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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 10, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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hours after convening.ak we bre down what happened in richmond. and embattled d.c. council member loses a powerful chairmanship. we're following the latest developments regding jake evans. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. it is 4:00 a.m., good er morning, evybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's wednesday, july 10th, 19. let's get a look at your weather off.traffic to start things >> melissa mollet is standing by in first 4 traffic. we begin with meteorologist chuck bell a not a whole lot to talk about for you, right? >> on to you, melissa. >> that's at good ng. >> relatively quiet weather day today, much like yesterday. plenty of sunshine, skies are clear here this morning. temperatures not too terribly bad. 69 at dulles airport. 73 washington now. 75 in annapolis. not quite as cool and comfortable as yesterday morning, but thekies are clear and there's a littl t less fog contend with. your hour by hour planner sunsu
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before 6:00 a.m. this morning and it will be bright and sunny start to fnish today no chance for rain today. afternoon high temperature expected to reach 89 degrees. now rain chances go w up we get into your thursday afternoon and evening. we'll time out that and talk about your severe weatherre ths for your thursday and a look at the weekend, too. melissa, i hope you have something to say. >> we he a couple things happening. branch avenue crash on the left side. not seeing a actual slow-down here. that's good thing. westbound 50 at the anacostia bridge. little bit of delay in both east and westbound delays. blad bladensbridge. arlington north key boulevard quinn and north oak street water main break. a mtgomery county police
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officer faces serious charges after video shows a man being kneed in the head during an arrest. >>he video first surfaced last week on social media shows a handcuffed suspect on the ground outside a mcdonald's. then you c see officer kevin morris forced the man's head to the he is charged with official misconduct and second degree assault. this is the second controversial video involve agamont montmery county. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> this was the scene last night. about a dozen people demonstrated in support of change in the montgomery county police department. >> well, it makes me concerned and worried as a person of color. any time you have an interaction with a police officer, you have to consider whether racial
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profiling was invved. residents want the county council to pass the bill that would create ali poing advisory commission. that bill will be considered in the fall. now to the prince georges county police department where officers are bein n toldot to cooperate with i.c.e. to enforce civil deportation orders. the department released this training vi o. it specifically tells officers what to do. police chief hank says the deptment has also sent letters to officers explaining the difference between a civil summons and a criminal warrant. criminal warrants for undocumented migrants will be turned over to i.c.e. d.c. leaders want to stop a recent spike in violence againsh e transgender community. yesterday activists met with eleanor holmes norton and described their fear. ashanti carmon was killed in
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prince georges county back many march. lastnt mo zoe spheres was killed in the same area. mark silverstine spoke at yesterday's forum on lgbtq violence. >> it wasn't that longth ago i would have said i really don't have much in common with zoe spears, but now i realize i have everything in common with her and so does everyone in this room. >> members of theanc rainbow caucus employed city officials to address critical housing a employment problems that lead many of d.c. trans gender women to sex work. now t the surprising turn. leaders voted to abruptly end the session leaving gun right supporters happy and gun control activists vowing for revenge at the polls. this was the scene outside of
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the capitol in richmond. eeople on both sides of the gun debate demandd to have their voices heard. inside before any action could ol taken, leaders in the republican-contrd house and senate voted to end the session just after 90 minutes. gop leaders say more time is needed to study gun control measure >> what we want to do is have a group look at these measure >> they have to cave to their responsibility and number two, the republicans in this ste re totally controlled. i mean, 100% controlled by the national rifle association.f >> ar the session, governor ralph northamit tweeted was shameful and disappointing. five minutes after 4:00 a.m. now. st-serving lon officials in the district has been removed from a powerful position. the d.c. council voted to remove jack evans as chairman of its committee on finance and s revenue. evan accused ofhi using s
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office for personal gain. council stopped short from g remov evans from all council activity. this comes less than a month after the fbi raided his home. evans als stepped down from the metro board. >> the questions surrounding evowns didn't seem to slown the efforts to bring sports ng bettio d.c. the counscil approvur a meas operate the city's future mobile betting ap evans sponsored the w billhich came under scrutiny because itd d not all competitive billing. we could see in person betting at venues including nationals park anne capital o arena eari ths fall. 9/11 firstma responders finally get the peace of mindav they hbeen fighting for. conessional leaders will vote on extending the victim compensation fund on riday. first responders lobbied m congress foroney to ensure the fund has enough money for those who suffer with heth problems
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related to the 9/11 attacks. ri fht now thatund doesn't have enough to pay out currentnd projected claims. the bill will be renamed in honor of first responders who died from illnesses related to work at ground zero including alvarez who died earlier this month. feslowing the house it go to the senate. 4: happening odtay, d.c.'s oldest hospital begins its new life as an urgent care facility. this is what the new entrance looks like at the old province hospital. it shut down at the end of april. it left a big gen in emerg care for residents in the eastern half of the district. the hospital had faced serious financial problemsren ent years. thurgent care center will operate seven days a week. the family of a little girl shocked at mgm national harbor the same.r lives will never be one year later now, the parents ing their video sh child still unable to speak or walk. the law firm representing the
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parents recorded an interview and this video of the green. last year the 7-year-old was shocked by a railing at the mgm national harbor. her mother and father describe what their lives are likenow. >> mother's day -- i didn't go nowhere. i stayed in the house the whole day. not hearing her say, mom, happy mother's day. giving me a hug. playing with my hair. kissing me. telling me how much she loves me. really hurt me. >> god will continue to get better. ce to hear her beautiful v again. >> 120 volts of electricity circulated through the girl'she body w she touched that railing. mgm released a statement saying, quote, it's been a year but a day does not go by that we do not think of the green family. what happened was a tragic accident and we hope zynae's condition impres.
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a lawsuit against mgm is pending. a major celebration f the world cup champion u.s. women's soccer team in a just couple hours. hundreds of bags of shredded paper are put together for the celebration. the parade gets under way around 9:30. the champs will make their way from downtown manhattan's canyon of h to city hall where they will be given the keys to the city. it's going to be an awesome paisy. the team lso gracing the cover of sports illustrated this week. it shows megan rapinoe and alex morgan. this is the team's second-straight world cup and fourth overall. congratutions once again to a fantastic win and all that they represent for sports.ll >> it wi be fun to watch that parade. 4:09 now. still ahed, preparing for amazon's arriv . how you can help plan the first phase ofop new develnt in arlington. plus, it's not too late to go on a summer vacation without breaking the bank. we're working for youth more
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last-minute deals you may not have thought of. then, cleaning up after flash flooding what you need to know to file flooding claims for your car. chuck? >> all right. if you're starting to think about going to the beach for the weekend, good idea. little chance for some storms from ocean city to rahobath for your trip down. saturday a sunday look hot, sunny and dry. what about the forecast here at home? we'll talk about that when i see you next.
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>> announ you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back at 4:13.o one of the mst dramatic scenes from lamonday's f flood emergency was a man standing on the roof of his car on canal road. william diggs says the water levels rose so quickly he had to think fast. he was able to get out through the sunroof and stand on the roof of his car untilhe tater rece receded. it's time to take care of the car. >> before knew it, the water was up to my seat. i'm crouching. and i think the only way i'm getting out here is through the sunroof. we're trying to salvage it. insurance might not cover it all. >> insurance says this is the bestime to make sure you're covered for events like this. flood-caused damage to vehicles is covered under the optional comprehensive portion of a standard auto insurance policy. comprehensive costs about $150 annually, so it is a very cost effective coverage.
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without it davivers would h to foot the bills for any repairs. >> for $150 a month. 4:14 in fairfax county crews are still assessing damage from the rain thatleft some residents stranded on monday night. they fixed a damaged bridge that trapped people in the eighborhood near kirby road but officials tell us the worst part of the road could be closed for weeks or even months. >> we're still doing assessments. we still have structure and bridge inspectors going around to all the locations that have been impacted and really king an inventory of everything that's damaged and starting the recovery process. >> for at least the next couple of days, divers will also need to take detours around prosperity avenue before crews can get started on eprrs. tonight you'll have a chance to meet with arlington county i concern amazon's proposed met park site plan. th county will hold a community meeting at 7:0 at the trade center on south trairl
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reet. the proposal includes the construction of two new office buildings. some of the best travel deals out there right now can still take you around the world. iccording to kayak, bargain hunters can st find summer air fares toe icland, spain, ireland and london all for less than $800 round trip. that's less than a ticket to california. expedia found a flightfrom boston to paris and back for less than $400. fallingin currency value europe means your dollars go further there, at least for now. but you'll find t best deals if you're willing t be flexible. >> you want to look at alternate airports. you want to be prepared to go somewhere that has a terrific offer. if you can be flexible, that's how you're going to stretch your buck. >> experts also say you should look for the all inclusive deal >> get the most bang for your buck. just did an all inclusive earlier this year for the first time, it was worth it.
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really. >> really? >> cooking all this food, it can't be good. i was pretty good. >> and the drinks? >> huh? what? >> there were drinks? >> right. the all inclusive margaritas? uh-huh. >> i've seen him at the company functions. >> weather. >> look at that humidity.rk >> black maet for the drink coups at the last one. so we're on a chance for another nice day today. typically dark obviously, stilln only 4:16 i the morning. sun is up before 6:00 a.m., though. it will be another day with abundant sunshine. we should be able jump close to 90 degrees, unlike yesterday morning, it's nowhere near as foggy. there are a few areas of fog outside this morning, but nothing as thick as yesterday. temperatures this morning also noticeably milder.
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leesburg in the 50s yesterday. now we're in the upper 60s andw lo 70s. we're getting off with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees warmer to get you going today. it will be just about as hot. we topped out at 86 yesterday. orecasting 89 today with plenty of sunshine. no chance for rain across the d.c./metro area for today. tomorrow, that's a different stooi. likely g to have to be weather alert mode for you tomorrow with 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms coming into thec pire. weather for today, clouds around. any chances for few showers today should be in the west rginia mountains to parts of far western maryland. i don't think any of those rain drops get east of the blue ridge for today. for tomorrow, that's a different story. a warm front comes through here in the morning, so it will be really sticky and somewt cloudy by this time tomorrow morning. during the afternoon tomorrow, ndere's likely to be some thunderstorms arouere between 2 and 8:00 p.m. in the evening. that's part of the weather front sliding down to our south. as we get into friday and
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saturday, dry weather once again. tore is saturday 7:00. hardly a cloud be found. sunday morning, clear and dry. sunday afternoon, sunny, hot and dry. so there's only really one d that's going to be really impacted br. bad weathe that will be tomorrow. but today nothing to worry about. any rain on friday is ao more than hit and miss passing shower or two. good wednesday morning, plig. >> good wednesday mo this has just cleared out of the way camp springs outer loop. no big issues on the belt way. 270 southbound frederick to the spur 69 miles per hoets you there in 26 minutes. nothing in your way southbound. nollhbound, we have mig and paving headed northbound. bladensburg, eastbound, water main break. lanes blocked there. no word on when that will reopen. north key boulevard between
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quinn and north oak street there on arlingt, water main break as well. eun? >> thank you, melissa. if you're trying to eat le healthily whi eating out, you may pig somethin off of the menu that's low in calories. >> but even those options might wreck your diet. how to avoid those menu mine fields. tune in for t ellens afternoon. her show airs at 3:00 right here on nbc 4 and stick around for news 4 at 4. 4:19. we'll be right back.
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make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... out meningitis b vaccination. ♪ >> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back a 4:22. if you've been out to eat recently at a chain restaurant, you have probably seen the calorie counts which depress me. noi don't want to i'm eating
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the chocolate cake is 1,000 calories. >> changes are required to show you that information. but if you'reooking to eat healthy that's not the only thing you want to keep an eye on actually. here is why. they call them me mine fields. you may think you're ordering something that's good for you, only to gett with added ingredients that cbe disaster for yourdiet. the seeder salmon with maple mustard glaze seems like a sensible option at applebee's. salmon has heart althy omega 34s. the sodium and sugar count is more than half the amount you should have in a y.ole da ask for the fish to be prepared without salt to get the sauce on the side. now to chipotle, the vegetarian bowl gets kudos for its whole grains, veggeas and bns but it's packed with sodium and saturated fat. instead, make oyourwn burrito
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bowl and scale back on the white rice or guacamole to make your luncha hehier. panda express the black pepper chicken has one of the highest sodium counts on the menu. the solution, try the grilled tear tear yaky chicken instead. if you're still craving the dishes at the restaurants, try making them atome so you can control the ingredients and the portion ses. >> see. i don't understand how they get that much sodium andga sur in those dishes. it's isane. >>ant to thank the multicultural media corresponde honoring me with the 2019 broadcast journalist award. it was held last night. edtor and comedian sherry shepherd present mast night. it was just great to be
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recognized for the woto we do tell stories from many perspectives in our community. thank you to mmca president david morgan and congratulions to all the otheree honor and your colleague presented an award. was there last night. he's working right now. >> we areciate him and congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. il well, stl ahead, hollywood mourns the loss of an award-winning actor who passed away overnight. plus, was russia behind a conspiracy theopued in the days following the murder of seth rich. we're looking at new reports that say yes. good morning, everybody. wednesday off to a pleasant start. dog-walking forecast, this is cute little anna bell almost 10 months old. still nice and young and trainable. available for rescue. just go to humane rcue dry weather from start to finish for dog walking weather. it will be plenty warm and sunny later in the afternoon.
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z3a66z z16fz y3a66y y16fy >> announr: "news 4 today"
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starts now. good morning, everybody, 4:29 right now i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's begin this half hour with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with a check in your first 4 traffic, but let's begin with 4 meteorologist chuck bell. i feel like it's more humid. >> it is,yes. it will be more humi again for tomorrow morning and that will chlead for a ance for thunderstorms on your no storm chances to worry about for today. skies have been mainly ear, t a little warmer, a little bit more humid today than it was yesterday morning. 69 now at dulleairport. 73 in quantico i 68n prince georges county. 63 in howard county this morning. eryone is running 5 or 8 degrees warmer now than the same time yesterday. afternoon temperatures today will peak 86 yesterday and 89 pe for high temrature today. we're tracking increased chan for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow likely to be a storm team 4 weather aler day.
4:30 am
more on that coming up. for now tlet's go first 4 traffic. >> good morning. brand newro pblem northeast brentwood road between monroe and central avenue water main break. d.c. is on the scene so they should hopefully get this wrapped up sometime on. bladensburg 650 between 57th avenue and 295 water main break no complaints on the beltway this morning. articlingtop north key boulevard between north quinn and north oak another water main break. as we zoom outan 66 d 95 lookino d. eun? >> melissa, thank you. this morning, president trump is calling on i.c.e. to dort undocumented immigrants, but prince geornts couy police will not be cooperating. >> police chief says his department is prohibited from ng cooperati with federal immigration authorities to or enfce civil deportation


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