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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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come befor lunch time. flash flood warning across frederick county maryland and east west virginia and northern udoun county. this storm has not been moving all that fast and it is coming down in bucketsow nlong i-70 there at 270. top of the 270 there in frederick, maryland. the srm will eventually glide down i-270. the commute for the maryland suburbs could be rough this morning. more raindrops near potomac and greatoalls and shern anne arundel county this morning. the warning is the flooash floo ware ng. be on thokout for high and fast moving water and turn around and never dry on a road you c't see. afternoon highs around 80. the second half of the day will be the drier half. that has to ber good news foe
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commute, melissa. >> no doubt there. brand-new problem here that is starting to cause somish. northbound 95 out of thee trians cleared out of the way so no issues there. south capitol near atlantic street. police activity. >> melissa, thank you. let's get back to this morning breaking news. five people shot overnight in washington, d.c. >> four shot in southeast d.c. and before that around 11:30 a man shot in northwest. that shooting happened in columbia heights on 14th street near harvard. the man is expected to survive.
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>> about 30 minutes later on the other side of the city, four people were shot.od "news4 t" molette green is live with more on that case. good morning. >> reporter: good mornig. the search is on for the suspects dressed in all dark clothing and armed withg s. this morning, we know at least two men are fighting for their lives this tworning. others who were shot were not as seriously injured. we want to show you the images captured with our cameras of the scenehehere in t 3900 bock of south capitol street in southeast just hours ago, around midnight, a large police presence on the scene and this is what capped a long holiday weekend. violence and blood sh. police are on the lookout for the suspects who left the scene, fled the scene heading towards mlk avenue in southeast. workingo find out what caused
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this, what led up it an what was a very violent overnight in the district. that is the latest. ve from outside police headquarters here in northwest d.c. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you. families across the area are trying to come to term with the sudden loss of someone they loved. at least nine people died over the weekend in car accidents on local road. one person died in a crash in centerville, one in gaithersburg. one in frederick. another on the beltway in lantum. five deaths in spotsylvania county and three those died in this multivehicle crash on sunday afternoon. state police ay a fourth person was rushed to the hospital after the crash on courthouse road. investigators have not released the names of the three people who died or the cause of the crash. a 22-year-old woman from upper marlboro died if in a head-ocollision by a
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wrong way driver on the beltwayo et ashing was identified as the victim. a driver in the picp truck was going the wrong way and crashed into hur suv on sday morning. investigators identified the wrong way drivr was identified as miguel gomez. everyone was ending their long fourth of july weekend. news4 justin finch is live at union station with the scare that caused people to panic. we will check in with him later in the newscast. > >>this morning, the search is w for the guan who injured an uber driverith three passengers in northe washington. a friday night shooting in ood.c.'s brookland neighbo police say a gunman opened a fire on the car at 17th and ot
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place northeast. the driver was shot in the finger and expected to be okay and passengers were injured by flying glass.ot they were n taken to the hospital. starting today. >> it's now 6:05. d.c. police on the hunt for a man they say groped at least three people over the weekend. all of the ncidentsppened between 11:30 saturday night and 7:30 yesterday morning. two attacks were near i congressal cemetery and a third near eastern market just a block from lincoln park. police say the suspect touched the victims and then took off on a e.bik starting today, drivers will have to find a different way through fauquier county and prince william county. stretch of the road is closing today. here is the area that will be affected. they plan to flatten the road by removing hills that it hard to see the traffic light. the southbound lanes will not bh affected and project is expected to last through early august. >> you may notice the doors are openingaster today on metro's
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agencyne because the switched to automatic door operation over the weekend. metro official have tested the system and trained operators. they plan to start automatic or operation on e other lines later this year and operators will continue to manually close the doors at all times. >>aw virginia lkers will tackle the issue of gun control in a special session tomorrow. virginia governor ralph northam will ask for this when they are back in special session. northam is asking lawmakers to conside several gun safety proposals, including banning silencers, assault rifles, and adding universal backgr checks. today, building inspece rs willassessing damage in southern california. >> two major earthquakes last week, thursday and friday, and erere is more cell phone video showing the trifying moments. >> let's go! >> let's go! let's go!
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let's go! >> a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked southern california on july fourth. the next day, a 7.1 magnitude quake rattled the ar c near ridgest which is a little over two hours northeast of los angeles. now some residents there are still on edge and choosing to sleep outside, rather than inside their homes. >> we are scared to think about the roof caving in on and not making it out on even making it to our kid. >> here is a look at the tent the family slept in last night. officials are still trying to figure out who is without water and power but the good news is everne survived. another major story in south florida. investigator are working to stermine exactly what caused an explosion at ahopping center. take a look at this beforend after image showing the damage. this happened saturday morning in the city of plantation which is just outside of ft. lauderdale. officials say 23 pple were injured.
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two in nearby hospitals and are expected to survive. listen to one witness describe the scene. >> the windows are shattering and fallingt a lot of dusl over the place. the fire sprinklers are coming on. fire alarm is going off and people are running everywhere. >> officials say it appears the explosion centered around a pizza shop that has been closed for months. this was the same aa where a ti worker nod the smell of gas minutes before the last. take a look at this video. cameras ca tornado flipped over an empty car. the twister ripped through parts of new jersey on saturday afternoon. a different angle for you here. ef-0 torna packed winds of about 70 miles an hour. homes were damaged but no reports of any serious injuries. fans at national harbor were ecstatic moents after the u.s. women's national team won its fourth world cup. millions of people around the world were glued to their to
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tvs to watch the big match. the victory celebrations are just beginning for team usa. coming up later in the hour, we will take a look de what a big al this is for the you. >> good for > they came through and under such pressure. next on news4, we will to lain why induct is jiving two police officers. new research shows two women are at a higher risk of developing a form of breast cancer. find out if you or someone in your family meets the criteria.a >>re you looking forward to retirement?of mour neighbors are not. why many americans plan to work well into their goln years. your forecast for your monday, probably not the best day to get yard work done. good news you're getting free water from moth naturet come down pretty hard at times. control mosquitoes by ateliminating standing w in your yard and the best
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welcome back. it's 6:12. today, managers at starbucks will once again meet with police officers after officers were asked to lee a store outside phoenix. >> this is the second day of meetings between the two groups. it started on the fourth of july when an employee told six tempe officers that a customer was uncomfortable with their presence. the employee asked the officers to move from their line of sight. the offirs decided to leave. the tempe officers association called the situation disheartening and offensive and say they hope this can be a learning opportunity. while the s#dumptarbucks was trending onlin customers at
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the store had mixed reacttions. >> nobody should be asked to leave if all they are doing is having a cup of coffee. >> i think it's valid. you don't know who is good and who is not. >> starbucks apologized and called the incident completely unacceptable. they are say they are taking the necessary step to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. we are working for yourh healtis morning. a study says younger color and wr en of color have a highe risk of getting a harder and hard to treat on form of breast cancer. they found african-american women had muchigher rates of triple negative breast cancer and that form of cancer does not respond to hormone or targeted therapy. women unr 40 were twice as k liely to be diagnosed when compared to women over 50. there are new concerns aboue the lon impact tick bites can have and as strange as it m
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sound, doctors say a tick bite might cause you to develop an allergy to certain food. a missouri woman say she can no longer eat red meat after a tick bite made her allergic to a complex sugar found in red meat. doctors say it's rare but it cat be trans to humans. >> we don't think a tick could give you an allergy, but lo and behold this tick does. >> it was the last thing on my mind. still unbelievable a tick can make you allergic to food. doctors say most people can grow out of the allergy. something to watch out for here. authorities sathe number of scammers posing as government employees was the highest ever this past spring. they pose as employees from the social security administration and irs and other administrations. cost consumers on average nearly $1,000 per call. news4 is committed to working for you b responding to consumer complaints. if you're been cheated, want to help. open the nbc washington app and
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search respond. it's a grim reality. some people believe retirement is completely out of reach. ci new poll from the assoted press suggests 1 in 4 americans will never ople polled said they will continue to work beyond 65 years old. only about 14% under the age of 50 say they feel comfortable enough to retire. that would be quite an accomplishment to be under the age of 50 and feel like you're ready to retire. most people you aw at least ten more years over that, right? at this rate i have to work until idie. >> i feel like unless i win some huge, huge lottery, i'm going to work until i just can't work any more. >> until they tell me to go away. > you're waiting for an answer. >> here we are! check this out. a large tree was pulled out of the ground during one of this weekend's storm. this is the damage to a home on reservoir road in northwest.
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imagine the 'of that tree onou your. in glover park a tree split in half. a big chunk of tree landed on a car. the tree pued down wires and knocked out power in the neighborhood. we have been seeing a lot of this i feel like the last several weeks as the summer does what it does. >> many days in a row with not a hardly a drop and then hit and miss thunderstorms which could calls have quite a bit of a bunch this time of the year and wathat carefully today. >> more rain today? >> it's not a guarantee but an 0% chance. >> has that is high. >> it's almost a guarantee. a few folk that get the rain today. most likely places that happens is the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. here is a look outside on a monday. very cloudy in washington right now. not much rain in and around ther city cutly. that also is likely to be changing. the highest likelihood is now t between lunche to get rain.
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rain chances fade away after 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. steamy. 70s everywhere this morning. your hour-by-hour planner, the good news wth a lot of cloud and a pretty high chance for rain, that will keep temperatures down today. we were up at 89 yesterday and most area spend mof our day in the mid to upper 70s. officially downtown i think closer to 80. the rain could be heavy at times ecause we have had some pockets of heavy rain the last feud, there is a flash flood threat for today. here is where the heaviest of the rain is now. frederick county, maryland. notice the directi of travel here. that storm is moving southward. so this is going to be a long slow ride around 270 here the next hour or two and that storm is likely down the 270 corridor rd the capital beltway. a flash flood warning for northern frederick county,
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ashington eastern county in virginia, northern loudoun county in virginia. and also the eastern tip of west virginia there.hl that highted area, there could be high fast moving water and a quick inch of rain o of that slow moving storm as well. turn around, don't drown. if you can't see the road, probably best not to driven it. turn around and find a better way to get there. >> take ago look at southbound bw parkway. all lanes are open. the road was closed there for sometime sointill s a little bit of delay and all of that green showing you where the rain is falling across e area. now thr gettiey are getting rai through that section. northbound i-95 near wood bridge still a lay. earlier crash with the vehicle
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middle of the road is now on the shoulder. listen to wpot 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. next, itmay feel like summer is slipping away but there is still plenty of time to plan a vacation. >> when with we come back, we are working with you with advice from travel agents how to save money on a last summer get-away. > don't miss "ellen" today at 3:00 and your news at 4:00. - you're heading to moose creek
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sorry about the cake. aaa, go ahead. do you see what is h pening here? >> has to be a better way. a fraction of a second decided the annual world wife carrying champion in finland this weekend. did you know there was such a thing? look at this couple. get back up. there you go. oops. she is wearing a helmet. >> of course! neok where her face is!
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this year's winwere the defending champs, a couple from lithuania. the prize for women's weight in beer. summer always seems to fly by. i can't believe fourth of july has come and gone. >> if you haven't planned a summer trip, don't worry. it's not too late. melissa mollet is here with tips to put together a last than-minute get-away. >> good morning. it is already july. we know a little r&r ismu a in summer. if you don't have anything booked yet, thenhere is everything you need to know to get a good deal on a last-minute trip. >> first class travel. scott. how can i help you? >> reporter: travel agent scott karoza owns first class travel and booking trips for clients for 20 years and said summer may
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be in full swing, right now, there are some hot spwith pretty cool pricing. >> certain locations like pap ma, for instance, nonsto place from here. you can go right to panama and very good value. >> reporter: the key to saving a few bucks? flexibility with dates and location, location, location. >> you could do arizona. vegas. those aretwo good locations you can get good values in the summer. maine. you can go up to maine really cheap and southwest om altimore to take you up to portland and up there to bar harbor. is a national park there. fun stuff. >> reporter: for families, he suggest the gulf coast of florida or certain spots in mexico for couples. he says adult only resorts in jamaica are your best best, but if your budget i a little bigger? >> wyoming, yellow stone, grand tetons are prime time and ac expressive pl to go. >> reporter: if you like to book online via a travel site and don't want to use an agent, here is somethtng that mig drive you to get help from one before you book. >> we have so many different ways to look at pricing and availability, with different wholesale rates and they get
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undercut. all of my agencies which i do all the time. >> reporter: plus some agencies offerash incentives get upgrades we simply can't and have connections on property in case you have a problem.yo now if can't take a trip too far away, we are working for you. we posted a story highlighting 100 things to do in and around d.c. this summer. open the nbc washington app and search day trip. >> thanks, melissa. reminder that sometimes a travel agent could be a good source of information. right. wherever you choose a vacation getting away from your normal routine may maket difficult to eat healthy. >> we asked dietitian for vitamin. when with eating out, choose a buffet. choose a side of vegetables to cut down on your calorie ntake. >> on your vacation? nax is for na vacation is for n
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>> get exercise by strolling the beach. >> here is me on the beach. except with an umbrella. and frenche fris. keep a refillable water bottle onhand. water in the bottle. take it yeah on the alcohol. we are laughing because this is not what we do on vacation.of get plenty rest is something we try to do, feeling run down d can lea to poor eating habits. >> gooduck with all of that! >> that is my life every day! run down, poor eating habits. still ahead. an abrupt retirement for one of the navy's top admirals after he was to take over the branch's top spot. we will tell you why. >> speaking ou former vice president joe biden defends himself against ongoing criticism, this as new polling reveal how he would do in a hypothetical matchup against president trump. how about our weather, chuck? flash flood watch has beende extto 10:00 a.m.
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lash flood warning for the highlighted areas across northern maryland this morning. if you're thinking about the beach this coming weekend, storms on friday b iink saturday and sunday will be fine days to be down on the eastern
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breneing s. four people wounded in an overnight shooting in the t. distr several shooters were believed to be involved but no arrests have been made. right now police are continuing their search while two of those victims deal with potentially li-threatening wound. "newsltoday" molette green wil join us live later in the half hr with a full report. good morning, everybody. t. aaron gilchr >> i'm eun yang. >> right now storm team 4 chuck bell hasa look at the radar. >> weather alert for you. e already have very heavy rain in northern maryland this morning. our weather watcher cheryl tweeted me a comment on twitter. she live up here in frederick county saying it is pouring with about 7 o's in pouring and
6:31 am
coming down hard across frederick county, maryland. the storm is not severe but dropping a lot of rain in a short aperiod of time andout eady to drift down into parts of upper montgomery county, other hit and miss rain showers around great falls and few rained in anne arundel county. the personal cluster across parts of northern maryland is expected to continue drifting southward along the 270 corridor between now and 10: or 11:00 this morning. could ab slow ride down 270 this morning. flash flood warning where the storm is rrently. temperature wise in the sticky 70s. most of the area will stay in the seventh to around 80-degree for a high today. improving weather picture for tomorrow. more about that coming up. melissa? >> definitely take it slow this morning because we have rain in a lot of different spots.
6:32 am
you can see heavier rain is falling through that area and causing problem for fols. delays on the red line to glenmont. this morning union station is mucher quiefter someone set off fireworks causing chaos. >> this happened yesterday as everyone was endin their long fourth of july weekend. justin finch is live at union station with details on the scare. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened close to 5:00 p.m. on sunday. coming home to a noise that many thought was gunfire. they werenning for cover and
6:33 am
fearing the worst. d.c. fire and police rang here to union station as crowd were filing out running from what they thought were gunfire being fired insidebut it turned out there were fireworks that had gone off. instead likely amplified by the echoes of the station. spoke to a witness who heard those sound and they got st of the story. >> they were just laughing and people saw them laughing and they knew it was nothing but 's just like why would you do that, you kn r? >>orter: it turn out this witness says it soupeded like it may have been a prank at the station but not funny at all. everything has calmed down since and the station is operating as normal but three people had to be treated for episode triggered by medical conditions so a very real scare that happeed yesterday but all back to normal now.
6:34 am
back to you. >> thank you, justin. an elderly woman was killed over the weekend when a fire started inside her alexandria apartment. the fire began at around 5:30 sunday morning at the south court garden apartment complex on edsel road. a neighbor smelled the smoke and called 911. th emergency dispatcher to him to pull the fire alarm before evacuating. firefighters arrive minutes and helped get people out. >> thealso had to use ladders to get a couple of folks off of their terrace a couple of levels above the original no other juries were reported and no firefighters were injured at the time. >> no other apartments were damaged either. investigators have not released the name of the woman who died. they say the cause was improperly discarded cigarette. this morning, several families are mourning the loss of their loved ones killed in crashes across our region. n at leaste people died over the fourth of july weekend. there were five deaths in spotssylvania county.
6:35 am
one in centerville. one in frederick, maryland, and one in lantum. that crash was caused by a wrong way driver on the beltway. it happened yesterday morning. maryland state police denied the victory at ronnet ashing. the wrong way driver was miguel gomez. they say alcohol was a factor i that crash. 6:35. htore is a look at other story this morning. two california towns are bracing for after-shocks after last friday night's 7.1 earthquake. you can see the dage was extensive there. many people are without water. homes caught fire and gas lines were rtured. the governor has declared a state of ergency. uber driver and three passengers are recovering after a friday night shooting in d.c.'s brookland neighborhood. police say a gunman opened fire on the car at 17th and otis place in the northeast. the driver was shot in the finger and expected to be okay and passengers were injured by flying glass. no arrests have been made. the new doors on metro's red line are now officially open for
6:36 am they automatic, installed to make the commute a bit faster. over t past several months, metro has tested and fine-tuned the system and trained operators. metro plans to start automatic door operation the other lines later this year. operators will continue to manually close doors at all times.od t at noon a stretch of route 29 in fauquier county will close and impact thend northbou lanes from riley road to vince hill road. they plan to remove hill that afke it hard to see the trfic lights. southbound lanes will not be affect and that prect will last through early august. a topadmiral moran was nominated by president trump anf med by the senate in may. last night, the navy announced he would be ending his career. few details about wwas stepping down are available. but navy secretary richard spencer said that moran showed quote. poor judgment regarding a professional relationship.
6:37 am
admiral john richardson who has been serv g as acting chief operations will remain in that position. a special weekend for the royal british family. >> royal babye archi was christianed at windsor palace o sunday. here are the pictures. these images were shared after the ceremony. there is the family. archie was born in may and seventh in line to theri btish throne. >> seventh line, sflit. >> right? >> we will be long dead until he gets up there. musician makes a surprising musician makes a surprising announce during a concert over
6:38 am
musician makes a surprising announce during a concert over (music throughout)
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welcomback. 6:40. stevie wonder fans in london heard more than the greatest hits during a weekend concert in london. he surprised the crowd by announcing that he would soon undergo a kidney transplant. >> i'm going to have surgery. i'm going to have a kidney transplant. all good. i have a donor. it's all good. >> wonder said he incided to make the public announcement durg his concert to avoid rumors spreading. the singer plans to perform ghree more shows and then take a break for the sury. a consumer alert for you. new from consumer reports. >> it's medical team recently test bug expellants. rts say repellants that do well against mosquitoes do
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well against the best repels have one of three ingredients. deet and lemon or eucalyptus. the repellants only last half an hour and commercial brand last six to seven our clothingan important role in protecting us against pests. co ring up exposed skin helps to reduce bites and experts say don't ve open water in your yard. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquaers. a new way to return items to amazon wi out having to the post off the office or schedule a pickup. kohl will start accepting returns at their stores. they tested it yarlier this ear. customers have to go to amazon ndline center and physical the return option aet a bar code and bring the items to the store and kohl's will pack
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and ship them back for free. a wther alert today if you're walking the dog. make it quick this morning. heavy rain around. or wait until later on in the . day there is my girl isa. heaviest the rain today in the first half of the day. to trafficpped northbound i-95. a truck scaled a crash and debris across the roadway and closure. full details coming up.
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. welcome back. we are following breaking news o mrnight. thisning, d.c. police are investigate ago violent night in washington. five people were shot in two separate shooting. >> one man shot in northwest before northwest and still worki to learn his name. we know he is expected to survive. >> a short time later,our people were shot by a masked gunmen on martin luther king avenue. molette green is joining us from police headquarters. >> d.c. police are looking for the four shooters in this incident. as you had, their faces were covered. they were weing all black. here is video from the scene a
6:46 am
short while ago just hour ago in the 3900 block of south capitolt streewhere this too. a large police presence in that areall we it teou two adult men are fighting for their live this morning. there were two her people shot. those people did not suffer as serious injuries but police neeh yourelp in this case. they put the pieces together of wupt led to what was a very violent end to a long holiday weekend in southeast d.c. we are live this morning outde of d.c. police headquarters and that is the very latest. ba to you. >> thank you for that update. to decision 020. bad news and good news for president trump. >> the president's job approval rating is now higher than ien's ever bet 44%. that is according to "the washington post"/abc news poll released yesterday but the same poll shows him
6:47 am
ten points behind joe biden in a hypothetical 2020 matchup. he made a commentver the weekend about his work with segregationist senator. >> those i opposed time and again? yes, i was. i regre it. i'm sorry for any of the pain oc mistion they may have caused anybody. >> biden iseaking in south carolina there. he went on to say that america in 2019 is very different than 0 in the 's and added, quote, that is a good thing. over weekend pesident trump blasted britain's ambassador to the u.s. and he is not a big fan of kim durak. in leaked cables durak called the esident, inseptember and
6:48 am
incompetent and they say the ambassador are allowed to ben d when expressing their views. they ncve lauhed an nvestigation into how those cables were leaked. today, jeffrey epstein will be in court to face federal sex afficking charges and he was arrested in new york over the weekend. court documents show dozens of underaged girls were brought to his palm beach mansion allegedly for sexual encounters. epstein is already a recgistere sex offender that was part of a deal his attorney struck in 2008 which allowed him to avoid a lengthy jail sentence following accusations of having sex with underaged girls. >> tomorrow, the gun control takes center stage in virginia after a shnioting in virgia beach in may. the governor wants lawmakers to ote on several measures. including universal background checks. the republicans have criticized northam accused him of ginia beach he v tragedy for political gain. 6:48.
6:49 am
america is celebrating another women's world cuvictory morning. they celebrate their fourth world cup title. >> people in the area were not able to get ough. >> some were able to see them in person. lucky for them. they cheered as they left the arsena. for tho who couldn't afford a ticket to france, the national harbor turned out just fine as people turned out for a big watch party and rocking the red, white, and blue. noe scored a goal with a penalty kick. it was usa. it was oneof ourown. rose lavelle of the waft spear put that one away. a beautiful goal. she scored in the 69th minute of play, helping team usa beat the netherlands 2-0. this is the team's second straight world cup. so much pressure on this team to
6:50 am
perform and they came through. just noazing. ther shout-out to the washington sphere. they play here in the germa town soccer plex and you can watch rose ulavelle ast 24th when theyay pl against alex morgan's team. >> can't wait to see them back let's turn to chuck bell for a look at the weather. weather alert for monday. area of heavy rain is plaguing northern maryland this morning and some fooding is likely. some flooding is taki place in and around the city of frederick, maryland. drier days around the corner but we have to get through today first. flash flood watch that includes the d.c. metro area until 10:00 a.m. this new one here, this red little shape here right over frederick county, maryland, is a flash flood warning. a quick 1 to 2 inches of rain already come down already this morning so if you live in and
6:51 am
around theity of frederick, maryland, this morning look out for high or fast moving water. the warning is until 9:45. number one rule with heavy rain like th ws. fountainer is covering the road, turn around, don'tdrown! we are pushing out future alerts on nbc washington app. look at ts spin of heavy rain now coming through frederick county moving now into northernmost montgomery couy. at least 's maintaining some forward seed so it will be moving down throughtgomery county over the next little bit. it left a bucket load of rain right over downtown frederick, a mary, this morning. that period of heavy rain is coming straight down the 270 corridor here. o mostf montgomery county and down toward northwest washington and parts of western prince george's county will get an abundance here. future weather carries that period of heavy rain from now here before 7:00 over the next
6:52 am
four hour, straight down the length of montgomery county moving into shington, arlington and prince george's county before lunch time toda then traveling southward along into part of southern maryland and northern neck towards forehead ric forehea fredericksburg. much easier weather picture for the rest of the day after getting the rain out of here today. now over to first 4 traffic with melissa. >> as you're heading northbound on 95 after the dale city truck sales, reopened the roadway. everything wast down temporarily because of a crash there on le ride. we a debris across the road causing that big delay and
6:53 am
closure. northbound through wood bridge, still have the slow down. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. arad titio often appears on a lot of people's st bucket li but usually end in ca some injurye look at the scene here! yi're running bulls! and they are going to gore you.
6:54 am
this year, two americans were hurt at the running of thebulls in spain. the california man needed surgery for neck injuries and a d n from kentucky was gorein the thigh. four others were hospitalized. you have to know going in this is a resk. >> risk. >> i used to want to do this. >> then you grew up? >> exactly. another buck list item for you is showing signs of decay. official say wind, sunheavy rains over the centuries on the great wall of china. the sheer volume of tourists is also causing surface damage. they put in concrete but it didn't work out so they are going to try other things. >> incredible structure that you can see from space. i do want to visit it someday. >> it featured prominently in the disney film mulan. is!i'm so excited about
6:55 am
the trailer for the live action version dropped yesterday during the world cup final. take a look. >> my duty. i >>t is racked up millions of views on youtube and started trending worldwide it tell the story of a young woman who pose as a man so she can take her ailing father's place during a draft in ancient china. the chinese star lu is playing the title role and jet lee is co-starring and disney's eighth live action version of one of its animated films. >> was there a dragon in theed animat one? >> i believe so. >> i saw concern yesterday there wouldn't be a dran in the live action. >> never know. >> we will see. here are fou things to know this morning. d.c. police are investigating a quauple shooting. this happened around midnight on south capitol street in the
6:56 am
southeast and told two victims are dealing with life-threatening injuries. look for uptes on this story in the nbc washington app. new doors on the red line is officially open for business and they are automatic and installed to make thecommute faster. over the past several months metro has tested and fine-tuned the system and trained operat operators.>> a stretch of route 29 in fauquier county will close and impact the northbound road from riley to vince hill road and mothey plan to re the hills that make it hard to see the traffic lights. follow us on twitter for any updates on the work. british government is investigating how several cables were leaked. in one an ambassador called president trump inept and not responsible. check outre mo on "today" show m that is cng up next. heavy rain is coming down
6:57 am
into parts of northern montgomery county and this could be a slow ride he theext couple of hours. >> looking better northbound 95 there after the dale city truck scales that had a closure thd g have reopened so you're okay in those main lanes. >> thank you. look at us! all back togethera in! >> back together! >> before chuck takes another vacation! at is the news for today. thanks for waking us with us. >> the "today"how is next. >> make it a great monday, everybody!
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good morning. on edge. new fears across california after e region is hit by massive back-to-back earthquakes. >> let's go. >> this mrning, a firsthand look at the damage, the recovery, and the question, are even hire quakes t?>> > in court. a billionaire with ties to some of the world's most powerful figures expthsed to face a judge today, in a disturbing new sexi traffickg allegation that could landbe him nd bars after years of investigation. gored. two americans hospitalized on day one of this year's running with the bulls. just ahead, there latest on their conditions with


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