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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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way ba--ity wa its way back to rightful owner. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our trafc. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we would have 8 billion gallons of water dropping in ono r just on the district of columbia. that is how much water that was in the morning in a one-hour time . span this morning, all that water yesterday and a clear sky overnight is leading to fog early today. some areas dow to visibility under a mile. front royal down to a visibility of zero now. becareful with the fog early.
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61 winchester and leesburg 59 and commuter forecast for today. the only impact on your commutee weather witoday is a little fog around early this morning. sun up at 5:51 and put off the fog relatively quickly and a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid topper 80s and nice weather tomorrow. more about that coming up. thursday chance of rain coming up in a few. taking a look at the road here in virginia. as we take a look at 66 here this morning. rkying in. fairfax county pay to the beltway we don't have anything in your way. 66 miles per hour. that takes you eight minutes. these repairs could be through
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the morning mess and you can't turn on seminary. 29 there between riley shut down for three months because of that road rk. pure panic and chaos as flash tloods swept through d.c. area yesterday. >> this is video from potomac, marylanid outs folks are dealing with the aftermath of this. many cars were wa seems like a river took over their neighborhoods in some cases. inside, water washed away a lifetime of memories in one home. floodwaters rose all the way up to the ceiling and destroyed this homeowner's basement too. >> it hasn't hit me too much because eve just ben working, working, working to clean this
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up. we will have an update on theo road citions and cleanup effort coming up later in our newscast. parts of northern virginia had a different kind of rush hour. the heavy rain hit roads hard and major streets saw water suddenly rise. part of the bw parkway d to be closed and smaller road were a complete wash-out. the force of the floodwaters also carried away several cars. in potomac, maryland, the water moved in nso quickly it caused drainage concern because nowhere for the water to go. here is a look at the tennis courts and swimming pool under water and take at least a week to fix so swim meets need to be cancelled or moved to another pool. basements and cars were flooded.
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>> just brown water. just pouring out. >> this is all wet. the bottom there is all wet. you can see all of thatater. >> should have stayed home until it was done raing. >> neighbors say the streets flood all the time and they wish workers would do something to fix it. but like chuck said, so much water and nowhere for it to go. >> inside of metro cars were gushing with water. one metro station, water falling ere. train car here with water in it. there is also some cell phone video showing waterfall of sorts at the virginia square metro station you see it there.s metro knowhat yesterday was a rough morning commute for a lot of people. folks there say if your trip was delayed by more than ten minutes while using a registered smart trip rd, expect a rush hour promise ride torrenti rain is becoming morend common a experts say the
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changing climate may be to claim. in ten minutes we will take alo ok at the co ection between extreme weather and the climate change w other as part of changing climate series. make sure your family knows when badeather is about t strike. the nbc washington app will lert you to any weather events cominheyour way no matter wre you are. it's easy to find. open the app and hit that weather tab. new this morning. d.c. police and the fbi need your help. they are searching for the person who fired a gun toward on duty police officer. justin finch is live as police headquarters with more on this. >> reporter: d.c. police telling usthis happened in the early morning hours of the fourth of july close to 4:00 a.m. and this was a close cal that was caught on camera. now d.c. police and the fbi are working together to ask he public to help them track down a triggerman. we have surveillance video now on your convenientwo capturing critical events. you're seeing the suspect there
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walking a dog. police noting as he does so he says "fu" to that on-duty lfficer there in southeast and minutes ater, that same suspect seen crouching down behind a tree and firing several shots before escaping into an alley. he was is not found bear in mind there was an officer on duty and he was g firin and others there on the scene as well. luckily, no one was hurt. as mentioned the fbi now teaming up with police who find that suspect and tweeting out this. back out live. we can tell you the fbi and d.c. police have put together reward for tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of take man you saw there.ds rewarombined totaling
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$11,000. we are live outside near police headquarters. i'm justin finch, news4. back to you. >> thank you,justin. this morning, we are learning more about a crash in spotssylvania county that killed three pe le, includingtwo children. >> we are hearing from a woman i who rushn to help. take a look at the truck t wed away by the tow truck taking away that mangled car that was near unrecognable. anna was killed along with a 12-year-old girl and a bo 10-month-old y. the car they were riding in crossed the center line and hit an suv and happened near courthouse road a a lakenna on sunday afternoon. >> it sounded like an explosion went off and i ran up to the aident. and it's one of the most horrific things i've ever seen. it was really bad. r >> the drived another child who were in the car suffered life-threatening injuries. the fairfax county couple in the suv suffered serious injuries. u.s. marshals need help to track down a man wanted for kill
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a 10-year-old girl in d.c. s name is isaiah merchantson. he is one of 11 indicted by a grand jury in connection to the death of makia wilson who was killed last july while on her way to an ice cream truck and several feet away from her front door. police say the suspects were part of a street gang. marshals are offer on $5,000 a rew for information leading to the capture of rmechantson. a local minister apologized to his victim at a hearing. yesterday, judge sentenced baird to three he was also sentenced to three years probation. baird was accused of having an iodecent relathip back in 2014 with a teenage generically at the life church in manassas. he was charged with inappropriately touching a then 16-year-oland sending her sexually explicitmessages. baird was 23 at the time. july fourth has come and one. questioremain about how president um's event called salute to america was paid for.
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the event at the lincoln memorial featured military flyover and tanks on the national mall and a speech by the president. our news partner at wtop report that maryland senator van holland and to two others officers are askiab the accountity office if the event prohibited any laws for taxpayer money. gun deba will take center stage in virginia next month. the senatorrderedio the sess shortly after the virginia beach massacre inr ay. the govis calling on lawmakers to vote on measures, including universal ground h ecks, assault weapons ban and one gun per montlimit. there is plenty of srt and opposition to this special session. news4 julie carey is in richmond watching it all and she will have a ve report later today on news4. in a matter of hours, d.c.
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councilmember jack evans to be removed from a powthful post. council is voting whether to remove him as chairman of a finance committee and decide whether to hire a law firm to investigate if evans violated his position for personal gain. evans has been forced to resign from the metro bo he say he plans to stay on the d.c. council. we are proud of you! >> the family of an international teenage phenom shouting their support. that video was taken a short time before tennis star coco gauff lost in the fourth round yesterday at wimbledon.ri she surpd the world by making it as far as she did and rising to fame last week after beating a superstar and one of her idols venus williams. will be doing a live interview today here on "news4 and talking about the beginning for her. 15-year-old old.
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so poised and so stro y. >> wordsou used phenom and star and she is only 15 and she is handling it well. >> her parents are adorable. >> be good to watch her grow and her career blossom. necks on "news4 today," after seven decade a woman find herself holding something she thought was lost. we will tell you about the reunion. we are urking with yo with a recall alert. disney sayson a doll fashi after a "toy story 4" character could be dangerous.on the informathat parents need to know. yesterday's torrential rain comes into focus, we look at why is will ogists say happen again. if you're thinking about a trip to the eastern shore, the weekend, a little chance for an afteoon storm on friday. but both saturday and sunday are looking amazing.ns sune with temperatures around 90 and even the ocean above0 now.
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warm enough to get
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welcome back. a woman in illinois came with a surprise 75 years in the making. a plumber helping to turn the school into church said he found 15 walleted stashed in a bathroom wall. the post was shared thousands of
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times which helped get one of the wallets back to its rightful owner, 89-year-old betty sisson. she was gratefulo have it back. >> in her case the wallet was stolen so not sure how it ended up in the duct work of that building. >> after 75 years, who know we may never find out we are working for your health this morning. researchers say patients with pneumonia are on antiotics longer than they should be. a university of michigan study looked atn more tha 6,000 patients and found that doctors are overprescribing in most cases. the study says the longer e on antibiotics the more likely they were to report issues, including stomach problems. another university of michigan study found patients with sprained anks are being prescribed opioid. researchers looked at nearly 600,000 people and a quarter of them were still filling that prescription 90 days later. the experts say
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overprescribing is a root cause of addiction. d.c., maryland, and virginia have filed lawsuits of subscribing opioid of misleading the public. there is a recal for forky that is being pulled from the shelves. disney is recalling nearly ,000 forky push toys. it has eyes that detach and pose a choking hazard. was sold from april thr june of this year. so far, there have been no injuries. homeowners across the area are cleaning up from what they feel once in a lifeti rainfall. >> many of never exper fnced flashlooding like we saw yesterday. "news4 today" pat pat lawson muse has more.
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she talked to a person why why scenes like these may be common around here. >> reporter: a new study in the journal shows heavy downpours are on the rise. it's a trend we have witnessed over the last three t decade when global warming started to intensify. >> the earth goes through warming and cool process and what we are seeing right now is that humans are really contributing to the amount of greenhouse gases that we are putting in the atmosp. greenhouse gasses like carbon and dioxide. u trap the heat, that leads to warmer temperatures. >> reporter: a report by the national climate assessment shows heavy downpours have increased by 74% in the northeast. and meteorologists say the situation will likely get wwase in our ing world. >> maybe you go back a few decades and you're still going to have those heavy rainfall events, but when you factor in our on changing cli, the fact there is more water vapor, the water cycle is super charged, what that is leading to is our streams are getting more extreme. >> pat lawson muse there. we invite you to search changin climate in thc washington app to see how our warming world
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affects your line, and your commute. >> a quick correction on my part. 3 bill i don't know gallons of water fell on the city of washington, 3 billion gallons in washington area. said 8 last hour. >> after the bill i don't know k -- billon mark, that is a lot of water. >> we have an urbanized area.-- that is a lot of water. >> we have an urbanized arebil lot of water. >> we have an urbanized area. four mile run jumped ten feet in one hour yestereay down national airport. that is an incredible rise in water rates. this morning, there is fog over the potomac this morning. if you're crossing over the american legion bridge along the potomac between virginia and the city or virginia and maryland
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know that there will be some reduced visibility at times. visibility under a mile through most of the shenandoah valley ou toward front royal and warrenton and manassasarnd as of thick fog upper montgomery county as well. once the sun comes up, only 30i mes away, it will turn into a pleasant day. 68 at national airport. any time we are below 70 in the ertime to me that is bonus material. all the way into the 50s now in parts of loudoun county and low 60s for many of the western suburbs now. only 61 montgomery county. 60 in fauquier county. today's hi around 87, 88. you can see here on satellitend radar composite nothing within hundreds of miles of us. we get great weather to clean up, dry out forto bothy and for tomorrow with high in the upper 80s to near 90 both days.
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not so terrly humid. the humidity and the storm chance are back on thursday. especially thursday afternoon and evening. w we wilch that very carefully. friday no more than isolated lile rain chance. otherwise a nice day friday. the weekend starts out sunny, hot, rain-free. we love the words rain-free put together. >> we ar traumatized after yesterday. silver springs repairs cod last through the morning rush. you can't turn right on mercenary because of folk fixing things. no issues on the beltway right now. through prince george's county in and out of town looks fine. 403 was worrying me because it looked like a closure point and
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we spoke with police and they had nothing is happening there. we check out something fun and new for your family to try. >> kind of like a roller coaster and it go cart track put together. we get a first look at a new attraction in virginia. if you're home this afternoon don't miss "ellen" at 3:00
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it's tuesday but if you're thinking about what to check out over the weekend, our tommy mcfly is check you out a go cart track in fredericksburg. >> welcome. are you g ready? >> woo! >> down 95 in fredericksburg ere is abrand-new racing experience like nothing else in the region and i'm leading the pack. >> we wanted to do something very unique and special for the city of fredericksburg and ld something wouraek people fr attract people from all over the place.people attract people from all over the placat
5:25 am
from all over the place. >> this is the only one of its kind. the closes is four hour from here. 30 feet in the air. 1800 feet of track. i got to ca ah up! >> howi going to pass my brother without hitting him? i waited behind him and probably dropped a little bit and see if they go high or low, i go the opposite way they do. >> it's funny because when we started building it, people are saying what are you building, a roller coaster? kind of. >> reporter: if you make a trip here to virginia's only multilevel go cart track, be ready to wait your turn on saturdays and friday nights, but mid week and morning trips be behind the wheel muc more and have less time to smack talk with friends. >> i have a foot on her. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does being ke taller maou faster at go carting? >> at least you can reh the pedals! wn i think you have to get d here. it's worth the trip. i love the track. i think they love the track again. >> reporter: again! again! i want to go again! in y,edericksburg, tommy mcfl news4. >> for many new cool places to see and do, go to nbc washington app and search "the scene." t
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>>at look like fun. >> have you been go carting? >> i don't do roller coaers but i do the go carts. new tower and additional bike lanes and more parking. we are seeing the plans that amazon has for northern virginia. weue contin our coverage of the impact on yesterday's histic rainfall in e d.c. region. we are showing you the areas that still up. good morning.need ed co beae a much easier morning to get the dog walk in this morning. this guy here brady is available for adoption. 4-year-old dog and boxer mix and available for rescue. if you don't like the patriots, can you can chan his name to something other than brady.
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we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party...
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uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. just about firge5:30 now. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. tuesday has arrived and d.c. region has a lot of drying out and cleaning up to do. monday's histor rainfall came quickly during the morning commute and many road were
5:30 am
flooded and many found themselves trapped. >> it wasn't only theroad but metro station had to deal with the rain. torrents of water poured down the tracks and down elevator shafts and left train l and a of passengers soaked. this morning, we are looking back at that flooding for you and the damage left behind. first a check on your commute and forecast in the morning. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. we begin withst m team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a much calmer morning. >> so much better today than yesterday. e complete opposite of yesterday. nice dry morning. humidity levels are in check. it will be a little humid today but nothing compared what we had to deal withay yesterd. average weather for a change. it's good to be average once if a while, isn't it? i'mic optimistour weekend plans will be free of rained as well. sun coming up in 20 minutes or so. there are areas of thick fog in some of the rural areas. front royal visibility down to only half mile there. half mile in martinsburg and
5:31 am
also gaithersburg and manassas. low beams and leave extra distance between you and the car ahead of you on your commute in. this mornin it is a comfortable start temperature wise. 71 in annapolis. one of the few spots above 70 this morning.or national airp down into the 60s. 68 quantico and 57 in leesburg, virginia. who doesn't want to live there like a morning like today. fog. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. turning a little warmer closer po the end of the week. more coming uin a few. for now time for first 4 traffic. >> northwest canal between fox hall and arizona a reminder that all lanes have oped. you're waking up, you are in luck if that is your route into work or school because it h cleared out of the way after yesterday's flooding.
5:32 am
lver spring, georgia, traffic lights are being repaired. much of the flooding may have subsided but that doesn't mean local roads are safe for driving. check out the scene in northern virginia. yesterday's flood water took out a pistion of t road in mclean. nothing left to drive on there. >> news4 cameras caught plenty of close calls toon one s trapped with his two daughter inside his suv on little falls parkway. he had to get out of the car and get the kid out too. grab them on his hip and walked out of theter. waist-deep water at that. a woman who happened to be driving by ended up giving them
5:33 am
a ride home. >> the girls were very upset and i'm glad they are all safe but it's scary. it wasn't only the road and cars impacted by thweather yesterday. the infrastructure around here was overwhelmed by the rain. >> a massiveup cleann manassas. you can see the water flooded the street and the front yard of home. >> this is into the normal. unfortunately, the infrastructure that we have built 20, 30 years ago aresnd streets and the drainage system is not keeping up with the weather pattern. >> the water damaged an air-conditioner unit. the homeowner tells news4 that since the time he has lived here, he has noticed the area's drainage system has been unable to keep up. many unbelievable stories and incredible images from yesterday's storms throughout our region. take a look at the photos and video in the nbcashington app.
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that is amazing thing about social media. i saw from the video right away on twitter of the flooding on the road inside the metro station. >> one of the few times twitter is really useful. >> exactly. this morning a maryland man is back homefter serving decade in prison for a crime he did notcucommit. >> tis brooks was just 15 years old when he was charged with murder in colorado. he had moved to the area as teenager but one night with the wrong crowd, he landed himself 24 years in prison because of mandatory sentencing. state senator joanne benson formed a coalition and the principal at brooks' school john bayne elementary school in capital ts. brooks' case helped the supreme court to ban automatic sentences with life without parole for juveniles with help from the u.s.r senatochris van holland and the judge granted brooks clemency. >> i will do everything i can to live a life that is worthy of all of you and that is worthy of the forgiveness that i would hope i can one day attain.
5:35 am
release, part of hi brooks has five years of parole. he says he plans to speak in support of legislation in colorado to help protect juveniles and he wants to plvisit the colorado prison system to help iment reform. u.s. marshals offering a 5,000 reward for this man who is wanted as a suspect in the shooting of 10-year-old kima wilson in d.c. last year. she was killed back ing8f; july truck and several feet from her front door. jordan baird has been sentenced to three years in prison. the former youth pastor from ngince william county and convicted of hav relationship with a teenager at life church in ma manassas in 2014. baird was 23 at the time. gun debate takes center stage in virginia. lawmakers have returned to a special session called by governor ralphnortham.
5:36 am
he wants lawmakers to vote on a series of measures including ou universal ba checks and assault weapons ban and one gun per mlth it. this morning, we are getting an early look at how amazon plans to expand in to arlington county. >> so far it looks good for walkers, cyclists, and public transit users. the first proposed bldings are 22-story towers at metropolitan park on southeast street in pentagon city. "the washington business journal" reports that amazon expects 64% of hq employees to use metro rail, bus, or walk to work and 6% will bike. 500 space, 58 showers and 750 locker rooms. the towers less than half a mile from the pentagon city and crystal city metro stations and 16 nearby bus stops and four new traffic signals to make that area more pedestrian friendly. >> really making an effort to ake sure people don't drive into work andid all of that
5:37 am
traffic. 5:37. still ahead this morning, what yoand millions of other americans may not be eating enough of to keep yourself healthy. plus, new details about an old scam we first told you about this yesterday. this morning, a closer look at a con desig d to scare you into giving up your cash.
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we are working for your health this morning. those vitamins and mineral nupplements you take mayt have any added health benefits. researchers from west virginia found taking multivitamins, as well as calci and iron, had no added benefit when it comes to the heart. researchers did find omega 3 fatty acids offer protections against heart disease and heart attack. folic acid helped protect against strokes. you may want to eat more whole grains. a new study by the cdc found that adults are eating
5:40 am
16% of grains, well below the recommended minimum o5050%. whole grains intake has increased since 2005 but they say more improvements needed. >> we can all eat more healthy food, right? >> you could? you should! >> right. this morning new detailsut abo update of a phone cam and how con artist are trying to steal your cash. >> the con artist claims ng be callirom the irs and want money. most hang up and never report the scam. those who are duped nearly $1,000 on average. >> if you get one of these phone calls, the number one adice is hang up. the government does not call to threaten you and the government does not demand payment from you by gift cards or anything like that. >> federal officials say they have received 200,000 complaintt of governmemposter calls so far this year. don't be scammed! chuck bell, better morning
5:41 am
this morning. >> you bet you. beautiful start to your tuesday morning. skies mainly clear the overnight hours and sun is coming our way today. car washing forecast? go for it. next chance of rain is on thursday and more on that is about ten minutes from now. trump administration says citizenship with a question on the census, despitei a rung from the supreme court. how will they pull it off? "news4 today" will be right back. good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. today at 4:00, we are work to go save you money on groceries. this afternoon, we put grocery home delivery to the test and we placed orders with four stores, so we are done. then we wait. who can save you the most time and money? find out today at 4:00.
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d what difference a makes. tuesday morning looking much drier than monday. the video you see here was shot in arlington yesterday. four mile creak overflowed its banks. submerged cars their parked nearby. storm team 4 chuck bell is hetting t finishing touches on today's forecast and join us in a few minutes with a look at that. developing this morning. fighting back. despite a recent ruling from supreme court,tating a question about citizenship could not appear on the united states
5:45 am
census, the trump administraon appears poised to move ahead with it any way. >> how they plan to do this is anybody's guess. tracie potts is joining us with more live from. capitol hill >> reporter: the president had ideas suggesting either he could issue an executive order despite what the supreme court said bout that question, or that they might print and issue this and add anddendum as they continue to fight it in court. the justice department is completelyurned over its set of lawyer dealing with following case k california, new yor and here in maryland. the president says he wants that question on the census. supreme court said it's okay for the government to ask but they didn't give a valid reason for asking that question and why ruling went against em. w its looks like while the president may have theourt and blic on his side. poll showingwo-thirds of americans do think it's reasonable to ask "are you a
5:46 am
citizen?" >> jeffrey epstein hal pded not guilty to sex crimes charged and was in court yesterday. he is accused of exploiting dozens of underaged girls. they found a trove of photos at his mansion over the weekend. another twist in he sexual assault case involving oscar winning kevin spacey. yesterday the man who acused spacey of groping him in 2016 asserted his fifth amendment right to not testify. the moment came after spac 's lawyer questioned him about a cell phone used in the night of the alleged assault. this comes after another accuser dropped a civil case against spacey last week. this morning, d.c police and the fbi need your help tracking down a suspect. >> searching for the person who they say fired a gun toward an ofcer who was on duty at the time. news4 justin finch is live at
5:47 am
d.c. police headquarters now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thankfully that officer was not hit, but a bonusto this case is going to be surveillance video that police now have. it shows that suspect here inng in the direction of that officer who aga was on duty as the bullets began blasting his way. take you to the surveillance. a bit of a before and after here. this taken the morning of the fourth of july. on one side, you s wie that suspect walking a dog but no benign encounter. police report that suspect said to the officer "fu." and this officer on duty working with peopleat the time. then mince later on the other side you will see that same suspect cross behind a tree and iring several shots in the direction of that officer before no one was hurt in this incident. some good news there. a closer look now at where this happened. we areth talking about 4600
5:48 am
block of hillside road in southeast right by benning road and near the maryland line. we come back out live ain. aggressive search under way for the suspect in this case. the fbi and police teaming up here with a combined reward for 11,000 dollars for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction of that man you saw on that screen firing in the direction of that officer on the morning of the fourth of july. back inside to yo >> justin finch live for us this morning, thank you. california billionaire tom steyer is expected to formally announce he is running for the white house ittoday, desp previously saying he would not enter the race. the past decade, he has been a top democratic donor and since the election of donald trump, he has been one of the most outspoken critics and pushed hard formpeachment. one campaign begins, another end. lifornia congressman eric
5:49 am
swalwell say hel not run for president. there is still 20 caididates, luding the last one you just mentioned. >> actually 24, 25. >> really? >> yes. last nice, d.c. director of night life and culture attended his first public meeting. >> shawn townsend has worked in the d. government a long time and most recently as an investigator forcing d.c. alcohol laws. he will act as a point of contactor night life establishments and handling er consum complaints and other issues. people may no doubt be talking about month's flooding for the rest of the week. perhaps the rest of the year. it was kind of crazy. yesteay's rain made history. more than 3 inches of rain philadelphia in an hour. chuck says 3 billion gallons.
5:50 am
many couldn't see the road ahead of them. >> a lot of locality told us they have to spend time about the integrity ofthose. they don't know that something is collapsing ahead of time so the danger doesn't necessarily difppear with the absence o rain. >> the pipes that go under the creeks and you put that kind of water force through it and you he erode the dirt and next thing you know toad collapses. ideologic. our infrastructure took it on the chin yesterday. because we have paved over so much of the d.c. metro area on the extreme rainfall days, it becomes a higher threat for extreme flas floodinghan it would have been if we had not paved over so much. paved surfaces don't let the water absorb and as a result it has to run off into a limited number of place. this mning on a tuesday, skies have been mainly clear overnight. there had been fog hanging over potomac ver. you're looking across the river into arlington county.
5:51 am
there is the spire there in georgetown university. vibility not as big of an issue around the city but the rule area and many spots have visibility down under aile especially the i-81 corridor to front royal and western end of i-66 and most of fauquier county and prince william county with thick fog so be ca no rain to worry about today or tomorrow. next chance for thunderstorms rolls in on thursday afternoat. tempere wise it is a beautiful start. bikers, joggers, runners, this is one of those extra mile rnings in the summertime. get it out and take advantage of it. pper 50s for frederick county, virginia. forecast for today temperatures climbing into the low 70s fairly early. h afternoongh today 88 degrees. that is just about on average for this time of the year. no rain anywhere nr usor today. let me walk you through weather and show you whether any little chances of rain will be.
5:52 am
today any chanceshe will be in t west virginia mountains. tomorrow maybe a slight chance right along the virginia/west virginia border but no chance r forn today or tomorrow around the washington metro area. thursday is the next time we need to watchout. thursday lunch time showers and storms along i-81 and thursday afternoon and evening likely to haet some pr heavy thunderstorms around here once again. after yesterday, any additional rainfall sometimes on saturated ground could be problematic. then we dry out for friday y morning. anttle chance for a shower on friday i think in southern maryland and the lower parts of the bay. then dry weather settles in juso in time your weekend. here is that ten-day forecast. arricane center keeping eye on what could be a tropical storm in the gulf by sunday or monday if that does occur we might have toha deal with tt
5:53 am
rain middle parts of the next week. melissa, what is going onon on a tuesday? >> c 4opper going to outer loop at rockville pike. back to the beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
5:54 am
fm when you hopo in y car. >> i'm it's kate rogers. a federal judge has blocked ther trump adminision from requiring companies to disclose price the government says ten of the most commonly advertised drugs cost roughly $500 a month one of the most highly protected species on earth. officials in china say they have now spotted two rare all white langur. locrs villagers found the fi in 2016 by chance and another
5:55 am
one has been spotted in a nature reserve where monitoring equipment is set up for scientific research. fewer than 2,000 all while langurs exist in the world. check this little guy out! that is a 16-foot long python and they just caught this thing in the florida everglades. official say it's one of he largest snakes ever captured. the python was found under a home! how about that? >> bye! >> 165 pound and there were eggs too. had to get rid of all of that stuff. >> this is an pinvasive sies and no pythons should be anywhere in this country! >> when we go awayod t 50 years since the apollo 11 blasted off from the keedy space center. >> this morning, we are getting a look at a piece of artwork that nasa commissioned to help mark this anniversary. an artisan in tennessee created this out of wood.
5:56 am
it is called moon wood. if you don't know what that is, apollo 14 took seeds to space and brought them back to affect the tree's growth. it took a lot of wood and a lot of time to create. ur >> 150 hoto design and just thking the pattern. we figured over a ousand shop hours. >> the piece will hang at the kennedy space center on permanendisplay. very wool. next on "ews4 today," a popular toy under a recall now. disney says a plush diagonal based on a character from "toy story 4" could be harmfulto children. we will tell you which one. ti> we hit the road to check out this new attrac in virginia. a multilevel go cart track and
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
cleaning up the destruction. flash flooding washedd way roads aninvaded houses and now fears are growing tths extreme wea willn. come agai happening today. can massive shootings and gun violence be lockstop? 75 years in the making.
6:00 am
how a wallet lost around the time of world war ii found its way back to its rightful owner. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> we are working for to you get you started with a much calmer today. >> you bet. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our traffic. we begin with teorm team 4 ologist chuck bell. he has a look outside for us. >> i din deed. yesterday a saturated grouncr as the area. clear skies and some of the moisture has formed into fog and lifting back up off the ground. you can see her from our tower camera. there is the spire at georgetown university there and the united states air force memorial in arlington county. fog hanging right over the potomac. f f you're doing some oe river crossings, especially the american legion bridge this morning or driving in the rural are, pockets of fog to be dealt with. the sun is up on a tuesday and it is going to be a good day to be outside today. not too hot a


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