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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 10, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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team 4 weather aler day. more on that coming up. for now tlet's go first 4 traffic. >> good morning. brand newro pblem northeast brentwood road between monroe and central avenue water main break. d.c. is on the scene so they should hopefully get this wrapped up sometime on. bladensburg 650 between 57th avenue and 295 water main break no complaints on the beltway this morning. articlingtop north key boulevard between north quinn and north oak another water main break. as we zoom outan 66 d 95 lookino d. eun? >> melissa, thank you. this morning, president trump is calling on i.c.e. to dort undocumented immigrants, but prince geornts couy police will not be cooperating. >> police chief says his department is prohibited from ng cooperati with federal immigration authorities to or enfce civil deportation d orers. the department released a
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five-minute training video specifically telling officers what to do. >> when a criminmm iration warrant is located in the ncis the individual will be detained and confirmation with i.c.e. will be made. >> he says officers have received letters that plain the difference between a civil summons and a criminal arrest warrant. and breaking overnight, new concerns about treatment of mie grand children at the u.s. border facilities. nbc news reports government case managers who spoke directly children held in arizona facility say there have been instances of sexual assault and retaliation for complaints. a 15-year-old honduras girl says n officer groped her and a 16-year-old guatemalan boy says after complaining about the food and water his mat was taken from him and he was forced to sleep on the floor. u.s. customs and border protection have pushed back on such reports, calling them
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unsubstantiated and says all officers treat peop with dignity and respect. 4:32 right now. according to a yahoo news ti invesgation, the conspiracy theory involving the nearly 3-year-old murder of seth rich rhere in d.c. tes back to russia. rich was a dnc staffer who was gunned down while walking home. ya ha news spoke with the former federal prosecutor who looked into the days. the da russian bulletin alleged that rich had been assassinated. nbc has not independently coirmed the yahoo reporting. this morning, d.c. police and the fbi are still searching for the person o they say fired a gun in the direction of an on duty police officer. >> as the search continues, we're learning new chilling details aboe incident. take a look rhee. we showed you thise surveillanc video yesterday morning. this all ppened early on the
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4th of july on hillside road in southeast. police tell news 4 that the shooter put two lives at risk. >> thatfficer was in the area. he was outside his vehicle. he was actually having a cotersation with aizen when the shots rang out. >> there is a reward for information leading to the arrest d conviction of the shooter. and wathave new informn about that crash on the beltway that left a maryland state trooper seriously injured. trooper warren thompson was pinned against a guardrail while he was investigating a chain reaction crash yesterday morning near pennsylvania avenue in forestville. there were five drivers involved in this crash. one of the drivers is being charged with failin to control speed to avoid a collision. your time right now is 4:33. a look at the other top stories this morning. sports betting is one step closer to reality in d.c. d.c. council approved a measure that allows the company that operates the d.c. lottery to e also oper the city's future
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mobile betting app. it all couldegin asarly as next year. >> tuesday's special session on gun violence for virginia la akers endedmost as soon as it began. after less than two hours, gop delegates adjourned the meeting. the session had been ca ed by the governor after the mass shooting virginia beach. he wanted lawmakers to look at gun control measures. governor northam called the republican's actions, quote, shameful and disappointing. d.c. police need the public's help to catch the woman who is caught on surveillanc camera smashing a car with a bat. the woman said she found abt $1,000 worth of damage done to her car. >> yikes. the building that was once d.c.'s providence hospital will reopen today as an urgent care facility. operations had shut down in april after years of financial troubles.en the new cter will operate sevena d a week.
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provins had been the district' oldest hospital. max scherzer was given the special introfrom the band at the major league all-star game last night. the american league opened up early lead and did not let go. they beat the national league for seventh straight y r. this some custom footwear oro fields that's coming from a shop right her in our area. >> you've seen david's shoes on nfl fields, nba courts and major league diamonds. heys wide receiver mohammed sanu was the first player to buy a pair of his shoes. since then he has soldhoes to players like tom brady, bryce harper and other local heroes. >> get a pair from him for a first game with their mascot the philly fanatic. i did the final pair that fletcher ever wore. >> david said he had to move three times in three years to make ends meat before hisss
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busine really took off. now one pair of those painted shoes canr sell fo as much as 4,000 dollars. they're really good. it's artwork there. >> beautiful. yeah. i think he's now okay not to move around so much. i'm just -- >> sounds like >> i'm really happy for him because he's very talented. adry cool. still ahe this morning, ald.c.'s attorney gener files a lawsuit against the company behind a popular hotel chain. we'll tell you why. plus, how the arrest ofyo n billionaire jeffrey epstein is causing controversy for the trump administration. news 4 today will be right back. good morning, everyone and happy wednesday. today at 4, we're working to save you money on groceries. we've searched and scanned for the beston prices ommon everyday items. we'll show you where you can save the mostmoney for you
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oscar nominated actor rip
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torn has died. he made a name f himself as character actor in hollywood. he was in men and black and dodgeball but his career started long before e ose roles. hwon an emmy for his work in the larry sanders show and received an oscar no best supporting actor in 1983 in the film "cross k.cree rip torn was 88 years old. the business and political world continue to remember the 89-year-old ross perot this morning. the two-timeresidential didate and self-made billionaire died yesterday following a battle with cancer. perot graduated from the naval acadey. he was onc quoted as saying i s texas born, texas ed, when dead. i'll be texas 4:39 now. the d.c. cncil honored lonnie bunch with a ceremonial
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resolution. bunch founded e smithsonian african-american history and culture. >> he was installedth as secretary of the smithsonian institution. bunch is the first rican and historian to hold the position in itsea ny 175 year history. he is also a d.c. resident and talks about the honor with news 4. >> in some ways this is so t importan because this is home. this is thelace i care most about. it's a place that has shaped my career. it's the place that i go home to every night and say i'm gl i'm in d.c. i'm a little overwhelmed with emotion. this is a humbling honor. >> bunch has been his new role for three weeks now but obviously a well-known face and very much involved with the smithsonian. >> the contributions to the city and to see familiar faces. i love it. well deserved. 4:41 just about now.
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storm team 4 chuck bell is here. >> i wonder if he'll get to smuggle a half smoke into the smithsonian. >> i bet he can do whatever he nts. gardening forecast for today perfect day to get some of that outdoor yard work done. no worries about rain today. you like to put color in your garden, -eblackyed susan and coneflower will keep the color to the fall. plus the tllout from jeffrey epstein arrest reaches d.c. why some lawmakers are now calling on a member of the president's cabinet to resign. "news 4 today" will be right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." developing this morning, epsin fallout as a new york billionaire sits in a jail cell accused of sex crimes committed against children. his arrests and prior allegations against him are causingssues in d.c. he wasinvestigated for similar crimes but his attorneys cut a deal which allowed him to go free. >> at deal was cut with u.s. now ney alex acosta is president trump's labor secretary. here are details on who is stlling for aco to step down and who is defending him. sara, good morning. >>or good mning, aaron and eun. alex acosta under mounting he pressure in washington as you mentioned. the president saying he feels badly tr him but t he does plan to take a close look at that 2008 plea deal that was broker when acosta worked as a
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u.s. attorney in florida. now, it allowed epstein to plead guilty to less statex abuse charges rather than federal charges with harsher penalties. democrats today, including presidential hopefulsike cory booker, are calling for acosta to either resign or to be removed from his post. republicans not going as far but saying they do want to know mor about this deal before things move forward. acosta himself weighing in on twitter, saying thathe is pleased that the new york case is moving forward and that the new case evidence and testimony will offer the opportunity to more fully bring epstein to justice. aaronnd a eun? >> sara, thank you. 4:45 right now. after first sayi he would not run for president in 2020, california billionaire tom steyer decided to make it official will run. he joined a field of re than
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20 candidates vying for the democratic nomination for the white house. >> what do wecare about? we care about improving the world and handing it on to the next generation in ways they can lead better ves than we had in a way that's more beautiful and creative and safer and prosperous. steyer has been a vocal critic of president trump and spent millions on commercials calling for the president's impreachment. steyer says his wealth makes him immune fromre corporate pressu and special interests. another 2020 rce to keep an eye on, the kentucky senate seat. democrat amy mcgrath is challenging senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the former mari fighterpilot is trying to deny mcconnell a seventh term in office. mcconnell says he's looking forward to, quote, a spired race. the man who desigond the natial museum of african-american history and culture has died. architect phil freeland passed away due to complications from
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als. freeland worked on other projects. >> such a visionary the work that he's donee across th country was incredible work. i got to meet him a few years ago. a new fence is being built around the white house to keep intruders from jumping over it. work started yesterday. it will stand 13 feet tall, double the current size. the secret service says the new one will be wider with stronger pickets. it will take a couple years to complete and costs about $64 million. 4:47 no a maryland county is looking at a measure that would fine people for intentionally releasing balloons. the issue, those mie lar and latex inflatables can wind up stuck in trees, litter the ground and the waterwaynd can often be mistaken as food by land and sea animals. that's not good for them. late this month, the queen ann's county commissioner's board will consider an dnance to fine up
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to $250 for those who serelea nonbio dradable helium balloons on purpost t's an important reminder. people do for ceremonies for fun. i didn't realize there could be this imect on thenvironment. well, this morning we're or working f you with a consumer alert. it's all about the way marriott international adveises its prices to you. >> general is suing the company accusing the hotel chain of using deceptive mand leading pricing practices. susan hogan is working for you with the details. marriott has 30 hotels in the district and d.c. attorney general believes the company is illegally profiting from the was it pos its prices online. he says marriott advertises low p for its hotel room then adds mandatory fees, often called resort fees, amenity fees or destination fees. he calls these, quote, hidden
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fees since consumers really don't see the true cost of the room until they start the booking process. the attorney general sahe t fees are often confusing and sometimes lumped in with taxes making it harder for the consumer to determine how much of their money is going to the government and how much is going to the >>tel. e allege in the complaint that they've raked in hundreds ofillions of dollars and are increasingly reliant on these fees. >> reporter: the attor sy generalays the ftc warned the hotel industry about these pricing practices in 2012 and again in 2017. is lawsuit aims to force marriott advertise the true prices of its hotel rooms up front, provide partial refunds to tensf thousands of district consumers and pay civil fines. we, of course, reached out toot marriinternational. they told us they do not comment on pending litition. back to you. >> and wld're also to the lawsuit comesn after a investigation by attorneys general in all 50 states and the
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district. so more lawsuits could be on the way. reminder of virginia's segregationist past was b destroyedy monday's flooding. a t portion of so-called segregation wall in arlington collapsed in the high water. that wall was constructed in the '30s. it separated the white wood lawn neighborhood from the black hall's hill neighborhood. arlington took down most of the wall for development in the '60s. a portion remained and t plaque educated people about its history. fairfax county is working to repair damaged roads as well. chopper 4 showing you the damage on prosperity avenue on morningside drive. this road near a bridge has huge cracks because o monday's rai the road is shut down while crews work to repair it. flooding, kind of there will be scenes like this everywhere. you don't want to take any risks. i don'tant to drive on that. >> that's what the road looked like while the water was running over it. that's why we say don't drive on
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a -cwatered road. you really can dmot know how deep the water will get. one minute you're driving over muddy water. the next minute it goes from a little bit deepo to way to deep. >> if you can't see the road, why are you driving on it. >>ood question, chuck bell. >> do you do that all the time? i don't think so. any way. soap box aside. >> gotch ya. >> let's get back to the forecast today. another day perfect for cleaning up. i didn't have to water my yard yesterday, but there sure were an awful lot ofnd sticks a twigs that i needed to me out of way so that myfl owers can resume their proud display there on our little 73 h in washington. wis are light out of the south, but w that southerlyd will eventually bring more humidity in and our increasing chances for rain. not but increasing chances for rain i moved your thursday rain chance up to 80%. today, nothing to worry about rainfall wise.
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mfortable in the shenandoah valley, 65 in charlestown, west virginia. 63 in g.strasbur 66 in laray. closer to town, mid 60s in the wtern suburbs. your planner then for today, plenty of sunshine. maybe little patchy fog early this morning in some of the water crossings. that's about it. afternoon high around 89 degrees. for tomorrow, back up close to 90. heat and humidity in abundance tomorrow and that will lead to a likelihood for stronger thunderstorms. future weather for today, no rain to worry about around the e washington maybe an isolated shower up in the high country of west virginia. that's it. aiet overnight but turning cloudy muggy outside by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow we could have showersv heloping as early as around noontime, but t highest chances for thunderstorms come between 4:00 p.m in the afternoon and 9 p.m. in the evening. we'll be here to keep you posted on that and any individual storm could drop a quickinch or two
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of rain. obviously the ground around here is completely saturated. so, we do not really need any more rain at thisoint in time. so the flood threat is also rather high for tomorrow. so, thunderstorms with some damaging winds, heavy rain means the flood threat so that's why tomorrow will be a weather alert day. on friday, no more than a passing isolated shower or two. most of us will be dry on . friday the weekend, sunny and hot but staying on the hot and humid side well into the middle parts of next the hurricane sender has an eye on disturbed area. let's go over to first 4 traffic. morning, melissa. >> good morning. taking a look at eastbound 66 at fairfax county parkway have a disabled vehicle. not causing any major delay. just reported so i wanted to mentionthat. bladensburg between 57th avenue and bw parkway water main break.
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everything is looking good right now on the inner loop and out loop. no big delays or issues there. arlington north kwee boevard between north quinn and north oak water main break. as we zoom out and look at 270, northbound, southbound no problems. eun? >> melia, thank you. when it comes to retirement, maryland was ranked the worst place in the country. yikes. that's according to a news study from bank researchers looked at a variety of factors that retirees care most about including affordable, culture and wellness. maryland scored poorly in these categories. best place to spend golden years, nebraska came out on top followed by iowa and missouri. that surpris me. i grew up in maryland. that'shere my parents live. it's a great place. makes me a little sad. >> it's subjective. if you love watching "friends on netflix" you'll soon have to watch it using a different streaming service.
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>> next year the show is moving to warner media's new streaming service called hbo max. that service will offer extensive collection of exclusive or inal programming as well as warner media's vast port foal offbrands. it includes the freshf prince o bell air and pretty little liars. so far it's not clear how much that service will cost. >> fresh prince. >> both of those shows are still on regular cable channel, too. >> the office, that's stopping streaming, too. twitter is takingction to improve its hate speech policies. they announced new rules intended to curb hate speech that specifically targets religious groups. the change ensures entire ro religious gups are protected from offensive comments. twitter is also considering a ban on similar language in other groups including those defined by gender, race and sexual orientation. it's now 4:55, the u.s. women's t soccerm will celebrate their victory with a
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parade in new york city. we'll look at all the preparations. pl the long road to recovery. we hear from the the participants whose daughter was shocked at mgm one year ago. how she's doing now and what challenges she's still facing. "news 4 today" continues in just a moment. ♪
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fallout from a violent arrest. a montgomee county polic officer faces charges and now a community wants answers. a debate over gun con nol thatever happened. virginia lawmakers abruptly ended a special session just hours after convening. we break down what happened in richmond. and embattled d.c. council member loses a powerful chairmanship. 're following the latest development regaing jack evans. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning, morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> yom eun yang. u're ready to go, aren't you? >> that's right. g time toet this thing started. >> there you go. it's 5:00 a.m. it's wednesday, july 10th, 2019. get to a look your weather and traffic. >> melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. look at the roads and rails this morning. we'll start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and what you really need to know about the weather today. >> i need to know if somebody put irish in your coffee. i have a funny feeling about
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that. four things to know about the forecast. another quiet weather -- can smell that irishom frere. another quiet weather day today. back to close to 90 degrees this afternoon. it will be hot. it will be more hud than yesterday but no rain today. still tracking a high chance for rain and thundetstorms orrow. and the flood risk because of all the rain we had on monday remains high. tomorrow will be a storm team 4 weather alert day for you. right now temperatures are i the 60s in the suburbs, low 70s downtown and low to mid 70s next to the chesapeake bay. your commur forecast for today, dry roads in and dry roads home. low 70s at 7:00 a.m. mid to upper 80 s forst of the afternoon today. so plan on a hot and sunny day. sun is up at 5:52, down at 8:34 this evening. car washing forecast, you bet. ext chance for rain, though, does roll intomorrow. more about that thursday rain chance coming up. melissa, good morning. good morning. taking a look at a brand new


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