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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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team 4 weather alert. first atñi 4:00 this af ternoon, here we go again. we'reñi monitoring chances for dangerous flash flooding as we come on the air this afternoon. >> yeah, and this stuff here is the issue. check this sout,rm team 4 radar lighting upbig time as a line of major rain makers movesi t/e distr this hour. and theseñi supersoakers are gog least, until around 8:00 ñit. tonigh >> but we'll keep you weather ready with three hours of live team coverage of the forecast.w3 doug and amelia are in the storm center. >> let's go to them right w3now. all right, guys,q where are thee d.c. metro area right now. you just saw that at the white house there. warning cominóá into the weath center. i want to time this out and see what time this is. this gs until e14:45,e1 60-mile-an-hour winds could be this, ated with northwestern an run dal, southeastern montgomeryjf count and northern prince george's county. amelia, this is something we're going to see alllo night . >> not only the threat for
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severe thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts, but, doug, really heavye1rainfalls, flash flooding could be an issue tonight. >> it's going to be a major concern all through the night. you seeth the first line here wi a couple of severe thunderstorms, one towards baltimore, another through prince george's county and the district. more storms back to the wes this isjfe1 the area that we'rey worried about for flash flooding right now we'ree1 tcking this storm right in here. this is right around thee1 bethesda area. look at the incredible amount of &háhp &hc% tjust made its way through d.c. right over our studios. i got toñre1 tell you, looking outside, it was the darkest i've ever seen a storm come through. it looked like nightt( outside. all the lights came on in our parking lot. (ñ
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t(w3 --jf over towards college next line.over towards college l of thesee1 boxes here all all flash flood warnings. just about our entire area under a.m. so, guys,e1 we'ret( just gettin started. it's going to be a long couple of hours here. >> just as you were speaking at the cameras behind us on the set, we just lost oure entir view of the whole city. >> aw. >> it'szing the stuffé@ moving through. >> city cam. >> yeah, thanks, doug. athat going on outside, crewsee1 working hard to repair damage from monday's flash flood emergency. canal road is shut down in both directions betweenir reservofá d fox hall roads. crews working on a sinkhole there. repairs are expected to last until at least tomorrow in potomac, maryland, y'll remember a massive sinkhole opened up on bellfast road.
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schultz service is available for people in thee1rea. you can park at bethesda metro, poac shopping center orxd the lot across from old anglers inn. lot acroo re-openom anglers inn. s time saturday. now youxd takeou down to the gulf coast. communities are bracing for barry. storm earlier today and new orleans could take a big hite1 from this one. >> the city is dealing with flooding from days of rain. the mayor warned today the flooding will continue as this &háhp &hc% to amelia standing by with morec where barry is and more where it's headed. being inches. fast at all, only toward the west at about 5 miles an hour. s maximumstained winds out there at about 40 miles an hour. here is the latest track. it is expected to strengthen to a category 1 hurricane. early saturday morning. and have the biggest impact on ñwinds,
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which i think often times with about really heavy raiheall out tre. here is the latest on radar wita rry. you can see it's very iz unorganed right now but that doesn't matter. new orleans has already dealt with flooding and will continue to deal with flooding as it picks up maybe ana)ditional 10 to 20nch ofw3 rain. flooding and we're keeping a close eye on the mississippi as well. much more on the track of barry and also the flooding potential here coming up in a few minutes, but we're going to close out with this, a live picture of new orleans where )u-juxd looking rather calm right now.u an see some sunshine, but, t( again, thñ( bands will be movin through with that storm. not just tomorrow, butug thut the weekend. >> yeah, they know just how quickly things can change, that's for sure.lp nthey've beeq through it. a reminder for youi] folks i here, whether you want news out of the tropics or you want the neighborhood, urlp our nbc washington app is your best source for up to the minute
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forecasts when we are not on the air. >> now to fast-moving dene3=a5qmez the figh todd a citizenship question to the census. in less than an hour, weare expecting the president to address the issue from the white house. erica gonzalez is tracking developments from the live desk. erica, now we re hearing,'re learning the president may be pushing to get citizenship data in a different way? >> well, pat, the president was expecteto announce that he would sign ann executive orderño add a citizenship question on the census. now not so sure. a supreme court ruling, if you'll remember, though, barredi the queson earlier this qe1mont. an executive order itself would not likely override the court lawyers a new argument asjf the asked the court toçó reconsid1pñ again, we are expectingñr that news conference from the white house right around the 5:00 hour. we'ree1 going to by bringing yo updates right here on news 4. in the meantime, back over to you guys. we' keep youñi guys posted. >> thanks, erica. let's go to prornince george's county where the police chief is
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clarifying his policy ahead of theq planned immigration raids. >> the steps the department is taking to get their message out to theq community.i] tracee. >> reporter: wehould also make it plain we're not hearing that those federal raids are going to be happening here in maryland, butenonetheless, the c wants to make sure that his officers are clear on how the department feelsde about l immigration policy and what they're to do on a loc level. weñi just left rollal cal,( at district three where, again, the chief made it very plain that his officers are not to help mmigrationse cas.qqi t)ince geos a new training video and new written policy regarding federal immigration orders and how the
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consideration of immigration status with respect to the investigation ofjf crimes in prince george'se1 county. there will not be any distinction made between individuals on immigra"%ujr @z o status with respect to the investigation crimes inxd prince george'sñr county. our longstanding practice has been not to enforce civil immigration process. &j%qñis his job to enforce couna law, not to cr it. he's saying that it'sqeháhe fouh circuitt( court that deemed it' up to federal officers to deal with immigration immigration issues, not local police departments. this all comes after there were a couple of prince george's county officers who contacted i.c.e. after seeing warrants in
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the national criminal database.h the police f called that a mistake and apologized to the people impacted. reporting live in palmer park, tracee wilkins, back toq yx6 i% the studio. >> all right, thanks,fáe1 tracy. pat? the trial of a man accused of killng an army lieutenant on the university of maryland campus has been delayed for the fourá time. he b facesoth murder and hate crime charges in the 2017 lieutenant richard collins, a student who had been visiting friends and was just days from graduation.ok court records show a judge granted a delay so the defense could investigate prosecution evidence.çóe1e1 wtop reports the trial which had been set for later this month will start in december. less than a week after metro on the red line, they are suspending it indefinitely. our news partners at wtop report the doors were opening properly at most stations but they were also unexpectedly closing
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automatically. the agency+ wanted train operators to manually cloxd the doors to speed up trips. metro is looking into why those oors were automatically closing. originally intended to have automatic door operation but stopped after tne red li crash back in 2009. now to a bizarre crash here in thedistrict that claimed the lives of two men. the vehicle crashing into a park just a fewñi blocks north of th whilp house. mark seagraves joins ust( livew now. tell us how this happened. >> reporter: still a lot of peestions around thafñi very question what hd here. take a look, you canñr see thes orange cones that mark where those parks benches toi] be. it appears the twoñi men k here were either sleeping or suv plowed through the small this happened about110:30 last police say the large suv was traveling westbound on pennsylvaa avenue when it
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crossed several lanes of traffic, jumped the curb and drove through this park killing two men, leavingq their belongings scattered across the park. district officials familiar with the investigation tell news 4 they have confirmed one of the men sns&ed was a homeless resident known to frequent this area. we spoke with joseqñi dominguez barber who has worked on this block fore1 w decades and familiar with the two men killed. >> i can't believe how that suv lost control and went on to the k and took these poor people out, unfortunately. it's a shame, you know, shame that this happened. >> it really w3 a shame and could hard to believe it happen like this. mark, do we know anything more about possible charges for the driver? >> all we know is iti] was a ult male behind the wheel. he was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. u)j
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they're according with the u.s. attorney's office and waiting for those bloodçó tests to comee back befo they makeñi any decisions on filing charges in this case. >> so sad. thank you so much, mark. the countdown is on to amazon primeay. oming up next,t( susan hogan should know so you can get the r @r(t&háhp &hc% susan, you have another story for us. >> having a little trouble hearing susan, but she's going to tell us how to save money on groceries and keep that produce fresh and ñicrisp. >> andur yoney green. a look the outdoor movie scene. not a good night forq a movie tonight for sure. =yer the next couple o. we're going to be talking more about that coming amaziow much rain we've got coming across our area back to
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the west. we have this sere thunderstorm warning until 4:45. lookxa5 the incredible amount f lightning along ai-95 route 1 in d.c. towards college park,ñr maryland. it is a nasty,qe1 nasty afterno. extreme thuntorm warnings until 4:45. around u.s. 1, the exact location i waskiust tal about. some slow
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we are under aweather alert this afternoon. a rainy forecast with a risk of more flash flooding. doug and amelia are back with an updaten just a couple of minutes. the countdown is on to amazon prime day. >> yes, in certain online shopping professionals that we all know and love are so excited. and to help them out, we got a sneak peek inside this amazon fulfillment center in baltimore. workers there busy making sure e they'll stocked up for this two-day event coming up. >> the sales are strictly for prime members, but we are working for u in a way -- with a way to get in on the bargains without having to pay for memberships. >> consumer reporter susan hogan here with t details to tell us all about it. susan? >> hi, susan. >> hey there, you guys. so prime o day kicks at 3:00 a.m. this monday. we have four things you need to know right now to make sure you
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taare ready to take advan of these deals. so if you're not a prime member, no problem. crash the party with a free 30-day trial membership. just don't forget to cancel the auto renew. start shopping early. inrch the words "sneak peek" the app right now to get an early look at some of the sales. d if you see something you like, click "watch this deal" and you will get aat notifn when the sale goes live. shop around, you guys, becauser othe retailers are likely to offer deep discounts on monday te with day to com prime day. and we, of course, will have more tips for you leading up to monday. so be sure to stay tuned for what you nee to know to save the most money. because after all, that's the most important, right? back to you guys. >> no, no, the hunting is the most important part, right? >> absolutely. yo ready, sit, click. thank , susan. >> thanks, susan. the biggest summer blockbuster movies might be in the theaters. >> that's right, but the best
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y to catch classic flick and relax, that might be happening outdoors. we have a newt segmen called t"the scene." oday on "the scene" tommy mcfly takes a look at the best places to park it. >> would you believe me if i told you one of d.c.'s best movie viewing s was a cemetery? i'm tommy mcfly with "the scene." talking about the congressionaly cemete. now, theyto do this as a way raise money to preserve the
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neighborhoods and town centers are getting involved. no one's got a bigger screen atn the na harbor. they do family movies on sundays, date nights on hursdays, and if you want to find movies near you, we've got a whole list on the nbc washington app. njst search "scene" and e the show. i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> that looks like a pretty good scene wre he's at on the wharf. >> tommy's got a bird's eye view. we're going to take you back to the storm c. nter now >> that's right. doug and amelia still standing by there. guys, what's the word this hour? a dangerous situation setting up in many areas, what are we seeing out there right now? well, extremely heavy rain, rs severe thunderm warning, d.c., prince george's county as well as pas of arundel county. flooding going on with that storm and lots more to>> come. absolutely. we're getting video coming in in upper northwest washington. roads already flooding. we don't have any flood alerts out there yet, but we're
4:18 pm
watching one area in particular in northern virginia as well. >> let's get you to the radar. take a look what's happening towards national harbor. the rain really coming down there. we've got one line right here and it has prompted a flash flood warning around the baltimore area. severe thunderstorm warning right here. this is what we're going to be watching the rest of the night. the first thing first is this severe thunderstorm warning. look at all of the lightning with this. t i justk a count here and it's about 100, 115 lightning strikes in ten minutes. that's you can s it does include d.c. but it's starting to move out of d.c. into parts of prince georg on this track me'ovinung tyabout s25 miles an t will hit areas like bowie around 4:28. passnd dina arundel county at 4:50. a very dangerous storm. look at this storm, ton o lightning with this one as well, coming just south of martinsburg towards charlestown.
4:19 pm
not a severe thunderstorm yet, but we could see a severe warning at any time. very heavy rainfall. i want to move to the south and pinpoint in fauquier county towards gainesville, to the north of warrenton and rap hannah county. in the last hour. watch how this continues over the last hour rain continues to come down it's getting heavier and heavier. i think this could be where we see our first flash flood warning of the rainf 2 to 3 inches per hour an theirea. if you live in northern fauquier county, towards 66 and culpeper county, you may be the first to get some of those. g amelia, we'reing to be tracking this all night long. >>'ve got a long night ahead of us. bsolutely, doug. that's why the natiol weather service has issued a flash flood watchfor just about entire area. check out the various weather alerts monday fresh on mind.ody's nsrst more on what a watch means, that mea the weather
4:20 pm
event could happen, so everybody has the potential to see flash flooding out there tonight. now, an advisory is goingo be a low-risk situation but theis event happening. a warning, which is i think what we're going to see, what doug was pointing out into rts of fauquier a fauquier -- a moderate to high-risk situation. on monday, we saw the highest threat level in our area where you get the emergency alerts sent toyour phone. this means that lives are at risk. we have a new warning coming in right now. we have a severe thunderstorm warning into parts of fauquier county, culpeper and rapp hannah counties, likely until 5:00. how can youpa pe tonight? avoid travel if possible. download the nbc washington app. if you do get flood you're going to get those alerts as well not just the flash flood ergency. if you park your car in a parking garage, park it in higher levels, doug. the bar is so low from all the
4:21 pm
rain we saw out there on monday. >> i want to show you guys what we just got in here. the new warning is for culpeper county, fauquier county and rapahanna county. there it is right there, 5:00 for those counties i just listed, cole pepper, fauquier and rapahanna until 5:00. wind gusting upwards of 60 miles an hour. please be on the lookout for this storm as it moves on by. we're goingto get a good break from the rain over the next few days. looking much better tomorrow. high temperature around 91 degrees. same deal on saturday. hot on sunda c mondaying in with the temperature of 89. so we do get to dry out here, but, guys, we really do have a long couple of hours. if you don't have to be out tonight, it's agood idea to nd of just stay in. i would say until about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. >> all right. >> keep the phoney the nbc washington app > handy. s. >> just in case. >> all right. >> we'll get back to you, doug. thank you. all right. we know it's july, but class is back in session, believe it or
4:22 pm
not. no, we're not talking about summer hehool . two local elementary schools are testing out a new schedule and we'll share some reaction from the parents on it. first, susan hogan is helping you stretch your grocery budget. how to buy
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we're working for you making sure you don't throw away your hard-earned cash. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with the best ways to make the fruits and veggies you buy at the store last. >> firstup, shop smart. the fresher your produce is when you grab it off the shelf, the longer it will last once you take it ho . so here's what to look for, with fruits and mellens, the flesh should be firm but give a little, and give it a whiff. there should just be a light aroma. a strong smell could iic atevegy attention to the surface. make sure it's evenly colored and firm all the way around. and when choosing leafy greens, make sure a majority of the leaves are green, smooth and unbroken. number two, don't wash your produce until you are actually ready to eat or cook with it. storing wet fruits and veggies creates a perfect habitat for
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bacteria and mold growth. number three, make sure your rid refrigerator's temperature is set properly, 40 degrees or below tod avoi food-borne illness. some experts recommend going around 36 degrees for optimal freshnes, number fourorage is key. keep potatoes, onions and tomatoes in a cool, dark place like the pantry. store grapefruits, oranges, lemons and avocados on your counter away from sunlight and heat. once they're ripe, move them to the refrigerators. lettuce, melons, corn and squash should be kept in the fridge. store salad greens and herbs in bags fthled wi little air and sealed title. snd don't keep your apples, bananas and pe in the same fruit bowl. the apples are actually
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sensitive t etholine gas produced by the bananas as they riper. all you have to do is search "groceries" and check out our f other storiom the week to see which grocery stores made the mark in curb-sideku pic pricing and delivery. we actually have a bonus for you guys. one that kept coming up time and timegain. we are answering it for you guys tomorrow. we're not telling you what it is. >> oh, come on now. >> it's really cool. so -- >> this whole series has been cool. >> one more test tomorrow that we're doing. sowe'll have the results tomorrow. it will be really good. >> learn something every day. > i'm going to stop washing my fruits and veggies. >> i've always been doing that and now i know why they've bee mushy. >> now you know. >> thanks, susan. baking to give back. later on, how a local teenager is turning his cupcakesiness into help for the homeless. plus, school in summer? some students in maryland
4:28 pm
already back to class. we'll explain how the new schedule wos and what parents think about it so far. first, more on a flash flood ugthreat. dos back to track the system. he'll take us through the impa hour by hctou
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4:30 pm
back to our top story right now at 4:30.y if 're not seeing heavy rain in your neighborhood yet, just wait. many of us are under a flash flood risk again this afternoon.
4:31 pm
>> i'm in the storm center right here with our chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we saw how dark it got here. that brought back monday for a lot of focus. we know what we went through then. >> it's not going to be the same thing. what we saw on monday was really unprecedented, 3, 4, 5 inches of rain coming in one hour's period. now, that's not going t happening, but we can still get flash flooding area-wide. i don't think you're going to see as many problems asou saw on monday, but i think tonight is going to be a very dangerous night. we're tracking this line of storms here, severe thunderstorms warnings with it in prince george's and arundel county. look how much rain we've got coming through. this is extremely heavy as well and just kind of sitting there. let's zoom in. this is tge stron storm in town near prince george's county moving into arundel county. this will move to bowie. right on down the 495, the beltway just a mess out there
4:32 pm
right now in the eastern half of the beltway. look at this storm. this one is really taking sthap. is an area, fauquier county and rappahanno county, i can easily see us getting a flash flood warning at any time because it ie just cam down the same area over and over and over again. follow the line all the way down towards madison county towardsc peper county. heads up in that airy. culpeper county, fauquier county under sere thunderstorm warning until 5:00. watch out there. watching this storm coming through charlestown and jefferson county,ni west virgia, this moving slowly towardlo udoun county. lots going on,guys. 're going to continue to watch the storms as they move on through. we're in for a lot of rexn over thecouple of hours. >> if you are just joining us, a come of minutes after 4:30. let's get you caught up with the know.hings to just about a half hour from now president trump is expected to explain his plans for getting a citizenship count across the country. ahead of the speech, nbc news is
4:33 pm
learning the president may not rely on the census. we're going to bring you updates on the president's remarks in the next hour. prince george's county police want the community to be clear about their immigration enforcement polici. they are sharing this police training video with the public.c the pol chief reiterating today officers will not consider people's immigration status while investigating crimes. the trump administration is planning widespread immigration sweeps sunday. two men are dead after the driver of an suv lost control and crashed into monroe park at 21stnd pennsylvania downtown. night.s last police say it appears the victims had been stting or sleeping on benches in the park when this happened. investigators say the driver is expected to survive. they are waiting on blood tests to come back before determining if they'll face any charges. tropical storm barry has now formed over the gulf of mexico and it is heading for the louisiana coastline.
4:34 pm
ew orleans has already seen widespread flooding over the last several days. the mayor says water pumps are working at optimal capacity. barry could make landfall west e of new orans as a hurricane this weekend. pat and leon, back over to you all >> okay. thanks, era. most students are settling into the long, wet days of summer vacation arounhere, but a group of montgomery students are now heading back to school today. >> it's all part of a new program to mak school year longer. studeenhets at t arcolo and rus elementary schools will begin class for 210 days instead of the usual 180 days. news 4's chris gordon has reaction from parents and admi strators. >>porter: school busses arrive for the start of the new schoolyear. you heard right, this is not summer school, these students are being welcomed back after a short summer break. >> good morning, friends. welcome back. how are you today? >> reporter: two montgomery
4:35 pm
county elementary schools in silver spring, arcolo and roscoe are testing this ex-extended school year pilot program. >> the only bad thing is we couldn't go on family vacation, but it's good to get a hd start against the other kids that haven't started yet. >> good morning, staff and students. >> reporter: school principal is aware that some parents would rather their students not have to attend school in the summer. en as we through the process of planning and sharing with everyone what we would be doing, i thinkatherity of our parents are very happy we decided to move forward. >> that's how you make the number 4. >> reporter: this is a kindergarten class. the school got parental consent allowing us to bring in our camera this is a title i school, which means there is a high number of students from low-income families. the extended school year program is meant to increase theirpe ormance iner litacy and macs mathemati >> they need a lot of growth and it gives them a couple of extra days of understanding for the
4:36 pm
concepts they learn throughout the year. >> reporter: they will examine parents and teachers here to termine if the extended school year should be introduced in other school districts in the future. reporting from silver spring, chris gordon, new4. let's get to some breaking news. big story of the evening. we got reports now of some floodingality rock creek park. jackie benson is live at beach drive. what are you seeing there? ? >> reporter: leon, take a look at what it looked like here. that's rock creek. you can see how the water is up. t's probably gone down a foot in the 15 minutes that we've been waitinghere, but 15 minutes ago as we started coming down broad branch road, the water of broad brancht stared rising up over the road and cars were caught in it. take a look over here. i think this is one of the vehicles that was in there. you can see it was smoking for awhile and it's left there. they always say turn around, don't drown, but i think that
4:37 pm through the we saw a number of people because it's very tight there, it is hard to turn aroundnd if you're stuck, you can either go forward or back. you are stuck. so i think a short time ago d.c. lice did, indeed, close the lanes that are headed southbound toward virginia. people aren't gng north at this point but no one has been coming southbound for the last few minutes. you'll remember a couple of years a that exact spot was where the mail truck, the u.s. mail truck was carried away by the fast rising waterekof rock cre so it looks like things are owing down here rightnow, but i can tell you about 15, 20 minutes ago it was dicey coming through here. live in northwest, jackie benson, news 4. back to you. allaight. th you, jackie. you guys be careful out there. get back to us if you see something else. inside the operating room, coming up on news 4 at 5:00, details behind the cuttingdge knee surgery to allow doctors to repair tears nearly impossible
4:38 pm
to fix in the past, possibly preventing arthritis and futu surgeries years later. mandatory evacuations ahead of tropical storm barry. we'll take you to the gulf for a look at how communities there are getting ready. and here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. we have one line of very strong severe thunderstorms east of washington and another back to the west, and this just in a well, we have a flood warning in effect for parts of rappahannoch and fauquier counties. this is going to go until 8:30. this is not a flash flood warning but a flo warning, warning but a flo warning, we're looking at
4:39 pm
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and take a look a storm team 4 radar. really dangerous situation going on. thunderstorm warning in prince george's in arundel county. the potentialflof ooding, this is the area we're watching until 5:00 for fauquier, rappahannock and culpeper county. coming close to warrene n. those arl flash flood warnings in red. flood warnings for creeks and streams, including fauquier county until 8:30 and numeus severe thunderstorm warnings, too. a lot more to go. we'll continue to keep you posted. any new warnings come up, we'llo bring them t you from the storm center. >> all right. thanks, doug. moms across the country are here in d.c. demanding lawmakers change.ion on climate they gathered on the mall for an event called play in for climate
4:42 pm
change. the group is urging cgress and the presidential candidates to take the climate crisis seriously.go their al is 100% clean energy by the year 2050. >> as somebody that has a voice to raise, i'm here to ask, demand, beg our leaders toake the decisions that matter to save our planet. >> after the rally, the mothers met with their representatives in congress. well, ifgyou're just joinin us, we are under by weather alert this evening. doug and amelia will be back here with an update on this line of storms and the flash flood risk for the region. plus, a 13-year-old boy from maryland is using his summer break to give back to our community. he'll share the inspiration behind his baking. i'm erica gonzalez live at the liveesk with breaking news. a man has been shot on the 1,100
4:43 pm
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we're back with severe thunderstorm warnings and a flash flood risk. doug and amelia have the update for us coming here in less than pat?minutes. just call him cupcake ambassador. ming a difference in his community with his sweet creative treats. news 4's sws us how one baker making sure everyone wins when you buy his cupcakes. >> reporter: michael's cupcakes. >> i guess the idea for flavors ki of comes up here. >> reporter: om the heart, michael's dessert is a business baked for the community. when the 13-year-old flls his de online or, every dessert sold buys a dessert for someone
4:46 pm
in need. >> it was just me thinking, like, there are people who are less fortunate than me and maybe they should get the same things that i get. >> reporter: his instagram page is filled with all the flavors he can dream of. with giving bacinbeing a key gredient. >> you got to emulsify it, er rememb >> reporter: withel somefrom mom in the kitchen, and a little interference from his brother, the young food advocate runs his el's desserts out of home in bowie. >> he decided he wanted to leave the aposttrophe out to remind himself he's doing this for >> topping every one with his homemade icing. there. >> there is sweet potato pie -- there is mint chocolate chip, which is harriet tubman. every 50 cupcakes i sell, i'll
4:47 pm
a giveaway day where i givea aw50 cupcakes. >> so time to order up and give michael's desserts give n someone ieed. >> all my cravings just kicked in. >> we always see pieces like that at this time ofh day you're the hungriest. >> michael said he had his biggest giveaw day donating 60 cupcakes to those who experiencl homsness. >> we posted a link to michael's website on the nbc washington app. check that out and check out the menu. yoan see how to order and donate these delicious treats yourself. just search "dessert." >> sweet. >> nothing sweet about the weather. that's for sure.e we'vt team coverage for you of severe weather moving through the area. >> what's the latest right now on the warngs and the flooding? >> yeah, it is come down in parts of the severe terstorm warnings. flood warnings in parts of the area. flash flooding going on in the baltimore area.
4:48 pm
i was about to sayothing for us just yet as far as flash flood warnings go, but just taking a look at the new one. you'll be able to tak a look at that in a second, amelia. we've got this through the next couple of hours. >> we think the best idea if you can avoi travel from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., that's the way to go. play if safe, especially after monday. his is the storm team 4 radar tracking it for you all across our storm team 4 radar? - how abo how about some video right now around route 50 around the bowie a little earlier, heavy rain falling around 50. again, very heavy rainfall with e of storms part of the severe thunderstorm coming on through that area over the last hour or so. no longer a severe thunderstorm warning now. swe don't have any movere thunderstorms in our area. still strong storms coming in towards arundel county and fauquier county, especially this one right here, this is one that we're tracking for now, l take a look at this
4:49 pm
storm right here. the line is continuing. you see less of a line of red. that's whyehe s thunderstorm watch was allowed to expire. around bowie towards upper marlboro. heads up for very heavy rain there. lock at this line that's formed. i want to take you in a couple of areas, hagerstown, martinsburg, charlestown. heaviest rain right now no charlestown. look at this line moving along the mountains and into parts of loudoun county now as you make your way into the south, very heavy rain. this is an area we have a flood warning for creeks and streams. we could get a flash flood warning in this area, too. really, heads up. i've seen upwards of 2, 2 1/2 inchin of ra. follow that line down to culpeper county. a lot more to go, rain back here over the next couple of hours. we are expecting this to go through 7:00, 8:00, amelia, andv we just want ryone to think about this, if you don't have to be out in the next two to three hours, stick around, stick
4:50 pm
indoors. >> absolutely, doug. we are seeing flooding in spots. our sports producer showing us video he took by our studios in northwest washington. showing roads holding water because that water has nowhere to go. so here are some weather questions answered. yes, we are going to to see flooding in sports. the difference between a flood warning and a flash flood warning is thelash part. so a flash flood warning means it happens in a flash. it's hard to get out of if you're a flood warning means those waters are rising a little bit more slowly, but still you want to avoid travel, again, toght if you can until about 8:00 p.m. is this event a repeat of monday? no, it's not. we're not talking about a flash flood emergency. that is very rare. we had record-setting rainfall on monday. tod we could dealing with some flooding, maybe flash flooding issues, but it is not as intense as monday. monday was unprecedented out there. this does end later tonight. setting us up for a mainly dry weekend. so something to look forwa to. it has been a busy weather week and you don't have to worry about the weather this weekend.
4:51 pm
tonight, though, definitely dealing with wet roads out there. the morning and evening commutes, at least on your friday, are looking dry. so how to prepare tonight? again, avoid travel if possible. download thenbc washington app. put your location in, doug, it picks up where you are, sends the alerts right there to your phone. if you park in a parking garage, park on a higher level tonight, if possible. >> that's a very good idea. if you live in an area that's prone to flooding, you know that already. make sure you park in a higher area as well. let's take a look and show you the next cole of days, 91 degrees on your friday. 92 saturday, 93 sunday. 89 on nday. look toward next week. really hot weathe 94, 96 degrees on wednesday. we're watching tropical storm barry. it could come on shore saturday in andround the new orleans area down towards louisiana and make it's way our way by the end of the week. we're keepin an eye all the
4:52 pm
flooding in our area tonight. >> thanks, doug. your apple watch could be eavesdropping on you. >> the company is saying it's disabling a feature that is causing a big issue. apple says the bug in the walkie-talkie feature could allow people to use their watch toisten to conversations through another person's iphone. walkie-talkie's on beenound since last september. apple says it willmain disabled until the company can release a fix for this bug. that's a heck of a bug if you're listening to somebody else's conversations on. our watch >> a pretty big one. >> i don't think it would make a lot of folks happy to know that's been happening. >> i'd take mine b tk. >> ink i would be so bored listening to other people's conversations. oh, my goodness. >> no, wendy, the questionis, would they be bored listening to yours if it was the other way around? >> i don't know. >> we're not going to bore you at 5:00. today's storms are coming as many of you are still cleaning from the widespread flooding. just ahead, the flood damage to a local bookstore and what's
4:53 pm
being done to e ve thos stories. plus, we're working for your health. news 4 goes inside an orating room as a patient is going under the keeife to s how this newut cting edge knee surgery can help people get back on their feet and potentially prevent arthritis. that's a big thing. that's a big one. yes, it is. >> especially those of us whose knees are getting creaky these dae . >> welcom the club. >> so, anyway -- >> see y then. ou this is
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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right now on news 4, here we go again. storm team 4 monitoring flash flooding and severe stor moving through the region right w, live team weather coverage minutes away at 5:00. lots more flooding concerns along the gulf coast as they get ready for barry to slam ashore. barry's currently a tropical storm, expected to make landfall some time over the weekend. nbc's jay gray reports cities like new orleans are liready deang with flooding and bracing for more. >> reporter: in soggylouisiana, a state of emergency as people prepare for a direct hit fromca tropistorm barry. >> this is obviously going to be a very significant weather ent, for a big part of louisiana. >> reporter: the slow-moving system whose outer bands flooded parts of new orleans wednesday poised to deliver another drenching as it ovves ashore
4:57 pm
r the weekend. mandatory are under evacuation orders. >> i'm one of those people i'll play it by ear. >> reporter: emergency officials are concerned barry could cause life-threatening flooding and storm surge throughout the reeng. >> we will do everything we can to avoid structureod flog, but when you get that much of a deluge, it overwhelming the system. >> reporter: but inspectors aret confide levies which protect cities across the mississippi river will hold. >> the levees were designed to holdater back months at a time is in locals are used to the threat and are taking the warning seriously, stockpiling water, food, gas, and medicine. >> yeah, we've seen bigger but youave to prepare yourself. > reporter: it's not jus louisiana. millions of people from florida to tes could fe barry's effects or the weekend. swimming off limits at alabama beaches because of the storm churned surf. >> i'm here mainly to look at it rnd listen to it. >> reporter: ba is expected to move onshoreay by saturd and
4:58 pm
ould even bring flooding ra to the nation's midsection by early next week. chris pollone, nbc news. in alabama, mobile county is going to be i testingts new emergency operations center. >> yeah, the thing is that they may need this building now, because as w understand it, this building is built o withstand a hurricane, complete with generators, a kitchen and plenty of placese for peoplto sleep. because when hurricanes hit that area, they may have to be in there for quite a ile. >> news 4 at 5:00 is starting right now. news 4 begins with astorm team 4 weather alert. right now at 5:00, storm team 4 tracking our chances of flooding as we move through this evening. storms developing and rain in the area, and now take a look at this time lapse video. this is from aboveio the natnal cathedral. you can barely even see anything there. with the ground already saturated around here after the flash floodng earlier this week, there's not many places for all that rain to go. >> we are already hearing reports of flooding in our area.
4:59 pm
take a look at the scene in rock creek park where jackie bensen found somes,ast-moving water causing problems for some drivers there. we have team coverage of all of this tonight. let's head over to the storm r center with doug. how long is this going to be and as goi to be as bad as monday? >> definitely not going to be as bad as monday, wendy.t i wan make sure everybody knows that, but at the same time you cannot let your guard down. we've got the very heavy rain coming through the area. st likely this is probably -- 5:00 right now, probably until about 8:00 before we can let our guard down. we've got a couple of hours here we really have to watch out for and flooding is the factor. i ant to showu what's happening now. getting aport of another warning possibly around our area. we're going to be watching out for that. no warnings, amelia? okay. we'reood. no new warnings here. were tracking this line that made its way through brorjs county, d.c. and arundel and we're watching this line back to the wehe. this is t one that has had flash flooding concerns all the way back into west virginia.
5:00 pm
you see these warnings back here? all of these are flash flood warnings, including right around ersburg, west virginia. now, this has been the strongest storm earlier in the after, this part right here. now it's right down here just south of bowie, along 301. let's travel down to the south intowards southern arundel county. look at the amount of lightning if you're in upper marlboro and watching me, you're probably hearing the thunder outside right now. let's take away the thunder to see where the heaviest rain is just to the east, making its way across 4, crosser to route 2 in the next 15, 20 minutes. back to the west, watching thi area of storms. this is where the heaviest rain has been. i've seen 2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain that's fallen in the last one to one and a half hours here in this area. so watch out if you live in fauquier county, rappahannock and culpeper. there is a flood warning in your area until 8:30 tonight for creeks and streams.


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