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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you see these warnings back here? all of these are flash flood warnings, including right around ersburg, west virginia. now, this has been the strongest storm earlier in the after, this part right here. now it's right down here just south of bowie, along 301. let's travel down to the south intowards southern arundel county. look at the amount of lightning if you're in upper marlboro and watching me, you're probably hearing the thunder outside right now. let's take away the thunder to see where the heaviest rain is just to the east, making its way across 4, crosser to route 2 in the next 15, 20 minutes. back to the west, watching thi area of storms. this is where the heaviest rain has been. i've seen 2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain that's fallen in the last one to one and a half hours here in this area. so watch out if you live in fauquier county, rappahannock and culpeper. there is a flood warning in your area until 8:30 tonight for creeks and streams. that's the back ee of it.
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a few more showers we could see later tonight, but all eyes on next happening over the two to three hours. >> stay ahead of this weather with forecast on air and in our nbc washington app. we invite you to download that app. if you haven't done so already, you'll find forecast for your neighborhood right in the palm of your hand. leon? >> wendy, we've gotur eye on the white house this evening because we're still waiting for the president to come out and make some remarks about the sunsus question is as we're waiting for that, we understand i.c.e. is moving forward with plansfor deportation raids this weekend. plans that had been set to happen last month. we'll keep our eye on that. in the meantime, two homeland security officials are telling nbc news that the postponed raids are expected to start sunday and planning to target thousands of undocumented people in majorities around e country. things, though, could change before the weekend, but here are the ten cities previously mentioned. now, when you see this list, baltimore did make that list. d.c., however, did not make the
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list. the city of new orleans also tweeting out that it has confirmed i.c.e. will not carry out raids in that city, but that'mbecause of tropical stor barry that's pounding that city right now. even as the administration appears ready to move forward, the aclu has led lawsuits to protect refugees from deportation. we've got team coverage this evening for you. we begin with news 4's erica gonzalez in the newsroom. erica? >> reporter: hi, leon. so we are awaitg a news conference from president trump where he is expected to announce executive action regarding the 2020 census. the president wants to add a citizenship question, something that has not been do since 1950. mr. trump has long talked about knowing exactly who is in this ju a short time ago we learned the president will announce some tiform of executive ac to collect the information in another way. e should note the census already being printed and it's a very lengthy and expensive process to do so. recently the supreme court
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temporarily barred the question from being added to the census. should the president exercise executive powers, that would no doubt be a challenge in the courts. critics say adding a question on citizenship would deter people living in the country illegally fromppartiing. the census happens just once every ten years and helps allocate seatse in the hous representatives and hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending. from the live 'mdesk, i erika gonzalez. s id.tiep you mposdtemi pni planning, as we were saying, widespread immigration raids this sunday. ahead of those raids, a local emlice department is clarifying its enforct policy because some people were wrongly referring -- referring people to immigration officials. our prince george's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, has the new police training video that the department is hoping will clear up any confusion. >> everyone has a copy of the new general orders.
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>> reporter: in roll call and throughouthe police department, the prince george's county police chief is making sure his officers understand where the department stands when it comes to federal immigration law enfoement. >> the will not be any consideration of immigration status with respect to the investigation of crimes inri pe george's county. >> reporter: prince george's county police have a new training video and new written policy regarding federal immigration orders and how police should respond to these warrants when coming across them hile checking national criminal databases during a traffic stop, for instance. >> if there is a criminal matter to address, we'll address the criminal matter only, and beyond that, agents of our federal government have authoties that are laid out through the federal law. they'll pursue their responsibilities. > reporter: the bottom is prince george's county police do not assist in civil warrants dealing with immigration or me soe's citizenship. they only police criminal matters. questions about the policy began after reports of officers contacting i.c.e. and holding
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undocumented people for feral custody began to surface. >> so i've apologized directly to individuals impacted by this. i'm aware of a handful of examples. and, again, my information is that those oicers were acting in good faith based on hits within the ncic, national information computer system, and they investigated what they believed to be criminal warrants. >> reporter: the chief went on to stay that the prince george's county police department enforces county law, they don't create it. i washe fourth circuit court that decided federal immigration handles these issues not thel loca police departments. >> also in the region in montgomery cnty, immigrant advocates are imploring hotels to not cooperate with immiuation authorities to ho detainees. the group sanctuary dmv rallied outside the metro stop in rockvill they say the ins is planning to use hotels to dein children who can't be put into adult
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detention centers. the group is pressuring the momen mome hotels to not be part of any such plan. marriott says it has no knowledge of using hotels, but if aked, the c would decline theequest. wendy? we are learning new information about a bizarre crash in the district that killed two men sleeping on a bench after t driver of an str lost c and drove his vehicle into a park last night, hitting that bench. this is at monroe park at 21st and pennsylvania just a few blocks north of the white house. news 4's mark seagraves reports on what happened. >> the truck was headed westbound towards georgetown when it jumped the curb at this park killing two people. work crews removed what was left of th morning.ches this it appears the two men who were killed were either sitting or sleeping on those benches when the suv plowed through thi small park.
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it happened late last night 11:30. u.s. park police say this large suv was traveling westbound on pennsylvania avenue when it crossed several lanes of traffic, jumped the curb and drove through this park. killing two men. leaving their belongings scattered across the ground. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. district officials familiar with the investigation tell news 4 they have confirmed t one o men killed was a homeless resident known to frequent this area. news 4 spoke to a man who said he used to sleep in this park and knew the victim. he did not want to be identified. >> you take your life into your own hands every te yoube hgo ms and sleep is to hide. this isbr -- it eaks my heart. >> reporter: at this barber shop just steps from where the men were lled, they were shocked at what happened. >> i just can't believe how that
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suv just lost control and ran on to the park and took these poor people out, unfortunately. it's a shame. it's a shame that this happened. >> that's terrible, you know? any human being, doesn't matter if you're homeless or regular guy -- a human being can't be lost like that. innocent people sleeping in a park. >> reporter: park police tell us thy're waiting on fingerprints from the victims to help identify them so their families can be identified. ce for the driver, park po say the investigation is ongoing and they're waiting on blood tests bere deciding if any charges will be filed. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. back here at the live desk with an update on that shootingp on north col street and m streets in northwest. we can tell you that homicide detectives are now on the scene. we do have a crew there. we' showing you live pictures of where the officers are. that area that has been roped off.
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we knothat this happened around the 4:00 hour. we're told that one man was shot. we're told he isot conscious, not breathing. we've not received another update from officials, but we can tell you thate've just learned homicide detectives are, in fact, on that scene. how this happened still a lot of questions surrounding this. making phone calls now and we're going to try to m get somee information. back to you guys. leon, back over to you. >> thank you, erika justice delayed for the family orm an a lieutenant killed on the university of maryland campus. the hate crime and murder trial has been delayed for a four time. he is set to go on trial for the 2017 murder of lieutenant richard collins. the bowie state student, collins, was visiting friends at umd when he was killed. he was just days away from graduation at the time. court records show the judge granted the delay so the defense
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can invetitga newmo nevthidenilcel. now start december. today is relisha rudd remembrance day. it has now been more than five years since anyone has seen thil sweet lite face. oday police, family and community members came togethero on good pe road in southeast to raise awareness about this case. they passed out flyers with relisha's picture on it. she was 8 years oldshhen was last seen in surveillance video at a hotel, a motel. she was walking with khalidm. tatu he was a suspect in the case and she later took hi own life. no one has ever been charged in her disappearance. it was just days ago that metro was announcing a change that was supposed to make the ride quicker fors, customer but now that program is being suspended. coming up, we find out what went wrong. and aeighborhood is grieving after a young man is gunned down in a barber shop. how one group is turning to
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music to help people cope with this violence. plus, the dame at a local bookstore after monday's flash fl ding and how the impact lingering. and we're tracking storm team 4 radar. for the latest onhese storms moving on tinrough. vernse thunderstorms right now, arundel county. a brand-new storm forming into charles county. look at this line. this line has a histor of opping a lot of rainfall. one to two inches. more expected.
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or check out our other amazing speed options at new low price. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month. call, click or visit a store today. storm teamin track storms moving through the area right now. chance of some flooding is also a big issue for us tonight. doug's back in just a couple of minutes with a look at the forecast. wendy? >d.c. police are canvassing the an cost yeah neighborhood where a man was shot to death in officers found 22-year-old andre brody inside the hair salon on
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y.k avenue yesterd this is the 84 murder this year in the district and that's forcing so many communities toc front the trauma of gun violence. us 4's corey smith shows how one group is turning to music to help people cope. >> young one, carry yourself with grace. >> you can concentrate your powerful ideas and emotions into mething transformative. ♪ ♪ they said look at our history ♪ >> reporter: music has the power to transform lives, even entire communities. local poet isaiah king and look' emcees hope their summer peace anthem,"peace and positivity," n transform the narrative confronting southeast, onting gun violence. >> part of what we wanted to do was focus on, you know, hope evading, positive messages.
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♪ >> reporter: the group doesn't have to go far for its source material. their music video was shot in southeast. just a few blocks away from the district's latest homicide. king says these true stories make their music relatable while also forcing the group and hopefully listeners to confront the trauma in their own lives.e it'sthan music. it's therapy. ♪ now he's thinking, oh, why this happening to me ♪ >> reporter: facing it head-on, that's sometimes the only way you are able to really cope with what's going on in your environment. >> reporter: a program facilitator atom one cnity facility says the arts provide a way to cope, which she believes is at the root of the violence. >> the art allows you to reflect without being connected to the trauma. >> reporter: there it truly has kethe power to ma a difference. >> there is a way to concentrate that energy and use it to do good.
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>> that was corey smith reporting. and this saturday, that group's going to continue to spreadts essage of peace and positivity th a live performance at this week's peace and positivity block party in southeast. less than a week after metrt arted automatic door operation on the red line, they are suspending it indefinitely. our news partners at wtop report the doors were opening properly at most stations but they were also unexpectedly closing automatically. the agency wanted train operators to manually close those doors to speed things up m soro is now looking into why those doors were automatically closing. ro system intended to au have tomatic door operation by now but stopped after the red line crash in9. 200 well, let's get a look at this weather, which is pretty nasty out there. this is a live look at the conditions on t roads right now. you see cars just backed up. not helping rush hour. >> that camera shot there includi the lens, that tells
5:17 pm
you everything right there. doug kammerer standing by with the latest. how do things look right now? >> a little bit of a lull in d.c., but just to the east, to the south, to the west, to the north, it is pouring out there. charles county, prince george's county, fairfax count and eastern prince william county. along potomac riveruntil 6:00. we'll show you where the storms are. you see the storms that have already move tlood uh, a little opening with some sunshine down to the south. that's where this storm just developed coming acros tthe river iards charles county and then, of course, the storms back to the west which we're watching. around aroun arundel along towards annapolis. leesburg, around 15. nasty in loudoun and heavy rain from charleston to winchester. the heaviest rain, though, has been with this area right here.
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one second. go back. r ht. here we go. right in here. this is what continuing to watch, this area coming through manassas and down towards fauquier county this storm is one we're watching very closely. this is right around portions just to the weather of -- mt. vernon, around 5:30. a very small storm but a lot of power associated with thne back to the west moving etf towards the east. manassas, you're gng hit right now. clifton around 5:26. makely's corner around 5:36 and irfax at 5:36. that's when the heavy rain is coming in and h you think maybe i need to be off the road. we still have that flood warning in infect for fauquier and rappahannock county. that's for creeks and streams. thank you. took me a long time to figure ut that o amelia, but i finally
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got it for you. still got rain that e're going to see for the next couple of hours. as we mentioned, this will estion going for the next two to three hours. >> absolutely. so we're telling people if you can you want to stay off of the tad. as we ough all the ather s, warnings and alerts out there tonight, it's a good idea to remember exawhat exactly do they mean. all of us are under a flash flood watch. everybody has the potential to deal with flash flooding out there. we have that flood warng in appahannock and fauquier counties. that means flooding is happening and this is a moderate to hig flash flood means the event is happening and it means lives are at risk whe you hear something like a flash flood emergency o there. an advisory is going to be the lowest of the risks, a low risk situation out there. we're tracking thunderstorms out there until about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. some of us could see3 up to inches in spots. gs e we hit 9:00 p.m., thi
5:20 pm
start to wind down. y 11:00 p.m., most of us are dry but still muggy with temperatures only falling into the 70s for overnight lows. if you can, avoid travel. ownload our app. you're going to get the alert sent right to your phone so you know exactly what's going on. because of monday if you park in a parking garage, you probably want to park in a higher level or if your neighborhood floods n oft park your car somewhere else you know you're not going to be dealing with flooding concerns. >> that is a concern, the f potential forash flooding still there, however, i'm looking at this now and they're moving a little bit faster. that is goog as lons they move, less chances for flash flooding. it is still there especially in the creeks andlltreams. we'how you what we've got here. 91 degrees tomorrow. clearing skies. 92 saturday. 93 on cnday. mondaying in with a temperature of 89 degrees. as it moves towards the middle of next week, tracking even more heat and we're even tracking barry, thaeft's right, the
5:21 pm
tropical storm that could hit louisiana could be in our neck of the woods a week from today. wouldn't that be fun? we don't need it. >> no, it wouldn't. we're with you on that one. it would not be. we've had enough of that. >> yeah. >> all rignk. doug. we'll get back to you in a bit. it is the nfl's off-seas as everyonknows, but one of the skins ismaking some headlines as he faces of a places pampna spain forhe running of the bulls. >> in case you get gored by a bull, news 4 is going inside the operating om toro
5:22 pm
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5:24 pm th may not look like much, but this is the apollo 11 lunar module timeline book thatneil armstrong and buzz aldrin used to navigate the surface of thoo 50 years ago. that's pretty cool. if you want it, you can bid for it at an auction on july 20 at christie's in new york. it's one of 200 items that are related to the space exploration thaweare going on sale as near the 50th anniversary of that moon landing. that book is said to contain traces of moon dust. how romantic is that? it is expected to fetch, this is the tough part, tween 7 and $9 million. may have to write a check. >> getting 7 to $9 million is the tough part. what are you doing on your
5:25 pm
summer vacation? for one redskins star, he's out there living on the edge taking some heat on social media for it. carrie chow joins u from the newsroom with more on nosh norman and the bulls of pam polona. >> josh norman doesn't seem to mind. josh norman jumped bver all multiple times during the running of the bulls in pamplona. fun or dumb? some are ripping hi for animal cruelties, others for jeopardizing his health. others are just impressed with his athleticism. heif you think t redskins were sweating watchingtheir star corner back jump over a live bull, they actually retweeted the video. so this is video from norman's instagram, a self-described adrenaline getting dy to run in the traditional white shirt, a red neckercheef. you can s the bulls eventually runng around him. this tradition began in the
5:26 pm
early 14th century. 16 people have died modern era doing this. noran called it one of the greatest days in his life. he did jump over the bull twe. said on instagram he was going to do it a third time. you can see him jumping over the bull on nbc 4' sports twitter. set to make $11.5 million this year. the festival lasts nine days. today's run, one person was bored in the arm and five others injured. so, leon, wendy, the big question remains, would y'alln ruth the bulls if given the opportunity? >> no. >> oh, hecksarno, you kidding? >> the adrenaline, man. i'm an adrenaline junkie. come on. think about theexcitement. >> players like him, they're forbidden from riding motorcycles because of the nger. they'll let them go across half the globe and jump over bulls. >> they forgot thbu clausenison. ovefqutlin e ovmp g er rlooked. good agent. >> not to be a buzz sekill, the
5:27 pm
ageni anls can be bewildered. he doesn't understand this is an adrenaline rush for these people. so i just think there is sort of a cruelty issue here. >> the animals aren't getting hurt. >> i'm not -- i'm nis all for th i think this needs to stop. but anyway. that's just me. i have no bull inhis fight. >> no, it's not just you, but it definitely is the 15,000 people that were in that stadium. that's for sure. >> what the heck is he doing risking his contract? he' korecrazy. meanwhile back here on earth -- back to school for some ndds. >> just boring normal. >> things are getting boring and back to normal. just ahead here at 5:00, a pilot program that's got these kids back in the classroom. parentsll you how the feel about having a much shorter summer break. the problem plaguing ford after the recall into two popular car molls.
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a bookstore now a coftruction zone because o all the repairs it needs after da mony's flooding. coming uhe what t shop owner needs from the community to stay afloat. we are not seeing a repeat of monday, are seeing very strong storms, though, thunderstorm warnings until 6:00, charles county, prince george's county. it does include fairfax, but this storm is going to stay righton althe potomac and in parts of maryland. more storms forming around manassas. very heavy rain here as lwe the flash flood threat looking a little better for the rest of the evening. much more on this and the thoughts including what's going to happen to the weekend. ♪
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♪ ♪ storm team 4 tracking the rain, ming its way in across our area right now. we still have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect.s this is good here. we saw this first line come through and the areas at the first line hit, montgomery , countyd.c., that area has kind of become a little bit more stable i think and that's ctually helping reduce our severe weather threat and our flash flood threat for areas ike montgomery county, loudoun o county, hern fairfax. that first line did pduce flooding in thecistrict. necticut avenue and nebraska avenue. really incredible video of t- left two - rather, the two right lanes closed as a result
5:32 pm
of this -- as a result of this rain. look at all of the rain down around that area. this simply a flooded area a lite bit earlier. that's with the same front that came through a little bit earlier. take a look at what it's doing. once again, a storm to the south down through charles county, severe thunderstorm warning in through crles county. we're looking at this with e torm coming through the area, in and around charles county, prince george's county. storm to zoom on into the right here. look at the intense amount of lightning and storms forming around charles county and moving into prince george's. fairfax and manassas towards stafford county. there is a flash flood warning now. flash flood warning for mcodiso ty and green county until 8:30 tonight, but this storm right here is the one that does have a warning on it until 6:00. it does include parts of faiax county, charles county, southwestern portions of prince george's. we'll continue to monitor this whole situation, but, guys,ohis
5:33 pm
is mving fairly quickly right now. this is fairly good news. we want these to move through quickly so we don't have to teal with the flash flooding, but e still have the flash flood watch through 2:00 a.m. >> in the meantime, we're dealing wth the aftermath that hit us monday. bookstore children's in old down alexandria suffered a lot of damage after the flash flooding on monday. >> reporter: working onway through a cramped and disassembled store, we find ellen klein trying to get her flooded shop back in order. >> has not all beenwo ed out. >> reporter: ellen olds hooray for books in oldtown, alexandria. she's surveying the flood damage. >> initially they just pulled off the baseboards. >> reporter: walking us around the noisy dehumidifiers as the floors dry. >> some ofthis carpeting will also have to be replaced. >> reporter: because of that she can't open the store. watch this customer puzzled by these locked doors. you can feel here aha moment
5:34 pm
when she reads the signhe in t window that explains the store is closed because of the flood. >> it wasn't just the store that was affected,he it was t building. i hear that water was cascading orown the elevat shaft. >> reporter: she says there was bout 2 inches of standing water in the store. most of her inventory was just fine except for these 338 books. >> you can see the water damage and how they're stuck together.n and it's even like they can be salvaged. >> reporter: she knows the exact number because she's books were all donated to help support charity the companion center. >> they were going to becked up sunday, the 7th of july, and they weren't. and then it rained. >> reporter: to add insult to injury, i wasn't even two weeks ago businessowners here told us about the financial hit they took when the metro station closed down for theer summ but despite that and this flood, ellen thinks she's going to be okay. >> i'm sure that the store will survive becau we have a very,
5:35 pm
very loving community. >> reporter: hooray for books is insured so damages should be cvered. ellen hopes she open and get her staff back to work soon. in old town, drew wilder, news 4. >>ea fairfax county hh officials are working to stop an outbreak of a viral iless that has sickened more than 50 residents at a senior housing facility, two have died from it at green spring retirement community in springfield. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live there with the details and how this started and what they're doing about it. >> reporter: hi, wendy, well,t t the road that leads into this gated senior retirement community. health officia say what isso striking about this outbreak is the sheer number of people impacted and the fact that this is striking during the summer rather than in the winter months when we usually think of respiratory illness and fluea sprng. now, that outbreak was reported in the assisted living and skilled care area of green springs, something they called
5:36 pm
continuing care. there are about 250 people living in that unit. one in five have fallen ill. as we mentioned, two elderly residents have died, although health officials stress they had other complicating factors that could have contributed to their deaths. let's look at the other numbers. so far some 18 residents have had to be hospitalized. although seven of them have recovered and have already returned to their homes. and some 54 people have become ill, again, suffering from respiratory illness. greenspring woring closely fairfax county health department to try to stem the tide of this outbreak. >> our recommendations to the health department include cancelling gather-ins among the residents, keeping residents who are ill in their rooms, increasing cleaning and hand he washing at t facility. >> reporter: now, i spoke to a spokesperson from greenspring this afternoon and they sent me this statement which reads in
5:37 pm
part, "greenspring's highest priority is the welfare of those who live ahe work on t campus. in partnership with the fairfax county department of health has taall necessary measures to fully implement proven infection prevention and control strategies." now, health officials still conducting tests, both in fairfax county and at the state level to determine exactl what has caused this respiratory illness. there is some sign of encouragement. hey think they may have turned a corner. there have been no new hospitalizations here in the last few days. reporting live in springfield, julie carey. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. staying in virginia, an investigation has determined the former governor of virginia,ug doas wilder, kissed a university student without her consent. that student is 66 younger than the governor. she filed a complaint in december of 2018.r wils you may know was the first elected black governor of the state and he currently teaches at vcu.
5:38 pm
wilder now has unl next week to contest the investigation's findings. "the washington post" reports the investigation also cleared wilder of three other allegations made by that student. a gubernatorial candidate is accused of sm after he tells ha female journalist tat she needs a chaperone if she wants to shadow him. new today, how he's responding to the backlash. hree kids rescued from a burning apartment building. burning apartment building. i'm amy cho in columbi when i w, the first thing i thought about
5:39 pm
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nd welcome back. we remain in weather alert mode on this thursday evening. watching this area on storm team 4 radar very closely. you can see we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of fairfax, charles and prince george'sun county til 6:00 p.m. heavy rain already happening there and then heavier rain moving into that area so, again, if yore in th circled location here, a heads up you're going to be dealingom with s very heavy rainfall, potentially some flooding concerns and a lot of lightning as well. we'll have more on when the system novembers out of our area coming up in about ten minutes. a republican candidate for governorin mississippi is in the midst of a controversy over s female reporter. robert foster i refusing to allow larrison campbell to fo cow him on thmpaign trail for one day unless she brings a male colleague. foster says it's part of his religious beliefs and he's
5:42 pm
afraid of perceptions. >> there's a lot of things out there in the #me too movement and all of the things happening where people are making claims, accusations against people and i don't want ever put a myself in situation where it could be a he said/she said situation. >> a woman only looks improper in this ntext if you view her as a sexual being first and as a reporter second. ias trying to do mynd job a they -- they sexualized me. >> foster's one of three republicans vyi for the nomination. the election is the 9th of august. an alarming new report out says ford motor comny knowingly sold faulty cars. the report in the "detroit free ess" says the popular ford focus and siesta have had defective transmissions since hitting thea mrket back in 2010. interna emails show the company ignored warnings from lawyers and engineers saying that the cars weren't road worthy. thousands of ownerth complained
5:43 pm
the cars would randomly lose power and unexpectedly accelerate. in a stateme, ford acknowledged the issues with the transmissions but insisted it addressed those issues and that the cars were safe. aill to come, third surgery for former baseball star big papi as he recovers from that shooting that was a case of mistaken identity, according to the police. so why so many surgeries? plus, speaking of surgery, inside the operating room. we'll see how this cutting edge knee surgery can help people get
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
well, it looks nasty there on screen, doesn't it?r that stuff's moving out and still moving in. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of fairfax, prince george's and charles counties doug and amelia are back with
5:46 pm
the updated forecast in just a minute. former boston red sox slugger david ortiz i recovering after a third surgery this week for collisions from that gunshot wound.ay his wife ss he's recovering well,nd good spirits. ortiz shot in a bar in santo domingo last month. surveillance footage shows a gunman just walks up to him and shoots him at close range, but dominican oficials say the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. ortiz was not the intended target, according to >em. >>hether you're working on your feet all day or you're an amateur athlete, knee pain is something that many of us know well, and we all know it can be debilitanng. >> doree againgentzler shows us new technology that could bring releief to a lot of peop once you have surgery, it never fully recovers. >> millions of people go to the doctor every year for a knee pain and three of them are sitting right here on this desk.
5:47 pm
meniscus tears are some of the most common knee injuries. for so it meanssurgery, but now there is a new technique that surgeons can use to repair he knee, possibly preventing arthritis and future surgeries down the road. >> i'veou run abt 25 merrick garlands. >> reporter:rothy beckett enjoys running merrick garlands b marathons, but years of pounding the pavement wore out her knees. >> all of a sudden, bam, it just hurt so much i couldn't even walk. >> reporter: two years ago she tore her meniscus while train for a race and spent several months in physical therapy but the pain was excruciating and wasn't going away with therapy. surgery was the next option. >> we're doing a mennis cuss repair. >> the rubbery cartilage i your knee that helps pad the joint. it can tear as we get older or during psical activity. a new device approved by the fda
5:48 pm
allo allows surgeons to repair complex cartilage tears that were nearly impossible to fix in the past. >> we can actually repair this tissue and restore the normal function of the knee and prevent arthritis. >> reporter: dr. scott faucet and anic orthoped surgeon. he see in most cases it's better to repair the menniscus than remove it. this newith ju few rgtinyinsu yer significancea device called a tinovosch pro. the surgeon can place stitches in tigh compartments. once done the doctor adds blood to the area to help it heal naturally, but not everyone is a candidate for this surgery. >> if you have worn away all yourag cartil repairing the ma us in kima . >> patients spend six weeks in a
5:49 pm
brace and on crutches to allow the delicate tissue to fully al. and dr. faucet says it can take up to five months for patients to get back on their feet and returnto normal activity compared to oth meniscus repair methods that have pients back to normal activity in about a month or >>so. his type of tear, if you depress it, it would pull apart so we really want to keep the edges togther as the body heals. >> for dorothy, the longer recovery has been worth it. >> it's here and, sh, i can't even see it. over here.a ths where they went in to the knee. >> reporter: now she's pain-free and to doing what she loves. >>oi i sactarted wal bki oonkt trails because i figured it was soft surface and i rediscovered my love of theor h if i hadn't have the surgery. i'd probably have a knee replacement. three people onse this t who have all had arthroscopic knee
5:50 pm
surgery, we all hanc corns about the five-month recovery time but this new technique is supposed to cure -- heal the oneniscus for a lger term. again, the device is called the novostitch pro. dr. scott fa has been using it for the last six years out of bethesda. as far as cost, the surgery isp tylly covered by insurance. for some people, not everyone, but some people this is a better option. >> i don't mind the five-month down time if i can spend it the south of france. >> i don't want to be -- >> hobbling into rk. >> if you've got insurance that will cover that, you better hook me up.ou yetter hook a brother up. >> i don't know if they cover where you recuperate. but the meniscus tear is such a common injury. it's good to have options because, you know, a lot of people need -- >> it still bedevils you years later. you don't know if it's the meniscus or other stuff going on. arthritis or cartilage or
5:51 pm
whatever. the knee. >> yeah. >> a complicated joint. >> it certainly is. >> all right. what else is complicated is what's going on with the weather out there and theands of rain coming through, doug. >>e've got it coming through right now. very heavy rain right along i-95 at the worst possible time, we're talking about the evening rush. very heavy rain from d.c. on soutn right o down towards richmond. take a look and you can see where that heavy rain is, as i mentioned right down i-95. but look at this, okay, the storms we saw earlier actually helped stop the line from forming in and arou the.c. metro area. so look at this area. not seeing much at a from d.c. to the north. nkng t nowihi m ingn most of the region. other parts of the region we ae seeing these move through fairly quickly so that's some good news, too. you want to see storms move quick. flash flooding may be diminishing here. that's very good news. now, still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for prince orge's county and fairfax county. for this storm right here. and this storm just to the south
5:52 pm
of that one really firing up, too, and you can see what i'm talking about. it's this guy rightere east of quantico. this one is kind of following this one. this one's moving this way. this one's movehis way and this one's coming right in between them. we could see flooding in this area as we're seeing a bit of a sthn here in atmosphere. big time rain around the fairfax region and down to the south. ng thisiew, though, sho is all moving off pretty quickly. as i'm talking about this, a lot less chance for that flooding. backito the west trac more storms, more flash flooding there. and look at the flash flood warnings, a ton to our no ih, some in our southern zones around madison county, green county. a flo warning inffect for fauquier county and rappahannock county. so far, amelia, we are not eeing too much in the way of flooding around the region. that is good news but we're not out of the woods just yet. >> yeah, absolutely. that flash flood warning in effect for parts of the area until around 2:00.
5:53 pm
it does look like the threat overall is going down across the area. talks ng about road condition tonight, yeah, it's going to be a wet one out there tonight. tomorrow morning, though, we're looking at dry condits ns. thi not a repeat of monday. we knew that going into this event and it's defi looking like that. now the threat level is now at high by any means, but still you never want to drive through a flooded road. this rain does end latergh toni you're waking up tomorrow to dry conditions. i'm going to let you know, theugh, still humid out tomorrow morning. we're looking at a mainly dry weekend. and don't we need it after monday and then tonight? just a lot of weather to go through on your work week on top of that. and both of them in time for the commute. so here are the road conditions tonight. they're wet out there but the morning and evening commur w looking dry across the region. so some good news there and we're going to keep it dry over the weekend. here is yourla per tomorrow morning, we'll have some clouding there in the south. still humid at 74 degrees. by the time you're heading out to lunch, maybe an isolated shower, but more so just a mix of cloud and sun, 86.
5:54 pm
we hit 91 again tomorrow and doug the humidity lowers throughout the day friday. e,t only weather wis but it's looking really nice out there, really comfortable and the weekend also looking khwequite . >> good for the backstreet boys concert and we're getting a lot of questions about blink 182. that's outdoors as jiffy lube live. i think you're going to be okay but expect wet ground. 92 on friday, 93 on saturday. that's when the real heat comes in. thursday in the mid-90s, too, but tropical storm barry could be making its way our way. it would just be a rain maker for us, but, doguys, we t need anymore rain any time
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
nt> three kids rescued from a burning apartme building in columbia heights. flames ripped through that billing just before noon today. news 4's amy cho spoke with some heroic firefighters who helped bring those kids to safety. >> reporter: when flames and smoke tear through a home it can happen so fast there no way out. that's exactly what happened here in this apartment in columbia heights. a fire in the bedroom forcing three kids and an adult to huddle on the balcobl, una to escape. that's when d.c. firefighters came to the rescue. >> i spoke to them. i told them exactly what we're
5:58 pm
going to do. >> reporter: lieutenant charles jones says when he found the kids on the balcony he needed to keep them calm and help them get up rhe courage to through the burning building. >> we needed to get out quick. rather than crawling on all fours, we duck walked out so we got low but still running. >> reporter: he and the kids ran right past the fire. the other firefighters helping keep them safe by pouring water on the flames. >> realey you don't have a who lot of time to think about that. everybody has a job to do. >> it's nice to come to work and we ableto help people, you know, whether we're doing it on a fire or some other way.l we're ays glad to help. >> reporter: this is, of course, a reminder of how important it is to have smokes. alarm the firefighters say the family did have working smoke alarms that may have given them a valuable heads up. shattered windows a reminder of what happened here. if you try to call these firefigho,rs her they'll tell you they were just doing their job. >> everything went well and as
5:59 pm
planned. that's what we train for. >> reporter: columbia heights, amy cho, news 4. >> d.c. fire says this was an accidental fe, but theyidn't reveal a specific cause. now. ews 4 at 6:00 starts news 4 wins with a storm team 4 weather alert. now at 6:00, flash flo threat again. strong storms and heavy rain rolling across our region. >> round one rolled through just a short time ago, now round two is moving in fast. these storms do have a history of flash floods as well as a lot of lightnthg. e are live pictures over northwest d.c. look quite ominous. u can see those clouds moving in.w, >> here's a look from the ground of what the earlier rain did in norst d.c. water came up fast on nebraska avenue near connecticut avenue. it's an all too familiar sight after monday's flood emergency. >> let's check in with doug who has been on the air since 11:00
6:00 pm
this morning. the floodwaters make us nervous. is this b going toe a repeat of handay? >> no, that's w we've been saying the whole time, definitely not a repeat from monday. so far, guys, we're getting out of thisetone pr good here. numerous flash flood warnings from baltimore all theup way towards philadelphia. we saw these storms actually form, the same ones that brought the flooding around baltimore actually helped our area, specially fairfax, the d.c. metro area and points to the north not see the incredibly heavy rain after those storms were through. you saw the first bout of heavy rain and it helped to stabilize the atmosphere. where wengare seei the very heavy rain, down to the south of washington, in and around mount 0ernon, a severe thunderstorm warning into 6:0. it will be allowed to expire. you may see that box actually disappear here. we're looking at this area righ here. this is a very strong storm. waiting to see. this may be a new warning in this region. numeus storms here. this one moving north in towards the beltway. this one


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