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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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commute this morning. let's take a live look ts oue here. more showers are expected this afternoon, but there are other projects that could change your drive this morning. >> wtop jack taylor isn for mepissa mollet who is kee an eye on the challenges in your first 4 traffic. let's start with your weather with storm team 4 elmeteorologist chuck b >> we have another opportunity for severe thunderstos and our flash flood threat is high later on in the afternoon. cloudy skies this mning. here is our nearbyei nbor, the national cathedral. strong to severe thunderstorms is the first thing we need to worry about developing between 2:00 aer 3:00 this aftoon. likely to reach the metro area somewhere during the evening commute. because of all rain on monday the ground saturated so the flood threat is high today. the timing onll of these problems begins at 2:00 in the afternoon and goes up until almost midnight tonight.
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no heavy rain early this morning. there are raindrops here across northern baltimore county and a couple of drops also west of nwarrenton. heavy rain yet. that will be much more of an issue later on in the day. the flood watch includes all of tothe metro washing area, southern maryland, metro baltimore, frederick and hagers town today and gusty winds along with the storms today. it's steamy. mid-70s this morning and afternoon high up to 90. afternoon commute likely to be hard-hit by heavy ra and thunderstorm. jack taylor has issues before that gets going this morning. ly certaino. unfortunately, from monday's storms we are still dealing with those. canal road is closed until further notice betwn reservoir and foxhall.f tunately, with the structural integrity of the roadway, this will remain blocked until further notice. we also had activity on the beltway out of the prince george's county. up at kenilworth avenue.
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the tractor-trailer has been dghup ateon he shoulder throughout the rush hour traffic. early delay 270 at clarksburg. a late night crash on pennsylvania avenue. we know twopeople were killed accident. this is video from the traffic camera there showing the crash scene. this is at 21st street and va pennsyla avenue northwest after midnight.. ire officials say a third person is treated for critical injuries and we will update as youle rn more. now more on the traffic alert that canal road closed this morning for sinkhole repairs. >> you may remember this scene
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where people stood on top of their cars surrounded by rushing water. they made it out safely but thet road was prebadly damaged. "news4 today" justin finch is live there with more on the repairs. >> reporter: the burst of heavy rain and flooding came and went on mond but the effects are still lingering all the way now on thursday. behind us here, you will see tht sh of canal road is cordoned off with tape and that is so, this morning, crews here can begin work on thatnk sile here off the roadway here. but as you mentioned, it was thiscene thate saw earlier in the week that heavy rain, that rising flooding that we saw here along canal that left us in the situation that we are now in. drivers were stranded on top of their vehicles. the vehicles submerged inhat water. that brings usohat we are trying to focus on today. the repair stage of all of this. we take to you a map a show you again the area we are talking about. this is canal road roughly between the area of arizona l avenue alhe way down to foxhall that has been closed
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off, so that repair can begin on that sinkhole. we are told this so last at least through the morning commute today and possibly gol weleyond that, depending on the wk they accomplish in that time. back live. drivers who go up and down canal road every single day, today is different. you might get turnedound at certain points so the work can continue. macarthur blevard and other stretches around here will likely fill up fast because of tis major and critical closure happening hereis morning. back to you. >> a lot of work to be done there. justi finch live for us there on canal road, thank you. in montgomery county, you won't be able to drive on parts of belfast road. they are repairing that road as the road was washed out east of macarthur boulevard. a stream runs under fel belfastl
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led to a sinkhole. the declaration is a key step in requesting state and federal help for recovery. that is good news for residents who are just finding out their traditional insurance otlicies mayover their damages. a massive cleanup effort continues in this area. heavy rain covered streets and covered cars. inside many homes, furniture was tossed around and bastroyed and ements were filled with mud and debris. >> we were upstairs on the main level and we heard this crash. i mean, explosion. four feet of water was there and all of that rhing into the s,sement. within 30 secondhe place was flooded and coming into the living room. >> some residents face property loss and repair costst run in the tens of thousands of
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dollars. arlington county is asking residents to submit damage reports by friday. today is relisha rudd remembrance day. it's been more than five years since the little girl disappeared and d.c. police say they will not stop searching for her until the case is closed. ange progression photo fro last year shows what she might have looked like at the age of 12. she was 8 years old when she was last seen in surveillance footage at a motel walking with khalil tatum. he was a suspect in the case and cter took his own life. no one has beenharged in rudd's disappearance. a ceremony will be held today in her honor. 6:06. this morning, a.c. community is mourning after a man was shot and killed inside a barberhop in anacostia. he was found dead at new creation shop yesterday afternoon. he had been shot multiple times. people around that barber shop
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described a chaotic scene when the shooting started. >> i saw folks out in front of the ilding runningand taking cover. trying to hide from the shooter, i'm assuming. i actually had to take cover myself to see what bes going on ause i saw people going everywhere. e detectives hope that surveillance video will help them identify the suspects. right now all we know is four men were seen running from the shop after the shooting. prince george's county police are trying to find possible witnesses in murder nearly two months ago, someone shot andilled devonta dixon. his body was found in a burning car along aiken avenue in capital heights. news4 talked with dixon's mother who with says she wants answers. >> put a report outor f everybody on social media to say that my son was deceived before i was even notified, so somebody knows something. >> investigators have not revealed any psible motives in
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this case. n > today, house democrats are expected to tur the pressure on president trump.em mrs of the house judiciary committee plan to authorize a dozen subpoenas. this is part of the committee's probe into possible obstruction of justice by the president. polawmakers want to subena 12 current and former trump administration officials, including the president's senior adviser and son-in-law jared kushner and former attorney general jeff sessions. labor secretary alex acosta is defending his handling of a major sex crimes case more than a decade ago as a growing number of lawmakers call for him to step down. as miami's top prosecutor, they say acosta went easy on jeffrey epstein in a plea deal. epstein is currentl facing new sex trafficking charg i pled guilty2008 to state charges including prostitution for a minor in exchange for avoiding a mh more serious federal charges. he was sentenced to 13 months
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behind bars. >> we did what we did because we wanted to see epstein go to jail.he simply put, talm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free, no jail time, nothing. >> acosta said the local prosecutor was not goi to give epstein jail time. but a former florida state lytorney says that account is, quote, complete wrong. he said he played no role in negotiations with epstein's attorney. he adds that acosta's office op drped a 53-page federal indictment which is later abandoned. new this morning, a former redskins player he asking for . in an instagram post last night, rmer redskins albert haynesworth is battling kidney disease. his kidneys failed onday. he took to cial media to ask
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for a generous kidney donation from fans. he played for d.c. about ten years ago and made two pro bowls during his career. a new metro ad is getting t attention for calling ou problem too familiar for a lot of riders. it's called man spreading. it's when men take up your personal space on metro but we should point out this is not exclusive ton. me anyone can spread out too much. the ad is part of a metro manners campaign. >> i don't do what she is doing. you want to man spread? let's go at it. you want me to rub your leg? e that is what we doing. everybody can be comfortable! how about that? >> or nobody! 10 after 6:00. neighbors in prince george's county were already unhappy about a newmazon warehouse possibly going up near their homes. now amazon says it wants to make bat warehouse evenger. we are working for your health this morning.
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more on a new drug that is bringing relief on ffople who su from migraine headaches. i got to meet our dog of the week jackie who you'll see on news4 add mid-day. a real calm cucumber and cool cucumber as they say and make a great addition for your family. get the miles walked in thet firsart of the day with the dog because it will be absolutely raining and storming later on into the afternoon and evening. we're the slowskys.
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welco back. 6:13. new repos that developers wanto make an amazon center in prince george's county much bigger than first d.plannein the washon business journal says a new proposal for the center is more than 1 million square feet larger than suggested three months ago. the prince georla's county pnning board is set to consider the new plan at a meeting next week. the new warehouse is set to go in the westphalia town center in upper marlboro. starting today you can w gh on in theamazon headquarters in arlington. they had a chance to hear from the amazon reps last night. they saw some of the rendering as well as a map to get a better sense of amazon's development plan. you can read more about amazon arrival in the nbc washington app. the search is on for several suspects accused of setting an armored van on fire and injuring the people in france. the van belonged to a transportation company. it was found on a highway
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leading to the airport. irthe suspects also set fto their own van before driving off. we are working for your h health this morning witdetails on a new medication for migraines. the drug is still waiting forva fda approand could be a game-changer for migraine sufferers. ugsearchers tested the drn clinical triar fo more than a thousand people. people were pain-free thin two hours compared to those who took placebo. the study was published in the new england journal of medicine. >> president trump says his administration wants to help people who have kidney disease. president signed an executive order yesterday with ambitious goals. the order directs the department of health and human services to come up with a plan to better educate and trt people in early stages of the disease. it also calls for an incentive ogram for people who donate organs with reimbursements for lost wages and child care. the president says help is also
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needed for dialysis patients. >> cruciay, our new system will ensure that mo patients undergoing dialysis can do so from the comfort of the own home. >> hhs will also launch anes awarens campaign since 40% of those with kidney disease don't relize they have it. the american red cross is saying its blood supply is dangerously low. they say the summertime is usually a slow season for donations, but this year is more challenging. the r cross is short by about 17,000 donations. one donation can save the lives up to three people. you can find a donation center in your area by searching nbc washington app and search red cross. a mazda recall. the company isor recalling me than 260,000 vehicles here in the united states. the japaneys automaker sa there is an issue with the software in the computer that could cuse your engine to stall
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unexpectedly. it affects certain cx 5 models from 2019 and 2018 as well as mazda 6 mid-sized sedans and 2019 mazda 3. so far no c ashes or injuries have been reported. the deaeprship will rair the software for free. a pretty unusual site in chicago. >> people saw an algator at a popular park in chicago. a woman spotted it tuesday and began taking pictures. police estimate it's about four to five feet long. >> i first thought it was a toy and then it sunk down and then c it resurf right there. >> you can see why she thought it wasn't real. animal control brought in a reptile specialist, gator bob, who took over the effort to an place humtraps, maybe
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o they don't hurt the alligator. so far, the gator has not been caught. this is what happens when nou liveear a desert and you're an idiot. an arizona man accused of driving drunk into a cactus. thar guy is facing a dui ch right now. she say his sports car hit a contact ss while cros cactus while crossing the median. it ran through the passenger seat and lucky nobody was tting there. >> what if the cactus had gone on the driver's sid >>n you imagine? boink! weather alert. a busy afternoon. severe weather wise around here. ecause of the rain on monday, the ground remains pretty close to saturated and means any dditional heavy rain we get today could cause more flash
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flooding concerns. keep that in mind. if you have a little extra time today, plan an extra route home in case you end up in one of those flash flood events on monday. always have backup plans ready to go. preparation is always key. 76 in washington this morning. southerly breezes have brought up way more humidity. you'll notice that the minute you go outside this morning, much more humid day today. that humid will be turned intoer thundorms fuel for later on in the day. a couple of showers possible as early as lunch time but really the peak for thunderstorms will start about 3:00 or 4:00. near 100% chance for rain between about5:00 and 8:00 this evening. temperatures today topping off right around 90. theevere weather threat zone today it is highest around the d.c. baltimore area and northbound into pennsylnia. everywhere in the news4 nation could be hit with severe storms today. most of the thunder and lightning for now is nearby
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania. storms showng thund you how potent the weather system arriving here later on in the day. a couple of drops this morning. the flasflood watch goes into effect at 2:00 in the afternoon and continues past midnight tonight. let me show youre fu weather. along about 2:00 or 3:00, storms will develop along the blue a ridge as early as 3:00 or 4:00 we could have storms in montgomery and loudoun county. ju in time for the evening commute between 5:00 and 7:00, we could have powerhouse thunderstorms along i-95 and the capital beltway. those thunderstorm chances will continue well into the evening hours tonight and any individual storm there could drop a quick 1 to 2 or 3 inches of rain. all right, ck taylor, over to wtop.
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>> canal road is closed from arizonal to foxhal road northwest. a sinkhole so the roadway is blocked until further notice. find a lot of traffic on macarthur. we have delays early in dale city 95 northbound toward millington with a broken down vehie before the beltway is moved over to the right shoulder. back to you. some teens are glued to video mes. one young man is building a business to help himself and those in need. meet the team working to help others next on "news4 today." stick with us all da a catch "elle3:00 this afternoon and stay tuned for your news at 4:00.
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welcome back. it's 6:24. we wa t to introduce you a local teen who is using his thills in the kitchen to make a difference in e community. >> molette green shows us how michael is making sure everybody wins when you buy his cupcakrt.
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>> repoer: michaels cupcakes. >> i guess the idea for flavors kind of comes from upere. po >> rerter: from the heart, michaels dessert is a business baked for te community. when the 13-year-old fills his online orders, every dessert sold buys the dessert for someone in need. >> it's me just thinking that people are less fortunate than me and can't get the things i get. pageporter: his instagram is filled with all of the flavors he can dream up with giving back a key ingredient.l with some from his mom in his kitchen and a little interference from his brother, the young food advocate runs michaels desserts out of his home in bowie. >> he leaves the apostrophe out to remind people he is doing this for others and not himself. >> rep ter: baking from scratch. michael connects every flavor to
6:26 am
a freedom fighter superer h or civil rights activist, topping every one with his homemade icing. >> there's sweet potato pie. there is mint chocolate chip. every 50 cupcakes i sell, i do a give-away day. >> reporter: so time to order up .nd help michaels desserts give to someone in need in bowie, molette green, news4. t>> i want order all of the cupcakes! >> so talented. >> he is giving back at 13 and already has his business. >> i hope he makes red velvet for you. >> footing the bill ahead. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the fourth of july event the president held is costing the district bigging bucks. marking the lunal landing with a colorpectacle in the district. details on that ahead. chuck? >> severe thunderstorms are possible and flash flood watch
6:27 am
has been issued. storm team 4 weather alert day and we will talk about the mipacts and ti
6:28 am
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hot, humid, chance of
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thunderstorms. e thunder may not be too far behind. get ready, everyone. good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. we are monitoring a major weather event in the gulf of mexico after serious flooding in new orleans yesterday. that city and millions of people in louisiana and texas are keeping an eye onanother major storm that could become a hurricane. we will a lot more on that in a bit. right now we want to check on or our localast and your commute. >> wtop jack taylor is in for melissa mollet this morning but let's get to the storm team 4 h forecast wit meteorologist chuck bell. >> it is thick outside. humidity has really increased overnight. that will be the fuel ftr rtainly get a sense rnoon. can e how humid is outside based on our tower camera this morning. a weather alert today. strong to severe thunderstorms up could produce wind gusts
6:31 am
near 60 miles per hour. because the ground is saturated from monday's problems, we have a very high flood threat for today. 2:00 to 11:00. there is the severe weather teeat zone and highst from the d.c. metro area to baltimore and northern maryland and much of pennsylvania but everyone has a possibility sf seeingere weather today. the flash flood watch at 2:00 in the afternoon and includes everywhere that saw that heavy rain on monday. temperature wise, we are in the sticky mid-70s already. we will have afternoon high p today u close to 90 degrees and watch out for those thunderstorms today. ck taylor, they could snarl the afternoon commute. we will deal with our morning troubles this morning. unfortunately, highs and low. canal road is a low. it is blocked between reservoir and foxhall with structural damage from monday's storms. ound like it's a sinkhole and causing delays and rerouting a ng macarthur boulevard.
6:32 am
maryland good news. 270 southbound cslow from urban but the road work c haseared so delays will slowly ease. ba ck to you. >> jack, thank you. as jack just told us, police are investigating a deadly crash in northwest washington. two pele were killed when a car went off the road at 21st and pennsylvania avenue just dn before ht. the driver of that car is in critical condition. the area remains closed this morning as police continue to investigatay. "news4 todmegan mcgrath will have a live report on this crash coming up at 6:45. a portion of eisenhower avenue near the van dorn metro
6:33 am
h reet station is back open following a crasin alexandria. we are told one person was killed and the victim's name has not been released. tonight you'll have a chance to weigh in on proposed work to the southern section of the george washington memorial parkway. the national park servere is considg changes to the intersections between the city of alexandria and the gw parkway in mt. vernon and hope to make things safer for those pedestrian o need to cross the parkway. it starts at 6:00 p.m. at walt whitman.
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here is abreakdown of what the july fourth president's event cost the d.c. security. the white house acknowledged the letter and said it will respond soon. a former school guidance counselor in montgomery county is accus of assaulting multiple women who he met on the dating app tinder. 36-year-old colin black pled guilty yesterday to forcing a woman to have sex with him after meeting her online. st month, black was found guilty in a separate sexual assault case and a third woman has come forward with accusation. black face up to 40 years in prison when he isn sentenced october. this morning, congressional lawmakers are responding to new claims of sexual assault and retaliation at a migrant border facility in arizona. nbc news obtained dozens of reports in one case, a 15-year-old girl from snduras said was sexually assaulted in a detention center in arizona. another boy said he and others
6:35 am
complained about the taste of food and water and officers tooe sleeping maout of their cells in retaliation and forcing them to sleep on concrete. here is a look at other top stories this morning. the house judiciary committee is expected to vote onndnother rouf subpoenas today. this is part of the ongoing investigation into possione obstructi of justice by the trump administration outlined in the mueller report. jared kushner and jeff sessions could be subpoenaed. laborsecretary alex acosta is defending his handling of a sex crimes case involving a new inrk billionaire jeffrey eps when he was attorney general more than ten years ago. pe cut a deal that manyle say let epstein off easy. now epstein is behind bars and charged with sex trafficking. acosta said given the evidence at the time, a triay.was too risk many are calling for acosta to step down. d.c. policere investigating the shooting death of a man inside of a barber shop
6:36 am
in anacostia yesterday. itapned on mlk avenue. fouaymen were seen running aw from that scene. no arrest have been made and tna victim's me has not been released. the "washington business journal" is reporting that developers want to make an amazon fulfillment center in prince george's county 1 million square feetrger than first planned. it would beuilt in a westphalia town center neighborhood. some neighbors are not happy about the idea. the planning board will consider the new plan next week. next w k, will mark 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing. >> in honor of the anniversary the smithsonian is expecting a abigelebration next week. re-creating the historic moment with a life-sized projection of the rocket on the monument. here is a rendering what you'll next week. special screens will be set up which will show missions of the mission including the lunar landing. we talked to one local woman who was just 10 years old when that
6:37 am
happened. >> not many houses, households in israeli had tv sets, so i was tat grandmas and we wentthe neighbor's to see the launch of the moon and it was very, very exciting. >> that projection will start on next tuesday. to read more about the smitcsonian celebration, ck out the nbc washington app. the apollo 11 launched next tuesday, 50 years ago, so bigde to unveil neil armstrong's space suit. still ahead, do you snore? you're not alone. nearly 100 million americans do. >> we are detailing a new treatment will make some people stay quieter while sleeping and may saveh teir marriage. "news4 today" will be right back. good morning. happy thursday. all this week, we have been working to save you money on groceries. toe y at 4:00 we show you th
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best ways to ke epw
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elcome back. we are working for your health this morning. a warning from government health officials. the cdc says we are approaching the time of year that a mysterious polio-like illness usually breaks out, it's known as afm. experts say we usually see the cases in the late summer and earlyfall. symptoms include weakness in a child's arm and legs and 11 case alhave been confirmed eady across eight states. there are a million things that can keep you from a good night's rest. the lyt thing you want to worr about is snoring. >> some use mouthpieces to solve the problem but one kansas doctor says he has a much less invasive answer. he calls it the night laser. a laser that is pointed into your mouth.
6:41 am
>> toning up that tissue back there and firming it up a little bit, get a little bit more lift, atit decreases that vin and decreases that snoring sound. >> it's helped immensely. i plbably still snore a litt but i have a big problem. >> this doesn't come cheap. most insurance d treatment. the the standard cost is $1,400 for four sessions. good morning. we are only about a month into summer vacation but parents are preparing for the upcoming school year.ew a n report estimates that consumers will spend 28 billion on back-to-school items this season about $519 per household. for the first time parents are expected to spend more on electronic gadgets than computers. with your morningsiness report, i'm rahel solomon. good morning. we are already talking about the possibility of this storm becoming hurricane barry over we the end.
6:42 am
parts of metro new orleans had over 10 inches of rain yesterday. so they are alreadyi dealing w high water and could be dealing hurricane falling sometime later in the day on saturday along the louisiana coast. if you have travel plans to houston, new orleans, mobile, or pe penocola, you might want t call your carry yier and cancel your plans. canal road is still blocked because of monday's flash flooding because of a olsin bracing for barry as chuck mentioned. w orleans is cleang frun
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
gou morning. ch bell is working on your forecast and we are worried about more storm and he'll bring you what you need to know. in northwest, d.c. park police say two people were hit and killed by a car before midnight. this is video from the scene at 21st and pennsylvania avenue. police say the driver is being treated for critical injuries and they are looking at speed as a possible cause of this crash. we will check in with news4 megan mcgrath in a few minutes. developing this morning pushingback. president trump's embattled
6:46 am
press secretar alex acosta is defending himself. >> it is a sex crimes case involving jeffrey epstein in 2008. at the time, epstein's lawyers hire able to secure him a plea deal which many t let him off easy. >> the goal here was straightforward. put epstein behind bars and ensure he registered as a sex offender and a mean to face restitution. >> kristen welker joins us from the house with more on this. good mrening. >> rter: good morning. growing calls on labor secretary alex acosta to resign, the labor secretary is digging in and essentially not apologizing but now the finger pointing has begun. acosta argued yesterday that he had to step in essentially to take over the state case and
6:47 am
that is why he cut that plea deal. he said thatsentially jeffrey epstein wouldn't have spent any time in jail if the fed hadn't stepped in. now the former ste attorney general who was handling that case is accusing him of rewriting history and call cacosta's recollectionpletely wrong. ed that allowedst epn to avoid progressionaccusation. he was sentence to do 13 months in jail and forced to register as a sex offender. on monday, epstein plea d not guilty to new sex trafficking cases involving underaged girls and new calls on epstein to testify on comrapitol hill. we will more coming up on "today" show. >> thank you. we turn back to th deadly crash in the district. two people were killed when a
6:48 am
car went off the road on pennsylvania avenue at 21st street. >> megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the latest. what is going on? >> reporter: i have new information. police are telling me it appears ere two people were killed on a park bench in james monroe park when they were hit by this suv, a large suv that went o the road and into the park. i'll step out of the way and you can see the scene behind me here as they are starting clean things up. the road is still closed. pennsylvania avenue still closed between 20th and 21st street while they do the cleanup here but may not beo too much ler before they open things up. take a look at the video from earlier this morning. this happened about 11:45 last night. the suv according to police was traveling west on pennsylvania avenue, when,rfor some son, it left the roadway, went up into the park and struck the two people who apparently were on the bench in the park. w, police say that they are
6:49 am
looking into whether excessive speed was a factor in all of this. there was no othe vehicle involved. it was the single suv that went into the park d two victims were pronounced dead on the scene. things are still being investigated he r. thead still closed at least for the time being. we can tell you thatin term of the victims and who they are, a lot of passer-byes and people who work in the area say there are homeless people who live in this park. a person who was in the area at the time of the accident who does security at one of these buildings told me that there were also a lot of people in the area, pedestrians walking around and peopleu on the sidewalk j out and about. the circumstances of t victims, what they were doinghe at the time is still unclear but two people were killed in the park. back to you. >> megan mcgrathive for us, thank you. today, crew are repairing a
6:50 am
road damaged by monday's flash flood emergency. canal road is closed between arizona area a foxhall road in northwest washington. news4 justin finch is live there now with more on the repairs. any progress? >> reporter: well, at this point, latest we have from the distri is this closure will last at least until the morning commute, possibly even longer. you look over kind of there you see at 7:00 a.m. no traffic moving at all on canal road and so crews can work on the sinkhole repairs. the aftermath of that fast moving storm that we saw on monday that came through, dropped rain and left lots of flood water, trapping cars. also confusing and scaring drivers who had nowhere to go so floodwaters kept moving rapidly' rising as well. it also opened up a sinkhole along canal road that crews will tackle today. because of this, you may see a
6:51 am
lot of backup on nearby road like macarthur boulevard because people have to work around this closure. the canal between arizona avee and foxhall is going to be closed at least through on the morning commute and possibly longer for olsinkh repairs today. live in northwest, justin finch, chu "news4 today." the d.c. region brace for another round of potential flooding, new orleans is cleang up after a storm caused the french quarter was filled with flood water. many tourists said they became stranded at the shops and ts they were visiting and unable to get back to their hotels. public transportation had to be shut down. it has the potential to turn a tropical storm is brewing out in the gulf now.
6:52 am
it has the potential to turn into a hurricane. mil'sion of people in the sto path now and they are preparing for the worst. flooding, storm surge and strong wind are expected there and grocery stores are picked clean. hardware stores are selling out of generators and flashlights and batteries and people are ir doing the best to get ready down along the gulf coast. >> we need to get ready for severe weather in our area. chuck bell has the information youeed to know. >> thursday is off to a much more hud start than we have had the last couple of mornings. a lot of cloudiness outside this morning. sticky and steamy. now in washington and 75 gaithersburg and planner todayo clse to 90 around lunch time.he rain chances up close to 100% later on into the day today. severe weather is a real possibility. in addition to theresual th from stronger thunderstorms, wind gusting potentially as much as 50 to 60 miles per hour. small hail. frequent lightning. the real issue for us is after l
6:53 am
monday'ssh flood imagine. the ground is saturated. we can't withstand another half or inch of rain. these storms could dump 2 to 3 inches so have to watch this carefully. here is future weather.t storm to west of the city around leesburg and parts of the blue ridge the progreion of those storms by 4:00, loudoun county and montgomery county and by 5:00 storms western parts of fairfax county. just in time for the evening commute. time stop on 6:00, severe weather possible in fairfax down to prince william county parkway between 5:00 and 7:00. e flash flood watch in effect at 2:00 this afternoon and until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
6:54 am
moisture fromarry could bring us heavy rain thursday of next week. now let's go to wtop. yunfortunatelcanal road remains closed until further notice. now between reservoir and foxhall. big sinkhole there and unfortunately it's closed until further notice. expect a lot more traffic along arizona avenue and macarthur as everybody trying to avoid this closure. outer loop before kenilworth avenue, a truck upright now.
6:55 am
back to you. all in favor of equal pay say aye! the women's national soccer team! >> another win for the u.s. women's soccer tealast night at espy's award. the show honors the year's greesest athletes and coach world cup champions, it wrapped up a long day of celebrating that started in new york with the parade and ended in l.a. they were given a key to the city. canal street is closed between arizona avenue and foxhall road. crews are repairing a sinkhole afte monday's flood. two people were hit and killed by an suv just before midnight. this video from the scene at 21st street and pennsylvania avenue in northwest ngwashin. that area remains ctsed. he driver is being treated for
6:56 am
critical injuries. look for update in the nbc washington app. house judiciary committee i expec vote on another round of subpoenas today, part of the ongoing investioation int the possible obstruction of justice by the trump administration outlined in the mueller report. stay with us for updates. today, local actors and activists will participate in a nonpartisan reading of mueller's report and it's free and starts at noon at arena stage in southwt washington. read nor in the nbc washington app. weather alert for you today. keep a weather eye to the sky andeather ear right here at news4. if you're in your car, wtop. weather and traffic on the he's. when it breaks we will send push alerts through our nbc washington app. flash flood threat is high today
6:57 am
ter monday's rain. turn around, don't drown. don't be caught like on where people were driving through water covered road.> >>hank you, chuck. >> the new for today. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
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good morning. breaking overnight. state of rtergency. pas of the gulf coast now under a hurricane watch. a dangerous storm that's already flooded new orleans. >> we're just completely stranded here. >> bearing down thismorning. al tells us where it's going and when it could hit. >> immigrationcrackdown. a new record those raids set to target thousands of undocumented migrantscross the country will happen this weekend, and the 's w nbcne n ews exclusive on allege sexual assault at a border detention center. the latest in a live report. >> devastating mix-up. an outraged couple sues after they claim a fertility clinic er


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