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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 9, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, crowds are building in richmond, people on both sides of the gun debate are on hand for the start of a special session by lawmakers. >> we are looking at a much better day today, we have sunshine out is there, is therr any ain on the horizon. let's talk about it on that 10-day forecast coming up. ms proble remain after yesterday's flash flooding, a look at areas you'll have a tough time navigating this morning. newsod morning, welcome 4
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first so breaking news right now,ross h perotas died. he lo a five-monthth battle wi leukemia. he was known a a true self-made billionaire. he grew up in the great debregs keom graduated fr 1953 and moved to dallas to ta a sales job with ibm. he ran for presidentice as an independent in 1992, d again in 1996. he leaves behind his wife, five children and 16 grandchildren. ross perot was 89 years old. >> back here in the washington area it's all about the cleanup, follong yesterday's severe flooding. take a look at some of the damage on prosperity avenue on morningside drive in fairfax county, this road has hugeks cracn it because of the rain yesterday. the road is shut down while crews work to repair it.
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continuing our team coverage now in montgomery county, are working to close up a sinkhole on belfast road. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, what you see m behinde is part of a complex repair process to fix a massive sinkhole. and right now, it's temporarily open tots r who need to get in and out of this community >> one by one, trees are cut a come crashing down. this tree work is a key part of the repairs to belfast road. temporary steel plates give residents access once again to their commu tty wherere's only one way in and one way out. monday's torrential downpours caused this giant sinkhole. >> this is the first time this happened. >> taking out this row of trees,
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another part, replacing that massive storm drain, that drainage pipe you seereown t that's all rusted out. they have to do a lot to make sure this road is safe and reinforced. >> in order for them to p the new culvert in, the trees have to be removed because the roots are gone. >> damage from yesterday. >> message left loud and caer. from a rainstorm's indelable mark on this commu >> they're still removing the trees, they've been at this part of the process since abort 7:00 thising. on the road are people waiting in their cars to get by.
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that's the latest live from potomac, back to you. >> they clearly have a lot of work to do,but they're on it, thanks, mollett. lots of homes sustained flood damage, take a look at this one on clydesdale street in potomac. the heavy rain caused mudslides, the rushing water runoff llapsed ai basement wall, the house was evacuated and lekily no onas hurt. >> a mess in the baseme of another potomac home, personal belongings littlered the floor and mud stained the wall. >> i think i'm still in shock ght now, it hasn't hit me too much. because i've just been working, working, working, to clean this up. >> meanwhile, this was the scene at the river falls swim and tennis club in potomac. th c tennisrt and swimming
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pool were under water, it will take a week to fix this ssme a couple swim team meets will have to be cancelled or moved to another pool. 24 hours after the rain flash flooding, conditions are very different today, the storm team four radar is clear, the ce sun is it ni out there. let's check in with lauren now, what should we expect for the rest of the day, lauren? >> we can expect more tranquil conditions as we go throughout the day. anything is better than what we saw yesterday. high pressure in charge out there right now, we're looking at nicer conditions outre th it's beautiful outside, and the good thing about today, the simidity is on the lower de as well. we're at 80 degrees. we have plenty of sunshie going around, we're dry today, dry tomorrow, as we get into your thursday, that's when start to see another chance of scattered showers an thunderstorms pushing into the area.
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thursday afternoon, thursday night and into friday, let's lk aboutan more on that d what we can expect. that's comg up in 20 minutes. >> thanks, lauren. >> new this morning, virginia state police are investigating a hit and run accident that injured a motorcyclist. westbound 495 leads to d southboun95. a motorcycle and box truck were involved in a crash with a third unknown vehicle. the iver of that third vehicle left the scene. witnesses are being asked to call state police. >> also new this morning, we're getting a look at frightening new videotape on the 4th of july. you can see sever flashes of light from behind a tree. those were gunshots and directed at an off dutyce police of that officer was not harmed. here's news 4's justin finch with the latest on the search to find the person responsible. >> this very easily could have
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ended much diferently. thofficer could have been hurt or far worse, now, d.c. police and the fbi as well are searching for the suspect that put that officer and others in danger. we have a look at those scary seconds captured on surveillance video. this is the morning of the 4th of july, roughly 4:00 a.m. or so. ou're looking at surveillance video, showing on one side, the spect walking a dog. that may seem benign, there's more too it. the suspect with thatog said fu as he passed the officer who was with people aim short before, minutes later, that suspect back on the scene as you will see there, crouching behind the tree, and firing shots in the direction of that officer, that officer aain was on duty, the suspect escaping through an allle and was to get away, the relief is that no one was hurt. i want to give you a look at where this happened. loser look here, this is roughly 46 and hillside road.
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it's not far from benningd, roa and not far from the maryland line. d.c. police and the fbi teaming up to find who that trigger man was, the fbi tweeting out here, our community must stand together with its law rvforcement officers as they protect and se the citizens of the district. we can tell you this as well. the d.c. police and the fbi offering a combined $11,000 reward for tips that lead to a arrest.on a the suspect you saw in that video, shooting at around officer on the morning of the 4th of july. i'm justin finch, news 4. today the guneb de is taking center stage in virginia, protesters on both sides of the issue are in richmond this more than, lawmakers begin a special sessionalled by governor northam. he ordered the session after the virginia beach massacre in may. a one gun per month limit.
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republicans say the want to focus on criminal penaltes directly or indirectly related to gun crimes. there's plenty of support and certainly opposition to this special session. julie carrie is in richmond watching all. she'll have live reports later today on news 4. the d.c. council is meeting and expected to votehe on wther to strip evans of the finance committee chairmanship. they will decide whether to hire a lawirm to investigate whether evans violated council rules by using his public office gain.ersona >> evans has been forced to resign from the metro board, hey plans to stan the city council. we have m proof thisrning that it's not how youi start, s how strong you finish.
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that's vladimir guerrero jr. at major leue baseball's home run derby last night, he hit 29 dinners, that's a record in one round. the rookie from the blue jays is just 20 years old. he couldn't keep up the pace which allowed pete alonzo to make a comck in the later rounds. alonzo also a rookie, he plays for the mets, a $1 million prize came with his victory. the all-star game is tonight ine cleand, the nats max scherzer and anthony rendon were expected to play, but have decided not to, they're taking a break ahead of the second half of the season. another democrat enters the racet. for presid coming up after this break, a look at the billionaire making political headlines this morning. plus, the traditional runng of the bulls in spain. a look ate why ple continue to be part of th
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construction on a new white house fence is underway. the secret service started the project yesterday. they want to make sure the public has access, but also, to desure security for those in the white house. construction will take place in phases and it's expected to last into 2021. >> once again the trump administration is trying to put the citizenship question on the census. this comes after the supreme court decision against it. tracie potts has the late. >> good for our country. >> president trump says he's considering an executive order to include a citizenship question on the census, despite the u.s. su against it.uling >> we can start the printing now, and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive io decis we're working on a lot of things, including an executive
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order. >> reporter: the court said the government's reason for asking citizenship isn't good e jugh, thetice department has brought in a new team to fight cases in new york, california and maryland. opponents argue the question arwill discourage pcipation in mostly democratic immigrant communities. >> they want to make sure that people -- certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. >> the president is taughting ehis rrd on the environment. >> my administration has made it a top priority to ensure that america is among the cleanest air and water on the plet. >> he's out there talking about his crystal clean air and water, we're far from that. >> reporter: the u.s. is ranked 27th wiwore. on the census and citizenship question, president trump may sot have the courts behind him, but he ha the subject's
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support. a new poll that came out last week, 2/3 of americans say t y think it's reasonable to ask are c u a u.s. citizen. tracie potts, nws, washington. this morning, a white house dinner is getting attention for two reasons, who attended the dinner and who did not. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander explained this morning on the tv show. >> reporter: the president r,sting that dinner for the amir of qata inviting a who's of trump friendly business leaders. one prominent figure was disinvited. leaked memosritten by derek wereighly critical, saying the president radiates insecurity, calling the trump administration inept. president trump moments ago, attacking the embass dor on twitter, calling him a very stupid guy, derek is a pompous
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fool. derek will stay in his post, just this morning, he has the prime minister's full confidence. among those in attendance last night, the president's friend and new england patriots owner, robert kraft still fighting out charges of solicitation in florida. the billionaire just a seat away from the president, who in march invited the owner to the white house in a visit that so far has not happened. >> california billionaire tom steyer has announced his run for the white house this morning, thisespite previously saying he would take a pass and not enter the rest. in the past decade, he's been ac top democra donor, since president trumtis elecon, he's been one of his most outspoken critics, puing hard for peachment. while one campaign begins, anoer is ending, eric swalwell has announced he's ending his presidential bid. he spoke yesterday admitting
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that lackluster fund-raising and lagng support in the polls, make it unlikely he uld qualify for debates in the fall. new this morning, hong kong ceo carrie lam says. the bill is dead. she was referring to propose changes to extradition laws that have sparked protests for the past month, this is video of some of those protests, the proposedto changes he extradition legislation would havellowed suspects to be sent to the mainland to facerial. back here, this is the third daactually, we're going to spain. not back here, we'reg gointo spain for the running of the bulls. it was to fastest ra far this year, in a festival that's already seen four runners gourdt he injured include two americans. >> from his hospital bed, jamie alvarez shows us a video selfie he was filming. recording the exact moment a rampagingckull attaed him in
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the pamplona arena. his phone came going wild. he had been badly gourd. h the bullsorn piercing his neck. >> it felt the impact, is like a car or truck hitting me. >> he took part in the world famous running ofhe bulls on a whim during a family vacation. it could have been the end for him. >> they said, if the horn had gone back, i probably would be dead. >> a local newspaper shows another american from florence kentucky, and the bull that left him hospitalized as his brother looked on. >> he was right on me, real quick. he did scare me, he -- i mean, that's all -- the reason for the run, i guess. >>thack home ir dad not entirely sympathetic. i guess, you know, it's two knuckle heads, that's all i got to say that decided to get on a plane and go to spain. ere are many who criticized the tradition, made famous by writer ernest hemingway.
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the bulls are getting quicker. none of which appears to diswade them from king part. >> hopefully i'll be coming back doing it again next year. >> we have something like an answer. but jamie alvarez says that both is wife and his daughter told him not to run. there are occasions when it is it right to l to the women in your life. keir simmons, nbc ws, london. >> you could call them gluttons for punishment. >> we are heating up, lauren joins us after the break with a look at how long we stay rain-free. plus, consumer reporter susan hogan is putting curbside grocery store services to the test.
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this morning, homeowners across the area are cleaning up after what feltike to many of us once in a lifetime down pour. i spoke storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper why scenes like these may become more common around here. >> a newn studyhe journal, waterar resources rese shows heavy downpours are on the rise. it's a trend we've witnessed cades, e last 3 to 5 when global warming started to intensify. >> the earth goes through warming and cooling processes, huma are really contributing to the amount of greenhouse gases that we're putting in the atmosphere. greenuse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are going to trap the heat here on eart when you trap the heat, that leads to warmer temperatures. >> a report by the national climate assessment shows downreurs have inced by 74%
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in the northeast. the situation will likely get worse in our warming world. >> maybe you go back a few decades and you're still going to have thoseav he rainfall events. when you factor in our changing climate, the fact that there's more water vapor, the wt ged.cle is super ch what that's leading to is our extremes are getting more extreme. >> we invite you to search changg climates in the nbc washington app, to see how our warming world affects your family, your health and even your commute. but today the picture is all clear. >> much nicer out there. >> beautiful, i think we'll take anything compared to the weather we saw yesterday. it was a mess yesterday. and a lot better out there today. with plenty of sun. no more rain. >> you know it's coming at one point. we have beautiful conditions out there right now, plenty of sunshine, look at the view out there, yeah. quite a difference a day makes,
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it's gorgeous out tre. s we continue through the rest of the afternoon, the temperatures will start to go up, we will see changes, it doest look like until thursday. my headlines disappeared. you can see we have a flash adood watch out there. let me go ahe and change that graphic. we don't have any flash flood watches out there right now. >> 70sdto right aroun 80, you can see 80 in washington, 80 reporten right now, no flash flood weapons, no watches or warnings at any point. sunshine.lenty of if you want to head to the pool, o it, we are going to have bright blue skiesout there, temperatures will be a little warm out there, it's going to be hot, we're not going to have that humidity that we usually do for july. as far as your outlook goes, you can see lunch outside, go ahead and do it, it's going to be more comfortable out there today. no delays past that. not talking about any rain delays, thank goodness. you can see nothing on the radar
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right now,nd barely even clouds out there, thanks to high pressure in charge. we have a little system we're watching, could develop into something tropical, if you're headed off to the golf coast, got a lot of rain there, that gives a 50/50 shot of something tropical. if it does, it wills impact u nexteek. we'll see how that plays out. for us around here, not looking too bad. tomorrow will nering 90 degrees, that's just about where we'll be today, it's going to re another gt day out there, two days we're drying thingsout, we have rain as we get into your thursday night into friday. we will be watching that, but your tuesday and wednesday not looking that bad for thursday night into friday. that's when we're looking at our f xt chance of storms, some these could pack a punch. the humidity comes flooding back into th day through thursday, it's going to be hot and humid
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on thursday, chances could have heavy downpours, and also co sd seeme damaging winds with any of the stronger ones, lingering showers into your friday. otherwise, looking dryer and less humid on friday. let's talk about subbed into next week, see if there's any more rain chances. that's coming up in a bit. thanks, lauren. the battle over obamacare is back in court today, a look at what's at stake. new information on a cruise ship accident that left a child
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this is annie. and this is annie paying back her friend for the tickets wh zelle® before the previews start. and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the show. [whispers] this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo.
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now to the search for answers after theki shoc death of a toddler. the child fell from ake doc
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cruise ship in puerto rico. gabe gut nrrez hasew reaction from the family, which is lookingor answers. >> reporter: tonight in puerto rico, an investigation is underway, to find out how a 1-year-old girl fell from her father's hands, falling from an 11th story window. the toddl wastraveling with her family from indiana, aboard royal caribbean's freedom of the seas. the girl's dad is officer allen weeken and is asking the r community to for the entire family. over the last 10 years, 240 people have fallen from cruise ships and ferries. >> what's alarming is the conditions in which people go overboard, and the absence of systems for identifying the fact they have gone over board.
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>> the cruise lines association -- >> wee having some technal difficulty, we're sorry we weren't able to bring you the rest of the report. we can tell you, the cruise ship, that one has departed on a week long trip through the caribbean. khloe's family is still in puerto rico, while this terrible case i being investigated. we're getting an early look at how amazon plan to expand into arlington county. so far it's looking good for walkers, cyclists and folkswho use public transit. the washington business journal reports amazon is expecting 64% of hq2 employees will use metro rail, bus or walk towo . about 6% will bike. there will be 500 long term bike parking spaces, 58 showers and
11:31 am
57 lockers. as for public transit, the towers will be less than a half mile from pentagon city and crystal city metro stations. there will be 16 nearby bus stops and four new traffic signals to make the area more pedestrians friendly. competition between grocery stores is heating up these days. as retailers battle to get your business. one of the biggest winnerss the grocery wars is you. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with which stores can serve you the most. >> a lot of the big grocery store chains areurning their attention to online sopping as more ofs choose delivery and curbside ervices. we wanted to know which ones give you t biggest bang for your ck, so we put them to the test. >> t stores make it look super easy.i pushing curbsde service to make your life easier. no need to wander theaisles for
11:32 am
your groceries, order online, drive up and they load the stuff right into your car. does it actually work? >> so i'm at my house right now, with my producer meredith, we're going to test out thede curbsi pickup. i'm going to start with target. they call theirs drive up. and they charge nothing. i'm going walmart, there's is called grocery pickup, there's is it also free, but hey require a $30 minimum purchase. >> let's start shopping. >> we filled our cart with tsa me items. >> let'so cheerios. bounty paper towels. two role. >> got it. >> nature valley granola bars, 24 pack. >> sae. >> walmart doesn't accept coupons for its online groceries. >> done. >> meredith chose a one hour window at walmart for the following day. >> with target it won't give me
11:33 am
a time, but itsays, you'll receive an email when your drive up order is ready. > an hour later, i received a notification for target that mine was ready. i could have picked it up right away, but decided until the next day to go and get >> now it's time to put giant and safeway to the test for pickup. giant is called giant pickup, but i have to order it through the pea pod app. >> i'm doing safeway, and it's acalled drive up and g >> let's our groceries. >> we dered the same items again and chose a one hour pickup hour the next day. safeway charges 3.95. giant charges $2.95. not a huge price for the convenience. both stores allow you to link your loyalty cards to your ac'unt so y see sale prices in the app.ea >> i'm rdy to pick up my target order. i'm going to let them know i'm on my way. >> the app asked me what kind of car i was driving, and suggested
11:34 am
i turn on location services sod thenow when i arrived. >> it says park in front of the drive up sign when i arrived. >> just a few i minutes aft got there, the employee arrived with all of my items. >> it's about 10 minutes before my pickup window, i received a notification from walmart, i'm going to check in and let them know i'm on the way. id there were several employees already outs one asked for the name on the nd order a went inside to grab it. a few minutes later she was back and loaded everything into the . trunk next stop, giant. theyidn't send any instructions on where to go when i arrived. so we just winged it. an employee was outside, and within a matter of minutes, he f had had alur stuff loaded in the trunk. >> hello, safeway. >> our last sp of the day was safeway. they let meredith know to lookhe for t drive up and go spaces.
11:35 am
she caued the ner on the sign and they brought the groceries right out. after each pickup, we went over the ordersor accuracy. all of the stes got it right. cue only hic happened at target, they forgot to put my diet coke in the car. they realized it was on the ttom of the cart and called me before i got out of thearking lot. >> the employees don't accept tips for curbside pickup, if you wld like to see a breakdown of the costs for curbside pickup services for all the of thegr major ery store chains in our area, open up the app, we have skpiled for you all the io informatn. all you have to do is search groceries. coming up today on news 4 at4. we're going to put grocery delivery services to the test as well, we're going to see who delivered our orders at the times they promised and if they got ourth orders right. was fun. >> so far so good.
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>> i know, the pick up is so much easier, so convenient. but we wanted to know, is this convenience, because it comes at a little bit of a ost, worth r,? >> so fa it's wortho it fr me. >> love that curbsidpi ckup. thank you, susan. > the bottle cap challenge is getting the attention of ilebrities. the singer who taking a different approach. and take a look at this video from chopper 4 this morning, a ugh muddy potomac after yesterday's flash flooding, lauren is back to take
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> we have some breaking news over prince georges county right now. pennsylvania avenue and forestville. a maryland ate trooper was involved in an accident in. police tell us the trooper was hit while investigating another crash in the area.
11:39 am
the trooper was injured, but we do not know at this point how seriously. police are still on the scene investigating again, this is on the beltway near pennsylvania avenue. look for updates on news 4 at 4:00, and you'll find thela st in the nbc washington app. let's get the latest now on our ather, heading into the lunch loo good if you want to eat outside, go to the pool later on this afternoon, it's going to bc perft. >> not wet or flooding like we saw yester thank goodness, we're getting a ltle time to dry out right now, that's gotog ontinue for the next 48 hours, our next chae of rain comes thursday afternoon and thursday tiful out there right now. the good news is, it's comfortable. we still have a little bit of humidi in the air, we didn't get rid of it completely. i've been saying all morning, it's bearable out there right now. as far as our weather headlines, we're staying dry and comfortable today. we have a chance of rain coming he er lunchtimen oidthurnsdday.t
11:40 am
weekend, uroking good. nt temperatures out there right now, feeling good, mid-70s to right around 80 in washington, annapolis the warm spot, up to 83. we're headed into the mid to upper 80s for daytime highs toda we're completely dry, no rain. nothing happening out there now, down through florida, we have a little system that could bring some tropical characteristics, could develop into something. we'll continue to watch that into the golf. that wouldn't be until next thursday we woulde bpacted if the system gets its act together. we have somems ra cldinis t t p a punch. your wednesday looking dry, some of the models s aregesting maybe we have a little rain that tries to move up for late wednesday night. amelia and doug will have more on that. thursday evening commute could be a little wet, scattered
11:41 am
showers ander thundtorms, damaging winds possible also some heavy rain some of those could linger into your friday morng. now, tomorrow, those temperatures around 90, plenty of sunshine and more comfortarte comfole, let's talk about the weekend in detail, that's all coming up in your 10-day forecast in 10 minutes. >> thank you, lauren. >> up front pricing. a court ruling that will keep drug prices a secret at least on tv. the new phone
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the future ofa obamacre is at stake today. a panel offederal judges will hear arguments to say the health care law is unconstitutional. congressional republicans have already gotten rid of part of the law they voted in 2017 to get rid of a tax penalty that people were forced toay if they didn't buy a health insurance plan. the big question now is whether
11:45 am
all of obamacare should be struck down. now, here's cnbc with new information on another court ruling. >> a federal judge has blocked the trump adminitration from disclosing prices on tv ads. wholesale or li prices would be shown in an adhe if t drug cos $35 or more per month. drug companies sued claiming the rule could be confusing for consumers, as list priced do not reflect the actual cost of drugs. about your cnbc business report, i'm kate rogyos. get a strange call from 134i7b who says, you owe money. it seems suspicious, but you can't really are sure. how do you tell if it's a scam. nbc's tom costello tells us the
11:46 am
warning signs you should watch out r. >> the scam often starts with a robo call. >> we have received suspicious trails of information i your name. >> w julianne googled the number, it came back as social security, so she called. the pson on the other end already had her social security number. >> you're so scared at that point, when they say you're going to federal prison. the scammer said she should act quickly and put her money on a google card. >> he said you are being scammed, i can't sell this to you. >> 200,000 complaints ofve
11:47 am
gornment imposter calls so far this year. most people hang up and never report the scam. those who are scammed lose nearly $1,000 on average. >> the scammers are convincing, scaring every day americans into thinking they'll be arrested if they don't pay up immediately. >>he number one advice is, hang up. the government does not call you to threaten you, thent governme does not demand payment to you -- >> i was going to lose the contents of my bank account if it weren't for thge mana >> now, others are being warned abhe government imposters. if you get a call, report it. tom costello, nbc news, washington. a beloved toy story pulled from being the shelves. disney is recalling forky. he has eyes that can detachnd ose a choking hazard to young children. it was sold for about $20 at
11:48 am
disneyes through june of this year. so far there have been no injuries. exactly one week from today will mark 50 years since the apollo 11 rocket blasted offfr the kennedy space center. this morning, rear getting a look at a piece of art work that nasa commissioned to helermark this ary. >> take a look at this, an artist in tennessee created it out of wood, it includes so-called moon wood. if you don't know what tha is, apollo 14 took seeds to space and brought those seeds back to see if they could affect the trees growth. thni ed product took a lot of pieces of wood and time to create. >> 150 hours in designing, just making the pattern, we figured over 1,000 shop hours.i ece will hang at the kennedy space center on permanent display.
11:49 am
america's got talent returns tonight with the late of its audition episodes. judge cuts begin next week right after agt teight is it th debut of a new competition, that's looking strictly for less. bc's mark barger has a preview of bring the funny. >> i'm the movies, who is it -- gil, i think this is you. >> when you're going for laughs. >> you butt dialed me. >> going for the unexpected c' helps on bring the funny. you have to play to the room. >> jeff foxworthy judges the new competition show, along with rienan thompson and comedy connoisseur chsy teague an. >> i feel like i'm in comedy college, i also get this amazing role where i get to be the voice of the people, and i get to jtst e it from a different perspective.
11:50 am
>> i was ugly last week, it was bad. and now i look like a handsome lesbian. it went full spectrum. >> who here is sick of doing surveys, anyone? >> that was a survey you morons. >> we know what it's like to be on theer side of judgment. to have to give that back, it was tough. >> the live finale later this summer, will have $250,000 on the line, and the host gets a ringside seat. >> what's been great isetng to cheer people on who maybe didn't know they were as good as they are. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it don't. what happens in vegas turned 5 in february. >> i'm dumb regardless, don't blame alabama. >> mark barger, nbc news.
11:51 am
>> mariah carey proving she still has it. taking on the so-called bottle cap challenge. it's a social media challenge for people trying to unscrew a bottle with no hands and without knocking theer bottle ov. she does itwith her voice. coco goff may be out at wimbledon, but her list of well wishers growing. thrilled at new heights, we take
11:52 am
11:53 am
supporting their teenaged superstar to the end. the family chatting, we're proud of you. goff first shocked the world
11:54 am
last week after beating her idol venus williams. what followed was even more of a shock for the teen. her role models from around the world started to reachout. >> honestly, each and every one has been specia former first lady michelle obama, that was surprising to me, i looked up to her for so long, and having her in the white house and seeing a black woman in the white house is special for me as a little girl. >> coco went on to say, her biggest goal is to one day be if you're looking to get outdoors and do something thrilling, tommy mcfly has found the place for you, perhaps. >> he checked out the scene at the new multilevel go kart track. you have to see it to believe how cool it is. >> just down 95 in
11:55 am
fredericksburg, there's a brand new racing experience like nothing else in the region. >> and i'm leading the pack. >> wen watted to do something unique and special for the city of fredericksburg, and something that would atrack people froe all over thace. >> theis closest four hours from here. 30 feet in the air, 1800 feetof track, and i have to catch up. >> how am i going to pass my brother without hittingh . i wait behind him, draft a little bit, and see if they go high or low, i go the opposite way they do. >> it's fun, because when we started building it, people were like, what are you building, a roller coaster. >> if you're making the trip be prepared towa it your turn. >> i have i foo on her, so hopefully -- >> i just meet th height
11:56 am
requirement. >> how does being taller make you fster at go karting. >> it's worth the trip, i love the track, i think they'll love the track too., >> againain, i want to go again. >> news 4. >> that looks like so much fun. and for so many more cool new places to see and things to do, go to the nbc washington app d search for the scene. >> let's check out the weather scene now,lauren, how is it heading into the lunch hour. >> it's not looking too bad if you want to eat outside or maybe eat pool side. the humidity is around, but it's bearableut ere. temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s for daytimein highs the afternoon. we're dry out there today, and dry out there tomorrow. you have your tuesday, wednesday very similar conditions with that temperature nearing 90 degrees, and the humidity is out there, but it's bearable, can you deal with it, the heat and humidity come back on thurs y, weve a 60%
11:57 am
chance of scattered showers and storms after lunch mainly thursday. heavydownpours possible, maybe some damaging winds, wll have an isolaed shower before that friday commute. saturday and sunday, it's looking warm for us. relly not that bad, that ocean temperature is in the low 70s, you may encounter a storm on friday in the afternoon and ening. for the most part we're going to be drying. it's going to be a good beach weekend. if you're not heading to t beach it's going to be great around here. >> thanks, lauren. s.>that's news 4 midday, thank you for joining we're back on the air this afternoon, first at 4:00, you can get news and weather updates any time.
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