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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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alex acosta out. we have the president's reaction. tropical storm barry is on he way and predicted to dump lots of rain on people. do we have changes for the weekend? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and they are one of the most successful boy bands of all time. back street back all right. they're going to perform at
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capitol one arena. before that, we have howie d. in studio. a very good friday to you. good morning, and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm erica gonzalez, today we are welcoming julie to the news 4 team. we're happy to have you back ime. >> happy to be back, just like back street's back. >> spent a few years at our sister station in new york. s. we're happy to have you, breaking new >> we've learned another shake-up in the trump administration, president trump announcing alex asta is resigning. the two appeared together at the white house this morning, acosta ifyou remember, played a role in theen seng of epstein. he oversaw the agreement in 2008
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that allowed epstein a toid federal charges. another issue on president trump's plate right now, immigration. >> after daysf hinting he would use an executive action tñ insert a question about t citizenship, president is now backing off. instead, he's ordering federal agencies to use already existing information to gather that data. sarah dallehas more. >> reporter: president trump backing off his bid to put a citizenship on th census. the case is already in three federal district(sá courts tha extremely unfriendly to us.(> >> instead, issuing an executive order tocompile a list from databases. >> we will leave no stone
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unturned. >> this as the president prepares for mass deportation rates this weekend. several arrested in buffalo advocates speaking out in chicago. in d.c., republicans support it. >> people who have gone through the process and lost their case, is not cruel. it's reinforcing the rule of law. democrats furious. >> moms, dads, families being torn apart, it is absolutely #gñ disgusting. >> it has nothing to do with the e ecurity and safety of th united states. >> the raid will reportedly target some 2000 people who are previously dered deported. but it also could involve some immi ants who happen to be stopped at thece sne.
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sara dalles, nbc news, washington.xdso3 barry is barling toward the gulf coast. >>çó it's bringing strong winds rain.lenty of up to 15 inches of rain may fall in some areas, and there were concerns at the mississippi river which is already higher than normal, may reach its highest level since manda evacuations have been ordered, not everyone is leaving. plenty of people have spent the past week piling up sandbags, boarding up windows and buying up enough supplies to last them at least three days.' we have much more on barry in a few minutes. first, a look at our weather here at home. chevy chase homeowner tells news 4 that last night's storms brought a tree crashing down on to its house.
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a skylight was shattered, the living room was left a complete mess. ot trees in the other brought down by power lines. some in the neighb hood fear that other trees may come down because of all the rain. the ground is s already saturated. >> we got a lot of rain yesterday. let's get the latest from lauren rickets. are we going to stay rain-free today? >> i am seeing one or two cells out there, only a 20% chance we'll see rain. we're talking about the trees down. ourre friends just telling me, georgetown pike and springhill road, a tree came down and blocked that recently. they're dealing with these trees coming down, even though it's sunny outside. the ground is so saturated. we're going to be watching for that all through the day and possibly al through the weekend. we're watching this all through the weekend, the latest advisory is am cog out on this. winds ve now gone up to about 65 miles an hour, you have to have winds at 75 miles an hour to be a cat one rricane.
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>> doesn't matter if it's a tropical storm or hurricane, it's going to wreak havoc on our friends in the louisiana and new orleans area. this is the cell i was talking about, again, most of the rain will stay south and west of d.c. area. that will continue to float down through lou ray, for the most part we're looking good. you could see the sky, it was beautiful out there, it is continuing to be a gorgeous day. temperatures in the 80s, let's weekend.ut the we'll dive into barry a little it more. that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> lauren, thank you. >> developing this morning. faarfax county police investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrians. they've entified+vx the victims 66-year-old admasf alexandria. he was not in the crosswalk at the time. the driver of the car invstved di on the scene, that area
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was closed off earlier for the investigation. but is now back and this morning, police are investigating a suspected rape on a metro platform. justin finch is at the station with details on that suspect and just how authorities tracked him down. >> it really is a chilling story for anyone, but especially for metro riders. a reported rape here b inad daylight. but quick action he helped track down that suspect one stop away. you're looking at him right there. that's abraham, he's been identified as a suspect in this case, authoritiein te us that close to 12:30 yesterday afternoon, he raped a woman on a train platform here. that sounds incredibly odd and strange, it turns out there were no other witnesses or riders nearby who saw this or were able to ntervene, however, the surveillance system here at the station was working and was able to capture him getting on to
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that train and trying to make an stopped at d-wood where he was arrested. as for that woman, she was taken to the hospital for evaluation, the man now set for extradition back here to maryland from d.c. where he faces afi charge of t degree rape. back to you. >> justin, thank you. this morning a northwest d.c. neighborhood is on edge after the trd murder in that area this year, police found th-year-old clifton shot several times on nor capitol and m streets yesterday afternoon, he was taken to the hospital where he later died. this is the 85th murderhis year in the district. students at morgan state university are dealing with the murder of one of their classmates. he was a sophomore, business and management major, and he was from prince georges county. he was killed near anus off camp dorm, as he was getting into his car. two suspects were trying to rob
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him. louis was trying toeave early in the morning yesterday to get to his parents home in httsville when he was killed. theearch continues for the two suspects believed to be involved in this case. >> developing this morning, two people are dead at a retirement community in fairfax county. now health officials are trying to figure out if that's because of an illnessythat recentl sickened dozens of other residents. the outbreak began about two weeks ago in springfield. nearly 20 people were rushed to, the hospitome of them have returned to the communig after beineated. green spring has taken several steps to stop the illness from spreading. we're learning more about r & b singer r. kelly's latest charges. >> he's being held in federal custody for sex trafficking charges in chicago and brooklyn. there are five counts in new york where he will be formally arraigned later today. his charges include sex trafficking, child porn and racketeeri kelly is also facing 13 counts
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in the chicago indictment. some of the charges are felonies. his crisis manager says he's innocent. >> 12 people that are going to try mr. kelly. once they try !uhim, if they believe what they heard, he'll go to prison for the rest of his life. if they don't. third time. and he'll go back to recording, and i think he'll be -- >> he was released on bail for additional sex abuse charges just five months ago. how police are going beyond the call of duty today to help what could be a crisis of blood shortage. the backstreet boys have wowed crowds since the '90s, and today they're back in d.c. hear wh
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a massive explosion in norta aroli, a kfc reduced to rubble. the good news is, no one was inside at the time. the blast damaged five other businesses in he are the explosion left a half mile field of debris. no word on what caused this, officials think it was gas related. prince georges county&jñes ther e is anrgent call for blood donations today. >> the american red cross says it's facing a critical shortage. megan mcgrath is livehet battle of landover thismorning. >> reporter: the donations are underway here at the community center. this is the battle of the badges, public service agencies coming together here to do a good thing, to help bolster the
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blood supplies in the area, which are at criticalsn[ level the red cross saying they have less than a two day's supply. they really need help here, at stake is this trophy, the winner gets it, but more important than that, iselping people and boosting those blood supplies.w3 they are the people who come to help when yo call 911. these prince georges county emergency responders know f hand the importance of donating blood, it can literally save lives. >> severe accidents where you have at of trauma, blood loss, shootings, stabbing those types of incidents where people lose a lot of blood. and need to have blood repl ed. >> try to write a sentence without the letters a, b, o? you can't do it. fire and ems areofficers, we can't save lives without that blood. >> the countyes agenci went head to head to boost the blood
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supplies and claim bragging writes in the second annual battle of the badges. the trop currently in the possession of the police department going to the agency that gives the most blood this year. ved lar citizens got inv too, picking a department and donating on their behalf. the.o trophy is nice, the real prize is bolstering the supply of blood. the need for blood is critical severe w,÷ there is a shortage happening right here in our area. >> yesterday we issued an emergency blood shortage that means we have less than a two day supply for o we ha less than a two day supply for other blood types as well. >> members of the public can donate here up until 3:00, really you can donateost days of the week, you go totát red cross website, type in your zip code, and you can fi the nearest donation center to you. they really do need to boost
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those blood supplies, in less th two days, that's pretty critical. >> megan, thank you+ so much. ♪ñ'i >> tonight howie d. is going to be on stage at capitol one arena, along with the other members of the backstreet boys. >> beforebeing greeted by hundreds of cheering fans including myself. howie is in the stud with his good friend doug, and doug, not a bad assignment this morning for you. >> i'll take this. youírñ know -- i love -- > doug only comes in on midday if there's severe weather and if howie d.'s in the room. >> i love it. ou h y a bahowiere and i have been fri for close -- going on 20 years now. he l lives in orlando, i'm up here with you guys, today he's here with you guys in
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washington, d.c.. n his is your first stop our dna tour. >> we're excited to be here. >> i can't thinkl#gk of a bette place to open the dna tour in the north america continent here. >> how cool is it for you traveling -- you're traveling wi yh your family, i love h took your family in europe. >> it wasamazing, to beable to this at we've been doi or 26 years, a lot of life has changed for us, since the earlyu years when and i knew each other with no kids. now we're all gettinged marri and having kids. to able to have the blessing to bring my kids on the road, and go to some of thes places. to see it again through their eyes, it's an unbelievable cherishing moment. >> i went to vegas, i went to two shows. i know most of thesongs, everybody thinks they know these songs. when you guys are playg these to s, it takes you back where we were in the late '90s. thisbas right ck -- right
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there at the same time too. >> yep. >> what is it about your show, aboutat backstreet boys th continues on to this day? le you know, i -- we just -- we're bed with amazing fans around the world. they're truly the heart and soul of backstreet boys, it's cool to see this '90s resurgence right now. several other groups are out there. we give props as well to keep this momentum exy as you said, we're taking our fans back in time, you're reliving those memories, good moments. some of the songs weresur fan first love, first kiss and so for us be able to be a part of ourin lives that way, it's awesome to be out on stage with them. >> i don't just know howie d, i was his -- they don't believe me, when you got hungry on stage. i would take your place, and do the -- >> yes. >> nobody knew that. >> now. they couldn't find somebody closer to my height so.
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>> we need dance moves to prove that. >> can't break them out. can't break them out now. >> it's under contract, you couldn't show anyone moves except me. >> it goes hand and in hand, ou's perfect. we're talking ab family,ok longevity, you're doing something newnd doing it with the family. >> absolutely. as we were talking earlier, we've aow lpgrn, and life changes for all of us.r little ove 10 years ago, i started family with my lovely ewife. i hav two amazing sons, 10 and 6. james five years ago, when he was 5. i wasu! trying to have that father/son bonding experience you have with your kids, i had a hard time connecting with him. i just -- i was just bored, i wasn't entertained, i didn't understand it, there were a lot of great movies that were out there, toy story, wreck it ralph, incredibles, all thoiee great movs.
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i couldn't find the same thing in music, i remember looking out at theaudience, there's so many fans tt were teenagers many years ago, that have grow up, bringing their kids to our shows. i thought, why not make music that the parents and the kids can enjoy together and have bonding experiences. >> today we talk about identity, for you, it was all about identity, trying to get this out, trying to find out who you are as a younger person.g and passinhat on to your son younger generations. >> when we were talking about making t w record, is scratching my head on what to ab write out, i had amazing writers i paired up we were doing some of the talks earlier, they're like, your life is perfect. i' like, my life is perfect? i don't think it's that's interesting. you have a kid, everything you ent through. find my identity, being shy, height being in sister's shadow. the first things was a song
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called espanol. i was in a mixed multiracial family. as a little kid, we didn't speak spanish in our house. it was that generation where people wanted their kids to be . americani no accents. i would be among oth latinos and they would as i coulan speech spish. i was able to deal with a lot of subjects, even the song espanol was a great bonding experience for me and my son. it was a cool bonding family therapeutic experience. >> we're excited to have you in d.c. tonight. if you'reo going t out there they just announced i'm the opening act. >> get there really early. really early. >> can we know doug's coolness factor? exponentially gone up?
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he's like the tswag, shirt's unbuttoned. we got a whole look going on today. >> y'all have a great show, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> after the break, one of doug's oth passions, the weather. lauren let
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we're hoping for a rain-free friday, our ground is saturated. people are talking about toppled over trees. this is a problem for our area. >> i was shocked to hear during my update at 11:08, there are trees comingown in the last hour. the ground is saturated. not a lot of rain as we head into the weekend. we have showers out there, but a small chance out there right now, most of us staying dry
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to ay. today hot humid, i believe the humidity is going to fall as we continue through the afternoon and evening. ha also some nice conditions as we get into your saturday and sunday, plenty sunshine. be as bad on saturday as it is onda s not too shabby out there as we head into your monday. we ve to watch for barry, we'll talk about that in a vm"t&et's talk about thei] temperatures out there right now, not too bad. hagerstown coming in at 79, seems to be the cool spot out here. you factor in that humidity. there. already feeling like sfi in manassas, 90 in culpepper.÷@vk" going to be right around 90 degrees. speaking of the pool, it's going ke"táhrough the wee.we head 4@ we have a stray shower.
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mainly south and west of d.c. as we head through saturday and hasunday. we lower humidity on saturday, sunday not too bad. both days looking dry. here's that lonely shower i was talking about, in shenandoah county. that will continue to float toward louy. anyt showers we see are going be south and west of the district. we also have barry. still tropical storms, the pressure is dropping little by little, not too much, and as the pressure drops, this storm intensifies, it's not ver organized. it doesn't really matter, eithe way, 245ir going to get flooding cght along theast of louisiana. newest update from the national hurricane center has it going up to a category one. as it makes landfall early tomorrow morning. i'll be with you tomorrow morning to cck this out as well. we're more interested, onceiññ hits landfall, where does that moisture go. it looks like it could head into our area. that could be something we're
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watching. low 90s, less humid on saturday, hot as we get into thisweekend. >> lauren, thank you. still ahead, nbc investigates for profit colleges, hear from students who say they piled up debt and haven't found a job. >> an update on breaking news,
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> and alex called me this morning he wanted to see me. i said, well, we have the press right out here, perhaps you wan to say it the press, i want to let you know this wano him me, i am with them. >> president trump announcing the resignation of alex acosta. epstein is accus of sexually abusing dozens of under aged
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girls. you can look for updates on this breaking news story throughout the day in our c washington app. turning to the 2020 presidential race now, a new poll shows a shift in the crowded pool of democratic hopefuls, in the first surveye since debates, joe biden remains on top. the poll found among voters second choice, harris leads followed by warren and sanders, and just 12% of those polled say they have definitely made up their mind. >> now to a joint investigation by nbc news and the hechinger report. it's putting a spotlightn o four profit colleges. >> students go to these schools to get a certificate and they're told they' get a high paying job afterwards. that's not always the reality it
11:31 am
ke snow shows us what is happening for graduates. >> how much debt are you in right now? >> i owe right now as of today, 4,000. >> that's a lot money. >> the wife and mom of three in massachusetts is still rhealing financially from the decision she made nine years ago, when she was a single mother. >> my dream was to haveb a joo better myself and my life for my child. >> after seeing an ad like this one. change your career while changing your life. >> jessica met with an n admissioofficer, about a certificate program for medical office administration. >> he was very nice. personable. made me feel comfortabhe, told me t job employment rate was 97%. >> 97%? >> the college helped her ge federal loans. >> did that money go straight to the school? yes. >> to pay your tuition? >> yes. >> after an initial job, jessics
11:32 am
sahe college offered little assistance, she hasn't been able to find a position using her medical certifice since. and her student debt is growing bigger. >> no one from the school would speak to us. instead they referred us to their parent company, which operates about 20 different campuses of for profit schools on the east coast. >> for profit colleges target low income udents, but charges them high tuitions,s that you bear eligible forcederal finl aid. >> premiere's college is one of many for profit schools offering students certificates in every ing fromlinary arts to massage therapy to dental assistant the. >> they're paying high tuition, butei not se significant gains in earnings. >> premiere education group reived about $65 million in fedal funds in just one year for 10,000 students.
11:33 am
the report rdeiewed fel information which showed students have a loan default rate of more than 30%. >> when a student defaults, it's a terrible result for a student. taxpayers are left holding the bag. >> this month, premiere settledr a fe whistle-blower lawsuit in which seven former employeese said t company misled studentsou job placement rates and falsified records to keep nd their tuition money flowing in. premiere agreed to pay $3.4 million. >> in a t statement nbc news, the company said its graduates ed find jobs in their fields. premiere add it makes no guarantees of employment, and programs past the over all gainful employment requirements. as for jessica, it said, the college has be in contact with her on several occasions. >> we did find some grads who found jobs in their fields.
11:34 am
jesssta said she learned one valuable lesson. >> what do you think the certificate you got is worse? >> nothing. nothing. >> that was kate snow reporting. ahe machusetts attorney general has announced premiere education must stop operating in the state by the end of the year. he ss premiere will pay more than $1.6 million in debt relief for students. an unusual hearing on capitol hill, the house oversite committee hearing from colleagues who recently visited migrant detention centers at the border, the committee's investigation on the separation of families at the border dates back to the beginning of the term. >> democrats subpoenaed records from three government agencies, and chairman cummings says the committee is just begning to get those documents, even the preliminary findings show --
11:35 am
>> for months theycl deared there wasn't a crisis on the border. weeks later, democrats sure have changed their tune. >> and this impacts tens of thousands ofrehildren who we given over to cartels and human traffickers by their parents to be usedto facilitate human trafficking. >> and over and over again we spoke to these folks, whether it was agents, whether it was hhs officials, often times, the thing that we need mst is not resources, we need policy change. >> chairman cummings says thee commits also learned that hundreds ofon addi children have been separated from their parents since president trump ended the zero tolerance policy more than a year ago. ford motor company is
11:36 am
disputing claims it sold cars with defective parts. customers complained the transmission would randomly stall or suddenly accelerate. right now, more than a million affected fiestas and focus models remain on the road. they've addreed the issue, and stress their hicles are safe. we still have road closures caused by this week's flash flooding. we're going to have an update on those next. lauren will let us know about our chance for rain. all this week we've been working to saveou money on groceries. today we're answering your questions to save you even more. from grocery delivery services, to curbside pickups to finding the best prices on every day
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part of canal road remains iclosed. this a photo from yesterday morning, it's our first real f ose look at that sinkhole. remember, onee most dramatic images of canal road was people standingn top of their car, waiting for the waters to recede there. >> both of those pictures are from dave, an incredible photographer at wtop. he's on air right now telling everyone about the trees that have come down. >> not a lot of rain this weekend, guys. >> make some plans, i know you backstreet boys tonight. >> that's right. >> no rain when you're waiting in line to get in. >> en if you want to sit outside for dinner, you're going to be out and about later on tonight. leave it at home for once.
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we have plenty of sunshine out there right now, a few clou in some portions of our area, not looking toobad out there. early -- i guess we shouldn't say early on this friday morning, early for some people. taking a look if you want to get that car washed today. go ahead and do it. we're going to be try for today and dry forwe the end. i'm going to show you that on the radar coming up. less than 20%, very dry over the next few days. we're going to have that go up, go down, and then come back up. right now it's up. feels like the upper 80s out there, 89 degrees will be our today. high stray shower, mainly south and west of the strict. tomorrow in the low 90s, it's going to be beautiful tomorrow. now, it's also going to be dry
11:41 am
all day long, humidity just a touch lower, that comes back as we get into your sunday. so saturday, just a little more comfortable than sunday. look at this, most of us dry ght now, a little lonely cell just leaving woodstock area right now, heading down toward lou ray, right along 340. most of thats i bt. g some of that stuff could float out of west virginia. i think a lot of this is gutng to be soand west of the district. national hurricane center has now classified this still as the tropical storm, winds are now up to 65 miles an hour. still very gadisorzed. no matter if it gets to be a category one. which the hurricane center thinks it's going to be a category one hurricane still
11:42 am
going to have the flooding, the storm surge. we'll have to watch it once it heads into the middle part of fre united states, once we get into thursday anday, we could see some remnants of that here in our area. we're dry as we goroll the way h tuesday. let's talk about your beach forecast coming up. >> weekend weather looking pretty good. coming up, a look at some of the events if you're hoping to get out and enjoy it. >> this week's pet segment is >> this week's pet segment is ll about pet prooafi z3a66z z16fz y3a66y y16fy
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it's no secret dogs and cats can be very curious, it's important to have a safe area i youme for your pets. tips on pet proofing yo house, before we get to the tips, we're going to want to intrduce our
11:46 am
dog of the week. >> jackie is a 3-year-old dog. she and her sister were seized as par of a humane law enforcement investigation case. and they're now available for adoption. >> she'll be rdy to go? >> she's ready to go, we want them to come in. they're adorable together, so come and meet them. >> chances are -- the chocolate lab, face and coloring, the real pretty eyes. the white tips on her paws. >> and everying we've seen, she's going to be a great couch potato, but she's going to be a great walking companion. # what you see is what you get? they've already kind of established a personality. >> she has been a cool customer at the tv station today, she's come in, and we told her to lay down, she's just laid- down - >> she's taking all in. >> super good companion there,
11:47 am
like you said, a young enough dog if you're an active dog walker, active person, she would make a great bit of company. >> if she got into the home, she would be curious. every dog and cat are individuals. i think the tendency for dogs in to sniff thgs out. you want to think about protecting the things you don't want them to get into, but also their safety and security. i have d achshund mix, she will get into the trash wherever it is. i have a baby latch around the under the sink cabinet. you think about shoes and clothing. you don't know. what their curiosities are. cords for blinds. plants you have in the home. keeping those out of the way in cabinets. i think also use iing pens, youn create a space wherever you go. so if you are in the kitc
11:48 am
n, you don't want your animal coming up to you while you're cooking. you can block them out of the kitchen or keep them in a space that's self-contained. baby gates are a great idea. closing drs is a go idea. i think forñ a dog like jackie, providing a safe space that is smaller rather than larger is also great, that can be a bedroom, crate training. it's not for every dog, but it can be a security b anket for some dogs. >> every dog i ever had that i crate trained, loved it. >> i didn't want to do that. we had big dog beds for them, go to your bed, they go over there and lay on their bed. >> giving them the confidence to be a dog and relax. it's important to pe that for any animal you bring home. >> those are good tips, no doubt about it. you can find out more information about going to their website. and we have a big reminder for
11:49 am
the big adoption event. it takes place on august 17th. >> give your dog the confidence to re4r5678, right? >> you might be planning to put on a few pounds this weekend, there's some really good food festivals all around the dmv. tommy mcfly highlights a few of them. >> i'm tommy mcfly with your weekend scene. foodiess of veno loving will be heading to virginia this weekend for the purserville s val. >> an array of art exhibits and art demonstrations. >> the ticketed event alsoco mmemorates the 50th anniversary of the virginia is for lovers tourism campaign. just a jaunt across the bay
11:50 am
bridge, the tillman land crab festival, all benefiting the local fire department there. you can do all you can eat crabs. summer on the water, what's better than that. speaking of on the water, it's the lotus and lily festival at the kenilworth gardens. you can get up close and personal with water lilies and lotuss in full bloom. this festival is not only about smelling the flowers, it's a ull roster of music, entertainment, arts, crafts and plenty of instagram opportunities. ust when you thought the fireworks wereover, alexandria to the rescue. the 243rd birthday of america, t alsothe 270th birthday of alexandria. you're going to have a town crier celebrating the festivities, the fireworks go off with a symphony behind the
11:51 am
starting around 9:30, if you want to check out all of the events and activities for this weekend and beyond, search the scene on the nbc washington a. >> cake, crabs or wine. coming up, a d.c. athlet takes on the bulls in spain because why not? >> we
11:52 am
11:53 am
this weekend, serena williams may land herself in the record books, she's heading into her 11th wimbledon finals. she's already the oldest grand slin falist in the open era. if she wins this weekend, she will have secured her eighth wimbled w title whichll be her 24th open victory. >> a match that could help decide the best men's player of all time. it's their first meeting at wimbledon which is considered
11:54 am
one of the greatest matches in tennis history. the two have a combined 38 grand slam singles titles. today's winner moves on to the finals at wimbeldon. >> one redskins player is takin his challengoverseas. josh norman in spain jumping over bulls. he took part in the running of the bus, an annual tradition there,he football star getting heat, though. come on, come on, where is it? some crics say this is animal cruelty, others say that norman is jeopardizing his health and s career might we add. meanwhile, norman called it the ereatest day of his life. >> there are oth ways to stay in shape in the offseason. we're quickly approaching the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. and now you can bid on a piece of that history. >> check it out, right here, this is the apollo 11 lunar
11:55 am
module time line book. it's the book they se to navigate the surface of the moon in 1969. if you want this, you can bid on it at auction up at christies in new york city. it's one of20 about items related to space exploration going up for sale as we near the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing. that book is said to contain traces of moon dust. it's expected to fetch beten 7 and $9 million. not too bad. pretty cheap. so cheaps, dealcountdown is on to amazon prime day, workers are busy making sure they're strcked up fo the two-day event. >> the sales are strictly for prime members. consumer reporter susan hogan has the details. >> prime day kicks off at 3:00 a.m. this monday. we have four things you need to know, to make sure you're ready to take advantage of these deals. if you're not a prime member, no
11:56 am
problem. ash the party. don't forget to cancel the auto renew. start shopping early, search the words sneak peak in the app right now, to get an early look at some of the sales, if you see somethingyo like, click watch this deal. you will get a notification whe( the sale goes live, and shop around, other retailers are likely to offer deep discounts to compe with prime time. we'll have more tips for you leading up to monday. be sure to stay tuned for what you need to know to save the most money. >> thank you so much, susan. we're going to send things back over to lauren for a final check of your forecast. that weekend forecast, the ever lportant. >> notoking too bad this weekend at all. we have plenty of sunshine, it's going to be hot out there this weekend. not too bad. we have a slight chance of a passing shower, mainly south and west, this wkend looking
11:57 am
fantastic, if you're htaded to maryland and delaware beacs. only a small chance once again of a passing shower. it's going to be beautiful. temperatures around 90 degrees.a and the oc temperature in the low 70s. we stay dry monday, tuesday, wednesday. humidit up and down. especially for this weekend, i think saturday's going to be more comfortable than sunday. then we're tracking barry. it could make its impact here by thursday and friday, big rain to our area. we'll cont ue to watch thatr you, guys. >> thank you, ma'am. >> that's it for news day. for welcong julieo our team, we're back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon. updates an get weather any time. ve a great day and a ghare
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. we are live in five, onur, three, two, [ applause ] oh, happy friday everybo! >> welcome toccess live." we all made it. >> indeed it is fri-yay. >> scott says i clap on a one and a three. >> i think i clap on a two or four. she claps on something i don't clap tond a we never quite clap at the same time. our pre-game leading up we are wityou now. >> you had an interesting night last night. i am unp


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