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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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time of world war ii found its way back to its rightful owner. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> we are working for to you get you started with a much calmer today. >> you bet. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our traffic. we begin with teorm team 4 ologist chuck bell. he has a look outside for us. >> i din deed. yesterday a saturated grouncr as the area. clear skies and some of the moisture has formed into fog and lifting back up off the ground. you can see her from our tower camera. there is the spire at georgetown university there and the united states air force memorial in arlington county. fog hanging right over the potomac. f f you're doing some oe river crossings, especially the american legion bridge this morning or driving in the rural are, pockets of fog to be dealt with. the sun is up on a tuesday and it is going to be a good day to be outside today. not too hot and not too humid
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and not much of a breeze either. thickest of the fog towards fauquier county and prince william county. upper 60s and a few spots in the 50s this morning. tuesday planner nothing but sunshine all day long afternoon highs mid to upper 80s. more about tomorrow and the weekend coming up in a few. 4 traffic. fir good morning. right now silver spring georgia avenue and seminary dark traffir lights soat it as a stop. repairs from an earlier crash and probably last through the morning hush. a slow situation there. connecticut avenue at randolph road crash in the middle of the intersection here in silver spring. seeing slowdowns the. just got this in. f white'serry shut down because
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of high water and impr debris. pure panic and chaos as ugflash floods swept throthe d.c. area yesterday. >> this is video from potomac, madeland. outsi, folks are dealing with the aftermath of this. many cars were waterlogged and seems like a river took over their neighborhoods in some cases. molette green is ve on with more. >> reporter: some progress to show you as chopper 4 flies above my head here in this potomac community white rim terceom near patchinga to the road where that sinkhole opened up. i talked to the contractors this morning a few minutes ago and work is far from being done. let me show you really quickly. they have to do a whole lot of work. see that big pipe there? that is part of the problem. part of the major repairs that
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will have to happen over the next few days perhaps weeks. still not done withhis repair but residents are able to go back and forth on this stretch as they make their way out the tore this morning to work. the repair will beut going on b i want to show you what it looks like inside some of the houses. some of the house we were able to get in to where there was massive flooding that happened. i want you to see a basement in one of these homes w flooded out. lost family treasures when the water almost reached the second floohe home. one of the homeowners we had a chance to talk to lost many things that were tied to memories. >> my grandfath's old antique tools were all in the workshop to the left that now they are all water-logged. all of the antiques in the basement, we have to consider that they are gone. >> reporter: we are back live
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here in pomac. you can see down the way here a car making its way through this temporarily patched-up road here in this community. long way to go for many people around the area after torrential rain that came down and caught so many people by surprise. people can at least get through this community on their way to work. that is the latest live from potomac, molette green. back to you. >> slow roll out there for those folks. thank you. parts of northern virginia had a different kind of rush hour yesterday trning. heavy rain hit road hard and major streets saw watersnl suddey rise. this video from the corner of leesburg pipe and part of theyw park had to be closed at times. the water carried away several
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cars. >> it wasn't only the road but metro station had to deal with the rain. torrents of water pd down the tracks and down elevator you can see almost like a waterfall coming through the ceiling here. asmetro says yesterday w a rough morning commute for a lot of people and if your trip was delayed by more than ten minutes while you were using a registered smart trip card, you can expect a rush hour promisedi ride ctoday. torrential rain is becoming more common and experts say the changing climate is part to blame. in ten minutes we will look at the connections between extremec weather andlimate change as part of our chang cngmate series. make sure your family knows when bad weather is about t strike. the nbc washington app will send out an alert about any weather even coming our way no matter where you. the forecast is easy to find in the app. open it and hit the weather tab. d.c. police and the fbi need your help.
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>> searching for the person who y fired a gun toward an officer who was on duty at the time. this person circled in red is firing a gun behind a tree. this was in the 00 block of hillside road in the southeast early in the morning on the fourth of july. the officer was not injured. the fbi tweeted, quote. this morning, we are learning more about a crash in spotssylvania county that killed wo people including two children. e are hearing from a woman who rushed over to help. came to take this mangd car away that almost unrecognizable. cual was killed and two children. their car crashed near lake annf on sunday rnoon.
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>> it sounded like an explosion went off and i ran up to the accident. and it's one of the most horrific things i'ver seen. it was really bad. >> the driver and another child who were in the car suffered life-threatening injuries. the fairfax county couple in th suv had serious injuries as well. u.s. marshals need help to track down a man wanted for kill a 10-year-old girl in d.c. he is one of indicted by a grand jury in connection to the death of makia wilson who was killed last july while on her way to an ice cream truck and several feet away from her front door. police say the suspects were part of a street gang. marshals are offering a $5,000 reward leading to the catch of mchantson. a youth minister apologized yesterday. a judge sentenced jordan bairdt to ee years. he was also sentenced to three years probation.
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baird was accused of having an indecent relationship back in 2014 with a teenage girl at the life church in manassas. he was charged with ginappropriately touchin then 16-year-old and sending her sexually explicit messages. baird was 23 at the time. july fourth has come and gone but questions remain how president trump's event called "salute to america" was paid for. the event at the lincoln memorial featured military flyovers d tanks on the national mall and a speech by the president. our news partner at wtop report chris van holland and two other senators are asking the government accountabilit office whether that evt prohibited any laws for taxpayer money gun debate will take center stage in virginia. lawmakers will begin a special session called by governor ralph northam.
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he ordered the session shortly after the virginia beach massacre in may. the governor is calling on lawmakers to vote on measures, including universal background checks, assault weapons ban and one gun per month limit. there is plenty of support and opposition to this special session. julie carey will have live reports later today on news4. in a matter of hours, d.c. councilmember jack evans, the council is voting whether to strip him of finance committee chairmanship and decide whether to hire a law firm to see if evans violated council rules by benefit is his own. evans has been forced to resign from the metro board. we are proud of you!
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>> the family of an international teenage phenom shouting their support. coco gauff lost in the fourth round yesterday and surprised the world by making i far as e e did and rising to famlast week after beating a superstar and one of her idols venus williams. you can hear from lr. she wil be doing a live interview today herews on ne during the "today" show. >> what an experience 15 years old up against so many big name in the tennis world. >> she has moved way up the ranks and making a name for hearst. next on "news4 today," after seven decades, a welan find hersf holding something that she thought was lost. we will tell you about. he reunion disney say the doll fashioned after a "toy story 4" character could be dangerous. we will have the detail mom and dad will want to know. after yesterdayrential rain and flash flooding comes
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into focus, we look at why scientists say this will keep happening. it's time to start thinking about the weekend. if you're going to beach over the weekend, a little chance for a thunder eorm on fridayning but sat aurday and sunday no ra worries and hot and on
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a renovation in linois ame with a surprise 75 years in te making. a plumber helpingturn the school into a church said he found 15 wallets stashed in a school bathroom wall. a pastor posted a photo of them k along with a list of names.
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the post was shared thousands of times which helped get one of the wallets back to rightful owner, 89-year-old betty sisson. she was grateful to have it back, even though there was no money lo left in it.wo we are rking for your health this morning. researchers say patients with pneumonia are on antibiotics longer than they should be. the university of michigan study looked at over 6,000 patients and found the longer patients were on antibiotics the more likely they were to report issues, including stomach problems. another university of michigan udy found patients with sprained ankles are being prescribed opioids. researchers looked at near 600,000 people and some of them were still filling trit prescption 90 days later. many experts s overprescribing
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is a root cause of addic mon. d.c.,aryland, and virginia have filed lawsuits of subscribing opioid of misleading the public about the danger of opioids. this character is bm ng pulled fe shelves. disney is recalling nearly 80,000 forky push toys. it has eyes that can detach and pose a choking hazard. it was sold for about $20 at disney parks from april through june of this year. so far, there have bes. no injurie homeowners across the area o are cleaning m what they feel once in a lifetime rainfall. >> many of never experienced flash flooding like we saw yesterday. news4 pat lawson muse talked to a meteorologist amelia draper about why scenes like these may be more common around here. >> reporter: a ew jrnal shows heavy downpours are on the rise.
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it's a trend we have witnessed over the last three to five decade when global warm ing started to intensify. >> the earth goes through warming and cooling process and what we are seeing right now is that humans are realg contribut the amount of greenhouse gases that we are putting in the atmosphere. greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane will trap the heat on earth rather than allowing it to escape out to space. when you trap the heat, that leads to warmer temperatures. >> reporter: a report by the national climate asssment shows heavy downpours have increased by 74% in the northeast. and meteorologists say the sittion will likely get wor in our warming world. >> maybe you go back a few decades and you're still going ll have those heavy rainfa events, but when you factor in our on changing climate, the fact there is more water vapor, the water cle is super charged, what that is leading to is our streams are getting more extreme. ha >> t was pat lawson muse
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reporting there. we invite you to search changing climate in the nbc washington app to see how our warming world affecting your community and even your morninge commut >> my goodness gracious, chuck. what a whopper of a storm yesterday. >> crazy weather. >> look at the sunrise. >> a few areas of f in t area. is there a view from ourm tower a. can you find the potomac river in this picture? right where the fog is and the fog is hanging over the river this morning. river water is relatively warm and cool air settling down on top of it actuallyorms a fog bank on top of the river. this will be view with the american legion bridge early this morning. right now at national airport 68 degrees and not much of a wind out there just yet. sun is shining over national airport at tis point in time.
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under a mile now for visibility in northern montgomery county for the ride down 270. could be fog in places and the ride along i-81. hagers town to a third of a mile and warrenton a and zero this point in time in lou ray. pockets of fog early so leave extra distance between you and the driver in front of you this morning. 62 dulles airport. a comfortable start. the fact we only madere 80 deg for a high yesterday and skies cleared overnight is the reason or this comfortable start th morning. temperatures will climb quickly. your commute today will not be affected by rain. just a patchy fog. not super humid today or tomomiow. the huty and rain chances come back on thursday. look at that. set your mind at ease. radar arounhe t area. nothing across pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, west virginia, the district all the way down into the carolinas.
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here is the future weather the next coupled. any tiny chance for rain today is in the west virginia mountains. for tomorrow, much of the same. right along the virginia, west virginia border. we will be dry today and tomorrow around the ity. ursday is our next best chance. as early as lunch time thursday into the afternoon and evening commute thursday. showers and storms will be likely. after that heavy rain yesterday our ground is super saturated and keep you posted on any flood threats thursday afternoon and evening and less humid on friday and sunny and hot. er good morning. chopper 4 ov one of the washed-out roads across the area this morning. this is prosper ist avenity ave morningside drive. look at that water. this rection of thedway is shut down as they try to repave this and get that debris out of the way. kirby road near 23 and mclean
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flooding and damage from the rain there as well. tw rest of the belay is okay. crash in the middle of the roadway at connecticut avenue and randolph road but now cleared out of the way. next up, we are checking ett sng fun and new for your whole family to try. >> like a roller coaster and go cart loop put into one thing. ride? if you will? or track? >> what? huh? >> it will make more sense later and trust me. we will give you a look at a that coming up. don't miss "ellen" at 3:00 and then the news at 4:00.
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get out your best cow costume! it is cow appreciation day at chick-fil-a. customer who dress up in their best bovine attire will get a free entree. the offer is valid until os restaurants
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i've seen people go all out. they dress their kid up and they moo. >> too much . it's tuesday but if u're thinking about the weekend, our tommy mcfly found just the place toheck out. >> he went to the scene after local go ct track and it's called fun land in fredericksburg. er >> reportdown 95 in frederi brand-new racing track like nothing in the region. >> we wanted tdo something unique and special for the city of fredericksburg and attract people fm all over the place. >> this is the only one of its kind. the closest is four hours from here. 30 feet in the air. 1,800 feet of track. i got to catch up! >> how am going to pass my brother without hitting him?
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i waited behind him and probably dropped a little bit and see if they go high or low, i go the oppose way they do. >> it's funny because when we started building it, people are saying what are you building, a roller coaster we go, kind of. >> reporter: if you go there, be rea to wait your turn on saturdays and friday nights, but mid week and morning trips you'll be behind the wheel much more and have less time to smack lk with friends. >> i have a foot on her. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does bein taller make you faster at go carting? >> at least you can reach the pedals. t >> it's worth trip. i love the track. i think they love the track too. >> reporter: again! again! i want to go again! in fredericksbu, tommy mcfly, ws4. >> for many new cool places to see and do, go to nbc washington app and search "the scene." >> he makest iook so much fun!
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i want to try it! >> this is where that competitive eun yang kicks in and now she wants to hit me! know how it work. >> it's 6:26. new tower and additional bike lanes and more parking. you rolled your eye to me so hard! we are seeing the plans that amazon has for northern virginia. also ahead. we continue the impact on n.sterday's historic rainfall in the d.c. regio we are looking at the hardest hit spots. we are showing you the areas that still need to be cleaned good ming. op. this is brady, 4-year-old dog d boxer mix and available for adoption. if you're a patriots fan, what his me is bradyna
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was my family. i came home and crd. the medicine has pessed diright alongside it. trying to make medications more affordable is important, w but ifhington isn't careful we might leave innovatn behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope,la and the thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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ust about 6:30 now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the d.c. region still has plenty of drying out today. yesterday's historic rainfall
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caor quickly during the mng commute. road were flooded and many found themselves trapped. >> it wasn't only the road. metro stations hadpr lems too. rain and water poured into the track and down the elevators as well d lost trains and passengers soaked. a this morning looking bag to that flooding and the damage left behind. >> let's check on your commute and forecast first. plmt melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic and we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bel >> much better to be outside today than yesterday. yesterday's havy rainfall event put the flash in flash flooding. between s of rain 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. at national airport. yesterday 3.41 inch for the day but almost all of that in a o -hour span. that was the sixth rainiest july day on record in waington. keep in mind the other daily rainfall record most of them were 24-hour rainfall total. yesterday's rain total was really ju aut an hour and a
6:31 am
half in the making. so just an amazing amount of water in a short period ofme. sun is back out this morning. nice and dry. humidity not too bad. average weather for a change tht neoupled and weekend looks pretty good as well and more about that later on. watch out. still areas of fog bu now the sun is up it will burn off pretty quickly. most area in the mid-60s this morning. a comfortable start for ure. today's high temperature near 88 and that morning fog won't last much longer. thank you,chuck. right now prosperity avenue at morningside drive road still washed out there and chopper 4 was for there a short time ago.
6:32 am
inbound new york avenue near here, right lane blocked by a road. hawthorne flooding with a road shut down there. much of the flooding may have subsided but tha doesn't mean all of the local rd are safe for driving. check out this scene in northern virginia. yesterday's flood water took out a portion of this road in mean.
6:33 am
it wasn't only the road and tecars that were imp by the weather but infrastructure was so overwhelmed by the heavy rain yesterday. >> there is a massive cleanup left in mclean. here is a look at thia rod. water flooded the street and the front yard of this home. >> this is not normal. unfortunately the infrastructures we built 20, 30 reyears ago around the sts and draining system is not keeping up with the weather pattern. i> molette green will join us in a few minutes w a closer look at the damage le behind. check out the many other incredible images and stories fromda yestery's severe storms. take a look at the photos and video in theas nbc whington app. d.c. police and the fbi need your help. they are searching for a person who fired a gun towa on-duty police officers. police say this video shows the suspect circled in red and the person is firing a gun behind a tree. this was in the 4600 block of hillside road in southeast early
6:34 am
in the in the morning on july fourth. the officer was not injured. justin finch will join us live in a few minutes with more on this. a maryland man is back home after serving dedes in prison for a crime he doesn't commiur >> ctis brooks was just 15 years old when he was charged with murder in colorado. he had moved to the area as a teenager but one ght with the wrong crowd, he landed himself 24 years in prison because of mandatory sentencing. state senator joanne benson formed a coalition and she was hiprincipal at brooks school john bayne elementary school in capital heights. brooks' case helped the supremea court to automatic sentences with life without parole for juveniles with help from the u.s. senator chris van holjund and the e granted brooks clemency. >> i will do everything i an to liveife that is worthy of all of you and that is worthy of that i would s hope i can one day attain. >> now as part of his release, brooks has five years of parole.
6:35 am
says he plans to speak in support of legislation in colorado to help protect juveniles and he wants to revisit the colorado prison system to help implent reform. be. 6:35. a o look ater top story this morning. u.s. marshals offering a 5,000 reward for any information that lead to the arrest ofi isa merchantson who is wanted for his suspected involvement in a d.c. shooting that left m 10-year-oldia wilson in d.c. last year. he was killed back in july while on her way to an ice cream truck and several feet from her front door. jordan baird has been te sennced to three years in prison. he is the former youth pastor from prince william county and convicted of having a relationship with a teenager at life church in manassas in 2014. baird was 23 at the time. today, the gun debate takes center stage in virginia. lawmakers have returned to a special session called by governor ralph northam. he ordered that session shortly after the virginia beach massacre in may.
6:36 am
the governor wants lawmakers to vote on a series of mediures inclung universal background checks and assault weapons ban and one guner month limit. >>is morning the smithsonian is working to help tell the children of migrant children who were held in border detention centers and it obtained these disturbing drawings obtained by the young people who were locked up. this work has been done by 10 and 11-year-olds. they were released from a migrant detention center in texas. the american academy of pediatrics shared the drawings with nbc news and other media outlets. d what you and millions of other americans may not be eating enough of to keep yourself healthy. new details about an old f scam wst told you about this yestery. this morning a closer look at a can designed to care you into giving up your sh. stay with us. good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. today at 4:00, we are work to go save you money on afoceries. thiternoon, we put grocery de home very to the test and we placed orders with four stores, so we are done.
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we are working for your health this morning. those vitamins and mineral supplents you take may not have any added health benefits. researchers from west virginia found taking multivitamins, as well as calcium and iron, had no added benefit when he comes to teart. researchers did find omega 3 fatty acids offer protertions agaisease and heart attack. folic acid helped protect against strokes. you may want to eat more whole grains. a new study by the cdc found that adults are eating about 16% of grains, well below the recommended minimum of 50%.
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whole grains intake has increased since 2005 but they say more improvements are needed. >> we can all eat more healthy food, right? >> yes. this morning, new details about update of a phone cam and how con artists are tryingo steal your cash. >> the con artist claims to be calling from the irs or social security and wstnt money. moang up and never report the scam. those who are duped lose nearly $1,000 on average. >> if you get one of these phone calls, the number one advice is hang up. the government does not call to threaten you and e government does not demand payment from you by gift cards or anything like that. y >> federal officials sathey have received 200,000 complaints of government imposter calls so far this year. here is your cnbc business report. >> a federaljudge is prohibiting drug companies for ad. the rule proposed in may supposed to go in tfect ay. list prices would be shown and
6:41 am
ked ifst a drug co 35th or more for a month supply. ten of the most commonly drugs cost 75 to 17,000 per month. drug companies sued claiming the rule could be confusing for consumers as list prices do not reflect the actual cost of drugs due to discounts that are negotiated with health insurers and pharmacy. i'm kate rogers. good morning. beautiful sunrise over washington on a tuesday. no weather worries for today. car washing forecast, go for it. next chance for raintis rsday. we will detail the timing on that and take a look at the weekend coming up. problemound town. washed out road and traffic lights out on georgia avenue causing delays here this morninl so we wilake a look at that and
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welcome back. developing overnight in california a state of emergency after two major earthquakes on the west coast. president trump is now paving the way for federal cash to helh se hit the hardest. this morning, homes and businesses are skill without power and damage estimates are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. meanwhile back here in the washington region, today will bb out drying out and cleaning up. >> yesterday's historic rainfall led to flash flooding. the impacts of which may be fel for days to come. across our region, homeowners could only watch as fast moving water damaged their property. in one potomac home, news4 cameras undjfx÷ a mess in the
6:45 am
basement with personal belonging littered the floor and mud stained the walls. >> i think i'm still in shock itright now. hasn't hit me too much because i've just been workin working, working to clean this y up. >> basements and backyd turned pools.imming asphalt was washed away. construction crews prepare to mix what was left broken this morning. they have to make sune the gro is stable and the road is intact before they let the drivers on. >> news4 molette green is on belfast road in potomac where a major hole opened up in that area because of the rain yesterday. >> reporter: i'm stanng on temporary steel plates where the massive sinkhole opened up
6:46 am
yesterday during those torrential rain that came down. this is temporary so the repairs can ntinue. unfortunately in this community one way in and one way out and we are standing on so they had m to get shing temporary in place. what they have to do, the contractors have marked all of these line of trees, theare spray painted. they have to come down in order for these repairs to continue. i just spoke with a contractor who said he got the emergency call just last night >> in order for them to put the new culvert in the trees have to be removed. they have to do that because there is no way the trees are going to survive. >> reporter: residents here in this community have tempor infrastructure repair happening while this repair and cleanup continues. i just want you to look down
6:47 am
here. a big pipe, drainage pipe that you can see. that has to come out and be pl ed. next to is a tree that came crashing down yesterday during all of this rain. so still a mess this community as people are cleaning up and the repairs are under way. these contractors say they will be here for some time getting this community back together. back to you. >> a lot of wk left to do. >> molette green live for us, thanks. new this morning. e are getting a look at frightening new video taken on the fourth of july. it's dark and blurry but you can see several flashes of ligh bed the tree and you can see that image circled there. gunshots these are and were directed at an on-duty police officer. the officer was not harmed. news4 justin finch is joining us live from d.c. police headquarters with the test. good morning. >> reporter: on good morning
6:48 am
imagine this officer could have been hurt or much worse. that is why the search is on for th suspect that that officer and others in danger. we have a look at those scary second caught on surveillance videki loong at that right now, this is the early morning on the fourth of july close to 4:00 a.m. on e clip you willsee that suspect walking a dog. authority say that was passing by an officer he told him "fu" as he passed by. minutes later he comes back and the second clip you will see crouching behind the tree and firing shots in the direction of that officer who was duty and with people moments before the suspect escaped through an alley and was not caught. the good newss that no one was hurt. now a closer look at where this happened. we are talking about 4600 block of hillside road in southeast near 46th and hillside and not far fromoa benning r and not
6:49 am
far from the maryland line. d.c. police and fbi going after this suspect. thetw fbi ting the following. we come back out live. the fbi and d.c. police after that suspect. they have a combined reward of $11,000 for tips that lead to ac arrest andviction of that suspect that you saw. back inside to you. >>u jin finch, thank you. >> jeffrey epstein has pleaded not guilty to sex crimes charged and was in court yesterday. he is accused of exploiting dozens of underaged girls. prosecutors say they found a trove of photos at his mansion over the weekend. a judge ordered him to be held in jail until his bail hearing later this week. another twist in the sexual assault case involving oscar winner kevin spacey. yesterday the man who accused
6:50 am
spacey of groping him in 2016 asserted his fifth amendment right not to testify. the moment came after spacey's lawyer questioned him about a cell phone used in the night of the alleged assault. this comes after another accuser dropped a civil case against spacey last week. california billionaire tom steyer is expected to formally announce he is running for the white house today, despite previously saying he would not enter the race. the past decade, he has been a top democratic donor and since the election of donald trump, he has been one of the most outspoken critics and pushed hard for imachment. he> one campaign a bs, nliforrnia congressman eric swalwell saye will not run for president. he spoke yesterday admitting with his lack of fund-raising and support in the polls, heik would be unly to qualify for the debates in the fall. d.c.ghf ni life and
6:51 am
meeti. shawn townsend has worked in the d.c. government a long time and most recently as an investigator onforcing d.c. alcohol law. he will act as a pt of contact for night life establishments and handling consumer complaints and other pertinent >>sues. >ime to check the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. pretty out there, chuck. >> n hard to be a better day than yesterday. no queson about it. almost 3.5 inch of rain yesterday at national airport in less an two-hour span of time. equivalent more than 3 bil lili gallons of visibility under a mile to this area because of fog.
6:52 am
under amile in frederick, maryland. a few foggy spots in on your way to work this morning t rain chances near to zero today' tomorrow. next chance on thursday a ernoon. temperature wise it's also very comfortable this morning. leesburg and winchester to 59 degrees. 63 in german town and gaithersburg this morning. 65 fredericksburg and 65 in brandy wine, maryland. sunny and warm is your planner today. not too humid either so that is about as nice as we can make it in summer. tomorrow not super humid. warmer. close to 9degrees coming up tomorrow. rain chance satellite and radar composition across the mid-atlantic. zero rain anywhereithin 200 tof 300 miles o us. rain chances over the next feud on future weather. eoday any little chancof rain in the mountains of west virginia. tomorrow, more of the same.
6:53 am
although closer to the virginia and west virginiane tomorrow. no rain around the city tomorrow. thursday here is thursday early afternoon. showers and storm developing along the shenandoah valley and then reaching us during the evening commute. thursday afternoon and evening, rain and thunderstorm. some of them likely to have heavy rain. then on friday, any little chances forain friday i think are over southern maryland. what about that ten-day forecast? enjoy the quiet weather the next two days. time now for a check on traffic. melissa inmollet, what you work on? good morning. georgia avenue at seminary road. dark traffic lights and police are there to push people through so treat it as a stop if the police are not there to direct
6:54 am
you. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway no issues there. chopper 4 was tre le it a tl le remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your ctoda we are getting an early look how amazon is planning for their
6:55 am
headquarters. >> so far it looks good for walkers, cyclists, and public transit users. the first proposed buildings are 22-story towers at metropolitan park on southeast street in pentason city. thengton business journal reports that amazon expects 64% of hq employees to use metro rail, bus, or walk to work and 6% will bike. 500 space, 58 showers and 750 locker rooms. the towers less thanoalf a mile frthe pentagon city and crystal city metro stations and nearby bus stops, 16 of them and four new traffic signals to make that area more pedestrian friendly. know.our thing to >> take sometime to repair the damage lefthind by yesterday's flash flooding. crews in potomac are still working to patch a massive sinkhole that opened after the heavy rain. we have a photo gallery of all the flooding throughout the region in the nbc washington app. d.c. police and the fbi a arching for the person who fied shots toward a police officer. this is surveillance video from
6:56 am
the incidenton july fourth. police say it happened in the 4600 block of hillside road southeast. call police if you know anying about this. california billionaire tom expected to formally announce he is running for the white house today, despite previously saying he would not run. he has long been a itic of president trump and calling for his impeachment. check out "today" show for the test. gun debate takes center stage in virginia. lawmakers have returned to a special session called by governor ralph northam. he wants lawmakers vote on a series of measures including universal background checks ead assault wns ban and one gun per month limit. julie carey will have livere orts at 4:00. >> there is your sunshine. plenty of sunshine and not too humid for today and tomorrow. thex thunderstorms on thursday and hot side for the weekend. >> that weekend loood go. georgia avenue at seminary road have traffic lights that are out and police are directing traffic
6:57 am
through that area. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway no major problems. a lot of danimage and debris on the roads and ta a while. >> take it easy out there on the road today. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" is next. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.r >> enjoy youay.
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good morning. fear of flight. prosecutors move to keep billionaire jeffrey epstein behind bars after charging him with sex trafficking and conspiracy. this morning, the o vast trovef disturbing images they say they just found at his new york city. mans and the call for new accusers to come forward. >> the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. >> straight ahead, will this case actually go to trial? dissed. the white house disinvites the british ambassador from a high level dinner overnight after the ambassador is caught ripping the president in diplomatic cables leaked to the media, but dinner goesn with robert kraft in the midst of fighting a prostitution ca


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