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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the most powerfu earthquake in 20 years. emergency officials say it is amazing that no one has died. >> it's hard for the world to know what we've been through because by the grace of god we've had no casualties, and we've only had minor injuries. >> trtt is cnly good news. the bad news, though, the earthquake did damage some highways. emergency officials are warningg drivers to slow on all area roads because the region is still experiencing aftershocks. turning to politics, former vice president joe biden has come under attack for comments he made aboutorking with segregationists. tonight he's addressing the controversy head-on.
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♪ ♪ after weeks of stinging criticism over comments he made with working with segregationist, former vice president joe biden is switching vice and the former president for front-runner is apologizing. biden referenced the civility in
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the senate, man criticized those comments including kamala harris and she challenged biden during the first democratic debate. >> was i wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression praising that i was those men who i successfully s,opposed? ye was. i regret it. and i'm sorry for any of the many or misconception that may havecaused anybody. >> after thedebate, biden's >> after thedebate, biden's poll numbers sank and harris'
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a lot of people hopeful that the rain staysay aw and it doesn't dampen any, you know, july 4th weekend paradesca bee it's just been a hectic week. >> the gud neood news is much dd
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storm-free a we do have storms and as a matter of fact shere was aevere thunderstorm warning and we'll get to that and it is in the commonwealth of virginia, and as we show you there on the big scoeen, dppler radar has picked up this storm for the last hour. this storm is moving at about 25 to 30 miles per hour and the storm should be reaching chantilly and yorkshire, as well and headed to reston. this storm is movin from the west to the east known as middleburgh, moving toward reston and this is the only storm from a broader view across the washington area because here we are in washington, but take a look at pennsylvania, everyone, as the storm continues to sag down to our area, we will keep an eye on that. temperatures right now include in the dtrict of columbia, 89 degrees and 90 degrees for gaithersburg and down to the south and east and pa auxet
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rive quantico and fredericksburg and the sunshine in excess of 104 and 106 degrees. so this is what you need to know for the evening and into tomorrow. thestorms will be abating after sunset. so for us, we dodged a bullet as far as a widespread storm or severe outlook. eore storms are on tap, but there's much mor relief from the heat and humidity and monday into tuesday and notice by 11:00, wstill could have a rumble of thunder across the area, and it does weaken during the overnight hours and we'll pick up some t clouds anden some showers and that's just about it across our area. here are the numbers, everyone, forro tomor 87 degrees, as i said, we have that storm chance and another chance for some showers. monday in theng mornibut temperatures only in the mid-80s and it will stretch out to 89 egrees and take a good look, everyone. talk about the heat. that's right. we have some heat coming next weekend, as well. 91 an96 i looked at this twice.
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that's right. 96 and 98 degrees the heat will return and i'm lling you it will be a regular sizzling, i guess we go from roasting to - sizzling - >> soupy. it's all. >> sizzling and soupy and we'll be picking those adjectives the end of the ten-day period and we have heat and humiditynd he severe thunderstorm warning ends at 6:30mo so ten minutes. >> stay weather aware and be to sure open the nbc washington app. we got a new look at the new royal. the duke and duchess of sussex sharing a picture of archie. they're beaming surrounded by family. the ceremony was a private affair with only close family and friend attending. archie was born in may and he is seventh in line for the throne. the nats are celebrating the 50-year annivsary of the expos arriving in montreal and they're wearing really cool retro
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uniforms to mark the occasion and we'll update you on max
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>> this is the xfinity sportsdesk.
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>> it's good to see the powder blue back. >> we're not talking about the royals. we're talking aboutpowder blue for the nationals and almost like a summer pajama party and we'll show you that. 50 years ago the summer of '69 from woodstock to a man on the moon, history tells us it was both tumultuous and eventful and who knew then it was the start m of the hat would bring us back to d.c. 19 was the same for the team in town right now and the kansas city royals and why not pay homage. you get the idea. expos legend and vladimir guerrero and dave martinez looks good and max scherzer is looking good in those powder blues. ttthe bo of the first it's the offense and 2-1 for juan soto, and treywearing his baby blues anddam eaton runs through the bob henley stop si and gnanats still have a 1-0 lead and after a ten-pitch at bat he do this.
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his 11th homer of the year and that makes it 3-0, and the nats curreny lead 5-0 in the seventh and we'll have the full highlights for you coming up at 11:00. we'll be wearing pajamas then. some orioles fans oke lg forward to see their third team in the fourth inning and this is go for them. nunez, a huge swing that's a second deckomer and that's up by the restaurant and the orioles take a 2-0 lead and still in the fourth, 3-0 and broxtonnd a this is going down the right-field line andathat will it 4-1 and a second and a double and the orioles g to win it and another win for the orioles, 8-1.a looking for summertime conversation st ter? why not ask a basketball fan, what's new in the nba, and i do mean new? >>3:25 this afternoon and we hr get word tgh espn that la r their deal with demarcus cousins
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and not bringing rageon rondo back takinging kawhi leonard and trading for paul george. did you get that? another espns report wa asking about bradley beale. beale is not moving, leonard is. leaving theap rrs and the nba title dehind, and weather will be teaming upa with p george. they're making a deal with the thunder involving several draft picks to get george. he asked him to join him in and grge asked okay, see hum for a trade and the players are makise these deals the days in the nba. hey, the w mystire in las vegas last night. the game cut short and la toya thomas was 14 points earlier. you can see the scoreboard shaking. that was after last night's earthquake. the players say they couldn't feel it, but the wnba inspected the court at the half and they have a playing surface that
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shifted and no word yet on a make-update. >> third-round action wimbledon, serena williams taking on julie gergen. she canust not keep the return in play to go up 3-2 on the second set and serena is too much and takes it in straight sets and she'll take on carlos torres. >> same street, and he wasted no time. and them a third set tiebreaker this one, in the third it was tough. i thoughtit was very even, and i might have had a few more chances, but maybe and of ou ce, there's always a relief winning the third set break earn because it goes the other way and we might be here for anoer few hours. >> keeps your white shirt on and
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more tennis and rafael nadal taking on the joe w fred tsonga. he's beaten him four times in the past and he takes it 6-2 and the 18-time grand slam champion will take on the round of 16 on mondaynd the american sam query will also square off in the round of 16. hey, they start summer league tonight against the pelican, but no, zion williamson bged his knee last night in the game against the nets and the wizards will h not fa. >> he has to protect that commodity. >> that's it he's out of here. >> one lastec which of the weather. what have we got? >> we have some storms that are increasing n for loudoun, fairfax and portions of montgomery county. loudoun, fairfax, ntgomery county until 7 clk p.m. weaken tonight, but then tomorrow there's another threat, so i will say 7:00 to
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11:00 p.m. stay with us. >> download the nbc washington app and get the weather alerts there to the palm of your hand. >> nightly news is up next andck we areere again for news 4 at 11:00. enjoy your saturday night. see you later. we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why alissa and aleah chose fios. we stream sooo much. lot of times alissa is tching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multitaski cause i'm awesome. a little. the best internet is even better at our best price. switch now and get our fastest speeds available.
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. tonight, state of emergency in souern california. after anotherer pl quake, ten times stronger than the one just a day before. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> reporter: heavy damage, fires and power failures. the terrifying ments forcing residents across multiple states to take cover. now the increased threat of another big earthquake that could hit in the days ahead. the surprising and frightenin science of what geologists call foreshocks. breaking news, a huge explosion at a florida shop


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