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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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joining us here on "news4 today." jummy olabanji is now a part of the team here at news4. welcome. >> thank you. yes, i'm filng in for eun yang so she can have a friday off. i'm glad to be home after spend ago couple of years at new york city in at our sister station. >> you say back home. this is /shohome? >> yes. i grew up in shachan dtilly. hello, mom. >> jack taylor isin track the commute this morning for melissa. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist buchuck bell. >> jummy, yu will very pular. you joined the team and the weather has improved just in time for the weekend. welcome, welcome. skies outside. o a little bit cloud cover and impressionistic looking picture
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and how claude monet would paint the sunrise. on the whole, a beautiful morning. ndenty of humidity still lingering around that will lead to a little chance for a stray shower later today but no severe weather. nmore informatio on tropical storm barry and the wide ranging impact that storm will have on the gulf coast the course of the whtkend. rignow leesburg, good morning. 63 degrees. 71 now in clinton, maryland. your planner, four thing to know about today. hot and humid. upper 80s to near 90 today and 90s over theeekend but much lorraine chances. i'll show you your future weather to time out what little opportunity is there for rain our friday coming up. jack taylor, good morning. good morning, chuck. slow traffic in the dtrict off 295 inbound from the 11th street bridge. first a crash on the third nd that cleared and then a broken down vehicle on the ride of the roadway that also cleared. now all travel lanes are open but delays hopefully will begin
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to e. canal road still closed between recess voir arv rer and foxhall. the road is e. canal road stilclosed between reservoir and foxhall. the road is compromiseae. canal road still closed between reservoir and foxhall. the road is compromisese. canal road still closed between reservoir and foxhall. the road is compromised. new incident on the beltway on pennsylvania avenue with ang vehicle facihe wrong direction. right lane is blocked and authorities are there. another strong storm system swept through the area yesterday bringing heavy rain and some isolated thunderstorms. after a tree cshed through one chevy chase man's home, he says he is lucky to be alive. michael zilinger was sitting on his couch when a tree fell through the roof. power lines were also brought down in the area. >> i looked up and there were branches coming through and i was shocked. >> he is now working with his insurance company to see what is covered. residents in louisiana are a
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prering for the worst as tropical storm barry moves to the gulf and the storm is gaining strength as it is inching closer to the coast. tropical storm barry set to land aromorrow and evacuations e under way right now. new orleans is still drying out from more than 9 inches of rain this week,hich means the mississippi river is higher thaa norl. barry could lift the river to its highest level in nearly 70 years. 10 to 15 inches of rain are possible and if barry turns into a hurricane, that storm will make history. >> this will be the first time that we have had a hurricane make landfall in louisiana while the mississippi river was at flood stage. >> president trump has approved an emergency declaration for louisiana ahead of the storm. that will put important federal resources in place for disasteri re. police are investigating a suspected rape on aro m platform. >> news4 justin finch is live at
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the cheverally station and how authorities were able to track him down. >> it turns out the key to tracking this station at cameras that were rolling at this station and suspect in the case got on a red line train and tried to maken escapebut he did not get far. looking at your screen that is him alabama taddesse who went one stop over into d.c. where he exited and later taken into y custod this was minutes after metro transit police say that he xually assaulted a moment at a platform here at cheverly in yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. you might wonder why no one else stopped to hlp or sawny aing. it turn out official say no other rider were on that platform at the time. the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation. for abham he is prepared for
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extradition back to maryland from d.c. where now being held for a first-degree rape charge. you have to imagine a lot of rider here at this station for metro are happye to h quick action was taken in this case and an arrest has been made.o back tyou. >> thank you, justin. this morning, northwest d.c. neighborhood on edge after the d third mur in that area this year. police found 33-year-old clifton telfair shot several times on north capital street and m street yesterday afternoon. this is the 85th murder this year in the district. students at morgan state university are dealing with the murder of one of their classmates. manuel luis jr. was a sophomore business and managemen major from prince george's countand killed near an off campus dorm when he was getting in his car at around 5:00 in the mornid . we are tolo suspects were trying to rob him and police say luis was trying to leave early yesterday morning to get to his
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parents home in hyattsvils e whn he walled. e search for the two suspects is still ongoing. br>> update to a story we ought you as breaking new yesterday. police are working to identify who men who were killed by an suv while on a park bench in downtown.c. police say one of the men were homeless. they believe they were sleeping on bench when the suv crashed into them off monroe park on pennsylvania avenue. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. wpolice have not decidedther to file charges depends that driver. a maryland judge has delayed the trial of sean urbanski. he is accused of killing a man in 2017. court record show the delay was granted so the defense could investigate prosecution evidence. this is the fourth time that
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trial has been delayed. developing right now. r. kelly has once again been arrested in he is fg new charges on sexual abuse. this time, agents with home snd securityurity and nypd were the one taking him in to custody. the arrest is five months after he was released on bail for additional sexual abuse charges. the latest include child pornography and obstruction of justice. s rther details on the case expected to be announced later today when he appears in federal court in new york. doug wilder kissed a college student without her consent according to the results of the new investigation. that cleared three allegations the student made including sex exploitation and retaliation. he teaches at vru and the student worked with him. he was the nation's first
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elected black govern and has until next week to contest the investigation's ndings. president trump says he is backing off his effort to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> instead, the president says the government will collect that information in a different way. the president is taktig exe action to direct every federal department and agency to make that formation available to the commerce department. it's a new effort to get an account of how many citizens and noncitizens are currently in the country. it's a move that could still play a role in political redistricting. >> we will collect all of the information we need to conduct an accurate census and to make responsible decisions about public policy, voting rights, and representation in congress. >> this comes two weeks after the supreme court ruled the trump administration couldn't include the question on the 2020 census. opponents havargued that including the question could make immigrants afaid to respond, which could lead to a miscount. democrats call immigration
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raids planned this weekend a tactic aimed at stoking fear. two homeland security officials tell nbc news that ice is ready to carry out those raids on sunday.ds the same raihat president trump postponed the last three weeks and expected to target ten cie.ies, including baltimor the d.c. area is not on that list but the police department in prince george's county have made it known it is n their job to nforce immigration laws, saying they do not cooperate are icn civil matters. agroup rallied outside a -- yesterday. ty plan to use hotels to detain children who can't be put in adult detention centers and the group is pressuring hotels to publicly promising not to be any such plan. marriott says he hass no plan to do that and if asked they wouldt
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decline tha request. >> we turn to the democratic presidential hopeful race. a new poll shows a crowded pool democratic hopefuls. here is a look at standings after the first democratic debate. the poll found among voters second choice harris lead followed by warren and sander. 12% of those polled say they upave definitely made their mind. ahead on "news4 today," azon is rolling out great deals for the upcoming prime day but there are plenty of other retailers ready to keep up with deals of their own. consumer reporter susa hogan has some tips how you can be a big winner on prime day. find out why these brothers lunged at a man moments before a judge was going to sentence him.
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raindrops across west virginia and i'll let you kn ow
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this morning a dallas community is mourning the loss y of a little bfter his remains were found in a landfill. on wednesday, an amber alert was issued after 18-month-old cedrip jackson was rorted missing from his home. yvestigators found his remains in that landfillesterday morning. police say a boyfriend of the child's aunt confessed that he put the child's body in a dumpster after he stopped breathing. dramatic courtroom video br shows two others lunging after a man was convicted of murdering
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their mother. all of this happed in youngstown, ohio, at a sentencing hearing for that killer. the victim's sons and their sister were reading a statement when they attacked. police tased one of the others before putting both men in handcuffs. you can imagine, the sentencing hearing was postponed. tovestigators are trying figure out what set off a wild explosion that happened in north carolina. this shows the moment a kfc just blew a. threstaurant was closed at the time. so nobody was inside. nobody was hurt. the explosion did damage five other business that were nearby. ford motor company is disputing claims it knowingly sold cars with defective transmission, despite warnings from engineers. the do"detroit free press" revealed that focus and siesta models are defect parts but they rolled them out any way. customers complaining the transmission would randomly stall and suddenly accelerate.
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ilright now more than 1 mon effected siesta and fus remain on the road. in a statement the company acknowledges the problem and stating, quote. if you own an apple watch, it could be eavesdroppinyoon the company says it's disabling a feature caused this issue. apple says a bug in the walkie-talkie feature could allow people to use that watch to listen to conversations through another person's iphone. the featureas only been around about a year. ple says it will remain disabled until they can fix the probl problem. get the wallets ready. the countdown is on to amazon prime day and workers are busy they are stocked up for two-day sale event. >> the sale is strictly for the foime member. we are working you to get on the bargains without paying for a membership. consumer reporter susan hogan has details. >> reporter: prime day off at 3:00 a.m. this monday. we have four things you need to know right now to make sure you are ready to take advantage of these deals.
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if you're not a prime member, no problem. crash the party with a free -day trial membership. just don't forget to cancel the auto renew. start shopping early. search the word sneak peek in the app right now to get an early look at some of the sales. if you see somethingou like, click watch this deal. and you will get a notification when the sale goes live. and shop around, you guys. other retailers are likely to ofdaer deep discounts on mony and tuesday to compete with prime day. and we, of course, will have more tips for you leading up to monday, so be sure to stay tuned ner what you need to know to save the most mo kid sleeping in, munching on junk food and spending way too much time in front of a screen could take a toll on your child's health and impact their progress when they return to school. up next week, we will show you fun and easy ways to prevent summer brain drain.
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moms across the country are here in d.c. demanding lawmakers take action on climate change. they gathered on the mall on thursday for an event called play in for climate change. the group is urging congress and the presidential candidates to at that time climate crisis seriously. their goal is 100% clean energy by the year 2050. >> as somebody who has a voice to raise, i'm here today to ask and demand and beg our leaders to take the decisions that matter to save our planet. >> after the rally, some of the moms met with their representatives in congress to continue the conversation. good weekend to athat time d out to the pool and enjoy the sun. >> don't fergusheorget t spf. 50 or higher is rcommended because the sun angle this time of the year will cook you in malts ofm utes. high uv index for both saturday
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and sunday means burn time could be 20 minutes or less. cover yourself up in spf. tropical storm barry off the louisiana coastli here. the hurricane center, the official forecast brings this storm as a category 1 hurricane on shore probably during the day on saturday and probably late tomorrow.o noon time whether it becomes a category 1 hurricane or is not is irrelevant in the fact what have it has the potential to doo the louisiana gulf coast. there is a lot of offshore drilling rigs here and they have to suspend that and that couldu cagas prices to go up. the mississippi river is at or above flood stage more than a thousand miles north of new orleans formonths. so now we have a tropical landfall tropical system on top of a swollen mississippi river valley with a potential for 15 to 20 inches of additional rain, all across parts of louisiana. if youek had wend travel plans to go to new orleans, perhaps even over toward the coast of
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mississippi as far west of houston you may reconsider and especially if your travel plans are down to l. i would recommend you cancel those plans now and give them a chance to get all of this storm dealt with over the next coupled. around here fortoday, improving weather picture. thick fog. down from about warrenton and culper and spotsylvania county for watch out for thick fog. in the washington area sunshine has returned on a friday g. mornin 72 in d.c. and 68 panhandle of west your planner friday. look at the sunshine! hot and humid today. highs in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. a very small, but not zero, percent chance of rain as a little change in air mace comes through here and most of the light rain is out mountains of west virginia. walk you through future weather. rain chances are low, low, low, butmp not cotely zero between about 3:00 and 7:00, there might
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be an isolated little pop-up shower or two. no severe weather to worry about today. just a quick little rain chance. that's it. beach weather is coming up. now jack taylor in the radio room. >> a beach would be nice. focus on the now. canal road still blocked betweee ervoir and foxhall from monday's storms. with nice weather crew can do a lot of work so they need the sunshine.
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backo you. jack, thank you. wine tasting to v. and cookouts in maryland and latece day independay celebration. tommy mcfly will have a ahead. "ellen" at 3:00 this afternoon and followed by your news 4:00. we're the slowskys.
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welcome back. 6:24. you might plan t on a few pounds this weekend. food festivals abound all over the d.c. region. >> "news4 today" tommy mcfly hilights what isappening this weekend. >> i'm tommy mcfly with your weekend scene. thousands of wine lovers will be head to go virginia this weekend fo the food and wine festival. >> 30 vendors and three craft brewers and continuous music and arrtay of art exhibits and a demonstrations. come on out and enjoy the fun. >> reporter: tmo ticket corates the 50th anniversary of a love for tourism campaign. across the bay bridge on the island is a crab festival. all benefits to a local fire department there. d
6:25 am
you can all you can eat crabs if you dare or a la carte menu to enjoy also. maryland summer on the water? what is better tn that? speaking of on the water. it's the lily festival in anacostia park. saturday and sunday, you can giget up and close to the full bloom. this festival is not only about he flowers, but a full roster of music, entertainment, arts, crafts, and plenty of instagram opportunities. and just when you thought the fireworks were over, alexandria to the rescue, everyone. they are celebrating on saturday, independence day, the 243rd birthday of america, but the 270th birthday of alexandria. going to have a tn crier to celebrate the festivities and cake for everybody and fireworks go off with a symphony behind them starting around 9:30. if you want to check out more
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events and activities this weekend and beyond, then search "the scene" on the nbc washington app. i'm tommy mcfly, "news4 today." >> still ahead, own a piece of apollo 11 history. we will tell you how. after a week putting them to use, metro puts an end to automatic door technology. we will tell you why. chuck? >> this is cute bo available for adoption. go to humane dog resclliance to find out how to adopt bo or any other dog you
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good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mummy olabanji in for eun yang who hat day off. >> let's start with your forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> sun is up already. sky isdy partly clou to mostly
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cloudy. there are areas of fog out central virginia this morning but on the whole a nice way to start your friday. 60s and 68 in front royal. 68 degrees in columbia, maryland. your commuter forecast. most of us won't need to worry about it but a tiny opportunity a chance of rain. start off 70 andnd up 90 this afternoon. car washing forecast for today? honestly, go ahead and get away withyt. drost of the area today and all dry as we get into the weekend. but hot. more about the weekend hot spot temperatures coming up. for now over to wtop. >> planodfor it t again. canal road still closed between reservoir d foxhall for the damage done. 270 in the northbound direction.
6:31 am
i think crews just wrapped up. lanes open. overnight milling and paving project and delay a haeased. their friday has just begun. a little delayss from mana hopefully will begin to ease. fairfax county police arees ingating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. this happened near leesburg pike and payne street in the baileysr crossroads a. the area was closed off for the investigation overnight but open now. police are only saying that the victim is an adult male and the driver of the carinvolved stayed on the scene. also developing this morning, two people are dead atm a local retirt community and health official are trying to
6:32 am
figure out if it's because of an illness that rehabilitate sicena handful of residents. >> megan mcgrath i livehere with more. >> reporter: good morning. this outbreak began 12 days ago and 1 in 5 residents at the skilled and assisted livingon secere at greenspring have come down with a respiratory illness. health official areve igating whether that are whether that contributed to the deaths of two residents that also had other complicated health issues.en now 18 resid have been hospitalized. 7 of those residents have since returned to greenspring after getting treatment. 54 residents have gotten sick. the retirement community is working closely to the health department and working hard to prevent further spread of this virus. >> the recommendations of the health department incle
6:33 am
ncelling gatherings among the residents, keeping residents who are ill in their rooms, increasing cleaning and hand washing at the facility. >> reporter: greenspring released a statement saying, in part. i should mention that lab tests are under way to try to pinpoinu the exact c of this respiratory illness and the hope here is that they have turned the corner. thereave been no additional infections in this case the last couple of days. back to you >> megan mcgrath is live in springfield, thank you.
6:34 am
this morning, northwest d.c. neighborhood on edge after the third murder in that area this year. poifice found 33-year-old n telfair shot several times on afrth capital street and m street yesterday ternoon. no motive for the killing is known right now. happening today, a morial service will be held for zoe spears. she is one of two transgender women killed this year in the same prince george's county neighbe hood. >> shs killed in fairmont heights in june, two and a half months after her friend was also killed. neither murder has been solved to this point. this morning's service begins with a viewing at 10:00. it's taking ple at a church on ridge street northwest. zoe spears was 23 years old. here is a look at other top stories. the trial for sean urbanskiy has been d until december. he is accused of killing richard collins on the university of maryland campus in 2017. court record show a judge granted delay to the defense would investigate evidence. trial was supposed to start this month.
6:35 am
monday storms brought down a tree crashing down on his home. a sky light was shattered sending glass flying everywhere. the living room was left a mess but one was injured. other trees brought down power line in the area. they fear other trees couldcome down because of all the rain. this morning, police are working to identify the two menl ki yesterday when they were hit by an suv while on a park bench in downtown d.c. both of the victims appear to have been sleeping on that bench at the time. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital wit nonlife-threatening inries. police have not decided whether to file charges.el r. k has once again been arrested in chicago. he is facing new charges of sexual abuse and child pornography and obstruction of justice. this time, agents with homeland security and nypd were the one taking him in to custody. it is expected that kelly will be extradited to new york city. or> the former university of southern califa doctor accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women is expected in
6:36 am
court today. george tynedal is accused of i actinthe women needed medical care in order to abuse them. he plead the not guilty earlier this year. his accusers said they were priately touched and photographed at the campus health center. he faces up to 53 years in prison if he is convicted. we are approaching the anniversary of the lunar landing and now you can bid on a piece of that history. >> this is the apollo 11 lunar t modulee line book. ths is the book neil armstrong and bud aldridge used to surface the moon 50 years ag if you want to buy this, you can bid for auction on july 20th at christi's in new york. one of 200 items related to space exploration going up for sale. that book is said to have traces of moon dust. it's expected to take in $7 and $9 million. you can at that time moon dusts aninkle it on your
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porkchops maybe or whateverd you'ke to do. >> all right. speaking of some history. this weekend serena williams may land herself in the record books. she is heading into her 11th hembledon finals. at 37 years old, s is the oldest grand slam finalist in the open era. if she wins this weekend, she will secure her eighth title which will be her 24th open victory. still ahead on "news4 today". a potentially game changing treatment for anybody with knee pain. plus the easy thing you can do each day to lower ur holesterol and blood pressure and maybe drop a few pounds. "news4 today" will be right back. good morning. all this week, we are working to save you money on groceries and, today, we are answering your questions to save you even more! from grocerdelivery service to curbside pickup to finding the best prices on ev
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you've seen police chase befo but probably not like this one at pretty dramatic video here released by the.s. coast guard and taken while agents were chasing a smarine. you see the agent banging on the door there. the agent caught up with the guy after a high-speed chase. cocaine and marijuana were recovered from that sub. this morning we are working with your health with word of new technology that may help bring relief frm any of you ffering from knee pain. >> dorothy suffered knee pain while training for a marathon. using this device, tir orthopaedic surgeon was able to repair the cge. in the past, places this were hard to reach and nearly impossible. doctors say it's better to fix the meniscus rather than removing it so you can prevent
6:41 am
joint problems like arthritis and future surgeries years later. >> i can onlymagine what would have happened if i had noterad the surg i probably needed a knee replacement. >> there is a drawback to this procedure. a long recovery time.ti pats spend about six weeks on crutches and wear a brace so the tissue can fully heal. it takes up to five months for patients to return to normal activity compared to other ai repr methods which have patients back to normal activity in a month oreso. new search from duke university suggests cutting 300s calout of your diet each day can help your 200 adults we tracked each day for two years. those who cut 300 calories lost weight and improved their cholesterlo cholesterol, bod pressure, and sugar levels. 300 calories is the equivalent of of six oreos or 30 potato chips. i'm here at cnbc headquarters. google is not letting people
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listen to conversations between users and it's google assistance software. theec companyded how worker sometimes listen to audio captured by accident. google takes says ites precaution and protects in place to prevent this. the company says workers review conversations to help the software operate in multiple languages. good morning. after a tough week weather wise, lot of folks will be cleaning up the yard this weekend. a beautiful weekend for yard work. it will be hard but sunny and dry. here is your gardening tip of the day. your ten-day forecast is coming up and beach forecast. canal road is still closed. you can s the barriers up
6:43 am
there. no time frame given when the road will reopen. but with good weather for the weekend,
6:44 am
6:45 am
tro rider may be a little weary this morning after learning of a suspected rape on a platform in thee middlf the day. >> news4 justin finch is live with more details and how the police tracked the suspect down. >> reporter: it's hard to believe at first but metro
6:46 am
transit police say there were no riders w ornesses present on that platform when with the reported rape happened yesterday afternoon so their surveillance system was up and rning and helped authorities catch their suspect. he has been identified as a man there onyour screen abraham taddasse. they caught him getting on the train after the attack and taking a train one stop over to another stop over in d.c. he was arrested soafter. the victim in this case was taken to the hospital for aaluation taddesse was taken into custody in.c. where he remains and set for extradition back here to maryland and face a charge of first-degree rape. back to you. >> thank you. watching and waiting. this morning, millions of people remain in the path of tropical storm barry, a major system that is only growing in strength as r it travels ass the gulf. >> the tropical storm could
6:47 am
become a hurricane later on today. we have got the weath channel jim cantore on what the area can expect. >> reporter: we got a little test on wednesday with about 6 to 10 inches of rain that flood the city in spots. that overwhelms the pump can handle a inch one hour and we got three inches per hour and overwhelmed everything. the good news the pumps are ú=)q supposed to do. if we will get into a situatith at type of rainfall rate comes ed again that is worrisome. they are not us to dealing with a river at 16 1/2 feet. usually this time of the year it's 6to 8 feet. some parts of the city are actually 30 foot lower than the top of that forecast of the river. scary thing. the army corps of engineers has assured the levees will hold and
6:48 am
pump will work be working and not flood the system. this i a system that is sheared and not strengthen rapidly but the rain and rainfall rates that will be the problem. because there are area protected by levees, parishes are under be mandatory evacuations as of yesterday. after weeks of battling the cots and his critics, president trump has abandoned his efforts to adding citizenship question for the 2020 census but in political defeat the president assured his supporters his fight was not finished >> he promises hi his administration would,ot que, leave no stone turned. nbc hallie jackson explains. >>eporter: president strutrump trying to figure out who is
6:49 am
livingere illegally. the president wants parts of his administration to hand overt to he commerce department records a they alr have about citizenship to more accurately determine thatcount. the president is framing this as a victory for his administration and get the information he wants to have but the opponents like the alcu are calling this ami huating and totally defeat for president trump. we will have more on"today" show. in a few hours, president trump will lead d.c. to head to the midwest. he will start the day in milwaukee fund-raiser and touring an aviation plant and then head to cleveland for fund-raiser before heading back to th white house. the house judiciary committee has approv o a new batsubpoenas. jared kushner and jeff sessions are on that list. also included is former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein
6:50 am
an ferorofm itwhus staff john kelly and corey lewandowski. a david pecker is also on this list. he is the tabloid publisher who allegedly helped by the silence of two women before ecthe 2016 presidential elon to protect then candidate donald trump from a sex scandal. less than a week after metro started automatic door operation on thred line, it is suspended t theechnology indefinitely. our partners at wtop report that most of the doors were opening but closing unexpectedly and metro is tying to figure out what is happening. the montgomery countyctchool distrisays it is suffering from a lack of substitute teachers but created a plan to fix that problem according to our news partners at wtop. the county bter of education said it will change hiring requirements in opes of seeking more applications. instead of asking all potential subs have a bachelor's degree, anyone with an associate's
6:51 am
degree or 60 hours of college credit will be considered a book store owner in ad town alexndria has been forced to close up shop after flash floods caused damage. the owner is trying to get things back in order but they have a long road a ad. she says two inches of standing water in that store and all of the carpeting needs to be replaced. the water reached more than 300 books about to be donated to a local charity. chuck, no rain to worry about today? >> small chance for rain today but not anmpactful amount of rain and most important of all, no severe weather to worry about today or for your weekend plans. you saw jim alcantore ng the louisiana coastline. tropical storm barry may not make it up category 1 hurricane before making landfall at the southern louisiana coastline
6:52 am
late tonight or early on saturday. wind is not the concerned. it is the water. 20 inches or rain or more. if you havend a weekerip down that area you mayc reonsider going down there. they wou might as well stay home because terrific weather.e it is humid outside right now. all of that humidity lead to a small chanceor a shower today but rain chances only 20%. rain chance with air mass change and take an edge off the humidity omtrow. raindrops in petersburg and no rain around the city this or mng. your future weather, high resolution forecast model keeps updating itself every hour and each hour, it is moremo and optimistic that our rain chances are somewhere between slim and none. not quite all the way to none but very slim chances for a
6:53 am
raindrop or two today. no severe weather expected shower chances are higher once you g down towards southern maryland and the northern neck and on the eastern shore. if you're beach-bound on a friday, a little chance for raindrops late this evening along the coastline but saturday and sunday, ocean city to rehoboth, great weather. 80s on saturday and near 90 on saturday and ocean water up to 73 degrees. not bad there. at home tomorrow, temperatures in the low 90s with plenty of sunshine. what about the friday morning commute? here is jack taylor with more on that. definitely a friday pace. canal road stl closed between reservoir and foxhall.
6:54 am
all lane blocked. bw parkway moving well. heading out to the beach if you're ioading that direct right now, 50 going eastbound to the bay bridge traffic very light heading outo to the plaza. enjoy it. back to you. if you love guacamole, expt to pay more for it. price for avocados has spiked due to low price. the national average now is more than 2nd and double the price when compared to this time last year. experts say the wholesale prices of avocados from mexico have gone up and now that cost is g passed on to consumer summer is usually a time when students pick up a job to earn some extra cash. >> now more older teens are using their summer vacation to improve their college resumes. more older teens are using their summer vacation to improve their
6:55 am
college resume. the number of teens that enroll in summer courses and volunteer programs has gone up significantly.ri while prepa for college is important, but experts say so is that first job. >> you can only learn so much in a classroom tuout how to ly work. in many cases, those first jobs are really important at teaching skills that supplement classroom education but can't replace it. >> many busnesses have shifted their recruiting tactics and they are now bringing younger workers into the fold and older teens beco less available. here is a look at four things to the new cha&b singer r. kelly faces and why he may face extradition. we will learn more about the federal charges when he appears in federal court later today. a man is in custody and accused of raping a woman on the cheverly station yesterday afternoon. we will have updates throughout the day on the suspect's pending extradition to maryland.
6:56 am
president trump has two fund-raisers today in milwaukee and cleveland and tour an aviation plant in wisconsin. check out the "today" show for more. many people alo the gulf coast are arriving for the arrival of tropical storm barry. the mississippi river may reach its highest level since 1950. check out full report from al roker next on "today." a chance to enjoy dry weather around here. hot and humid today. tiny chance for a drop this afternoon but most of your fridaylans will not be impacted by mother nature. weekend hot for sure. we will have to see the moisture left from barr and haso come in this gerally direction. most likely time for us to deal with that is thursday, lingering into friday but a long way from now. in the meantime have a nice weekend. welcome, jummy.
6:57 am
>> thank you very much. >> you made it through youow first ith us. no harm? feeling good? >> yes. >> takes a while to get used to early morning. >> a lot of coffee back here! >> that is the news for today. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> "today" is next. see you in 25 minutes for all or uver wea your weather, traffic, and local news. >> in the meantime, make it a great friday, everybody. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected.
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goodmo good ing. bracing for the worst. tropical storm barry gains strength and barrels toward the gulf coast t.overnigh evacuations ordered. the national guardactivated. rain already being measured in feet with historic flooding expected. we're live in new orleans and al has brand new information just in on the storm's path. state of the race. this morning, the results are iw from our poll of the 2020 democratic fi who's surging this morning and who's just holding on? >> breaking overnight, arrested again. the slew of new federal sex crime charges against r. kelly today. all that plus new accusers, multiple women coming forward


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