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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 6, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. tonight, state of emergency in souern california. after anotherer pl quake, ten times stronger than the one just a day before. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> reporter: heavy damage, fires and power failures. the terrifying ments forcing residents across multiple states to take cover. now the increased threat of another big earthquake that could hit in the days ahead. the surprising and frightenin science of what geologists call foreshocks. breaking news, a huge explosion at a florida shopping mall. levels a restaurant
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and sends debris far and >> it looked like sothing from a horror movie. >> the blast felt a mile away, at 2 least3 people injured. what we know about the cause. more than two weeks aft his comments about working withsegregationists, joe biden apologizes. >> i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody. >> but willett qui his critics? fighting back on the eve of the big world cup final, rsmerica's sorker s on the criticism they've recved and what they see as double standards in the game. and a private affair. the new royal photos out tonight that for many, just aren't enough. >> this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. continuous aftershocks are still shaking ut sorn california as we come on the air tonight after a massive 7.1 quake hit just outside the town of ridgecrest, that is the same town at the
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epicenter of that 6.4 earthquake on ur thay. this quake substantially more powerful than the yfirst one and felt as far a as mexico. the governor of california has te declared a sta of emergency and thou nds of residents are without clean water orpower. tonight the entire region is on edge after a new warning th sday's quake geologists now say, was what is known as a foreshock, a foreshadowing of last night's, and there's a chance l may be a preview of more to come. our correspondents are covering from every angle. we begin with miguel al magu almaguer. ha>> reporter: when tt earthquake rumbled through, it was powerful. we're out in the desert. elimagine what it f like in nearby cities. >> get under the table! >> reporter: it struck with fury at 8:19 p.m. >> the fro door came open. >> it's ay.
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hold on. >> reporter: this is the moment of impact near the epicentern i ridgecrest. >> this is bad! >> reporter: t hqowerful 7.1 ifartke sending terried customers searching once again for cover. >> everybody okay? >> reporter: shock waves of fear, rippling across southern california. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: the quake felt as far away as l.a., vegas, phoenix, even sacramento. very was a strong quake. >> reporter: the terror played out on live tv. >> we're experiencing very strong shaking. >> reporter: at the dodgers crowd, a stunned crowd. >> we definitely have arthquake going on. >> reporter: what began as violent jolting lasted nearly 30 seconds. fire sparked in ridgecst. power went out. residents afraid to sleep inside. inedibly, no one was killed. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> reporter: roads and highways blocked, ckled and in shambles. at the east ridge market, the jolt captured on camera. forle, it is still too early to estimate the damage. the owner of this no re who has earthquake insurance estimates it tops about $100,000. e this is whatvery aisle looks like. the clean-up can take days. en weeks. >> reporter: with the 7.1 registering as the largest quake in two decades for the region, what seemed ke the main event thursday was just a foreshock. friday's jolt, ten times stronger. tonight with fault lines owing. >> get outside! >> reporter: so is the fear. to give you some perspective, this shows theer and strength of that jolt. we're out in the mojave desert here and the ground shifted several feet. imagine had this happened in downtown los angeles, under a building. that was a disaster that was averted. there have been 2,500
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aftershocks so far. kate? >> that would have been devastating. thank you. throughout the affected area,le residents are without food and water as we said tonight and some are afraid to go back t inir homes. molly hunter was near the epicenter when the quake hit last night. she spent the day in a town of just 1,700 people hit hard by this quake. residents in the small town still stunned and now taking a closer look at the damage. >> it's still so shocking. >> horrible. it was horrible. >> reporter: many homes unlivable. angelica hernandez, overwhelmed by the damage. but she feared more for her daughter. >> i didn't know if she was hurt. >> reporter: tonight residences and businesses are without power and water. roger owns the station. >> this may put me out of business. >> reporter: for now he is busier than usual. gas customers drawn by esh home made
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burritos. jessica's mother came to stock up on supplies. >> we all fell to thegr nd and stayed there until it was done and over. >> reporter: outside the shell, cruisers ngstill assessi cracked roads. too many to count right now. doug has lived in trona for 55 years. >> i thought i was having a heart attack. >> reporter:e the sam fear spread through riecrest last night. >> the first thing is stop. we're outside. w wee fine. >> reporter: when the quake hira i gbbed my cell phone. this is t scene right after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. there's a house right there. yo see thick black smoke. firefighters working to put it out. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: that quake woke us up lt night. it was incredibly powerful and frightening. you saw the house on fire. this is what it looks like today. d totally burneout. we know the owner survived but she lost everything. >> thank you. now to the other rebreaking news we'
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following, a huge explosion at a shopping mall in south florida. at least 23 people were injured. rgan is in plantation, florida tonight. good evening to you. >> reporter: yeah. goodevening. when this blast happened this morning, it was felt by nearly a mile ay, showerful this entire area with debris. hurling pieces as big as this for more than a footba field. the big question, what set off this massive blast? in south florida, the damage undeniable. the scene unbelievable. r shopping center nearped apart by a massive explosion. >> it looked like something from a horror movie. al> reporter: donavan dailyd outside to find a parking lot turned ds field. the sky filled with smoke. >> the entireuilding shook. it was really, really crazy. >> reporter: the blast so powerful, it was caught on camera at a home more than a mile away. >> right now i'm a good 50 to 60 yards
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away from where this explosion took place. you can see pieces of the roof covering an entire stretch of road. firefighters found ruptured gas lines in the rubble but are not sure if they're to blame. some of the worst damage centered around l.a. fitness where this family had just arrived for swim lessons. >> i thought it was a bomb. honestly. >> we heard this big loud boom noise. ndwindows cracked a shattered everywhere. parents were getting their kids and trying to get up out of there. >> reporter: by the time rescuers swept thehaotic scene, they found 25 people injured but said no one wasle kil in the initial blast. >> the injuries are not as severe as we thought they would be. we're very thankful for that. >> reporter: tonight federal investigators are on scene examining every piece of evidencefn hopes tracking down the cause. tonight, of those 23 people injured, we have learned 12 have already been released from the hospital. meanwhile, cause of this blast remains under investigation. kate?
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>> that's some good news. thank you. now to politics, the apology today from former vice president the issue? his controversial comments more than two weeks ago now about rking with two southern segregationist senators decades ago. hunts nichols has more on what biden has to say. >> reporter: following weeks of criticism, joe biden today said tted his controversial comments about working with segregationists during his time as anator. >> i regret it. i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody. >> reporter: the course crection coming after kamala harris criticized him for opposing the school bussing that benefited her. >> i was bused to my elementary school. >> reporter: today harris continued to focus on school seegation without mentioning biden by name. to there is a l be shameful about. yesterday we talked about segregated schools.
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>> reporter: the dust-up coming as donald trump took another shot at biden tweeting the former ce viresident won't win in 2020. joe biden is a reclamation project, he said. some things are just not salvageable. trump's broad sides against biden are part of a 1-2 political punch. criticizing obama is a way to wound biden. >> i call at this time obama-biden mess. >> reporter: but biden is proof of the progressive values on race. >> i talk about the obama years, my opponents talk about as ancient history. when others talk about something i said in the '70s, they talk about it like it is yesterday. >> reporter: biden made his comments in south carolina where safrican-americanill likely make up the majority of voters in the democrats' first in the south primary. >> with the president in new jersey. new details tonight on a plane forced to make an emergency landing in boston because of a fire on board. authorities now owbelieve they know it started with a
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phone charger. more on the growing threat insidehat a lot of us carry on board. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: the pilot of a virgin atlantic ane with 217 passengers on board thursday declaring an emergency. >> we have some smo in the cabin. >> reporter: officials efay this is all that is l of the external phone charger the sparked the fire. it ignited a seat cushion forcing the flight which was supposed to go from jfk to london to land in boston instead. massachusetts state police and virgin rlines are now investigating. experts sayhe danger from spare lithium batteries on planes is only getting >> it is one of the very few parts of aviation that actually, the risk is increasing people bring more of these lithium batteries on. they get damaged, they oet hot and we have thesen board fires. last julyer: this external charger caught fire on a
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flight. the faa reports 258 incidents involving the batteries since 1991. 49 of those happene just last year. right now the faa bans spare lithium batteries, ecigarettes and ving vices from checked bags. passengers must carry them on. the agency saying the cabin crew and an controls overheating or a faire. >> if you notice your device gettingot to the touch, you need to let a flight attendant know. >> reporter: experts say the batteries are in so many devices, it would be virtually impossib to ban them all together. but watch them between seat cushions and never carry damaged batteries on board. the fast saying when in doubt, leave it out. sengers ing p are paying attention. nbc news, new york. tomorrow in france, the final showdown in the women's world cup. the u.s. against a tough team from the netherlands. while t americans had their eyes on the prize today, they were also in fighting mode
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for other reasons. ports. kelly >> reporter: the u.s. soccer team is on the verge of another history-making behalf. igt their third straht final tomorrow. the u.s. facing nether neth. after a dramatic battle against england,an and rose, both with minor hamstring injuries, say they'reeady to play. the u.s. teamre huge favorites. they dominated the world cup. but not without controversy. starting w the way they celebrate. >> i feel that there is some sort of double standard. >> critics then went after the co-captain megan for her silent protest during the national anthem. players are unhappy about unequal pay and sharing the spot height wh the.s. men's team taking on mexico. >> this is the world cup final.
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this is like ccel everything day. >> for the thousands of fans though, the women's game they've been dreaming of for months. >> they're a great example of unity. they always work together and it is a great example for those of houston want to continue with soccer. >> reporter: these streets filled with soccer fans. they are expected to play in front of a trowd of 60,000 and thise it is winner take all. >> take all. >> i whenwhy wait?ows type 2 diabetes your way,... hit back now. farxiga, along with diet and exercise,... ...helps lower a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. and when taken with metformin xr, it may lower a1c up to 2.1 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. stop taking and seek medical help right away. tell your doctor right away if you have... color in urine, or pain while you urinate... ...or a genital area infection since a rare but seriousni gel infection may be life-threatening.
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back now to our pop story. theerful earthquake that rocked southern california yesterday. it happened just day after another large earthquake in the sail area. while aftershocks follow an earthquake, there is such a thing as a foreshock which preced an even bigger one. gadi schwartz is near the epicenter with more on that. what do we know? >> reporter: talking about the aftershocks, they've been going all night, going all day. a few moments ago, w felt the ground shaking once again. it almost feels like you're waln a water bed. every time the ground starts shaking, everybody in the community is on edge. in the small town, ruptures on the rf suace of the earth. you can them stretching for miles in trona, blasting
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through cinder block walls. >> it looked like it didn't want to stop. it started like a little warning and kept going and going. and that's wn everybody ran out. >> reporter: under their feet, a web of small faults responsible for t 6.4 and massive 7.1 quake over the next two days. still moving with a staggering 34,000 af rshocks anticipated that could continue for up to a year. the renowned seismologist calling the first quake a foreshock. a precursor. building pressure to the 7.1 that hit night.y >> lots of places have aftershocks. eehere are some places that s to have less than others. overall in california, it is about half the earthquakes have foreshocks. orter: and there is a 3% chance the 7.1 earthquake could be a foreshock to somhing even bigger. >> the timing of our biggest earthquakes is random. and we hate that. we need, we want a pattern so badly. r
6:49 pm
orter: all leading many in california to wonder, whether this could trigger larger earthquakes with epicenters closer to places like los angeles. >> we're expecting large earthquakes on all the faults in southern california. >> reporter: and the big question so many of us californians have, what does this mean for the san andreas fault? could this trigger another earthquake on the san andreas? the good news is, size mol jgists say it is about 100 miles away. the bad news, the san andrs fault is already locked and loaded and it could go on its own at any time. >> and the other thing everyone wants tkn , are they any closer to being able to predict earthquakes? >> repor predicting quakes with exact certainty is unprediu unpredictab unpredictable. they know how long the pressure has been building. they don't know when it will hit or how
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unusual new way to st fe. >> reporter: lisa is always looking at the big picture. considering what her yealth might look like in trs ahead. that's why at age 59 she's working now to prent one of the top obstacles of aging. debilitating falls. she is part of a growing community joining classes to increase agility and balance. typically an intensive workout models of after military training. this one a more gentle version. the director teaches the class in boston for people typically over age 50. >>s that' it. all the way to the ground. ng> the majority we're tryi to do is get people to be comfortable with their bodies and to use their bodies as a tool to navigate their environment and to be able to gut of bed well or go down the stairs or if something ohappens, to be able t move gracefully and instinctively to stay safe. >> reporter: so vital since falls result in 27,000 deaths a year.
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which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. in>> finally tonight, christ day for some of the youngest royals. some are upset about how private the whole thin was. >> reporter: it's a royal family affair. christening day for master archie harrisonnd wir. hehis family photos was that tnly thing we'll get to see.
6:58 pm
meghan dazzling in deor. missing from the occasion, prince phillip and the queen. she had a prior commitment. the guest of honor is wrapped in a replica of the christening gown worn by his father, prince harry, and his grandpa, prince charles. unlike in the past this was completely private. just family and close friends. the fronte church was away from public view. even the names of the god parents are a secret. until now we've only had a few glimpses of the newest royal. a sharp departure from chars and diana and william and kate. all more public with their kids. and the secrecy is sparking some back lash. especially after taxpayers for this over $3 million for the couple's recent re vations. >> i think it is very hurtful to the fans. very, very hurtful. >> reporter: others disagree. >> it is a family affair. >> reporter: a proper if private
6:59 pm
for the child seventh in line to the throne. nbc news, london. >> and still we watchful that's nbc "nightly n for this saturday night. tomorrow, in time for camping season, an inside look at what may be the ultimatepr uct test. is it bear-proof? i'm kate snow. from all of us at nbcnbc spore
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olympic games, the nhl, the pga tour, the nasr playoffs and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football" only on nbc. for some it may have been the s st foring break. since 1959 it's been the place to race on fourth of july weekend. we hope the weather has come and gone. welcome to daytona where nything can happen, and for some this is so much more than just a race.


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