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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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welcome to news 4 midday. we're keeping an eyen the flash flood watch in effect fro3 2:00 this afternoon until 2:00 in the morning tomorrow. for the d.c. metro area and st. this is the same area impacted by all that heavy rain we got monday. t's get right to storm team 4 doug kammerer joining us with the latest on this weather alert. >> we're going to be tracking this rain as it makes its way into the area. you can see it back to the west. pretty prevalent with this line
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that's making its way through. this is going to be an on goingh theme throut the day. we're going to see areas of showers, some will be on the heavier side. not much going on, but these ari right along route 1 here, along i-95. we can z in to parts of the district, just to the north of cheverley. no problem with flooding just yet. it's later today, we're going to have that issue. right on through 2:00 a.m., early tomorrow mohiing. is going to be a scenario that plays out all day long. we're tracking a storm system that's going to move our way. giving us a chance for heavy rainfall. atthe flash flood thre is real and so is the real threat. i'll show you the timing of these storms when they come through, when they move out, and what can you can($ expect the rt f the day. not to mention're talking about a possible tropical storm too in the gulf ofic mexo.
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much more on that, guys. >> thanks, doug. we have a traffic ale for you. canal road closed for repairs, due to the flooding from monday. drivers are going to need to ke an alternate route. justin finch has more on the on goin repairs. >> the guidance we have from the district is, these -- this closure is going to lt at least until the morning commute, possibly longer. as you look, traffic is not moving on canal road here, nkat's so crews can get to work on the sile repairs. it's the aftermath of the fast movndg storm on moay that came through, dropped rain, left lots ofat floo, trapping cars, also, confusing and scaring drivers who had nowhere to go. floodwaters kept moving rapidly and rising as well. it opened up that sinkhole here along canal road that crews are going to tackle here today.
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we can tell you this too. because of this, you may see backup on nearby roads like macarthur boulevard. people now have to work around this closure, so bear in mind the canal between arizona avenue is going to be closed at least through the morning comte and possibly longer for sinkhole repairs today. live in northwest news 4 back to you. >> justin, thank you. we're going to move on to montgomery county now. parts of belfast road are closed right now. rains washed out belfast road east of marthur boulevard, you saw this massive sinkhole open up. there's a stream that runs beneath it. shuttle service is availab for people in the area. and youan park at bethesda metr the road is expected to reopen sometime saturday. arlington county declared a state of emergency to deal with
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flood damages. that topped $3 million. the declaration is a key step in requesting state and federal help for ecovery. that's good news forts residen who are just finding out their traditional insurance policies may not cover their damas. >> we were upstairs on the main level and we heard this crash. i mean, explosion. four feet of water was above itl and a of that rushed into the basement within 30 seconds. the basement was flooded and coming into the living room. >> some respeents face proy that run epair costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. arlington county is asking residents to submit reports by y frid. we're going to go to a horrible crash in the district that claims th lives of two people who were sitting on a park bench. aar careened off pennsylvania avenue last night, drovento a park andlammed into a bench.
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megan mcgrath is live near the scene with the latest on this investigation. this is awful. >> it was a terrible accident. talk about the wrong place at the wrong time, the two victims who died here, innocent bystanders in all of this. to give you an idea of the force with which this suv came barreli through, thiss one of the benches here on this park. you can se the chunk of concrete, that is what is left of an identical bench right next to it, it was hit by this suv along with two other benches. the driver leaving p avenue and driving straight through. two people were on those benches. and they were killed. >> chun of the splintered wood, that's all that remains of one park bench, two others nearby were also destroyed.
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strewn about,personal belongings including a cooler, clothing. police say it appears the twos victimre on the benches, when an suv ered off pennsylvania avenue and continued on through the park. the victims were struck and died on the scene. >> it simply caught them off guard. that's what makes it so sad. >> it happened in this small park at pennsylvania avenue and 21st street northwest. officiallyalled reservation 28, it's across the street from jaes monroe park. the large suv wasraveling west on pennsylvania avenue before ni midt, when it left the road and went into the park. the uconn xl struck several trees and benches as it barreled through and flipped on its side and became wedged in a clump of s. what caused the suv to go off theoad is still unknown. police are looking at excessive
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speed as one factor in the deadly accident. the driver of the suv was taken to t hospital but injuries are not considered to be life threatening. investigators are talking to prosecutors, but at this point backarges have been filed, to you. >> megan mcgrath, live alongsy pennlvania avenue. wrong place at the wrong time. it's awful. today is relisha rudd remembrance day. police will not stop searching until her case is closed. this is an age progression photo that was put out last year that shows what s may have looked like at the age of 12. she was 8 when she was last scene in sveillance footage at a motel walking with khalil tatum. he was a suspect in the case and later took his own life. no one has been charged in
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disappearance. a ceremonybe is going to held today in her honor. a man left dead inside a barber shop in anna cost ya. police have identified the victim. officers found him inside the new creation hair sn on martin luther king jr. avenue yesterday afternoon. he had been shot multiple times. people around the barber shop describe a chaotic scene when that shooting started. >> i saw folks out in front of the ilding, taking cover, trying to hide from the shooter. i'm assuming. i actually had to take cover myself to see what was going oni aw people going everywhere. >> detectives hope surveillance video will help them identify yhe suspects right now, all t know is four men were seen running from the barber shop after the shooting. today house democrats are expected to turn up the pressure on the president.
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members of the house judiciary committee plan to author a dozen subpoenas, this is part of the committee's probe into possible obstruction of justice by president trump. lawmakers want to subpoena 12 current and former trump administration officials including jared kushner and former attorney general jeff çó sessions. now we g to breaking news. nbc news is learning that the ice raids are scheduled for this weekend. let's get right to jumi with more on this. >> you are exactly right, two senior dhs officials tell nbc news the ice raids are scheduled to begin th sunday. the agents will target roughly 2000 families inakn major citi across the united states. edey' said to be the same 10 cities n under that previous raid, atlanta, baltimore, chicago,denver, houston, los angeles, miami, new orleans, new
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york andan francisco. president trump initially delayed those raids back on june 22nd at the request of top democrits. at the tme he tweeted he wantedi to ve congress time to work o a solution to the crisis at the southern border. he warned i there was no compromise, deportations would start. specific det ls have not been made public. back to you, erica. >> mjumy, thank you. welcome to our team. to juy, this morning, labor secretary alex costa is defending himself and p thea deal he oversaw for jeffrey epstein in florida more than ad deca ago. that deal is receiving renewed scrutiny now that epsteins facing child sex trafficng kwharjs in a new case. this one out of new york. >> reporter: labor secretary alex acosta on the defense. >> facts are important, and facts are being overlooke
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>> reporter: rebuffing calls to resign and defending the plea deal he oversaw as a florida u.s. attorney 11 years ago, saying jeffrey epstein wouldn't have served any jail time had his office not stepped in. >> the pat am beach attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free. >> acosta is trying to rewrite s hry, in a draft of a federal indictment that could have sent epstein to prison for life was abandoned after secret nego ations, between mr. epstein's attorneys and mr. acosta. >> i'd like to know more about that. is that true, is that accurate? if that's's accurate, different story. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 13 months, he was made to register as a sex offender. >> we believe we proceeded appropriateng. >> hour loress conference did little to quiet the growing chorus of democrats calling for his resignation. >> he must go.
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st resign. >> you chose wealthy and well connected people, child rapists over the victims in this case. the president for now, standing by his embattled labor y. secr sara dulles, nbc news, washington. actors, y local activists and politicians will part in a nonpartisan reading of former special council robert mueller's report. this starts at noon, it will take 11 hours to get throughme volu2. he event is free, and you can enter and leaveat any time. when news 4 midday continues, a mother's heart break after a terrible mixupç÷r an ivf clinic. you'll hear how one of their embryos along with an embryo from a separate fmily werea
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storm team 4 in weathe alert mode, showers coming through our area, heavy downpours too. we have themin the northeast. right along route 1 up toward 295 and the beltwayt'watch whas coming our way. we have this strong line of storms back to the west. you can see all the lightning sociated with this, already flash flood warnings through pittsburgh. right on through 2:00 a.m. tonight for the same area that saw all the rain on monday. we're going to talk much more about it, i'll take you hour by hour in a coupleño' minutes. a former redskins player is asking for your help. in an instagram post last night, retirediv defens tackle albert haynesworth revealed he's in dire need of a kidney transplant. he's been battling kidney disease for a few years now.
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after his kidney failed monday, he took to socialto media ask for a generous kidney donation from fans. made it to two probowls during his career. we are working for your health this morning, with a warning from government health officials, the cdc says we are approaching the time of year that a mysterious polio like illness usually breaks out. it's called afm. we typically see cases in the late summer and early 11 cas have been confirmed already, acss eight states. new details this morning aboutn alleged embryo mixup at a fertility clinic in los angeles. it resulted in one couple having two babies who actually belonged to other parents. nbc's kate snow has that story. >> for a couple in california,
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the dream of a bigger family turning into a nightmare, when their fertility clinic gave them unimaginable news. >> a woman gave birth to twins and one of them is yours. a mixup at a prominent fertility clinic, led to their embryo being implanted in a new york woman. that woman gave birth to two boys in march. >> i wasn't there for his birth. i did not carry him. i didn't feel him kick inside of me. >> the distraught parents not able to meethr baby boy until he was six weeks old. >> nobody should meet their baby in the lobby of a hotel. >> the new york couple who are korean american also filing a similar lawsuit y saying, the were ecstatic when they discovered they were pregnant. thought they were having two girls, and later were shocked when the woman gave birth to t
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boys thaid not appear to be of asian descent. >> none of this should have n happened toone of us. >> the fertility center has made no statements and did not respond to our request for coent. >> demand for ivf doued etween 2007 and 2017, mre than 78,000 babies born as a r sult in 2017 alone. the fertility clinics remain largely unregulated. >> they were not required toor rept it to anybody. >> parents looking to through ivf, learn about procedures they're c sure labs are accredited by the college of american pathologists. they're thankful to hold their son in their arms. >> he's amazing. we love him. he's ours.
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he's -- he's been ours since day one. >> that was kate snow rethrting, new yorkouple initially wanted to keep the babies they carried, but did eventually return both babies to their biological they've neveen told what happened to their own embryos. the las vegas police department released an after action repor on the 2017 mass shooting. 58 people were killed when a gunman fired from the mandalay bay resort down into a crowd of country music ndreds of others were injured. among 93 newco reendations released yestheday, department will allow responding officers remove reflective vests. so they'rless of a target to a shooter. massive storm is brewing right now in the gulf of mexico. the system alreadyus cag massive flooding in new orleans. what residents are preparing
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there's a new idea to keep students safe as they head to and from school. this after two teens were killed on their way to classes just this past year. two d.c. high school students robbed of their dreams.e shortly aftering school. >> terrible. >> yesterday atc. large d. uced ilman intr legislation in a different approach the city can take to protect young students. >> right now they're afraid go to school and that's not acceptable. >> he says it would bring agencies to make sure students get to and from school safely. >> there are adults hired to be
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on the streets with studentso and from school. >> he's proposing a free shuttle service on metro stations that would take students to and from school. it's legislation that he says will cost millions of dollars to implement. if it saves lives, it's worth every dollar. >> we're talking in the millions. i think it's going to be millns of dollars. this is a $12 billion budget, i don't see why we n't carve some of that money out to make sure students are safeayn their wo and from school. >> we have new video this morning out of new orleans where heavy rain has caused widespread flooding throughout. crews are still cleaning up after storms caused a mor mess yesterday. officialfear the mississippi river could rise to dangerously high levels. that i never what we want to hearor new orleans. >> and it may eton over some of the levees down there this is a result of the
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ncredibly wet year we've had for the mississippi river, many is miss river coming down and draining all the country down toward new orleans.e and now w haveba rry, tropical storm barry, whic will gi more rain. 6 to 10 inches. >> we have our own wet weather to conte with. it's around the evening commute where there is some good concern there for good reason. we're just coming off of monday. >> and another flash flood warning as a resu of what we're going to see today. what we're dealing ith outside right now, we have showers, heavier downpours, in the city, we sawhem earlier they moved up to the east and nth of downtown. current temperatures sitting at 82. 88 is extremely humid across our region. take a look at the storms we have out there right now. the big storms out to the west, they're going to te some time to get here. we have shower activity going on through the metro. around the buoy area, can i zooo
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on in this and show you where this storm is, just to the nort of50. not a lot of lightning with this one yet it's producing heavy rain. right around crofton, the overton area, this is moving your way in through partsof northern prince georges county. we have a flash flood watch in effect from 2:00, until 2:00 a.m. this goes right on twuk1uz the rest of the afternoon, into the overnight hours, you notice ed counties that are invo here, all along the potomac, it doesn't include warring ton, you canee heavy rain there to. this is the area hit monday. any more rain could only add to the problems we've seen. you notice the rain we have around us right now, all eyes on this frontal boundary back to the west, andot of tstorms with this, watch what happens here as this storm moves on through here. let's take you through the timing on this. watch what happens by around 2, the storms are moving closer toe i-81, could severe weather
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by this time. by 5:00, inro andd the d.c. metro area, the potential is there for severe weather, flash flooding as well.s that' something we'll be tracking by 7:00, we could see a few more move on in around 0:00, 11:00 tonight. what to expect with these storms, be weather ready. this will be heavy rainfall at times. flash flooding and strong winds are possibility. tropical storm barry, it just became barry, you can see the storm south of new orleans here, the latest track at 40 miles per hour. moving west at about 5 miles per hour, bringing it on shore into louisiana as a category 1 ne hu that will be on saturday morning. we'll be talking about that over the next couple days. we can see that coming our way as well. for the next few dds, to the big day, all day, i'll be here all afternoon with you as well. 90s through the weekend, lookat
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next week. chance of barry, moving our way witheavy rains.
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stroreactiono the self-defensent prese by labor secretary alex acosta. he held an extraordinaryws nference yesterday. now a former statet pro is accusing acosta of rewriting history. here's kristen welker. >> vice president mike pence pressed on whether embattled labor secretary alex acosta still has the confidence of the trumpdm aistration. >> i remember our cabinet serves at the pleasure of the president. >> it comes hours after acosta defended a sex crimes plea deal
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he helped broker for jeffrey in epstein 2008 while serving for a federal u.s. attorney in florida. epstein would not have served jany time in il, if his office had not stepped in. >> simplyt the palm beach state attorney's office was free, to let epstein walk no jail time, nothing. >> the former palm beachortate atty firing back, calling it completely wrong. writing in part, if mr. acosta was truly concerned with the state's case, and felt he had to rescue the matter, he would have moved forward with the 53 page indictment that own office drafted. mr. acosta should not be allowed to rewrite history. but acosta argued given the evidence at the time, going to roll of ld have been a the dice. the 2008 agreement allowed epstn to avoid federal prosecution in exchange for pleading guilty to state charges, including soliciting
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prostitution from a minor. epstein was sentenced to 13 il months in ja and forced to register as a sex offender. critics have slammed the agreement a sweetheart deal. epstein pleaded not guilty to new sex trafficking charges involving underaged girls. all this as a new accuser has come forward. epstein raped jennifer when she was 15 years old. >>did jeffrey epstein rape you? yeah, he raped me. forcefully raped me.rt what h even more so, if i wasn't afraid to come forward be sooner, me won the have done it to other girls. >> acosta acknowledging the impact of that interview andew allegations. >> based on additional allegations i saw this morning, e are multiple jurisdictions, whether federal or state that he's going to have to answer to. >> that was kristen welker reporting. and she also reports that there
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are growing calls for scretary acosta to teify to congress abut his role in the jeffrey p epsteinea deal. a neweport out sayop develers want to make an amazon fulfillment center much bigger than first planned. a newroposal for the fulfillment center is more than 1 million squareafeeter than suggested just three months ago. the princege geors county g planninboard is set to consider a new plan atee mting next week. the newarehouse is set to go m in upperarlboro. starting next monday you'll be able to weigh-in on amazon's rst development for its new headquarters in arlington. residents had a chance to hear abouts the propo from county officials, and amazon representatives. they saw some of the renderings ma well as a p to get a better sense of amazon's development plans. you can rbad more at amazon's
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rival in our nbc washington app. we're about to introduceou y to a teen who is using his skills in the kitchen to make a difnce in his community. but this isn't the first time the 13ear-old has been on tv. >> michael's cupcakes. >> the idea for flavors comes from up here. >> from the eart, michael's dessert is a buness baked for the community. every dessert sold buys a dessert for someone in need. there areme thinking, people who are less fortunateth n me, and maybe they shousa ket the things.6hi giving back being ingredient.
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with some help from mom in the kitchen and a little interference from his brother. the young food advocate runs michael's desserts in his home in buoy. he's doing this for others and not himself. >> baking from scratch, michael connects every flavor to a freedom fighter, superhero. topping every one with his homemade icing. >> there's sweet potato pie, which is martin luther king, mint chocolate chip, which is harriet tub man. every 50 cupcakes i fell, i'll do 50 cupcakes. ti time to fill up and give michaels desserts to someone in need. >>we have a liftoffxt >> week will mark 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing, inhonor of the mo
11:35 am
landing, the smithsonian is going to re-create the moment with a life sized projectionn to the washington monument. there are going to be special screens set upth and'll show the mission. we'll talk to one woman who wn just ars old, when it happened. >> it was very exciting. >> this is sool co the projection will start next tuesd tuesday. bc you check out our washington app. if that doesn't get you excited for the anniversary, this might. next week, several items from apollo 11 history will go up for auction inyo new rk city. the most prized piece is a lung ar model time line book.
11:36 am
it could go for as much $9 million. a big birday for big ben. london's famous timekeeper turns 160 years old today, the tower e will hav to celebrate in silence. famous bells have been under restoration work in 2017, and they're not expected to finish until 2021. most of the tower is covered ing scaffolding r now. the only exception the dials on the clock face. we're working for your money in the grocery store. susan hogan is showing you how to slas priceswhile shopping for your family, we're also watching the skies, because we are in weather alert mode today, doug? >> tracking the storms out there now, maki their way our way. stronger stor, for me back to the west of the blue ridge. a flash flood watch in effect of savings and service.
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are you getng the best supermarket?r you may be able to save money just by shopping down the street. nsumer reporter susan hogan is working for you. checking which grocery stores in our area have te lowest prices. >> food is onet% of the biggest expenses for our families, saving a few bucks each week can add up. e decided to visit local grocery stores to see which ones had the best prices. from walmart and tget to giant, safeway, harris teeter and wegmans, we scoured the aisles last week, checking >> >> a, cereal andmi . we decides to stick to the stores regular prices for a fair comparison. we didn't include any discounts
11:40 am
we'd getho with t loyalty cards. a 12 pack of diet coke for4.88 at walmart versus 7.49 regular price at harris teeter. and a x of 40 glad trash bags. our totals varied fro 44.88 to 9 $61. so who came out on top? walmart, followed by wegmans, with a total of about.$48 target came in just under $50. giant's about $54. and harris teeter and safeway were just over $61. we alsoh cecked out whole foods, we didn't include them in our comparison, since o theynly carry 4 of the 12 items we priced out. for what it's worth, the prices on both items were in line with the other stores. in some cases, less. >> if you want to see how the prices varied at the different stores, we have the breakdown
11:41 am
for you rightnow on our nbc ashington app, search groceries. back to you. >> susan,hank y so much. we are in weather alert mode, we're contending with some rain right now, we're looking to kinl ofke a round two later this ou evening for r evening commute. >> this is what we have to watch throughout the afternoon, coming rightn through the d.c. metro area. i think that's going to be the problem here, on mondayt was the morning rush, we're not expecting a repeat of what we saw o monday,we have a flash flood watch in effect, just inj case we see flash flooding, i think we will in some locations. th city has cleared out a pittle bit. still a shower u to the top screen.f your that shower moving in to northern prce georges county. current temperatu sitting at 82 degrees. 82, that's not too bad. how about the humidity. add in the a humidi the heat index, 100 in quantico,ed fricksburg coming in at 101. manassas at 96 degrees,
11:42 am
annapolis . t's hot and humid across our region, that's only going to add fuel to the fireor a good chance of those storms. here they are currently around our region. we have those areas to the east in prince georges and anne arund arundel. right along 97 and 301. heavy rain coming through, back to the west, tracking another area and this is where things are really starting t a fire, will over the next couple hours much this is in frederick founty, shenandoah county, just to the south o winchester, if you live around i-81, you're going to be the first to see these stormstoday. in effect from 2:00 until 2:00 a.m., from areas everywhere here in the green, doe not include fredericksburg or winchester, yes, you could see fash flooding too, but it's going to be more appreciatenb lann the tho same areas that got hit hard todaynd monday. you can see the line xdhere, lo
11:43 am
at this line that's developing wck to the west, that's what we're going to ching come through, we have a first line out ahead of it, this may die off a little bit, give us a lite bit of rain, here we are at 11:00, no problem, watch whar happens by und 1:00, 2:00. here comes the line, notice some areas in red and pink. those would be str to potentially severe storms. coming in through the metro area, right around 5:00, 6:00, i thats during the evening rush, this is when we could see some real problems this afternoon. and the potential is there for severe weather as well as 50 to 60 mile an hour by 7:00, this computermodel moving everything out. we may get okay with dinner, more showers coming be we ready, download the nbc washington app, you can watch the radar on there yourself. very heavy rainfall,lash flooding, and strong winds will be possible throughout the day.
11:44 am
next couple days, high temperature today of around 91 deges. we are talking about a weather alert during the day today. your friday, high of 91, 91 on saturday, 93 coming up on sunday, 90 on monday. as we look toward the next ay couple d here, look at what happens next week. we're in the mid-90s next tuesday and wednesday. andr ba, tropical storm barry could move our way. it wi just be rain
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only about a month into summer vacation, but parents are already preparing for the upcoming school year. consumers will spend nearly $28 billion on backte to school ims this year, that's about $519 per household. for the first time, parents are re on ed to spend electronic gadgets than computers. today is july 11th or 7/11, which isls a 7-eleven's birthday.
11:48 am
customers c enjoy a free slurpee today while supplies last. july 11th has become its busiest day of the year. with your cnbcss morning busine report. >> most of us a having a summer job, it was like this important right of passage when teenager.becoming a like the walkman, they may be disappearing. kate rogersfá explains why teen are steering clear of summer employment and what they're doininstead. >> genia is kicking off her second summer working in asbury park, new jersey. she's making $10.50 an hour. working the register and serving up cold drinks to customers on the board walk. >> when i'm not in school over the summer, i like keeping
11:49 am
myself busy. i want to have a job,o want t have money. >> the amount of teens seeking work in june, july and august have been stagnant in recent years. at the same time, the number of tems enrolled in summer courses has gone up significantly. while preparing for college is important, so too is having that first job. >> we don't hear a lot of conversations about being work reny. you can o learn so much in a classroom about how to actually work, in many cases those first jobs are really portant at onaching skills that supplement classroom educatibut can't replace it. >> whether it's summer courses or extracurricular activities, mike haynes has seen a shift in the availability of teen workers in the atlanta area. >> they're doing things like volunteer work, they're engaged in their churches, whether it's volunteerg there, they're looking at their extracurricular
11:50 am
activities, they're taking additional summer courses where the labor pool for summer students womon have been much i er. >> in fact, he says in order to remain flexible with teen scheduling, he's getting creative, hiring more workers. meanwhile, his bossid he shifted his recruiting tactics as well. bringing younger workers into the fold as younger teens became less available. >> they're not working as much, we've had to open it up to 14 ea and 15 y old, using working papers and working with schools. >> as teen worker avlability shifts, so do the tactics around recruiting these teens to come to work in summer.> >>ou can stay here tonight with us, if you want. >> no, you have done too much already. >> okay. >> you're watching a scene from the awardinning musical "the an
11:51 am
." it just started running at the kennedy center. joining us this morning are a couple of its stars. pand an blithe. this is neat because you both are kind of sort of from this area, you're like a legit d.c. >> she's really from this area. i'm a fake. >> tell me about where you're from and tell me about the show? >> yeah, i am originally fm d.c. capitol hill, born and raised. and i actually, i worked here at ford's theater, never at the tyademy center, this is an exciting opportuni for me. >> we met here in 2014 because i was working in theaters here, and we didn't get along at first, a week adlater, she h a key to my apartnt. d then i follo td hero new york and we're both back at the kennedy center. >> what a privilege to be able to work at the kennedy center.
11:52 am
and this is a marvelous production. tell folks about it. >> the plot is an egyptian police orchestra that gets lost in israel y their wa to a concert, they end up getting taken in by an israeli village for the night. what should be an unremarkable night turns into one of the mos memorable forl of them, it's hilarious, and heart breaking, and kind of like if wes anderson directed omar sharif in a movie. >> tell me about yur character? >> i have theñi pleasure of undersdying all four of the women. it's a challenge, but it's a blessing, beca tse i get watch everyone on stage every night, there's a roller skating scene, which i can'tgive too much away about. but it is hilarious, and getting to watch that every night is a joy. >> no one's fa.en yet >> that's good news. >> what would you say that you
11:53 am
would like for audiences to experience en they come to see the show? i want them""uz cry. they'll do that. i thinkky? a lot of plays and ( that take place in this region tend to be overly political. you typically only see these people in conflict and what's beautiful about this show is that it's not political and it reminds everyone that -- >> i need a break from that. >> well, it reminds people that are e from this region people and they're bad with girls and they have awkward moments and they're looking for a bed and they're looking for al place toep, andgl a place to eat. and it'sreally revolutionary and wonderful. >> i have to say the music is utterly unique. you get all that you wouldant om a musical, but there's jazz influences, there's middle eastern influences. the score is edunparallel and you just feel like you are totally immersed in the world. you walk away saying, i saw a
11:54 am
full e instruments and sounds and music i wouldn't have heard. >> it's such a treat to be ablem to perfoat the kennedy center, to be able to say you did that, break a leg. 2456r7k you so m cch forming to visit us. we have more details on tickets and times, you'll find us inur nbc washington app. coming up, we're going to get another check on the e' forecast, w going to check in with dug in a minute. skies are super gray. we're starting to see pretty heav c showers intain areas, more about that in a second. and stick with nbc 4 all day. you can catch allen starting at 3:00 this afternoon.
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storm team 4 once again, taking a look at the radar here. now starting to see somen form i our western zones, these are
11:57 am
becoming a little stronger. the oneshower we have, pretty hey downpour now, back to the west, though, we're watching these storms now rming, a strong storm around the winchester area, if you're in winchester, heads up for this one, a lot more coming as we move through the night tonight. as these storms all come our way. a flash flood watch in effect throughout the rest of the weafternoon. will be here all afternoon, we'll bere at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, amelia draper will join us at 4:005: 00 and 6:00. we'll be here for you all day long. >> thank you so much.'s that it for news 4 midday, we thank you for joining us. we're going to be back on the air first at 4:00 thi afternoon. we have pretty busy weatheday ahear d.
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♪ we're live in 5,, 3, 2, 1. all those in favor of equal pay, say aye. the women's national soccer team! >> the stars of the night at the espys. they take home yet another trophy. so good to see them all glamed up. welcome to "access live." what a night for theadies. >> wha day. they were in new york for the parade. and then flew to the espys in l. and showed up in style. >> it's so cool. when i was at espn covering the


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