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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 11, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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northern virginia but more round of severe weather could be on the play. >> one of ththose who wear te d and gold needs help with his life today. good morning. i'm aaron gilchris >> i'm eun yang. thank you there are several challenges waiting on the road for your commute this morning. >> more showers expected this afternoon but other projects that could change your drive this morning. >> wtop jack taylor is in for le melissa molt this morning. >> let's begin with storm team 4 with chuck bell. >> a high chance you have to deal with some form of stronger thunderstorms later on in the afternoon. the risk areas includes the d.c. and metropolitan areas and north and west. everyone has chance with the
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highest chances will be around the city. no severe weather this morning. there will be some rumbles of thunder in the mountains of west virginia overnight and a few on the north side of pittsburgh.o er than a few straggler raindrops in the shenandoah valley, a most dry star to the day. umbrella. you'll likely need it. very soupy outside this moing and relatively cool start the laugh few morn is a thing of the past now. a warm front has brought way more moisture in. the deep moisture will be turned to thunderstorms this afternoon. a likelihood of strong to severe thunderstorms with damaging wins gusnd because of what we had on monday the flash flood threat is very high for later on this afternoon. i'll show you future weather in a few. jack taylor, good morning. >> good morning. we will start with this. single file getting by that
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crash. this is accident is structural damage discovered from monday's flooding. plan for unusual delays. back to you. there was a late night crash on pennsylvania avenue. wknow that twoeople were killed in that accent. here is some video from a traffic camera showing the crash. this was at 21st street in pennsylvania avenue in nofthwest d.c. a midnight. d.c. fire officl say athird person is being treated for cell injuries. we will have an update as we learn more on this through the morning. parts of the region a still dealing with the aftermate of lash flooding emergency that happened on monday. we have two traffic alerts that could affect your morning commute. you can't forget the scene on canal road in the district. people were standing on top of
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their cars surrounded by rushi water. everyone made it out safely. however, the road was damagedca al road is shut down between reservoir road and fox hall road in northwestto washing d.c. police say crews arere pairing a sinkhole. >> belfast road repairs this morning. rain washed out the road east of macarthur boulevard. massive edsinkhole op up through that. a stream runs beneath the road. cayou park at the bethesda metro, potomac village shoppin center o or the lot across from oldangler's end. the road is expected to reopen sometime on >>aturday. >he declaration is a key stab in requesting state and federal help for recovery. th isood news for residents
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who are just finding out their traditional insurance policies may not cover their damages. massive cleanup effort continues in this area. heavy rain covered streets and vered card andfurniture was tossed around and destroyed and basements were filled with mud and debris. >> we were upstairs on the main level and we heard this crash. i mean, explosion. four feet of water was there and all of that rushing into the basement, within 30 second the place was flooded and coming into the living room. >> some residents face pperty loss and repair costs that run in the tens of thousands of dollar. arlington county is asking residents to submit damage reports by friday. today is a remembrance day.t been more than five years since the little girl disapp red and d.c. policey they will not stop searching for her until the case is closed.
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an age progression photo from last year shows what she might have looked like at the age of 12. she was 8 years old when she was last seen in surveillance foodage at a motel walking with mateal tatum. he was a suspect in the ca and later took his life. a memorial will be held this morning in her honor. officers found a man dead inside this hair salon plus on martin luther king jr. avenue on yesterday afternoon. he had beenhot multiple times. people around that barber shop described a chaotic scene when the shooting started. >> just taking cover and trying to hide from the shooter. i'm assume. i actually to take cover myself to see what was going on because i saw people going everywhere. >> reporter: the detectives hope
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that surveillance video will help them identify the suspects. right now all we know is four men were seen running from the shop after the shooting. prince george's county police are trying to fened possible witnesses in a murder that shot devonta dixon. h body was found in capital heights. news4 talkedwith dixon's mother who said her son s was aall guy with a big heart. >> i lost my sister five mo hs ago and he was helping with my sister who left five kid. she was very well known and very respected and not a disrespectful child and did everything the right way. >> investigators have not revealed any positive motivatesn this case. a body of 59-year-old
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suzanne eaton was found on monday in a tunnel and she was a mow molecular biologist and was there on a convention.e ee>er of the house judiciary commilan to authorize a dozensubpoenas. this is part of the committee's probe into possible obstruction of justce by president trump. lawmakers want to subpoena 12 current and former trump administration officials, includinghe president's senior adviser and son-in-law jaredku shner and former attorney general jeff sessions. today,l loca actors, activists and politicians will e participan a nonpartisan reading of robert mueller aers repo report. > labor secretary alex costa
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is defending hisandling of a major se crimes case a number of decades before as a growing number of lawmakers ask him to step down. he went easy on billionaire jeffrey epstein in a plea deal. epstein was currently facing new sex trafficking charges and pled guilty in 2008 to state charges, including soliciting prostitution from a minor in exchange for video game much more serious federal charges. he was sentenced to 13 months behind bars. wewe did what we did because wanted to seek epstein go to jail. simply put, the palm beach statr attney's office was ready to le epstein walk free, no jail th time, nog. >> acosta went on to say given the evidence he had at the time, going to trial would have been too much of a risk. a former redskins player is
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asking for help that he is in dire need of a kidney transplant. retired defensive tacklebility haynesworth made the announcement in an instagram last night. the he has beenattling kidney disease a few years now after his kidneys failed on monday. he took to simpl to ask for a generous kidney donation from fans. he played for d.c. about ten years ago andade two pro bowlsis duricareer. a new metro ad is getting attention for calling out a problem too familiar for most rider. it's called man spreading when men upke your personal space on metro but we should point out this is not exclusive to guys. perhaps some can spread out too much on their seat. the ad is part of a metro manners campaign. i've seen a lot of bad behavior on metro and good behavior too. >> beyond that. he has the bag on his lap and everything. he is tucking up too m space.
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>> just move your stuff. >> or she will slap you! >> right approximately. i willsk politely a you to move your belthgings. >> at's what i said. 4:10 is our time right now. folks were not happy about an amazon ing up near their homes and now amazon says they want to make that building bigger than first expected. a storm team 4 weather alert today. m nothingor the first thing in the morning. raindrops in the shenandah raindrops in the shenandah valleoy
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r i'm and i'm an emt.ere raindrops in the shenandah valleoy when i get a migraine at work,n it's debilit if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do.
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welcome ck. it's 3:1. new reports developers want to make and this amazon center tyin prince george's coun much bigger than first planned. the washington business journal says a new proposal for the center is more than 1 million square feet larger than suggested three months ago. the prince george's county planning board is set to consider the new plan at a meeting next week. the new warehouse is set to goo int the westphalia upper area of marl ro. they saw some of the ren tring as well as a map get a better sense of amazon's development plan. you can read more about amazon
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heading to our area in e nbc washington app. the search is on for seral suspects accused of setting an armor armored van on fire and injuring people in france. it was found on a highwaya ng to the airport. the suspects also set fire to their own van before driving off. we are working for your mo health this rning with details on a newedication for migraines. the new drug is called remingopant. it could be a game-changer forne migraisufferers. researchers tested the drug in clinical trial the drug helps sufferers fe feign-free within two hoursed compar to those who only took a placebo. the study was published in the new england journal of medicine.
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president signed an executive order yesterday with ambitious goals. the order directs the departmena of health human service to come up with a plan to better ducate and treat people i early stages of the disease. it also calls for an incentive program for people who donate organs with reimbursements, for lost wages, and child care. fre says help is also needed for dialysis patieci. >> cruly, our new system will ensure that more patients undergoings dialyis can do to from the comfort of their own home. >> reporter: h will launch an those with kidney disease don't realize they have it. the american red cro is saying its blood supply is dangerously low. they say the summertime is a slow season for donation but this year i more challenging. the red cross is short by about 17,000 dae nation. one donation can s lve thees up to three people. if you want to help, you can
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find the donation center in our nbc washington app. cross. ed heads up in you drive a mazda. the company is recalling more than 260,000 vehicle in the s.ited sta the japanese maker says there is a problem with the software in the comptoer cause your engine to stall unexpectedly. mazda 6 mid-sized sedans and m 2019zda 3. so far, no crashes or injuries have been reported. the dealership will repair that software for free. now to a pretty unusual sight in chicago. >>eople saw an alligtor at a popular park in the city. a woman spotted it tuesday and began taking pictures. police estimated it's four to five feet long.
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>> i first thought it was a toy and then it sunk down and then it resurfaced right there. >> animal control brought in a reptile specialist, gator bob, who took overt the effor to place live humane trap, maybe the gator need to be back home. so far, the gator has not been caught. oh, no! watch out. here is a down tied to living near a desert. an arizona man accused of driving drunk into a cactus. this guy is facing a dui charge right now. >> that will leave a >> the cactus went right through his windshield. >> ouch. >> almost hit him. police say he is lucky that he only had minor injuries from this incident. an embarrassing vide for all the world to do. >> that is something we should remind people noto do.
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>> a no-brainer. in the age of uber there is less excuse for it. >> just don't do it. >> we are starting to fe a little baking happening outside? >> did you notice the change? >> right away. >> the front has come through and opened the flood gates tore way moisture and that will be the fuel for thunderstorms again this afternoon. the outlineor possiblysevere weather is pretty much all throh the mid atlantic. highest chances along the i-95 corridor from baltimore to washington. most of of the state of pennsylvania is in a slight risk. thunderstorms possible anywhere in the shaded area but a higher chance in the brighter color of yellow there. best thing you do, always be prepared. have your nbc washington app, download it and we will send you alerts for any warnings and watches be issuedater onoday and follow me at the following
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addresses. forecast for you on instagram. no severe weather early this morning. but there are thunderstorms here north of pittsburgh and when you can have thuerstorm at 4:00 in the morning, that is indicative of a very powerful weather system. so will be watching this very, very careful for you. let me show you our high resolution forecast model as we go forward through the day. t much going on before lunch time. here is 2:00 in the afternoon. storms developing into the west of the blue ridge and almost immediately thereafter popping up in the western side of the d.c. metro. at 3:00, thunderstorms here. howard county, montgomery county and fairfax county continuegh throu4:00. the coverage area begins to increase by 5:00. a stout l of thunderstorm likely here from winchester to leesburg to warrenton and culpeper. that stiff line of storms into the d.c. metro in time for the tail end of them evening te. any of these individual storms,
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the storms themselves, they could have wind gusting over 60 es per hour. that is threat number one. also hail and lightning. the other problem is after we had so much ra across much of the area on monday, our ability to absorb moisture is limited, so the flash flood threat is high today. i don't think any of the stormsl today w dump the amount of rain we had monday. monday's eventual was 3 to iinch rainfall. this one probably in the 1 1/2 to 2 inches localized. local problem, probablyot going to have widespread emergency type weather we had monday but don't turn your back on the opportunity for some bad weather today. we are in the mid-70s this morning. our high temperature today close to 90 before the storms get gn . going going. my goodness.
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what isn't going on this morning? canalis road closed unfortunately due to monday's storms that you talking about with all of that rain. structural daniel now. he canal is closed between arizona avenue and foxhall road and remain closed until further notice and it's not open this morning for sure. n down ie district in northwest, pennsylvania is closed between 20th and 21st street and ongoing police investigation from an earlier crash. back to you. while other teams might be glued to a video game, one young man is building a business to
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help himself and those in need. meet the team working to help others next on "news4 today." stick with us all day. catch "ellen" at 3:00 this afternoon and stay tuned for your news at 40.
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>we are introducining to a teen who is using his skills in the kitchen to make a difference in the difference. >> molette green shows us how this young man is winning every time you buy his cupcakes. >> reporter: michael's cupcakes. >> i guess the idea for flavors kind of comes from up here. >> reporter: from the tart hart, michael's dessert is a business baked for the community. when the 13-year-old fill hisne onli order, everyrt desse sold buys the dessert for someonein need. n> people are less fortunate than me and ca get the things i get. >> reporter: his facebook page is filled with all of the flavors he can dream up with ging back a key ingredient. with some help from h in the kitchen and a little interference from his brother, the young food advocate runs
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michael's desserts out of his home from bowie. >> he leave the apostrophe out to remind people he is doing this for other and not himself. >> reporter: baking from scratch. topping efficient one with his homemade icing. >>o sweet potatpie. there is mint chocolate chip. every 50 cupcake i sell i do a give-away. >> reporter: so time to order up and help michaels desserts give to someone in need. in rewie, molette n, news4. >> i want to buy one right away. >> i'm sold. putting the bill.c. mayor mueriel bowser saysrt the fou of july event the president held is
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costing the district. good morning. your thursday commute may start out rain-free but i'd take the umbrella and be ready for some powerful storms just in time for the afternoon commute today. car washingforecast? probably not today. beer weather returns tttom
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hot, humid. a chance of some storms. thursday has arrived and the n thunder may too far behind i. in fact, i thinkt's here already. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm in the studio with the chucn the personality around here. >> what do you mean? >> i said all of the personality around here. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gthchrist. wi we are monitoring a major weather event in the gulf of mexico as well. serious flooding in new orleans yesterday. that city and llions of people in louisia and texas are keeping an eye on major storm that could become a hurricane. we will have a lot more


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