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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the i-95 corridor. future weather brings that tiny chance for a quick little shower or two between 3:0hiand 5:00 ts afternoon. l,t a big impact and most important of al no severe weather threat today. high temperature 89 degrees.he what about t friday commute, jack taylor? what are you working on? plan ahead like yesterday. canal road remains closed setween reservoir and foxhall. road was compro from monday's storms and yesterday didn't do any favors so plan ahead for that as well. detours around it. so find arizona avenue, macarthur stacked up and maybe george washington with more traffic. with that flooding from monday's storms, we have a couple of closures here.
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another strong system swe through the area bringing heavy rain and some isolated thunderstorms. after a tree crashed through one man's home in chevy chase he says he he is lucky to be alive. michael zilinger was sitting on is couch when a tree fell through the roof. >> i looked up and there werehe brancs coming through and i was shocked. >> he is now working with his insurance company to see what is covered. residents in louisiana are preparing for the worst as tropical storm barry moves to the gulf and the storm is inching closer to the ast. tropical storm barry set to land tomorrow and evacuations are under way right now. new orleans is still drying out from more than 9 inches of rain this week, which means the
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misissippi river is higher than normal. barry could lift the river to its highest level in nearly 70 years. 10 5 inches of rain are possible and if barry turns into a hurricane, that storm will make history. >> this will be the first time that we have had a hurricane make landfall in louisiana while the mississippi river wat flood stage. >> president trump has approved an emergency declaration for louisiana ahead of bay. that will put important federal resourc in place for disaster relief. >> metro riders may be a little weary this morning after learning of a suspected rape on a platform in the middle of the day. >> "news4 today" justin finch is libr with d-new detail on the suspect and how police tracked him down. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good g.mornin a chilling story for anyone, especially for metrorider. worried that a woman was raped in broad daylight yesterday and quick action tracking down the
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man who is allegedly behind all of this and got awayn a train car. this man abraham is in custody here. he was found at the metro station that a train was rolling as he goton a red line train on another stop where he exited and arrested a short time later. he reportedly assaulted a woman close to 12:30 p.m. yesterday on a platform here at a metro station. metro police telling us no other witnesswes or riders who nearby at the time. the woman was there alone. luckily, those cameras were rolling. we can tellyou that woman was taken to a hospital where she was given an evaluation as for abraham, he is fac a charge of first-degree rape pending his extradition from d.c. to here. riders are relieved to hear an
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arrest wase. mad a northwest d.c. neighborhood is on edge this morning after the third murder in that area this year. police found 33-year-old clton telfair shot several times on north capital street and m street yesterday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital where he later tied. this is the 85th murder in the district this year. students at morgan state university are dealing with the murder of onetheir classmates. manuel luis jr. was a sophomore busess and management major from prince george's county and killed off campus dorm when he was getting in his car. we are told two trspects were ying to rob him and police say luis was trying to leave early yehierday morning to get to parents home in hyattsville when he was killed. update to a story we brought you as breaking new yesterday. police are working to identify two men who were killed by an suv while on a park bench in
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downtowd.c. police say one of the men were homeless. they believe they were sleeping on bench when the suv crashed into them. the driver of the vehicle was taken to h theospital with no life-threatening injuhes. police e not decided whether to file charges against tat driver. plm megan mcgrath is live i ospringfield with more this story we are bringing you. >> reporter: good morning. the outbreak began 12 days ago. 1 in 5t residents ae skilled and assisted living section here at greenspring have fallen ill with some sort of respiratory illness. the illness likely contributed to the death ofwo residents here who also had anchorage complicated health issues. now, 18 residents have been taken to the hospital, 7 of
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those were treat and have returned to greenspring. 54 people have gotten ill. dew the tests are being taken. there are tests way to try to actually pinpoint the exact cause of this respiratory illness. greenspring released a statement saying, in part, they are working with health official here in the county and that they have taken all necessary measures to fully implement proven infectiond prevention an control strategies. the hope here is that things are i hroving. thee not been any new infections in the laed cou coming up we will hear from the health department and some of the steps that are being taken nfection doesthis not spread any further. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. developing right now, r&b singer r. kelly is in federal police custody and facing federal sex trafficking charges in brooklyn and chicago. he was picked up by homeland security invtigation agents
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and the nypd public safety task force. this arrest comes nearly five months after he was relsed on bail for additional sexual abuse charges. the latest acharges are child pornography among other charges. doug wilder kissed a college student without her consent according to the rts of the new investigation. he is 66 years older than the student. "the washington post" reports they cleared wilder of three other allegations the student made. wilder teaches at virginia commonwealth university. the student worked with him. wilder has an opportunity to t respo those results. wilder was the nation's first elected black governor and has until next week to contest the investigation's findings. president trump says he is backing off his effort to include a citizenship qstion
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on the 2020 census. >> instead,re the pdent says the government wl collect that question in a different way. the president is taking executive actio to direct every federal department and agency to make that information available to the commerce depart. this is a new effort taking into account how many citizens and noncitizens are currently in the country. it's a move that could still play role in political redistricting. >> we will collect all of the usformation we need to conduct an accurate cens and to make responsible decisions about public policy,oting rights, and representation in congress. >> this comes two weeks after the supre court ruled the trump administration couldn't include the question on the 2020 census. h opponene argued that including the question could make immigrants afraid to respond which could lead to a miscount. democrats call immigration rates planned this weekend a tactic aimed at stoking fear. two homeland security officials tell nbc that ice a ready to
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carry out those raids on sunday. the same raids that president trump postponed the last three weeks and expected to target ten city, including baltimore. the d.c. area is not on that pr list but the police in prince george's county have i made known it is not their job to enforce immigration laws, saying they do not coerate are ice on civil matters. a new poll shows a crowded pool of democratic hopeful. here is a look a standings after the first democratic debate. 12% of those polls say they definitely have made up their mind. coming up on 10 minutes after the hour. ahead on "news4 today," amazon is rolling out some great
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deals for the upcoming prime day but plenty of other retailers ready to keep up with ofme steals their own. consumer reporter susan hogan has tips to take advantage ofe primday. find out why these brothers lunged at a man moments before a man was going to sentence him. i think you'll like your friday on theashington area. if you're heading to eastern shore, good weather expected. more about our forecast is coming up. th
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morning, a dallas community is mourning the loss of a little bondafter his remains were f in a landfill. on wednesday, an amber alert was issued after 18-month-old cedric jackson was reported missing from his home. investigators fnd his remains il
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in that lanyesterday morning. police say a boyfriend of th child's aunt confessed that he put the child's body in a dumpster after he stopped breathing. boston red sox legend davide ortiz is vering after having a third surgery this week since being shot in the dominican republic. in a statement his wife says ortiz is recovering well and pi in good sts. last month the former slugger was shot in the back while at a nightclub in santo domingo. aominican officials say the shooting was a cse of mistaken identity and that owner tee was not the intendetarget. dramatic courtroom video shows two brothers lunging aftei a man was ced of murdering their mother. all of this happened in ou ystown, ohio, at a sentencing for the killer. he faces a possible life
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sentence for theeblp death of t mother. rother tried to attack thatzuh% killer. police tased e of the brothers before putting both in handcuffs. the sentencing hearing had to be postponed. investigators are trying tow figure outat set off a wild explosion that happened in north carolina. is shows the moment a kfc just blew up. that restaurant was closed at the time. so nobody was inside. nobody was explosion did damage five other business that were nearby. ford motor company is disputing claims it knowingly sold cars with defective transmissions. it was revealed that focus d siesta models are defect parts but they rolled them out any way. customers complaini the transmission would randomly stall and suddenly accelerat right now more than 1 million effected siesta and focus remain on the road.
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in a statement the company acknowledges the problem and state, quote. if you own an apple watch, iit could be eavesdropp on you. the company says it's disablinging a feature caused this issue. le says a bug in the walkie-talkie feature could a f. apple says a bug in the walkie-talkie feature could allow people to use that watch to listen to conversations through another person's iphone. the feature has only been around since about a year agit apple says ill remain disabled until that problem can be fixed. i've never used the walkie-talkie. >> me either. the countdown is on to amazon prime day and workers are busy they are stocked up for two-day sale event. >> the sale is strictly for the prime member. we are working for you to get on the bargains without paying for a membership. consumer reporter susan hogan has details. >> oporter: prime day kicks at 3:00 a.m. this monday. we have four things you need to know right now to make sure you are ready to take advantage of
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these deals. if you're not a prime member, no problem. crash the party with a free 30-day trial membership. juth don't forget to cancel auto renew. startop shng early. search the word sneak peek in the app right now to get an early look at some of the sales. if you see something you like, click watch this deal. and you will get a notification when the sale goes live. and shop around, you guys. other retailers are likely to offer deep discounts on monday and tuesday to compete with prime day. d we, of course, will have more tips for you leading up to monday, so be sure to stay tuned for what you need to know to save the most money. kid sleeping in, munching on junk food and spending way too much time in front of a screen could take a toll on your child's health and impact their progress when they return to school. up next week, we willhow you fun and easy ways to prevent summer brain drain.
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moms across the country are here in d.cmanding lawmakers take action on climate change. they gathered on the mall on thursday for an event called play in for climate change. the group is urging congress and the presidential candidates to take the climate their go is 100% clean energy by the year 2050. >> as somebody who has a voice to raise, i'm here today t ask and demand and beg our leaders to take the decisions that matter to save our planet. >> after the rally some of the moms met with their representatives in congress. we have to appreciate we are having moreat clim change conversations compared to a few years ago. nd the race to clean renewable energy only sta to benefit all of us. air pollution alone kills over 4 million people a year around the world. that is just air poution alone. let alone all of the problems
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with water and other things associated with climate mange. >> soh to learn. >> so much, indeed. we are dealing with barry now in the gulf of mexico. if you had travel plans thisek wend towards the new orleans area, i wou stronglyrecommend you not make that trip down there this weekend. they will have their hand full with rainfall. the storm is a tropical storm for now. it is still expected to potentially become a category 1 hurricane but r illy -- we have thought this for year. we need a new way to sort of register the threat from hurricane like oh, it's only a category 1. keep in mind, florence last year that hit north carolina, landed as a category 1 storm, about $25 billion worth of damage as a 1!category and remember sandy in 2012? it was not real technical a ll-on hurricane but a minimal category 1 storm when it made landfall on the jersey store and did almost $80 billion worth of
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damage. the category only concerns the sustained wind speed.l the rea damage is almost always done by the water. barry is going to delivery probably somewhere in the order of 15 to 20 inches of rain across a bighunk of louisiana. there is a lot of offshore drilling rigs there. shrimping and the l harvesting business could hit so shrimp prices and oil prices will likely go up as well. we may have to deal with some rainrreft of ba toward the middle and later parts of next week but that is a long way between now and then. for now, your friday is off to a cloudy and humid start this morning. 73 washington and 70 frederick, maryland. your planner for a fortodaytoda cloud and humid. upper 90 a small chance for a shower or two as the slightly less humid air tryo move onin. there is already a couple of drops this morning up near elks.
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a stray shower, maybe a rumble of thunder along the blue ridge left of leesburg. we have tracked that out in fairfax county and prince george's county. no severe weather expected today. these showers may not really end up materializing to too much but i don't want to give you the guarantee of a dry day. good news after 6:00, thing will dry up very quickly. your friday night plan. sun is not down until after 8:30 so sunset skies will clear out and we will be dry the rest of the evening so your outdoor plans tonight no problems at all. tomorrow sunny and hot. maybe less humid.
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that should be sunny. jack taylor, as long as it's not raining on your weekend, who cares. >> exactly. a closure on canal road between reservoir and foxhall because of roadway that washed away from monday's storms. road work in maryland on 270. left lane is getting by there. ne wi tasting in virginia and
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cookouts in maryland and late independence day celebrations. tell you what is happening this weekend on "the scene" with tommy mcfly straight ahead. stay with us all day long. "ellen" at 3:00 this afternoon and followed by
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you might plan to put on a ew pounds this weekend. food festivals abound all over the dmv. >> i'm tommy mcfly with your weekend scene. thousands of wine lovers will be heading to dillon's wood for the wine festival. >> 30 vendors and 30 craft brewers and music and array of art exhibits and art demonstrations. come on out' enjoy the fun. >> reporter: the ticket commemorates the 50th anniversary of a love for tourism campaign. across the bay brid on the island is a crab festival. all benefits to a local firepa detment there. you can do all your eat crabs if you dare or a la carte menu to enjoy also.
5:26 am
maryland summer on the water? what is better than that? spfaking o on the water. it's the ily festival in anacostia park. you can get up to the flowers in full bloom. this festival is not only about smelling the flowers, but a full roster of music, entertainment, arts, crafts, and plenty of instagrampportunities. d just when you thought the fireworks were over, alexandriau to the r everyone. they are celebrating on saturday, independence day, the 243rd birthday of ameri70, but the 2th birthday of alexandria. going to have a town crier to celebte the festivities and cake for everybody and fireworkt go off wa symphony behind them starting around 9:30. if you want to check out more events and activates this weekend and beyond, ch
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"the scene" on the nbc washington app. i'm tommy mcfly, "news4 today."e still a, a piece of apollo 11 history. after a week putting them to use, metro puts an end to automatic door technology. e will tell you why. chuck? >> this is cute bo available fon adopt in northeast washington. he is 2 yearsold and friendly as can be. you can adopt him as soon as you can get to the
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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm jummy olabanji in fog eun ya this morning. a dense fog advisory for
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fauquier county and spotsylvania county. visibility could is reduced but not an impact on the city. 71 baltimore, 72 fredericksburg. shenandoah valley temperature in the 60s. your commute today a mid afternoon rain shower. no severe weather day. temperature will climb from the low 70s at 7:00 a.m. to near 90 degrees. car washing forecast. dry for most of us but try all of us the weekend but hot. we will talk weekend s temperatureming up. jack taylor, good friday morning. good morning. you will find, uortunately, ur closure remain from monday's storm damage. canal road is blocked between reservoir and foxhall. it is closed until further notice. road was compromised from
5:32 am
monday's storm. on the freeway downtown delay building quickly off the 11th street width. third street tunnel staying right to get by. activity fr the storms in davidsonville in this area. breaking news from fairfax. police are invtigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. this happened ne leesburg pike andet payne stre in an area that was closed off for the investigation overnight but open now. the police are only saying thes victiman adult male and the driver of the car involved stayed on the scene. metro rider will be a little ary this morning after learning of a suspected rape on a platform in the middle of the day. >> news4 justin finch is live with brand-new detail on the
5:33 am
suspect and how police tracked him down. t reporter: it really is, you know, troubling hear a rape reported here in broad daylight on the metro. it turns out the surveillance cameras were rolling and caught the suspect abraham taddesse. he was arrested a short time after.ra metro tit place say no riders were nearby. it happened yesterday on t platform where the rape took place at the cheverally and taaddesse is facing rape charges and setting up a extradition for
5:34 am
him to come back and face charg charges. >> thank you, justin. happening today, a mceorial serviill be held for zoe spears. she is one of two transgender women killed this year in the same prince george's county neighborhood. >> she was killed in fairmont heights. this morning's service begins with a viewg at 10:00. it'saking place at a church on ridge street northwest. zoe spears was 23 years old. wa >> they are hing and waiting. this morning, millions of people remain in the path of tropical storm barry, a major system that is only growing in strength as ng travels across the gulf. the storm is brintrong wind and plenty of rain. invernor of louisiana expects up to 15 inches of raay fall in some areas. there are concerns the mississippi river, which is already higher than normal, may reach its highest level since 1950. not everybody is leaving. plenty of people have spent the
5:35 am
past week piling up sandbags and boarding up windows and buyi enough supplies to last them three days. the trial for sean urbanski has been deled until december. he is accused of killing richard collins on the university of maryland campus in 2017. court record say a judge delayed this. trial was supposed to start this month. monday storms brought down a tree crashing down on his home. a sky light was shattered sending glass flying everywhere. the livinroom was left a mess but no one was hurt. some in the neighborhood fear other trees may come down because ofll of the rain. this morning, police are working to identify the ten killed yesterday when they were hit by an suv while on a park bench in downtown d.c. both of the victims appeahto e been sleeping on that bench at the time. s the driver of the suv waken to the hospital with
5:36 am
nonlife-threatening injuries. police have not decided whe cer to fileharges. r. kelly has once again been rgrested in chicago. he is facing new c on sexual abuse. and also child pornography and obstruction of justice. omthis time, agents with heland security security and nypd were the one taking him in to custody. it is expected that kelly will be extradited to new york city. >> the former university of southern california doctor accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women is expected in court tay. george tynedal is accused of acting as if the women needed medically care. his accusers said they were inappropriately touched and photographed at the campus health center. he faces up to 53 years in prison if he is convicted. p we are aproaching the anniversary of th lunar landing and now you can bid on a piece of that history. >> this is the apollo 11 lunar module time line book.ok the bothey used to navigate
5:37 am
the surface of the moon 50 years ago. if you want to buy this, you can bid for auction on 20th at christi's in new york. one of 200 items related to space exploration going up for sale. weat book is said to have traces of moon dust as . it's expected to take in $7 and $ 9 million. speaking of history. this weekend serena williams may land herself in the record books. she is heading into her 11th wimbledon finals. at 37 years old she is the o iest grand slam finalistn the open era. if she wins this weekend, she will secure her eighth title which will be her 24th open victory. still ahead on "news4 today". a potentially game chag treatment for anybody with knee pain. plus the sy thing you can do each day to lower your
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cholesterol and blood pressure and maybe dp a few pounds. "news4 today" will be right back. good morning. ol this week, we are working to save you moneygroceries and, today, we a answering your questions to save you even more! from grocery delivery service to curbside pickup to finding the best prices on everyday items. get those questions ready and join us t od
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a different type of police pursuit for you here as take a look at this action happening at sea. this video is released by the u.s. coast guard ten while agents were chasing a submarine. look at this.>l the guy in this sub was suspected of having drugs in there. high-speed chase hned in june. agent eventually jumped out of their boat onto the submarine to
5:41 am
catch the guy inside. li gave himself up as they banged on the there. cocaine and marijuana were recovered in that. what a chase! this morning we are working with your health with word of new technology that may help bring relief from any of you suffering from knee pain. >> dorothy suffered knee pain while running for a marathon. her orthopaedic surgeon was able to repair the cartilage. ins the past places like thi were hard to reach and nearly impossible. doctors say it's better to fix the meniscus rather than o you can prevent sngrevit i future joine problems like arthritis and surgeries years later. >> i can only imagine what would have happened if i had not had the surgery. i probably needed a kneet. replacemen >> there is a drawback to this procedure. a long recovery me. patients send about six weeks on crutches and wear a brace so the tissue can fully heal.
5:42 am
it takes up to five months for patients to return to normal activity compared to other ho repair metd which have patients back to normal activii n a month or so. new research from duke university suggests cutting 300 calories out of your diet each day can help your heart. 200 adults were tracked each day for two years. those who cut 400th calories lost weight and improved their cholesterol and sugar levels. that is the quality of six oriole or 30 potato chips. chuck? >> perfect weekend to get some of the yard work done across the area. it will be sunny and hot both days but we should be dry. cill a littleance for rained today. more about that coming up. here is a gardening tip for the day we're the slowskys.
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i'd rather not. after weeks of ttling the courts and his critics, president trump has abandoned his efforts to adding citizenship question for the 2020 census but in political defeat the president aured his supporters his fight was not finished. >> what is the president's plan?
5:46 am
>> the president is backing off initial plan but not off the fight. instead he has issued an executive order to federal agencies to turn over citizenship information using already existing databases. those agencies would include things like the department of homeland security, the social security administratio they say putting that question on the census would have a chilling efftst that immigran would be too scared to respond and undercut the count of people living inpo certain litical districts. all of ofthis amid news of mass deportation plan for this weekend targeting at lea ten major u.s. cities, including baltimore. both moves are prompting waves of fear in immigrant communities, as well as showing the president's base that he is continuing his fht against illegal immigration. back to you guys. >> sarah, thank you. a few hours, presidentrump will lead d.c. to head to the
5:47 am
midwest. he will start the day in milwaukee and first attending ai fund-rr and touring an an aviation pl and then head back east if a fund-rair before head back to massachusetts. the house judiciary committee has approved a new batch of subpoenas. jared kushner and jeff sessions are on that list. also included former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and john kelly and corey lewandowski. a david pecker is also on this list. he is the tabloid publisher who allegedly helped by the adolescence of two women before the 2016 presidential election to protect then candidate donald trump from a sex scandal. developing this morning. local ple are dead at a retirement community and health official are trying to figure out if it's because of an illness that recently sickened a handful of other residents. >> news4 megan mcgrath joins us at greenspring retirement
5:48 am
community in silver spring. >> reporter: this outbreak began 12 days ago. 1 in 5 residents here at greenspring has come down with a respiratory illness. health ficial are trying to figure out whether that contributed to the deaths of two residents here who were suffering from other complicated health issues as wel now 18 residents have been hospitalized, seven of those have since returned to eenspring after receiving treatment. 54 residents have gotten sick. now, the retirement community has been working with the healtv departmentery closely. they say to prevent the further spread of this virus. >> the recommendations of theth he department include cancelling gatherings among the tsidents, keeping residents who are ill ineir rooms, increasing hand washing at the
5:49 am
facilit rfacility. >>orter: greenspring released a statement saying, in part. i should mention that lab tests are under way to try to pinpoint the exact cause of this respiratory illness the hope here is that they have rounded the corner, turned the corner here. there have been no additional infections in the last coutoed. back ou. >> megan mcgrath is live in springfield, thank you. call this next story a dilemma. less th a week after metro started automatic door operations on the red line have stopped it. most were opening appropriately
5:50 am
but closing automaticallynd metro is trying to figure out what is happening. the montgomery county school district says it is suffering from a lack of substitute teachers but created a plan to fix that problem according to our news partrs at wtop. they will change hiring requirements. instead of asking all potential subs have a bachelor's degree, anyone with an associate's degree or 60 hours of college credit will be considered. >> bold town alexandria hasen forced to close up shop after flash floods caused damage. they are trying to get thing back in order but they have a log road ahead. she says two inches of standing water in that store and all of the carpeting needs to be
5:51 am
replaced. the water reached more than 300 books about to be donated to a local charity. >> i'm sure the store will survive because we have a very loving mmunity. l we have gotten are best wishes, offers to volunteer time. >> the good news here is the store in insured so damage should be covered. hopefully they can get back on their feet very >>soon. yes, indeed. we have animproving, i think, weather picture. i think you'll like today and the weekend. first thing, though, a little bit of fog to dthal wi down across parts of north central virginia. fauquier county andlp cuer county and visibility down under a mile there. if your travels take you to that area, be on the lookout for local physical fog. the sun is now getting rey to rice. skies are trying to clear out. we will have enough sunshine this morning, bubbling up of cloud during the afternoon which could bring us a quick rain chance most of the day but most of us don't have to worry too much about the impact our friday's plans. six0snd low to start your
5:52 am
day. hot and humid today. sunshine to get temperatures into thepper 80s. then during the middlef oe afternoon, just enough moisture around and this boundary sliding down through the area. that may generate one or two lonesome showers. a little bit of rain is toward petersrg and elkins. with each hour it showse a littl bit less of a threat for rain. this is considerably less than it loked like runs ago on the computer here. still a small chance of a five or ten minute long rain shower. not expecting any severe weather today and these will be low impact passing showers in and out of her ino time. sun is not down until after 8:30. i think by 8:00 or 8:15 the skies will clear out and the weather will begin to improve immediately. today's high 89. our ren chanc today barely at 20%. here is your ten-day forecast. b
5:53 am
ry should be making landfall somewhere along louisiana coastline late tonight or during the day tomorrow.ll eventuathat moisture will have to go somewhere. if we have to deal with the tropical moisture we are probably in the thursday/friday time frame of next week but a long way to go between now and then. more interest the specifics on barry the next half hour. for now over to wtop and jack taylor. >> thank you. look at tri barcades. not getting through canal road that is blockedn betwexhall and reservoir and closed until further notice. delays building on the freeway off the 11th street bridge. very slow head to a crash before the third street tunnel block the left lane and two of the right lane getting by and crews
5:54 am
hope to be out of there within the next hour. 270 northbound direction between 118 and 121. only left lane getting by. good morning. i'm here with your cnbc report. human workers record conversations between users and its google assistant software. how it listens to conversation by accident. google takes precaution to protect user identities and protection in place to prevent [ inaudible ] google assistant activates on its device without a wake-up word like google.
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? ? ? if you love guacamole expect to pay more. the price for avocados has spiked due to low price. the national averageow is more than 2nd and double the price when comred to this time last year. experts say the wholesale prices of avocados from mexico have gone up and now that cost is getting passed on to s.consumer summer is usually a time when students pick up a job to earn some extra cash. >> now more older teen a using their summer vacation to improve their college resumes. more older teens are using thei summer vacatio improve their college resume. the number of teens that enroll in summer courses and volunteer programs has gone up significantly. and so is hav g that first job. >> you can only learn so much in a classroom about how to actually work. in many cases, those first jobs are really important at teaching skills that supplement classroom education but can't replacet. >> many businesses have shifted their recruiting tactics and
5:56 am
they are now bringing younger workers into the fold and older teens become less available. still ahead at 6:00 at "news4 today." under arrest again. the new charges r&b singer r. kelly faces and why he may face extraditio ind out why he is facing new legal charges. >> caug a farmer. -- camera. a restaurant explode in the middle of the night and investigation begins how to find out why. stay with us.
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another round of strongs storminging down a tree on a house in maryland. but some rain relief could be moving in just in time. >> no breaks for people down at the gulf. a hurricane warning is in effect in louisiana. people are gearing up to get through that sto r. singer. kelly facing new federal sex crime charges and find out why he'll be brought to new york for this case. good morning, everybody. just about 6:00 a.m. a new, yet familiar, face joining us here on "news4
6:00 am
today." jummy olabanji is now a part of the team here at news4. welcome. >> thank you. yes, i'm filng in for eun yang so she can have a friday off. i'm glad to be home after spend ago couple of years at new york city in at our sister station. >> you say back home. this is /shohome? >> yes. i grew up in shachan dtilly. hello, mom. >> jack taylor isin track the commute this morning for melissa. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist buchuck bell. >> jummy, yu will very pular. you joined the team and the weather has improved just in time for the weekend. welcome, welcome. skies outside. o a little bit cloud cover and impressionistic looking


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