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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:19pm EDT

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news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> breaking news first at 6:00. panic at cro union station. loud bangs sparking fears after an active shooter. sounds forcing people running from the building some tweeting they were holed up inside stores and bathrooms. the chaos led to a huge police and fire response but in the end, it wasn't gunshots at all. amy cho is live at union station for us tonight, so tell us what caused all this panic. >> reporter: rey, fire officials tell us it was someone setting off fireworks here at union station. those popng noises sounded an awful lot like gunshots to people who then began stampeding
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for the et. police, of course, rush to thene want to reassure you police have confirmed there was no active shooter here, but, again, those ireworks did cause quite the chaos. crowds of people panicking and trying to escape. some people tweeted they hadeo hide insidhe stores and restaurants at union station. others barricaded themselves inside the bathroom. d.c. fire tells me several people suffered panic attacks as a result. three people had to be treated here by first responders. some of whe employees whok outside of the bus stand told me they actually ran inside because they wanted to see what was going on. w but everyo talked to certainly relieved that this turned out to be fireworks and t something more serious. >> we were at johnny rockets then it sounded like plates crashing and everybody was, like, jumping over the counters and everything. so we ran behind the, like, into the kitchen. and a lot of people thought t was, like, gunshots or something. we came back out and we were told that it was fireworks.
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>> kind of like where you're in panic and can't believe this is happening. so, and, i mean, i'm glad it wasn' >> i'm from oklahoma, so i know what gunshots sound like, but it's still a nerve-racking situatio neenand need to rememb and remain calm and get out of there as fast as we possibly can. >> reporter: it looks like operttions are slowly stag to get back to normal here at union station. this is, of course, an important reminder that most types of fireworksare illegal here in d.c. sparklers are one of the only types of fireworks that are lowed. firecrackers and anything else that explodes are banned throughout the city. we are working to find out more information about who set off those fireworks and why. live at union station, aimee cho, news 4. >> all right, aimee, thank you so much. glad everybody i okay out there. let's turn to thr wet weathenow because it's once again going to return to the area. a flash flood watch goes into effect in just minutes for the tntire d.c. area. take a look a the live storm team 4 radar. you can see a lot of heavy rain
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moving across the region and not going away any time soon. let's get right over to clayon anders in the storm center for us tonight. clay? >> and corey, what you see from that map is that the flash flood watch includes not only maryland but actually two-thirds of pennsylvania. well into west virginia. and that means as the rain showers converge across our area, we will be looking at some rain this evening and during the overnight hours. as i said, talk about how far it stretches out from teast to the west from annapolis all the way across the shenandoah valley into pennsylvania, into west gi vira, yes, you do watch out for the high water. as we talk about where it's coming from. take a look at the clouds from charleston, west virginia, moving into the washington area. and then sagging into pennsylvania. now, we had thunderstorms at this time about 24 hours ago. it seems as though things are rather calm,s but a we increase in coverage throughout the area, we'll add more impacts and talk about that and a complete forecast in a few moments. >> all right. thank you, clay.
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as clay mentioned a lot more rain ahead tonight so keep track of the flood watches right from your phone. just download the free nbc washington app to get all thee s you need and to check the live storm team 4 radar. > we have new information tonight on a deadly crash on the beltway in prince george's county. a truck and suv collided early this morning on the inoer loop th of route 450. police say the driver of the truck was traveling northbound in the southbound lane when it hit that suv. investigators say alcohol was a factor in this crash. we're also learning the name of the victim, she 22-year-old renette. the driver of the truck has been identified as miguel angel so lea lis gomez. charges are pending against mr. gomez. we also know what caused a deadly apartment fire in al alexandr alexandria. smoking material s that were no properly disposed of sparked the fire which left an elderly woman dead. news 4's derrick ward explains whyhe actions of one resident likely saved other lives.
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>> reporter: it was around 5:30 in the morning. residents of the south port garden apartment complex realized something wasn't right. he smelled smoke. >> i went downstairs and saw there was a lot more smoke coming out of one of the apartments and soot around theor doso, you know, i banged on the door and i called alexandria dispatch. >> dispatch actually told the caller to pull the fire alarm so everyone could evacuate the building. >> reporter: the smwas coming from this ground floor apartment. neighbors say an elderlyoman lived here. nose who didn't know her personally said she was a fixture around the complex as he came and went from shopping errands. investigators say the fire appeared to have started in the bedroom of her apartment. fire crews were on the within five minutes of the alarm. >> they were able to pull that occupant out of the building. out ofahat bedroom. at that time a female adult her injuries. >> reporter: other residents were successfully rescued from their upper floor balconies by ladder. authorities say it was the actions of that resident that probably kept this from being a lot worse than it was. >> you smell smoke, see smoke th
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sog is out of the ordinary, please do make that call and we'll -- luckily we had a greaterson at dispatch who was able to say pull the fire alarm just in case, we'll send >> reporter: in alexandria, derrick ward, news 4. right now two southern s california toe rushing to make repairs after friday's earthquake. ridgecrest and trona were hit hard by the 7.1 magnitude quake which came a dayeafter a wr tremor in the same area. many people in trona have no water. crews are working to patch up roads. the quakes caused house fire ruptured gas lines and even flooded some homes. california's governor estimates the damage at more than $100 million and says president trump has offered federal support. >fo>> rth of july all over agai today. even in another country. people everywhere dressed in their red, white and blue. celebrating what the u.s. women's soccer team did today in france. dave johnson joinin us from the newsroom with more on their big world cup victory. dave? >> corey, indeed.
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the women's world cup final against the netherlands, nooiun states women's team that has refused to be detoured on or off the field arrived at the intersection of determination and destiny and responded. a team that firmly believedit is still best in the world proofed it on the field. the united states going for its fourth world cup title. second in a row. netherlands makingust a second the rance ever i tournament. no score in the first half. 61st minute, though. megan rapinoe the penalty kick. great finish. her sixth goal of the world cup. united states up 1-0. and moments later,more. one of the young rising stars of the united states, rose lavelleg maki a run and making it count. you know, she playsfor the washington spirit. you can see her at the maryland soccer plex. she puts the united states up 2-0 and that turns tout be t s e final. back-to-back wrorld cup titles for the united states. the tournament is dpae but the y is not. a victory parade is tentatively inheduled for wednesday manhattan. we have more coming up in
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sports. remind e chant usa, usa. >> that is going to be a fun party no th, dave. talk to you in a little bit. all right. still ahead on news 4, a billionaire behind bars arrested for sex trafficking. the shocking a chargesinst jeffrey epstein datingack nearly 20 years. plus, the battle over gun control. what is at stake as lawmakers ia virginia holdspecial session? and after a day of, storms the threat tonight is flooding. storm team 4 is tracking the heavy rain f
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and uber driver and three passengers continue to recover tonight after a shooti d.c.'s brookline neighborhood. police say a gunman opened fire at the car at 17th and otis police on northeast friday night. dhe driver was shot in the finger and rusto the hospital. he is expected to be okay. some passengers were injured by the flying glass in the car but were not take to the hospital. police are still searching for the gunman and a motive. billionaire hedge fund fr manager jefey epstein will be in court tomorrow to face federal sex trafficking charges. law enforcement sources say he rk arrested in new yesterday. those charges involve allegations dating back to the early 2000s. court documents show dozens of underaged girls were brought to his palm beach mon for what turned out to be sexual encounters. epstein is already a registered sex offender. it was part of a secret deal his attorney struck back in 2008 allowing et ining epstein to av lengthy jail sentence for allegedly having sex with underaged this weegun debate
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will take center stage in virginia. lawmakers will begin a special session tuesday. governoralph northam called it after the massacre in may. to vote on measures including al universackground checks. republicans have criticized northam's calec for a spal session accusing him of niploiting the virgia beach tragedy for political gain. next on news 4, a met upgrade. the change starting today that could make your ride on the red line a little faster. and storm team 4 tracking ay wet sundanight. a flash flood in effect rightn in our area. we'll tl you what areas couleld
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> all right, metro riders, did you notice the doors opening a little faster on the red line today? that's because the agency officially switchedto automatic door operation today. er the past several months metro has tted and fine tuned the system and trained its operators. metro plans to start automatic door operation on the other lines later this year. until then, operators will continue to manually close the doors at all times. all right. now to atraffic alert that could bring major delays for drivers in have skrvirginia. stretch of route 29 in fauquier county will close tomorrow at noon. from riley road. they plan to flatten the road bh flattenils that make it hard tofi see the traf light. the southbound lanes will not be affect.ct this ps expected to last
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through early august. leave early if you have to. take a look at the weather now. different day, same story. rain. >> yeah. yesterday about 24 hours ago, we had the thunderstorms moving across the area. now i don't want folks to be in that lulce a pretty ni sunday. i don't think we're going to have too much more rain. well, think again because the w rainill be moving in and hanging around during the overnight and into monday. we take a look and show you what we see outside right now. beautifulvideo of folks that had the opportunity to enjoy the enter. isn't it great wou have that chance to just take a look and just see how nice it is across our area? we have the boats going. folks are sailing. this is a good afternoon to do that in haynes point. thggs are changing, thou because the rain will be moving in and, again, wee had the havy rain on the water, you taketr exprecaution. 86 degrees. still muggy outside right now. we'll tell you the heatstndex in ju moment. winds from the east at 9 miles per hour. as we said at the top of the show, yes, flash flood watch is now in effect unt 6:00 a.m.
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monday. stretches from annapolis to the east, all the way out to west virginia, to our st. all the way into areas of pennsylvania as well. again, as we say, turn around, don't drown. just be careful when you are out and about. plenty of thunderstorms to go arou
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tonight millions on edge in southern california after a day of relentless aftershocks, more than 4,000 earthquakes in just three days. residents now living in fear. >> it will never feel the same again. i dot know if any of is will ever feel safe again. >> tonight new images from the moments of impact, a state of emergency in effect as residents comb through th > and the search for answers, a blast demolishing a restaurant and blanketing an entire parking lh debris. the latest on the investigation into what set it off. starbks


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