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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. fear of flight. prosecutors move to keep billionaire jeffrey epstein behind bars after charging him with sex trafficking and conspiracy. this morning, the o vast trovef disturbing images they say they just found at his new york city. mans and the call for new accusers to come forward. >> the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. >> straight ahead, will this case actually go to trial? dissed. the white house disinvites the british ambassador from a high level dinner overnight after the ambassador is caught ripping the president in diplomatic cables leaked to the media, but dinner goesn with robert kraft in the midst of fighting a prostitu ion casen florida in attendance.
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we're live at h the whitese with t very latest. > heroes w. the world cup winning u.s. women'soccer team arrives home with the hardware. this morning, their big plans to celebrate on both coasts and their new calls r eq >> what more do you want from us? >> athat, plus d.c. deluge. the nation's capital paralyzed by a month' worthf orain in one hour. momes ofimpact. an american tored duringhe running of the bulls tells the tale and shares the video he took of his near death experience. >> that's where i got hit. >> and f crazy coco. the teen sensation who wowed at wimbledoniv joins use to talk about herun historic and what's next for her, today, tuesday, july 9th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morng, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us nice an early on a tuesday wemorning. love coco gauff. she made a name for herself at wimbledon. it came to an end yesterday, but we're excited to talk to her about all the records she >> i have a hankering feeling this is just the beginning for coco. >> we'll talk to her live just ahead. first, our top story. stunning new developments and csturbing new details emerging in thee against billionaire jeffrey epstein. we have complete coverage this morning. we'll start with nbc's stephanie gosk at the courthouse all day yesterday. steph, good morning. >>oothd is ginormoningrn here i. his bail hearing isn't until monday. federal prosecutors are arguing that bail b denied altogether. they say he's an unreformed sexual offender and a flight risk. this morning, prosecutors are labeling billionaire jeffrey epstein a danger to the community. who poses an extreme flight
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risk. telling a judge that convicted sex offender is not chacined, h. refentan in an effort to keep him behind bars until his trial. >> the behave. shocks the conscious. >> pleading not guilty toge char of sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for the purpose of sex. epstein is accused of paying girls as young as 14 for sex at his new york city and palm beach, florida, homes between 2002 and 2005. >> epstein also c paidtain victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly abused. >> photos show fbi agents breaking epstein's front new york shortly after his arrest saturday. court documents revealing they found a vast trove of lewd photographs of young looking women or girls inside. epstein, a hedge fund manager, was known to mingle with power players in business and politics, including president trump and former president to clin whose team said
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overnight, president clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes jeffrey epstein pleadedg ty to in florida some years ago. or those with which he has been recently charged in. new york president trump saying this eps asked for comment. >> i don't know anything about it. i don't know anything. >> epstein's day in court is one his alleged victims have waited more than a decade for. >> they have been ckatta maligned. d this is very, very welcome and gratifying vindication for them. >> his accusers say they were never consulted in 2008 before florida prosecutors andps ein made a secret deal. approved by then u.s. attorney alexander acosta. the agreement thrust into the spotlight by a miami herald expozies last year, allowed epstein to plead guilty to state charges of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution. served 13 months behind bars, and register as a sex offender.
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in order toavoid more serious federal charges. if convicted, epstein faces up to 45 years in prison. open to other people being charged but told the judge yesterday right now they don't expect any imminent superseding indictments. >> they're clearly looking for erre accusers. steph, thank you v much. >> we turn to ari melber, nbc's legal analyst. good to see you. let's start with federal prosecutors down in florida, in south florida. years ago, they prepared an indictment, but they allowed hid to ple to this lesser charge. years pass and now youave the prosecutors in new york, they bring charges. why now? geat chan >> we don't know exactly why now. we know federal prosecutors in new york look as that az a serious case that they can prove and win, where florida prosecutors were accused of backing down the first time. >> they made this plea deal, to craig's point, that said we won't prosecute you. that only covered the district
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in florida? is that why new york rpprosku are now bring the case? >>yeah, they have syoarate new rk jurisdiction, but this very dictment mentioned things that also occurred in florida. >> one of the most stunning revelations to come out yesterday, and stephanie, you were there, is that there were new otographs, new images, what prosecutors called a trove images of young looking girls east side s upper mansion over the weekend. could that in itself lead to new charges? >> it's entirely possible, if those are underaged photographs, that tha a could be separate charge. it would be technically a lesser charge than what's in the new indictment. but it's the kind of thing prosecutors can later add, as stephanie was mentioning. >> also, they were very careful to make sure they characterized those phos in a specific way. and that obviously means they're still investigating them. >> they said young-looking, they idn't assert these were underaged girls. >> what about the idea the charges are brought by theio public corru unit and
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thought the u unit that'ssually crimes?ith handling sex >> that's a very important poiner craig. e are few crimes that are so particular or serious that prosecutors are assigned to just those crimes. and as you mentioned, the prosutors who normallyeal with these kind of heinous accusations of things involving minors and sex trafficking are not on the case. so that raises a question we can't answer yet, which is is there some other part of this that relates to government construction. >> the prosecutors are arguing to keep him behindbars. they say he's a flight risk. do they have a strong argument to keep him in jail? >> they have anut argument, b his folks who have worked in the past are making the argument they're willing to do everything to prove lee wouldn't be a flight risk. >> thank tu. >> alsohis morning, new controversy over those leaked memos in which the british bassador to the u.s. called the trump administration inept, among other things. overnight,as that ambdor was
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disinvited by the president to a high-profile dinner at the treasury department. and eyebrows were raised over a particular person in attendance, nbc's white house correspondent peter a >> pre hosting they high-powered dinner last night for the 39-year-old amir of qatar, with the guest list thatn uded business leaders who were close to the president. disinvited britain's ambassador fter those revelations of critical comments he made about the trump administration, but on the list, the president's friend and one of thes nf most powerful owners, robert kraft. lastnight, president trump inviting a who's who of business leaders to a dinner wh the amir of qatar, the leade of one of the world's most wealthy nations. >> you have been a great ally. >> according to a white house official, the british a assador wasdisinvited. his ftvitation pulled a the publication of leaked memos over the weekend in which the ambassador was highly critical
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of the president, sa he radiates insecurity and scribing his administration as inept and uniquely dysfunctional. in a series of tweets monday, th f presidenting back, i do dmaut know the ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within thou.s. we willonger deal with him. among the 40 business lders who did attend last night, a somewhat surprising guest. new england patriots owner robert kraft, who is be seen sitting at a table with the president. the billionaire sinessman caught in a sting operation just five months ago at a florida massage parlor. kraft pleaded not guilty to soliciting prostitution and has denied engaging in any illegal activity. days after his arrest, president trump was asked about hisnd frie legalro tubles. >> well, it's very sad. i was surprised to see it. he's proclaimed his incense totally. >> in march, the president invited kraft and his team to the white house to celebrate the
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most recent super bowl victory, t so far that has not happened. the two are lgtime friend. kraft spending time at the -a-l as for the british ambassador, the president tweeted he is not well liked or well thought of within the u.s. butlenty of the president's closest aitds and allies have repeatedly socialized with the ending ambassador, a many of his parties. among them, treasury secretary steve mununuchimnuchin, wilbur kellyanne conway, sean spicer, and sarah sanders. back to yo peter alexander, thank you. another major story in washington. that historic flash flooding that crippled the nation's capital onmonday. al's here with more on that and another big weather concern on the horizon. >> absolutely, but look at this. deep water rescues going on all throughout thenation's capital yesterday. they got i over threehes of
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rain. it was amazing. a lot of folks driving through, risk going through that high water, but a lot of rescues had to happen. and gez what, really record setting. they saw 3.4 inches of rain, almost a month's worth of rain in one morning. first time they had a flash flood warning in d.c. we have seen since 1958 a increase in this heavy downpours, especially i the northeast and mid-atlantic. we're not done yet with that kind of rain. what w we'reatching now is an invest area where they're investigating this low pressure. xt two days they expect it to become a tropical system. within thet five days, an 80% chance of that happening. we look at the global models, the american and european, and something is developing in the gulf a bringing with it heavy rain. is it a hurricane, a tropical storm? the european model brings it up in and makes its way into the mississippi river valley whereas the american model keeps it up
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into texas. either way, we're looking by sunday at seven inches or more along the coast. we're going to continue to watch this really carefully. savannah. >> all right, awl, thank you so much. now to the search for answers after the shockingf death o a toddler. the child fell more than ten stories from a docked cruise ship in puerto co and her family is now asking whether the cruise line cou have done more to prevent it. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us with the latest. good morning. >> savannah, good morning. this is such anc gut-wreng story. the toddler losing her young life on a family vacation in what appears to be a tragic accident. we're now hearing more from the family about what they say actually happened. according to their new attorney, the initial police reports wer this morning, the family of toddler who tragically died in puerto rico is disputing initial accounts from police that she slipped and fell from her grandfather's arms. little chloe was just a year and a half old. her family's newly retained
7:13 am
attoedey said she lov to be near glass and windows toth wat e action on the otherke side he did at her older brother's hockey games. the family's attorney now saying chloe's grandfather had placed lher on age by a window, but had no idea it was open. >> why in the world would you leave a window open in an entire glass wall full of windows in a kid's area? why would you have that kind of hidden danger whout any warning, without any sign, without any notice?ic >> polin san juan said s fell from an 11-story window of royal caribbean's freedom of the seas landing on a concrete dock more than 100 feet below. >> i think there is going to be line, and i will do blam everything i can to hold themco actable for what appears to me to bege neglie. >> royal caribbe said it's deeply saddened by the tragging incident and our hearts gout out to the family but did not specifically comment on nelegations of gligence. on average, 24 people fall from
7:14 am
cruise ships and ferries each ar. the cruise line's international association andus indy group says ships have gotten safer, pointing out while capacity has drown over 50% in the last decade, overboarncidents have dropped by 35%. chloe's father is a police poficer in south bend, indiana. what was supd to be an unforgettable family vacation now an unthinkable los >> they just want topread the message that this isn't just a tragy but they want to shine a light on the kind of life that chloe lived, and she was such a happy and loving child who really touched everyone's life. departed uise ship has on a week-long trip through the caribbean. chloe's family is still in puerto rico. while the investigation is under way. craig and savannah. >> all right,gabe, thank you very much. meanwhile, on this tuesday morning, the u.s. women's national team may have returned from france, and they came back with the hardware in hand. this morning, they're gearing up for major celebration as well.
7:15 am
nbc's morgan radford was there yesterday when they arrived. you talked to some of the ladies as well? >> that's right. thee fans wer going wild. we were right there when they returned to home turf. their victory t r kicked off tomorrow with a ticker tape d this power house team who proved once again they're the best in t world are hoping for the same success in their battle off the field. adoring fans providing ahero's welcome back to home soil, fresh off their world cup victory in france with the hardware to prove it. >> look at lothat. at that. >> the u.s. women's national team is keeping the celebrations rollsg. >> it' been a long time away from the u.s., so we're happy to celebrate with ev>>yone. the tournament's mvp and top sc. >> goal. >> megan rapinoe. >> pretty boss. pretty boss. >> and the breakout star playing in her first world cup, rose lavelle. >> i feel like first off i just
7:16 am
have to thank the fans because i think every single game, it was basically a home game for us. >>raising the fans who traveled to france and the millions more at home. the players not giving critics of the team's on field celebrations the time of day. >> you cer't be ne's cup of tea. not everyone is going to like you, and that's fine. >> hundreds of thousands ofan f will pack new york city's canyon of heroes tomorrow for a ticker tape parade. the first in manhattan since the team's last world cup win four years ago. >> to do this again, but on a grander scale, knowing that so many more eyes are on us is etty incredible. >> but the future beyond thats little less clear. their lawsuit for equal pay demanding the same salaries as ma players. now enters a new phase with both the players and the u.s. soccer federation ageing to enter arbitration. >> the tv ratings are there, the revenue is there, the support is there. what more do want from us? we havely literal done every
7:17 am
single thing, checked every single box. >> and nothing has changed for rapinoe about that white house visit. >> in terms of the president, he said he was inviting us either way, but the invitation hasn't come yet, and it'sl been a ful 24 hours so i don't think it's . >> as for seein the team back in action, the west coast may be in luck since a victory tour is slated to kick off with a game at the rose bowl in pasade on august 3rd. >> going to carry that trophy all over america. >> with excitement. >> i love it. >> thanks. >> let's turn back to al, get th rest of the forecast. there you are. u were over there. >> i'm everywhere. sunny and warm here in the icnortheast. tr downpours today in florida. severe storms through the northern plains and out west, plenty of sunshine. coastal oregon may see a few showers. we'll get into yrer local fost in the next look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money
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by customizing your car insurance, so you onlpay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine on a tuesday morning in the washingtoarea. going to be sunny all day long today. no rainfall worries, fortunately, and it's comfortably cool this morning. most of the western suburbs a in the mid 60s. even a few spots like leesburg down below 60 degrees this morning. your planner for today is 100% sunshine thisn. afternoo day time highs today in the mid to upper 80s. another relatively warm day tomorrow. next chance for thunderstorms thursday afternoon and evening. >> thank you. coming up, the americans gored during the running of the bulls speak out to nbc news. one sharing the video he was
7:19 am
taking at that exact moment. >> and then, we can't wait because we're going to talk to 15-year-old tennissensation coco gauff about her incredible run at wimbledon and what's nex we'll ask h live. first, this is "today" on nbc. "
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to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services r your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal. this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, july 9th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. today, t gunebate takes center stage in virginia. lawmakers return for a special session called by governor ralph northam. he wants governors to vote on a series of measures including background checks a an assault weapons ban. >> many people are cleaning up after the flash flooding, fast moving water washed away roads and invaded houses yesterday. we have a feto gallery of all the flooding in the area n the nbc washington app. let's check on your commute with your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. adelphi outer loop, a brand-new
7:27 am
crash there, also a situation at the bottom the beltway here. inner loop, the ramp to 95, an accident. taking a look elsewhere for a minute, silver spring, georgia avenue at seminary, dark lights repains through the morning rauch. >> we'll have a check on your forecast when we come - you're heading to moose creek for aunt trudy's 97th - yeah, it's definita flat. - [man in saouty vest] they said yl never make it. the kids are too wild, and the car's seen too many miles. (tire iron clanging) - (woman sighing) hang on. - but you know you'll get there because you have aaa. - okay, thanks so much. we'll see you soon. - and when you itire goes flat, we chan and when you need a jump, we jump to it. so you can rest assured that the country's most highly-recommended roadside assistance won't let anything come
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between you and the family event of the year. p.s., happy birthday, trudy. sorry about the cake. aaa, go ahead. good morning, everybuly. a beautiftart to your tuesday morning. no rain to worry about today. teeratures areostly in the 60s across the area. 70s by the bay, even a few spots down into the 50s this morning. leesburg dropped to 56 degrees this manaurrently 61. up to 70 in arlington. beautiful weather or today. the fog over the potomac won't last much lo now that the strong july sunshine is out there. all sunny all day with a high ea temperature n 88 degree. tomorrow, more of the same, a
7:29 am
littlerrwarmer. tomo up to 90 degrees. if you're wondering about the next of the week, the next chance of rain is thursday. dry for the weekend. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show .fter this short break.
7:30 am
bw,k no 7:30. there she is. it's july 9th, 2019, and look who's joining us. kori coco gauff. >> two weeks ago, the world would have sd who, and now everyone knows your name. coco, good morning to you. we loved watching her play at do wimble in a few moments, we'll talk to her about how it all feels, how it's sinking >> that's coming up in a few mome, but let's get a check of today's headlines. we start with new developments in the case against billionaire and convicted sex offender jeffy epstein. the 66-year-old pleading not guilty yesterday to charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for the purpose of
7:31 am
epn is accused of paying girls as young as 14 for sex at his new york city and palm beach, floridom h between 2002 and 2005. the hedge fund manager was known to mingle with power players in business and politics, including president trump and former president bill clinton. if convicted, epstein faces up to 45 years in prison. >> the proposed legislation that led to weeks of massive protests in hong kong has now failed. that bill would have allowed suspectses to be sent to mainland china to face trial, but lawmakers in hong kong now say t dt bill isd and will not be revived. it sparked some of the largest protests in the ci's history. critics argue that legislation would unde hineong kong's independence. >> more trouble boeing this morning. saudi arabia announced it'sca eling an effort for 737 max aircraft and would use airbus as a supplier instead f its new
7:32 am
single aisle planes. it's the fst time an airplane has shifted an order away from boeing following a pair of fatal crashes involving a 737 max. the fleet of planes has been march d worldwide sin while the company works on a software fix. >> one of the americans who was gored on the opening day of this year'sh running wit the bulls in spain is talking about what happened now, and also his road to recovery. >> he's also sharing the video that he was taking at the time he was gored. today's senior international correspondent has that story for us. keir, good morning. >> hey, good rning. wait until you hear these frightening first-hand accounts. americans injured running with the bulls, speaking out to "today," including jamie alvarez from san francisco. cell phone ng his like this, and you're about to see the images he recorded. not realizing that a bull wasng comi in at him, about to gore
7:33 am
him. from his hospital bed, jamie alvarez shows us the video selfie he was filming. recording the exact moments a rampaging bull attked him in the pamplona arena. his phone camera going wild. gored. been badly the bull's horns actually piercing his neck. >> i just felt the impact. like a car or a truck just hitting me. but then i also felt the sting of something in my neck. and i realized what had happened. i put my hand on my neck and it was covered in blood. >> he then took the world famous running of the bulls on a whim during a family vacation. he thought he successfully completed the race. in fact, medics say it couldhe have been t end for him. >> the doctors told me the horn went here andhen up to my cheek. and there's a little crack at the bottom of my cheekbone from the horn going tup. buthey said if the horn had gone back, i probably would be dead. >> a local newspaper shows
7:34 am
another american, aaron, from florence, kentucky, and the bulh left him hospitalized as his brother looked on. >> he was right on me real quick. he did scareme. i mean, that's the whole reason for the run, i guess. >> i was like, oh, no. >> bac home, their dad not entirely sympathetic. >> i guess it's two knuckleheads. that's all i gotta say. you know, decided to g on a o plane and go tain. there are many who criticize the traditi made famous by writer earnest ese seminaked animal rights protesters lying iet the stres, posing as dead animals. long time runners say the bulet areng quicker. >> they're much faster. they trade them. >> none of which appears to dissuade these men from taking part. >> hopefully'll be coming back doing it again next year. >> it was amazing. amazing, and then ho
7:35 am
>> you know, yesterday, guys, we talked about why do these people do this. i guess this morning we have something like an answer. jamie alvarez, though, says his wife and daughter told him not to do it. there are occasions when iten to listen to the women in your life. i think this is one of them. >> that's an honest father there. >> listen to your dad. two ucknkleheads. >> honest father. ,>> keir thank you so much. al, what you got? i see a high pressure situation over there. >> look atu. yo >> i see a big h. >> i thing we should all use the world knucklehead at least once day. big area of high pressure building up over alaska. and the heat continues. one me day of really unusual heat where we have temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average. and thens thing cool off starting the latter part of this week. but meantime, in the lower 48, we have heatdvisories for 34
7:36 am
million people from texas into alabama. stifling heat. southern discomfort. triple digit heat indexes for san antoo,houston, little rock, atlanta, tallahassee, and new orleans, then as we move into the southeast again, more triple digits. from tulsa, charleston, gainesville, all the way to corpus christi. by the end of the week, the heat extends to milukee, cleveland, boston, charlotte, and st. louis. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> is he talking to me? clear skies and sunshine today. a much more tolerable weather day today than we endured sterday. currently 61 in louden county. 64 for frederick, maryland. 64 in springfield. 73 in annapolis. as you're planning out your day, the fog ove the potomac won't last much longer. full sunshine and 88 degrees this afternoon. our next chance for rain is thursday afternoon and evening. if you're planning the weekend, both saturday and sund y, sunny
7:37 am
ant wi highs in the low 90s. >> that's your latest weather, craig. >> coming , american's reluctan prince. nearly 20 years after jfk jr.'s death, one of his close friends is going to join us to sre never before heard stories from kahn's re but complicated life. >> and then, dr. oz is here to introduce us to foods from all over the world that can help us live longer. >> plus,zi az ansari's return to theht spotlig with his firstal comedy since he was accused of atsconduct. wh he's saying in that special about the allegation he faced. >> but first, coco gauff's magical run at wimbledon may be american this young has a very bright futurend we can't wait to talk to her all out it live from wimbledon . you got th. you got this. you got this.
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but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guaranteerates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? this morning on in-depth the american phenom who wowed the world at wimbledon. at just 15 years old, cori
7:42 am
coco gauff made it to the round of 15 and defeated her idol, venus williams, along the way before her winning streak was snapped yesterday. firs. >> coco gauff captivated the world with her cinderella run a the 15-year-old tennis phenom quickly becomingwd a cro favorite during her magical grand slam debut. the youngest player ever to qualify for the tournament. >> mom and dad are so proud. >> but the fairy tale came to an end monday in the fourth round, when goff, ranked 313th, lost to the number 7 seed ofromania. i learned a lot. i learned how to play in front of a big crowd. i learned what it was like to be unde pressure. >> goff took the loss inrtride af serving up wins against some of the names in tennis, including onef her idols. venus williams. coco is now a star in her own righg developin a celebrity
7:43 am
cheering section on social media. >> snoop dogg posting. beyonce's mother. y'al jaden just tweeted me. >> the teen from dell ray beach, florida, who first stepped on the court atge 6, starting to process her newfound fame. >> if somebody told me this maybe three weago, i probably wouldn't have believed it. >> while the book may have closed on h wimbledon run, her new legion of fans hoping this will mark the start of a storied career. i'm a fighter and i'll never me that anything is ey len possible if you work hard and continue to dream big. >> and coco joins us now liveom frwimbledon. good morning, coco. good to see you. >> good morning. it's great to see y too. >> i don't know if you have had a chance to really soak it in, when you opened your eyes this morning and thought about this last couple weeks, is it starting to hit you now? what happened, whatust
7:44 am
happened? >> honestly, no. i mean, i woke up and i'm still living a dream even though walking on the street, people were asking for pictures. th's really azy, and i don't think i'll ever believe it, to be honest. i two weeks ago, you were not a household na. now you are. what was it like? i don't know if people really realize you were wild rd. you had to play your way into wimbledon by winning three matches. >> yeah. >> then tell me abo the moment you find out, okay, you're into wimbledon, and your first opponent is venus williams. >> honestly, i was very shocked. i mean, i kind of had a feeling i would play one of the williams sisters, but i was still very ietcked, and i didn't iactuly wb ion the wimbledon app and looked at the draw, and hone a lot of people said are you nervous, are you mad? no, i'm super keit was always a mine to play venus. i never thought it would be so soon. >> thought only did you play her, we all know you beat her.
7:45 am
i loved that moment right after the match. you walked to the net. you shake hands. and i thought, looking at you, g you were tryin to say everything you ever wanted to say to venus williams in that moment. >> yeah. honestly, the night before, i kind of planned out what i was going to say, but i didn't think i would be on the winning end, to be honest. i know i say i always have belief in myself, but you know, you could see in my reaction after the match, i was so shocked. and that was definitely a really good moment, and i always wanted to tell her that after the match. l me about what it's been like. we talked about you walking down the street and people wanting picture. you won your way into .mimd now you're in the main draw, you're unrunningrinto y idols and famous players everywhere, and they know you. what's that like? >> it's been crazy. the amount of support from the girls has been amazing, especially the american players. they have been giving me so much
7:46 am
support. after each match, they're cheering me on and direct messaging. even through qualifying, they were texting me. the support has been amazing from people in the tournament and from people around the world. >> let's talk about some of your matche the venus match was incredible, but your third round match against pallona her saug were down and out, i waslmost in tears, and you pulled it together and you had that poise to come back and win. what did you tell yourself when you'repoacing match t, about to lose the match, and you come back and win it >> i was just telling myself to go for my shots, like it's never. now or i always believe in myself. even when the score line doesn't say so, and honestly, i really ught my way through that match. she was playing amazing, and i was kind of staying in there, so even when your opponent is playing really good, if you just stay in there, maybe something paod can happen. >> your nts, by the way, have become kind of famous too.
7:47 am
i don't know if you have sn any video. what do you thi about their moves in the stands? we have dance moves. the >> oh, yeah. yeah. and it's kind of wei because my mom, she's never really like that. so i don't even know. some of the stuff -- we were talking about it last night. what possessed you to even do that? it looks so funny, and i have seen so many videos of her, people retweeting her, and honestly, i don't know if she likes it or not, but i'm loving it. >> yeah, and speaking of retweets and social media, i mean, you have heard from michelle obama. you heard from beyonce's mom. what's on your highlight rl of famous people who are talking about you? >> honestly, each and every one has been special, but definitely, former first lady michelle obama. that was so surprising to me. i looked up to her for so long, and having her in the white house and seeing a black woman in the white house was
7:48 am
definitely special for me as gi. >> coco, you obviously now are going to be an inspiration to many. your career is just getting started. just so we have this on tape to play back for you years from now, what's your biggest goal, your career ghlight? what do you want to achieve? >> i have my ultimate goal, which is to be the. greatest a lot of people kind of try to , but h, that won't happ i really do believe that you should really dream high and dream to t highest possibility because anything is possible. >> your dreams are coming true, coco. such a pleasure to s you and congratulations. >> nice seeing you. >> take care. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we will beack in a moment. just ahead, the emotional trailer for queer eye's new season that dares you not to cry. that and more on pop start in a few, but first, these messag. if you have moderate to severe psorias, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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we are we're back. carson is joining the table. what kevin spacey's acures refused to talk about that has him on shaky ground. >> plus, the two sides of jfk jr. revealed in a new loo aat his lifend l sign of intelligen? in crossing harsh terrain or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now.e
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7:56 am
this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> 7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, july 9th. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrt. today, virginia lawmakers return for a special session calledy governor ralph northam. he wants lawmakers to vote on a series of gun control measures. >> let's turn to traffic now. melissa mollet has a look at your morning commute. >> inner loop at the springfield interchange the ramp there, w do have that shut down right now because of a crash investigation trying to get more information on that one. ner loop after the american legion bridge, all lanes are open but we see delays arom earlier problem. silver spring georgia at seminary, flashing traffic lights. foll police direction there, and fairfax road, washed out. >> thank you. we'll have a check on your forecast when we come ba.
7:57 am
7:58 am
after a comfortable sta with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, it will be a sunny and
7:59 am
warm afternoon. daytime highs today will be in the mid topp u 80s. no worries about any rainfall for today. tomorrow, also sunny and hot. oser to 90 degrees coming up for your wednesday afternoon. and if you're t heading down to the beach this werdend, friday, satuay, and sunday, a little chance forsh ers at the coastline on friday, but the weekend looks great. asual.true fore temperatures in the low 90s with plenty of sunshine over the weekend. our next chance for rain we'll be wching out for is thursday afternoon and evening. a slight chance for a shower on friday, but a drying trend as we head through your weekend. >> thank you. another local news update for you in about 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after a.
8:00 am
i it's 8:00 ony. "toda coming up, disturbing whdetails. at we're now learning about the case against billionaire jeffrey epstein as the convicted sex offender pleads not guilty in court. this morning, why prosecutors are calling him a danger tohe community. we're live with the latest. plus, living longer today. how different foods from all over the world could add years to your life. . oz is here with a list of grocery items you may want to ch and remembering america's prince. 20 years after his death, we take a closer look at the lifd an legacy of john. kennedy jr. >> ladies and gentlen, meet " >> one of his closest friends
8:01 am
will join us weh never befor told story, today tuesday, july 9th, 2019. >> we're here with our moms. >> from hastings, nebraska. >> hello, dan and jimmy. >> in california. >> to our families inuskegon, michigan. . >> from eastman, north carol >> every girl loves "today." >> celebrating our 35th. >> and our 40th anniversary. >> from tempe, arizona. >> while the kids are away -- >> mom and dad come toto >> hi, everybody. good morning. elcome back to "today." nice tuesdaymorning. so happy to have you along with us, whether you're on our plaza or at home. and maybe at home with a littl video cam. >> you could join the plaza, savannah guthrit there i is, #mytoday' plaza. all you have to do is record that message and post it on
8:02 am
instagram, t it on and we'll put you on television. it's very simple. >> it is, and we love to see your smiling faces. lots to get to. let's get right to the news at 8:00. disturbing new charges against billionaire sex offender jeffrey epstein, raising questions about his e pliera deal. stephanie gosk joins us with this new case that was filed in new york city. you were at the courthouse. what can you tell us? >> jeffrey epstein pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges. his attorney called the allegations, quote, ancient stuff, but federal prosecutors in new york say they have the evidence to put the billionai hedge fund manager behind bars fo the rest of his life. accusing him of running a network of underaged girls who he sexually abused between 2002 and 2005 in his homes in palm beach and new york. the fbi searched his ansion here in manhattan on saturday, discovering what they describe as a trove of sexually suggestive photos of seemingly underaged girls. his arrest has many wondering if
8:03 am
there was a missed opportunity to charge him over a decade ago after a similar investigation in florida. instead, his lawyerstruck a deal with then u.s. attorney alex acosta. epstein pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution in exchange for avoiding more serious federal charges. acosta, now the current labor secretary, says they made the best deal given the evidence. epstein will be back in court on monday for a bail hearing. prosecutors are fighting to get bail denied altogether, guys. >> keep us posted. thank you. meanwhile, a white house dinner last night to honor a world leader was notable for two reasons. notable for who was there, also notable for who was not. white house correspondent peter alexander has more on that. good morning. >> this story still developing. at this hour. e president hosting the high powered dinner for the amir of qatar, viting a whose's who of trump friendly business leaders,
8:04 am
but one prominent fure was disinvited, the british ambassador, sir kim derek, erased from the guest list aftee ed memos said the president radiates insecurity, calling the trump administration epin trump attacking him on twitter, calling him a very stupid guy, saying he's been told he's a pompous fool. the british prime minister's office said he will stay in his post, saying he has the prime minister's full confidence. among those in attendance last night, the president's friend and new englandatriots owner robert kraft, still fighting off charges of soliciting n prostitution iflorida. allegations that kraft denies. the billionaire, just a seat away from the president who in march invited the owner and the super bowl champion patriots here to the whiouse in a visit that so far has not happened. craig and savannah. >> peter alexander, thank you. there was a surprise development yesterday in the criminal sex assault ke
8:05 am
against the actor kevin spacey. the man who accused spacey of groping him at a nantucket bar asen he w 18 years old appeared in a pretrial hearing and was unable to produce a missing cell phone the defense was eking. the accuser also denied deleting or altering any texts from the night of the incident and then asserted his own fifth amendment right against lf sencrimination. as a result, the judge said none of his prior testimony aut the phone can be used in the case. now, spacey's defense team is he calling on t judge to dismiss the case all together. >> the nation's capital is drying out afterd a recor rainfall caused some severe flash flooding. check this out. more than three inches of rain came down in just one hour on monday. a flash flood emergency was ssued for washington, d.c. a neighboring parts of maryland andrg viia. emergency officials said too many people still make the mistake of trying to drive throughigh water. at least 60 people across the area had to be rescued fm cars
8:06 am
and homes. rain water even cascaded from the ceiling of a subway station in d.c. >> incredible images. let's get to the boost. here's a moment where sports something ateway to lot more important. a young man who recently arrived in new york from the dominican republas headed out to play basketball. you can see him there, in his bare feet. so one of his neighbors comes out and gives him a pair of sneakers and the neir then works on his ball handling skills while waiting patiently for his new buddy to come out so they can head out to the courts together. >> i like that. >> yeah, definition of neighborly right there. >> had to make sure his buddy had kickso play ball with. >> just ahead, dr. oz is here. he's got a list of five ullicious foods we sho all be eating. they come from all over the world, including a surprising ient we don't even k he's going to tell us all about it. >> first, azs in his new comedy special about the misconduct allegations he's faced. we'll hear from him riaf.
8:07 am
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your docabout entresto for heart failure jill: where to nt? entrust your heart to entresto. ♪the beat goes on you're back with today's talker. today, what aziz an zaree is saying in a new comedy special about the sexual misconduct allegations he's faced. >> ansari has stayed largely out of the spotlight, spending most of the yearss criossing the world on a stand-up tour, but this is the highest profile appearance for him since he was accused of sexual misconduct in
8:11 am
january 2018. it led to a passionatet debate whether the sit waugz grievous enough to fit with others in the height of the me too movent. >> i'm psyched to be here. 've been on the road for a while. overnight, the comeback of aziz ansari after he was accused of sexual misconduct last year. >> i haven't said much about that whole thing. i' sure there are some of you curious how i feel about that whole situation. and it's a tricky thing for me to answer. >> ansari faced allegations of sexual misconduct in january 2018 when published a story detailing a date he went on with a woman who said she p feltssured by ansari into sexual activity despite her physical and verbal cues of miscomfort. she said i believe i was taken advantage of by aziz. i was not listened t and ignored. it was by far the worst experience i had. at the time, ansari said he thought the sexual activity was
8:12 am
consensual. the 36-year-old not discussing specifics, but reflecting on his time away from the spotlight. >> i saw t world. where i don't ever get to do this again. it almost felt like i died. in a way, i did. i felt so many tngs in the last year or so. at times, i felt scared, there's times i felt humiliated. there's times i felt embarrassed. ultimately, i just felt terrible. that this person felt this was. >> the aegations came out at the height of the me too and time's up movement. thst an executive producer of "master of none." he took an almost complete break from tv and film, focusing on his comedy tour and the deep impacts heaid the allegations had on him. >> after years though, i just
8:13 am
hope it was a step forward. move things forward for me, made me think about a lot. i hope i have become a better person. the actornd comedian now hoping to pave his road to redemption with jokes, honesty, and humility. >> i always think about a conversation i had with one of my frndz where he's like, you know at, man? that whole thing made me think about every date i have ever been on. and i thought,ow w well, that's pretty incredible. this may make not just me but other people be more thoughtful, fen that's a good thing. that's how il about it. >> nbc news reached out to ansari and netflix for comment, but we haven't hea back. >> gadi schwartz, thank you. >>ns jenna joi the table. that means only one thing. time for the mighty -- i'm going to do this right fre, right now. you're here pop start. >> i'm your cheerleader. >> the only reason she comes here. >> what am i here for? >> in frame. >> we all know her for her
8:14 am
iconic role as bridget jones, but she's stepping into the shoes of another icon, judy garlan a new movie called "judy" zellweger portrayed garland in the years following the success of wizard of oz. >> you need to takee better c of yourself. you understand? >> everybody has t and i've had i jt want what everybody wants. i seem to have a harde. >> do you take anything for depression? >> it didn't >> wow. >> oscar -- >> seriously. >> right? >> the movie focusesern h sold out concert in london while she was struggling with motherhood and her co>>ert.
8:15 am
you may remember, judy garland starred in the first star is born film, which leads us to barbra streisand. she starred in a remake of a star is born. they each won a golden globe. over the weekend, the pair reunited in london where streisand was performing and they did a little duet. ♪ >> you all right? >> fantytic. >> ver nice. >> iit love >> savannah and i just wish they would sing "shallow." >> that did remind us of all the magic lady gaga and bradley cooper had. when they did ""shahat's the vegas show, and they did it again at the thoscars.
8:16 am
e were kind of similar chemistries to that. >> i'm trying to restrain myself from singing "shallow" witha jennight now. >> we really want to. >> glad you're restraining. >> what i want to do is just watch that over and over again for all the pop start. >> i could make that happen. >> no. moving one' >> going to move on. we teased i earlier "queer eye" season 4 is on the thway. first three seasons have been a big hit, now they're on the road to transform more lives including a stop atonathan v es's old high school. >> wishing you a gory. >> are you guys ready to learn about who we're helping tonight? >>. yeah >> this was my orchestrate her. >> she's so dedicated that she puts herself on the back >>burn. i never had a conversation with a gay person before. we'll see how it goes. >> howell, you can seit
8:17 am
goes. the fourth season comes out on l netflix on jy 19th. >> i think we have time f a click. >> a mom took her three sons to the children'sus meum in south dakota and wanted to capture them at their favorite attraction. nd pulled out her phone snapped a great picture. that's 4-year-old levi onhe left and 3-year-old logan.'r theye proudly holding up the fish they caught at.he pond but here's the question. where is their little other? there's a third brother here. where is he? >> oh. >> 10-mth-old landon decided to put his fish i his mouth. >> sushi. >> wow. >> that was captioned,very family has that onekid. >> yep. everyone does. >> wedo >> her name is poppy. >> exactly. >> right in the mouth. >> that's so cute. all right. >> thanks, buddy. >> thank you. al, a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we've got going on. wet weather down torough fla. er northwest. northern cali, coastal oregon. we also have this afternoon the severe threat back through the
8:18 am
plains for isolated tornadoes. tomorrow, six states, we'reg talkinbout 24 million people from marquette down to st. louis, back into chicago, for strong storms, and then thursday afrnoon,e've got storm hazards as well from rochester all the way down to wenashville. e also watching this area of low pressure, invest area 92 l. it is now up to a 50% chance of development into a tropical system over the next two days. 80% over the next five dazes. that's going to leave a lot of rain along the gulf coast. we'll be watching that carefully. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, everybody. 8:18 on your tueaymorning. now 70 degrees at dulles airport. 68 in gaithersburg, and 73 at reagan national. it's going to be a onderful day to be outside today. seasonably hot, but not too terribly humid. highs in the mid to upper 8 t across region, and staying above 80 degrees until about 8:30, 00 this evening. tomorrow, another morning in the 60s, and an afternoon high
8:19 am
closer to 90 degrees tomorrow. our next chance for thunderstorms is thursday d we' that closely. >> that is your late. >> living longerghoday is t to you by novart. >> and now to our series living longer today. you can find almost anything at the supermarket or online and ship it straight to your home, so why not shop for ingredients that may be helping people all over the world live longer. we brought in dr. oz, host of the dr. oz show, to tell us about the benefits and options. good mornrng. >> good mog to you. i traveled to many of these places. they used to bexotic foods. these people live a long time. they're all available in america now. >>e start in peru. what is the ingredient that comes from peru that is going to help us live longer? >> quinoaav i h gone to peru. they have high mountains there. they need energy, androtein is
8:20 am
often what's required. this is interesting, called the mother ofroll pins because it has all the building blocks to proteins. >> i thought it was a carb. i always avoid it. >> it has real carbohydrate prot a taste. i mixed it with red potatoes which are also common in peru. and the nice thing about this is if you wash it before you cook it, you get the soapy taste out of the q tnoa and rich protein source is efctive. most importantly, you don't have to get protein from meat. any parts of the world, to climb the tall peaks, you have to have the right energy. >> and it makes you live longer? >> conceptually because it's a whole food. next place we're going toisit is china. >> hello. >> lots of people keeping healthy. >> what is this? >> these are snow pealeaves. if you took a pea and married it to baby spinach, you would have this. plse take a tastend confirm
8:21 am
if what i'm saying is correct. because they're inicedibly r in vital nutrients, in some cultures they reduce the chance of cancers growing. >> how do you prepare them? >> first, you saute them. before that, flash them in boiling water for about ten seconds. turn the boiling water off, ten seconds, pull them out, saute them in garlic oil, salt. doesn't cost anything, comes out of the ound. where do you find these? >> supermarkets all over the untry. snow p leaves. thank you very much. >> i like that. sold on the snow pea leaves. >> here comes jenna from turkey. >> i just got back from turkey. i go to the sho all the time. interesting thing about these hazel nuts, the skin of the hazel has manganese.cause it it reduces blood pressu. so, like the snow pea leaves. these feed the bacteria in your
8:22 am
gut. >> do you want to feed the bacteria in your gut? >> you do. you have more bteria than cells in your body. there's bad guys, but they're mostly good guys. feed the good guys. this is silar to olive oiln s composition. my favorite is to mix it with chocolate. >> is nutella good foryou? >> i would eat the nuts and them some dark chocolate.t you put i together, you have this. >> this is something, you just melt some dark chocolate and put nuts in it. >> all these recipes are on >> carson, oh, my goodness. he can't wait to getth e. >> what country is this? a.>> indi let's go to india. >> thank you. >> lentils, and a core of dahl, which is indian soups. this was prepare with a little turmeric. that's why we believe indians ve a lower incidence of alzhmer's. >> are these carbohydrates too?
8:23 am
>> they are, h and theye lots of iron and protein. all these foods see to have a little bit of everything but the right kind. there's no such thing as bad food and good food. >> these are goodcarbs. >> what's the theory on turmeric and alzheimer's? >> it allows the body to soak up the plaque material that forms in the brain. >> you can prepare these in >> these are red lentils with a little turmeric. you can put ginger in it, lots of things. this has mustard seed which is also good. >> r lentils. are allentils created equal? >> all lentils take you there, but the big secret is the last one. bring it in here. the whole team is here. >> no one knows what thisis. >> keeping a secret from these guys is an unbelievably difficult task. we accomplished it today. before the spanish came to latib america,ecause primarily vegetarian vegan community.
8:24 am
and this is the best way to do it. this is also called bugs. >> what? >> grasshoppers. >> we knew it. >> before you panic, please taste it. >> this is the ultimate paleodiet. if youant to know how our ancestors ate, we ate like this. bugs. >> i dope think it's good foreg prncy. >> i don't know, forget it. >> you should try. >> youe paleo. >> i'm not anymore. i am neanderthal. >> eat it in a taco. >> after the break. >> smoky. >> ite tastes lik chicken, right? it tastes ke nuts, think. >> very nutty. >> what's the health benefit? >> never. it will never happen. >> carson. >> it will never happen. never happen. >> come on. >> no. >> hell . >> carson. >> no. no. not going to happen.
8:25 am
it's not -- it will never happen. >> carson, carson. >> i didn't have this peer school.e in high i'm not built like this. i left the party. >> let's say you want -- >> and i'm out. >> is this a safe way? >> we talk a lot about protein sources being meat. cows, don't eat cows. they eat fruits and vegetables. but these d't have any consumption, they're inexpensive to grow. >> al's t eatinghem like cheetos. >> you don't go to a restaurant and order them too often, but they're out there. >> carson, give.e that carson. >> i just got back. i played in with a maj baseball celebrity all-star game. i wasn't the oldest player, drew carey is older, but these people live to old agesik playing they're young. >> that's a wrap. >> for more. including bugs. >> just ahead, we have special friends on the plaza.
8:26 am
there they baby shark and crew. they have a big announcement. huge announcement afteyour lo. this is a news 4 today news break. >> good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on tdas tuesy, july 9th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get to melissa with a look at our first 4 traffic. >> an alert. inner loop at the springfield interchange, we have the ramp shut down because of a crash investigation. spoke with police. they say it involved a motorcycle, a tractorr, traile and a box truck. so at this point, this morning, we have that ramp shut down. inner loop rp to southbound 94. chopper is on the way. southbound 270 before montrose, an accidentthere, and georgetown pike, all lanes blocked for flooding. >> we'll have a check on your forecast when we come
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, everybody. sunshine over the area for now, and it's going to be sunny the rest of the day. temperatures are still in the 60 through most of the shenandoah valley. most of northern maryland, out to leesburg, w64. lo0s around the city. plenty of sunshine. afternoon highs today in the mid to upper 80s. a little closer to 90 degrees for most of us tomorrow. no need to worry about rain chances until thursday afternoon and evening. good news isil it w be dry for the weekend although it will be
8:29 am
hot and more humid. >> all right, chuck, thank you. of course, youan get the latest news and weather anytime. just open the nbc washington app. another update in about 25 minutes. for now, back to
8:30 am
oh, we're back. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. july 9th, 2019. check it out, guys. a special dance party has broken out here on the plaza. if you're akid, you know that song. if you're a parent of akid, you know that song. it's going to be in your head for the next day at least. baby shark, the song behind the moves. baby shark, and they're here with adorable friends.
8:31 am
they're going to have a big announcement coming up. huge announcement. >> we're not going to interrupt the dae party, so we have steven here to explain. come on in here. hi. >> how are you? >> you have a big announcement about baby shark. >> huge announcement. so this morning. we are announcing our worldwide tour. baby touring around the world for the next three years. >> wow. >> we'ut png on sale our first 35 dates in north america. >> how do you turn a two-minute viral video into show? >> it's the most exciting thing, taking a viral video and bringing it to a 75-minute stage show with costume characters, with aincredible sound lights and video. it's going to be amazing production. 're reallyexcited. >> not just singing and dancing. an educational value as well? >> this isreat for all kids. we're really excited about it, ry highenergy, what we're looking at, a kid's first concert experience. it should be a really fun and
8:32 am
engaging and immersive and interactive show. >> how does baby prepare for tour? does he have somebody who goes with him, a babysitter? >> quite a crew and cast that tours around and takes the entire production everywhere it goes. >> what are baby shark' on-demand list? there they like specific color m & ms. >> salt water nearby. >> exactly. >> judging by the demand here, i mean, maybe it's going to have to be another four years. >> mighttoave >> congrats. >> thank you. >> and presale tickets are available this afternoon using . special code you can find that code on >> okay, since we have baby shark here, i know somebod that really wants to meet him. where is justina? justina, baby. hey, baby. baby shark. watch out. come on over. you have a huge fan.
8:33 am
justina, what do you think of baby srk? >> oh, m >> come here, baby shark. hi five. okay, justina, how much do you love baby? >> i love him so m >> okay. do you love him this much that maybe you want to go and see him perform? >> yes. >> okay.we , what about this? you can go see him in his new show. thank you, . >> welcome. >> here are thes. tick you and your family get a four-pack towny sho on the schedule. how does thatsound? >> thank you.ok >> ay. can you sing that baby shark song. >> baby shark. >> all right. all right. thank you for coming, justina. thank you,baby. nice to meet you. >> thank you, justina. have a great time at the show. >> amazing. >> baby shark, you can do whatby >> by baby shark.
8:34 am
>> by the way, we've got more grate live performances coming up. maggie rogers on friday, and next friday, next friday, there's maggie. kacey musgraves is going to hit our concert stage, and she's going to let you help with the set list. we have done this you a couple choices. this is tough. there's high horse, happy and sad, merry go round, or space cowboy. you can make your pick, use the #kacey musgraves today. >> can she do two? >> that's july 19th here on the plaza. >> that's -- >> i say merry go round. >> me too. >> it's the classic. >> space cowboy maybe. >> i like that too. >> well, we'll find out. lots to get to this morning. if you're fighting the frizz or sun damage, celebrity hairstylist michelangelo is here with products to summer proof your hair. >> lookingorward to that one. >> absolutely. then in the third hour, dylan is
8:35 am
going to live up to her dream, catching upith new kids on the block. she'll learn what goes on behind the scenes of their sold out tour, and yes, aew of the dance moves she is famous for. >> she was on cloud nine for a couple days after that one. >> that's >>right. that's a weather reference. >> you like that? before that, a check of the forecast. >> let's show you what we got, starting off with toy. sunny and warm in the northeast. mid-atlantic, tropical downpours down through florida. oppressivehrough the lower mississippi river valley. sunshine out west with showers along the pacific northwest. as we continue tomorrow, heat advisory in the south. severe storms making their way to the upper mississippi river valley and more wet weather through the southeast as we watch the system that may develop into api trocal entity. that's what's going on aroun the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sunshine on a tuesday. 73 now in washington. 71 in fredericksburg. only 68 in gaithersburg. still in theid 60s in the shenandoah vall a day filled with sunshine
8:36 am
y. light winds coming back around to the south later on. today's high temperature in washington, 88 degrees. for tomorrow, southerly breezes. a lit more humid, and a little warmer. tomorrow's high, 90 degrees. our next chance for thunderstorms, thursday afternoon and evening. dry weather, but hot for your weekendplans. >> you have a big melon. >> the hat looks great. >> maybe one size uloofati at odt.ggbi >>er a, i bigger size. >> >> thank you so much. coming ap next, close friend of john f. kennedy jr. honors egs life andy with a touching and surprising story t abouthe man behind the tth. first, this is "today" on
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back. 8:38 obthis tuesday morning with our ongoing series, rememberingf jr. >> one week from today will mark 20 years since he died in a plase cr yet another blow to a family all
8:39 am
too familiar with tragedy. in a moment, we'll talk to one of john's close friends, but first, a look at a life that was remarkab from the start. b he wasorn into history, the young son of a young president cut down in his prime. as a ddler, his simple salute became one of the mosoi pant and enduring images in american history. john lived his life in the spotlight, along with his glamors mother, jacquine kennedy onassis and his older sicaer line. he spoke to "today" about his mom backn 1999. >> she phented for bot of them. and i thi w she deliberate in insuring that h interests and his concerns were part ofgi our upbr, and some of her own, which were not his. >> graduating from brown university, he went to nyu law school and was named the sexiest man alive in 1988. the most eligible bachelor in the world, his ever move snapped by photographers, even his bar exam results were front page
8:40 am
news. after serving a sti in the new york district attorney's office in 1995, he left the law toue pu passion project, starting the glossy "georg magazine, covering politics and pop culture. >> ladies and gentlemen, meet " >> with his career well under way in 1996, john maye calvin klein publicist carolyn bessette, and they embarked on a high profile social life. he talked about his dad's view ofolitics and whether he himselfould ever run. >> i always said that he thought everyone should run for office. and listen, there's lot of time in life to do all sorts of things. >> but he never had that time. on the night of jul 16th, 1999, as he was heading to his cousin's wedding on cape cod, the plane he was piloting, carrying his wife and her sister, craed off martha's vineyard. tragically, bearing at sea the camelot.
8:41 am
john f. kennedy jr. was 38 years old. steven guillen met jfk jr. at brown university. they remained lifelong friends. he's written a new book called america's reluctant prince, it life of john f.r.ennedy good to have you here. time. long what made you decide this was the moment that you wanted to write a book about jfk jr.? >> well, john was alive, i protected his privacy. but my of his friends, now that he's gone, as his friends and also a historian, i want to preserve his legacy. i don't want john to be remembered as the sexiest man alive,he hunk flunk. the john i knew waw so much more complicated than that, and that's the john i try to capture in this book. >> complicated in what ways? >> well, you know, the famous photograph, john on november 25th, 1963, he salutes, raises his right hand and salutes his father on his 3rd birthday. i believe at thatf unfulfilled
8:42 am
transferred to john and he carried that with him his entire life. he used to say he was two people. he was just john, just a privileged member of his generation, but he had a r his entire life, that is john fitzgerald kennedy jr., the son of a slain presidenas and that w a burden that could have crushed most ople. john struggled with it at times. but he handled it with enormous grace. that's really the story i want to tell. you think of the kennedys, you think of public service. but with john, his greatest struggle and achievement was personal, his ability to deal with his burdenimposed upon him and to deal with it with enormous agrace. >> to stay normal, which was so important to jackie. one thick you write about, surprising, his relationship mother. the fact that he was close to his stepfather. closer than i think people really realized, and then lost him, too. so here he had lost his father er a toddler, then his father
8:43 am
figure in rob kennedy. and then aristotle onassis. >> when you think of the trauma he experienced as a child, not only is he witnessing those events, especially the assassination ofis father and uncle,ut be's moving all the time. he moves from the only house he knew, the white house,ot to anr place in washington, to another place, and within a year, four different places. >> what was jackieike in grief? >> she had a difficult time. understandably so. and john used to say that shes wa emotionally absent for a while. he mentioned at one point she drank a little more thanhe should have. but she was struggling with her own grief. which is part of the trauma that john experienced. he experienced trauma through his mother. >> you also write that he wasoi probably to get into electoral politics when he died. >> i'm certain of that. one of the ways i measure that is the way he referred to his father. john, when i first knew him,
8:44 am
referred to him as president kennedy. inhe '90s, he started calling him my father. the last couple years, he called him my daddy. i think for met tha was john finally coming to terms with the fact that -- >> kind of heartbreaking that he started using the toddler's words well into his life. >> that's righ but he was becoming more comfortable with his father's legacy and going into politics. to 's great struggle was create and forge his own identity separate from that of his family andth his . and he did that by keeping politics at a distance. in those final years, he realized politics was in his dna,nd he was talking openly about running for office. when daniel moynahan resigned, there was ae sen seat that came open and john thought seriously about running for the seat but didn't think it was time, but when the last one, the of the last conversations he had hin his life, was talking about running for governor ow nerk in 2001. >> we of course, know of his tragic and untimely death and
8:45 am
those circumstances. he was married. there have been lots of reports about difficulties in that marriage toward the end. i was surprised to read book that he had hoped to have kids and had even had a name in for a child. >> yeah, flynn. >> flynn kennedy. >> yeah. so that was one of the many issues in the relaonship. he wanted to start a family, to have kids. carolyn didn't think the time was right. papazzi were horrible to her. they chased her around. they called her names. john's best friend and his cozzic, anthony, was dyg. carolyn would say this isn't the time. howngan we bri up john f. kennedy iii in this environment? so that was one of many issues they had in their relationship. >> you also wrote that there was a time in your life where he demonstrated an unusual act of kindness and generosity. >> there was. i mean, there are a number of times, but in that last week, when before john died, i
8:46 am
developed this tremor in my hand, w ch i stillhave. great for making martinis, by the way. it's kind of a pain. doctor's t and had a appointment the friday before john died. and the doctor told me i may be in the earlytages of a.l.s., which is not -- you never want to hear those words. and john, i didn't tell john. he found out about hait, and t saturday morning, he calls me up. i told him everything that was going on. there was a long pause, and he savi ste i'll take care of and he repeated it again. stevie, i'll take care of you. and that's the john kennedy i want the world to know about. the johnen kdy who is enormously generous and kind and decent. you know, the following saturday, roughly that same time, i woke up and found out that hislane was missing. and i was helpless. >> so much loss. >> steve, thankdyou. anagain, the book is "america's reluctant prince" and you can find more about thatnd book aore on it at
8:47 am
>> thank you very much. just ahead, we are going to shift gears. h wee problem solving products for your summer hair, craig. you know those issues. >> oh, boy. >> really crop up in this weather. celebrity hairstylist right here has great tips for us to share, good products, too. first, this is "today" on
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> we are back now with "today" style. the summer snsson mea extra time outside. while the warmer weather may be great for morale, it isn't always great for your hair. michael angelo is here with five of his favorite products to summer proof your hair. >>hanks for having me back. >> summer is a great time to be outside, but can be wearing on the hair. >> we can harness the heat and the sun's warmth to do great things with hair. >> let's talk about kind of day to night hair. we might start off the day with a good hairdo, by the end of the day, not so much.
8:50 am
what do you recommend? >> i love braids. ct braid balm from beach waver is a great produ we can use to preset the hair before braiding it. so y can do it in the morning before you go to the beach or at night before you go to bed. then what you do is when you're going from day to night or you just take the braids out, and the braid balm helps keep everything set, not only -- >> look at that. >> look at the butiful ripples. it keeps the braids smooth and frizz free. >> you but it on your hair and then you braid it for the beach or the day. >> correct. so a little bit goes a long way. and then you just make a little braid. >> cute. this is emily being our model here. >> i know, thank you, emily, so cuch. >> so . >> we do a little braid action. and then we let it dry in the sun, let it dry while we sleep, we let it dry while we party, and then the next w day, just take it down. >> it really does, they're perfect little waves. >> yeah, like daryl hannah in "s'sash." uch mermaid hair.
8:51 am
>> braid wet ordry? >> if you have a long time and thought a tan of hair, i would sayou can go for it soaking wet. if h youave lots of hair, damp to towel dry. the braid balm will keep the ripples in place. >> emily, thank you. >> what about for dry, dehydrated hair? >> i love to keep a big cheap ttom of conditioner in a beach bag. $5.s thing is it smells like the beach. >> it does? coconut. and this way, you can be using the sun's heat as a conditioning treatment. >> you're saying you jump in the water and the second you come out, comb it. >> glob it on, lots of it. this could be an evening styling product, too, if youe going right from saltwater. it's adding moisture to salt water or pool water. to get a really great finished look. >> i love it. okayt' le talk about frizz. this is my issue. what do we do about frizz? >> i think we go j. lo, kim k., i think we do it wet, slick,
8:52 am
chic. >> can any face do this? i never thought i could do this look. >> yes. we move our parts to make a less symmetrical face look prettier we can do waves to hide things that aren't flattering. but i think the biggest secret is you want to start, wet hair, sculpt it down with gel. then you want to lock i it with a wet spray, so this has a little alcohol in it. so it will dry really fast. so it will hold the hair in place while the gel is drying. >> okay. >> then you have this really rock hard super awesomewim cap situation happening, and the only secret is don't let anyone touch yourhair. once that's set, hands off. >> don't touch the do. what is this for? >> i think so many peoplerurn theikin in the sun. this is really less about hair and more about but i love the dry touch sunscreens. >> for your p? greasy. a little dab on this on your
8:53 am
fingertips, massage it on your temples, yourscalp, athe nape of the neck. it's as important to take care of the hair on our skin, the skin on our scalp as the skin on our face. >> definitely. if you want to lighten your hair but don't want t orange hair i used to have, what do you do? >> this is total flashback to ol. gh peroxide on my hair. >> you spend money on highli gts. if you'rng to a salon y don't remember this, but if you have virgin hair, if you have kids, if you want to have a little fun, i love sun-in. >> oh, sun-in. that is throwing it back. >> you know, it works on any hair color, and you just have to know is what you i geta lighter version of what you got. >> i got about ten section. show me your technique. >> we pull out some strands. >> hi, sandy. >> hi. >> and we sprz some n-in into the strands, and then myvo fate thing to do is afteard, i rub the sun-in on my arms and all the little arm hairs turn blond and look like glitter in the sun.
8:54 am
>> okay, and last but not least. if you have coloredhair, wear a hat. >> there's no such thing as spf for hair. hats are a wonderful, wonderful solution to take your investment safe. >> i love it. the products are at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. thank you. beyond fast et beyond fast with a gig-speed nwork. complete internet reliability. advanced voiceolutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet for just $39.95 per month. it's everything a small business owner needs. call 1-800-501-6000 today.
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8:56 am
welcome back. looks like the baby shark party welcome back. looks like the baby shark par moved into the control room. the shark is in the house. turn up the music. we're back after your locar. this is a news 4 today news break. >> good tuesday morning. i'm melissa mollet with a look at your traffic. the inner loop ramp to southbound 95 right now shut down because of a crash investigation. chopper 4 over this for you, involving a motorcycle, a box trailer.d a tractor so everything is closed there at this point. we're seeing real delays just a short time ago, and right now, ill shut down.
8:57 am
we'll tweet about it as soon as anything opens up. northbound 95, have an accident there. southbound 270 before montro, a ash, and germantown, southbound 270, an accident as well. .
8:58 am
8:59 am
bright and sunny outside. temperatures climbing into the 70s across most of the metroea arnow. 76 in washington. 73 in gaithersburg. 77 in quantico. afternoon high today with 100% sunshine, 88 degrees. not much of a breeze to worry about for today. not toori tery humid either. tomorrow, a little warmer and a bit more humid leading to the next chance for detorms, thursday e.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today." craig echoes it in the background. i'm here with al and craig. sheinelle is on assignment. i'm tired this morninta al sed texting at 3:53 this morning. sheinelle is on, what, denver time right now? she has responded yet. i don't know what her opinion is. >> she never responds to anything >> that's true. >> here's the -- all right. here's the text that happened this morning. you were okay with it because you were up. >> i was wup. >> ias obviously up. al sends topic ideas that we can chat about


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