the scene of a ramultivehicle csh on powder mill road and beltsville drive. good morning, everybody. i'm aaroni'ilchrist. molette green in for eun yang. the crash happened overnight and we are joined by megan fitzgerald. >> the call came in after 2:00 this morning. three vehicles invoed in a crash on powder mill road. you can see how bad after crash we are talking about. want to draw y attention to that blue car right there. it certainly appears as though the roof of the car was cut off. it's just on the ground just next to it. we know two people were extracted fm a vehicle. a total of seven people were injured, rushed to the hospital.
6:30 am
one person experiencing life-threatening injury. we talk are three cars so show e you over this is the third vehicle that was involved in thisrash that happened just after 2:00 this morning. a total of seven people rushed to the hospital. one person has life threaten jurs. police stress this is a still active and otioing investion and unclear what contributed to the trash and the things they will sort out as they continue this investigation. the latest out here. throw it over to jack taylor with a first look atou y traffic. >> thank you. we can see in your live shot traffic detouring at beltsville drive off pointed mill road. make a u-turn and you can get back on pow rr milld so traffic can continue to move in the area which is good news. also had activity 50 westbound at the bay bridg b oneoken down in the right lane and apparently has just cleared. green arrow is back on word of potential debris north
6:31 am
on 270 near middle brook road. reports of debris along the ride of the roadway. most of the traffic in a normal riday morning pattern south out of frederick is light on this holiday friday so off to a great start. hopefully, the weather is a great start as well. clay, what do you have? we will talk about the weather impact for today. we have warm muggy air across our area all week long. today, the threat for severe weather will be diminished because of the cloud cover tt canopy which will put a lid across any severe weather across our area but heavy rain and o ower and some thunderstorm contend with. as a result, you look at more of a very high impact for heavy rain across the area. possibility of strong wind with those storms. so far hail and tornado, we are going to keep that o forecast for your friday. with that, here are the numbers for your friday today. cooler , a few degrees believe it or not than yesterday.
6:32 am
close to 90 degrees. still warm, still humid. storms after about 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and continue until sunset. keep your eyes on the skies ay to a complete weekend forecast in a moment. >> clay, thank you so much. this morning, wi are follo a wild story out of wood bridge, virginia. a massive sinkhole swallowed a car. you can see the car start to sink in this video and so far, official have not been able to get it out. more of that road caved in yesterday and it's believed the weather gave away because of the weather in the area. >> i recommend everybody to void the area and they should stay away and stay a safe prince. >> expect the road to be closed two or three days while the repairs are being made. charles county raised award for people who are throwing brick at car. the reward is now $5,000.
6:33 am
sheriff's office said someone threw bricks and chunks of concrete. new this morning, three kid ages 7 to 9 months are insafe after a terrifyg ride onv i-66. ginia state police say 41-year-old charlina mcbride took off when th tried to pull her over for speeding yesterday morning. at one point, troopers say mcbride took an emergencan crossover insas as she tried to get away and her car was stopped in arlington county. she was arrested. here is a look at the top stories we are following. prince george's county police are looking for the person who threw fireworks at a patrol car. it happened last saturd. but a similar incidence happened yesterday. in both cases, neither officer was hurt. this morning the stafford
6:34 am
county sheriff's office is investigating both the murder and attempted murder and it happened wedneay night at the 512 gas station on garrisonville road. 20-year-old troy barnett jr. was killed and 18-year-old laura guadalupe cruz was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. the young boy who was kidnapped in warren county is back home. raequon ashby has been found and kashar ashby is still on the run. if arrested, he will face kidnapping and assaultinmba family me. upcoming arrival of ooamazo to our region is making a lot of people excited but a neighborhood is worried how about it impact their neighborhood. >> giant supply center for amazon could ei going up near homes. our county bureau chief tracee wilkins has more on their concerns. >> reporter: off pennsylvania avenue in prince george's county s sold as a full service housing development with entertainment, shopping, and a
6:35 am
grocery store. nearly ten years later, there are a lot of homes and that is about it. >> when we moved here, one of the main purposes was that we would get the shopping center, we would get the restaurants, wg hadrocery stores. we said what better place to move than a neighborhood where you don't have to go out? >> reporter: now amazon may open a merreandise supply center he according to sources, direct knowledge of the talks. county official aren't confirming that but a prince george's county councilmember submitted a proposal to change zoning in a large section of this area that was first reported by the washington business journal. if approved, the operation could provide some 1,500 new jobs. people who live hereave mixed reactions. >> 1,500 jobs? yeah, employment for people. that's a good thing. how we manage it is a critica thing. >> i did not make this purchase to be next to a distribution center. i was actually attracted to the fact kind of work and play where you live. >> and to find out it may be a warehouse coming in? that doesn't play well with us.
6:36 am
>> reporerr: folks who live h are worried about the concern of ccssibility of amazon being improved because ading to site plans, the building would go in there area, talking 700,000 square feet. the largest warehouse space in prince george's county. on two weeks, there will be another proposal this hearing. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. ahead, d.c.'s police chief expressing concern about this weekend's alt rightrally. tired of going to the gas station? how about a fuel delivery
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welcome back. > a new study from the university of rochester, new york says exercise help chemotherapy patients deal with emotional stress. researchers tracked a group of seniors and found most paents
6:39 am
who exercised reported improvements in both mood and anxiety levels. >> the best medicine for menstrual pain might be walking on treadmill. new research from the uk shows women who did regular treadll exercise were in less pain after just four weeks. after seven mohs, they felt significantly better. these days, you can get almost anything del. you use delivery in your life. soon, you may be able to add gas to your list. >> a sta booster that wants you to skip the gas station and it already operates in 20 cities in california. here is how it works. so tankers filled with gas drive to parking lots of fortune 100 companies. drivers fill up employees' cars the parking lot one-by-one. >> i've been a pilot so i've seen mobile fueling done for small planes and thought if you can this for small planes, why can't we do this for cars? >> the company plans to expand to the east coast sometime in the next 12 months. i'
6:40 am
frank holland at cnbc headquarters. apple is back up and running after outage took a down a few hours yesterday. features such as calendar and contacts and reminders all affected and issues impacting apple pay and some other services. this is the second outage for icloud this year. it y so comes after nearly da long outage that affected facebook. users were unable to upload or send media files on facebook and instagram and what's app. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. the sun is brking through and we will give you the details. is there a plane taking off. what the weekendto has in s for us. all of the details coming up in a few moments. jack, what is happening on the roads? >> continuing breaking news. 212, powder mill road is closed and active investigation ongoing. you will have to turn around at
6:41 am
the scene.
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some breaks t newhis morning in the district. tors are trying to figure out what started this fire at a home on barnham street northwest. no one was hurt but four people who live there are now without a place to stay. we are also following breaking news in prince george's county. several people are hurt this morning after an overnight crash. >> several cars were involved ih is. it happened on powder mill road and beltsville drive and our
6:44 am
meagan fitzgerald is there live. >> we know three vehicles were involved in a cash after 2:00 this morning on powder mill road. want to show you how intense this scene it. it appeues the roof on that bl car was cut off. you can see pieces of the vehicle scattered all over the roadway here. we know two people were extracted from a car. a total ofe seven peopl were rushed to the spital. one person has life-threatening injuries. now i want to draw your attention to this vehicle here nob mill road. this is the third streak involved in the crash. it's still early in the investigation. we talked to police about what would have led up to this and they are still investigating but we know seven people are in the fightingand one person for their life at this hour. a
6:45 am
no fatalitiesthis time but the roadway is still blocked off as police continue to investigate. back to you. re really awful scene t behind you. thanks so much, meagan. a lot of folks inc. d. waking up without water. they are work to go repair an eight-inch water main in the 1400 to 1500 blocks of t street in the northeast and affecting 15 commercialndroperties a five apartment buildings and 30 homes. the restoration time is eight to ten hours. in the bahamas, seven americans, including a west virginia coal executive, were killed in a helicopter crash. a chopper left grand cay and heading for ft. lauderdale and 25 minutes after itff took o it was reported miss. the place found the chopper
6:46 am
overtued in 16 feet of water. west virginia governor jim justice says coal execive and philanthropist chris cline was killed in that car. check out the damage after earthquake in california. state of emergency is in effect in the town of ridge crest. a earthquake was centered there, 150 miles north of los angeles. a small hospital had to be evacuated as a precaution. no reports of any injury or deaths. experts say more after shocks are expected in the coming days, weeks, or even months. this morning, montgomery county police are investigate vi ago twitter o that has both shocked and disturbed a lot of people. >> the video showswh appears to be excessive force by an officer. news4 justin finch is live this morning at montgomery county police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: that video isre
6:47 am
sha a lot on social media. it is drawing attention and concern and raising eyebrows. the montgomery county police have seen the video and say they will investigate and look into any complaints orvidence of excessive force. a warning that clip we are about to show, some might find hard to watch. we are blurring the face of that still unidentified man. he is on the ground in handcuffs and the arresting officer does knee him in the head and slams his head on the pavement there. this happened at a mcdonald on connecticut avenue in the aspen hill section of montgomery county. this cell phone video first surfaced on twitter back on wednesday. still not clear what prompted that response. it has, however, drawn the attention of county executive
6:48 am
mark eldridgeho isesponding with this statement, quote. this is now under investigationn moomery county police are asking any witnesses who were there that evening to tell them what they saw as they continue to look deeper into that clip and the events surroding it. we are live from montgomery county, justin finch, news4. back to you. >> justin, we will stay on the top of latest in that. this saturday alt raight demonon will take place at freedom plaza and d.c. police chief is worried about safe. counterprotesters are expected as well.
6:49 am
the biggest worry is about a possible clash between the two side. >> we have staffed up, worked collaboratively with our federal partners so we will do everything wcan to make sure this is a safe event. when it comes to these type of events when y have people with opposing views, washington, d.c., as everybody knows, is the o ace where that is going happen. people will come here and exercise the first amendment rights but got to do it safely and they have to do it w spectfully. >> newsome says laenforcement learned many important lesson from the deadly chlottesville protest. his number one goal is keep the opposing groups away from each other. >> you are looking at a fourth of july protest outside the white house that led to some scuffle and arrests. a demonstrator set an american flag on fire. two people were taken into s custodyresult of that. all of thisjulaying out st ahead of president trump's speech at the lincoln memorial. >> the event was bill a salute to america. heavy on patriotismnd honored the troops and america's
6:50 am
history. >>ontogether we are part of e of the greatest stories ever told. the story of america. epic tale of a great nation for people who are risked what they know is right and what they know >> he ke to the script and didn't use the moment to insult any of his campaign rivals or critics. fourth of july wasn't only celebrated in the district. all across the region, of course. check out this inparty. the palasaides community had a parade and among those are mural bowser and norton who marched in the parade. inng kenn, maryland, a good old-fashioned parade.
6:51 am
babies and strollers and parents walking through the neighborhood with their children. people of all ages have been participating in this parade for 24 years now. the organizers say about a thousand people showed up. everybody gets to articipate. like that. >> i like e smaller community celebrations too. real fun. you cou say it was a big ourth of july for our washington nationals too. >> fans werero ing the red, white, and blue. d.c. dominated the miami marlins yesterday. the nats won the game 5-2. officially sweeping the series. get this. this beating miami in late may since then, nhets have had the best record in baseball over that span. d.c. is currently in second place in their divionnd back home tonight against theci kans royalp let's kee it up. let's turn to jack taylor who is tracking breaking news on the roads. >> a tough one, unfortunately, with our accide on 212.
6:52 am
powder mill at beltsville road, accident investigation is ongoing and all lanes closed an rerouted until about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. we heard of one on the inn loop headed toward 295 and off to the roadway of the right and state authorities showed up. an abandoned vehicle and the vehicle is tagged and lanes are open without a big issue. inner loop after 335 left lane blocked. better news. german town north out of the gaithersburg after montgomeryville avenue tire tread in the right lane and unfortunately hit by a vehicle and that vehicle is safely on the ba to you. we are talking about the sunrise across the wshington area for our friday morning.
6:53 am
we started out cloudy with rain showers, residual rain but the showers have moved away from our area. as a result, not looking too shabby outside. temperature wise, we continue to rise. 77 degrees a couple of hour and now closing in on 80-degree. wind from the east less than 10 miles per hour. the rain showers was more of a midnight to about 2:00 a.m. variety of shower. no thunderstorms severe weather. now moving away from our area bringing us still cloud and temperatures. it looks like so far 81 degrees for annapolis an 77 degrees cambridge and cumberland 70. for the forecast, future weather for today, clouds will break in the afternoon but more sunshine you get, the more threat of showers and rumbles of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. notice there are more isolated rather than scattered so you
6:54 am
should get in your outdoor plans and activities today. t.ere is the pool forecas things that you need to remember today is moref a heavy rain rather than severe weather across the area. no hail is expected. but could be strong wind across the region. here is the ten-day forecast. back to you guys. >> clay, thank you. for many of us, you hear about our local highways and think about rush hour and a lot of traffic. >> yeah. a pair of local parents, one highway will now have a special place in their hearts. a baby girl came into the world a week early while the pare s were rushing to the hospital.m
6:55 am
about it. dad was a bit panicked in the driver's seat. the couple pulled over the side of the road and calncd an ambulae. zyla jackson was born weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces. mom, dad, and baby doing fine this morning. a new roller coaster opened up at six flags great america in illinois. max force has broken a record, too. now the fastest launch coaster in north america. t less than seconds, it reaches speed up to 78 miles an hour. titt is crazy! s also the world's fastest and tallest double inversion rides. meaning while it turns upside down still going as s 60 miles an hour. >>e pay you million dollars,o aaron, tgo? >> yes. >> you would do it for a million? >> sure. >> what about 500,000?>>
6:56 am
i don't know. princedale and woodbridge will be closed because of a sinkhole that opened up. a disturbing incident r.volving a montgomery county police office this is twitter video showing an ntficer kneeing a handcuffed man. mery county police say they are investigating and want to hear from witnesses. for more on this, go toour nbc washington app. washington department must sialknow whether a controv question is on the us census. the question was blocked but now they may have found a legal way to put the question in. check out the "today" for more. late night crash in prince george's county and happened after 2:00 a.m. and powder mill road and beltsville a roadnd scene may not be clear for some time. open the nbc washington app for updat i. whatwant to tell folk today, make sure for safety
6:57 am
reasons when you hear tthunder, re is lightning out there, lightning can strike. make sure you get indoors, if at all possible. keep an eye on th as we continue the holiday weekend. >> summertime in washington. >> yes, th i. s ne ws for t today. we appreciate you waking up for us. >> "today" show is next. we will back in 25 minute with more weather, traffic, and local news. >> in the meantime, make it a great friday, everybody. see you next week. >>
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good morning. rattled. a strong earthquake rocks southern california. the biggest in two decades. 20 million people feeling the effects, fires, power outages and a massive cleanup this morning. now the question on everybody's mind, is that the sign a big one is coming. what went wrong? a helicopter goes down. one of the victims billionaire coal tycoon who gave millions to good causes. we have the latest on the investigation and the tributes coming in fm a shattered community. >> today we com


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