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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 9, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sold had a lose againic mushrooms to an undercover officer at a mcdonald's in aspen hills. the suspect ronaldo pesoa spit on officer moris when then pulled pesoa's shirt over their face. > they go out here every day and put their lives on the line very single day, and they do some phenomenal police work, but there are sometimes good people do bad things. >> the video has caused outrage in montgomery county and many are callingrc text sesive it ex >> i am concerned we have a culture issue because all the ndher officers were standing right there, ao one reacted. >> reporter: moris has been placed on administrative leave. his police powers have been suspended. he is expected to be in court for the very first time on these charges on august 2 nd wendy, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thanks, darcy. >> virginia state police investigating a hit and run that
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injured a motorcyclist that a biker stru on thepringfield interchange on the westbound lanes of the beltway that lead -9to i5 south. police say theyc motorcle and a box truck were involved in the crash with another car that drove away. and a big reward announced to caedh a suspect wa in of makiya. u.s. marshals are offering $5,000 for leading to the arrest of this man whose name is isaiah murchison, one of 11 indicted by a grand jur for wilson's murder. she was shot and killed while trying to buy ice cream last summer innortheast d.c. murchison is charged with first-degree murder, and he's a known member of a d.c. street crew. how could you forget this image from yesterday's hfltoric h flooding? people on their way to work cddenly caught in those floodwaters onnal road here. the only place to go on top of tirke cars. dn h guy in the pink shirt there.
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news 4's meagan fitzgerald nalked about a day that he'll remember for awful long time. >> no one expected to start m theironday morning like this. >> the entire house is under water. >> reporter: rainwater flooding streets and filling cars, a father forced to carry his two daughters to safety after his car was partially swallowed by water. others not as lucky. >>when you go to work you don't think you'll enup up on the roof f your car. >> reporter: but did. this is william diggs who ended up on the roof of his car in a commute he'll never forget. >> water was in my back seat, water up to my seat and i'm thinking the only way i'm getting out of here is sunroof so i open it up and squeez out. take a look at the view from th sunroof. several feet of water almost covering the gearshift. this is what his car looks lying right now. it's gutted. diggs says it's likely a total
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lots. >> insurance might not cover it all so we're trying to see if we can salvage it. >> reporter: insurance experts a say this is good time to make sure that you're covered for unexpected events like this. the insurance information institute says, quote, flood-caused damage to vehicles is covered under the optional comprehensive portion of a standard auto insurance policy. comprehensive costs about $150 annually so it is a very cost-effective coverage. without it, experts say drivers will likely be less to foot the bill. meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> i would go with don't salvage. there is a good chance you are covered by your auto policy. according to the iurance institute institute four out of five drivers purchased comprehensive coverage as part of their overall plan. wendy? >> and a local reminder, irginia's segregationist past destroyed by the rains. a portion of thesoalled segregation wall in arlington collapsed in the high water
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that. wall was constructed in the 1930s separating the white waycroft woodlawn neighborhood from the black halls hill neighborhood. arlington took down most of that wall for development in the '60s, but, a portion remained ue and a plaq educated people about its history. >> fairfax county working to repairam ded roads today. chopper 4 shows you the damage on prosperity avenue at morningside dry.ok lo at these big deep cracks. this road near the creek bridge s.s huge cracks because of yesterday's ra the road is shut down while crews work to repair it. we'll have an update on ow long the repairs could take. that's coming up at 5:30. turning now to our forecast for tonight and the rest of the week. we are drying out now. some of us are getting some much-needed sunshine today. >> doug is here to tell you when
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we -- when we might be getting some more rain. doug? >> a couple of systems out ther. right no take a look at the map. yesterday it was all clouds and all rain and today, well, we're only looking at clouds well bacw tds the mountains and in towards west virginia. we're dealing with showers and storms there, but our area is dry, and that's the way we'll be right on through the day tomorrow as well. i am tracking one system out towards the west and another down towards the south. meat could beco a tropical storm or a hurricane. more on that in a second. 85 degrees is the current number out there. that's the high so far today. 86 in hagerstown and 85 in richmond so temperatures on the nice side. look at charleston, west virginia. 91. 90s start to move our way so the heat is definitely starting to ock upr the next few days. weather headlines, another great day tomorrow. tracking severe storms on thursday. this will be thursday ternoon, nd this is something that we'll be watching very closely. we could be weather alert on thursday. more on that coming up, and then, s, watching the tropics. we're talking the potential is there for a tropical storm or even hurricane with a lit bit more on that, let go to amelia right now in
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the storm center. >> doug, let's start you off first with what we're looking at on storm team 4 radar. this area circled here is the area that we're reall keeping a close eye on for the potential development of tropical depression or a tropical storm d which woue barry. about a 70% chance that that happens over the next two days so that means we got through andrea. that happened back in late may before the hurricane seasonff oially began. here's future weather, and notice what th is this evening and about an hour fromnow. we are still tracking kind of disorganized storms. here's the thing. no matter what, this is going to be a big rain-maker as it's slowly forecast to move towards the west aigd the bst rain likely falling inouisiana and east texas. we're talking about five, ten inches, including the potential for impacting new orleans. here we are late thursday and
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early friday morning you can sem the s system really coming together, and, doug, we're going to be keeping an eye on barry for potentially impacting our weather next friday, but that's still a way down. agn, we don't have a named storm just yet, but a high likely that happens whin the next two days. wendy, back to you. >> all right. thanks, amelia. >> the future of obamacare is now in the hands of a federal appeals court. a coalition of democratic-led ates want the court to overturn a texas judge's ruling. that said that the entire healthcare law was unconstitutional. so if the three-judge panel agrees with the texas ruling, the case will likely be appealed to the supre congressional republicans have already gotten rid of part of the law. al 2017 they voted to remove the so-called indiv mandate which was forcing people to pay a tax penalty if they didn't care health insurance. >> immigration activists took
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their battle up to capitol hill today. they are protesting the conditions that thosei mant detention centers on the u.s.-mexican border. leon harris is in the newsroom with their message for lawmakers today. leon? >> this is a group many may not have heard of. they are calleder again action. more than 100 demonstrators protested inside the house early this morning. >> end detention now! >> reporter: they are calling for congress to shut down the immigration detenti centers. the group also wants lawmakers to de-fund i.c.e. and border patrol agencies. capital police arrested 18 people after they refused to break up the protests. 18, by the way, is symbolic number in judaism signifying good omens for life. one rabbi we talked to feels a connection with the migrants at the border because of the holocaust. >> you can't make an exact comparison, but people in cages,
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being denied basic human necessities simply because of who they areand where they came from or they are perceived to have come from, and -- and it -- if that's notr what ne again means, then what doesn't? >> the trump administration haso disputed theitions at those centers. the president now saying that he's planning to allow the medi to go into a center in the coming weeks to see for themselves. wendy, back to you. >> leon harris, thanks, leon. a new fence is being built around the white house to keep wstruders from jumping over it. construction cre around the white house started work on a 13-foot fence today. it's about double the size of the currentence. the secret service says the new one will be wider and the pickets will be stronger. it will take a couple of years to complete this project which costs 64 million. visitors will still be able to see the white house during this construction period. >> a long time to get a fence up. we're just getting started
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here at 5:00, a police officer targeted in an attack caught on cam ramp the search for the man who hid behind a tree and then just began shootin >> and the vote that could determi what happens to embattled d.c. council member jack evans. >> and the local artist whose wo will be prominently displayed during tonight's major league baseball all-star game. ♪ >> you know it's the middle of the smer. do you still want to do this? >> absolute. >> i sure? >> very schnurr. >> you know, there could be consequenced. >> we're going to do iit. >> didn't know you'd be out. here i just finished the top secret meeting with the boss of boggses. i can't talk about it now, but i can tell you this. something big is going to happen on news 4t 4:00" and the screen is going to explode with excitement. i better get this back in there. keep watching. hey, pat's got something big indeed brewing. he'll reveal his secret project
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on "ne 4 at 4:00" next monday, july 15th. you do not want to miss it.
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someone firing shots and an on-duty police officer. it's dark and it is blurry, but you can see several flashes of light from behind that tree. police say those are gunshots. this happened on the fourth of july. on hillside road in southeast. the officer want armed. d.c. police and the fbi are asking anyone withormation to come forward. >> an historic and conteyious daor the d.c. council as council members decide the fate of sports betting in d.c. council members will also take a up a rre resolution to remove jack evans as the financechair. news 4's mark segraves has been following the deliberations today and joins us live from the wilson building with the back and forth. mark? >> reporter: and jim, it has
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been a heated back and herth since tclosed-door breakfast meeting this morning to the debate that's going on as we speakl on the coun dyes. it's not whether or not they will remove him as finance chair. that seems certain that that will happen.r it's whet not they will remove him from every committee on the d.c. council. of course, council member evans has been under for months, both by federalig inveors and by the metro investigation. that wrapped up a few weeks ago, and because of that metro investigation, that's what led o d.c. uncil members to want to remove evans from his rfairmanship of the poweul finance committee. evans has said almost nothing todayxcept one word. no, when he was asked whether or not he would reclfe himse from voting on the loyry contract today. but earlier today, both council member david grasso who has called for evans to resign and council chair phil mendelson w defended him somewhat had a heated back and forth. let's hear from both men and what they had to say early
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today. >> jack should step down now. he has created such a distraction up here, you saw even in our informal breakfast this morning, we spent two hours discussing what to do. we could save money not having to hire a law firm and move nd forward aeally regain the trust of the public. >> but there ought to be an in vestigation. that is what we are launching. as i said a week ago, we are as a safeguard and, yes, you could read it as an admonishment removing him as chair of the finance committee. >> so, mark, turning to the sports betting issue, what's the future of that looking like now? >> rorter: that's a big, big vote that impacts our entire region, jim, and that will come up late they are evening and that will become amuch closer vote than the vote of the fate of jack evans. that will come down 7-6. there's 13 members. the council member from ward 8 is at the hospital today because he'smebout to be father, so that will be very close, but
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it does seem from talking to the council members this morningha t there is now enough support to approve the lottery contract for sports betting which would pave the way for sports betting on a mobile app that will happen early next year, as early as epnuary. come smber you should be able to go down to nats stadium or capital one arena and place bets in person ther >> the ultimate game-changer. a lot of people excited about that. mark segraves. thanks, mark. >> another big honor for the u.s. women's national soccer team fresh off their world cup victory. they are gracing the cver of sports illustrated this week. the picture shows megan rapinoe striking her triumphant pe. alex morgue sean in there as el with. the celebration continuing tomorrow in new york when the team is going to be honored with that victory parade to the canyon of heroes. >> what a week. better.keeps on getting hey, the best of the best will take the field tonight at the major league baseball all-star game. a the playersso want to look
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their best, and that's where one local man enters the picture. news 4 has thatpa of the story. >> reporter: the all-star game is about star and swarg and the' person yore about to make is the person responsible for customizing some of the coolest pairs of sneakers and cleats you'll see before tonight's pi first ut baseball is just one of the sports that he works with. ♪ >> reporter: you've probably never heard the name david s amd rano though you might run across his work. >> tom brady, julio jones, there's bryce harper, steph curry. >> reporter: a short list of athletes that the man customizes shoes for, a direct result of preparation, meaning opportunity. >> this kid came by and asked me if i knew how to paint shoes.
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yeah, whatever. >> reporter: that moment changed your life. >> that one instance, of doing t the projeright. >> reporter: a pair of cleats with his art led him to wide receiver mohamed sanu. >> slowly and shortly h led me to getting a pair and since then we established a cool friendship >> reporter: a friendship this opened the gates to the, nf nba and major league baseball where he works closely with stars like ex-nationals player bryce harper. >> we did a pay for him for his first game with their mascot, the phillya fnatic. i did the finalair that london fletcher for the redskins ever work. >> reporter: things were not always looking up for him. >> i had opened up a couple of shops. one was an aumotive paint, one was a shirthop, all of them closed down, so i had resigned myself w that iouldn't -- i would never make money with art. >> reporter: fast forward almost
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a decade later, and you'll find des's art on display during mlb's all-star game. >> seven years ago you thiy ou're a 9:00 to 5:00 guynd ere you are doing a project for maor league baseball. we've earned our way here and have a consistent workload and couldn't be happier about it. >> ta-da. >> that's it. >> reporter: prior to finding his niche, david relocated his family three times in three years because he couorn't a to pay the rent, but through perseverance. >> he's become one of the go-to guys in the shoe game. wendy and jim. >> do you need to goo your atm before you go to him? >> how much? >> that could run up to 4,500 bucks according to him. >> but you know, i's worth it. that's art. i don't know that i would want to wear them playingthe game. i would just want to put them on a shelf. they are beautiful. beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> thanks. >> and working for your he will, the items on the menu that could be spelling disaster forour
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diet. doreen is going to report on the menu minefields. >> plus, we'rerying out today and doug is tracking our next and doug is tracking our next
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and doug is tracking our next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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> bye, doug. you get a little bit of a break today. well deserved. >> still have to come to work though. >> right.
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>> this couldn't have been that hard. >> that's the thing about it. you need a day like today and . morrow and kind of calm down. >> regroup >> saw it yesterday. so many people dealing with flooded cars, flooded basements. >> so many pople were telling me about their pacements being flooded. ven the white house was flooded yesterday as a result of this storm. >> yeah. >> a monster storm for sure. one for the record books and then you get a day like today and it's like wait a second, what just happened yesterday? i mean, this isperfect day. 85 degrees and plenty of sunshine across ourdirea. humi a little bit up there. right now temperatures 85. the heat index at 88 degrees. that humidity is going to be on theoise the nextle of days with the south wind. 86 frederick and 86 baltimore and 87 towards huntingtown. average high is 89. a little bit below that right now, but i don't think anybody complaining. we'll go below average here in the month of july. as far as the rain is concerned. not going to see anyoday. most won't see some tomorrow. the best chance of storms would be back to the blue ridge, back
5:24 pm
towards shenandoah vale and the panhandle and west virginia back there. anotolluter,hes rew our area towards west virginia. a better chance for that one kimorrow. now, i'm tracng this system here. this is a storm that's making its way through the plains and has a cold front associated with it. that cold front will eventually move our way and by thursday we're talking about a pretty good chance for somethilse it will bring is the heat and humidity. look at the numbers out ahead of it. into the 90s. it st. louis and 94 nashville and that warmer air is moving our way even as we speak so tomorrow will be warmer. thursday will bea very hot and humid day. noise and warm tomorrow and more humid, too. 91, a heat index of 92 and 95. ahnty of sunshine sootn goin to need some ac from time to time. thursday going 89 and the heat index on thursday is going to be 98.t 97 and it's going to be a real humid day, and that's going to lend to a good chance for thunderstorm activity, and i think we've gog
5:25 pm
a chance for severe weatherch the potential is there for very heavy rainfall, but i don't expect to seelohe fing that we saw yesterday during the day. these storms will be quick movers, and because they are moving pretty quickly, we' get a chance for some hail, rather some wind which i think could be the biggest factor as far as damage is conce sed. couldee damaging winds on thursday. hail a possibility and even on friday as the storm moves off still on th hot and humid side. 91 degrees again on saturday with sunshine starting off the etweekend on a p good note. we'll talk more about the rest of the weekend and when we really see the heat move in. heat indices go well over 100 degrees. >> thank doyou, g. >> and still to come, a proposal for a first of its kind ban. how they are takingon a probl posed by helium balloons. >> plus, no vote in virginia's special session on gun laws. ahead what the family members oo
5:26 pm
gun vnce victims say they will be doing next. >> and the search for suspects in the shooting that left one man dead and a woman fighting f her life. the father of one of the victims is talking to news 4. >> he texted me from the back of the bus and said, dad, do you think grandpa or papa would be
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right now at:30, virginia's governor is calling the actions of gop leaders shameful. >> republicans abruptly adjourned a special session today on gun violence saying the many proposedee billsd more study before action can be taken. >> and governor ralph northam caesled the special ssion after 12 people were killed in a mass shoot a virginia beach municipal ilding recently. well, now angry democrats and gun control activists are promising to get even at the polls. >> our northern virginia bureau chief julierey is live for us in richmond where she's been watching the drama unfold. julie? >> well, jim and wendy, quiet here and earlier today gun control activists warn the capital that they were optimistic and confident that the rece mass shooting in virginia beach might mean gun restriction measures that have stalled out here for yearsgould a vote and their hopes
5:30 pm
quickly dashed this. session was over when it began afterut 90 min when republicans called it off. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: gun control activists brought high hopes and noisy chants to the capitol, hoping that they might finally get the votes in the house and senate. >> we need to be a leader on this issue. virginia really needs to step up, and i think it's time to step up. >> reporter: democratic wmakers red we emotional speeches about the latest mass shooting that left 12 dead in a virginia beach municipal building. >> we can pass bills tha will save lives. > reporter: before any gun bills could be approved, republicans called a vote to adjourn and democrats acted with outrage. >> they totally abdicated their responsibility and, er one, the republicans in this statea e totally controlled, i mean 100% controlled by the national
5:31 pm
rifle association. >> reporter: the gop leaders say with more than 30 bills to consider, more time is needed to study the measures. they point to the special commission imbasketballed after the virginia tech shooting as a model sfll had a we want to do is have a group that can look at the measures, not in the moment by moment down here but a chance to look at them. >> it was the outcome this this gun rights outcome was hoping for. he says any further gun restrictions could help him from protecting his baby doubter. >> for now holding the ground would be great for me. >> reporter: governor ralph northam who called the special session making his displeasure clear calling the gop action shameful andloisappointing. ing ahead, the crime commission is going to take all those bills. they will have meet national august and september and they will come back with possible recommendations in november after the election, but you can be ste that w happened here today, that's going to be a major focus of democra in the fall campaign when all 140 seats there are on
5:32 pm
the ballot. jim, back to you in the studio. >> certainly not the last that e've heard, but you're right, julie, thanks so much. a killer is on the loose, and two families are now seeking answers after a shooting outside a convenience store. 20-year-old troy barnett died at the sooefnl the womanith him is still hospitalized. tonight the barnett family is talking to drew wilder in a story yoll see only on news 4. flowers wilt where an unsolved murder case began a week ago. stafford county police say someone shot 20-year-old troy barnett. >> i get a knock on the day. >> reporter: detectives told hi jeff that son was killed while sitting in a car on this gas station at garrisonville 10:00 p.m. on july 3rd. troy was in the car with 18-year-old laura guadalupe de la ruz. she wasshot, too, and she's still fighting for her life.
5:33 pm
>> we do not have a suspect description, but we do know from a witness that a dark-colored sedan was seen leaving the parking lot around the time oin the dent at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: troy barnett was a standout football player at colonial forge. dad was proud of his son'scc suess and more importantly his love for family. >> he text me from the back and said do you thi papa would be proud? >> reporter: a proud father now heartbroken and furious that his son's murder has not been caught. >> i am for every sing one of his so-called friends that you know something, speak up. speak up. >> in stafrd county, drew wilder, news 4. >> some stranded people in potomac can finally get in d out of their neighborhood, but
5:34 pm
it's going to be a few days before things are truly backo normal. yesterday's deluge caused this massive sinkhole here on belfast road. now it blocked the only way in and out of community, and today crews installed temporary steel plates to allow people to leave, but as news 4's mollette green reports, a permanent sfaks complex process. >> taking out this row of trees, that's just one step in the process to shoring up this road perm ninthly. another part. replacing that massive storm drain, that drainage pipe that you see down there that's all rusted out. they have got to doot a whole l to make sure that this road is safe andr nforced. >> belfast road will be closed from thursday to saturday for those repairs. one of the hardest hit areas was in fairfax county. rla flores from our sister station telemundo 44 will tell
5:35 pm
us how ng it willke to clean up this race. >> reporter: crews are still assessing the damage from rd yeste's rain and on the other side of the bridge residents haven't been able to leave their homes with their vehicles. >> reporter: this is what this road looked like after yesterday's historic accumulat n. last night damaged the trap nd trapped people in their neighborhood. but officials tell us today the worst part of kirby rod could be closed for weeks or even>> mont. we're still doing assessments. we still have structure and bridges going around to all different locations that have been impacted andly real kind of taking an inventory of everything that's damaged and starting the recovery process in terms of what needs to be rebuilt, how is it going to be ebuilt and what are our resources and allof that kind of thing. >> reporter: drivers in fairfax will also need to take detours around prosperity avenue for at least a couple of da before crews can get started on
5:36 pm
repairs. >> please, don't drive around whe barriers or push through the barriers becaus you're finding on the other side of the road is a road that is deemed to be unsafe to be driving on at that given time. >> reporter: authorities are asking residents to stay calm and be cautious while crews continue to work. carla flores, news 4. >> maryland is looking at a mesge that would find people a measure for intentionally releatng balloons. s issue, those mylar and latex inflatables that can wind up stuck inrees, litter t ground and waterways and can often be mistaken as food by land and see creatures.hi late month the queen anne's county commissioner's board will conser an ordinance that would fine up to 250 bucs for those who released those non-biodegrade able helium balloons on purpose. >> a hotel giant accused of deceiving its customers. susan hogan joins us to explain
5:37 pm
the new lawsuit against marriott and what the company is saying about it. >> and the parents of a little girl who was severely shocked while playing at mgm national hash ore share her story and road to recovery. >> on thursday the biggest concerns will be heavy rain an strong and damaging winds. mo on the ming andre
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
fairfax county is giving neighbors a chance to share their concerns after a recent outbreak of gun violence. last week several men were shot in the telegraph road area and then a day later several others, including two tnagers, were shot on fordson court. now, plice believe the shootings may be gang-related. the police chief and county board chair will be at that mueting at 7:30 tonight at the gun springs comty center. wendy? >> the family of the little girl who was shocked at mgm national harbor last summer says their lives still are not the same. now one year later the parents have released a video showing he child still cannot speak or walk. news 4's leon harris is in our newsroom to tell us more about that. >> ands you might imagine this, video, it's just heartbreaking to watch. the parents of the girl say they will remember their daughter as smiling, vibrant child who loved life and used to run un
5:41 pm
arod, but they say they haven't heard her voice or seen her walk in more than a year. that girl was seven years old last june when she was shocked by a railing at the mgm and her mother has had to quit her three jobs to care for her daughter full tim and she and her huoand sp about the toll that this is taking on their lives. >> on juneth 25 things changed our whole family life around. >> that's the worst day of our lives. >> it changed our life, you know. me persolly, you know, that was my >>angel. miling, running off the bus and giving hugs and talking and smiling and everything that she ed to do so now in a wheelchair, haven't heard her voice since.i
5:42 pm
wang to hear her beautiful voice again. [ no audio ] mgm tells us that a day doesn'th go by t they do not think about that little girl and what happened to her and that family. they are calling it a tragic accident, and they are hoping that her condition improved. jim, back to you. >> leon, we all do. thank you. when we come back tonight at 5:00, one of the world's largest hotel chains accused of deceiving consumers. what d.c.' attorney general wys marriott is doing wrong. >> andrking for your health, the hidden ingredient that could spl disasteler
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now to a consumer alert about the way one of the world'e lar hotels chains is advertising its prices. d.c. attorney general is suing marriott international, accusing the chain of using deceptive and misleading pricing practices. consumer reporter susan hogan tworking with you with details. susan? >> well, marriott has nearly 30 tels in the district and d.c. attorney general carl racine believes the company is illegally profiting from the way it posts itsrices online. they say marriott advertises low prices for its hotel rooms and then adds mandatory fees often called resort fees, amenity fees or destinationee f he called these, quit, hidden fees since consumers don really see the cost of the room until they start the booking process. the attorney general says these fees are often confusing and sometimes lumped in with taxes,
5:46 pm
many hit harder for the consumer to really determine how much of their money is going to the government and how gch is goin to the hotel. >> and so clearly these resorta fees h become an additional revenue line for the companies. the companies are free to pursul revenue es, but when you deal with consumers, you should be up front about whatr the real pe of a room is. >> now the attorney general says e ftc warns the hotel industry about these pricing practices in 2012 and, again in, 2017.hi lawsuit aims to force marriott to advertise the true prices of its hotel rooms upfr t, provide partial refunds to tens of thousands of district consumers d pay civil fines. we, of course, reached out to marriott international, and they to us they do not comment on pending litigations. back for you. >> all right, susan, thank you. you wind up doing some math on your menus.
5:47 pm
restaurants chains are required to post calorie counts on their men urkz, but that's not the only thing that you needo t watch out for if you're trying to eat healthy. news 4's doreen against err tells us why. >> they call them menu minefields. you may think you're ordering something that's good for you g only to hit with added ingredients that can be disaster for your diet. we're working for you to show you somepular dishes that you might want to avoid and what to choose instead. the cedar salmon with maple mustard glaze. seems like a sensible option at applebee's. after all salmon has heart healthy omega 3s and if you go by the calories listed this dish sounds like a really good choice but count is amodire than half the amount that yo should be having in a whole solution, ask for the fishbe to repared without salt and get the sauce on the side so that youro can cont how much salt and sugar you get.
5:48 pm
now to chipotle, the vegetarian bowl getsor kudos f its whole edains, veggies and beans, but it's actually pac with sodium and saturated fat. instead, make your own burrito bowl and sca back on the whiteries or gawk mole toe make your lunc health yefrm thier. it even has a tool you can use to customize your dish and see how it's changed the nutrition count and by check out. at panda express the black pepper chicken dish has o of the highest sodium counts on the menu. te solution is to try the grillediyaki chicken instead or the asian chicken to cut the sodium by about half, and if ou're still craving the dishes you love at the restaurants, health experts s try making them at home. that way you can control the ingredients and portion sizes. doreen gentzler.
5:49 pm
news 4. >> all the sodium. it is the salt. >> through the >> even restaurants. even higher restaurants. yeah, it's salt. >> i'll tell. >> you and you ued to work at an applebee's. >> i used to work at applebee's. oh, yeah, man. used to love waiting tables. that was fun. >> i only made it to bus boy so i worked for you. >> jim handley, come, man. >> clear that table. >> let's go. >> we flipped the script today weatheorwise. that'sure. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. yesterday upper 70s to around 80 with all that rain. taka look at what the rain has doneo the side for sure and that's because of all theh debris out te, and there is some debris on the water so if you're thinking about getting out there on the boats the next couple of days, ep an eye out for that if you make your way out and about.le 85 col park and 87 right now in huntingtown and average high is 89 so we like being a little bit below average. ly 84 right now back towards
5:50 pm
dulles airport. no rain to talk about. not going to see any more today. we should not see rain tomorrow. thursday a little bit of a different story because a storm system is moving our way and you can see now a really beautiful day. just fair weather cumulus crowds and temperatures that were below average, just about everywhere. 86 right now philly and 79 degrees, great day in ocean mcity. the wir is well back to the west. 9 is degrees in lexington, ken encan. charleston got up to 90 as well and the90s, that warmer weather is pushing our way during the day tomorrow. the rain from yesterday is out of here but not from -- not the effects from that rain. amelia is here with a little more on the allergy report and something you may not always think aboul >> with alhe rain that we had yesterday, doug, it was noted today on our pollen report that the mold spores coming in high, everything else thankfully low. and therasses and trees count is high from all of the rain yesterday. here's a look at your planner for tomorrow. it's a pleasant start.
5:51 pm
we're at 72 degrees at 7:00 a.m. so really nice stepping out the door on wednesday. it's the middle of the workweek, too, always something to look forward to. by lunchtime if you're running errands, we're at 85 degrees. the sunshine is out and the humidity levels aren't all that bad. a high tomorrow of 91 so it's ining to be had a little bit bewarmer than completely dry out there tomorrow, but as we head on into the evening rs hou some storms are possible back over the mountains and back around the i-8 corridor, d.c. metro area is looking dry tomorrow evening. 87 degrees at 7:00 p.m. we look to hursday. here's future weather 8:00 a.m. most of us are going to have a dry, mo, but i can't rule out an isolated shower or two thursday morning, but it's really as we move on into the afternoon and evening hours, doug. we'll retract some heavy rain and potential for damaging winds especially between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. >> yeah. we'll be tracking thursday for r sure fhat chance for severe weather. e hdt ofrelecoay c ingdhos,
5:52 pm
riday.ursday and the heat index on thursday. 89 for a high and heat index the upper 90s. that coming with that very heavy chance of rain and wind. wind a big factor o thursday and however, rain as far as needing, i'm not too concerned about that after what we dealt with yesterday. that got some relief. look at saturday and sunday. hot for the weekend, too, and t look aext week. we're going into the mid to even upper 90s, guys, and that could last for a while. >>oing to be a sizzler. >> thank you, doug. >> i used to work there, too. sizzler. >> i worked at benigan's. >> that was fancy. honors for lonnie bunch who founded the african-american museum for history and culture and was installed as the secretary of the smithsonian institution becoming e first african-american and historian to hold the position in that institution's nearly 175-year .
5:53 pm
history bunch is also a d.c. resident. he talked about today's honor with mark segraves. >> in some ways this is s important because this is home. this is the place i care most about. this is the place that has shaped my career. it's the place that i go home to every night and say i'm glad i'm d.c. so this is a humbling honor and i'm a little overwhelmed with emotion. >> bunch just started his new e job threeks ago. >> so well deserved. standing 5'6", ross perot was not an imposing figure. >> those who met him say his presence filled a room. just ahead at 5:00, the remembrances for one of the most remembrances for one of the most unlikely
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
z3d2uz z16fz y3d2uy y16fy
5:56 pm
>> ross perot shook up two presideial races and is one of the most successful third-party candidates in u.s. history. >> the texas billionaire today at 89. known for his folksy catch phrases and anti-establishment approach, peroto appealed t millions of disillusioned voters back in the '9 thes. >> chuck todd looks back at his life andhow his style may still be impting politics to this day. >> the self-maid man from texarkana. >> the party is over, and it's time for the cleanup crew. >> henry ross perot perot
5:57 pm
found electronic data systems in 1962 with a $1,000 check company to g t general motors and becoming an early tech billionaire. in 1992 hent catapulted i national politics. >> if you want to register me in 50 states, number one, i promise you this, between now and the convention, we'llt geth parties heads' straight. >> reporter: the most successful third-party candidate. bush and clinton supporters, who crot hurt more. >> you don'tare about making money, there will be a giant sucking sound going south. >> reporter: at a time when public trust ingovernment was lower than during watergate perot appeared to a group of disenchanted voters on one issue, the deficit, selling his message with folksy charisma. >> as i said it's time to take out the trash and clean o the barn. >> reporter: tv >>pearances. look out, george bush. here comes h. ro perot! >> reporter: and infomercials.
5:58 pm
>> that's what we could have done with $4 trillion if we hadn'ted wast it. >> reporter: perot could be combative. >> you said part of your deficit reduction plan is $180 billion. >> y, may i finish? finish. it's a simple question. >> well, you've already finished. go ahead and finish again. it's your program, you can do anything you want to. >> reporter: but his message stuck. he won nearly 20o millions and became a pop culture phenomenon. >> the deficit something that ny one is pg attention to. >> reporter: though he finished third in '92 and '96, his ability to appeal to outsiders and personal wealth and ap poous campaign, particularly on the issue of trade, was the forerunner to donald trump. >> i'm putting up my own money.n i d know if it's ever happened. ross perot put up his own money. >> reporter: perot was honored with the medal for distinguished public service for his work on
5:59 pm
behalf of pows. >> these men have great value to their wives, their children and tir parents. >> reporter: his life defined by his favorite motto inspired by winston churchill. >> never give in, never never, never, never! >> and his love for the lone star state. b>> i was texasn and texasb red and texarkana raised and when i die i'll be texa cdead. >>ck todd, nbc news, washington. >> truly one of a kind. good evening, now at 6:00, a local police officer charged with assault. >> so what's next for th investigation after this video surface showing a suspect in handcuffs getting slammed in the head. >> plus, mitch mcconnell o responded treports tonight that his ancestors owned slavesc whyy had he'smparing himself to former president obama. >> and stranded by the man in this photo tells his story as the waters rose around him. >> and when you go into works you don't think you'll end up on the roof of your car, but i did.
6:00 pm
>> reporte andwe're beginning in montgomery county where police officers are facing criminal charges. e> it all stems from this disturbing arr sri. take a look where we see the officer slam a man's head to the ground wit >> the post on social media sparked outrage and calls of excessive four. >> let's get right to darcy spencer with tales from rockville. doris? >> reporter: well, that police officer has been placed onmi adstrative leave. his police powers have been suspended, and now he's facing the possibility of up to a decade behind bars. >> agh! >> the video is graphic and disturbing. it shows a montgomery county police officer kneeing a handcuffed drug suspect w was face down on the ground. that officer, kevin moris, is now facing criminal charges. elected leaders say they support that ec


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