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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 7, 2019 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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earthquakes like that. >> our nation is stronger than aler. >> the psycholog effect, you can't even explain it. >> i feel completely grateful and blessed. >> it continues. ♪ good morning. welcome to "sunday today" o this july 7th. i'm willie geist. i hope you are enjoying a good long fourth of july weekend. if you live in california it's been a more eventful weekend than you would have liked it to be. the state recoverim two major earthquakes in two days followed by thousands of aftershocks. we are live from the epicenter to assess the damage and the potential for something bigger.
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,> plus just hours from now the u.s. women's national soccer team takes the field against the netherlands in the world cup final. after weeks of battle on and off obe field team usa is ready to finish the j and bring home the cup. we will have aive report from ly>, france. >>nd on the week of the 30th anniversary of the debut ofnf "seield," we revisit one of our all-time favorite sunday sitdowns with the man himself, jerry seinfeld, talking about his long career as a stand-up and the moment only recently when heli read the impact of his iconic show. >> i thought that's what you're doing for people. that tv, they are not coming for that. they can't see that, you know? but you can reach them through tv. and it made me realize, reoh, tt was ally worth it. to make that tv show, i never would have gotten in that room. >> a special two-part sunday
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sitdown with jerry seield. plus, another life well lived later in the show. we begin with california on edge. after twoth major eakes in two days, and aftershocks continuing throughout the night. fbc's mollie hunter has been in the middle o it from the beginning. e is in ridgecrest, california for us. good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. we came to this house right after that 7.1 hit. it was up in flames. now it's completely burned out. we know the owner survived but she lost e residents in ridgecrest assessing theamage after friday's powerful 7.1 quake. >> verye devastating to se all of it. >> reporter: many still rattled and ondges the aftershocks keep coming. >> we don't know if it's going to be a big one after it. when one comes, we try to get closer to the table. if a big one comes, we duck over. >> ry homes unlivable as business owners
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attempt to clean up. the violent shaking causing a huge mess at grocerystores, tossing merchandise from shelves r the se >> we felt around ten or 11 aftershocks. each one, they are still scary because you don't know, is this going to be a full earthquake? >> reporter: roger sandoval owns ast local gas ion. >> this may put me out of business. >> reporter: still he is making the best out of this difficult time business for sandoval is actually busier than omual, custers b drawnhis fresh home made burritos. this local pizza hop had a line down the block on saturday. crews working around the clock repairing roads split apart. fire officials making ithe rounds, checking homes and businesses for strtural mage. >> they are going to grid the city. we can check the infrastructure of all the buildings a make sure that they are safe for the citizens. >> reporter: the fault lines grow and so does fear for so
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many in the area. >> my 3-year-old doesn't really know. every time he feels like a movement or hears a loud noise, he'll come and run up and grab me really close and won't let go. >> reporter: that mother of three, jessica schwartz, is actually sleeping outside with her three kids to keep them safe. the aftershocks keep we w woken up last night by a 4.5. there have been 3,000 af t very robust sequence. >> likely more to come. thank you. we are just hours away now from the final of the bimwome worlp hwhere the u.s. national team looks to cap its run through the tournament w oh waynever the netherlands. star forward man rapinoe is expected to be back in the starting lineup after sitting out thefi semi-l with a hamstring injury. she has been making headlines throughout the world cup, both on the pitch and off. nbc's kelly cobiella is in lyon, france. looks like you are in the midd
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>> reporter: i am indeed. how is this for excitent this morning? these superfans, the american outlaws, warming up their vocal chords ahead of today's match. he team's coach says the team is ready and sti hungry. fans call it the tour de force. the u.s. women's soccer team a win away from an unbelievable fourth world cup trophy. they are the soccer taking on the netherlands, the feisty underdogs. >> i am like a kid in a candy store right now. this is the b absolutt stage i can feel already. i am more anxiouand nerous. they ve been the favorites since that first record-breaking 13-goal game against thailand, pushing through against thr dangerous european powerhouses, scoring in the first 12 minutes of every
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game. thousands of family and fans cheering them on. but their own celebrations have drawn criticism. i feel that there is some sort of double standard. >> reporter: outspoken co-captain megan rapinoe gots trum attention for her silent national anthem protest and this. >> no, not going to the white house. >> reportee team's only four gos in two games. after missing the semi-final against england, she says she feels ready to play. n> usa! >> reporter: whet comes to fans both the u.s. and the dutch bring the numbers and the noise. toda they'll try to outshout each other in a sold-out stadium. >> anything can happen. >> anything can happen. the best team i think from the tournament. the final, anything can happen. >> ty are our heroes. we just grew up loving them.
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we follow them all the way through. >> usa! >> reporter: both teams dreaming of o♪ ♪ if the women's team wins tonight as expected, they will be the only women's team to hold four world cups. willie, as you can tell, it's already a party here. the confetti is flying. >> you might say it's a party in the usa. miley cyrus in the building. have fun today. we will be watching in a few hours. thanks so much. billionaire king news financier whose friave included former president bill clinton and donald trump, is behind bars this morning. epstein was arreste saturday on charges of sex trafficking involving minors that date back arly 20 years. epstein is a registered x offender who wasy previousl under federal investigation andp allowed tolead guilty to lesser state prostitution charges in a secret deal that people. many epstein was sentenced to just 13
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months in a county jail even though he could have received a life sentence hade been convicted of the federal case. epstein is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. turning to politics and the race for the democratic pridential nomination. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." hallie jackson is our chief white house correspondent. morning. me here in new york chuck, halle, good morning. on turday, guys, former vice president joe biden on the campaign trail in south carolina. biden said f the first time he grets comments heade about working with segregationist senators back when he was a >> now, was i wrong a few weeks ago? to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time an again? well, yes, ways. i regret it. and i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have
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caused anybody. >> so, chuck, that w notable yesterday. joe biden not on a quickly. in fact, was def sive when asked a couple weeks ago about the charges. that's as close as he'll get to anpology. why did he do it? >> he did it in south e most important constituency group, african- voters, he doesn't want it losei them. hink this is a campaign that was worried that the week sort of long debate with kamala harris over busing was having an impact a they wanted to try to hut it down. i feel like he made it clear he wants to change his first time for the rest of the campaign to barack obama's vice president. he is going to wrap himself in the phrase barack obama's vice presidst. >> therenother part, too, as chuck referenced, was the debate. senator kamala harris came directly at joe biden on
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questions of race. post-debate polling showed biden down double digits. kamala harris up double-digits. >> everybody talks about a breakout moment. is trying to capitalize on it. she has sharpened up her message as it relates to t donaldrump. many democratic voters want to know whoever they nominate will take down donald trump or at o got have the best chance after thesi prent. she is on the trail calli him a predator living in the white house. that is different language than we have heard from her. i am not sure that the president himself has aood handle yet on how to go after her. you see him go after joe biden, .equently bernie sanders that's an arena he feels comfortable. it remains to be seen how and where he'll take it to senator harris as this goes on. >> she is almost the one candidato nickname for her. >> not yet. chuck, let's look at iran. there wasews this morning. president rouhani saying his company will exceed the limits
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ofhe enric iranian agreed to under the iran nuclear deal. what is the pessage tosident trump? >> i think it's interesting they are being public about what they are doing. they are staying in constant contact with the europeans on this. emmanuel macron, the president of france, almost serving as the go-between, if you will, between iran and the european signors of the iran nucareal. to me it almost is an advertisement of, hey, we're telling you we are going to start enriching more uranium, but hey, we'd love to have a deal. i think this is the iranians saying they still want to talk. the question is on whose terms. >> we will see if president li trump is wil to talk. thank you very much. halle, we will see you in a moment and throughout the show. chuck, we will look for more on "meet the press" when chuck takes on the immigration crisis and d sitsn with democratic presidential contender senator amy klobuchar of minnesota.
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ste ae wonder made surprise announcement about his healtht during a concert in england telling fans a kidney transplant in september. >> i have a donor. it's all good. >> wonder plans to do three mefe shows be taking a hiatus am he said he wanted to share the news himself to get ahead of the rumor-mill. let's get a qck check o. lo weather.
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straight ahead, the highs and low of the week, including the overnight superstar of welcome back. a 15-year-old american who already needs only one name. coco. and the vie ralllenge no one asked for which includes a vodka bottle, a loose cap, a roundhouse kick and an inflexible television host. plus our s two-partday sitdown with jerry seinfeld on sae 30th anniv of the birth of s"seinfeld." t almost died before it saw the light of day. >> do you think about what your life would have been like? >> it wouldn't have been as good. >> it's coming up on "sunday today." as we head to hoeak, our pto of the week. the hornets of the united stat navy's world famous blue angels roaring over the national mall in formation during the salute to america fourth of july celebration th
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hallie jackson is back for the highs and lows of the week a were having a spirited mccaabde t watermelon. our first high is an upstart america taking the british by surprise. you might even s say is young, scrappy, nd hungry. a week ago at this time, unlese you ar a real tennis insider or member of the family you never heard the name coco gauff. now the world knows her. a 15-y from ata who qualified for welcome back an and stunned ven williams on sunday. it was a first round upset with her proud parents cheering from the grandstands. for perspective, venus had already won four grand slam
8:19 am
titles by the time coco was born in 2004. >> she said congratulations and good luck and she was super proud of me. at the end i said i was just telling her thank you for everything she has done fo her sister, like heroes for me and out other little girls there. >> that moment six days ago on one of the biggest stages in sports announced coco's arrival s well the future star of tennis. she just kept winning. another straight set win in the second round. then a comeback three-set battle of a victory in the third roun with the wimbledon crowd cheeriil for her wdly and chanting her name. e rnd of 16 against former worl number one simona halep of romania. the winner wins a spot in the wimbledon quarterfinals. this is truly an overnight sensation. >> even if you don't follow tennis, everybody knows the name
8:20 am
coco. it feels like everybody is rooting for her. this match is going to be aard one. she knows the country is totally on her side. >> funny to listen to venus, serena and others like, oh, yeah, we knew about coco. >> she could play serena. >> yes, in the final. how great would that be. the first low from wimbledon. when the sprinklers come on rit after the company sits down in the yard. the all engnd club. they were getting some r&r between games when the wimbledon sprinkler system suddenly decided to cu off. a staffer stomped on it, but he is just oneth man. water found its way spraying the players and soaking the ovurt. the match was m to another court. ever been in that suation? >> i feel like we need moose toik that, you know, with a guy stepping on a sprinkler.
8:21 am
>> like a scene from benny hill. >> good thing there aren't sprinkiors in the stud. the height of theus round quick required to pull off the latest viral challenge which i somehow was roped into this week. it's called the bottle cap challenge. maybe you have seen it. you uncrew the cap of a bottle, cap ing kip, making the spin off without knocking over bottle. it is believed to be started on instagram with a taekwondo champion in kazakhstan. musicianpu john mayer ing the trick ni here followed by action movie star jason statham show a big beautiful sweep of thew leg in slo motion. i should point out there is no point to this. it just looks s i was co-hosting "the today show" thi week with my ddy jenna bush hager. she tho iht should give it aom try for se reason. here it is.
8:22 am
my first attempt. no rehearsal on live national television. >> really quickly. >> here we go. my pants arelittle snug. y? >> ooh! >> no special effects. >> was this like a setup cheat situation that's really just you? >> i had never heard of the bottle cap challenge when i sat down in the meeting that morning. they saidust try it. i figured i'd kick the vodka bottle across the squdio. ick stretch, no problem. >> jenna was concerned your pants were going to rip. the final low, the level of patience we new york city subway riderseave for peopl who take up more than their allotted space on the train whether is occupying twotreets with a big old man spread sitting down to a full meal of smelly fingerg
8:23 am
lickin buffalo wings or playing a spirited game of ping-pong. th video was captured and posted fromhe t 6 train. erdon't have a lot of information oth than what you are seeing. two people in full athletic gear setting up a portable ping-pong table and starting a rally on the subway. pretty good if watch them. as always, the best part of the subway stunts is the new york commuters barely batting an ye as this does not crack the top ten of weird things they have already see on their ride home. i have so many questions about how they got the table in and and the way they do it on a moving platform. the people who don'te t video a how charng. people who live in new york areg like,et off my train. coming up next, the "sunday sitdown" with jerry seinfeld around the 30th anniversary of the sht made him an american icon. later we catch a wave this fourth of july weekend with a group of m america'silitary veterans riding surfboard to recovery.
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a deadly cra in maryland this morning. shahappened on the inn before annapolis road. one person died at the scene. another pud out of the car and rushed to the hospital. to word what may have caused that crash. we will have a live report coming up in the 9:00 hour. meantime, d.c. police are looking for the gunman responsible for killing a man in southeast d.c. demarc jones of waldorf was found dead on burn street early yedeerday morning. ctives say he had been shot several times. they are offering a reward for information that lead to an arrest. another hot and sticky day out tre. weather alert. .nd lauryn ricketts will have a
8:28 am
8:29 am
this weather is hot and sticky and showing no sipes o letting up. >> you are right. real steamy thisor mng. and you can see we have got some clouds. not say that't we don have sunshine. we have some cloud cover. widespread rain showers not only today, but also tomorrow, and then o again thursday night. now, temperatures in the 70s right now, buthat humidity is thick. l see an increase and coverage of rain showers aftern luime. a few thunderstorms. in thing i'm worried about today is the flooding concerns. have anr isolated sho or two before noon. most of this is coming after noon. twoe get any storms, one or could be severe, and there we
8:30 am
are going to have some wind damage. showers tomorrow tapering off tomorrow night. tuesday, wednesday looking good. >> all right. we are back in 25 minutes with more newsnd weather. for now, back to "sunday today." just let it finish. you are going to overdry it. you can't overdry. >> why not. >> same as you can'tei overwght. when something is wet, it's wet. same thing with death. like once you die, you're dead, right? let's say you drop dead and i shoot you.ot you are n going to die again. you are already dead. can't over die. you can't >>overdry. scene from the very fst episode of "seinfeld" which aired 30 years ago this week on july 5th, 1989. the show known then as the seinfeld chronicles fell flat with audiences. it was rescued a by nbc executive who saw potential in a show about nothing.
8:31 am
nine seasons later "seinfeld" t went off air as one of the most popular and influential shows in the history of olevision. an audience 76 million people said good-bye to jerry, elaine, george, and krame when the series finale aired in 1998. now 65, jerryeinfeld still spends his days studying the absurdities of our lives and translating them into comedye just like hid as a young aspiring stand-up froma massapequa, long island. we got together for a "sunday sitdown" at new york's beacon theatre where he has a >> i don't like anything where people go woo. >> reporter: this place has kind of become your home for stand-up in new york city. you have done the residency
8:32 am
before. coming back to do it again. what brings you back here again and again? >> it's that baseball glove tt just, you can't beat it. you know? you have a few gloves in your life, but there is that one that's just the perfect fit and the sound when the t ball hits glove, and that's your glove. and this house is my baseball glove. > reporter: what do you do to prepare for a residency different than one-off stand-up gigs? >> i don't really do anything different except that i just feel different and, you know, i know who i'm talking to. i'm talking to new yorkers. so when i talbout how annoying is it to be constantly recommended restaurants by people and how they push you, you have to go to this restaurant. it's like, okay, you know. or the streetleaner, you know, what is that guy doing? are they cleaning? are they really cleaning the
8:33 am
t moving the trash around, from what i can tell. >> yeah, with the trail of water out the ba. are they just laughing in? there watch out, we're cleaning up. >> you are driving or walking down y broadway, see the street sweeper. you have that instinct there is somethin weird. you say that's stupid. do you write it down? >> i like to play with it on a pad. i love my yellow pads. and i find that to be -- that's kind of like my stm room, you know? i just like to just think of, wellut what's funny abo it, you know? most comedians do not do that. in my experience of talking to them, they like to work it o stage. i like both. i like a little architecture and then i like to play with it on stage. then here is the other big secret of comedy. the audience writes most of it. you kind of givehem what you
8:34 am
think is funny, and they grade your work. second to second. >>e are talking abouu test-driv. you talked about your audience at home being pretty brutal because they are funny. your kids are funny? >> yeah. >> your wifes funny? >> yeah. >> do you test-drive some of that around the apartment terial wise? >> i do sometimes. but they are so brutal that i have to say, do you think this is funny? if i just do it --ike with normal people you will just kind of drop it in a conversation and see if it gets anything. >> right. >> but with my family, you've got to announc i'd like to try a joke out. because if i don't, you are liable to get -- which is far worse than -- it's bad enough people don't laugh. but they'll go, you feel funny now, dad? feel like you're being funny now? which is just a gut punch, you know? they really will cut you.
8:35 am
>> i'm born in brooklyn. that's my home borough. my parents med to massapequa which is an indian name which means by t mall. >> during the first time someone told you were funny, sometime in massapequa? >> sure. >> was it your mom or dad? >> no, i was never funny around them. my friends did. but i thought they were just as funny. the first time i got up in a little club in midtown manhattan at a place called theiniad golden lion pub and they laughed, that was -- i had never thought i could make a non-friend lat.h. >> righ no turning back from there for you? >> no. that was it. >> how old were you? >> 20. >> how old are you that night on carson? >> 26. >> you pull up to the light and it says left turn okay. like that one personal touch. 's like left turn, okay.
8:36 am
>> how big was that night for you? >> well, i described t other nights at the golden lion. then there was that night on "the tonight show." then there w performing in the east room of the white house for the president and paul performing. >> mr. president, first lady,r aul mccartney, other pe >> those are the nights? >> those are the three nights. m >> as youed along and moved into "seinfeld" -- >> you faked with me? >> yes. >> you faked with me? >> yes. >> no? >> yes. faked it. d it? >> the whole thing? the whole production, it was all an act. >> not bad, huh? >> i interviewed julia louis-dreyfus for the show. she was laughing as i read back that famous nbc research note. do you sll have that frame? >> sure, yeah. n your bathroom somewhere? >> yes. it was no segment of the audience expressed an interest in seeing the show again. >> right.
8:37 am
>> how did you get through that? how did you? power over th >> no. i figured we were dead at that po here is the funny part of the story to me. started, the ng reason i got the series is my manager george shapiro wrote a note to brandon tahe president f nbc. he said call me a crazy guy, but i think some day jerry seinfeld is going to be doing a series o. nb now, when he wrote that note it was 1988. i had been on "the tonight shows foren years, three times a year, destroying for seven years making these people laugh, and geor still has to say to nbc, i know this sounds crazy what was so crazy? that was network telision in the '80s. competition >> do you ever think about what
8:38 am
your life would have been like if it actually had been dead. it would have been okay. probably not as good. i may be in the same place. it was great to make that and ntribute that. my wife and i took the kids to do meals on wheels. you go around and give food to people who only get that one meal a day. and every room we went in it was, y know, an older person or a sick, a frail person. every one in the rooms the tv is on. i thought, you know, that's what you are doing for people. at tv, they are not coming to the beacon. they can't see that, you know? but you can reach them thr. and it made me realize, oh, that was really worth it to make that tv show because i never would have gotten in that room. >> wow. >> yeah, it was really >> we will have much more of my conversation with jerry seinfeld
8:39 am
in just a moment. but first a check of you > well, we have got numerous showers out there later on this afternoon. so nothing out there right now, butould see aew later on this afternoon. a few storms as well. some of those could be strongag with damg winds. i really think flooding is going to be the main threat today and into the overnight,ut relief coming monday night into tuesday. temperatures out there right now in the 70s. it is thick out there in tms of humidity, but i am watching this little cell. itould clip western maryland shenandoah valley. more rain expected thi next on "sunday today," part 2 of our s "sunday sitdown" with jerry seinfeld and his take on the modern culture oferpetualutrage that can make comedy a tricky business. we're back in just 45 seconds. he whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights? tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours,
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8:41 am
throwinghe ceremonial first pitch before his beloved mets played on friday. slinging a dart down t very nice. this week marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of "seinfeld." the show tv guide named the best in the history of television. even if you didn't catch "seinfeld" during the original run, you undoubtedly have seen it in reruns over the last 20ye s. meanwhile, jerry has continued with his first love. stand-up comedy, including at new york's beacon theatre where he and i got together a few months back. >> jer [ cheers and applause ] >> one of the things i have been impressed about you is h professional a comedian you are. u got a suit on. you walk out on the stage like a presidential candidate going into a rally with his chest out. you know what i mean? and as a fan, as somebody who follows your comedy, i say taking his job seriously. >> i am very gratefu f and il very, very fortunate to have
8:42 am
profession. and i want to look like my heroes from the 0s. i want to look like fraand georn and alan king.ho i love t guys. i wanted to be those guys. >> if a guy is walking down the stet with a bouquet of flowers, he is the star of that street. with a ant s to be on girl on the same street as that guy. you get that, see? >> i feel like is harder to do what you do. it might be. other audiences might feel like it's not raw e there no edge to it. it's an aspect of the skill, you know he. can you get the same laugh that the other guys get without doing that? when you hear a curse word in the last line of the bit, that's when you know. thatno puzzle wasolved. but as comedians, w know.
8:43 am
>> so we were talking a minute ago about modern comedy and what it's like to do comedy in this age where people are perpetually offended by things. politically correct culture. your response to that in the past hass been it' not real, it's a joke. is it harder for you or do you get to just do what you have always done? >> i don't really have much problem with it, but i l see a of other people having problems with it. bit, oneu remember the of my episodes where i have the dentist, the great bryan cranston, who converts to judaism because he wants to tell jew jokes. >> did you hear the one about thrabbi d the farmer's daughter? those aren't matzah balls. i goon into cssion and tell the priest -- >> i have a suspicion he converted to judaism purely for the jokes. >> and this ofrds you as a
8:44 am
jewish person? >> no, as a comedian. >> when i see some of these things, it's like, okay, really for that joke? i understand that comedians have fight certain battles, but at least make it for a joke that's worth it. >> right. you still get that rush when you come out here and the crowd laughs? >> yeah, yeah.ea i don't h the applause when i come out. i have no interest in that. >> really? >> no. that's for the past. >> right. >> they are saying we liked what you have done in the past. >> rit. >> and that's not what tonight is about. >> that's interesting. >> yeah. tonight is about tonight. we got to makes happen tonight. i want you to go home tonight and go that's what . show. ry and they always do. you can catch j at the beacon theatre in new york this fall and the new season of his
8:45 am
show "comedians in cars getting coffee" wit a guest list that includes eddie murphy. our thanks to the beacon for hosting that conversation. don't forget to subscribe to the "sunday sitdown" podcast to hear the entire unedited interview with jerry seinfeld. you can find it on apple podcasts or wherever you get > and nextsueek aay sitdown" with one of the brightest young stars in hollywood, aquafina. we will talk about her big roles in "crazy rich asians" and "oceans 8" and we will get the story behind that name. coming up,ck hallie jason and i will answer your questions. use the #sundayday on twitter, facebook, or stoom and we will get to as many as wehe can wn we read our sunday mail at the end of show. next on "sunday today," a group of american military veterans with injuries seen and unseen, healing in the waves.
8:46 am
>> all the emotional stress, the life stress, financial stress, athe best thingut being in the ocean is you can't take any of that with you. >>, lat a live well liv. the son of depression a era immigrants who made himself one of the most influential figures in ame era grants wade hims immigrants who made himsel immigrants who made himsel you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! utrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen woor feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable
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there is never a bad time, of course, to honor our military veterans who raise their hands in the country's darkest hours to fight for the rest of us.h but fourt july weekend feels like a particularly good time. many of those elite men and women return home fm war with injuries. some we can see. others only they can feel. in our sunday closer, nbc's joe fryer finds one group of vets finding peace in theav. ourreporter: the ocean, lik minds, is never still. it's constantly jostled by waves, created by energy. >> when you are out there, it's like nothing else matters. it's just like you and thes. wa >> it's awesome. it's kind of addictive. you want that feeling again and again and again. >> reporter: kyle bucket wants feeling. that that's why the navy s.e.a.l. runs one more wave. a non-profit that gives custom
8:50 am
surfing equipment to wounded veterans like ijames. >>t's everything. >> reporter: he was shot during a rescueission in africa. when doctors amputated his right leg he feared he would never surf again. >> ey,rything was hanging b you know, a tead basically career wise, life wise at the time. >> reporter: but james found a neway to keep ripping using a customized board from one more wave. >> and just seeing his smile coming off the wave or coming out othe water, seeing how happy he is, how much he loves it. >> reporter: what goes through your mind? 'mexcited. >> reporter: the entire package complete with board and accessroies costsd $2,500 because many nd to be adapted to eachider. but veterans don't pay a dime. far one more wave has helped nearly 200 servicemen and women. rob garnett fields many of their when people hear about you and call, what'sheir initial reaction? >> they are not quite sure. they think that probably they
8:51 am
don't deserve it. somebody that deserves it more. >> reporter: 65% of the vets thnd've helped have w you raumatic brain injuries or depression. >> this never stops. there is always stressors. there is always like what i like to call the movie that plays over and over and over in my head. >> reporter: nbc news met kelly eight years a in afghanistan where, as a navy medic, she treated dozens of trauma patients. >> i wanted to know if i could handle it. how would i react? >> reporter: since then she has struggled with ptsd. is there a part of you that wonders if there is anything that's going to make feel better? >> thereas unt this. she started surfing a year ago and calls cit a s nothi better in the world. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by marine gunnery sergeant todd pilot. >> all the emotional stress, lifestress, financial stress. best thing about being in the ocean is you can't take any of
8:52 am
that with you. >> reporter: he has been waitinh for new board -- >> get over here, big guy. get over here. >> reporter: that's next. >> buddy! >> reporter: that's t sure vete watching one more wave. for "sunday today," joe fryer, san diego. >> thank you. and thank you to those men and women for all they have given the y.countr we highlight another life well lived. we americans pauseun aro the fourth of july amidst the fireworks and barbecues to consider what the country means to us and what it has meant through the for immigrants who sailed past the statue of liberty and arrived at ellis island the united staa life for their children. for one such couple from san marco, italy, it meant their son would grow up to b onef the most influential americans.
8:53 am
lee iacocn was b in pennsylvania after his paren immigrated fromet will i. his father a local hot dog vendor. dad worked hard enough to send lee, known by s italian name lido, to college. after graduation iacocca was hired by ford where he worked in sales. in 1964, he was vice president of ford division when he launched an american icon with the mustang. it was so popular that same year iacocca appeared o the covers of "time" and "newsweek." in 1970 at the age of 46 he was named president of the ford motor company. eight years later he was fired in aersonal clash with henry ford's grandson. so iacocca moved on to a new challenge. taking over chrysler after it had been left for dead. with the help of aederal loan guarantee, he negotiated and t launchedhe k car and minivan.
8:54 am
he led an astoundin turnaround. in 1980, chrysler lost nearly four years later it turned a profit of nearly $2.5 billion with the brashacocca as the face of the co >> if you can find a better car, buy it. >> w iacoccate a best-selling autobiography. he was encouraged to runpr for ident in 1988, though he did not. and in an effort that brought fu circle his family's american story he chaired the foundation that raised half a billion dollars to restore the fading statue of liberty and save the dilapidated ellis isla where his parentsirst arrived. lee iacocca, an american giant, died on tuesday at home in bel-air, california. he was 9years old. nts don't reas what the aeat and drink is likelydic and then what's happening is the weakening of enamel.
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halle jackson is back to help look through the mail. it comes from nicole in st. louis who asks do you salt your walter melon? >> the controversy is not about whether we salt our melon. s the controversy i that you hate watermelon. >> i don't hate it. i think it's a bit flavorless compared to other melons. our next question from violet, do you dive into the deep end or wade into the shallow end of the pool? >> a little bit of both. >> trying to have to both ways again, hallie jackson. more mug chicago. barbara from broomfield,
8:59 am
chicago. trixie never misses us. halle, thank you. slowing traffic on the beltway. the latest on the cleanu >> dueling rallies downtown. a freedom of speech demonstration. they were outnumbered by a massive crowd of counter-protesters. jeffery epstein in handcuffs after landing in the united states. more how this case went from a controversial plea deal to new child sex trafficking charges. just d welcome in here at about 9:00 on this sunday morning. thank you so much for givi us part of your day. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan we are in s for a hot and steamy day ahead. plus a litt bit of rain.
9:00 am
the question is, will the rain cool us down? >> haven't had any hot and steamy days lately either. lauryn, what do you say? >> ne you making fu of me, adam? >> no, not at all. >> a problem with t way i describe the temperature? >> lauryn ricketts, what are we going to do with this guy? >> are you being sarcastic about the hhu and id days? >> thank you. you picked up on my ke. >> whatever. >> sarcasm is my second language, actually. so i'm pretty well versed in it. hey, listen, right now we've got some cloud cover. listen, not eing to be th greatest pool day. so if you are gtting ready to go to the pool, just know that we will have the clouds arounon still puthe spf. you know the drill. but again we've got the cloud cover out there and that's the way it's going to be as wenu contie through the day. now, we're dry. i am wching this little bit of rain that's tryih to pus out of pittsburgh and out of western pennsylvania. could clip our western areas in maryland


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