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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right no a wildre tni w, strofng storms o poding city after city. here in d.c., a large tree clips the home. we are in weather alert mode tonight.
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at the capitol, lightning strikes. the bolts didn't just stay in the air. they also jolted a ho. crews in arlington saying a lightning strike caused this fire. nornltly no one was hurt. >> we've got video showing a fr conontation between far right activists and counter protesters hours after a controversial rally ended. >> oh, my gosh. another night of pure panic inside a southern calornia hole. the precise moment another earthquake rocked the region. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. you know the weather has been absolutely wild in our region tonight. many of you saw scenes like this one. trees falling on to cars. knocking down power lines. it is why we bein with a storm team 4 weather alert. the rain reay coming down.
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this is coming from the nats park. thank goodness they got the game in. we saw severe thunderstorm warnings throhout the night. driving lane slammed eastern markt as well. and arlington saying lightning caused flames at this home. bi know you'veen busy tonight. what does the rest of the evening look like? >> the good news. we'ow calming weatherwise. it tarted about 4:30 this afternoon and moved from west to east. as up, when it came, it came fast and furious. inside the beltway, outside the beltway. the details of what we should expect tomorrow. let's take look at what mother natuhi left d.
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has the scene on reservoir road. a huge o tree the right clipped this home in the area and landed on the wires nearby. it appeared no e was home for the first time. power was knked out in the area and the lightning strike caused this house on north n son street inlington to go up in flames. fortunately, no one in the home was injured. we're told the fire marshal is e on the sco investigate. be sure to open the nbc waorington app f continuing coverage on t t stormm 4 weather alert. >> scary moments after two powerful quakes rocked the region. friday night's quake was ten times more powerful than the one
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that hit on the fourth of july. residents are notut of the woods yet as nbc's miguel almaguer reports, they could be experiencing strong aftershakes for days or even weeks. >> reporter: it struck with fury at 8:19 p.m. >> that's okay. hold on. >> this isom the ment of impact near the he said center in ridge crest. the powerful quake sending customers once again for cover. shock waves of fr ripping across southern california. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: the quake felt as far as last, phoenix, vegas, even sacramento. >> this is a very strong earthquake. >> reporter: the t ror playing out on live tv. >> we're experiencing very strong shaking. >> reporter: at the dodgers game, a stunned crowd.
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they played on. >> i think we've got another earthquake. >> we definitely hav another earthquake going. on. >> reporter: what began as violent jolting lted nearly 30 seconds. fire sparked in ridgecrest while fire raged. >> it's scary to be in the house. >> reporter: nincredibly, one was killed. roads and highways blocked, buckled and inshambles. at the east ridge market, the jolt captured on camera. for many it is still too early to he is night damage. the owner of the store who has no earthquake insurance estimates it costs about $100,000. this is what every aisle looks ke. the clean-up can take days, even weeks. with the 7.1 registering as the largest quake in two decades for the region, what see ldike the main event thursday was just a foreshock. fridayol jt, ten times stronger. tonight with fault lines
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growing. so is the fear. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. to breaking news, the billionaire hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein is under arrest on sex trafficking charges. th daily beast reported that the police took him into custody in new york. he is facing federal charges for ncidents during between2002 and 2005. court documents show dozens of underage girls were brought to his palm beach mansion for what turned out to be sexual encounters. he avoided a lengthy jail sentence yearsago. his former attorney who is now president trump's labor secretary oversaw that deal. epstein's attorney is notti commenng on the new charges. back here in the district, police arrested a man after they say he tried the pay for sex with a minor. it happene just before 2:00 a.m. police arrested 63-year-old.
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after weeks of stinging criticism, former vice president joe biden is switching gears. today he is apologizing. you'll remember last month he referenced the civil it in the
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senate when he worked with senators who opposed civil s.ghts in the 1970 le people criticized the comments including senator kamala harris. she challenged >> w wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to peoe that i was praising those men high successfully opposed? yes, i was. i regret it. i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception that may have causedanybody. >> reporter: after the debate, his poll numbers sank and harris's skyrocketed. >> investigators say natural blast explosion at a pizza shop. it damaged other stores in the area. miraculously, no one died.
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i thought the avengers cme or something like that. it was a lot of smoke. it was traumatizing. >> a firefighter on the scene rew ruptured gas lines. investigators we still looking for the exact cause of this explosion. back here at home, voters in maryland will not have to identifyas male or female when they register to vote. instead they can choose an x or unspecified. the baltimore "sun" is reporting the board unanimously voted fora the change weekend. it won't cost anything. they use the current forms until they run out.rm new f will include the third option. counter protesters there to greet thees protters. and storm team 4 weather alerts as folks do their best to dodge all the rn droaips
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s far right activistnd counter protesters confront each other outside the trump hote the two groups converging hours after the rally came to an end. police were out in t force keep both sides as far party as s ple. >> between demonstrators oside trump international hotel downtown. officers separated the two groups who hurled insults across the police barrier.nt
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aifa or anti-fascist demonstrators, many covering their faces, and trump supporters forced the shutdown ofen pennsylvania av not far from the capitol. >> the war on protesting our freedom. >> police did take one man into custody. it is unclear if that person will face any charges. and those who attended the earlier far right rally at freedom plaza plan to meet at trump hotel. then go to a vip dinner. we saw some getting on a charter bus.s protesterre waiting. >> it's not out in the open. people sitting around a nice dinner, having some drinks and talking with one another. that's all we were trying to do. and then antifa shows up and tries to attack us. >> if white sprem civupremacis coming in to and y we
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don't want this here. i think that sends a message to young people that we e ll not havte in d.c. >> earlier, on one side, the fas right activis and known white supremacists. on the other side, black lives matter. a group known as the proud boys fo the free speech rally. no arrestsere made. the cause of a townhouse fire is stillnder investigation. the fire, of course, six people from their home lake largo drive. crews were able to keep them from damaging arby homes. the fire started on the deck. and firefighters in the district race to a fire in a two-story road house. you can see thesm oke, the fire coming out of the attic. a witness t sayshe firefighters arrived quickly and knocked i down. before the fire turned naty, folks in laurel are celebrating the fourth of july.
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it started with a parade. our own darcy spencer was there. this is the 41th year for the celebration in laurel. all right, clay. you probably didn't get to take yo afternoon or early evening nap because it was so loudful will we be able to get some peaceful sleep tonight? >> i don't think we have to doi with any more thunder and lightning. we'll have a chance to settle .own and a more tranquil saturday night tomorrow, we can talk about it in a moment. we'll ow you a rather tranquil live view from our city camera and the washington monument. ose that are still enjoying their vcation here in the washington, d.c. area, the capitol region, weay welcome and don't let a little bit of rain drops cause any problems f you. the winds still bringing in that warm, moist humid air at five miles per hour. everything was tranquil today
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until about 4:00. s then thingstarted moving. you see line after line of showers moved across the area. as it did, it brought thunderstorms across our area. :notice by 11 p.m., the showers have moved two areas to the south of calvert county. notice the pin wheel of showers moving to thee across our region. so for that we'll show that you wentinue to have just what we expect today. thunderstorms where the threat will end tonight. more rain and thunder on tap for tomorrow. and we do have some relief just in time for monday, into etuesday. themperatures outside right now. still warm, still muggy. 80 degrees for quantico right now. 11:00 p.m. down to the south. 83 degrees is currently the temperature. now, the t.futurecas future weather. and we show you overnight, the rain showers move out. we're going to ve some fog across the area tonight into tomorrow morning.
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with thate'll keep an eye on it. it should be a nice start sunday. after that,oit like more showers and storms will move in. by 2:30, 4:00, we'll add more showers. the forecast tomorrow, morning, patchy fog.e some clouds, some raining momentsnd a few late day storms. it shouldn't be as widespread. here we are as we talk about t forecast. 87 tomorrow. a chance of thunderstorms. monday, we start to dry out. particularly t in afternoon. perhaps some morning showers for monday. nice fowe tuesday andesday as the low humidity, you have a couple more days to be outside. it looks like how the 90s come back into the ten-day forecast. 91, 96 degrees. 98. i lood at a couple of forecast tdels in the afternoon. and thoseperatures look hot.
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steamy. >> you know what? it's odd this time of year,i from texas and not seeing triple digits. that's a win for me. but the humidity is still taking some getting used to. >> yeah. we had some readings, 105, 106 heat index. >> not good for the hair. we're getting a newook at britain's newest royal. the duke and duchess, take look. they're absolutely beaming as they phe for theo surrounded by the faly. archie wore a christening robe commissioned all the way back in 1881. the ceremony was at windsort casle and was a private affair. max took the mound today as the expos were honored. dave johnson
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i don't remember when i was introduced to duke's. i feel like it's just always been there. it feels like home to me. duke's mayonnaise has been in our family ever since i was small. i love the way that the duke's mayonnaise toastsren the outside of the. it's nice and smooth and tangy, and you don't have to worry about any
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it's good, rig? oh, yes. we cure our meats -house, we make all of our pickles in-house, and we buy duke's mayonnai. we can't make it any better. can't beat it (laughs). max scherzer was the pitcher of the month. he doesn't like to miss work. remember, he took the mound the y after he broke his nose. then on the fourth of july, his wife erica gave birth to daughter sey hart. lying her father's pitches, the birth was timed as scheduled of he didn't miss a day of work. the 50th anniversary.
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he channels it, he scores easily. take a1 lead. same score in the second. kirk suzuki hitting. ter the ten-pitch at-bat, he doe tthis onhe 11th the home he makes it 3-0. the nationals would end up scoring six runs. but one would have been enough. he has good stuff going. seven scoreless innings. giving ou only four hits. sense may 22nd, 94 strikeouts, only nine walks. >> what i've seen is incredible. he just keeps getting better and better.
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>> she's a pitcher. she knows. she wants me out there competing. >> all right. we see in toronto, are you ready? thid in a row. fourth inning. that was a great one for them. the runner on. that's a huge one. still in the fourth, 0. broxton to rightel fi 4-1 game. ends up at second with a double. the orioles tied. they win it 8-1. boy, they've got winning streak on. she nba isill shaking. kawhi leonard going to the er clipps. las vegas isn't shaking. not movianymore. the ummer league continu day after the city did feel the southern california earthquake is that the wizards earlier on saturday, dwight howard
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grizzlies made their las vegas debut. and the wizar fans getting their debut.t aking on the pelicans. first overall pick. the rest summer gulea watch this. cleared some space down low. a little baby hug inside. last year'srst round pick. troy brown with the open jumper and then later. watch him. past the defense. the wizards, the 13 first half pointse this one in second half in las vegas. we already told but the wizards picking up cj miles. 6'10". known as the laser. he spent his first three seasons in san antonio. he shot a fantastic 43% beyond the edc and scorhi a scenic 21. i remember that. the twin brother of the former wizard. all right.
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and again, are you ready for is paint your face tomorrow. the u.s. women going for the women's world cup. >> an early start. it's a tough squad. going to have aparty. >> saturday night live is next. honey, this g-speed internet is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. tels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right.
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[ nbc theme tones play ] >> eric! what are you doing awake? it's past your bedtime.
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>> don, i'm scared. i think there's a boogeyman in my closet. >> eric, there's no boogeyman in your closet. have you been watchinghe news again? >> yeah. [ chuckles ] >> you can't watch that stuff, bud. g it's toown-up. >> they said they're gonna indict you. >> aw, don't worry about that, but, hey, i am impressed that you know what "indict" means. yeah! >> >> "ct" -- there's no sugar "indict" coke.ou >> almost, but yl get it. now, hey, how about a bedtime story? >> okay. >> yeah? ohh, here we go, "'ts the night before christmas." this is a classic. and, remember, if there's ever word thau don't understand, bud, just say stop. >> okay. >> okay.[ ears throat ] 'twas the -- >> stop. >> okay. >> "'twas" -- that's the words "it" and "was" put together, buddy. it's a contraction.


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