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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 10, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪ new ami ay, the streets of new york city packed this morning to see wor champions. u.s. women's soccer team celebrated with a parade and more. and it was a beautiful day in new york. it still and it a great day back here in the d.c. area. but rain on the way. weher alert tomorrow and i'll let you know what toxpect and when coming up. and grocery stores competing for your business even if you don't step foot into their store. consumer reporter susan hogan
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tests the home delivery services. >> announcer: "news4 midday" starts nmo. good rning and welcome to m "news4day." >> i'm melissa molette. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we start with the weather. new orleans dealing with floodingt similar to whawe saw on monday. a flash flood emergency is sued there. this picture or video coming from nbc's morgan chesky i believe. >> it is a very different scene here. it is warm and dry. the sun is out. finally calm conditions, but it won't last. the system thatan hit new could be headed this way. >> let's check in withry laun ricketts with more on what is ahead. >> chuck and i have been fall following this and it is a potential tropical cyclone number two. look at this rain. and it is not even close to landfall yet. they will fly a hurricane hunte service into it today to check it out to see if it has the tropical capability to become a
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depression or into a hurricane . eventually so again this is what we're watching. but a lot of heavy rain pushing around new orleans.ix fo inches fell in a couple of hours and a couple of hours of heavy rain and that track will go o western side of new orleans as a category one hurricane. once it gets to the middle part of the united states theres a ance we could see the moisture around here. not now, though. obviously. 82 degrees, winds are south at about 12 miles per hour. we'll top out around 90 degrees. but we are weather alert tomorrow for a different reason. we've s gote rain headed our way, maybe more flooding. let's talk about that and time it out coming up in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. virginia state police are at investigg what caused a deadly crash in fairfax county. chopper4 was over the scene this s was southbound 95 after the lorton exit. this is the wrong video. police say-t the tractiler was stopped on the side of the
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interstate when a toyota corolla slammed into a trailer and the driver of the toyota was killed. their name has not yet been released. and an update to a traffic alert, what we just showed you, all lanes back open on annapolis roadway near the b.w. roadway as ews work to repair a massive water main break. give yourself extra time if you are about to head out. now to video we showed you for the first time last week. this is a montgomery county police officer withpected drug dealer outside of a mcdonald's aspen hill. >> but did the officer take things too far. prosecutors believe so and filed criminal charges. justin finch joins us with the latest. >> reporter: you might recall montgomery county police said there would be an investigation into the video and aherrest that captur and word of charges for a seven-year veteran of the force. that is officer kevin rris, you were seeing in that video clip, now facing a charge of second degree assault as well as
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misconduct in office. he is now on administrative duty after that clip from last week that shows him apparently kneeing a man in thee, fac also shoving him into the pavement. police say that man was caught trying to sell mushrooms to an undercover officer at an aspen hills mcdonalds before resisting arrest. that video led to calls for change in the department from many community as well as a bill that will call for the -- a creation of a police advisory board that would avise and not decide ines c of police discipline. the acting chief said the video was concerning and also prompting a very delicate dance between trying to restore he public trust as well as increasing and maintaining officer morale. > the excessiveness of the officer -- officer morrisua actlly slamming the ua individs head to the pavement just gave me great
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concern. >> reporter: authorities say officer kevin morris police powers have now been suspended. he is d in court next month. in gaithersburg, i'm justin finch, nbc4. d. today 's oldest hospital begins the new life as an urgent care facility. this is what the new entrance looks like at the old providence hospital. the hospital in northeast d.c. shut down at the end of april and left a gap, a bigone, in the emergency care efforts for residents in the eastern half of he district. the hospital had faced serionc finaial problems in recent years. the urgent care center is open and operating ven days a week. right w president trump about to speak at the ronald reagan building, "the associated press" is reporting he's expted to sign a executive order calling for new strategies inhe fight against kidney disease. >> d.c. has a high rate of this disease. molette green is live outside of the george washington university hospital with more on this.
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good morning. >> reporter: goomorning to you. and many people ask why the president is so passionate about this issue. well we have been hearing that there is someone close to him in the white house whose family member is battling kidneyea dise. here is what we expect to hear from the president and what he are s in his kidney overhaul. he wants to increase access to transplants and encourage in-home dysis and have the department of health and human services roll out new payment models and also have the department improve prevention and screening opportunities with those last two being very key. i just spoke with the head of the george washington transplant institute who sai this kind of overhaul is >> honestly, it is going to bankrupt medicare in the next few years, the next decador so, if we don't come up with a new way of paying for our end
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stage renal disease and it is expense -- it is expensive to pay for people to be on dialysis.e >> report there are screenings going on at the g.w. transplant institute on k. in northwest d.c. up until 1:00, the screenings happen for free twice a month every first and third whenesday of tonth and go in there and get it because this issue is critical in the dmv, across this region. you might say doctors say it is at epidemic levels throughout the nation and especially bad here. some of what the president wants in his executive order will have to wait. it won't happen immediate because it will require some new regulations to take effect and experts say, again, this is long overdue. latest from northwest d.c., i'm
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melissa mollet, back into you. >> thank you. right now these two cover girls, megan rapinoe and alex morgan and the entire women's soccer team are celebrati the historic world cup win. >> new york city is holding a theer-tape parade to shower team with praise and confetti. jay gray has the best moments. >> reporter: hey thea and what party in lower manhattan. the parade has started and it is fantastic. it is amazing to see these champions getting a heroes welcome here in the city.o al a section of broadway called the canyon of heroes and never more fitting than for this group o this they mean so ch to so many people in their fight for equal pay and the fight for equal rights. they have used this spotlight to really embolden women not only here in the u.s. but around the world. a lot of young girls are part of this elcration.
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it is just a very special day here and, remember, this is a team that won the world cup while they were actively suing their own federation, the u.s. soccer. the status of that lawsuit is court ordered arbitration. but nobody cares about the legal side of that today. what they care about is honoring these heroes and t dey areng that in new york right now. that is the latest from here at city hall. now back to you. new reports of abuse along the southern border, the accusations aimed at an arizona facility. a new calls for alexander acosta called to resign after this man had sex offenses this man had sex offenses involving underage
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big shift in the u.s. secretary of labor, alexander acosta i set to make a statement regarding the epstein
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matter at 2:00 this afternoon. rke new yo billionaire jeffrey epstein is still sitting in a jail cell accused of sex crimes committedgainst underage women. his arrest and prior cases are causing vofls controversyin her .c. >> he was investigated for similar crimes but his attorneys cut a deal that allowed him to go free. that deal was cut with alex acosta now president trump's labor secretary. kristen welker reports from the white house where the president is standing by secretary acosta. >> reporter: in 2008 when acosta was a u.s. attorney in florida signed off an a plea deal against jeffrey epstein. many are n calling just a slap on the wrist after epstein pled not guilty on monday to new sex trafficking charges involving underage girls from 2002 to 2005. for now president trump is standing by his labor secretary. but also making it very clear he's looking into that controversial plea deal.
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overnight there were a chorus of democrats, both on the campaign trail and on capitol hill, cluding nancy pelosi demanding that acosta resign. backñu' you. >> kristin welker at the white house. this morning there are now concerns about the treatment of migrant children at u.s. border facilities. nbc news is reporting that government case managers who spoke with children held at an arizona facility have been -- said there have been instances of sexual asult and retaliation for complaints. a 15-year-old hondurasan girl said a officer groped her and a 16-year-old guatemalan boy said after complaining about the food and water, his mat was taken away and he was forced to sle on the floor. u.s. customs and border protection has pushed back on such reports calling them unsubstantiated and said all officers treat people with dignity and respect. >> now to the prince george's county police -- >> reporter: well good morning. it recently came to light that some prince george's county police officers had served civil
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warrants against undocumented migrants. at is against department policy. now the confusion came after the officers consulted a national crime data base and saw the word warrant. now chief hank stawinski said the officer thought the warrants were criminal in nature but they were not. to make sure it never happens again, the department has released a training video to clarify the policy. which is to take action on criminalnt warra only. now if you could take a look here at the specifics here, under the new policy, officersw be required to look at the underlying basis for that warrant. it is not good enough to just see the warran the officer needs to figure out if it is a civil or a criminal situation. if it is civil, then they need to let the persongo. if it is criminal, then they can detain that individual. rince george's police department has not and will not enforce civil process of any kind, whether a civil warrant,
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summons to appear before a immigration judge or order of removal or order for deportation. >> reporter: and a new training video clarify the policy to make sure people are not detained for these civil situations. back to you. virginia special session on gun violence took a surprising turn, leaders vote totdtl abrup ending the session to leave gun control rights happy and gun control vowing for revengeth at polls. [ owd chanting ] > this is a scene outside of the capitol in richmond. people on both sides of the gun debate demanded to have voices heard but inside before any action could ben, take leaders in the republican-controlled house and senate voted to end the session after 90 minutes. gop leaders say more time is eded to study gun-control measures. >> what we want to do is have a group to look at the measures not in the moment by moment down here but have a chance to look at them.
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>> they abdicated their respond and number two the republicans in this state are totally controlled. i mean 100% controlled by the national rifle iassocion. >> after the session governor northam tweeted it was shameful and disappointing. one of theng loest serving officials have been removed. the city council voted to remove jack evans. ez accusinged usin his office for personal gain. the council stopped short of removing him from alluncil committees less than a monthaf ter the fbi raided his home. vans stepped down from th metro board also. the question surroding evans didn't slow down the efforts to bring sports betting to d.c. the council approved a measure companyl allow the same that operates the d.c. lottery to also operate the city's future mobile betting app. evan sponsored the bill which came under scrutiny because it did not allo competitive
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bidding. ultimately it passes 7-5. this paves way for mobile betting to get up and running next year. we could see in-person betting at venues like national's park and capital one arena this fall. d.c. is hoping to have new police officers on the streets in the coming months. news4 pat lawson muse has more on how the depament is recruiting. >> in the past several years d.c. police departme has taken steps to ease an officer shorte this and weekend a recruiting fair is set to find moe men and women to join the force. damar green is joining us with more on the kinf person the department is looking for. good morning, chief. >> good morning. >> so first of all, tell me what you need, whatng you're looki for? how big is the police force. >> right now the police departm is at a sworn strength of 3800 officers. >> and you're trying to get to -- >> 4,000. >> so thisneis o of several recruiting. >> yes. >> how long does it take to turn a recruit into an officer?
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>> it takes relatively five to six months to make it through e academy sand all of the associated training before you nctually are on the street as officer. >> and what are the requirements? can anyone apply? can a youngster right out of high school or someone just starting college? >> so the qualifications right now are 60 college credits from accredit college or university, we do take military with three years of active duty service, there is also opportunities for d.c. residents or high school students that n want to joiour cadet program and th is a way to obtain your 60 college credits through that program and enter the police er academy aft you'relith ib-- you're eligible. fi you've been a police ofr for two decades and how has policing phanged since you on a badge. >> policing is a service-oriented field.
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in actuality, t is what attracted me to become a police officer to serve in my community. that part of it has not changed. technology has changed in our favor in terms of things like video and different ways to m dispatch thate policing more efficient than it was when i first came on the police department. >> it is a very dangerous job. so you -- what do you tell new recruits or potential recruits about the dangers? it is a great career, great job, to havt is a big deal to put on a badge, but it is dangerous. >> yes, it does have -- it's level of danger but 99% of police work as i said earlier is about serving the commune. >> there is always an element of danger that we tea recruited through the academy to be aware of and conscious of when they are respond to calls for service but it is not stereo typically like it is portrayed onvi telesion. 99% of our day is about helping
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and serving peopleand keeping sidents safe. >> so who should think about showing up on saturday? >> we wants recruitor citizens who are interested in serving nge community. interested in b dedicated to a law enforcement caree so those are the type of people of high moral character and the people we're looking for. >> we know you'll get some folks to show up and hopefully you'll get a good cla out of it. the recruiting fair takes place on saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 at the metropolitan police academy. >> yes. >> chief lamar green, thank you so much and good luck on saturday. >> thank you. >> thanks again. heavy rain is expected in our area again tomorrow. coming up, lauryn takes a at timing of the storms. and home delivery many grocery sres are offering but is the cost worth it.
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working to cure cancer at both ends of the leash. that is the goal for the canine and kids foundation and their bark sale. >> this is like a bake sale but with a twist. melissa mollet has details on how to get involved. >> reporter: we have oukipets and and treats and so ready to have a -- >> a bark sale. >> we're out here at the fit-wise camp and these campers have done a great jobith the treats on the table. the whole point is to crush cancer at both ends of the leash, right? >> yes. i think this is awesome. i think that everybody should be doing this. >> and your thought? lp it scanr and othereo canines that al have it, too. >> i think everyone should do this to raise money for cancer. > reporter: that is the whole point.
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liz kerny with canines and kids could explain more. >> so we're out here raising awareness and money f cancer research for the share cancer between canines and kids. blood, brain and bone cancer. absolutely. >> reporter: all right. you guys have don it up. karen mitchell, this is important for th yd paofe brs keto mission at fit wise is to teach the kids the importance of giving back to the community and we're here as paof kids helping the animals camp. >> hold up the treats, cookies and browns and all of this is for sale and the money goes toward awareness and efforts and research. we areer going to fight can at both ends of the leash. are you ready to have a what -- sale. k >> reporter: this is on. all right. that is the latest from ashburn, back into you. lauryn ricketts is with us to talk abouthe weather. cleaned up nicely today compared to a couple of days ago.
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>> i cleaned up nice compared to -- well, thank you. [ laughter ] a mess. u're >> i know, i'm a hot mess. for yes, weather is nice the clean-up effort. is that what you're trying to say. >> let's go with that. >> i'll take it from here, aaron. a beautiful day out there. you're right.nd gorgeous coions and blue skies out there. that is not going to continue. in fact, changes come tomorrow. we're sunny and hot toda a touch of humidity. it is bearable. similar to yesterday. now we do have the thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening. stray showers possible on friday. but i do believe we dry out and then by saturday we're back to the sunny conditions and hot conditions. temperatures out here right now in the 80s. low to mid-80s acro the board. and again you factor in the humidity and it may feel like 83, 84. but not a big difference. 89 degrees is our day time high whis about normal for this time of the year. heading into the afternoon,
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beautiful and make sure you put on the spf. a great pool day o there and then humidity, a little bit of a breeze, mostly sunny as we continue through the late evening. that is not right. but i guess it could be because the sun doesn't go down until 8:35. mostly sunny at 8:00 and we'll have atle bit more humidity pumping into our region and that humidity is really going to increase during the onrnight. hwe are looking at dry conditions out tere right now. and even if i widen out this view, we're looking good out ere right now. wever, take a look down in new orleans. they're dealing from about probably about five to seven inches of rain havewn fallen do through portions of southern louisiana at this point.w this is no potential tropical cyclone number two, if it does get a name it is barry. they are hurricane hunters flying through it to see exact the characteristics but a flash flood emergency down in new orleans, similar to what we were dealing with monday morning. now we are notdealing with that through tonight or tomorrow. we could have a few isolated showers later on tonight and line up along i-81 so i do want
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to mention that. but most of us will stay dry. isolated shower and possible overnight through tomorrow morning but then most of the rain comes tomorrow after lunch, scattered showers and a thunderstorms some could pack a punch and continue through the evening commute and then try to push out of here through the late evening. now let's talk impacts. what can you expect out of that. that is coming up in about ten minutes. guys. >> thank you, lauryn. well growing up you probably heard watch what you say. it is good adv coming up, the key to communicating and how it could help your relationships. plus marrtt sued the new claim that the hotel chain made millions by
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>> announr: you're watching "news4 midday." welcome back. the family of a little girl who was shocked at mgm national habor said theirlives will
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never be the same. one year later the parents released avideo showing their child still unable to speak or walk. law firm representing the parents recorded a interview in the video with the girl. last june the 7-year-old wass cked by a railing at the mgm national harbor and her mother and father described what their lives are like now. >> motr's dayook a big toll on me. i didn't go nowhere. i sted in the house the whole day with her. not hearing her voice or hear her say mom, happy mother's day orissing me and telling her how much she loves me, it hurt me. >> you know that she will continue to get better. >> i ho it hear her beautiful voice again. 120 volts of electricityat circul through her body when she touched the railing. mgm said it has been a year but a day doesn't go by that we
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don't think of the green family. what happened was a tragic accident and we hope her condition improves. a lawsuit isending against mgm. this morning we're working with a consumer alert, about the way marriot international advertises prices to you. >> the d.c. attorney general is suing marriott accusing the chain of using deceptive and sleading pricing practices. the lawsuit claims that the company advertises low prices t fo hotel rooms and then adds on resort fees or amentdity fees to make up for the low rates. the attorney general said the fees are often lumped in with taxes making it harder for you determine how much of your money is going to the government and how much is going to the hotel. >> these resort fees can be as little as $9 and as much as close to $100 above the charge for a room. >> asuorney general's law aims to force marriott to
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advertise the true prices of hotel rooms up front and provide partial refunds tens of thousands of district consumers and pay several fines.e mpany said it does not comment on pending litigation. well this week we are working for you, helping you save tind money at the grocery store. >> with all of the curbside pickup and deliveryceser you don't even have to do your oeb shopping any more. i ve that, i have to admit. how well do the services work. >> susan hogan put the stores to the test and she's here with the results. melissa does it. >> we all do it. i'll tell you, i t is a wayo ave money and time and certainly convenient. and so yesterday actually showed you how four.' local stos did and in our curb side test we we impressed. so now it is time to see how they did when they asked them to deliver instead. >> reporter: t busy to go to the grocery store and don't want to drag the kids along or
11:33 am
dislike food shopping then it might be worth spending a few b extks to have the groceries come to you. we put safeway and giant and wegman's and whole foods through the test to see if they delivered on their delivery promises. >> so i'm in my home right now t and i've g my producer meredith with me and we're going to start the delivery. i'm going to be using safeway. >> and i'm ordering from giant and their service is called pea pod. >> we filled our cart with the same items. >> double stuff coixétár @r(t&h% >> char minño' ultra ño'soft. >> six count. >> i linked our loyalty card to the app to get the sale prices. >> so this has the club card price for'smy la potato chips. party size. there has to be a party. >> always a party. i have inz ketchup. >> mine is on sale, mine is not. >> all of the items in the cart and checking out. >> we placed our orders at 1: in the afternoon and neither store had delivery window available so i chose a one hour
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feindow from say and meredith chose a two-hour window from pea pod both for the next day. h coulde saved a few bucks to choose a bigger window but what about fees. >> so safeway is charging me a delivery of $9.95 plus a service fee of $3.95. >> and pea pod is charging a delivery fee of $8.95. no service fee here. >> next up wegman's and whole foods. >> round two, i'm going to do delivery from wegman's but they use insta cart. >> i'll do who foods and theyri use p now. shocking. ime to shop. >> so the first item i'm going to add to my cart is folrs, 30.5 ounces. >> lgdo have foers but from amazon instead of whole. foods >> we continue down our list and he was able to use my wegman's cl card discount through insta cart. mayor died -- merth didn't have any options and ordered a mix of
11:35 am
items from whole foods and so we our cart full and our items and ready to check >> we could have gotten them in an hour but scheduled demovery for tow morning. insta cart charged me $3.99 and a 5% service fee plus wegman's prices are slightly higher in the app meredith was able to pick a two-hour delivery window for free but could have paid $5 for a one-hour window. but don't forget, youeed an amazon prime membership to use prime now. >> our orders are placed. now we wait. >> soak here is a bre down of when we're expecting our order. safeway and wegman' should be here between 10:00 and 11:00 and giant and whole foods between 10:00 a.m. and noon. >> hey, how are you? >> one by one the deliveries started arriving all right on bo time. giant and wegman's sent us notification letting us know when the order was on the way. safeway didn't send anything and used door dash to deliver our
11:36 am
'tems. prime now didnive us a heads up either and when our whole foods and amazon orders did arrive, the drivers just left them on the front porch and didn't even ring our door bell. >> i dn't have any perishables so i guess it is fine leaving it at my front doorstep. >> now it is time to see if they get the orders right a they did. >> so everyone is on time and everyone was accurate. that is great. >> yeah. >> reporter: now, don't forget, one more addedh cost wit delivery is a tip for the driver. de wegman's and prime now automatically a a suggested tip to our orders so we wouldn't forget. pea pod gave us the option during checkout and safeway said employees do not accept tips. so we want to see if -- if you want to see your favorite store what they charge for delivery and curbside pickup we have a
11:37 am
break down for the seven tops store our region right now in the nbc washington app just search groceries. and today at 4:00, we scour the aisles of six local stores to show you who has the best prices on 12 common items. a lot of people are wondering that. because that is huge. everyone wants to kw just how much is this going to cost me. >> absolutely. >> i'm intrigued by the delivery stuff. >> yea i >>uess everybody did what you expected them, minimum. >> they did. >> and so you get to pick based on who- sort of the finesse. and even ringing the door bell. >> exactly and i knew that u caught yohen we were watching the story. you want -- you can say when you are ordering, you could make tr little instions when you are doing that on their app, saying please ring the door bell or notify me. it came down to notification. who notified you. i like to know when someone is shoppin ifor me and whent is coming and how far away.yo not ever did that. >> all right. >> there you go. >> susan hogan, thank you.
11:38 am
stormy weather in the forecast. ryn is back with an update. >> and plus why fast food restaurants could check your license pla
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11:40 am
and good morning at cnbc headquarters. fast food chains are looking for technology to recognize customer license plates in the drive-thru lane to speed up orders. starbucks said in south korea people that pre-registered cars and could helpat identify repe customers allowing restaurants to link a car with your credit card and order history meaning you won't have to pull out your wallet or phone to pay. now customers who sign up for the reward program or a astaurant to add a to their existing profile. with your cnbcmorning business report. all right. >> looking at the weather. >> we're doing tv here, lauryn. [ laughter ] >> you got a few stories. >> i did.
11:41 am
>> it is your turn. we're ready for you. >> it is going to get hot. i have to tell but this weather. >> tomorrow the rain? >> we have rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. it will be after lunch. but when you are up, you could see a few isolated showers tomorrow and chuck will have that but later on as we get into tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, that is when we'll have the chance for some severe weather. that is why we're weatherlert for tomorrow. now, it is beautiful out there right now. absolutely gorgeous. blue skies out there right now. and we will continue to have some sunshine throughout the day today. now temperatures, low 80s right now. low to mid-80s and we have a little bit of humidity in the air. it is oppressive. but you could feel that humidity out there. so it is not that bad. pool forecast, go for it. plenty of sunshine to put on the suntan lotion and you need it with high spf and temperatures in the upper 80s when is normal for this time of the year. nothing around the radar and widening out, still on the dry side. so 89 degrees for today.
11:42 am
beautiful and dry. and comfy out there. but the humidity will startto increase overnight. you'll feel it tomorrow and it is sticky tomorrow. now weather alert tomorrow. could have a shower in the morning. and then some showers and thunderstorms likely later on tomorrow afternoon. now ne thing, i said that we could have an isolated shower tomorrow morning. look at this. this is today at 5:30, we could ha a few isolated showers along i-81 and into the evening so i do want to b mention that everybody else will stay dry on the eastern side of the blue ridge mountains. maybe an isolated shower morning. but the better chance after lunchtime and showers and thunderstorms are possible and some stro with heavy rain possibly flooding and even some damaging winds being the primary threat. islooks like everything iut by friday morning and just in time for the morning commute. you but the impact, flooding and gusty winds. we could see some maybe small hail. let's talk about theeekend and your ten-day forecast in detail if a few minutes.
11:43 am
improveour communication skills, improve your relationship. a look at how do do that coming up. ♪ ♪ [ singing ] >> also coming up, d.c. musician mark g.eadows has m this is anni and this is annie paying back her friend for the tickets with zelle® before the previews start. and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the show.
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[whispers] this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo.
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♪ ♪ that is d.c. jazz artist mark g. meadows out with a new classic and mark is s a od mix joining us with more about the album and his music influence. thanks for coming in. in>> thanks for havme. >> i'm a long-time big fan. >> oh, man. >> mostly of what i've seen on your work has been stage and
11:47 am
theatrical but what strikes me about you is no matter what is sort of going on, what genre you are involved with, there is thia energy joy that you can't fake and what drives you and makes you such a bundle of energy on stage? >> life. >> it sounds corny but i'm an ic authentrtist that portrays what i go through and the joys and pains and struggles i've had and it comes out in my artistry and that is all it is. everything that i experience in life from love to loss to the beauty of music, the beauty that i could do what i love in this d world a hopefully share with others. that is what you see. >> that is awesome, man. the new album is called "be the ange." tell me about this album. what is on it? tell me about the title. why that title? >> so "be the change" is an album that i think hopefully explains to people that whatever it that you do, be it for me it is mus for you it is being a personality and giving off the
11:48 am
news and forther people it might be being a doctor or whatever it is that you could do in order to change the world for the better, be that. and do it to the best of your ability and that is what this album stands for. everybody has -- it is like my version of man in the mirror. everybody as that thing they do that the world needs and don't think you are not making a e differenccause everybody is. >> you have a mix of some new stuff and then some covers, too. >> right.i' so got some covers from stevie wonder, one of my biggest influences and i've got also somer oinal material that has never been heard before. >> what is the stevie wonder song. >> i have "superstition" and er "ov joy"ed because first of all i loveg the son and secondly i wasecently married and the joy that i feel fom that comes out in the track. i think you'll hear it and you'll dig it. >> so what are some of your influences. you -- i think from texas, and grew up in d.c. >> i was born in d.c. and -- i
11:49 am
was born in d.c. and gr i upn texas. >> there you go. somu what were your sical influences and what are they now? >>ve they han't changed much. habie hock, stevie wonder,do nnie hathaway, claude w.c. tons of gospel artists from saul over. a lot of local texas and dallas artists as well as washington, d.c. artists. some of which will performing with me, christy deshield will be at amp tomorrow night performing with cd release and it is a otrathmorened venue. >> what time. >> 8:00 p.m. and doors at 6:30 and a show you will never orget. i promise you. >> if you are not following mark g. meadows on instagram, you should. there is great music. mark, best of luc to you, man. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me. coming up, more new music coming up, more new music from beyonce ahead ♪
11:50 am
♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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having good communication skills matters to improve your lationship and work performance with the right words and tone. psychiatrist dr. joshua winer joining us to provide tips to help you improve the important skill. good morning. >> good morning. and thank you forbeing here. it is important the way we say things. >> absolutely. and the one thing that i thinkp ople really don't do enough of is listening. so they hear and maybe they lk, but they don't listen. listening requires time andni listeng requires boutive participation where you are asking probingon qu so the one thing that i suggest people do, when have spouse or a co-worker or child coming t you and particularly when they are really upse or angry about n some you're entire focus should not be about giving advice, or tlling them what to do in the moment, anything like that or fixing therlem. you're goal should purely be
11:53 am
understanding what is going on in their head. and so what you want to do is ask probing questions, and then try to see if you can figure out exactly how they're thinkg and feeling about something. so what you do is reflect back to them. tey call i reflective listening where y're telling me something about the way you're feeling and i'm coming back to you andis saying, m, this is what i think i hear you saying. and you would then say, no, josh, you don't have it. >unyou're not erstanding. >> you're not understanding. so i say, okay, let me ask more questions to get a gooder undstanding of how you are feeling. that is very powerful and effective. >> you say it is also important when communicating to clarifyt withou judgment. explain what that means. > so nobody really feels like opening up if they feel like udey're being jged. so nobody likes being judged. what you want to do is avoid saying things that presume that you're j iging. so said why do you feel that way with that kind of tone, approve ofl like i d what you're saying. so what you want to do instead
11:54 am
is say, look, i really want to understand this a little bit bettre. tell me mbout why you think and feelw that ay. that is going to not be as judgemental as just saying why do you f el thaty? another thing you don't want to do is you don't want to ask leading questions or assume that you know why somebody thinks or feeling a certain way. so you don't want to say, well, i guess you felt this y, right? that is not good. because maybe the person you're talking to doesn't fl that way. and if you do that, you're t shuttinghem down and they'll feel like theyr can't up how they're really thinking or feeling. >> how do we communicate y differentlith somebody when they're really upset? what could we do. >> what you don't want to do is do not want to say, you need to down, melissa. that never goes wel. maybe police officers could get away with that,ut -- >> no one has evergotten calm from someone saying calm down. >> it never works. instead, say, look, i want toou hebut it is hard to help when you are this upset. so let me hear what you have to y. soo tinhagt is back to n
11:55 am
what i said earlier, a lot of times what people w l do when they are hearing somebody who is upset is they're feeling like they need fix the problem. they'll give advice and that is people don't like getting advicn if they'reot asking for advice. so you want to say to them, hey, youuld yokeu lliike me to hear -- would you like to hear my ideas regarding this situation. >> real quickly here, any no-nos when effective communication. >> doing too much talking. that you o make su are not talking and that you're listening and that you're making sure that the person really feels if you that, you're doing a good job. you also don't have to give the person an answer immediately. you could say, look,id you sa a lot, let me think about everything you said and let's come back and talk about this tomorrow. >> dr. joshua winer, thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> back to you.
11:56 am
well ahead of the latest disney classic the "lion king," one othe biggest stars dropped a new song. ♪ [ singing ] at is "spirit" from the "lion king"ck soundtraung by beyonce. the film hits theaters next friday gt the buzz iswing by the day. we're told the new song will play during a pivotal scene witn dult simba and mala and also featured on the album the "lion king" the gift and she's serving as an executive produce on this project. >> looks good. all right. time to check in with lauryn ricketts for anotherook at the weather. >> and temperatures out there right now are in the 80s and we're headed to around 90s. some areas in the 90s. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. dry and humidity.
11:57 am
umidity coming back in overnight. weather alert tomorrow. maybe an isolated shower. i do want to mention, isolated shower along i-81 this afternoon. isolated shower possible for everybody tomorrow morning. but most of the activity after lunch, daging winds and primary threat and then flooding as well. we'll have that isolated chanced on but the weekend all the way through tuesday looking good. more rains chances toward the end of next week. >> lauryn, thanks. that is it for "news4 midday," we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> get news updates any time nb with the washington app. have a great day, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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. we are live in five, four, three, two, one. [ applause ] >> beyonce covered iniamonds at "the lion king" premier. everybody is talking about the big premier. great news for you somebody was on the inside. >> kit, it was everything that you wanted it to be. it was big and crazy. it was loud andcovered. look at how crazy it is. they took


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