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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'll show yo whatores have the best prices on 12 common items. and coming home on top -- >> then world champio u.s. women's soccer team gets a hero's welcome in new york city. >> news4 at 4:00 starts now.t >> first 4:00 this afternoon, the president promised the show of a lifetime. >> yeah, and that fourth of july show ca with a cost. today, news4 has confirmed that president trump's military-style fourth of ju sbralgs drained the special d.c. city fund designed to pay for extra security and anti-terror measures. >> the pricetag, $1.7 million. news4's mark segraves joins us on the national mall. tell us about the mayor's office that the trump administration may not pay this money back? >> well, that's right. and that $1.7 million, that's just a fraction of what mayor bowser says the trump administration owes d.c. taxpayers.
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in fact she says, $13meillion coeptember will be the pricetag that d.c. taxpayers will have to pay. get behind the line. you're breaking the law. >> events likesa rday's protests on pennsylvania avenue that sparked confrontations between far right activists and anti-fascist groups requireots of police and other security. chris rodriguez director of d.c.'s homeland security agencyc says that sity can cost f a single event like um ormillions. president s july 4th rally at the lincoln memorial. >> our initial tally of fourth of july costs were about six times larger than they have been in previous years. >> while tnm district govt is responsible for providing much of the security for events like a inaugurationsnd state funerals, in past years previous administrations have reimbursed the district government to cover those costs. in a letter from d.c. mayorbo ser to president trump bowser writes, that the district hasn't been reimbursed and is costing d.c. taxpayers millions. according to bowser, the federal
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government provides the districw h a $13 million annual budget to cover those costs, but hasn't been making the payments, like the 2017 presidential inauguration. which cost the district $7.3 million. the city was never repaid. july 4th, cost $1.7 million which depletecu the ent fund. bowser says if the feds don't pay, the fund will have a $6 million deficit by september. >> that means that the district will have to assume the costs of not only providing first amendment and special event security throughout the district, but also for the president's personal protectiona motor, vice president, members of his family. so the district will have to assume those costs. >> so there are a lot of funds that this fund pays for, we reached outto the white house, they did not respond to our request for comment. director rodriguez makes clear hat even if the district isn't
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reimbursed for this money, they will not stop providing protection to the white house or the torcade, nor will they stop providing protections to the first amendment protests, inaugurations, state funerals, things le that. if the federal government did not repay the district, it will be up to district taxpayers to pick up this3 million tab. back to you, pat. >> that's some big bill, mark. now to a diryurbing s in montgomery county. prosecutors say a former school guince counselor was using a popular dating apps s hunting ground. colin black from rockville il pleaded gu to sexually assaulting two women he met on the app tinder. news4's chris gordon has the terrifying details. >> 35-year-old colin black pleads guilty to forcing a woman to have sex with him. afte meeting her on the tinder app. >> tinder is what is called a hooking up app. it's an app where people get tother so that they can have a sexual affair. and you know, it's important to
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realize that no always means no and when a woman speaks out or wr that matter, any victim, that doesn't likeat's happening during a sexual activity, that no, means no. >> prosecutors say black's laptop and home computer show that he searched websites dealing with forced sex. the police report says that the victim said onstop, i d like it. get off me. it hurts. black grabbed victim a's wrist. she said get off me, i don't like it. in all, three women went to montgomery county police, complaining that colin black sexually assaulted them. after meeting him on tinder. >> we were able ton obt a conviction on second-degree sexual offense. twice, we got one before a jury. and one that he pled to later and we'reng holdi the third case in inactive docket so we can bring it up later, should pe anything hapwith the first two cases. >> ahead, you'll hear the most
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important piece of advice the montgomery county rape crisis center gives to women who use dating apps. to protect themselves. reporting from the montgomery county courthouse, chris gordon, news4. let's turn to breaking news coming in this evening involving labor secretary aex acosta. he just spoke to the media and took questions from them for nearly an hour. he's been facing a grong chorus of calls for him to resign from democratic lawmakers on the hill. it all comes as acosta has faced renewed krutcy? for a plea deal that his office cut for jeffrey epstein a decade ago. erica gonzales joins us with more. >> facing criticism over what some have called a lenient or a sweetheart deal. acosta tried to lay some of the
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blame on local prosecutors. acosta said his office t invened. when it had learned that billionaire jeffrey epstein would be pleading to a state chrge that would not require any jail time. he said they believed he needed to serve time. and that there needed to be a way for victims to be acosta also id times have changed. >> today's world treats victims very, very differently. today's world does not allow some of the victim-shaming that had taken place at trial 12 years ago. i don't think we can say you know, take a case that is this old, and fully know how it would ay out today. that the victims have gone through in these cases is horrific. and their response is entirely justified. at the same time, i thinkpo it' ant to stand up for the prosecutors of my former office,
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and make clear that what they were tryi to do was help these victims. >> epstein was just charged this federal end with new charges in new york. acosta did not comment on that. he also would not directly t apologize the victims in the previous case. acosta also made it clear that he believed president trump supports him in his current post as labor secretary. leonnd pat back to you. >> erica gonzales. folks, keep it here for more reaction to secretary acosta's ns conference. we're going to be hearing from lawmakers on the hill about this here if ourha next -hour. in the meantime. a deadly crash on i-95 south in lorton impacted traffic for t hourss morning. virginia state police sayra a c cshed into the back of a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the side of the highway. the driver of the vehicle was killed. i-95 was closed off and on for hours during the ination to figure out why the driver ran off the road that way. the m c who wasght on
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camera setting a fire outside of the national archives building is pleading guilty. ne4's scott mcfarlane was first to break the story. the u.s. torney's office said jacob wallace set a gas can on fire near the building that houses some of the nation's most treasured documents, a security camera captured the suspect running from the scene. he allegedly told fbi agents he was hearing voices. all rights let to the weather. it's been quite a weather week. crazy one day, beautiful the next. now the first tropical storm could be officially up next. cities like new orleans could be in the path. >> you're looking at heavy rain that fell on the big easy earlier today. our team of meteorologists is tracking the system for us.rt let's sta with storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. >> we're calling tomorrow a weather alert day. and the reason is because we have a good threat for strong to
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severe thunderstorms during the day on our thursday. could see some storms early tomorrow rning. here's 11:00 a.m. you see showers around the baltimore area. these come through d.c. 7:00, 8:00 for the morning rush. then watch the afternoon, in the west, the front movescross our area. watch the late afternoon and evening, a very strong line of thunderstorms develops, very heavy rain associated with that as well. storm prediction center,ma norn, oklahomahas this a slight risk for severe weather. that means we're going to see some kind of warnings with the system. theeaiggest thr guys, let's take a look. we've got it, heavy rain, a chance for some flash flooding. i don't think it willbe like monday. wind will be a big factor here. hail and tornado threat much ower. we're gg to be tracking these two big factors here as we move through the day on our thursday. back to the tropics, we're watching this sy in the gulf of mexico and amelia, we think it could become barry, maybe by the 5:00 advisory.
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>> it doesn't matter the name. all eyes on louisiana with the storm for heavy rainfall andg they'rwith the swollen mississippi river. so the hurricane hunters, you're going to seera their t here. just after noon in their aircraft that called the super hercules. this is the actual path that ta airpl went into the clouds to kind of see what's going on with this disturbance. they picked up a wind speed of almost 30 miles peur of what is going to become barry, according to the national hurricane center eorher tomorrow later today as doug was saying. here it is on storm team 4 radar. the biggest concern wh this tropical storm is going to be extremely heavy rainfall. new orleans has already seen of 6-10 inches of rain earlier today from thisdi urbance. rainfall totals could see an additional 15-20 inches in parts of louisiana. including arou the new orleans area. in addition to that we've been talking about the mississippi running above normal since januao. so we cd see the mississippi
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river crest there on saturday at 20 feet. at that point the levies are going to have huge difficulty keeping that water contained. so we could be dealing with major flooding. in addition that, storm surge floong as doug h the track coming up at 4:15. so now is the time to make sure you have the nbc washington app. it's our fastest way to get weather alerts to you when we'r n on the air. go tocw >> boy, what a scene today. a world-class celebration for the champions of the world toda great stuff here, huh? >> what a celebration. the u.s. women's soccer team rode through new york city's canyon of heroes. >> celebrating the team'sd inance on the field and dedication off the field. >> nbc's jay gray was in the middle of it all and the party in lower manhattan. >> a seaof fans and waves of i confett washing over lower
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manhattan. an old-fashionedpe ticker ta parade honoring a new generation of heroes. thousands lining the streets in rme as ten-deeple ceating the historic run of this special group of women. their journey through the canyon of heroes ending hereit at c hall where thousands joined them celebrating their dominance on the field and everything theyve done off the field as well. this team has neder sh away from the spotlight or a fight. >> we got white girls and black girls and everything in between. >> using the world stage to pusu for treatment and equal pay. even suing their own federation, demanding to be pd asmuch as their male counterparts. fans showing their support at one part. [ fans chant equal pay, equal pay ] >> shouting down the president of u.s. soccer. >> we believe in you and we're
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committed to doing right by you. >> but the focus hery now, isn't on the courts or controversy. the team captain calling for unity. >> this is my charge to everyone -- we have to be better. we have to lovemore. hate less. >> the love for these champions clear. >> i think that we have been known as america's favorite soccer team. but from here on out we'll just known as america's team. >> america cebrating their unwavering spirit and overwhelming success. jay gray, nbc news, new york. i can just now hear the calls for megan rapinoe to run for president. >> you think? why not. one more candidate. >> what an inspiration, a great story there. new protections against those pesky robo calls. we talk about that coming up. and what you could see on your
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phone theext time a suspected scammer dials your number. plus, grocery store wars are competing for your money,is paying off for all of us, which stores havthe lowest prices. and it may surprise you. a severe wer threat, this is what the radar could look like tomorrow. doug is back to take us through the impact hur by hour.o
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back with a look ar,the rada what it could look like mo toow. doug says we're all going to be under a weaer alert. he's going take us through the impact and the timing in three minutes right he d. so't go away. so are you getting the best deals whenou go to the supermarket? >> you may be able toonsave m by shopping a little bit further down the street. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you. checking which grocery stores in our area currently have the lowest prices. >> we're ready to take them on. >> fod is one of the biggest r expenses four families. sang a few bucks each week can add up. we decided to visit some local grocery stores to see which has the best prices. from walmart and target to giant safeway, harris teeter and wegmans, we scoured the aisles, checking prices on 12 popular items. >> peanut butter, soda, cereal,
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eggs and milk, chips and crackers, paper towels and trasa s. while we found plenty of sales that could have saved us some cash. we decided to stick to the store's regular prices for a fair comparison. any we also didn't include discounts we would get with the loyalty cards. some of the biggest differences we saw a 12-pacof diet coke r $4.8 8 at walmart versus 7.49 regular price at harris teeter and a box of 40 glad trash bags for $8 at walmart. versus $10.99 at safeway. our totals vary from $44.88. to 61.29. so who came out on top?t. walmar followed by wegmans. with a total of about $48. target came in just under $50. giant, about $54. and harris teeter and safeway were just over $61. we also checked out whole foods, we didn't include them in our
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comparison, since they only ca 1y four of the2 items we priced out for what it's worth, the prices on those items were in line with to other stres. and in some cases, less. and of course, buying generic at any store is going to save youe ore money. so if you want to see how the prices for each item varied at the different stores, we have got the entire breakdown for you on our nbc washington app. search groceries. tomorr we're going show you how to properly store your produce. so you don't throw your money away. i know we canall relate to that. i, it killed me. i threw away rotten tomatoe and cucumbers. >> and bananas. >> because it's like you overbuy or -- thekids don't want to eat it that week. >> they spoil. >> i'm telling you, this is a really god story. how to store it properly. where to store it really makes a
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difference. >> that drawer at the bottom. >> the veggies versus fruit. >> i'm like, how do that really work. this is, it's a good start. the prices are surprising. a $48 to $61. a bi >> turninhe weather. which is really niceoday. but is about to turn again. >> yeah, mean we've had a couple of down da after monday's deluge, we'll see a row pete tomorrow. not what we saw, don't expect a flood emergency, but flooding af major concernor the day tomorrow afternoon. flash flooding is a potential. wind also a potential. nothing out there currently, we're looking at nice conditions cross our area. mix of sun and clouds. winds out of the south at 13, we have a heat dex around 9 0 degrees. it's 88 in manassas, 89 in
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huntingtown. about average for this time of year. no rain now,dy tell you best t ance of rain would be around petersburg, wesrginia. a shower on top of you. back towards west virginia. you can see them forming here into the mountains. they'll stay back to the west of the shenandoah vall. but tracking a couple of systems. one of here to the north. driving a cold front across the chantry. that'st's going to aid in the ability for our storms to become severe during the day all eyes to the south on this system, which you can see the spin here could become barry at he 5:00dvisory. tracking this storm and on this track, making its way in, this is the latest computer model. staying south of new orleans. coming very close to houston. most likely tohe east of houston. this is something we're going to be watching closely. this predicts an eye re.
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some of the computer models are going a little bullish. 30-mile-per-hour winds right now. this is officially called cyclone ii currently.7: friday, a.m., 60 miles per hour. as it comes closer to shore here. pturday at :00 a.m. 85 mil hour category i hurricane coming onore in louisiana or texas as a category 1 and eventually coming our way with showers next week thunderstorms next week. >> here's what we have to worry about. tonight into tomorrow, no problems early.wa h tomorrow morning early. around 7:30, we will see shower activity around the morning rush. here's noon. a drive through noon, that allows things to heat up.he e come the storms around 3:00 starting to form. watch what happens during the afternoon. look at 5:30, boom, there they are, coming through the d.c. metro area. 8:00, very intense s look how much rain is predicted.
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it cou be a fairly slow mover. which means we could be seeing the potential for flash flooding. we'll watch for it closely. that's why tomorrow is a weather alert day. a 91 on friday, 91 saturday and 93 on sunday. amelia will join me at 4:45 talk about the intensity of the storms. o the excitement is building for the relea a family favorite. >> disney's "lion king" remake comes out next week and t ay beyonce gave us a sneak peek at one of her new songs on the soundtrack and can you pe with our ears. we're in the community with a unique way that local children are raising money to fight ca this is annie.
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carrie can block unwanted calls without requiring customers to opt in. lady gaga is teamingup with amazon's growing beauty business. the entertainer will launch a line of cosmetics sold y exclusivel amazon starting in september. the brand will be called house laboratories. and amazon is ramping up the competition with traditional cosmetics sellers like ulta beauty and sephora. one of music's biggest stars drops a new song ahead of disney's new live-action "lion king" movie. ♪ ♪ >> that tune is called "spirit" from the "lion king" soundtrackb sungy beyonce. it will featured on the album "lion king: the gift." beyonce is also the executive producer on the project. the movie hits theaters next
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friday. the buzz is growing by the day.l >> iove that movie. i had a nephew who was little at the time and i learned to love it as much ashe did i watched t so many times. well this time tomorrow we're going to be under a weather alert for the chance of strong to severe st we don't have a choice there. thisth is what radar could look like tois time morrow. doug is back with a look at the timing and who could be getting the worst of it. later on, omanspreading metro. we look at the new ad campaign meant to make your ride a little able.comfo the controversial comparison. mitch mcconnell says he and a barack obamhave a common history. tha
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yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected, with xfinity xfi. ea now that's simple, sy, awesome. get started with xfinity for $79.99 a month for 2 years. nt plus, add xfi advaage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today. it's in the news room u're just joining us, let's get you caught up with the four things to know. labor secretary alex acosta is defending the actions of his office when he served as a federal prosecutor in orida. and cut a plea deal with jeffrey epstein. many have called thatal de lenient after epstein's arrest this past weekend on new federal charges of sex trafficking of minors. acosta said his office intervi e ervened to insure that epstein would serve time. a former montgomery county school guidance counselor has pleaded guilty to sexually
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assaulting a woman he met on tinder. colin black was convictedly jury n a similar sexual assault case. prosecutors say in both cases black forced the women to do unwanted sexual acts with him. a deadly crash on i-95 south in lorton impacted traffic for hou this morning. virginia state police said a car crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the side of the highway. the driver was killed. d.c. taxpayer mace have to ump's fourthident of july celebration that drained a special d.c. city fund. the fund is designed to pay for extra securi and anti-terror measures. the celebration cost $1.7 million. d.c. mayor muriel bowser said she's worried that t administration won't pay them back. pat and leon, back over to you. >> thanks, erica. a federalappeals court has rejected a lawsuit by d.c. of maryland related to the trump international hotel. which you know is just of blocks
4:32 pm
from the white house. attorneys general in the district of maryland claimedhe president's stake in the hotel violated the emoluments clause, which bars government office-holder from accepting gifts from foreign officials. they say he's earned millions of dollars from foreign and domestic government visitors holding events athe hotel to curry favor. but a panel of judges said d.c. and maryland don't have legal standing to sue. the ags can appeal to the full court. reaction is pouring in after nbc news reportsevealed senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's ancestors were slave owners. when he was asked whether this changes his stance on reparations, here's what he told reporters. >> i find myself once again in the same position as president obama. we both oppose reparations, and we both are the descendants of
4:33 pm
slave holders. >> whur's sandra thomas here with today's talk aroundwn to one of the things that irked people was his reaction. a lot of people felt rubbedhem the wrong way and also in the nbc news report, word that his grandfathers on both sides may have owned up to 14 slaves back in the day. but mcconnell's comments about there not being a need to talk about reparations now. because that happened so long ago -- what do yur listeners have to say?sb >> diief andfe eling that republicans will say anything for the 10-second or15 second news clip. they feltt was a jab at republicans and they felt thatus it was simply disrespectful in but many of them said i'm not surprised what comes out of his mouth so we te it with a grain of salt. now monica from seat pleasant was one of our listeners that was upset with the comments that he made.
4:34 pm
>> i thought he was joking, i thought it was a joke, did he really say that? is he really seriously comparing himself to a man that he could never be on the same levelwith, ever? >> what about this issue that mcconnell brought up about his family and mr. obama's family owning slaves. mr. obama'ser moth her forebearers had four slaves back in her lineage. what do your listeners have to t say abouthe comparison mcconnell made between his family's background and the obama's family's background. >> the audacty of him. it would be laughable if it uswasn't so serio of a issue and they didn't believe he believed what he was saying. there are partof our listeners who believe that republicans will take factual informatdn wist it to whatever they're doing at the moment. our listeners are well aware that president obama at the time did addresse reparations but was more focused on practical policy goals like making schools
4:35 pm
equal for all. creating jobs and ending discrimination in the workforce. now one of our listeners broke it down. >> mr. mcconnell is ormid. what he thinks isbs aolutely wrong. obama has a different definition of reparations rarations in obama's eyes is not a huge cash payout. bn a ability to make an even playing field and make sure frican-americans have equal uto tt in the days to come as well. absolutely. >> whur's taylor thomas. open up the nbc washington app to get more information about it. including mcconnellamily tree showing which ancestors owned slaves. ake sale with a twist. news4 is working for you in the community at a barke sale. the efforts benefit the canines and kids foundation. molette green reports. >> we're out here at the fit
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live mp. these campers have done a great job with all of these treats on the table. the whole point is to crush cancer at both ends of the leash, right? >> yes. >> i think this is awesome. i think that everybody should be doing this. >> and your thoughts? >> and it helps people who he cancer and other canines that also have it. >> i think everyone should do this to raise money for cancer. >> that's the point of this. lindsay cary with canines and kids can explain a little more about the importance of this. >> we're out here raising awareness and money for cancer research for the share cancers between canines and kids. >> karen mitchell. this is important for the kids to be able to do? >> yes. part of o ki msi tishe on importance of giving back to the community. pawe're here as rt of our kids helping animals. >> noif you want to learn how to hold a barke sale of your own to benefit canines and kids,
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search barke sale in the nbc washington app. that's how you save the world. >> kids leang the effort to save the world. all right folks, coming up u your comr at risk. we invit you to stick arnd for news4 at 5:00. coming up next hour, we'll investigate the tech support scams stealing moips from customers. first, share the space. metro's new campaign to improve ider etiquette on trains and buses and not everyone is on board with this. t> plus, isolated thunderstorms outre tonight. mainly back around i-81. this is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. a weather alert day. the latest on flooding potential and strong winds coming up.
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news4 isty in the communi with a youngster who may be a future pep employee. he got a special tour at pepco headquarters in t northwest that's because when the power went out at eli's home in wheaton a while back, he got a bright idea. eli drew his design of a messaging system for the power company to usedi to show immeate outages. today, the 7-year-old got to pitch his idea at pepco's innovation lab. >> when it transformer can blow and you click whale and it shows
4:41 pm
the c sky view and the red is where transformer has burned. >> aha. eli also got a tour of the facility. his mom says he's really into s.t.e.m. subjects. save an office for him. >> he'll be going to work at 6:00 in the morning when he's 11 years old. >> great stuff. news4 is committed to bringing you covege of our changing climate. nenumbers are showing carbon eoxide levels ar at their highest level in human history. >> some grmat concern to , amelia joins us in the studio with more on how it's impacting the earth. amelia? >> first i want to show you this chart here this kind says it all. this isin gog back 800,000 years. thecarbon dioxide levels as weo get t present day -- they just spike. imprese vely here. w t19 10 when the industrial revolution started getting under way. at that point they were at about
4:42 pm
300 parts per ay they're over 400 parts per million. we see a fluctuation i carbon dioxide levels throughout the year and we see them spike before our spring begins. when the leaveson the trees come out they absorb some of that carbon dioxide. that's why trees are so important. help to cle the air. here's the thing this year's peak was the highest in human history. when we hav seen levels similar at a spike. the last time it happened, trees were growing near the south pole and sea levels were 50 to 65 now. higher that they are bottom line and i say this every day, what do we need to do?r lower ournhouse gas emissions. you can switch to solar energy, try driving your car less. but again we're seeing t highest carbon dioxide level concentrations in human history, again, that number just coming in. >> hard to refute.
4:43 pm
boy. >> at's really sobering, thanks amelia. storm team 4 is declaring tomorrow a weathe alert day for potentially severe storms so check out what the radar could , look lik here's a picture of it and doug will join amelia next to take us through it hour by hour. and plea deal fallout. reaction as the president's abor secretary's comments on his so-calledsweethearteal d
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
>>if you are just joining us at 4:45, a stormy forecast shaping up tomorrow. doug is back in two minutes to break down the timing. >>now to new reaction to another extraordinary scene here in washington. >> a cap net secretary under fire for his role in a controversia plea agreement for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. labor secretary alex acosta faced the press to defend his role in overseeing a deal that's
4:46 pm
widely beenit crized for being far too lenient. scott mcfarlane is tracking the story. it played out on national televtion, but i's clear labor secretary really had an audience of just one person today,right? that's right. leon. seidetary acosta sa he cut a good and a fair deal in the deal he agreed to. with aed sex suspect trafficker a decade ago. m but the is facing new charges so acosta is facing new wrutiny. >> the man runs the u.s. labor department is trying to save his own job. >> my relationship with the president is tstanding, he has very publicly, made clear that, that i've got his support. >> secreta alex acosta was a federal prosecutor in miami in 2008 when he cut a deal in the case of wealthy financier jeffrey epstein involving dozens of teenaged girls. since becoming labor secretary acosta is under new scrutiny for what some say is too lenient of
4:47 pm
a deal. epstein serve 13 months in jail. >> you chose wealthy and well-connected people. child rapists over the victims in thisase. >> now the controversy is growing. as epstein has pleaded not guilty to new charges. the feds say they seized illegal photos of underage girls in a recent raid of epstein's home and a woman who said epstein sexually abused her when she was 15 described it t o "today show." >> did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> he raped me. forcefully rapedme, he knew exactly what he was doing. and i don't think cared. >> the accuser saidhe did not go to authorities and is not part of the new york criminal case. but nbc news has confirmed she told her mother, ex-boyfriend and two close friends at the time. epstein has not responded to requests for comments about her allegati allegations. in previous discussions, epstein's lawyers are said to have challenged her credibility.
4:48 pm
yesterday the president defen ed acosta's record. secretary told reporters he was not tryg to send a signal to the live on capitol hill, i'm scott mcfarlane. pat and leon, back to you. well turning our attention again to thero weather tomor so which time of the day is going to behe stormiest? >> definitely the evening commute. i think the morning commute wil. be oka could see a shower or thunderstorm for the morningco mmute. but it's going to be aly role big day as far as severe weather tomorrow afternoon. that's why we're having a weather alert on storm team 4. we've got sunshine and cloud cover. but not much. most of this is mostly sunny across our area. 85 degrees, fairly comfortable. we'll go up and down a couple of 77grees here and there.wto
4:49 pm
degrees by 7:00. as we look atex the heat ind that's been a factor today. 93 in frederick. 95 in. leesburg it's on the hot side and humid. although it's not the all that hot across our region. not much on the radar. we told you yesterday, watch out if you live in petersburg, west virginia you might see showers and storms back there. got a shower or storm. right there. tomorrow'm telling you it's right in this area here. the reason we're tracking the srm system to the west. coming on through the area. coming through parts of the ohio valley, it will get energy pushing in. that's why the storm prediction center. the storm prediction center'jiçs our entire region under a slight risk that tls us we have a good chance to see at least a couple of severe thunderstorms. you and i were tracking this and
4:50 pm
saw the incredibly heavy rain on monday. we could have ao lt of rain tomorrow and thatuld add to flash flooding again. >> we're thinking we could get around 3 inches of rain tomorrow. what that means for your planner. i can't rule out a shower during thetmorning, but i during the afternoon and evening that we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms. that's where the most rain will fall. later in the day tomorrow. that's where we could see flooding in some areas. we start off at 74 degrees. we warm to a high temperature of 89. the biggest impact tomorrow is going to be heavy rainfall. especially after all othe rabe we saw falling across the area omonday. with the flash flood emergency. we could see strong, gusty winds, up to 60 miles per hour. leading to some wind damage. maybe some small hail. but a low risk for a tornado. so some weather questions and answered for you.
4:51 pm
flooding potentialut there tomorrow? absolutely. here's why, the storms are not moving that fast out there tomorrow. that time period that we're going to be focused on between about 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. we could be dealing with some really impressive weather. that being said. we're going to have dry time as well. not a washout and then doug at least we're looking at a dry weekendpecially saturday. tomorrow, a weather alert day, yount to be weather ready. >> we'll be tracking it throughout the day. ll be here midday during the afternoon. amelia will be here tomorrow night watching these storms, 91i degreesy and saturday. both days look dry. can't rule out a shower or storm on friday. 93 degrees on sunday. a high of 93. oack to 90 on monday, looking good monday and l at next week. guys, wow. yeah, we're talking mid to upper 90s. the heatdices into the 100s, it looks like next week we'll be the warmest we've seen so far this summer. 97 the hottest temperature we've
4:52 pm
seen so far. >> we're going to be baking again next week? as well >> next week we're going to be baking for sure. >> done, thank you. this something that gets people heater in a difft way. it's about a campaign that we've seen up on the subway system in new york. this has got to do a topic th some on social media have take ton shaming people. called manspreading. >> gotcha. metro posting this one on socias media part of the manners campaign. they're encouraging people to ouspect their fellow riders. >> we sh probably point out that this is not exclusive to guys. >> thank you. >> anyone can spread out too much if they have a bunch of bags. have bags, i need som place to put them. but crossing or closing your legs, is just really easy to do. just saying. >> during rush hour there i on metro. and a person taking up two spaces with bags and it's fully packed. >> seen it.>> and that bag rack down below. can it not go in front?
4:53 pm
>> sure. >> big y.debate, wend >> and the thing is, wendy, do the guys do that intentionally? >> i don't think they do. i don't want toys bash the gu i think it's, i i don't ride our subway. the times i'm on our subway. i think everyone is just so, you know, into their own space and into their, phones and their headsets and that i just -- everyone is into liketheir own world. but new york, who knows? >> manexplaining, that's my problem. >> that's another subject for another day. what's coming up? >> next week marks 50 years since the historic apollo 11 miion to put a man on the moon. now we're learning more about the how the smithsonian plans to mark derek ward rts on the plans to transform the washington monument into a dazzling lght show that commemorates this event. also a neighborhoodivided
4:54 pm
about the future of a symbol of the past. this is arlington segregation wall that fell do during tuesday's heavy storms. a lot of us didn't even know there was a segregation wall. should it be rebuilt? or should we let it fall to history and to the storm? we're going to talk about that just ahead. >> i facebooked about that the other day. a lot ofreaction. i want to s that ee we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying heon fancy technology for lp. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party...
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4:57 pm
protection of transgder members in our community. this after the recent murders of two transgender women. we ctve more ob the search for solutions. >> we got to do something. >> transgender activists flanked d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton as she asked to hear that are stories and ideas for solutions to the violence that claimed the o lives two women. march and june, both murders remain unsolved. >> those who have been a atistic of brutal violce and death are generally forgotten. then put in a cold file. >> the national center for transgender equality revealed the results of a recent survey of d.c.'s trans residents, one in four have lost a job for being transgender. one in fo report being
4:58 pm
harassed on the job. forced to use a bathroom or wear a uniform at did not match their preferred gender. one in three avoid seeking medical care for fear of being harassed and rejected. >> advisory neighborhood commissioner mark silver stein grew emotional as he described the results of a letter sent a week after zoe spears' murder. a group of gay men who called themselves the rainow caucus implored cit officials to address critical housing and ployment problems. >> it wasn't that long ago that i would have said i really don't have much in common with zoe spears. skin color is different. gender identity is different. a whole lot of other things are different. but now i realize that i have everything in common with her.v and so doesyone in this rom. >> many of those at today's meeting are involved in preparations for friday's publin
4:59 pm
fal service for zoe spears. in thwest, jackie bensen, news4. the celebration of zoe spears' life set for friday. news 4 at 5 starts now. a now 5:00, a night out with a new date turns into a nightmare for women. p >>ice say they were prayed on bay former montgomery county school guidance counselor who found them on the dating app, tinder. >> and they sayac colin bl invited those women out and raped them. news4's chris gordon has the terrifying detai >> 35-year-old colin black pleads guilty to forcing a woman to have sex with him. after meeting her on the tinder app. >> continued certificate what is called a hooking up app. it's an app where peoplge tether so that they can have a sexual affair. and you know it's important to realize that no always means no and when a woman speaks out or for that matter. any victim, that doesn't like
5:00 pm
what's happening. during a sexual activity, that no means no. >> prosecutors say that black's laptop and home computer show that he searched websites dealing with forced sex. the police report says that the victim said stop, i don't like it get off it hurts. black grabbed victim a's wrist. she said get off me, i don't like it. in all three women went to montgomery county police, complaining that colin black sexually assaulted them. after meeting him on tinder. >> we were able to obtain a conviction on second-deee sexual offense. twice. we got one before a jury. and onehat he pled to later and we're holding the third case in an inactive cket. so we can bring it up later, should anything happen with the fit two cases. >> chris gordon, news4. w ande're working forwi you fourp tips to keeyou safe when you're using th


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