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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporte andwe're beginning in montgomery county where police officers are facing criminal charges. e> it all stems from this disturbing arr sri. take a look where we see the officer slam a man's head to the ground wit >> the post on social media sparked outrage and calls of excessive four. >> let's get right to darcy spencer with tales from rockville. doris? >> reporter: well, that police officer has been placed onmi adstrative leave. his police powers have been suspended, and now he's facing the possibility of up to a decade behind bars. >> agh! >> the video is graphic and disturbing. it shows a montgomery county police officer kneeing a handcuffed drug suspect w was face down on the ground. that officer, kevin moris, is now facing criminal charges. elected leaders say they support that decision. >> i believe we have a great police force here in montgomery
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county but this obviously was a horrible and tragic incident, and i'm happy that we've taken action so quickly. >> reporter: moris has been charged with second-degree assault, a misdemeanor had a carries up to ten yea in prison and misconduct in office. oris has been on the force for roughly seven years. >> it's a sad day when marcus and i stand here having to t chargehe montgomery county police officer. >> reporter: the video shows thi officer clam the suspect's head to the ground after he allegedly sold hallucinogenic mushrooms toun an rcover officer. that happened at a mcdonald's in aspen hill. c according toharging documents the suspect spit on the officer and the officer then pulled pesoa's shirt over his face. >> the excessiveness of the officer, officer moris, actually slamming the individual's head to tme pave, just gave me grave concern. >> the video has caused outrage in montgomery county. many calling it excessive force.
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>> i am concerned that we have a culture issue though in the department because all the other officers were standing right there while that happened hand no one reacted. >> reporter: now we did ask the state's attorneys office how act could potentially i case against the initial suspect, the man you saw in the video. he was facing charges, drug charges and other charges as a result of this. at this point the state's attorney says that has not yet beendecided. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you, darcy. >> and officer moris is not currently being held in custody and we're told his first court appearance is next month. >> a recusal decision from attorney general william barr. he does not plan to recusese him from involvement in the new federal charges filed against allegedx trafficker jeffrey epstein in new york, but a scenor justice department official told "the washington post" that barr will not be
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involved in the view of epstein's previous plea deal down in florida. usrr said he might have to step aside fromce department reviews of the case because his former law firm represented stein. the future of the affordable care sackett in jeopardy, again. a federal appeals court is hearing a case in louisiana and the outcome could leave millions of americans h withoutealth insurance. susan mcginnis is tracking are the ca for us. susan. >> went, a panel of judges in new orleans is going toid dec if a lower court ruling, which truck down the affordable care act, whetherat ruling will stand or fall. >> millions of americans. >> lawmakers onl capitol hil anxiously watching the latest battle over obamacare. >> this is a critical day for the future of healthcare in america. >> insidene this orleans federal courthouse, three judges considering the healthcare future of millions of americans.
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democrats fighting for the affordable care act arguing millions of americans would lose pre-existing condition coverage and medicaid coverge and seniors would pay more for prescription drugs. blue states on defense as 18 epublican-led states and the trump justice department asked that the affordable care act be struck down. he attorney general for texas today saying it's time to bury obamacare once and for all andd to ver real healthcare reform, but republicans and the president who ran on replacing obamacare have yet to put forward a plan of their own. >> we are going to fix health air. >> republicans tried several times but failed to repeal and replace. once famously defeated by a thumbs down from senator john mccain. >> this is an attempt to try to get done what they couldn't get done in congress. >> reporter: some say trying to end obamacare could backfire.
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>> they are all focusing on improving coverage and improving affordability. >> reporter: the supreme court upheld obamacare twice and it could end up there again putting obamacare onne the front li in the 2020 elction. in the meantime, a they await the decision, they will abide by the provisions ofam obare. >> house majority leader steny hoyer tweeted that the nevin bill will get a vote. the bill is named in honor of luis alvarez and another 9/11 first responder. both side from cancer. id> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has sa that the senate will take up this measure in august. >> if you blinked, you missed it. now outrage of a surprise development at a special session of the virginia general aonembly un control.
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republicans abruptly voted to end it without ever taking a vote. governor ralph northam calledth special session after a municipal employee, you'll recall, fired off in virginia beach killing 12 co-workers. democratic lawmakers are outraged but republicans say they need more time to study the 30 plus bills being proposed. julie carey was in riff mony the drama played out today oi and will j us live in a few minutes no explain what happens next. >> right now our area is still drying out from yesterday's deluge. >> it's going to be a long road for some some people a getting, you know, and dealing with the aftermath. for the weeks it could take them and others have quite the story to tell, including these commuters who found themselves on top of these cars on canal road yesterday myning. todae've tracked down the young man in that pink shirt there.
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news 4's meagan fitzgerald has his story. >> one of the people stranded on top of their car just behind me here on can a.m. road was william diggs. he told meet water level rose so quickly there was nothing he could do to escape. >> lthk at is. >> monday morning is was perfect storm. >> the entire house is underwater. >> torrential rain haaening in short amount of time creating a mess and dangerous situation. flooding surrounding hopes and submerging filling s from virginia to maryland and in d.c., a father forced to carry his two doubters to safety a er his cars partially swallowed by water. other drivers onanal road in d.c. not as lucky. >> and when you go into work you don't t nk you'll end up the roof of your car but i did. >> this isilliam diggs in the pink shirt during a commute he says he'll never forgot. >> i saw water dripping in ba k seat and before i know itr wate filling up my back seat and i'm crouching and i'm thinking the only way to get out is through my sunroof so i open
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the sunroof and squeeze out. >> reporter: take a look at the view from the sunroof. several feet of water almost covering the gearshift. he was able to get off his car once with the water levels receded and says he wasn't ifscared for his l in the moment but realizes just how dangerous of a situation thiswa nevertheless, is this is what h car looks like now, gutted. diggs says it's likely a total loss. >> insurance might not c er it all so we're trying to see if we can salvage it. >> insurance experts say this is a good time to make sure you're covered for unexpected events like this. the insurance information institute says, quote, flood-caused damage to vehicles is covered under the comprehensive portion of a standard auto insurance policy. comprehensive costs about $1450 annually, so it is a very cost-effective coverage. without it,s expeay drivers will likely be left to split the bill. meagan fitzgerald, news 4.
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>> trying to resell that after that. >> yikes. >> after that unbelievable rain, nothing but sunshine today. >> but we could have more severe storms later this wem. >> i'oing to be tracking those on thursday. it's not going to be nearly the flood threat that we saw yesterday, but we are talking ot the ptial there for some pretty strong win b so we'lle watching that very closely. thursday could actually be a weather alert day, but nothing like that today. whth a difference day makes. yesterday all rain early and today all sunshine all day. temperature-wise out there right now, we're sitting nice and warm. temperatures in the mid-80s. normally this time of the year we're around 89 and right now sitting at 84 degrees. 78, a gorgeous night there as well. take a look at the next couple of days, staying d and comfortable for tomorrow, but then possible severe storms for thursday. i'll break that down for you, and i'mracking the tropics, yeah. we could have a tropical storm sr a hurricane over the next couple of day making its way on the land and in the u.s. see you back here in 15 minutes.
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>> all righty. >> a deflection from senate majority leader mih mcconnell after nbc news report that had two of his great great grandfathers held slaves. u.s. census records t show republican leader's ancestors held a total of at least 14 alabama. mcconnell appeared amused when asked today if the report changes his opposition to paying government reparations to the descendants of formerly enslaved >> you know, i find myself once again in the same position as t presidenama. we both oppose reparations and we both are the desndants of slaveholders. >> sator mcconnell did not answer a question about whether he knew about his family's history before the nbc report. as for his comment about the former president during the 2008 election, an amateur genealogist mother'sat on his white side mr. obama had two relatives who each held two slaves.
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>> got a lot more to come tonight on "news 4 at 6:00." some terrifying moments here in the district. >> a suspect firing a gun at a police officer and is caught on camera, and new this hour, we're hearing from the d.c. police. >> plus, n breakingws from the d.c. council, but a deadlock vote and whathat means for jack evans. >> also, marriott ordered to pay millions. the hefty fine over that data the hefty fine over that data breach as the
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the hefty fine over that data breach as the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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his committee assignments. let's get ght to news 4's mark segraves at the wilson building. up or wn? >> reporter: yeah. jack evans, the longest serving member of the d.c. council, is no longer the chairman of the powerful finance committee. his colleagues stripped him of that title just moments ago in a very contentious debate before the d.c. council. i can tell m you thatber jack evans has been under federal investigation for more than a monday and also under investigation for the metro board of directors and he had to step down from tt position after he violated ethic rules nd the council has voted to also hire anoutside law firm, investigate him and pay that law firm between $100,000 and their 100,0et to compl that investigation and this decision was not without controversy or heated debate. rlier today both the chairman of the council, phil mdelson
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and council member david grosso got into a heated debate over the due process they should afford the council member. here's what the two had to say. >> jack should step down now. he's created such a distraction up there that you saw in our informal breakfast that we spent two hours of what to do. we could save money not to have to hire a law firm and really regain the trust of the public. >> there ought to be an investigation and that's what we're launching. as i said a week ago, we are as a safeguard, and, yes, you can read it as an admonishment, removing him as chair of the finance committ. >> so will this jack evans issue in any way impact the future of sports betting for the city? >> as a matter of fact, it will, endy. all of theseings are interconnected. one is evans has been the driving force behind this and several council members thought he should hecuseimself from this vote today which he's
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refused to do, but at 5:00 i told our viewers that that vote on sports betting was a done deal and that they would vote tr e it and all that has changed in the past 20 minutes. council member vince gray is the swing vote on this, and he would vote approve it if the council voted how to put the money, the revenue from sports betting, towards the near act and pre-k education. the council member voted that down and we don'tnow how the council member will vote and the whole future of sports betting in d.c. is up in the air, and we won't know until later tonight when the council takes that final vote. >> a lot of drama going on the at district building. >> thank you. hank you, mark. >> we'll lr his reporting tonight at 11:00, too. >> now to some frightening video. it shows someone firing shots at an on-duty d.c. police officer. news 4's derrick wa has reaction now from police and how the fbi is now stepping in to help find the person responsible.
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derrick? >> well, jim, you know, it's just the reality of our society erthat no matter wh you are and what you're doing chances are you're not far from the lens of a surveillance camera and what that camera caught in the early hours of july 4th is troubling, and it has local and federal authoriti looking for a gunman. the video isyhilling all b itself and even more frightening in context. d.c. police say this gunman is firing in the direction of a uniformed police officer. >> he was outside his feek. he was actually having a conversation with a citiz. >> that gunman put two lives in peril. n happened o hillside avenue in northeast and no one was hit by gunfire and none is sure what provoked the suspect. they are exploring whether there were words etween the officer and the suspect. >>here may have been an exchange. >> reporter: this videor f a nearby surveillance camera show the man walking by with a dog shortly before shots a fired and then someone reappeared and we can see the muzzle flashes from the gunshot. >> what we believe anybody is
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possessing a firearm that's willing to sho it in the neighborhoods. >> the fbi has partnered with d.c. police to try and close this case. the agency said in a statement our community must stand with rc its law enfoement officers as they protect and serve the citizens of the district. there's nearly $11,000 in reward money posted for information to lead to the arrest and conviction of the gunman. now, local and federal authorities werecheduled to announce a program and initiative to try and get more illegal guns off the streets of the city. [ no audio ] >> all right. thank you, derrick. we just learned new information about a crash on the beltway that left a maryland state police trooper injured. the trooper was pinned against a guardrail while investigating a chain reaction crash near pennsylvania avenue in forestville. there were five drive t involved inhis crash. one of the drivers is being charged with failing to control speed to avoid a collision.
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>> tomorrow d.c.'s oldest hospital against its new life as an urgent care facility. this is what the edge refers to as the old providence hospital today. the full service hospital in northeast d.c. sht down a the end of april,ou'll remember, and left a big gap at emergency care for residents in the eastern half of the district. h the hospital faced serious financial problems in recent years. the urgent care center will operate seven days a week. patients will be able to get treatment for common ailments andn bro bones. the center will also offer radiology and lab services. >> news 4 is working to save you money. don't fret if you haven't booked your vacation yet. >> reporter: greetings from miami beach right in the middle of a busy summer travel season, but experts say if you haven't lanned that big getaway just don't, don't worry, you still have time and you can save some money doing so.
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coming up tonight a look at thes countriou can target or you can stretch that dollar the farthest and the one window of time where you can find a ticket to europe wi just few hundred bucks. that story coming up on nbc "nightly news. ". >> wah morgan's summer travel savings report right here on nbc 4. >> when we come back at 6:00 tonight. virginia's special session cut short tied. why the gun control debate was curbed almost as soon as it all started. >> and it is beautiful right now, but storm team 4 is tracking another round s ofrms on the way and at
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>> wh lovely day? >> i know. i think it's nice in here right, nd you're wanting them to turn up the air conditioning.
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>> yeah, i know. >> both of u. >> i said take your jackets off and roll up your sleeves. >> take the tie of course, for sure. >> ha a refreshing beverage. >> you can definitely sense the humidity out there. >> you tcan. >> andat's going up in the next couple of days. you can see ittin thor to camera. aittle more haze in the atmosphere. some of that, amelia and i were just talking about this. some of this from wildfire smoke up there from canada. big, bigwitime fire going on in canada and alaska. >> out there temperaturg wise. sittin 84 degrees and ones out of the south at 94 miles per hour. a very nice evening and as we look towards what we'll be seeing. 83 gaithersburg and 84 manassas and coming in at 85 degrees, and anna slis the warmot at 87. a really nights afternoon. heat index, yeah, it's there. more preanlent tomorrow thursday is also going to see an area wide storm and a very good chance for just about everybody to see a chance of showers and
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thunderstorms. some storms could be strong and possibly severe. on the dry side you see not much in the way of clouds. you can see cumulus clouds. any chance of showers and storms back here towards parts of west virginia. it will move farther east closer to the blue ridge. i'm waiting for thisfr t. we're all waiting for this front because that's the one that's going to come through. it will increase the heat and humidity and increas ooreth sm bring. mentioned the heat to you. 85 degrees and look all the 90s down to the south and even 98 down towards mississippi ant warmer air will move our way during thday tomorrow and especially into the day on thursday, friday and the weekend. high morrow of 9 is. nice and warm and plenty ofns ne tomorrow. yeah, some cloud, just like today, too, anda lot of sunshine to move on out. a good chance of thunderstorms. again, a 70% chance of storms moving on thursd and friday a high temperature of 91 degrees and 30% chance of storms and on saturday i'm talking 91 degrees
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there as well so heat and humidity and all eyes for me on thursday. the reason, the pact fromthis storm. heavy rain is going to be a big impact, but i'm not expecting much flooding. we saw thre inches per hour rainfall. the storms on thursday will be moving a little bit faster, sod floo not a huge threat. wind i think could be the biggest threat here as far as the amount of wind and the poet tension is there for damaging wind. hail on the lower side and not much of aat tornado threduring the day on thursday. as we make our way into next week. well, we stay on the hot side and get even hotter next weekend or heading towards next weekend. we'll talk much more about that and ntice the chancef storms on friday. that's actually from a tropical system that could move our way. yeah. i'll lk about that 6:45. >> that sounds fun. >> mm-hmm. >> coming up next on "news 4 at 6:0 preventing mass shootings. theew report finding one common thread between this year's deadly attacks.
6:26 pm
>> i'm julie carey in richmond, virginia, where a special legislative session on gun violence ends abruptly when republicans call it off voting to adjourn and no votes taken. >> coming up, i'll tell you about the next step. >> and a local family's fight after their 7-year-old daughter was left paralyzed after she was shocked by a hand rail at mgm at national harbor. tonight we have a new look at just how their livese haven forever changed. >> not hearing her voice and not hearg her say happyin
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and right now at 6:30,
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welcome back, everyone. gun rights support reinmbers leav virginia's capital happy tonight and gun control activists are angry and vowinge reveng the polls. >> a special session to deal with gun violence ended suddenly when republicansd vote toed a journal until after the november election. our northern virginia bureau chief julie careyts visi us live from richmond with a look at the showdown now deferred jewel? >> jim and wendy, some lawmakers packed their suitcases and gun control supporters believing that that recent mass shooting in virg beach might mean lawmakers would feel pressure to vote on gun restriction bills normally quickly killed in a regular session, but it was this spial session that was also quickly killed when af minutes the gop ended it. a show of force on both sides at virginia's capital. gun controlctivists confronting lawmakers with noist
6:30 pm
chas. this group sensing the mass shoing in virginia beach creating momentum for new gunon sense gun laws because there's too many lives that are being taken for senseless reasons. >> reporter: gun rights suppo ners, smaller inumber, quieter and many splaying their side arms and their disdain for any type of gun control. >> have you ever seen a that obeyed crinal any law? more or less a gun law? one of these days the hatiticians will figure out you cannot legislation behavior. >> reporter: but before any gun bills could even be presented, leaders in the republican-controlled house and senate abruptly called for a vote to adjourn. stunned democrats reacted with outrage. >> the totally abdicated their responsibility, and, number two, the republicans in this state are totally controlle i mean, . 0%, controlled by the national
6:31 pm
rifle association >> gop leaders say with more than 30 bills to consider, more time is needed to study them. they have decided the crime commission will take a look and they pointed to the panel after the 2007 virginia tech mass ooting as a model. >> we want to take a look at the measures, not in the moment by moment down here but just to ve a lookt them. >>. the sudden end to the special look on violence brought this northern virginia room to tier. lieutenant governor justin fairfax brough fairfax -- >> governor northam who called the special session teted that the gop actions were, quote, shameful and disappointing. >> what happens with these 30-plus gun bills? what's going to happen to them? >> reporter: so the crime commission is going to take a look. they will have meetings in august and ptember, and then
6:32 pm
they will come back on november 18th after the election p to forward their recommendations, and we mentioned revenge at the polls that we're going to hear democrats across the commonwealth talking about this in the fall elections. all 140 seats here on the ballot. >> wow. >> julie carey reporting from richmond, thank you, jules. >> well, it s been a little more than a year since that girl cou the shocked at an outdoor fountain at the mgm national or. this evening her parents open up about that ordeales in avideo released by the family's attorney. leon harris is in the newsroom with a closer look at how they are lives have been changed foreveand what they had to say in this video. leon. >> jim, you can just feel their hearts pouring out here. the parents say they like to think of their daughter as a smiling,ho vibrant child w loved to run around and love life, but
6:33 pm
they haven't heard her voice or seen her walk in more than a year. the girl was just 7 years old last june when sheck was shoed by a 120 volts of electricity after touching railing at mgm. since then her mother says that she's had to quit her threeo j to care for her daughter full-time. she and her husband spoke about the toll all of this is taking. >> mother's day took a huge toll on me. i didn goowhere. i stayed in the house the whole day. not hearing her voice, not hearing her say, happy mother's day, giving me a hug, playing with my hair an kissing me, telling me how much she loved me, it really hurted me. i've been down and upset whole entire day. didn't want to talk to anybody. >> we pray to god, you know, that she will continue to get better, you know. >> i'm hoping to hear her beautiful voice again and be able to talk and walk and eat
6:34 pm
with her mouth and not through a tube. >> in a statement mgm says, quote, what happened was a tragic accident and we hope her condition improves. today's family sued mgm saying that it was found that the railings were improperly contractors and inspectors were urged to finish the work quickly at the expense of safety. wendy, back to you. >> leon harris, thank you, leon. today the u.s. secret service announced the mass attacks reports. 30 incidents of mass violence in this country last reporf these tragicth events inve common and how to prevent them in the fure. nbc's dan sheneman has more. >> it's mass shootings like this that have the secret service and department of homeland securi studying the past. >> t year's report focusesis27on incidents of mass violence, incidents in which three or more
6:35 pm
people were injured or killed. >> from the shooting at a high school in ndparkla florida, to a synagogue in pittsburgh, the secret service's annual mass attacks report highlights 27 incidents carried in the united states in 2018. >> these 27 incidents affected workplaces, schools and ouses of worship. >> reporter: attac last 91 people dead and injured more than 100 others, and all t ofat showed some common thread. >> half the attackers were motivated by a grievance. ioryf mento-tweairl hds had a challen. nearly al had experienced a significant stressor in their lives. >> and most that have came with a warning. nearly all had made alarming or threats directed or towards others. >> reporter: it's the communications before the attacks that has the department of homeland security and the secret service encouraging the public to share concerns and
6:36 pm
alert officials to any threat that they see, hear or read. >> that instinct that you have when you have a concern is critical to share. >> sharing warning signs to stop the next attack. da sheneman, nbc news. >> the man who designed the national mall's latest museum has died. today we learned renowned architect phil freeland passed away due to compcations from a.l.s. he designed the national museum of a can american history and lture. he was diagnosed with a.l.s. just six monthsbefore the museum opened back in 2016.he orked on other notable projects, including the national center for civiln and huma rights in atlanta. phil freeland was 66 years old. a former high school football star gunned down in his car and onl on news 4 a father's plea for help in finding his son's killer. >> but, first, marriott sued. the ne claim the hotel chain made millions by illegally
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
now to a consumer alert about the way marriott international advertises itsce prto you. d.c.'s attorney general is suing the companyow nccusing the hotel chain of using deceptive and misleading pricing practices. our consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with the details. >> reporter: marriott has nearly 30 hotels in the district and the attorney general believes the company sill legally profiting from the way it posts itsrices online. in his consumer protection lawsuit, racine says marriott advertises low prices for itsh el rooms and then adds mandatory fees often called resort fees, amenitys fee or destination fees. he calls these, quote, hidden fees since consumers really don't see thefrue costshe room until they start the booking process. the attorney general says these
6:40 pm
fees are often confusing and sometimes lumped in with taxes, many hard for the consumers to determine how much of the money is going to the government and how much is going to e hotel. >> we allege in the complaint that they have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars and they ere incringly relimit on these fees. >> now the attorney general says the ftc war e hotel industry about these pricing practices in 2012 and, again, in 2017. his lawsuit aims to force marriott to advertise the true prices ofts hotel rooms up front, to provide partial refunds to tens of thousands of consumers and pay civil fines. we, of course, reach out tor mariott international, and they told us they do not comment on a pending lition. back to you. >> now, we're told today's lawsuit comes after an investigation by attorneys general in aan 50 states d the district, so more lawsuits could be on the way. wendy? >> repter: a self-made
6:41 pm
billionaire ross perot said i was texas born, texas bred and when i die, i'll be texas dead. henry ross perot born in 1930 died today in texas at the age of 89. perot was early tech entrepreneur. he founded his first company, electronic data systems. he had0 only $1,00n savings. in 2009 he sold his company perot slltems to de for nearly $4 billion. he ran for president as a third-party candidate in '92 and 1996 and came inhird both times, bus his populous platform made him th most successful independent candidate since teddy roosevelt ran back in 1912. and erot's folksy delivery became a cultural meme. >> party is over and it's time for the cleanup crew. as i've said before, it's time to take out the trash and clean out the barn. >> ross perot also graduated from the naval academy and his
6:42 pm
public service included work on behalf ofte vns and american prisoners of war. >> he could deliver a one-liner like nobody else. >> he was clever. >> next onews 4 this evening, the heat and humidity making a comeback. doug is trking the storms that could be coming with us this week by the end of it. >> first, ata sdor county father heartbroken after his son is murdered sitting in his car. is murdered sitting in his car. his emotialon z3a5wz z16fz
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now that's simpleasy, awe it's protected, with xfinity xfi.e, started with xfinity for $79.99 a month for 2 years. nt plus, add xfi advaage for enhanced network security. click, caldaor visit a store to if you're just joining us, a quick look at someof our top stories in montgomery county. a police officer charged with assaultn connection to a disturbing arrest video. it appears to show that the officer kneeing the man's head
6:45 pm
to the groun ufter the man allegedly sold hallucinogenic mrooms to an undercover rding to charging documents, t on an on the ground s the officer, but that video has sparked outrage on social media and allegations of excessive rce. >> attorney general william barr does not pl to recuse himself from the federal case against alleged sex trafcker jeffrey epstein in new york, but a senior justice department official told "the washington post" that barr will not be involved the review of epstein's previous plea deal in florida. the deal's been criticized as too lenient. barr's recusal wasin question in part because his former law fi represented ensteib. >> one day later, a man in this picture is talking the moment his car was swept up in floodwaters. william diggs in the pink shirt says he was stuck on canal road during the morning commute. in a matter of minutes his car started filling up with water and he wound up through the e nroof and on roof.
6:46 pm
he's okay, but hys his car is totalled and experts say it's a good reminder to make surehe has comprehensive insurance on his auto poll. >> i two young adults gunned down in stafford county. one of them was ast dout football player. we got our first look at 20-year-old troy barnett today. he died re l tst weheek,c and the woman he was with is still in the hospital in grave condition. nly on news 4 drew wilder has reaction from barnett's father as deputies continue to search for the killer.ep >> rter: the barnett family walks into a private area of the stafford county sheriff's department with the detectives who was trying to fi reout who killed their on. >> ngers me. i mean, it's not supposed to happen this way. >> reporter: 10:15 p.m. on july 3rd, 20-year-old troy barnett was sitting in a car with 18-year-old laura guadalu gomez de la cruz when someone shot them. gomez de la cruz is still in the hospital fighting for her life and barnett wasde pronounced
6:47 pm
on the scene. >> we don't have a description but we do know from a witness that a dark-colored sedan was th seen leaving parking lot around the time of the incident at a high rate of speed moo troy barnett was a standout football player and dad was proud of hiso 's success and more importantly his son's love for fmily. >> he texts merom the back of the bus and he said, dad, do you think grandpa or papa would be becau his n grandfatherver seroud? saw him play. that's my kid. >> reportehe a proud fatr now heartbron and furious that his son's murderer has not been caught. >> i implore every one of his so-called friends thatw f you kmething, speak up. speak up. >> reporter: tuesday night flowers wilt where a c murderse began nearly a week ago, a case troy barnett's family needs information about to find the killer who is still on the
6:48 pm
loose. in stafford county, drew wilder, news 4. >> and we're going to change gears a little bit. what anful story, awful sad for that family, oh, dear god. so what do we have coming for the re of theweek? >> yeah. you asking about the chance of storms. that's on thursday and right now tracking whattrould be a pical storm or a hurricane coming up the next couple of days. that will hit partsf the gulf. t there right now, something else is making its way in across our area. high temperatures today only in the mid to upper 80s. advertise 89. didn't quite make it there. look at, tt and look at all the haze. you know what that is, that's smoke from canadian wildfires.wn that's coming here. there's been a lot of fires up around parts of quebec up north of the great lakes. they have seen fire and also been an incredible amount of wildfires this season in alaska. you talk about climate change.e that's on of the areas that's being hit hardest by that, and
6:49 pm
even us seeing the oke from those wildfires. 84 right now. dropping through the 880s and down to 77 degrees by 11:00 p.m. and a really nice night all acrios our reg thinking about eating out tonight, no problem there. 83 in gaithersburg and 87 in annapolis and 84 in port bolivar. 85 degrees right now in manassas as well. no rain to talk about. we're on the dry going to conte to be as we make our way through the kay tomorrow and then into thursday, that's wheree're tracking something else. look at the highs today. 85 d.c. and 80 in ocean city. day.fect beach 91 though in charleston, west virginia. the heat back to the west and that heat will be building across our region during the day tomorrow so a couple of things i'm watching here.uc noth going on in our area, but i'm watching this storm right here. this is the one that's going to give us a chance for severe atather on thursday. the other thing hat we're watching, the tropics, and this storm right here actually has h
6:50 pm
come througe plains all the way down toward the southeast of atlanta yesterday and the drifted south in towards the gulf of mexico and now storm prediction center at the national hurricane center says thishas a 70% chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm and it's expected to definitely become one over the next few days and on this tracky now, alrtarting to spin on this track, spinning up pretty good and making its way south of new orleans and then in towards louishena. most ofomputer models now bring it just south of new orleans. one computerodel even giving this upwards of 20 inches of rain around new orleans. that will be a b storm. could become barry. it will be the second named storm of the season. there they are, there's andrea and u have barry. chantal and then you have dorian an erin, fernand, gabriele, mberto and the last name is kind of covered up here, but it is wendy. tr,ical storm wendy maybe hurricane wendy, yeah. we'll have to wait and see. i doubt we get
6:51 pm
my fore is 12 to 15 storms and right around this area, but we'll see if we get wendy we know we have an a.ive season we have hurricane wendy here every other day. 91 on your wednesday and 89 onay thursd a chance of storms, possibly severe and look as we move towards next week. talking about real heat. sunday, hot and humidd a high of 93. next week talking mid to upper 90s. >> all right. >> when we come right back, serena williams doing it all serena williams doing it all today at
6:52 pm
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(music throughout) and the stars are out tonight in. cleveland >> yes, and the chaos of life. we can just relax and enjoy baseball. a nice summer thought, right? >> yes. >> trying to sell it. >> refreshing cold lemonade. >> that's right. >> lemonade with your all-star game. a splendid splinter in the working thumb of america. i've seen lots of changes but i
6:55 pm
myself have not. i love my followers as they love me, and that's why i will always be a nation favorite. baseball, we call it the mid-summer classic, the all-star game, tonight inle cveland. max scherzer representing the nationals there. his seventh all-star game nod g arrivinn the red carpet with his brook. heving the time of her life and max showing off t style. look at summer fashion. says when it comes to fashion, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve. scherzer arted the last two all-star games, most recently here in d.c. remember the fun he had. dealing with back tightness and will rest for the second half of the season and with the injury and a daughter born last thursday why would max make the trip to the oasis on the lake cleveland to get some sleep? no, for him it's about the extherience. >> at's the beauty of coming to this thing. this is the best players in the world are are,nd, you know,ro
6:56 pm
ac the whole world and the game and get selected. such an honor to be here and to be a part of everybody and so fun to b a part of these games and get tont have momes where you get to share different ideas because i've picked other guys' minds as well and never know whm you across, teach a little pitch here or there or just the way to go about sometng. always fun to mingle with theth guys. >> getting some great knowledge there, so you can expense that pete. pete alonso technicall won last night's home run derby but the blue jays vladimir guerrero t 29 homers in the first round and then followed that up with 40 homers in the second round. both new derby records. his 91 total home runs most all time and more than four major league teams have hit all this season. vlade jr., slowed down a little in the final round allowing onso to take home the tphy. >> all right. on this date, 142 years heago, t
6:57 pm
first ever wimbledon championship was held at the all england wn and tennis and correct club. no strawberries and cream and not only a fortnight. lasted 11 days. 200 fans showed up and today the concessions options are greater and the crowds bigge and tournaments longer, and today all eyes we on serena williams. serena was taking on fellow americ alison riske and serena in the far court will leave it up for risque who comes u the return. hrisko counters and then serena with a drop is this the and risque gets there but serena ends it this with shot and here it comeshe fist pump. serena looking strong. serena answers with a strong forehand and closing in on her fourth trip to the semifinals in her last four wimedons and point.g for match serena, what else, ends it with an ace and beats allison
6:58 pm
and moving on to the criminals and after the match posting the match on his ig story, an after match cooldown while holding her daughter olimpia. olimpia, does sheknow what her mother just accomplished or what she's aboo accomplish because it was then time to get off the bike and for serena to take the court with mixed doubles partner andy murray, the superstar pair, the underdog today-insdouble's action. check out serena's return on the serve from martin. she's pumped and murray is pump and sos the entire williams. set point, serena and murray in the far court and serena is just going to rip the winner and belts out a yell as we can all yell as they take the set. second set, two points away from win and williams comes through again. just on fire. match point. murray serving, and that's an ace and they advance to the third round to take on top-seeded pair,te and af their
6:59 pm
match serena williams said>
7:00 pm
>> tonight, the seconds trafficking case against jeffrey epstein and its ties to the heump administration. one day after t billionaire's indictment, two presidents now trying to distance themselves from epstein. >> i had a falling out with him velong time ago. i don't think i' spoken to him for 15 years. i wasn't a fan. >> but the president's labor secretary faces growing pressure toign over his role as a federal prosecutor in anse earlr x abuse case against epstein that resulted in a lenient sentence. the calls for justice after the killing a black teenager over his rap music. >> this is t worst feeling ever. no parent should ever go through this. >> the suspect charged with first degree murder. police say he wasoy a by the loud mic


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