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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 7, 2019 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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cool us down? >> haven't had any hot and steamy days lately either. lauryn, what do you say? >> ne you making fu of me, adam? >> no, not at all. >> a problem with t way i describe the temperature? >> lauryn ricketts, what are we going to do with this guy? >> are you being sarcastic about the hhu and id days? >> thank you. you picked up on my ke. >> whatever. >> sarcasm is my second language, actually. so i'm pretty well versed in it. hey, listen, right now we've got some cloud cover. listen, not eing to be th greatest pool day. so if you are gtting ready to go to the pool, just know that we will have the clouds arounon still puthe spf. you know the drill. but again we've got the cloud cover out there and that's the way it's going to be as wenu contie through the day. now, we're dry. i am wching this little bit of rain that's tryih to pus out of pittsburgh and out of western pennsylvania. could clip our western areas in maryland and even through the
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shenandoah valley and eastern panhandle of west virginia. any showers we seeefore noon look to stay westf the district. 80 degrees is our temperatureri t now. if you have not walked outside yet, it's really humid. that humidity hits you like a ton of bricks. i think it's more steamy today because of the rain we got overnight last night. wever, that's going to translate into heavy rain later on today. let's talk about that flooding threat today. more storms coming your weay. ill time them out in just a little bit. >> thank you very much. meantime, i want to tell you about a deadly crash. it has shut down traffic on the enter loop inaranham. c are getting by on the shoulder. traffic is backed up because of this two car crash. one person was killed. another rushed to the hospital. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will have more on n this situatiater in the morning. but stay up to da on that. and backo the storms. video and pictures of the damage have been rolling in since the storm hit last night. so take a look at this. this is on reservoir road in northwest. a huge tree came crashing down
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clipping the side of a house in the foxhall area. it landed on wires. it didn't appear as though anyone was home at the time and there is n reports of injuries. >> meantime, this tree brought more wires down on 38th street in northwest in the glover park area of washington. that tree landed on a car. luckily, no one was hurt. but the per was knocked out in that area. and check this out. lightning struck a howson to north nelson street in that started a fire. no one home was injured here. but the fire marshal was there investigate. you can see more damage from around the area last night and t ep an eye on the forecasth our nbc washington app. yeah, we had some tense moments as a igfar-r group and counterprotesters converged in downtown d.c. the two faced off blocks from the white house yesterday on om
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side-by-side mts of one htanother. rig wing activists and white suprem ists. >> >> the other side -f antiascists and black lives matter. how police tried to keep the peace. >> get behind the line. you're breaking the law. >> reporter: police tried to keep the two sides apart. but that wasn't always possible. in freedom plaza far-right activists rallied under the banner demand free speech, upset some of their more outspoken royces were banned by some social media outlets. providing security a group known as the proud boys, a known white supremacist group. >> fake news out there. that's ay. >> reporter: 200 to 300 supporters showed up for the far-right rally. some whoppose the far right showed up and that sparked
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heated exchanges. police kept a watchful eye on theseed men call them 70s antse antifa when they showed up wearing masks. a much larger crowd ganized by black lives matter gathered to voi voice their opposition. a police officer fell as police were trying to escort a pporter of president trump's out of the counterprotesters' area. even after the rally ended supporters on both sides ngered in the area as police tried to keep them apart. after nearly three hours of hoeeches on both sides and some more suting in the streets police reopened most of the streets and most of the demonstrators left. d.c. police say theyde no arrests at either protest. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> well, some protesters who attended the far-right rally
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earlier in the day at freedom plaza planned to meet at trump to a ational hotel and vice president dinner. our crew saw folks getting on a charter bus but counrprotesters were waiting as well. t officers had separate the two groups who hurled insults across a polic barrier. at least one perso was detained. investigato back on the scene after a massive explosion at a shopping center in south florida. look at this damage. prettyintenseere. people were scrambling as chunks of concrte rained down on them. offirals say natu gas exploded at a vacant pizza shop. the blast and debris damaged other stores. you're looking at th damage. it's just like wow, look at that. but more than 20 people are injured. miraculously, no one died. witnesses recall the chaotic moments after the explosion. >> we heard a big like boom and the ceilings just started caving in. we were trying to get out. to be honest ihought the
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"avengers" came or something like that. it was a lot of smoke. it was just something to -- it was t umatizing. it was traumatizing. >> can only imagine. firefighters foud ruptugas lines in the rubble, but are still trying to determine exactly the cause of theast. residents in southern california ill edge after two powerful earthquakes rocked that region. take a look. you can see this grocery store shaking as the ground is rumbling beneath it. the 7.1 quake, that is strong, struck friday night jt outside the town of ridgecrest making the most powerful earthquake to hit that region in 20 years. it comes a day after a powerful earthquake struck the same area on the fourth of july. thousands are without power and clean water. california's governor gavin newsome has declared a state of emergency. he is stressing residentsciand offials need to be prepared for an even bigger earthquake in the coming days or weeks.
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>> we all, think i, have a unique role and responsibility to pivpare iually to be prepared for the nxt earthquake, a magnitude even greater than >>7.1. the amazing thing here, no one has beenilled in any of these quakes. officials are n warning drivers to go slowly because the region there is still experiencing aftershocks. billionaire hedgeund manager jeffery epstein is under arrest on sex trafficking charges. "the daily beast" fireported that authorities took him into custody in new york yesterday. nbc news confirms he is facing federal charges for incidents occurring between 2002 and 2005. according to crt documents, it shows dozens of underaged girls were brought to his palm beach mansion for what turn out to be sexualou eers. epstein avoided a len think jail sentence years agori registeng as a sex offender and paying financial settlements to his
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victims. alexei cost a, former u.s. attorney, who is nla trump's oversaw that deal. a big heads up for drivers in virginia. a stretch of route 29 is going to close tomorrow at noon for weeks. tis going to impact the northbound lanes from riley road to vint hill road. p vdot crewsan to flatten the row bid removing hills that make it heart ard to s the traffic lights. the southbound lanes will not be affected. the proct is expected to last through early august. the news4 i-team working yo safe on the streets. local public busesitting nearly 20 people every year. ahead we will take you to virginia tech where researchers are doing work to prevent those kinds of accidents.
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back.elcome the news this morning, actually the news for i-team investigates bus blind spots. more people are walking local streets this time of year with sidents and tourists crowd the crossweks. it can b dangerous. so now government officials and transportation researchinrs are wiyg to make those crosswalks safer starting the biggest vehicles on the roadway. >> that's right. our scott macfarlane looked into what'stenderway to betr protect you. a warning here. you might see a couple of images i disturbing. that are >> reporter: few work harder to move faster than tina glen any, a personal trainer who used to beat the traffic on foot in arlington. until one night in march 2016 -- >> i didn't usually go that way home. >> reporter: when she crossed 15th street withhe right of way. >> i was 22 feet into the crosswalk. >> reporter: and was suck by a metro bus and trapped underneath. >> i didn't even scream i didn't
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have time to scream. >> reporter: the bus dragged her 50 feet. me and estrian sav stopped the bus. that was pretty amazing. >> reporter: tell me about that. another pedestrian intervened to stop the bus? >> mm-hmm. he ran to the bus and stopped. banged >> the door. reporter: she was rescued by gh firefiters, suffered traumatic injuries to her legs that required eight surgeries and years of physical rehabilitation. she sued the transit agency and settled for a confidential amount. seems like the bus didn't see you? >> i don't think he did. areeporter: some collisions deadly. last december a tour bus struck and killed a woman and her mother in downtown d.c. the nature's capital is catch rated wi saturated with touruses. we reviewed 15 years of record and found 20 people get hit by transit buses in a year. that's not counting the school or b commerciales. it precipitati . >> it's rough being a pedestrian
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here. >> reporter: montgomery county councilmember evan glass worries the risk to c pedestrianould grow as hitorically -- >> people are choosing to walk and choosing to take bicycles and other forms of transportation, and so we need to modernize and update our akles and regulations. >> reporter: ming the roads safer is just part of the solution. transportation researche andrew croom is working on technology. >> up to 20%f pedestrians don't look unbefore thp before cross traffic. >> reporter:ey are testing possible solutions here in blacksburg at virginia tech, trying to find a way to make the streets safer forthe destrians and the drivers and passengers of the buses and cars. using a dummy in place of a pedestrian, croom's team shows us why p so manyple on foot are at risk.
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they take turns at a speed at five miles per hour. the same speed walkers or , joggers move creating a moving blind spot. >> the bus may be matching the speed ofpedestrians. >> reporter: they are testing new technology that would alert bus drivers to a person just out of view. the system automatically triggers the brakes when theis s too low to tclose to the pedes >> it gives an audible tone and a red light goes off. >> reporter: local transit agencies tell us they are already trying eliminate these types of metro bus added strobe lights to catch the eyes of pedestrians. omni ride in prince harry county uses mirrors and video. loudoun county has internal and external cameras so bus s operatorn better see their counties. montgomery county says warning devices aring installed on bus toss warn pedestrians. back in arlington, tina says she is focused on putting the bus trauma that narly cost her her
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life in the rearview. >> you have find a new happy and a new goal. reporter: a goal she is determined to achieve one step at a time. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> we have got much mo on this story in our nbc washington app. ransit uding how local agencies are training bus drivers to better position their bodies to i avoid crashingnto pedestrians. you can also send the i-team any tips you think they should be >> a lot to get into this there for sure. let's open up the window, take a look outside. you see the national cathedral right there. it is 80 degrees already at 9:15. kind of tells you wherer headed today. lauryn will have your complete forecast wh we come back. en
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welcome back. 9:18 am a group of high school girlsea from the d.c. choosing to spend summer break in the classroom. >> aimee cho takes us to georgetown campus and introduces us to a computer science camp. >> reporter: ask any of these girls and they'll tell you -- >> if some condition do this. >> reporter: the first key to success is simply knowing how to press forward. >> it's not going to run because i did not initialize x. >> report: when she was learning computeroding she says the boys in her class said
9:19 am
she'd never make it.n not only is she a successful software developer -- >> take a couple of minutes to talk with a partner. >> reporter: she is teaching other young women how to write computer code. >> i have never seen so many girlsall coding in one space at once. >> reporter: the girls who code ummer camp is put on by a non-profit called two basic -- >> reporter: it wanted to encourage girls to go into computer science. >> believe in yourself. ouke don't care like if like any males are dominating that field. >> reporter: every day for seven weeks the girls spend their summer breaksg hittine books. >> the teachers are fun. the activities we do are fun. so, yeah, it's fun. >> even though it's like school, i enjoyt. i wanted to keep practicing over the summer ncd maybe advae even more. >> reporter: the goal is forto them program their own projects building websites and a sisterhood of computer scientists. >> it's just really like
9:20 am
partnering to see so many -- it's heartening to see so many women coding together. >> reporter: in the district, aimee cho, news4. all right. so let's talk about this weather. yesterday torrential downpours. we have the hot and steamy weather going on. i'm saying that now just for you. >> we haven't had any hot and steamy days lately. >> i know, really dry. >> sarcasm. >> agan will get with the sarcasm eventually. >> i'm not even -- >> it's 80 degrees and it's 9:20. >>es. >> yeah. >> so i think -- ieally think the tperature today is going to be if t in the mid-80s. yesterday we topped out in the low 90s. nde humidity makes it feel worse than it is a that humidity yesterday made it feel like 100 degrees. today feel like the low 90s, bua ag it is so thick out there and steamy.
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lots of cloud cover. that's the today. going to be if you are like, hey, let's go to the pool right now, go do it because it's going to be dry for the most part. you will not see much sunshine peday as we continue throughout the afternoon,ally as we get into the afternoon. so green out there. we have gotten rain almost every day last week. tnumerous showers outre today. so today is no exception out there. and there could be a few storms that pop up. i tnk we are going to see some heavy downpours out there. some of these storms could be a little on stronger side if we do see any storms, damaging winds, and of course we could have additional power uutages because the gro is saturated out there. good to know. the relief is coming tomorrow tomorrow night and into tuesday. now, nothin happening out there right now. i have been tracking this over the last -- now i'm wondering ie i -- i don't see. i thought there was a flash flood warning up there. this is kind o an indication of how slowly these storms are going to move. they are just going to drop a
9:22 am
lot of rain in one area. believe we could have some flooding. this could continue to float down to our friends in western maryland,estchester, hagerstown. anywhere wesof d.c. could have a shower or two after noon. widespread scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. curren temperatures right now, yep, in the low 80s along the i-95 corridor. 70s to the north and west. over the next 12 hours temperatures mid-80s. scattered showers after lunchtime. rain going to be heavy at times. again we will have to watch for that flooding and even some storms. listen, guys, this will continue to the overnight. looking at 3:00, the reds and yellows are indicating some heavier rain across the area. so we could have some heavy rain late tonight into the overnight. a f showers possible tomorrow morning's commute. leave yourself extra time as you get off of this vacation and go back to work onda mon oh, yeah, we're got rain for your monday, but it will move out of here late tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening.
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in fact, the humidity will drop just a little bit. tuesday and wednesday gorgeous. plenty of sunshine tuesday and wednesday. but not until then. heavy rain. secondary to that aone winds. i d think the hail or tornadic threat will be high today. fog tomorrow morning, rain showers around. we will keep the rain showe aroundrough noon and then we dry out during that evening commute. could be a little earlier for some portions of our area, orpecially n. now, tuesday, wednesday beautiful. it's going to be hot. humidity will be there. it won't be quite as steamy as today. thursday night into friday some scattered showers and stos. look how hot we stay all the way into next weekend. we have
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welcome back. for years this is what you saw along main street inev pursle on the way into old town. that view is changing. an artist is transforming the drab wall into apostcard with town scenes. people seem to like it. >> everyone is super, super nice. noing but positive energy and comments all day that i'm here. feels really good. i am not out here just for nothing. people really enjoy it and seemm to want to finish. >> got to love art. more fashion om this barrel design she painted in the own's
9:27 am
summer art project a few years ago. she expected to be finished the end of the month. more changes are planned forc publi art in purcellville. another artist will transform this wall in the heart of old town. very cool. an obstacle course like no other.ri the winning pzes just as unique. chee this out. thnnual world wife-carrying championship. it includes a pool and wooden barrier. this year's champion was held in the rain. >> wow. of you can see some competitors had a sense of humor. they wore costumes. my goodness. the winners are defending chps thererom lithuania. the best part. the prize? the woman's weight inbeer. >> can't make this stuff up. > too funny. >> there you go. that's the winning couple right there. >> he is moving. et strategy, too.
9:28 am
and then you just plunge. oh, wow.i strategy, too. and then you just plunge. oh, wow.t strategy, too. and then yoojust plunge. wow. strategy, too. and then you just plunge. oh, wow. strategy, too. and then you just plunge. oh, wow.'s strategy, too. and then you just plunge. oh, wow. all right. a live look at national harbor. it is going to be a hot day ahead. already 80 degrees, you guyan d 9:28. we'll be right back with lauryn with a look at our forecast. stay with us. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea sumr sale. wooooooo! save up to 50%ect items in store only
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june 26th to july 7th. ikea.
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>> 9:30 on this sunday morning. thank you so much for bein here with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. we are expecting more showers today after a very rainy aturday evening. >> a lot of lightning and thunder, too. check it out. the rain was coming down. this is video from nats park am after the te beat the royals. they were lucky to get the gamer in befe the heavy rain started warning. we saw severe thunderstorm warnings as well. >> it was a soaker. rain slammed eastern market. and lightning sparked flames at a home and more thunderstorms could be moving through again today. butelhere is some rf in sight. lauryn ricketts is standing by tracking the weather. good morning, >lauryn. good morning. >> where is this relief we speak of? >> it's not coming until late tomorro night. we'll get it. yeah, it's coming. now, listen, it's going to be humid as we get into your tuesday and wednesda the humidity will drop off little bit wednesday night. et not going to -- if you haven
9:32 am
be outside just know it is really thick humidity out there right now. we are seeing the cloud cover. look at that. yeah, we have got a lot of clouds out there right now. if you are thinking about going to the pool, you are not going to get a lot of rays. still pu on the spf because the sun can sneak through the cloud cor. a lot of eloud cover,specially it will increase through the afternoon. 80 is the temperature right now. north winds at about sixes mil so 85 today. we could have some isolated showers west at 10:00. i am seeing that right now, tern sinking into w maryland. shower possible through noon. a few storms popping up west of d.c. and numerous showers and a fewhunderstorms with heavy rain at about 4:00 when temperatures are in back in the mid-80s. let's talk timing and show you the heat wave on that ten-day forecast. we will show you that comin up. c. in july after all.
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thanks, lauryn. meantime, we continue to track breaking news out of prince george's county. a deadly crash has shut down traffic on the inner loop of the beltway. some cars are getting by on the shoulder. traffic is backed up after this two-car crash. you can see here. one person was killed. another rushed to the hospital a heew is headed to t scene. we will have more on the situation as it develops later this morning. a clash not far from capitol hill. far rightts activis and counterprotestors confronted each other outside the trump hotel. the two converged hours a er the far-right rally came to an end yesterday. >> that's right. police were out in force tory to keep both sides as far apa as possible. as darcy spencer shows us, things did get heated. >> reporter: clashes between demonstrators outside tmp international hotelt downown.
9:34 am
officers separated the two groups who hurled insults across a police barrier antifa, or anti-fascist demonstrators, many wear ag helmets covering their faces, and trump supporters forced a shutdown of pennsylvania avenue not far from the capitol. >> i came out hereee to s the morons that are protesting our freedom. >> reporter: police took one man into custody. it's unclear if that person will face any charges. and those who attended an earlier far-right rally at freedom plaza plan to meet at trump hotel andhen go to a vip dinwer. saw some getting on a charter bus, but protesters were waiting. >> it's a suit and e tient in private. it's not a rally. it's just people sitting around and nice dinner, having drinks, and talking with one another. that's all we were trying to do. antifa shows up and tries to attack us. >>f white supremacists are
9:35 am
coming into d.c. and ten to one show up to say we don't want this here, i think that sds a message to young people that we will not he hate in d.c. >> reporter: earlier a rally at freedom plaza near the white hou house, on one se far right activists and known white supremacists. on the other side anti-fascists ack blaives matter. proud boys provided security for the free speech rally. no arrests were made. darcy spencer, news4. this morning an uber driver and three passengers are recovering after a late night shooting in d.c. ke a look. police say a gunman opened fire at 17th and otis place in northeast friday ntht. driver was shot in the finger and rushed ite hosp. he is expected to be okay. passengers were hit by the flying glass in the car. toey were a little bit hurt but did not need go to the hospital. police are searching for the gunman and a motive in thi
9:36 am
case. and new this morning in missouri there is a frantic search for a killer. police say five people were found dead in a home in st. louis county. idey say on fray night six people were in the house. one left, came back around noon yesterday and discovered the others dead. authorities aren't saying how they were all dialed and the victims' identities have not been released. take a look at this. you alreadyprobably know where this isoming from because california does these types of chases the best. this was in northern california. the oakland fire department says that someone stole their fire truck. so they led them on a high-speed chase down the freeway. at you are looking aight now is that fire truck rushing into another parked car. the driver is now in police custody. >> the fire truck probably isn't the speediest. >> no, it's. n >> it's not even beating the regular traffic. >> don't they know they will get
9:37 am
caught in the end? they always have an aeral spotlight on them. i don't get it. for metro riders starting today the doors on the red lein are going to open a little bit faster. ing are going to start u the automatic door opening fhoture. this sd prevent doors from opening on the wrong side of the train and eliminate the day that's required as a safety measure during manual operation of the doors. operators have been manually opening the doors for years. after months of testing metro p ys they are ready to flie switch and the rest of the lines should follow later in the year. grocery shopping. you either love it or hate it. personally, i don't mind it. youiton't like >> i don't like any kind of shopping. >> you don't? >> yeah. >> grocery shopping, i can doho clothes sing, no thank you. anyway, we all want to save money. that's what we have in common. >> yeah. consumer reporter susan hogan with a preview of a series of stories she is working on to save you both time and money at
9:38 am
the store. >> well, thaf s right. iou are like me, feeding the family is a big line in your budget and it can also be super me consuming. but supermarkets are battling it out for your business, and the real winners in the grocery store wars is you. more focus is being put on online shopping with curbside pickup and delivery options to make your life easier. e services really work? and just how much do they cost? we put several of them to the test to see for ourselves. so nextee w on news4 at 4 we are working for you with the results of our experiment. find out which stores can save o you the mst time and money, and how accurate our orders were. we were vhey surprised by t results and we can't wait to share these stories with you. back to you. >> can't wai to check that report out. >> yeah. all right. it's coming down to this. we are just hours away from the women's soccer world cup final. >> and the ladies of team usa are trying to secure their
9:39 am
fourth world cup ever. but in order to defend the title they have to get through the netherlands. eatough team. team usa is the h pavfavorite. find out who wins it at 11:00 a.m. >> i think we got it in the bag. lahose girls come to p they are ready. >> if you are looking for a place to catch the game, we have you covered. the big screen at national harbor at the waterfront district there. also a viewing party at the war of in d.c. that starts at 11 on street. it's all free. a all ages welcome. hey, coming up, the program helping wounded warriors heal through the game of golf. leon harris introduces us
9:40 am
9:41 am
welcome back. many sabled vets struggle with their civilian life. a struggle with no easy answer. but a lot of people who want elp are out there. >> yeah.
9:42 am
link to freedom was kaderabek to support veterans and their families dealing with issues ranging from ptsd to a missing limb. throuhe the game of golf t veterans learn a new sll and build a new community. very cool. it's this week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: this may look like just a couple of guys warming up for a day on the greens, but links to freedom is so much more than golf. just askfi retired t sergeant tony henry. >> because we are there to just help any wounded, ill serv ge member,old star family members. reporter: he served in desert storm and enduring freedom. when he came home, he learned that being tough county race what he saw. 15 soldiers in his battalionie >> the emotional wise, i was in a bad place becaulo i a whole lot of soldiers. >> reporter: links to freedom is a non-profit golfm progra
9:43 am
helping wounded wrriors and their family. steve started the program in 2008. >> i spent a lot of time training thoseeachers so they can learn how to deal with someone who has issues. >> reporter: professional golf instructors work with doctors and therapists to arn how to teach players who suffer from ptsd. >> post-traumatic stress is not the same thing as, you know, just being upset that you are not playing well. that was the biggest challenge. >> reporter: through learning the rame these b men and women begin to heal. families w are alsocome. gold star spouse ursula palmer started place after her husband was killed in iraq. >> i came with my family. i was able to meet others that have gone through worse than me. >> reporter: she says this progr m means so muche than just hitting 18 holes. >> i heard several times that links to freedom has saved someone's life. how much is worth for you to save one life? and if you have it in your
9:44 am
power, why wouldn you do it? >> reporter: that's what this program comes down to. saving lives because, as retired ergeant henry knows all t well, invisible ones are just as deadly as physical ones. >> . the other 2that are contemplating suicide and the 11,000 that have ed the attempt on suicide and help them come out and see,hey man, we got something better for yu, you know? let's build that camaraderie thisgo way on the course. >> so important to have community there. if you would like to learn more about links to freedom or onate search harris' heroes. >> i love that story. we thank the vets for our service. a live look ouitide. is going to be a warm day ahead. lauryn ricketts will let us know when we will get some relief. your time now is 9:45. wll be right back.e
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welcome back. bright yellow plastic pons are popping up at intersections all across the district. i'm sure you have probably seen them. >> they are everywhere. what are they there for? i hit the road in d.c. this week to learn about these traffic calming devices and how they are expected to make the roads safer for everyone.
9:48 am
>> reporter: after 53 years of crossing the same intersection, she takes a little more time to get from one side to the wnext. youorry about the cars and the way that the drivers are? >> yeah. >> reporter: they don't see you? >> no. they no looking w is coming, nothi s. yes, theyeding, you know? >> reporter: as she rightfully points out, speeding and turning, they don't mc. that's why d.c. is using more of theseyellow pn and yellow stripe devices. a lot more of them. >> we have got 85 locations across the district. we have already pac in pl 35 of them and over the next year we will be putting in more. >> reporter: they are known as left turn hardening devices or deft turn calming devices. they are designeo protect pedestrians. the idea is to force drivers to go out into the intersection like that truck right there and stayy awa from the crosswalk. more of a 90-degree turn. that cutsown on the risk of an accident. drivers, they are getting used em. >> i don't have an expert
9:49 am
opinion on it. i think they are going to study it and ree. >> porter: but the city says it has datashowing these intersections need these devices and so ar this year total traffic fatalities are down 25%. take look at some of thesede vices and you can see they have been through ae. battl you will find the cycling community happy. >> anything to hel peoplcutting in front of someone. a great idea. >> reporter: she got across the intersection safely and plans to keep doing so. >> you know, a lot of people were writing me after that story and saying so many of these things are busted up all over the place. that goes to show you they are eeded therecause people aren't paying attention to them and hitting them. >> i don't think they care. they are like i need to get in that lane. they are like, whatever, they are plastic. >> is that a problem? we need to care? we need to pay attention? >> i'm not arguing that. >> thanks for coming to my ted talk today. >> right.
9:50 am
>> seriously. >> it is dangerous. there are so many distractions on the road, scooters. >> agree. se everything el >> so anyway, be careful. >> indeed. all walng around today it's going to be hot? >> it is. i just stepped outside right now and it is so humid out. >> is itgross? >> it's gross. it's really steamy. i am surprised my hair doesn't look more of a mess. i ran. i want to show you this. look at that picture right there. >> lightning? >> isn't that a great shot? that is from wtop's dave dildine, which you can hear on traffic in your car on wtop. he is on right now. of course, traffic and weather on 8s. i am also o wtop as well. dave dildine, a talented photographer. and he is a good weatherre foster as well. and listen, like he sent me this picture yesterday. absolutelyorgeous. of course, you can send me pictures. instagram. althe forecast on my stories. it's actually kinda cool. facebook of course and twitter.
9:51 am
but, yeah, look at that. really neat. if you are headed to the pool today you are not going to have to dealwith lightning until late they are afternoon. by noon we will have a few showers wst. temperatures mid-80s today. after lunchtime we will start to see some heavy rain that is going to cometsown in she similar to how it did yesterday because there has so much moisture in the aem. tratures out there right now in the low 80s. 70s back towards the shenandoah valley. nothinght happening rig now. however, yes, i saw this earlier. they do have a flash flood warning up there just to the south and east of right now because of the slow-moving storms. i have been tracking this storm leaving pittsburgh over the last two hours, waiting for it to get into the western maryland area. we will watch for heavy rain coming down through western maryland and towards the i-81 corteva between winchester and hagerstown we will watch that. mainly any showers before lunchtime are west of d.c. and then after lung all bets a-- lul bets are off. one or two storms could be
9:52 am
strong damaging winds. i think the primtoy threat y is going to be the heavy rain that we are going to see. so again here is 3:30. scattered showers and a few storms as i sa and that will continue through the evening. throughout the overnight the reds and yellows are showing the heaviest rain around the area. we will have some showers and tomorrow morning. definitely some fog as you make your way out the door. showers will continue through lunchtime. i do not see t rain getting out of here until late through the afternoon and into the evening. it will finally push out. the humidity drops a little bit torrow night, but then it comes back as we get into your tuesday. it won't be this full fledge humidity and stickiness we have had the last couple of days. you will feel i by july standards. 81 tomorrow. again tapering, any showers tapering off late throughouonthe afternond into the evening. tuesday and wednesday beautiful. it's going to be hot, which is seasonable for this time of year. n then thursdayht into friday is the next chance of rain. but look how hot the temperatures get. sunday, monday, tuesday, oh
9:53 am
eah, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s. we have got more news o the we have got more news o the nth the great american tent sale at sears. save up to 50% off summer fashions and sandals including swimwear. plus, you get $15 cashback in points.
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shop in ore or at to start making your moments matter.
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welcome back. 9:55 is your time. can you imagine no waiting for a ta fe at yourvorite restaurant or not having to have trouble to make a reservation for it? metro's summer shutdown has actually made that reality in alexandria. not in the best way thou s. >> mignd great for consumers but it's hurting businesses. our drew wilder dropped in on
9:56 am
some well known hot vots that hanow gone cold. >> reporter: inside one of old town's stapleestaurants the same delicious food that's brought people in for years, but this summer they are not coming in. >> we have seen like a stagnant dropoff, a sharp dropoff. >> reporter: it dropped off the end of may when metro shut down do king street station to much needed work on the 's station platform. for businesses on king street, itt their lifeline. >> we joke about how it's just right across thee, bridg but when it comes down to the metro not being there that bridge feels like it isiles away. >> reporter: alexandria's chamber of commerce conducted a survey three weeks after the station shut down. >>we didn't ano know about it after the fact. weanted to know about it in the moment. f reporter: they will consider adjustments becausur in ten businesses are losing money. the closer you get to the metro station, the worse it gets. >> as you canse there is a
9:57 am
buffet and i don't a have single guest sitting in the building. >> reporter: he says his restaurant hasak a 30% to 40% hit. he and the others will have to endure because this shutdown just started. blue and yellow line service won't flow through king street again until september 9th at the earliest. >> until then we should be able to survive hopefully. hopefully. hope is the word. >> reporter: reporting in old town alexandria, drew wilder, news4. all right. a live look at the capitol. it's going to be a warm day ahead. lauryn ricketts is going to let us know when we can get some relief around here. 9:57. we'll be right back.
9:58 am
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news4 today starts now. a deadly crash is slowing traffic on the beltway. we're tracking the latest on the cleanup. dueling really lietz wntown. far right groups stage a freedom of speech demonstration. they were outnumbered by counterprotesters. jeffery epstein gets put in handcufck after landing ba in the united states. more on how this case went from a controversial plea deal to new child sex trficking charges. got a lot going on on this sunday mornings. i'm adam t >> i'm meagan fital


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